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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 29, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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when high tide hits about everything hits the fan. that is when the defense systems we built up are ultimately tested. ultimately fail. we will know when we are on at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll be with you right through 10:00 p.m. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> kimberly: this is a fox news alert. hurricane sandy, super storm meteorologists call a once in a lifetime occurrence and now the strongest storm recorded in the northeast. it's headed to make landfall any minute. its path is taking dead aim at the jersey shore. eight states are in a state of emergency. that includes some of the biggest cities on the east coast. new york. philadelphia. washington, d.c. we've got rick eleventhal, steve harrigan and david lee miller on the ground for fox team coverage. but first, go to janice dean in the fox news weather center for the big picture. janice? >> we got the latest advisory,
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kimberly. new information in the fox news extreme weather center. still a hurricane 90 miles per hour sustained winds. probably making landfall in next hour or so. somewhere along new jersey. the storm center is 30 miles east/southeast. want to give you a few bullet points here. qualm island, new york, 84 miles per hour wind gusts. 900,000 people without power in new jersey. and new york. 23-foot wave recorded in new york harbor. water levels 7.6-foot surge at sandy hook and battery. 6.7-foot. those are amounts that we have not seen. at the peak of irene. we're dealing with a history making storm. let's take a look at the center. we expect the center to make its way on shore in the next hour or so. so landfall perhaps within the hour. bring you the latest. there is the latest track again. moving west/northwest at
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28 miles per hour. again, we think south jersey, around cape may, but we are getting reports that atlantic city is under water. wind gusts again, as we head throughout the evening. wind gusts in excess of 100 miles per hour. hurricane force winds extending 120 miles away from the center of the storm. we're going to feel this up and down the coastline, the worst of storm surge, wind and rain north of where the center makes landfall. kimberly? >> kimberly: thank you. we'll check back with you later in the program. it may hit landfall in this program. let's go to rick leventhal, live in point pleasant, new jersey, where we have seen the conditions deteriorating by the hour. rick? >> we moved off the beach. it was too nasty out there. we moved to the hotel one block from the beach. where the power is now coming on and off every few minutes. i want to show you the water just now preached over the sand dunes. you can see it pouring over the side of a wall. water is now coming over the
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dunes. pouring toward ocean avenue. look to the left there. the waves, the churning surf is really incredible. you see the red warning flag there. blowing this wind, it's got to be over 60, 70-mile-per-hour gusts now. trees are bending sidewards. we're hearing the howling of the wind. the waves are just ferocious. and those waves could very well if the storm surge predictions are correct begin crashing over the dune and cover the ground floor of the hotel. it's getting worse by the minute and by the hour. not in the peak of the storm yet. >> kimberly: that's rick leventhal on the beach. now we go to steve harrigan, in ocean city, maryland. steve? [ rain pounding ] >> kimberly, in the last hour or two the winds picked up considerably.
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gusts of more than 50 miles per hour. the waves behind me easily stopping 15 feet. at the end of the boardwalk is an iconic pier, symbol of ocean city, maryland. the pier has been chewed up by the waves. as far as the wind goes, starting now to see small objects blown around. on the street in front of me, a few minutes ago, stop sign actually snapped off. the red circle on top blew over. deteriorating conditions here. tougher times for people across maryland, as well 40,000 people in baltimore area now power outages. getting some help from other states on the way. but it will certainly be a tough 12 hours for people, especially along the coastal regions where the conditions really, hurricane force. kimberly? >> kimberly: unbelievable. thank you, steve. check back with you later. now let's go to david lee miller, who is standing by in lower manhattan with the latest. david? >> kimberly, we are in lower manhattan. portion of the city called
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battery park city. for our purposes today, let's call this area "a." this is the area under mandatory evacuation. this area home to about some 10,000 people. significant number of them say they simply are not going to leave. they are going to ride out the storm. despite the mandatory order for an evacuation. others you might say should be institutionalized. look at the video we recorded a few minutes ago. two men, part of a prank going for a swim in the hud sob river. a few minutes after they finished their -- it was more of a dunk. lasted only a minute or so. nevertheless, very dangerous. the police soon arrived and cautioned if anyone else tries that, a good chance they could be swept away by a rip tide. they warn again, people who live in area "a" such as this should evacuate. the clock is ticking. many of the road ways out of manhattan, the bridges and tunnels that are enclosed soon will be. if you haven't evacuated, do
