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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 31, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

3:00 am there is an open thread there. tell us everything you want about elections benghazi, polls weather. storms, good night from washington, d.c.. see you tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern. and this is a fox news alert. tonight we are exactly one week away from the most critical election in your lifetime. but first the monster storm sandy pummeled the northeast yesterday leaving massive amounts of destruction in the wake. as of this hour, more than 2.8 million households are without power. in new jersey sandy is blamed for five deaths in that state. governor chris christie said the damage is, quote, unthinkable and some of tsohe worst he has ever seen. the jersey shore was particularly hard hit. homes flooded and destroyed. boardwalks and several beach towns were swept into the ocean.ce the full extent of the damage is not known. in new york city, a 14-foot
3:01 am
surming of -- surge of sea water swelled into the streets of new york city. authorities say at least 18 people have been killed. all three major airports in new york are still closed. the subway system is completely shutdown. the mayore of new york bloomburg said it may take days before it is up and running again. now fox newschannel's jaime colby is outside the brooklyn battery tunnel where andrew cuomo toured the damage not long ago. jaime, have you been there all day.ti what is the situation at this hour? >> sean, good evening to you. i had the chance to survey the damage with governor cuomo. and it is pretty incredible to see it up close and personal. but before we talk about the businesses that are closed and the electricity that is out and the people that have been there has been a human toll. you mentioned the 18 deaths. i wanted to focus as we learn who some of those people r. one was new york's finest. a 28-year-old officer from staten island. his name is artur and he is a
3:02 am
family man who quickly shepherded six adults and one toddler to the attic of his home in staten eyend la. off duty at the time and tried to get them to safety as the water surged inside. he went back down and never returned. he died an, hero. the joke yak boats and scuba team that was asked to come were unable to come -- were unable to get to him because of downed power lines. an unprecedented weather event that left much of the city in the dark including down here in lower manhattan. miraculously the markets are open tomorrow. as i surveyed the neighborhood, many businesses were closed, and here's one of the reasons why. look behind me, sean, at the amount of water that gets higher and higher. i walked here with the governor
3:03 am
earlier today. it's going all the way through and connected to the tunnel between brooklyn and manhattan. 16 million commuters a year go through there to try to get to work and home. as you said, the subways will begin limited service tomorrow. buses are expected to be back on line, but many people, including the con ed workers that need to access underground and get into the city can't, so it's left a lot of new york in a standstill, and we'll have to wait and see what happens from here. long island, they learned today that the nearly million people without power may have to wait ten days to get electricity back. schools were closed today, and really new yorkers as resilient as they are have to be impacted by what happened here. just one thing to mention. mayor bloomberg, who also toured, did receive a call from president obama who wanted to come here and visit the damage and visit the location. he's already planning to go to new jersey. bloomberg says this.
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we'd love to have him, but we've got lots of things to do. the thing for him to do, meaning president obama, is to go to new jersey and represent the country. sean? >> sean: jamie, thank you for the report. joining me now to talk about the impact the storm may have on the presidential election, fox news political analyst juan williams and dana perino from the five. it makes me cringe. you have a tragedy like this and people are racing to politicize this. nba at nbpeople at nbc news are ridiculing mitt romney. he gave his bus early on, he was out collecting food and supplies for victims today. he's being ridiculed on nbc for that. you've got the new york "new yo" using this as an opportunity to say well, the storm proves that big government is necessary. you've got an obama e-mail during the hurricane hey, you've got a phone, get obama's back.
