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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 5, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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horse. the cowboys ride. >> bret: i think only he could do that. he will be on "special report" tomorrow. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> harris: this is the fox report. tonight, is america ready to deal with chemical weapons inside a country falling apart from war? word patriot missiles are headed to the border between our ally turkey and syria. warning for syria's president. our concerns is increasingly desperate assad regime might turn to chemical weapons. chemical weapons against his own people and president obama has said if that happens, there will be consequences.
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tonight, the concerns and the reality inside syria. this military man lost custody of his little girl when his foreign wife divorced him and left the country. >> i just literally had about 20 minutes to say goodbye to my daughter. >> harris: now, the supreme court taking a case that could mean a lot for military families. plus, dogs, learning how to drive cars. shifting. >> good boy. >> steering. >> good. >> accelerating. cats of the world consider yourselves warned. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. we are learning u.s. forces could soon be headed to the syrian border. their mission part of nato's plan to put patriot missiles at the line between turkey and syria. those patriots are designed to intercept any potential missiles coming from syria. and defense officials say any country that sends its
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equipment is likely to send their own troops to operate it we're told no one has signed deployment orders officially just yet. it's almost certain at this hour u.s. troops will be on the move. there is absolutely no indication our fighting men and women would cross into syrian territory. but the pentagon has told the obama administration it would require more than 75,000 soldiers to secure syria's chemical weapons stockpile. it's impossible to say exactly how much that would cost. but the price tag for that sort of operation could easily run into the billions of dollars. now, again, there is no indication at all that such an operation will happen any time soon. all this coming just days after president obama warned the syrian regime of consequences if it turned chemical weapons on its own citizens. and today secretary of state hillary clinton saying the world has made that perfectly clear to president bashar assad. >> we have sent an unmistakable message that this
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would cross a red line and those responsible would be held to account. >> activists saying at least 40,000 people have died in the antigovernment uprising that began last year. now evidence the blood shed is again seeping across another border into lebanon. gunmen loyal to the syrian regime and rebels fought it out on the streets in the northern part of that country. dozens reported dead in two days of fighting there. similar clashes have erupted more than a dozen times before in lebanon. more violence and death that we can trace back to the actions of one man. and today a new warning from the head of the united nations that president assad probably should not expect any mercy from his counterparts around the world. jonathan hunt has more on that from the united nations here in new york. jonathan, quite a debate about the asylum question for assad. and the question is the question is whether president bashar assad has taken the final decision to as he once
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said live and die in syria. if he does die, it's most likely to be, of course, at the hands of the rebels when they make their final push into the center of damascus, a push which most experts believe is coming. all whether president assad might now be willing to or trying to seek asylum in some friendly country. that would probably boil down to cuba, ecuador venezuela or russia. u.n. secretary general was asked about the asylum question today he did not seem to favor the idea. listen. >> the united nations must not allow any impunity whoever commits gross violation of human rights must be held accountable and should be brought to justice. >> that sentiment was echoed by officials at the u.s. state department who said there has to be, quote: accountability. the counter argument to that
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is that perhaps anything that gets assad out of syria and stops the slaughter of civilians might be worth thinking about, harris. >> some people may be wondering what happens if in fact assad does go. we still haven't seen united opposition of all those rebels to replace him. >> we certainly have not seen anything like a united opposition. the rebels say that he they are seeking more of a unified political leadership but it is hard to come by because there are so many groups involved in the opposition movement from secular democrats who began this simply as a way to gain more democracy in syria to hard line islamist and even al qaeda groups. one of those hard line groups was designated today by the united states, a foreign terror organization. but designating them enemies, friends, terrorists or democrats doesn't help them gain power when assad goes. that is likely to be scramble for power in what will unduntedly be a power vacuum