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so now. kimberly? >> kimberly: thank you. that illustrates the point. sometimes people don't listen to their government, state and local officials when they tell them, they could be injured or killed and then the rescuers, the first responders have to put their lives at risk. checking back with all of them for the fox team coverage and extreme weather center. with janice dean. in the moments we have here, talk about the impact of the storm, also how it's impacting, of course, the political election coming up. >> eric: sure. it's the obvious question. a huge storm, master storm, both president obama and governor romney canceled a lot of their campaign events scheduled. rightly so. they should. president obama needs to stand up and show he is the president and take charge. governor romney can't look like he is politicizing a storm where a lot of people, a lot of damage, maybe a lot of people dying. can i point something out. president obama earlier today with his fema director went to podium and gave a nice speech. be careful, people lives are number one, the most important. there is a question toward the end of the speech, what will
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the impact be on the election, sir? president obama said i'm not worried about the impact on the election. i'm worried about the impact on families. the election will take care of itself next week. right now the number one priority is make sure we're saving lives. my question is: where was president obama a month-and-a-half ago when four of our americans were locked down, pinned down, about to be assassinated? he was in las vegas campaigning, picking up chec checks. be fair, maybe he learned something from a month-and-a-half ago. >> bob: a couple of things going on. one, early voting has been canceled in both ohio and maryland and virginia. three states. now that is going to have some impact. not good for obama. romney what to cancel appearances in ohio, which were important to him. he did go to iowa, which indicates how close iowa really is. we'll talk about that a little bit, him getting in the "des moines register" endorsement,
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which is important i think. the other thing romney decided to do is do fund raising in the effected states which make sense. in the end, the president of the united states is commander-in-chief. he gets to take center stage. it only helps him. >> kimberly: dana? >> dana: from a political standpoint, romney's e-mail that went out to -- i'm not on the list but a friend sent it to me saying don't donate to our campaign, if you have time and resources available send it to the red cross. check on your neighbors. from a media standpoint, this storm is rightly going to stake center stage. my sister is in colorado. if you're in colorado, swing state or any of the other swing states, the ads are unbearable in terms of the amount of negative ads. i think both of the campaigns would be smart to take negative ads off the airwaves right now. my sister said it's so annoying because she wants to watch what is happenin happeninh the storm. every time they cut to commercial break, back to politics. >> kimberly: bill hememer said in ohio such influx of the political ads. it's crucial. and very close.
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slight romney lea now with the rasmussen poll. people could get turned off and not want to vote for somebody, if they are bombarded with negative ads. do you think romney made the right call with the timing of suspending the campaigning? >> greg: i guess so. makes sense. more about the media using the storm as a way to pollster obama. bolstering obama through like a full charm offensive. first, he will be there with the shres rolled up. then the tide will be gone. then the jacket by the third day. the fema offensive in boxers doing a briefing. i think a lot of this coverage is frightening. to the kids at home, don't be scared. monsters in the sky only come down to eat you if you talk back to your parents. >> eric: you make a good point, bob, turn-out. clearly across the board, you hear people saying a high turn-out would benefit president obama. >> bob: yeah.
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>> eric: a storm will put a damper on turnout. >> bob: probably not seven days from tomorrow. but damper on turn-out for people voting early. >> kimberly: maryland. >> bob: they're turned out already. >> dana: people who don't have power they don't want to take call from the phone bank. the last thing they want. they want to hear from the power company. >> bob: can i make a point about the negatives. i agree that it would make sense to put the positive ads on. remember so few people out there undecided right now. they are undecided about voting against somebody. not for somebody. thosthose are targeted to them. >> dana: a political thought to look to 2016, there are two governors right now talked about for 2016. they are both at the center of the storm. chris christie of new jersey and new york's cuomo. >> greg: we can't forget
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that bill clinton today said, what did he say? speaking of storms, if you don't vote for if you vote for romney that's a bigger storm. bigger disaster than sandy. i would say that bill clinton is a threat to anyone named sandy. >> kimberly: okay, than say tute political note we move on. new reports that contradict the administration story about the libya terror attack. we have details about what the lawmakers were told in a briefing, just two days after the attack. we are closely watching hurricane sandy. we have the latest as thecoast e megastorm. stay with us. ♪ ♪ starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions.
