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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 27, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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morning quarterbacking going on here. basic principle is you don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what is going on. without having some real time >> judge jeanine: my father and information about what is grandfather were part of america's greatest generation. taking place. both world war ii veterans. >> judge jeanine: what is at home, they didn't talk much better than a live feed of what is taking place? about the war. the audio, the visual? they didn't have the benefit of satellites, the sophistication and harm's way? what do you think war is? of drones or audio and video in my god, you the president and real time of where they were going. the vice president were in the they just went in, did their white house as the e-mail and job, proudly, and honorably. hello and welcome to "justice." live feed were coming in. there was no problem with i'm judge jeanine pirro. communication. tonight s a sad night as delta force was on the ready. americans come to the realization that not only was f-16s. our ambassador denied the ac-130s were waiting. but it all happened too fast? security he needed but also the the fight went on from 9:40 at cia was denied the help they asked for during the massacre night to 4:00 in the morning. in benghazi. and if it weren't so deadly and, mr. president, you show up at a campaign rally this week serious, it would be humorous with all of your power and might with air force one as a how the obama administration income pa tense aspa tense as backdrop for votes. why couldn't you send an ac-130
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or f-16 as a backdrop to their excuse. protect american lives? >> it was really over before we and mr. president, with all due had the opportunity to know what was happening. respect to the office you hold, >> how could you not have you call your opponent a known? the brits got out and the red cross got out but you left americans there so you could say libya was normalized so you my dad, my granddad and members could spin the tail that of america's greatest al-qaeda was on its heels. generation watch you sighently last year you gave libya $130 million. our money. but you you couldn't give a and they know. marine detachment to our -- silently and they know. >> with me now is charles woods ambassador were everyone was the father of former navy seal getting danger pay? you can't secure the perimeter ty woods who was killed in the of our consulate? and then you can't even benghazi attack. leverage those millions to get his siblings hope is, faith and our investigators into the jeremiah join us this evening. let me say on behalf of so many country to investigate for americans you have our almost a month. condolences and thoughts and and hillary, you tell the prayers especially as this father of the navy seal who story unfolds are with you. and charles, let me start with pleaded for backup and you. i mean just tell us about ty. ultimately gave his life that you are going to arrest the guy >> ty was a remarkable young who made the video? man. he grew up to be a navy seal.
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did you also tell ty woods' he was raised before father that a live feed of the attack was being funneled to kindergarten on a 9,000-acre the white house, the state department, and the pentagon? ranch in long creek, oregon, did you tell ty's dad that and he would be gone most of the day with his .22. people watched as ty was told that was what honed his skills as a marksman. to stand down? he would go to the county fair that people watched as he pointed his laser on the very and clean up with the shooting mortars that ultimately killed booth. he was one of the best him and glen dougherty? and leon panetta ... wrestlers in the state of oregon. and -- >> there is a lot of monday >> judge jeanine: you call him the alpha seal? >> he was the alpha seal from what i was told by other seals, he was at a position that every other seal wanted to achieve. from an early age, he knew that he could protect lesser people than himself. >> judge jeanine: let me ask you this, charles. when you you first heard that ty had been killed and it was is such a sad day when your son's body was brought back,
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you spoke to the president. >> yes. >> and hillary clinton and the rest of them. tell us what they told you? >> first of all, the president was gracious enough to come and speak with each one of the families at andrews air force base there was a large room and there were four pods, couches and whatever for each of the four family groups to be at. finally -- well, first of all, the vice president came in and mingled in the room. they were there for over a half hour. >> judge jeanine: what did they say? >> well -- >> judge jeanine: what did the president say to you? >> what the president said to me, he was the last one to come. and he came and he came up to me and in not a very sincere voice said i'm sorry. now, and then we shook hands, gave him, you know, like that. and then what i said to him was
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mr. president, i appreciate your service, and i said i am at peace and i could tell that he was not at peace. and i said my heart grieves because i have lost my son. my emotions have gone up and they he have gone down. but the reason that i am at peace is because i know that god is in control of every situation. that is why our family s handling this much better than you would expect. >> judge jeanine: and charles, you spoke with hillary clinton. what did she tell you? >> she came up to us and shook hands with her, i think she he just wanted to shake hands. i kind of gave her a little bit of warmth, a little bit of a hug. and she said we are going to arrest the person that made
