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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 26, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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greg gutfeld. i will be on "o'reilly" because it is friday. right now. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> trust matters. who is going to look out for you. >> wait a minute. i have heard that expression before. >> spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> bill: is president obama now using the factor for campaign rhetoric? we will show you some amazing coincidences. >> so what's the punishment for lying? or incompetent ten incompetence. >> jeanine pirro angry about the libyan situation. why does the judge care so much? she will be here to tell us. >> do you know what the difference is between me and joe biden? >> what. >> the guy i work for knows what's going to come out of my mouth. >> i see. >> bill: while there is plenty of dummies in the political arena. jeff dunham and real dummies will weigh in tonight on the
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presidential race. >> thanks for believing in the magic. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. getting personal in the last days of presidential campaign. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. now, that the debates are over, the two candidates are getting personal with the american people. mitt romney portraying himself as a problem solver, a man who can create millions of jobs. president obama telling the people that the governor is a and that he is the real job creator. mr. obama largely avoiding the national media, taking the personal message directly to the folks. and what is that personal message? well, it's kind of like the message we deliver here on the factor every night. could it be? could it be the president is
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taking his campaign rhetoric from us? >> there is no more serious issue in the presidential campaign than who can you trust. >> we trust you. >> trust matters. who is going to look out for you? >> bill: i am bill o'reilly and please always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> you know, ohio, you know me. you know i mean what i say. you know that i do what i say i'm going to do. >> my philosophy on character building is simple. if you say you are going to do something, no matter how small it is, you do it. do what you say you're gonna do. >> wow. talking points is flattered that the talking points is echoing some of what we say here. it may not be intentional but his speech writer does watch us. we know that every political person in the country watches the factor. the race this year is the classist populist vs. rich guy
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situation that we have seen many times in america. john f. kennedy rich guy. richard nixon middle class. teddy roosevelt. when reagan ran against carter reagan was the wealthy guy carter the peanut farmer from georgia. so now we are back to the future. president obama believing the middle class folks can be persuaded to vote for him because he understands them. mitt romney trying to sway working americans to his side by saying understanding is fine but mr. obama incompetence in economic matters is making your life miserable. right now the race pretty much tied as you know. but i have a feeling the folks are going to break one way or the other over the next 10 days. right now, i don't know and you know how much it pains me to say that i don't know which way that will be. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, some interesting polling rolling in today. rasmussen daily tracking poll has mitt romney at 50%. president obama 47. associated press romney 47,
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obama 45. but among women, the a.p. says the race now tied 47, 47. last month the president had a 16 point advantage over the governor among women. that's an amazing turn around. here is another stunning poll in michigan an outfit that polls for the democrats has the race now tied at 47. previously mr. obama had been way ahead in michigan. joining us now from washington to process all of this fox news analyst laura ingraham. weave had another poll just handed to me fox news virginia poll romney 47, obama 45. so, i think all of this shows that women, which were breaking big for the president in early october, now reconsider, why? >> well, i think the war on women narrative that they are pushing in the summer, i think seemed to -- attractive at the time. they want to come for your contraceptives, they are going to roll back your rights. it's going to be leave to beaver again.