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and let's get going. together.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." fox's catherine herridge reporting today on september 13, two days after the libya attack, lawmakers on capitol hill were told during a briefing with the f.b.i. and the national counterterrorism center that it was either al-qaeda or al-qaeda affiliated. at the briefing, there was no mention of the attack being spon stainous or anything to do with an anti-islamic video. she is saying this apparently conflicts with the briefing that the c.i.a. director gave a day later around characterized it as a flash mob. friday, we reported that requests for help in benghazi were denied. president obama was scud about
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it over the weekend -- was asked about it over the weekend. >> were americans under attack on the consulate in benghazi, libbia, denied and requested help during the attack? is it fair to tell americans what happens is under investigation and we'll find out after the election? >> well, the election has nothing to do with four brave americans getting killed and us wanting to find out what happened. these are folks who served under me i had sent to dangerous places. nobody wants to find out more what happened than i do. >> were they denied request for help during the attack? >> well, we are finding out exactly what happened. >> dana: that sounds like the mtv interview he had later in the day. kimberly, this report -- so, catherine herridge has certain sources telling her this. jennifer griffin had sources telling her that. they stick by their sources, though there have been others that have said they're not accurate. if you are in a court of law an you look at this and this
5:17 pm
is different evidence, what is your sense of where the evidence is leading? >> kimberly: when you look at it, it appears that the majority. when you aggregate it, it points in one direction. the president, the administration, the state department, command centers, situation room, they were able to get streaming video. drones overhead and certain consistent facts that show they knew they were in loop. basically, the president within an hour or so of the attack was able to see everything, understand what was going on an quite clear it was an act of terrorism. by al-qaeda affiliateed group. so when you see that, they are trying to put it off after the election, because it's costly to him politically to have then made contradictory statements in weeks that follow. not only himself, but people in his administration. including ambassador rice. >> bob: you just said the president of the united states saw everything and knew everything in an hour. that's flat wrong. >> kimberly: i didn't say he saw everything. he knew what was going on. the president of the united states. they have drones and real-time
5:18 pm
video they were able to get in the d.s. commander center and the state department. >> bob: to know from what that what was going on -- i keep coming to this. there is not a terrorist group in middle east or northern africa that does not associate or say they have associated with al-qaeda because it's a big brand name. it means nothing. >> kimberly: why are you discounting it? >> bob: i don't think al-qaeda means anything except for brand name. >> kimberly: you are contradicting yourself now. >> bob: i'm not. >> greg: this is about priorities. president obama seems to care more about sandra than security. seriously, the question, do you have protection? is a tad more important than embassy than coed. >> eric: can i point something out, this guy fru kusa, fantastic job of asking the right question. at the end of the day, the president didn't answer the question. >> greg: yeah. >> eric: he could not say i did not -- deny additional assistance one, two, or three times. he talked about it.
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it pulled out a thing i put together evidence day. on the 30th day, i talk about day one, day two, day three. things like white house coverup, stonewalling. this is day 48. it's still relevant. evening we thought 20, 18 days ago is relevant. stonewalling and covering stuff up. >> bob: it's not guy that -- they don't call in every day from over embassy to say give me more help. >> dana: the recording was as it was unfolding that they were asking for help over those hours. >> bob: i understand that. >> dana: that was that point. >> kimberly: trying to say that general ham turn -- even though he told them, authorized to give the support and go ahead and give assistance to save american lives those orders were disregarded. if that is true and you did give order to send in help and assist americans murdered, where is the proof of that? >> dana: i do think this will come out eventually. i want to listen to senator mccain on "face the nation" yesterday to talk about what veteran washington, d.c. reporter said about all of
5:20 pm
this. john mccain. >> for days and days they told the american people something that had no basis in fact whatsoever. that is the president of the united states. also, by the way, he said he immediately ordered action to be taken. no action was taken over seven hours now. we find out the secretary of defense decided not to take any action. said the other day this is as bad as watergate but i said nobody died in watergate. this is massive coverup or not acceptable service to american people. >> dana: it doesn't matter election, they will continue to be on this to find out information. a hearing is scheduled for november 15. one of your old pals, i don't know. i guess i can't call her an old pal. she said this is basically a made up story. >> greg: the definition of a
5:21 pm
made-up story to eleanor cliff, won the fnc beater two reading theth bitter column by maureen dowd. hood ornament of the main stream media. refusing to acknowledge a real scandal. how is she an intel expert? if she was special agent cliff, somehow related to somebody killed, after calls for help was ignored she would feel differently. if you want the story to go away, just answer the questions. >> bob: mccain said it was worst scandal in his lifetime. the worst scandal is the war he suffered through for eight years of the prison of war. >> kimberly: that is not what he is saying. >> bob: he said it's the worst scandal in his lifetime. worse than watergate.? yes, people didn't die in watergat but constitution was ripped up. >> kimberly: it's significant that he says that. >> eric: you can't think that benghazi has not been a negative mark on president obama -- >> bob: of course.