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that film and we are going to have them prosecuted. >> and what were your thoughts when she said that? >> i didn't think it was any big deal because i just thought this was the way politicians talk. i mean i knew that she was lying and she is smarter than i am. she -- >> judge jeanine: you thought the president was insincere and she was lying. why are you coming out now to talk about this? >> our family made the decision not to make public statements is. this last week after i dropped my daughters off at high school in kona, i just at random happened to be listening to a news station and they mentioned that the president had live feed that he watched my son being killed, that he watched this whole battle that lasted seven hours and he chose to do nothing. now, when went back there to washington, d.c., i knew that
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something was fishy. it just didn't make sense that you would have a long drawn out battle and that no help would have been sent. >> judge jeanine: why do you think no help was sent? you know that your son ty was on the ground asking for backup, pleading for an ac-130. how does that make you feel? >> i can't say whatter that motivations are and i'm not going to speculate on that. but i do know that the navy seals are extremely honorable and they have a code of ethics, a code of honor. and part of that code of honor is they will never leave anyone behind, okay. this is why ty went in initially as a medic. he spent two years on ambulance service in san diego not even dressed as a navy seal so that he could acquire the skills of an emergency room doctor so that they would never leave any one behind. i couldn't understand why did
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they allow them to die? why didn't they send help? i don't know anything about tactical weapons or anything like that but i do know that they could have sent something and i have been told it would have been a c-130 that within 45 minutes could have secured the perimeter -- >> judge jeanine: from italy or across the mediterranean within an hour. >> whereever and secured the perimeter and not only protected the lives of those 30 people but also the lives of the individuals that were also heros besides my son who sacrificed their lives. this was not necessary. i knew this could have happened. and my question in washington, d.c. was why didn't this happen when it came out this last week that whoever it was, i'm not going to say who it was, but whoever it was in the white house was watching it this live feed of my son being murdered, then i decided it is time to do
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two things. one, this is not political, okay. if this becomes political that is -- that would dishonor my son's is life and his death. but what we want to do is we want to honor my son and we also want there to be truth and justice. as well as forgiveness. >> judge jeanine: you feel that your son risked his life and that your son was murdered. you have made some strong statements. >> okay, your honor. >> judge jeanine: but you could say -- you are a former your honor also. a military judge. >> administrative law judge. a much lower level than how you served. however, as an attorney, the legal definition of murder would not fit into this. >> judge jeanine: do you think there was malfeasance and
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negligence. >> my feeling is that it was in fact murder. >> judge jeanine: if you could say something to the president what would you say? >> i would say if it was you, your honor, i totally forgive you but for your benefit i would want you to turn your life around and head the other direction so that blessings can continue to flow into your life. i would want the best for you and that means you need to stand up and admit your fault and change the direction of your life. i love this country of ours. >> judge jeanine: jeremiah, quickly, going to follow in your brother's footsteps? >> after getting news of that, i really made some decisions that seeing what he did and how honoring it was to the country and how brave his sacrifice was, i made -- i talked with my family about potentially doing some military stuff and actually later on that day after telling them about that i got an e-mail from my school talking about potentially doing some medical stuff through the
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navy. it is definitely an avenue that i want to pursue. >> judge jeanine: i'm sure your brother would be proud. charles woods and the family, siblings. thank you for being with us this evening. >> thank you. >> judge jeanine: you're very kind and i'm so sorry. at the end of the show we will have a tribute to your son. >> thank you. >> judge jeanine: charles, hope, faith and jeremiah, thank you. coming up, a member of the only congressional committee that has so far investigated the benghazi attack and why would the mainstream media not report the libya coverup when the facts were there for all to see? might there be a liberal bias? ann coulter tells us what she thinks. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up
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ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> judge jeanine: so far the obama administration is refusing to explain even to family members of those americans massacred in benghazi what happened on the night of of september 11th. there is only one committee
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getting answers before the election. and a member of that oversighting government reform committee, congressman jason chaffetz joins us from salt lake city, utah. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> judge jeanine: we learn something new and contrary to the original spin of a video that was is so outrageous it caused the middle east to go on fire what can you tell us? what is your reaction? >> we have been slow walked every step of the way. the white house, the state department, owes us more information. i sent my first letter on september 20. that still has gone unanswered but thank goodness there have been brave whistle blowers who have provided some unclassified documents that really allowed the investigation to move forward. we know because of testimony in a hearing that chairman issa had and i applaud him for having that there is at least one 50 minute video he that was