3:05 am
al gore's blaming global warning and bill clinton says electing romney is worse than hurricane sandy. what's wrong with your party? >> well, you built a case, i'll say that, mr. prosecutor. i will also say that, in fact, mitt romney during the campaign said that, you know, he would cut funding for fema, homeland security, the people that have come to the aid of those in new york, new jersey, those that have been hard hit. >> no. he said he would give it back to the states, juan. wait a minute. excuse me. there's a proposal here, if you look at the details of pages 94 , 96, the white house's see sequestration proposal includes cuts for fema for $900 million if you want to get into tit for tat here. >> i'm saying not only did he said he would accepted it back to the states, he said ideally it would be up to private enterprise. >> wait a minute. in his own sequestration, $900
3:06 am
million in cuts for fema. let's not get into this. i think both guys are doing what they're supposed to do here, but the reality is, dana, is that, you know, either you listen to what the weather reports are. government's not going to come and baby sit you, and the idea some people think government's going to provide their day care, their health care, their dental care, their housing. government overpromises and underdelivers. they bankrupted social security and medicare, and i would bet obama care goes bankrupt over time. >> so a couple of things. remember governor romney is called governor for a reason. he was governor of massachusetts. he knows something about how the federal and state relationship works. there's nobody in washington who could look at this program with a straight face and say there couldn't be improvements made to it. let's see how we can get people -- get money to the people faster. in fact, president obama himself said that today. he instructed the federal government no red tape, no bureaucracy, so i think that that is a little bit preposterous to hang that on mitt romney. one of the first things he did,
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romney, was to say send out an e-mail to people who had donated to his campaign saying we don't need your resources at this moment. give to the red cross or check on your neighbors in need if you can. if you want to say where did they start being political with this, on saturday when the white house itself, the federal government itself put out a statement about the storm, it uses the campaign language lean forward which also happens to be a competitive network slogan that they use. i could not believe that somebody in the white house press office approved a message like that that said he expects highway wholhis whole team to l. no one says anything. >> sean: i think the biggest story to get to the bottom of, i want to take care of the storm victims. they deserve our help and support and they're in our prayers. people lost their homes, their lives. i don't want to politicize that in any way, but i want to get answers to this. obama, he's bragging, spiking the football, he got bin laden
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even though he didn't support the intelligence policies that gave us the opportunity to him, but that's a side note. wait a minute. thobama called the navy seals. they got bin laden. the navy seals we now discovered during this benghazi attack, the ambassador asked for help beforehand. they asked for help while they were being under attack. we know that we had ty wood's father on this program last night. he literally defied orders to go save 30 american lives and gave his life for his country and was told to stand down. where was obama when the seals called him requesting help? i want an answer before the election. i want to hear those tapes. i want america to see those tapes before election day. >> well, you're talking about politicizing tragedy. >> sean: i want the truth. >> the truth is coming out because an investigation is being done by the government. it took years after 9/11.
3:09 am
>> sean: why did the president for two weeks deny this was a terror attack. why did he deny the extra security to the ambassador. >> this is how mitt romney got in trouble in the second debate. >> sean: wait a minute. why during the attack our government is watching it in real-time, our intelligence knew within hours that it was a terror attack, and two weeks later the president of the united states, dana, is denying that this was related to terror. >> he was on the view and on several programs. please. in addition to that, we keep forgetting there's an american citizen who is in jail tonight on probation violations after he was accused of being the one that caused the violence in benghazi when now we know from the cia, the state department, and probably the white house before this is all over that that is not true. >> sean: they knew on day one. >> he's still in jail. >> sean: juan, don't you think in fairness, in the complete, let's say, spirit of transparency that the obama
3:10 am
administration promised if there are tapes that we could hear that caused ty woods to disobey orders, risk his military career, his life, and then he gave his life, why not release them to the american people before the election so we can get a full picture of the truth? i'm sure you'll join me in calling for that transparency. >> i would join you in calling ty woods a hero. > >> sean: why not release the tapes that caused him to disobey orders? >> you act as if the tape is conclusive. there's a much bigger story. >> sean: my sources tell me it's pretty damning, juan. they're begging for help. >> i've not heard that from anybody. >> sean: you learned it here first. >> the added security was asked for the capital in tripoli. >> sean: that's not true. the ambassador asked for security. it was denied. >> the undersecretary testified here in washington before congress to that, sean. > >> sean: we also have a woman who testified that the state department was watching this whole thing unfold in real-time.