5:22 pm
>> eric: approval rating and success. >> bob: of course. >> eric: we are just trying to find out what happened. >> greg: coverup by the media. >> dana: bob, i have to say -- from a media perspective. i like richard benadetto, white house reporter writes today what are they doing? something that the administration says one day an then two days later it's different. what is the media there for? to hold governmentable" for things that don't add up. >> greg: you can't hold president perfect accountable because it would hold them accountable. >> kimberly: if they made that. they built it. >> dana: directly ahead, gutfeld monologue on pro-obama ad with kids singing about potential romney presidency where, "sick people just die." and super storm sandy
5:23 pm
strengthening. eight states in state of emergency. our reporters are on the scene. stay with us. we'll have more from them. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: so last week we saw that creepy ad by a young female celebrity comparing voting for obama to having sex. remember how artists were supposed to speak truth to power, now they just want to make out it with. propagandist willing to turn blind eye to anything. as always, kids become part of the brainwash. [ singing ] >> ♪ the future ♪ american through an throug through ♪ ♪ what happens to our country ♪ ♪ we're tire of blaming you ♪ we haven't killed all the
5:28 pm
forest ♪ ♪ but not for lack of trying ♪ the earth is crass ♪ burned ♪ and the atmosphere is frying ♪ >> greg: how lovely, a hymn to the dear leader. why not? he's copying the north korea economy. go all the way. only the left who excels at the group think kid indoctrination stuff. enough with the wisdom of the children. children make noise, not policy. they steal change from your pants. you can't form an army without a uniform. hence urban outfitters new shirt. rebillion these days is consider uncool by the left. if james dean were alive today he would vote for romney and trash urban outfitters. it's not hip to force kids to recite a bitter belief. that is not cool. that's koresch, opposite of
5:29 pm
hip. if you watch the self-consciously cool kids sing like sheep they are. it reveals the real rebels. you. dana,kids singing. >> dana: i hate kids. frogs and kids. i like puppies. >> greg: creepy and sad? >> dana: yeah. if you go online you can read the words that the kids have to sing about the republicans want to kill people and make them drink poison water. you think, so if you are indoctrinating kids like that, you are raising them not to think for themselves. so later on, you are going to make your own bed. this is the kind of thing that gets in their head. they either could rebel or, you know, continue on. >> greg: join a cult. beckel cult. you love that ad, didn't you? >> bob: i loved it. it was right on the money. it's a way to appeal to -- it's exactly right. there is a consequence of putting romney in the white
5:30 pm
house. consequences we don't know what this guy is about because he never says what he means or mean what is he says. if you have the republicans in charge of the house and in the white house, there will be dangerous policy that will be inflicted on the american people. >> greg: so use kids. >> bob: why not? >> eric: i don't want to jump in front of you. here is the issue. who paid for this? why? was this obama add? i don't know. obama? a liberal group what said get kids if front of the screen. look like hostage videos. >> bob: a group of advertising agencies. [ overtalk ] >> greg: destroyed in the flood. >> kimberly: with bob's research. >> greg: you have a young child. some say adorable, though there is a debate over that. would you allow your kid to take part if political ad, whether you supported the ad
5:31 pm
or not? >> kimberly: no. it's so improper to do that. kids are impressionable. you are trying to program the hate-filled robots. like back in day, soviet union or north korea or china. that is so un-american. how improper to use a child for your own political purposes. it's disgusting. it is. when you see an agenda like, that it work against obama. who wants to see children bowing out hate. >> greg: zombies. >> bob: i did an agenda in 1984 showing kids many elementary school and bombs going off for mondale. 25 years later people would come up to me now all grown up and say you scared the hell out of me. >> you realize that! >> dana: you know what? several people told me you still do that to them today. >> bob: that is a given. >> dana: when i was a kid, i sang♪ this land is your land ♪ this land is my land isn't that what kids are supposed to sing? >> kimberly: charming. sweet. bob and acorn want to register the kids in ohio. >> bob: absolutely! we will. >> greg: all right. ran out of time.