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that was kind of cute for the time. but as, usually happens in a campaign, bill, the totality of what is happening to the country, what's happening in our lives, our pocketbooks, what's happening even in an issue like benghazi, even though people might not be following every bit of evidence or detail in stories like that. i think it all tends to paint a picture. and i think women do care and are reassured by a candidate, whether it be a man or a woman, who has experience and has a plan. also indicates that, look, i'm not going to go start a war in syria. that's not my goal. and i think that's part of what you saw mitt romney do in this last debate. he played it kind of safe. i think a lot of women actually like that. >> bill: all right. so you would -- discussing earlier this week it may have worked. governor's cautious approach to the third debate may have worked. we have seen the women go over there to him. are you going to sit there in washington, d.c., laura
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ingraham. are you going to sit there and tell me if mitt romney is elected president he is not going to seize birth control? he is not going to kick doors in and take birth control out of the homes of women? are you going to tell me that? >> he and ann romney are going to be blocking the door at every pharmacy, walgreen's, c.v.s. you know you can't buy. this again, all of this ended up falling away. the caricature just didn't pan out. you saw a feisty aggressive mid rom anymore. >> there is a senatorial campaign, guy in indiana. >> in indiana. i just flew in from indiana it was all over indiana today and last night. >> he said he said if you are raped and delivered a child this was god's fuel. this is lighting the way to go back into this. has nothing to do with mitt
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romney. >> i was in indiana last night, bill. i have got to tell you, i spoke to 300 or 400 people last night. obviously these are mostly conservative folks. even people who came up to me on the streets. i talked to a bunch of kids there for the future farmers of america's conference. 18, 19-year-olds. they are all like, look, it's the economy, stupid. you are all talking about these social issues and i know you care, it's the economy. we need this thing fixed. >> there is no doubt about it. >> these are young people, bill. >> as egregious as it is is not catching on because the economy is the dominant, dominant theme. >> people are worried. they are very very worried. they now they kind of understand what's going to kick in. >> women were big in the beginning of october and the economy was bad then. it's been bad since the president took office. so, why in the last week would the women say well, now i don't want to vote for barack obama, did i two weeks ago. i'm going to vote for mitt romney nothing has changed
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that much on the economy. >> i think, bill, it started though after that first debate. think saw someone very experienced. that's when the polls started tightening for both women and in some of these swing states for romney. i think that really was the tipping point. i'm not a dick morris type. i'm not out here saying i think romney is going to win by 8 points. i think it is extremely close. i might even say that the if the election were held today the president might have a slight edge. and others are saying something different. i don't think conservatives out there should get some big head of steam thinking romney all he has to do is play it safe and is he going to win. >> bill: that's what romney thinks. >> that's a risky bet. >> bill: that's what the governor thinks. is he playing it awful safe. we have been trying to get an interview with him for weeks. you know, they are not like it's the same -- almost john mccain all over again. >> join the club, bill. he hasn't been on my show since april. >> bill: is he playing it safe, laura.
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he is not doing national media. >> we will only know on november 6th. we hope november 7th whether the strategy was right. the last debate on foreign policy, that's always tricky for republicans. especially after george w. bush and two wars that remain unpopular. he you would argue would have to play safe. >> bill: i wouldn't argue that. >> i didn't either. >> bill: i'm a daring guy. i'm going for the gold here. i think he could have knocked president obama out in the third debate. >> i think he could have looked at him and said sir, just answer some these simple questions and let's find out really what happened. >> bill: he could have done it just as i do. he could have it done it in a way and fuzzy. >> oh, yeah. >> and hugh beaumont. >> big bear hug. >> bill: do you know who hugh beaumont is? >> no. >> you mentioned leaf it to beaver. ward. >> he was the father. god rest his soul. >> bill: my whole presentation. >> you would have jumped in the lap of president obama if you were debating him like stewart jumped in your lap.
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>> bill: i would never ever do that. >> give him a hug and talking to. >> bill: no hug zone. >> okay. >> bill: two democrats will respond to the latest polling that ms. laura talked about. later, jeanine pirro very angry about libya and megyn kelly concerned as well. the ladies will be here in just a few momen
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, as we told you in the talking points memo both the president and governor romney are making personal appeals to the voters. joining us now from boston, marianne march and prosecute washington kirsten powers both democrats. kirsten, why do you think the gender gap is closing according to the associated press? >> well, i think what happened is that and lake who is the democratic pollster and expert on women has been quoted saying as much that they sort of overplayed well, i'm going to say they sort of overplayed the war on women and what so
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linda has said that basically women went into the first debate actively disliking mitt romney. and the reason they actively disliked mitt romney is because they basically had had a picture painted for them of this man who wanted to essentially tie them down and force them to breed and take away their contraception. this other person showed up. i think it was a low bar for him to overcome. what they saw was somebody who did seem like a plausible candidate and talking about the economy which is really their top issue. >> why then are they going off of this indiana fracas. i think it does help with the base. there are other women who are voting ohio think were reserving judgment on romney who are not your core base voter, who are looking at him now with a sort of a new interest. >> all right.