3:11 am
>> it's the same woman. >> sean: the president wouldn't acknowledge it two weeks later that it was terror. he was blaming a video. he was saying it was spontaneous. they lied. >> we deserve the whole story. you have to wait. you can't play politics. >> president obama said that they released the information as they got it. that can't possibly be true. it doesn't add up, juan. >> it does add up if they're waiting for the entire story. >> sean: stay right there. we've got more with dana and stuart as we continue to analyze the newest numbers as this campaign now one week from today, the latest national polls show the momentum is still very much with mitt romney. juan is very worried, and then the most vial pro obama ad to date, this one courtesy of left winger michael moore. we'll play it for you tonight and it will make you sick as
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>> sean: in just one week voters head to the polls and decide what is without question the most important election of our lifetime and with just seven days remaining until the race for the white house concludes we can report the momentum is on the side of governor mitt romney. according to the latest gallup survey his lead is at 5 points, 51 to 46%. in addition, gallup it reporting that romney is outpacing his opponent in a big way when it comes to early voting. unlike in 2008 when obama led senator john mccain by 15 points in early voting, in 2012
3:16 am
it's romney that's now running ahead by an impress impressiven points. 52% of the ballots have been cast in romney's favor. it's an eight point swing, by the way, in only four weeks. with all of those numbers in mind it's not surprising that the bi-partisan battleground model predicts romney as the winner in tuesday's election. will these numbers prove to be true? here to continue our debate is fox news political analyst. she's having a panic attack, juan williams, and from the five, dana puert dana perino is. it's just aut a momentum. i got a feeling in 2008, you could just tell it wasn't going to go senator mccain's way. >> i think there's a lot of truth to that. there's a mood difference in 2008. republicans for good reason thought they weren't going to
3:17 am
win that election. everything was going against them. in 2012 there's a much different feeling across the country. if you look at the crowds that romney and ryan were able to gather this past weekend, actually republicans believe they can win this time. i think it will probably be a little bit closer than that, romney wins by a when i say kerr, but some of the states that were strong obama like minnesota that are now in the lean obama column, and they have to send bill clinton out today to minnesota to try to help. >help. >> sean: i'm here to save my buddy, barack obama. >> the headlines coming out of that were so bad, i wouldn't have sent him in the first place. >> sean: here's the deal. they gotta send joe biden to pennsylvania because the polls are so close. michigan is tied, wisconsin is tied, colorado, romney is up, virginia he's up, florida he's up, and we have rasmussen now showing the moment ump has shifted in ohio. if i'm barack obama, there's no poll now moving in his direction, juan, and states that he won by huge margins, he's
3:18 am
either tied or just slightly ahead. that's a problem for him. >> well, look. i don't think anyone debates the idea it's going to be a very close race, but the numbers you put out. >> sean: which ones? >> they're all sided. >> ask juan about the npr poll. >> go ahead, dana. >> let's talk about the npr poll. an 8-point swing? >> there's a margin of error, dana. hold on. dana was around in '08, i'm sorry, back in '04 when the poll said that kerry was going to win in a landslide. didn't happen, did it? >> thank goodness. >> that's right, dana. just think for a second. romney has never been ahead. >> sean: he's ahead now. >> in the real clear politics. >> sean: juan, juan, juan. >> colorado, wisconsin. i can keep going. never, ever. >> sean: listen, you can be as
3:19 am
delusional if you want. i absolutely like when you live in denial, but here's the reality, dana. romney has florida sewn up, in my opinion. >> oh, my god, come on. >> sean: in virginia the latest poll shows romney ahead. rasmussen shows romney ahead by two in ohio. i would say it's dead even but it's also pennsylvania, wisconsin, it's michigan, and pennsylvania -- minnesota. no matter what they try to say today, there's no way that chicago -- the obama campaign in chicago thought that seven or six days before an election they were going to have to fight in minnesota. they just -- it never entered their mind, and now they're having to do that, and the fancy footwork is very admirable, but i don't think it will -- i don't think it will take them too far. however, the storm i think you'll see president obama's approval rating which has not gotten above i think 47 or 48% % almost his whole presidency. i don't think it matters.
3:20 am
>> sean: in all fairness, it would have been nice if he responded the same way to benghazi and answer questions. >> oh, stop. that's so unfair. >> sean: it would have been nice if he responded to the calls for help and the requests for security and telling us the truth. >> the decision he made to go to vegas that night after the attack in libya when he knew that the ambassador had died. >> sean: that was despicable. >> that was a huge mistake. >> it was not. the communication on air force one broke down. >> sean: excuse me. let me go to vegas or we just lost the first ambassador in 30 years, i'll go to vegas. >> oh, my gosh. >> he's going to show up and walk around jersey tomorrow for show? >> presidents make d do make mis on judgment calls on where to go when not to go. for president obama, that was the biggest mistake possibly of the presidency. >> sean: in the words of bill clinton, defending minnesota, i feel your pain. hang in there, sean.