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when we come right back the fox news extreme weather team superstore sandy covered. take you live to the places you that are hardest hit. stay with us. dana is making s'mores out of kittens. ♪ ♪ n bought from us online today. so, i'm happy. sales go up... i'm happy. it went out today... i'm happy. what if she's not home? (together) she won't be happy. use ups! she can get a text alert, reroute... even reschedule her package. it's ups my choice. are you happy? i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm hi'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. (together) happy. i love logistics.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today, hurricane sandy. how it's asking millions on the atlantic coast a how it could effect one of the closest elections in history. tonight on "special report," sandy is expected to make landfall in minutes along south jersey, around cape may. it's moved much more quickly than forecast. that may actually be a good thing. already, many places have been evacuated. some of those are under water. power is out to tens of thousands. roads big and small are closed. 10,000 flights had been canceled. we'll be live throughout the region to show you what sandy is doing right now. sandy forced the presidential
5:37 pm
candidates to make big changes. president obama made his changes on the fly. canceling a campaign event in florida around returning to the white house. mitt romney held a rally in iowa and canceled events tonight and tomorrow. "special report" from washington up and down the atlantic coast starts at 6:00. now back to a wet new york and "the five." >> eric: this is a fox news weather alert. hurricane sandy, the latest. get team tropical storm rick leventhal and steve harrigan, but first to janice dean. >> we should see landfall from the system in minutes. over the next 20 minutes to 30 minutes as it continues its northwestern progression. 28 miles per hour. so this storm has sped up. the result are the same. we'll still see the incredible storm surge, record storm surge along the long island sound, delaware bay. you can see as we zoom in, i will show you where the centersy. 's just right offshore. perhaps making landfall around
5:38 pm
cape may southern new jersey coastline. but again, we are dealing with the incredible effects already. wind gust in excess of 88-mile-per-hour. in tuckerton new jersey. 75 miles per hour wind gust recorded at fire island. hurricane force winds extending 175 miles from the center of the storm. tropical storm force winds extending 485 from the center of the storm. this is 1,000 miles wide. it will affect a large area of the country. so there is the latest track. new advisory before 6:00. bring us latest. landfall of 90 miles per hour hurricane in several minutes across the coast of new jersey. there is the future radar. lingering. so it will move on shore quickly an then it will stall out and still bring winds a rain and storm surge for hour hours. we have the cold side of the storm. something we haven't talked about. but in some cases three feet of snow across the mountains of west virginia, appalachians. this is a widespreading
5:39 pm
stormism want to go over the storm surge. that is a wall of water pushed in by the counterclockwise winds. 6 to 11 feet around long island sound. it will push wave height 20 to 30 feet on top of the storm surge. it could be de stating. back to you. >> eric: thank you. go to rick leventhal live in point pleasant, new jersey. what are the conditions like now? >> wind is whipping. it's not raining hard. but the waves, the surf is very strong. you can see the water an debris on ocean avenue. if you look left, you can see the water coming over that sand berm and in the street. waves, we were told to expect the waves 25 feet tall. some of the waves are 15 to 20 feet range. angry seas.
5:40 pm
the skies are angry. we're pretty well north of where the eye wall is expected to hit in cape may new jersey way to south. it's rough conditions on point pleasant. according to the authorities, most people heeded warnings and got out. fab on the street here. that is a good thing. we'll see for of this throughout the night. >> eric: be safe, my friend. steve is in ocean city, maryland. would have about there? >> the conditions are bad. feels like the hurricane-forced winds. as the conditions continue to deteriorate. we see more roads an bridges shut down. emergency personnel are clear about telling people to stay inside the house. the most forceful was the governor of maryland today who said this is a storm where people will die. limit those deaths, stay in your houses. that is the message.