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what do you think, marianne? why are women now going to romney? >> i think there are two things here. don't underestimate the damage done by the first debate. it had less to do with romney and more that president obama didn't show up and fight. and women are looking for someone who can going to fight for them. >> bill: he fought the last two baits. he fought the second and the third. >> he did. that's where i think the benefit for romney has now stemmed because that was over three weeks ago. but they have seen the every day since then. >> bill: poll came out today, marianne. >> okay. and here is where i think a lot of the polls are going to be wrong. everyone is doing likely voters. the more registered voters who go to the polls, the more likely it is that president obama is going to win. >> bill: you don't know why the gap is being closed today. >> no; no, no, no. no, bill, here is the difference. i am telling you on november 6th, all the voters that the obama campaign got to the polls before november 6th,
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women, african-americans, latinos and young folks who are not included in these polls are not likely voters. ledgestered voters. least likely to vote are going to vote for them. more of them in the bank before the romney folks show up he wins. that's the difference. >> bill: we don't know what the turnout is going to be. >> i don't think so. >> bill: you are a democrat and you are rooting for him and that's why you think that we don't know. who knows? >> i know -- >> bill: can i easily and because you are an old friend of mine i'm not going to embarrass you on this program i can easily tell that you in every poll the motivating factor is much higher for romney voters than it is for obama. every single poll says that let's get on to one more quick question. why, in your opinion, kirsten has libya not caught on as a huge issue when the scandal keeps getting worse. >> because it hasn't gotten a lot of media coverage. >> bill: just the media down playing it so that's worked? >> an average american you don't have time to keep track of everything. if you aren't hearing from the media about it.
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>> bill: it's in the on entertainment tonight and not on mtv. >> not on any of the major networks. most people are watching the evening news. >> bill: interesting to see if brian williams asks the president about it libya hasn't caught on, because? >> i agree with kirsten. i think there is a lot going on. nobody knows the truth yet. the fax haven't come out. they are waiting to hear what the final report is. >> bill: which will probably be in 2016 if the president is reelected. [ laughter ] >> the final report will come out. directly ahead, the culture warriors on fire. jeanine pirro usually not political, she is angry about libya. find out why. is america a nation of cheaters? how about this lance armstrong guy.
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>> bill: culture warrior
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segment tonight, judge jeanine pirro former prosecutor in new york state and not really known for political stuff but last weekend on her program, justice with judge janine, she directed comments to president obama about libya. >> you knew in realtime from the men on the ground being savaged what was happening. you knew through video surveillance what was happening. you knew from a cable within 24 hours, that the attack was by militants. so what's the punishment for lying? for incompetence? has anyone been prosecuted? >> bill: wow, here now the culture warriors gretchen carlson and ms. pirro. you just called the president of the united states a liar. >> i think that when you don't state the true facts that will are certain words that you can use and that's appropriate. >> bill: wait, can i play devil's advocate on this? >> sure. >> now, barack obama is in the middle of a very heated campaign where he could lose his job i really don't believe that he paid any attention to
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this benghazi attack at all even though one of his ambassador was murdered. i could be wrong. i'm speculating. i kind of know how they delegate in the white house. and this is a state department deal. and i'm almost positive that hillary clinton didn't say anything to him. i don't know whether you can call him a liar. >> >> i have been a judge. i know what fractures and proof is if you don't know why are you saying it's about a video. more importantly, today we are finding out more and more that not only was the white house, the situation room, you remember the situation room where the president and hillary were in there so happy to be videotaped when they were taking down usama bin laden. all of a sudden this situation room staffed with the highest level of military so they have a ability for quick response all of a sudden because it's election he is too busy. he goes to las vegas while rome is burning.
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>> that was a terrible political move. no doubt about it? >> we know from the emails, the audio and the video and the drones. >> bill: that's over and over and over and over again 87,000 times. i want to make clear to the audience. i will get to you in a minute. the obama administration knew this was a terror attack and still to this day sill still do this day the president has not held a press conference and explained why this is so screwed up. that's 100% on him. all right? but i don't know if you can go any further at this juncture. and you say, carlson. >> i say since janine did her show over the weekend. not only was it a 124 notice a one hour notice. they were watching in realtime. it came out that a drone. >> bill: absolutely. >> in realtime and that the al qaeda network took credit for it on facebook within that first hour. number two, the president within 14 hours did an interview with "60 minutes" in which he did allude to the minute that it could have been a terror attack. but then he changed his messaging.
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he went on interviews after that on "the view," univision. >> bill: we have gone over that a thousand times. >> this is new today that he -- during the "60 minutes" interview the part that was never aired. it never aired. he did say that it was a terror attack but then he changed his story. the question for me tonight is, why did the story change from the president? >> bill: we don't know. >> here is the problem. have you got daugherty and woods who are on the ground calling for a c 130. these guys are being savaged. they know about it in realtime. they have got a fast team. apache helicopters. we have got them in italy. >> bill: defense secretary panetta said today. >> i don't buy it that's their job. people died. >> bill: can i tell the audience what panetta said. >> sure. >> calm down for a second. panetta said because the fire fight was so intense, they didn't want to send in drones and the air force because they didn't know who they were going to bomb. and that's -- panetta is an honest guy.