3:21 am
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>> sean: all right. so just when you think the left cannot stoop any lower, they outdo themselves yet again. yesterday it was the ad exploiting children that shows them singing about the horrors of mitt romney and wanting to kill old people. today michael moore, he ups the ante by teaming up with the left wing group called producing a vial new ad featuring the elderly using incredibly offensive language. obama, are you proud? >> i want the republican party to know if your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables romney to out o oust barack obama, we l burn this mother [bleep] down. >> if the republicans steal this election, i'm going to track down mitt romney and give him the world's biggest [bleep]
3:26 am
punch. what's the matter, sonny? you never heard that phrase, [bleep] punch? right in the [bleep]. >> if you let the republicans do this to you again after we die we're going to look down on you from heaven and we're going to make a point of watching you have sex every time, no matter how kinky. >> especially if we are related. >> burn that mother [bleep] down? so much for civility. joining me for reaction to this latest disgustin disgusting disa guy who said if you don't have a record to run on, you make an election about small things. let's see. big bird, bayonette, dirt water, now we've got people talking
3:27 am
about burning that mother blanker down? >> your party? >> my friend michael moore, yes, we're besties. this is not from the obama campaign. let's be clear about that. this is from michael moore. the ad is just da -- besides beg vulgar, it's a stupid ad. it's not funny. i'm wondering if there's anyone who defends this. >> sean: the one probably that offends me the most, tucker, is using children. i mean, it's almost like i could see kids and castro, viva fidel. it's such a propaganda piece. ♪ imagine an america where kids can be sick and people die. ♪ we don't have to pay for freeways and schools are good
3:28 am
enough. ♪ give us endless wars on foreign shores and lots of chinese stuff. ♪ we haven't killed all the polar bears but it's not for lack of trying. ♪ the atmosphere fear i is fine. ♪ we're children of the future. ♪ american through and through. ♪ if something happened to our country. ♪ and we're tired of blaming you. >> yes, comrade, yes, you're singing the liberal leftist national anthem. we're trying to kill all the polar bears and kill grandma after we stab her and shoot her in the head. that's, you know -- >> from it's th the looks of thl moore ad, we should be afraid of grandma. she's violent. >> sean: my question is who is this ad aimed at? i mean, this is the far left
3:29 am
talking to itself. no normal person looks at that ad with the kids and said you know what? i want more of that. i'm for that. >> sean: what parent would let them in that ad? >> well, i don't know. >> sean: what parent would allow that? >> probably the teachers who use the same indoctrination techniques in school. that's reality. >> sean: they're better than bee dorn's kids. i don't know. watch this. >> your first time shouldn't be with just anyway. you want to do it with a great guy. it should be with a guy with beautiful, someone who really cares about and understands women, a guy that cares whether you get health insurance, birth control. you want to do it with a guy who brought the troops out of iraq. you don't want a guy who is at the library studying.
3:30 am
>> i can't take it any more. i've played it enough. ci>> that's connected to the campaign. >> i like this ad. she's very funny comedienne. >> have you ever seen the show? >> yeah. i mean, the show. >> sean: it's awful. >> it's not my cup of tea. she's funny. i think it's funny. get the humor, sean. >> sean: you want a guy who gives you free birth control? >> it's just a joke. >> sean: it's a joke? this is the president of the united states of america. >> what is the big deal. >> sean: like losing your virginity for obama. >> it's a joke, tucker. >> i actually like sex jokes, personally. let me just say, i mean, you would really have to be a liberal to believe that voting was on the same moral plane as like sex. i mean, one is like something you have t to do in order to
3:31 am
secure your freedom. the other is something you do for fun, you enjoy doing. >> it's a joke. i don't think she really thinks that. >> i'm not mad. >> sean: answer the question. there's nothing cute about that ad. >> wouldn't a normal reelection campaign say vote for me because of all the great things i did over the last four years, here's what they are. >> they've done that. >> really? i haven't seen that. >> this ad is targeted at liberal elite women. >> sean: that want free birth control. >> it's just a tar ye targeted d towards this group. it's not against the law. >> it's not targete targeted to. >> sean: tur 2ubger, this is desperation, this is desperation. they can't run on their record. this isn't big bird bs, we're stuck with garbage, crap, and nonsense. >> it's not working. >> sean: you're right. we've gotta roll. >> i have to see a better ad to vote for this guy.