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in the possession of the state department. we know that they were witnessing this in real time. and so for them to suddenly beg off and say well, it was the genesis of the video which we now know is not true, some video in the middle east that was generated here originally in the united states we know that was not true. we know there wasn't a mob outside in benghazi. where did they get this information? how did they brief ambassador rice? there is so many more questions every day that goes by. >> judge jeanine: congressman in the last 48 hours we heard reports from sources on the ground telling us that there were three direct ives to stand down to not offer the help. that the cia was asking for on the ground. what can you tell us about what we have learned in the last few hours? >> well, i read that -- those news accounts as well and let's remember that this started at 9:40 p.m. local libyan time.
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at 4:00 a.m. there was another big wave after the annex and still took hours after that so into the early dawn in order to get people to the airport where then two aircraft were able to evacuate people. so you have this hours and hours and hours of time. and it is just hard to believe that the white house, the president didn't send people in to help extract and protect and save the lives of the people that were serving our country at our consulate and there at the annex. it is unbelievable. >> judge jeanine: you know, congressman, what s stunning is the fact that there is no one else looking at this who is going to get information before the election. that every other blue ribbon commission and every other committee is going to be getting information to the american public after the election. does that strike you as kind of a preplanned event in itself? >> well, what drives me crazy is that the president will go on the hard-hitting interviews with jon stewart or on david
9:17 pm
letterman and says is as we get information we just provide it to the american people but mr. president we know there is a video. you should be producing and shareing that video with members of congress but also with members of the american public. >> judge jeanine: and you have asked for the video and they have denied your requests? >> absolutely. >> judge jeanine: we do know after benghazi was attacked we could see that the camera was still intact and they have the actual video in addition to the audio in addition to the drones, in addition to the e-mails. i mean doesn't that infuriate you? >> it does. because we are just trying to get to the truth. we have hundreds of people serving -- hundreds of consulates and embassies overseas. thousands of americans serving. we still have an embassy there in tripoli. you have families, loved ones whose relatives have been killed. they haven't been given clear answers. we have injured personnel that are still unidentified and really haven't been shared their information as to what
9:18 pm
happened and why. it is just the administration claims at one time that they are going be so tran pairs rent but when it comes to actual transparency they don't do it. >> judge jeanine: congressman, how are we going to get these answers? >> we are trying to get answers as swiftly as possible. we are about openness and transparency. a big part of the story by the way goes back to june 6. that is when we had a terrorist attack in benghazi and the president did not react to that. this story goes on more and more will go back to june 6. >> judge jeanine: and congressman, quickly, where does the ultimate responsibility for what happened to these americans is go? >> it goes to the oval office. the president of the united states has to take personal responsibility. and we know that as soon as this started happening there were relays of information there in to the white house, to the state department, to the intelligence agencies. the president did know what was going on. we had testimony that in real time the state department was
9:19 pm
able to witness this in real time. my guess is the white house was as well and the buck stops in the white house. >> judge jeanine: we'll see what happens. congressman chaffetz thanks so much. the american people are waiting for the information from your committee. >> thank you. >> judge jeanine: and did the white house sit on its hands while terrorists were killing americans on the ground? and later, how does this affect our cia operatives going forward? where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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and the world needs a strong america and it is stronger now than when i came into office. >> judge jeanine: but is it really? and in it fact are we seen as weaker than when president obama came into office? fox news military analyst
9:23 pm
colonel david hunt and lieutenant colonel tony shafer join us tonight. it is good to have you gentlemen here. what we are hearing is shocking that the cia was denied the help that they needed three times. we know that there was a drone, guys, that was over benghazi with a live feed of what was going on on the ground. where was that feed going, colonel? >> the feed, actually two drones and also listening on a telephone to the state department and listening on a military secured channel from the cia on the ground, the cia in langley but the feed you are talking about go to about 15 different headquarters starting with europe command to national command center to the white house situation room to the cia and on and on. a massive amount of information visually was going on instantaneously while this was happening. >> judge jeanine: and, of course, this is 4:00 in the afternoon, lieutenant colonel. it is not like people weren't there. >> right.