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and it's likely to be a bloody one, harris? >> harris: jonathan hunt, thank you very much. now we move on to your money and the financial peril our nation faces if washington lawmakers don't get it together soon. president obama saying now a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff could be about a week away. there is just one catch. he says republicans have to accept the, quote: reality as he puts it that tax rates are going up for the richest americans. something g.o.p. leaders are calling a deal breaker. >> we're not insisting on rates just out of spite or out of any kind of partisan bickering. but rather because we need to raise a certain amount of revenue. we can probably solve this. it's not that tough. but we need that conceptual break through that says we need to do a balanced plan. >> we made a good faith offer to avert the fiscal crisis and that offer included
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significant spending cuts reforms and it included additional revenue. and frankly, it was a balanced approach mr. president has been asking for. now we need a response from the white house. >> they have 27 days to prevent automatic tax hikes and spending cuts from kicking in on new year's day. ed henry live at the white house for us. ed, we are hearing the president and house speaker john boehner actually talked by phone not too long ago. >> that's right, harris. we confirmed that there was a phone call between the two leaders this afternoon. no major progress but i'm told by one aide briefed on the call, this is more than they have done in a long time. so, maybe it's something they can build upon. but the bottom line is the president added somewhat of a new wrinkle today because he doesn't just want to deal with the spending and tax issues on the table and the so-called cliff, fiscal cliff, he also wants to deal with raising the debt ceiling which caused so much controversy a year and a half ago. take a listen to the president today. >> if congress in any way
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suggests they are going to tie negotiations to debt ceiling votes, and take us to the brink of default once again, as part of a budget negotiation which by the way we have never done in our history until we did it last year, i will not play that game. >> now, republics may not want to include the debt ceiling extension lifting that ceiling in these negotiations because the ceiling doesn't need to be lifted for a couple more months. if they come back next year and deal with that part of this, they might have more leverage as we get closer and closer to that deadline to force the president into more spending cuts than he wants right now, harris. >> harris: well, editor all those americans wondering and watching rights now, 27 days, how close are we. we heard the speaker say he is waiting to hear back from the white house. i would think that would be in the form of a counter offer from the president. >> that's right. he still hasn't gotten that. what's frustrating republicans right now is basically as you heard from the president earlier in the lead-in, he was
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basically saying look, the speaker just wants to raise -- doesn't want to raise tax rates, he only wants to deal with deductions and other things he is protecting and making sure there is no tax increases on the rich. republicans have found a quote from the president a year and a half ago during a previous budget standoff where he said you could raise $1.2 trillion in revenue deductions and other things not raising rates which is basically what boehner wants to do. he wants to deal with deductions. $800 billion in revenue. standoff on issue that. today for the first time the white house told the pentagon and other federal agencies you better get ready for the fiscal cliff, possible layoffs, other issues, that shows we are getting closer and closer to this really becoming a reality, harris. >> ed henry, outside the white house. ed, thank you very much. for the first time, we are hearing something very tough to listen to. it is the desperate 911 call from javon belcher's own mother. the kansas city chief's nfl player who shot his
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newly released 911 calls captured the moments inside the home of javon belcher after he shot his girlfriend nine times. the young athlete had already left the home. headed to the stadium we now know where he would soon kill himself in front of his coaches. back at that house, belcher's girlfriend was bleeding to death. his mother tried to save her. at one point almost begging her to stay alive.
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>> harris: help was on the way but we know 22-year-old kassandra is fading quickly. >> does she hear what you are saying. >> yes. >> oh, god. >> is she bleeding? >> yes, she is. >> harris: she did not survive. belcher's mom said today her son's girlfriend was like a daughter to her. she also said she loves her son despite what he did. some of belcher's teammates and coaches attending a closed memorial service for him today in kansas city. the top court in the land today hearing arguments on a custody battle involving a five-year-old child. a u.s. soldier and his scottish wife who immigration officials deported nearly 2 years ago. the ruling could have an enormous impact on u.s. military families around the world. here is what happened.