3:32 am
>> sean: me, too. still ahead, frank luntz will be here. the anointed one said he is offended, outraged by the suggestion that a cover up took wake iplace in the wake of
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>> sean: president obama just keeps digging himself into a deeper hole when it comes to his administration's cover up of the benghazi terrorist attack. during an interview when asked about the changing story, that keeps coming out of the white house, he did what he does best, deny, deflect, and not tell the truth. watch this. >> we've got to figure out what happened and fix it, and most importantly, we've got to bring those folks who carried that out to justice. that's exactly what we're going to do. but i -- i do take offense, as i've said during one of the debates, with some suggestion that, you know, in any way we haven't tried to make sure that the american people knew as
3:37 am
information was coming in what we believed happened. > >> sean: why two weeks after the attack were you still denying it was a terrorist attack when we now know that our state department and intelligence knew and were watching this in real-time? so you're offended, mr. president? what about the families of the four americans who died in that attack? apparently people that were begging for help and assistance and that assistance was denied. now, last night on this very program we had the father of ty woods on the show. his son was one of the heroes, a navy seal killed in the benghazi attack, and by the way, he also was told to stand down, disobey orders, and go save people at the consulate. listen to what his father told me here last night. >> we're not political. i did not vote for either candidate last time. to be political would be -- >> i'm not trying to be political. >> okay. but to be political would be dishonoring to my son's life and death. however, i'm here to honor my son. part of the process of honoring
3:38 am
is to forgive, but part of the other process is truth and to make sure that justice is pursued. i hope that it is because justice has to be paid. >> sean: joining me now with reaction, former presidential candidate fred thompson. senator, so many aspects to this. they denied the request of the ambassador for security after the british pulled their ambassador out. then on the night this happened, we now know they were watching in real-time at the state department. our intelligence knew. for two weeks the president lied to the american people and told them he didn't know if it was terror-related. i want to know what they knew, when they knew it, and were they aware of the request for help to bail these guys out as people like ty woods were fighting. >> we can narrow it down more than that. we can ask the question that howard baker asked during
3:39 am
watergate that crystal eyesd the whole thing. what did the president know and when did he know it. specifically on the afternoon and evening of september 11th of this year. now, he supposedly should have been in the situation room calling the ultimate shots with regard to this, and they hide behind fog of war, we've got to put everything togethe conflicting reports. he knows what he did. he knows what he instructions he gave. he knows what feedback he got at the time, and to not go before the american people and the parents of these -- of these young people who go out there and put their lives on the line is absolutely disgraceful, and he's getting away with it until after this election. >> sean: he's giving vague clintonesque answering, he's parsing his words, about you you're right. it comes down to what did he know, when did he know it, and why did he say one thing to the american people when our government had video of what was
3:40 am
happening? i'm told there are three videos that exist. there's predator drone video of the attack. there is audio that is available of these guys begging for help. that's what ty woods heard that caused him to disobey orders. >> from the cia annex, from the drone as you pointed out, and also from the state department. they had a real-time feed that went right into the situation room. everybody in a position of authority there -- it was afternoon here. it was late night there, but it was afternoon and early evening here when all this took place. all the players should have been in place, and with regard to the president and the conflicting information, give him the benefit of the doubt. the cia apparently was telling the members of congress one thing while the fbi was telling them something else. well, put that aside for the moment, and when the cia finally deciddecided they weren't goingo
3:41 am
participate in this any more, apparently, and they said that there was no evidence of any kind of demonstration or predemonstration or anything like that that they could find, and god knows they were looking for it at that time, three days after that he goes before the united nations, the president does, and still trots out this video over and over again. >> sean: two weeks later. >> it was. you're right. >> sean: two weeks later. >> it was two weeks later and trotted out the same thing over and over again. he had to know. he knew on the 11th what the deal was. >> sean: so why did he lie? >> on the 11th they were told that an al-qaeda affiliate was taking credit for it. on the 11th they knew that the president of libya said that it was obviously a pre-planned attack. as you say, they had real-time information there. there are three scandals here.