9:24 pm
>> judge jeanine: it is going to the white house and pentagon and department of state. those places are staffed with high level personnel to access this kind of information? >> absolutely. and once the critical instrument report went out everybody is fixated on this. you almost become just a robot watching this and this was in the middle of the business day in washington. everybody, the white house, cia, pentagon, everybody was watching this go down in real time. never have communications been better with the field than they are now. >> and this is the fourth embassy in 24 hours being attacked. the entire u.s. government is paying atension. >> judge jeanine: this was going on from 9:40 until 4:00 in the morning. do you need the president to approve military intervention? >> the secretary of defense gives the order approved by the white house, period. that is the only person that can do it. >> judge jeanine: do we know if the president watched this? >> according to my sources he was one of those in the white house situation room in real time watching this and the question becomes what did the
9:25 pm
president do or not do in the moments he saw this unveiling? he, only he could issue a directive to the secretary of defense panetta to do something. that is the only place it could be done. >> judge jeanine: and we know he was in the white house and met with the vice president and leon panetta at 5:00 that day in the white house. >> that's correct. >> judge jeanine: it is inevitable that they would have a conversation, yes, about it? >> absolutely. >> judge jeanine: the president decides not to send help after, you know, this fight is going on for hours. why would he do that? >> it is always political because the military had moved forces to italy so we were within 20 minutes of jets to support libya. we had within two hours ac 130 gunship and two hours of two special forces operations one of which is delta force which happened to be training in europe. they get moved to italy. >> two hours across the mediterranean. >> could have jets in the air within 20 minutes and forces on
9:26 pm
the ground within two hours. unfortunately, it is also political with the white house. they wouldn't pull the trigger and it is disgraceful. we have guys dead. >> judge jeanine: and we have ty woods who decided to break rank and said i'm going in because the ambassador could still have been alive? >> and remember during the regan white house in '83, a similar situation in grenada. there was a vote taken and even said let's not go, it is too risky. regan said go. it was a political decision based on saving lives. >> judge jeanine: what is ty woods thinking as he is calling for help and has his laser on the mortar? >> he is doing his job. >> judge jeanine: but he knows the cavalry
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live from america's news headquarters i'm harris faulkner. ten days to go and governor romney and president obama head toward the final full week of campaigning in the race that polls say are extraordinarily close. in new hampshire, the president criticized today his republican challenger for raising taxes and fees while he was governor of massachusetts. mr. romney who is in florida says this is not the time to divide the country or demonize political opponents but to "build bridges to the other party." terrorists aiming at our u.s. embassy in indonesia. word special security forces stopped it. police in indonesia arresting 11 people said to be islamic militants planning attacks on several western targets including the u.s. and several other embassies. they seized bombs and bomb making materials and manuals. it is unclear how far along the plan was before they caught it. now, let's get you back to
9:31 pm
"justice." >> judge jeanine: this is a fox news weather alert. hurricane sandy bearing down on the east the coast in what some are predicting as the perfect storm. maria is in the fox extreme weather center. >> tracking sandy which is still a hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 725 miles per hour. one of -- 75 miles per hour. tropical storm force winds that extend outwards up to 520 miles. hurricane force winds extend out from the center over 100 miles. the storm system from one end to the other is more than a thousand miles and seeing the heavy rain falling across eastern portions of north carolina. the track is also some what unusual. it is forecast to go parallel to the coast and eventually take a sharp turn towards the left eventually making landfall across southern parts of the state of new jersey as we head into monday evening but because sandy is to large we will be feeling impacts from it well ahead of it making landfall. basically as we head into
9:32 pm