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that, to be fair, it's not an excuse, it's basically an explanation. bottom line on this is, the obama administration screwed this up in a tremendous way. >> um-huh. >> the pro-obama press is protecting the president. >> um-huh. >> i don't think this is going to be a big thing at the voting booth. but i could be wrong. >> here is another reason why it won't be a big thing at the voting booth because the president is not going to answer any questions about -- before the election and the senate intelligence committee announced today hearings on this entire thing but when are they going to happen? november 15th. >> and we had our pal brian williams interviewing the president. we will see whether he. >> the stuff they have released early on there is not a question. >> no. >> all right, pirro you are calmed down now, right? >> i'm very calm. when americans are dying during an 8 hour fire fight and no one sends help, then, you know what? i am mad. i'm angry.
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>> bill: we need explanation from the president. >> he is not going to do it. he is the -- not one iota of evidence. >> bill: tune in to me your humble correspondent. >> you are laughing. you don't think he is going to come in. >> no. >> all right. maybe he will surprise us all. romney too. we're after the governor as well. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. ms. megyn kelly concerned about libya. we will be here to tell us why. jeff did you know nam says the political season is full of dumbies, he should know. we hope you stay tuned to
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, as you may know, bicycle guy lance armstrong who won seven tour de france titles stripped of them because he was taking performance enhancing drugs during the races. for years armstrong denied that but the evidence against him is now overwhelming. joining us from boston, torres who won 12 olympic medals in swimming and eric mara bemplet ella so, aaron, were you surprised about lance armstrong? >> no, i wasn't. for years i had suspected that he and other athletes were doping, as a clean athlete it was frustrating to watch their super human performances and hear stories from other athletes and feel that there was really nothing that i could do or even say because they weren't testing positive and so it seemed as if.
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>> bill: when you say you suspected armstrong in particular, he was vehement in his denials because this is not a story that just broke now. i mean, this is years and years and years and he got away with it for years and years. why did you suspect him? >> well, his performances were suspect. i mean anymore time you are in a sport that's faster, higher, stronger and they are super human performances it has to make you think about it a little bit. i mean, there is. >> bill: you felt he was just -- he was cycling too good? he just couldn't have done that on like barry bonds did hitting 75 home runs or whatever he did. that's not just a normal thing you do exactly that along with the culture of the sport made me very suspicious. >> i think in all sports, the current attitude is win at all costs. in cycling, especially my opinion of what was happening in the european races was that it was very common and not necessarily looked down upon
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amongst the riders in the european racing. >> bill: you competed in swimming, i understand though there was rigorous drug testing done to you and other women swimmers in the olympics, correct? >> yes, there was. i actually first got tested back in 1984 and tested has definitely evolved over the years. i don't think people really know what actually goes into the testing. once you are an elite athlete you have to be world anti-doping agency. they basically wouldn't you sign up they basically have to know where you are 24/7 every single quarter so they can come and drug test you randomly. >> bill: what does that mean? do they knock on your hotel door or your house? do they pull up at 6:00 in the morning? >> they do. i mean, i have had many testers come at 6:00 in the morning where they draw blood, they take your urine. when i'm out of town. >> bill: they actually knock on your door and say dare remarks come out here, i want to take your blood is that
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what happened. >> they come into the house and take my blood. >> do they have a key and come through the window? how do they do it? >> i used to live in a gated community they would call me at 6:00 in the morning and say john is here. >> bill: really? >> you have to let them in. >> bill: how does a guy, aaron, like armstrong beat that how does he beat that or does the tour de france not care? >> well, it's interesting. because for years i thought that it had to be very sophisticated way to beat the test. and after reading some of the articles that have come out in the last couple of weeks. some of it was actually quite simple as just not answering the door and pretending they weren't home when the testers came. but they also had much more sophisticated ways if they did have to give a sample. oftentimes they had a lot of heads up. >> bill: they could substitute samples and things like that. now, did you get tested erin? did they test you? >> i was tested quite often. i was in tested in competition but also out of competition
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testing that dara had mentioned where they come find you at any time. >> what do you think, dara, morally about this kind of cheating? because we know it happened in baseball. we know it happened in football. now we know it happened in cycling. what do you think morally about a guy who cheats? lance armstrong last year made 15, 1-$5 million in endorsements. what do you think about that cheating? >> well, first of all, we do have to think about what he has done good, which is for cancer and for live strong. so you think about that and that's great. but, on the other side of it, i'm a huge advocate of clean athletes and clean sport. and i think in society we have to make a decision whether all athletes need to be clean or all of them have false super human performances because the minute an athlete get caught cheat something inducted into any sports hall of fame, you know, what's the point? >> bill: you think armstrong should be prosecuted criminally? >> what i think needs to happen is he needs -- either needs to fight these charges