3:42 am
one is before the fact, one is during, and one is after. before the fact, the united states folks were the only ones leftd there. everybody else had been run out. al-qaeda and their affiliates were running so loose in that area imposing such a threat that the british left, the red cross left, everybody left except our people. our people were concerned, wanted more security to help, and they were pulling back security help and saying the libyans can take care of you. it is -- it is absolutely disgraceful. i call on the united states congress to form a special committee, a bi partisan committee and let the leadership make it a select committee and get some leaders from both parties and both branches of government and get to the bottom of this, not just for the sake of barack obama but for the sake of our national security and the message that we're giving to the rest of the world in terms of how we're going to protect or not protect our people. >> sean: yeah. >> and for the benefit of the parents like the one that you
3:43 am
showed a minute ago. >> sean: you know the difference between this and watergate? this was a third rate burglary goes awry, and it was a cover up. difference here is they lied to the american people. people died here, and they won't be honest and straight with us. >> the difference here is in watergate we had a press. the "washington post" printed 200 mostly front pages stories about watergate before a watergate committee was even instituted. we had a bi partisan congress by unanimous vote formed the watergate committee, and they had leadership that was necessary. >> sean: we've gotta roll, senator. >> to come to the right result. >> sean: thanks for being with us. frank luntz will show us what he calls two of the top ten ads from this election cycle. ohio, florida, virginia, both candidates need to win in those battlegrounds. who is leading in the polls in these crucial states? we have the latest numbers and
3:44 am
the current state of the race and the electoral college coming
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>> sean: all right. as the candidates criss-cross the country ahead of election day, both campaigns have flooded the air waves with television ads in critical swing states. are the ads working? joining me to help answer the question and unveil the two top ten ads of the cycle is pollster frank luntz. hands. >> these are the top ten. hands takes a different approach. very unique. when people see it, they pay attention and they love it. let's take a look. >> these are the hands that built america. they aren't republican hands nor democrat hands, they're american hands. they don't want a handout, didn't get a bailout. just worked harder and earned their way. these hands built america and they're ready to build it again. mitt romney and paul ryan believe these hands hold our solutions. on election day let's vote for
3:49 am
leaders who believe in american solutions, not more washington failures. >> you say that's one of the better ones. not the highest rated. >> you saw how the democrats reacted. what's amazing is it's bi-partisan. it highlights the fact that romney ryan can work with congress better than obama biden. that's why it's so good. >> sean: that was an effective point for romney in the debates when he said look, i was dealing with an 85% democratic state legislature. >> what's smart is this is america's future fund. they're focu focused not not - e right, the people in the center, the last remaining undecided. we've got a second ad for you. >> sean: real solutions. >> this is focused on the female vote. we've looked at a lot of different executions. this is the best female execution we've tested so far. >> we are america's women. we work hard, we raise kids, we teach, we inspire, we manage, we compete, and we don't settle. we find real solutions. >> right now 23 million americans are out of work.
3:50 am
46 million are on food stamps, and as they struggle, the costs of every day life is going up. >> our country needs jobs, a healthy economy, and plan for our future. >> that's why we're voting for mitt romney and paul ryan. >> sean: here's the thing that is rare, where they're both about the same. democrats are actually leading through a big part of that. is that not as effective as the ad which says my first time and comparing losing your virgin see to your first time voting? >> let's be honest. those ads are pathetic and they ought to be ashamed. this ad communicates to women on the issues they care about. again, there's no yelling, no screaming, no accusations. p sean, what no one has talked about is how the republican campaign is now almost 50% positive. you don't hear any positive ads for barack obama. romney's made a very smart decision here, running ads that explain what he believes in and what he's going to do. >> sean: so all the momentum is moving in governor romney's direction. who would have thought they had to send bill clinton to
3:51 am
minnesota and biden to pennsylvania. they've got to shore up michigan. they're fighting for their life in michigan and wisconsin, but then ohio is very close. >> there are three things this campaign needs to do, and i think you've got graphic back there. i call it the abcs. a is accountability. they've got to talk about what this president hasn't done, the promises that he made, that he failed, and what he got wrong. second is they've got to keep telling people you should be voting now. don't wait until tuesday. you've got to get out there, and the third thing is china. when we talk about jobs and we talk about employment, china matters to people, and they're afraid that our stimulus dollars, your hard earned tax dollars, are going to fund jobs in china. the american people are fed up. that's what matters. > >> sean: good to see you. we're getting close. one week for today. >> we've got good ad for you. >> sean: coming up, mitt romney maintains a strong lead in national polls, coming up next, we look at the swing states, ohio, florida, virginia to show which candidate is leading where.