sunday we will start to see the rain increasing across portions of the northeast and then get a lot worse, judge jeanine, as we head into monday with the rein picking up wind gusts easily over 60 miles per hour and coastal flooding. >> judge jeanine: i will keep my dogs in, too, on monday. anyway, thank you. back to libya. new information shows cia operatives on the ground in benghazi are denied military help three times during the september 11th firefight. i want to stress, though, that they were denied help. not denied help from the military. the former commander of the uss cole joins me in new york city. former cia officer gary burnson from orlando and back be with me colonel david hunt and lieutenant colonel tony shafer. colonel, i'm going to start with you. you were the commander of the uss cole. what is your reaction to the fact that the guys on the ground were denied the assistance that they needed to live? >> i think that the commander in chief had the opportunity to
9:33 pm
witness the video that we clearly knew that was going on he knew that the forces were in place to react and did nothing and denied it not once but three times that is inexcusable and there is a degree of accountability that he needs to be held up to if he is to remain the commander in chief. >> judge jeanine: he is not willing to answer questions. as time goes on every time someone brings it up he says we are investigating. can we prove that he actually had that information, tony, lieutenant colonel shafer says we can. we know all the high level people had it, right, colonel hunt? >> absolutely. >> judge jeanine: so they had this. now, i will go to gary burnson. are you there, garry? >> yes, i'm here. >> judge jeanine: this is all coming out in the last 48 hours. ty woods on the ground asking for backup supposedly with his laser on the mortars that ultimately killed him and there is no backup for hours and hours. what do you think of that? >> well, the first thing is this, that it was reported also
9:34 pm
one thing you haven't stated is that this based on reporting the ci instructed their people at the annex not to relieve those at the embassy under fire. they ordered them three times to stand down and the two former navy seals led a team contrary to orders to rescue those at the embassy. then bring them back and then expecting help themselves, never got it. if that is true -- >> judge jeanine: the sad thing -- go ahead, if that is true? >> if that is true it is unbelievable. the orders they should have been give season do whatever you can to resist and assist and rehe leave the embassy. that is the orders they should have been given. do in your power what you can to save the ambassador. if the president of the united states had been in the embassy he would have wanted to be relieved. no, his personal representative does not get that benefit. >> colonel hunt shaking his head and lieutenant colonel shafer.
9:35 pm
agree or disagree? >> he agree. during the entire period, judge the ambassador was missing. he was not known to be dead. the first thing the president should have done is find out where his representative is. the ambassador works for the president, for goodness sakes. >> gary was a great operations officer and responsibly helped take down afghanistan. you have to give orders that let people do their jobs. the commander knows the same thing. what they have done is restrict movement of forces. if his daughter was in the embassy he would have reacted and he didn't. >> judge jeanine: uss cole, how long did it take for forces to come in? >> within two hours or two days we knew that it had the hall marks of al-qaeda within two weeks we gathered the evidence and within two months the white house knew and could have done it and president clinton kept raising the bar. you are seeing a similar situation but this team the white house new instantaneously why what they were are
9:36 pm
watching. the difference comes a variety of people that got the report and tuned in and got in and watched the video happen they need to be forced to testify so we can get to the bottom of this quick. the american people deserve an answer before they select a new commander in chief in two weeks. they don't need to slow roll it. >> judge jeanine: it is not the going to happen. >> never going to happen. >> judge jeanine: 48 hours you talked about your going in as a marine to secure an embacy. >> in the bombings in east africa in 1998 as soon as we know the embassies were bombed a decision was made within an hour to start loading planes. we moved people. we were on the ground in 26 hours for the follow-up. we had the embassy secured there. that was done very, very quickly. this thing here of waiting 17 days to get a visa to go there to begin an investigation is insanity. >> judge jeanine: one word, what do you think of the president's refusal to send in the military. one word? gary?