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and. >> bill: he gave up -- he is not going to do that. >> exactly. or he knees to apologize. i -- he needs to apologize. everyone wants him to apologize and come clean. >> bill: is that though enough? erin, do you think he should be prosecuted? >> i think more needs to be done. as a clean athlete, it really makes me mad that people cheated because, for years, i knew i wasn't competing on a fair playing field. >> i think it's fraud. it's fraud. >> it is. >> whether it's civil or criminal i think that label has to be wrapped around this guy and others. thanks very much forever your discussion. when we come right back, megyn kelly on libya. she has been covering it hard. letterman and i last night talking about the presidential election. some interesting moments there. we will show them to you a bit later
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, in the kelly file segment tonight, everybody else on fox news ms. kelly covering the libya chaos. this caught her ear. >> every piece of information that we get as we got it we laid it out for the american people and the picture, you know, eventually gets fully filled in and we know exactly what happens and then we know how we make sure we prevent it in the future. >> bill: here now is megyn kelly. so we still don't know, that was a week ago the president said that to jon stewart. the question is, you're still
4:40 am
covering it on your program, right? >> um-huh. >> is this -- are we at fox news overcovering this story? >> no. no. others are undercovering this story. take, for example, that sound bite, with all due respect to the president that sound bite is just simply not true. demonstrably not true because now we have the emails directly going to the white house to the state department to the pentagon telling them that the attack was underway, that there were 20 people on the compound with guns that the ambassador had locked himself in this safe house and this attack would go on for seven hours. and also that this group, this islamist jihadist group al sharia was claiming responsibilities for the attack. >> bill: even while it was underway. >> right. so they knew that on the day the attack happened. >> bill: what is that disclosed? >> it was sent to the white house situation room. >> bill: right. >> the white house situation room. >> it wasn't disclosed? >> it was not disclosed. so let's start right there. the president goes on comedy
4:41 am
central, this wasn't with all due respect to jon stewart it wasn't sitting across from, you know, an actual. >> bill: right here. you could say this is comedy central. >> ed henry our chief white house correspondent sit down with jake tapper of nbc. was he pressed on that statement? every piece of information? >> bill: no he wasn't pressed. >> no, but it's not just semantics like it's a small detail that they didn't disclose. it's a whole narrative about whether. >> bill: the most damning thing to me. >> preplanned terrorist attack or whether it was about a spontaneous protest over a video. we were told b. very little was said about a and it turns out the more information we get the more it appears all about a. >> a number of questions here. when he sent jay carney out, that was it for me. that's when i knew that this whole thing was bogus. all right? i still am not convinced as i told the culture warriors that barack obama was personally engaged in this. i don't think he was. i think is he spending all his time to get reelected. i don't think is he paying attention to anything that happens in the country.
4:42 am
my opinion i could be wrong. however, when you send your press secretary out to mislead the world, you have got some explaining to do and he hasn't. >> either they had very good reason to know and believe that this was a terrorist attack and they chose to tell us something other than that. >> bill: yes. >> or they didn't know. >> bill: they knew. >> if they didn't know why didn't they know. >> bill: they knew. >> the early information is that the cia chief in libya was reporting this was a terrorist attack that they knew. they came out for weeks, bill, and said it was not premeditated. it was spontaneous. it was spontaneous, not preplanned attack. now we see in those cables 20 guys show up in the compound with guns. left off mortars at the cia annex. that's when the other two guys died. fire bombing. ambassador is in a safe room for his life waiting for backup. none would come. he was asphyxiated by all the smoke that came in there while he was waiting for the backup that did not come. they know all of this. did they want us to believe that the -- it wasn't preplanned like the 20 guys
4:43 am
just randomly walked by the consulate while they are out for the evening stroll let's go attack the consulate. you are going to disclose some, disclose all. >> bill: i don't know how they think they can get away with what they tried to get away with. you said something at the top of the interview others are underreporting the story. other media outlets. do you believe that? >> i do. >> bill: why. >> because if you don't watch fox news you are not seeing it. >> bill: why are they underreporting had it. >> they don't belief it would be helpful to president obama in the re-election effort. >> bill: you buy into the effort that television news, at least, wants to it elect president obama. >> bill: i. >> i will say this i saw a clip of chris matthews show. andrea mitchell covers the state department. those are are not necessarily two conservative people even they were critical of president obama and the way he has been handling this libya controversy. >> bill: he is getting away with it, he being president obama, is he getting away with it because there isn't an outcry in the country to demand that he talk about libya.