3:52 am
brand new battleground polls coming up right after the break.
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>> sean: earlier tonight we toll you that governor romney is leading the president in nearly every national poll. now it's time to examine what's going on in the battleground states. they hold the key to this election. joining us now we have doug and pat. guys, good to see you.
3:56 am
>> good to say you. >> sean: there's the rasmussen swing poll, 50-46. here's the deal. minnesota, a 3-point race, michigan dead even, wisconsin dead even, pennsylvania close, ohio dead even, virginia close. what are we to make of this. >> oregon is moving to. >> sean: oregon is not going too to go with romney. >> i believe florida, north carolina, probably virginia have been con so consolidated for ro. new hampshire, leaning romney, the midwest, moving romney. the big question today is whether the news of the cleanup from the hurricane will be the one advantage that obama has to show him -- to show leadership. >> sean: look. i think the president is doing the right thing, but let's be honest here. it's a week before election. what is he going to do? >> whatever he can. >> whatever he can. with governor christie' governo,
3:57 am
literally mhanna from heaven. >> so the guy that does nothing on benghazi. >> excuse me. my favorite. he's not there. he's missing in action. >> where is governor romney? this is the problem. >> nothing on benghazi. >> sean: wait a minute. governor romney donated his bus, he's out there putting packs together all day today. >> this is a political campaign. >> the problem right now is the one narrative that would undermine obama, the republicans have let go because it goes to, in my opinion, to the president's leadership. >> why doesn't krist governor ce invite romney. >> that would be interesting since he's supposed to be supporting romney. >> here's why doug may be right. the last polls, gallup had the president, remember i talked about this last night, the approval rating up a little bit. rasmussen had it back up to 49. that is the number to watch, and that is the critical thing. i'm just not sure this lasts very long for the president.
3:58 am
>> sean, romney has not been out there to say the president suspends his campaign for a hurricane but doesn't suspend his campaign for benghazi when american diplomats are killed. >> sean: you think he should say it? >> yes. i think he should say it, yes. i believe he should say that. the other thing he should have done. >> sean: i'm saying it. if he makes a mistake a week outside of the election, it's toast. >> sean, there's a difference between leadership and mistakes. bottom line, he didn't push back on the fema issue today. he is on his back foot. >> sean: let me go to -- >> he needs to get on the offensive and so do the republicans. >> sean: i agree. look. the president, fine, go fly around in a helicopter, asked like you're doing something, but benghazi, we know that we saw in real-time these guys getting killed. >> right. >> and he went campaigning in vegas. >> what did i say. i said that should have been said at the debate. >> sean: we've got ohio,
3:59 am
rasmussen and this is the one where romney is up. it's close, it's 50-48. we go to the i-4 corridor. this is where every election in florida is won, and romney is up there by a significant margin. >> my own polling in florida in the i-4 corridor confirms. the obama campaign knows florida is moving away from them. >> sean: so they'll leave. >> they know they can win the election without it. they're sober-minded. >> sean: so they send bill clinton to minnesota and biden to pennsylvania? >> sean, i've been saying the states not poisoned with all the money are in play. pennsylvania, michigan, minnesota. >> sean: now comes the poison. >> this is a tied election, sean, as we sit here tonight. bottom line, unless romney gets back on the offensive, makes the case for his election, he will not be president. all right. he did the right thing today, but you know what? unless he's on the offensive by the end of the day tomorrow, certainly thursday, he's in trouble. >> sean: i think governor christie


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