9:37 pm
>> a disgrace. >> lieutenant? >> unacceptable. >> woul cowardly. >> commander? >> culpable negligence. >> judge jeanine: thanks for being with us. top dallas here tonight. thank you so much coming up, how long did the liberal media continue to ignore the benghazi cover up? and later, governor romney continues to gain momentum. we will show you the latest polls from the all-important swing states. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners.
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>> judge jeanine: the benghazi and i attack and administration continuing coverup and changing nare rative evades the headlines. president caught off guard when an nbc reporter kept trying to get a straight answer. >> were the americans under attack at the consulate in benghazi, libya denied requests for help during the attack and is it fair to tell american hass happened is under investigation and we will all find out after the election? >> the election has nothing to do with four brave americans getting killed and us wanting to find out exact bely what happened. these are folks who served under me h that i had sent to some dangerous places. >> judge jeanine: political commentator and author of mugged ann coulter and fox news contributor and former pollster for president carter pat gudel
9:42 pm
join me this evening. he is asked to clarify and the second answer is as evasive as the first. my question to you, ann, is why is the media not dealing with the fact that there is a clear coverup here? >> yeah, because they want to reelect obama. i have never seen it like this. it would be as if they didn't cover the helicopter failed rescue -- in iran with jimmy carter. they didn't cover for jimmy courter like this. i think it has something to do with him being the most left wing president we ever had and also him being the first black president. they are treating h him like the angel obama and they are right in with him. leno he said last night the halloween costume this year s to go as a journalist and wear an obama button. >> judge jeanine: pat, do you agree. i think we some screens of the "new york times." it just comes out that the cia
9:43 pm
operative on the ground asked for help three times and the new york times doesn't cover it. a front page from yesterday and the front page from today. they don't even mention it. >> they have been in the tank for -- on this in a way i have never seen. cbs days after the president told them, in fact, told them he knew there was an attack. i left yesterday george mcgovern's funeral who i worked for when i was 21 who is a man who stood up on the issue of the war whether you liked it or not and fought for what he believed was true and fought a president who was willing to lie, cheat and steal to get elected and the president, however was willing to fight that. i'm appalled right now. this white house, this president, this vice president, this secretary of state, all of them are willing apparently to dishonor themselves and this country for the cheap prospect of getting reelected, willing to cover up and lie and the worse thing is the very people
9:44 pm
who are supposed to protect the american people and the truth, the leading mainstream media and i said in a speech a week ago because i'm he stunned i have never seen on an issue of national security like this. they have become a fundamental threat to american democracy and thenmies of the american people. what i saw with ty woods' father and family and the outrage i feel from my country and the shame that these people have no honor and when will people finally say it? coverup is too nice a word. and the media is the one that is worst on it. >> judge jeanine: and we know, pat, that with watergate, nixon lost the presidency but no one died in watergate, ann. >> that's right. here you have it appears the president refusing to give the order to go in and save ty woods and the others. >> judge jeanine: how do we come to grips with this it as americans that is man on the ground is there is an ac 130 and could have lowered an f-16 just for the sound.
9:45 pm
>> but he wasn't willing to make the gutsy call. >> it is not gutsy. it is human instinct. >> it could have is failed and then you would have the helicopters crashing. >> judge jeanine: this is not blackhawk down. there is so much smarter than we were then. >> he didn't want to risk his election. >> this president didn't care enough to stay in the white house and "find out what was going on the next day after." >> or to order the rescue team. >> look, now i know why he was national security advisor and why went to a fundraiser. if any had done while the consulate was smoldering would have been crucified. i'm personally nauseated by it. >> as rome burned nero fiddled.