5:41 pm
things are shut down around. flooding in ocean city, maryland, as well as the public transportation being shut down there as well. early voting was canceled today. it will be canceled again tomorrow. back to you. >> eric: all right, steve. you also be safe, my friend. guys, talk about this a little bit. 90-mile-per-hour winds. it will hit the jersey coast right now. it could be the first time with very, very -- okay, they will tell me. we have a picture here. sorry to cut that off. look at that crane. crane on 57th street in new york city. talk about this. this is something we walk past all the time. >> kimberly: we pass it all the time. when the building was built, it was one of the most expensive buildings in new york. one of the apartments went for $100 million. when you think about the financial impact, too, if there is an accident with this crane, or falls. part of it came down. the fact they knew about this in advance to prepare for it, they had the money to take people safety in to consideration. there will be some serious repercussions from this. >> bob: i think eric paid
5:42 pm
too much for that apartment. what is serious is storm surge. it went through one of these. i had a boat on the potomac river and i went to tie my boat down and the storm surge lifted the 26 feet boat over six feet and almost came down on top of me. it scared the hell out of me. i have respect for this stuff. it is what will do damage. >> eric: governor cuomo locked down the city. bridges and tunnels if not all of them. we had a report all of them were locked down. maybe not all of them. the vast majority of them have been shut. they brought the national guard in. >> greg: they closed the public libraries which means there is no way i can get outdated exercise videos. i want to read a tweet from lindsay lohan. this is what she tweeted. "why is everyone in such a panic about hurricane. stop projecting negativity. think positive. pray for peace."
5:43 pm
interesting fact. during a hurricane -- this is a fact nobody knows. in a hurricane is the only time lindsay lohan appears to drive normally. >> dana: i grew up out west. we didn't deal with hurricanes. we had blizzards tornadoes to deal. with hurricane isabelle that hit in washington, d.c., in mostly damaging in virginia. i wasn't very experienced. i only had one calendar. it was lavender scented. it was disgusting. to this day, i still don't like lavender scenting candle. get plain no, scent. >> bob: what were you going to do with one candid? >> dana: i don't know. i wasn't prepared. i'm more prepared now. >> eric: be careful. don't outrun the storm. stay inside to keep it to fox for all the very, very latest information. this could be the most expensive hurricane ever to hit the eastern seaboard. coming up, the political lightning round. back with that and more on the monster storm.
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be sure to stay with fox news throughout the night for continuing coverage. be right back. the only trail capable side-by sides, featuring the ultimate value rzr 570. the only 4-passenger sport machines, lead by the all-new rzr xp 4. and the undisputed king of high performance, rzr xp. razor sharp performance. only from polaris. get huge rebates on 2012's and low financing on all models during the polaris factory authorized clearance.
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>> bob: i said meathead. whoever you are, get off twitter. i'll start us off. ohio you heard has been tight now. rasmussen poll has it within one point. with romney statistically webb the president of the united states. what is not noticeded there is a third of the voters have already voted in ohio. they go 2 to 1 for president obama. which means that obama what a very, very, very easier road to get to 51% on election day than romney does, because the turn-out for romney has to be high. i think it means that ohio is much, much, much more of an obama state than it looks like in the polls. >> if your numbers are right, one-third of the votes are done early and two-third go to obama, mitt romney needs 60% of the remaining votes to win. >> greg: i can't believe i'm doing madonna. a phrase many men said in 1980s. she was performing in new orleans. she said to the audience basically demanding that the
5:49 pm
audience vote for obama. and to her surprise, she got booed. so this is what she said. >> dana: and people left. >> greg: they left. but they were probably disgusted by the 75-year-old's music. she said seriously, i don't care who you vote for. do not take the privilege for granted. go vote. which is a lie. of course she cares who you vote for. if you told her you were voting for romney she would stab you in the eye with her pointy breast. >> bob: dana, follow that up? >> dana: i can, because one of the privileges of being at the white house is getting to know the rooms. one is the blue room. a lot of great amazing things have happened there. we have pictures of the important ceremonies there. president obama with u.k. prime minister david cameron. he hosted sarkozy there. the former french prime minister. he had the four former presidents who were all there together. bob, your old boss is there. of course, reagan, ford, nixon. of course, then you have eisenhower. a state dinner there.