4:44 am
this is not. his polling numbers are the same as romney. haven't changed that much in the last two weeks. despite all the reportage on libya. so what does that say about the american people? >> i don't think they really understand. i think people think oh, libya. people died. >> bill: you don't think they understand the story yet. >> many people are thinking they are going to try to blame that on president obama, too. terrorist attack. it's unfortunate. and there is a question about whether we were adequately protected over there and should have been more protected. >> bill: there isn't a question. we weren't. there is no question about it. >> even if you table that. >> yeah. >> the presidential needs to be honest with the american people. >> but he isn't being. >> not only have we not gotten the straight story from the u.n. ambassador. >> bill: you are dodging me. the american people themselves are not holding him accountable because the polling hasn't changed. >> i don't know that they understand that the president has. >> bill: i don't know how anybody watching. >> directly contrary to the information he has been given. >> bill: maybe if that's true. even the "new york times" put it on page 1, you know. so i don't know, i don't understand why the folks
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aren't angrier about the story. i just don't understand. >> i think we are entitled to answers. i think it's time for the president to answer questions that are put to him by the white house press corps and truly, i mean i know he is going on with brian williams on nbc news. it's not the same. submit yourself to the white house press corps. they represent all of us. they are our voice. >> bill: thank you for reminding me. tomorrow's talking points memo which i know you watch every night faithfully is going to be on brian williams' interview with president obama. we shall see mr. williams asked about libya. >> we will see if he thinks it's as questionable as some in his onus department. >> bill: what do you think is going to happen if wimsz doesn't is ask him. >> i think is he going to have to answer to the factor. is he going to take a beating in the no spin zone. i have been there brian. >> bill: too late now, did you the interview already. jeff dunham on deck. he says there are many dummies this political season and he will prove it to us. o'reilly on letterman last night. we will tell you some the highlights. and we're coming right back.
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bill bill back of the book segment tonight, one of the hottest comedians in the country our pal van thrill quis jeff dunham, he has a variety of dummies very eager to comment on the presidential election. >> got into another argument on the phone today, didn't you. >> calls right back, did you hang up on me? i said i don't know. did it sound something like this? click. >> bill: walter, i wanted to talk to you because you are one of the phonings and you are supporting governor romney for president. why? >> well, i think there is all kinds of reasons. there is all kinds of social reasons. he is a smart guy. he a good looking guy. don't you think? i think looks has a lot to do with it he has got a lot of things talk about. $16 trillion in debt. do you know how much that is,
4:50 am
bill? >> bill: 16 trillion. >> 16 trillion, that's more zeros than they have hosts on msnbc. do you know what i'm saying? >> bill: ill think i do. >> mitt romney is a guy that i think we can get behind. is he a strong man, is he a good leader. the same on the vice president side of things. >> bill: when, walter, you watch the debate the other day. >> yes. >> bill: and you saw the president not being in command. what did you think? >> i thought to myself, should be sitting on someone's knee. >> bill: that's harsh. >> yeah, i think it's the truth. do you see any similarities between me and joe biden? >> forehead? >> there has been email going around that joe biden and i look exactly the same. it's a frightening thing. do you know what the difference is between me and joe biden? >> the guy i work for knows what's going to come out of my mouth. do you know what i'm saying? >> bill: i see. nobody knows what's going to come out of the vice president's mouth? >> exactly. >> bill: when you go to vote, wall tier. >> yes, sir. >> >> bill: do you object to showing a voter i.d.