9:46 pm
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>> judge jeanine: so how is that presidential race going? with me is the author of branding america, republican strategist noelle nick nikpour and john. >> how is mitt romney doing in the swing states? >> fabulous in the swing states. people are sending money all the way up until now. >> judge jeanine: you always go to the money thing. >> you have to follow the money and the fact that obama raised a billion dollars and mitt romney is right behind him. usually as a national
9:50 pm
fundraiser i know that i raised the bulk of my money the first of october. it is continuing on. it is heating up and a lot of the undecideds are just now starting to write a check. >> judge jeanine: is the latest poll shows that the president and mitt romney tied at 48%. in florida, romney is squeaking by, obama 50% to 48. pennsylvania the president has a 5% lead but in the national polls, governor romney edges ahead of the president 50% to 47%. so everybody says it is about ohio. is it? >> it is definitely about ohio. it is ohio. someone said the national polls are kind of like giving an average temperature for the country. >> judge jeanine: but they don't count? >> exactly. exactly. the national polls, it tells you where the nation is as a whole but it does come down to the states and in this case it is ohio, ohio, ohio. >> judge jeanine: does he have a chance of winning ohio? >> come down to ohio and the undecideds which are made up of
9:51 pm
a lot of women. women are starting to think born the neck and not below the neck. >> judge jeanine: if people haven't made up their mind jet yet john, doesn't that mean if they were happy with obama they would go with him? >> when we have a reelection they have to first decide if they want to get rid of the incumbent and then decide if they want to hire the new guy. they are still not sold on the new guy. he will try to talk about the economy but the lunatic fringe keeps bringing up issues of rape, pregnantty. >> judge jeanine: do you think benghazi is going affect the election? the mainstream media is not covering it. >> i am so upset about this i could curse. >> judge jeanine: the president did. he called romney a i'm only saying that, mom, because i can't say it on national television. >> i think libya will be the biggest down fall for the obama campaign. >> judge jeanine: before the
9:52 pm
election or after? >> let the facts come out. >> judge jeanine: why won't they give that video surveillance of the attack to the oversight committee? why won't the president have a press conference? >> answer it. >> i don't know the facts. we don't know the facts here. let's wait for the facts to come out. >> judge jeanine: yeah, we do. there was a live feed. >> we think that we know the facts. >> we think? we do. >> judge jeanine: the whistle blowers are coming out. if the administration won't do it the whistle blowers are so outraged, the cia, intelligence thrown under the bus they are coming out like crazy. >> a lot of people say we don't want this to be political. unfortunately, it is political because it happened under obama's watch. he did a bad job. he is not experienced whether you like him or not he is not experienced. >> let's let the american people decide. >> fy was a judge and gave the case to the jury they didn't get it until they had the evidence and the facts. if they are stopping the facts from coming in how you do they decide the case? >> there is a lot of
9:53 pm
speculation about what happened. but we know that he is the guy who got osama bin laden. he is the guy that -- >> the navy seals did. you have the full screen? obama couldn't wait to put himself in the situation rooms when the navy seals took down osama bin laden but they won't even admit they were in the situation room when poor ty woods and glen dorland arety -- you are not going to give obama any credit forgetting bin laden? >> that is not the point. i can't give someone credit who doesn't respond to a cry for help from someone on the ground when all he had to do is say help them. >> let the facts come out and chips fall where they may. let's listen to the facts first. >> judge jeanine: in past shows i talked about our ambassador stevens, shawn smith and glen dougherty. tonight we take a moment to pay tribute to an american hero navy seal ty woods whose dad and family were with us tonight who gave the ultimate akron
9:54 pm
face. as general macarthur said on his speech on duty honor and country in his youth and strength his love and loyalty he gave all that mortality can give. he needs no eulogy from me or from any other man, he has written his own history. america thanks you, ty woods, for the ultimate sacrifice. may you rest in peace. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ change my life again ♪ ♪ fly by night, goodbye my dear ♪ ♪ my ship isn't coming ♪ and i just can't pretend oww! ♪ [ male announcer ] careful, you're no longer invisible in a midsize sedan. the volkswagen passat. winner of a motor trend midsize sedan comparison. that's the power of german engineering.
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