5:50 pm
on friday, night, much to my surprise, president obama did an interview with calloway of mtv. look at the sound bite from that. >> i think the most vibrant musical art form right now, over the last ten, 15 years has been hip-hop. >> dana: we can add that one to history books. >> bob: i broke a teacup in there. [ laughter ] i did. all right. >> eric: gallup came out with another poll today. do the full screen. people were asked what were the attributes of bam become and romney. top four of each. obama is an excellent speaker. he helps the less fortunate. good personality. get the screen up there any second or we won't. level-headed. romney, good businessman. like his economic policies. brings fresh ideas. and he is good at handling finances. ask yourself -- there it is. ask yourself which would you rather have running the country for four years?
5:51 pm
nice guy. >> dana: but what does romney know about hip-hop? >> bob: what does romney think about the economic policies in can he tell us? kimberly. >> kimberly: i thought this is interesting. in a recent poll that came out, brown is overtaking warren in massachusetts. >> bob: senate race. scott brown. >> kimberly: correct. full screen. read it and weep. 45 to 43%. before elizabeth warren was ahead by five points in september. she has been able to ride the popularity and coat tail of president obama. so it suggests that her favorability is going down and hit by negative attacks, bob. obama not doing as well there. >> bob: i would be surprised if that race would go republican again. maybe so. scott brown did a good job in the special election and done a good job -- >> kimberly: he has 54% favorability rating. >> bob: that state elected republicans to the senate before.
5:52 pm
>> dana: when we are back here tomorrow we might have to have a debate about ohio. i think a lot of people would think romney's chances are better in ohio than previously described in this block. >> kimberly: i agree. >> bob: okay. we'll do that. the latest on hurricane sandy as it makes landfall next. what happened to one more thing? ♪ ♪
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♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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jimenez is a fox news extreme weather alert. hurricane sandy about to make landfall along the verse share. go to rick leventhal on the ground in point pleasant, new jersey. rick? >> kim, the atlantic ocean is merging with ocean avenue. if you look down here at the intersection, you can see the sea in the street. along with other debris and what appears to be pieces of pilings, street signs. if you look left, you will see the foamy water over the sand dune. it could come down below the flag ripping in the breeze. you can see the size of the waves, frightening at this point. things are going to get worse before they get better. >> kimberly: be safe. fantastic reporting by yourself and the other team, fox news extreme weather team. we're going to go for one more thing, closing thoughts here as we await this terrible storm making landfall. eric? >> weather related one more thing. chris christie, you got to
5:57 pm
love him. minces no words. listen to him today. >> don't be stupid. get out and go to higher, safer ground. it turned out to be right and you turned out to be dead that is not a great equation. >> eric: my governor. good job. he's right. get out. don't be stupid. >> kimberly: he has had enough. get off the beach. >> bob: i got the last train out of washington to get up here. i went to my apartment building and found out my apartment building was not mandatory evacuation, but the next evacuation. there are 42 floor, i'll have to walk down 42 floor. that might sound easy but for me that ain't easy. i went to get a hotel to be here on "the five." it doesn't make a lot of people happy i'm here. >> dana: walking down is sometimes harder than walking up. >> eric: slide down the banister. >> kimberly: we are at the same hotel. somebody told me to put in request for adjoining rooms. troublesome.
5:58 pm
dana? >> bob: you accepted. >> dana: one of those things that can bring us together. no politics in this. you are look at a picture of two moving unknown -- tomb of the unknown soldier. the old guard, are always there. no matter the weather. this is bret hyde. thanks to them and what they do. >> kimberly: very nice. you got it. >> greg: mayor bloomberg suggested everybody in new york to create a go bag filled with the important necessities in case you have to leave in a hurry. which we all did. i look at dana. there were nothing but pictures of me. which is creepy. in kimberly, there was a replica of me made of marzipan. you should have had a flashlight and candles. >> bob: they burned the bags outside. >> greg: maybe it was that. >> kimberly: thanks for
5:59 pm
looking in everyone's bags. that seven more creepy. listen, last night ahead of the storm. i was home with my munchkin watching the giants beat the tigers. second title in three years. congratulations. >> dana: that means romney win tess election. >> greg: dana thought they were giants and fighting tigers. >> dana: third time you used the joke. >> kimberly: it never gets old. on a serious note, we have to go here. we appreciate you staying with us today. make sure that everyone is stays safe. this is a very dangerous storm. fox news channel will have continuing coverage on sandy throughout the evening. coming to you from the fox news extreme weather center. we're going to see you right back here tomorrow. everybody be safe. have a good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc


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