4:51 am
>> no, i don't. >> bill: so you would happily show a voter i.d. in order to get into the polling place. >> what the hell is wrong with showing a voter i.d., bill? what is the problem with this? john why you shouldn't show a photo i.d. you shouldn't show country within a freakin' voter i.d. >> bill: it expresses the vote. >> it doesn't make the ugly folks show up. you don't have that and speak the language and have the i.d. kaboom. >> bill: your theory is it does suppress the vote because it discourages ugly people showing an i.d. to vote? >> now you are twisting my words. all i'm say something you are right. you got me on that one, bill, you are a smarter guy than you look. >> that's for sure. >> dunham. >> just dunham. ham. >> you are the other white meat. >> bill: here is peanut and peanut is a supporter of president obama. correct, peanut? >> absolutely i'm a supporter of president obama. of course i am. is he a great president. he is the one of the greatest presidents we have ever had. >> bill: what is the thing
4:52 am
about president obama that you like the most. >> well, first of all, image is important. i know walter says looks is important. that's not it. image, bill. image is important for the whole world. is he the leader of the free country look at this guy. is he cool. dronsz and a kill list, you know what i mean? this is a cool guy. >> bill: what about the economy, peanut? it's not really doing that well. >> well, i don't know about the economy, bill, i mean unemployment, those numbers came out and it's below 8% first time in years. >> bill: you know. >> that's even after jim lehrer quit after the two first two minutes of the debate. >> bill: unemployment among pickup pets in puppets. >> i see he is trying to get rid of pbs. that's what romney is trying to do. >> i will speak for walter he is for getting rid of pbs. do you know why? >> bill: he says if he wants a $1.35 for a big bird is he going to go to chick-fil-a. >> is he going to get it cooked? >> yes. >> do you object to showing an i.d. when you vote?
4:53 am
>> well, bill, you know, i love it when you ask dumb questions. pleasure. [ laughter ] >> do you think that i need to show an i.d.? look at me. >> bill: you are pretty unique. >> yes, i am pretty unique. that's another reason why i ask president obama. he doesn't have a birth certificate either. >> bill: you both have something in common. >> no one knows if is he from hawaii or kenya. i don't know. are we from mars? it doesn't matter. all i know is i have a tag that says inspected by number 4. >> bill: when you vote in a few weeks. >> yeah. >> bill: they are going to ask for for an i.d. >> i love the fact that you think i vote, bill. thanks for believing in the magic. >> bill: and dunham has a brand new dvd out called minding the monsters. nice gift for halloween. also a good time to tell that you our bill o' poll asking was governor romney not aggressive enough in the third debate? we will give you the results on that tomorrow. yes or no. in addition, i was supposed to be talking about the presidential election in south florida tomorrow night. hurricane sandy has postpone my appearance at the hard rock
4:54 am
hotel broward county until friday january 19th. that is a great time to be in south florida. factor tip of the day involving me and david letterman. the tip 60 seconds away.
4:55 am
1eur factor tip of the day. the mail: bill, did you outstanding job profiling the national anchor people on political affiliations in your talking points. but curiously absent were the fnc anchors, fair point, joe. bret baier no affiliation. sean hannity has made donations to the g.o.p. greta, unaffiliated and about 20 years ago donated $1,000 to a democrat. i am a registered independent and once gave a democrat some gum. [ laughter ] thomas mcmahon white bear lake, minnesota. bill, seeing your talking points on the anchors i think
4:56 am
the tv news business needs the national association for the advancement of conservative people. david boylen in idaho. having d.l. hughley on the factor is about as important as coffee grounds. you need to step it up some. >> fair how. miller is a romney guy so he he we put hughley on ahead of him. rich archer, mr. o. thanks for the back-to-back segments with hughley and miller i followed their comments with interest. mr. hughley thinks president obama should be shown respect but then makes disrespectful remark about president bush maybe he should practice what he preaches. sandy and beary pittsburgh, pennsylvania. we love miller time. when are you coming to hometown. >> next year. meantime two bolder fresher shows on the ticket this year houston saturday, november 14th. salt lake city saturday, december 8th. hope to see you guys there. sharon, york town, virginia. bill, you were great on letterman, i know to know what you and nooky talked about in the green room.
4:57 am
>> we were kept separated, sharon, i think at her request. i -- a quick hello when i came off the stage. i am much taller than she is. leonard, flint michigan, o'reilly, i watched your love fest with letterman, boring. tough crowd in flint. sean coalman wadsworth, ohio. i thought liberal long-termman a loon. corky smith, big sky, montana. thoroughly enjoyed killing lincoln, can't wait
4:58 am
4:59 am