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army sergeant jeffrey chaffen and his wife separated back in 2010. each tried to win custody of their little girl. last year a federal appeals court awarded custody to the mother. the court ruled scotland was the child's questions habitual residence citing international treaty to prevent abductions to other countries. the father disagrees with that and says the wife's domestic violence two years ago is proof that she sun fit to raise the girl and his daughter should return to the united states. shannon bream with more on this story. does the dad have a real shot at getting this little girl back? >> harris it, will definitely be an uphill fight. when he lost the initial decision to send his daughter to scotland, he tried to appeal. courts here in the u.s. told him they don't have jurisdiction. she is gone and his only option is to try to fight for her in the scottish legal system. he refused to give up vowing to get to our country's highest court as quickly as possible. >> it's my little girl. you know, when i said good by
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to her, october 12th, i told her i was going to do everything i could and today people listened. chief justice john roberts concerned about a system that blocks a losing parent from appealing that decision in u.s. courts. he told the mother's attorney, quote the incentive if you prevail are for the parent with control over the child to leave immediately. get on the first plane out and then you are home-free that seems to me to be a very unfortunate result. harris? >> harris: what is the mother's position? >> she was actually deported from the u.s. after getting into legal trouble here so he she couldn't be here for today's arguments at the supreme court. her attorney, of course, says the little girl should stay put. >> the child has to have stability. she is five years old. she is back in one country. the idea of making her a ping-pong ball and bringing her back to america 2 or 3 years down the line just isn't fair. >> he went on to say that the ircht national treaty is something both the u.s. and scotland have signed on to so
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it settles the matter. it could be weeks, each months before we get a decision from the u.s. harris? >> police say mom pulled her 11-year-old daughter right out of the hospital's cancer ward without warning. now both of her parents are defending themselves. the child's name emily. and her father told the spanish language tv network tell moon doe now doctors are safely treating her in mexico. the dad is a mexican city while the mom and daughter are u.s. citizens. here is surveillance video from last week. investigators saying that's the mom and daughter walking right out of the hospital in phoenix with equipment still in the little girl's heart. both parents tell telemundo they blame the hospital for pressuring medical bills and infection that forced doctors it to remove the child's arm. one of america's largest banks reporting tonight it is cutting thousands and thousands of jobs. we will tell you where and why. and word of dramatic video of
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the attack on the u.s. outpost in benghazi, libya, as it was happening. lawmakers watching itenned a now telling us what they saw today at a classified briefing on capitol hill. inside "the fox report." stay with us. [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got. it takes passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we understand that commitment. and always have. so does aarp, an organization serving the needs of americans 50 and over for generations. so it's no surprise millions have chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they help cover some of the expenses medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs.
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neation's third largest bank laying off thousands of employees. city bank says the bank will slash 11,000 jobs. that's 4 '% of the workforce. many banks have cut jobs to save money since the 2008 financial crisis. citigroup had survived with the help of two taxpayer bailouts. meanwhile the economy still missing the mark on adding jobs nationwide. employers added fewer new jobs last month and economists were opening and expecting.
7:22 pm
according to the payroll firm adp the private sector added 118,000 jobs in november. analysts had predicted a gain of 125,000. members of congress watched the attack play out in realtime at a classified briefing today on capitol hill. lawmakers say the national intelligence director showed them video of that attack that killed our u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens and three other americans on september 11th of this year. catherine herridge live on capitol hill with more. catherine? >> well, thank you, harris. good evening. lawmakers say that this brief was constructive and that at times the videos were hard to watch. >> this was supposed to be sovereign u.s. territory and people can just come in and walk in on us like that without any kind of resistance, really makes your blood boil because you are thinking to yourself where is the security? >> to the degree that there was planning involved, was this something that was done over days? weeks or more likely over hours? i don't think there is any
7:23 pm
indication of any long-term planning here. >> one lawmaker who asked not to be identified classified brief likened to to a south party beach party because the attackers seemed so casual. told james clapper the top intelligence official family sized the atableggers motivation is still unknown. claim raised further questions from republicans about the obama administration's singular focus on the anti-islam video. >> why did you hone in on just that part and focus in on just that part for so long rather than just say this isn't a black and white issue as general clapper said today. >> one of those motivations may very well be either the video or the response to the video in cairo and certainly that can't be ruled out. >> fox news has also confirmed that the decision to shut down the cia annex happened in the early morning hours of september 12th after the annex took indirect fire from two mortars. while the annex was cleared of
7:24 pm
classified information and equipment, in less than 10 hours to this day the consulate, which is less than a mile away has never been secured, harris. >> catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> we massive battle on the streets of capital today right outside the presidential palace. people said to be hitting each other with stick and stones and fire bombs. can you see that yourself. dozens reported hurt. that country descending deep near chaos. it is a key ally in that region. something we are watching closely. we will go live to cairo in moments. don't know whether you are ready to start thinking about america's next presidential election. a new poll shows who people say they would back to succeed president obama. also, we'll show you how a couple of possible republic candidates are already putting together the framework for 2016. >> the old ways won't do. we need new thinking and renewed efforts from all americans. >> big government is not effective government. big government has never
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>> harris: charity aimed at preventing cruelty to animals three dogs trained to show how intelligent dogs were. so more people will adopt them. these dogs showed that same aptitude for driving that cats do for sitting on your head while sleeping -- while you are sleeping. over a couple of months the pups moved from training cars to real ones. >> good boy. >> harris: the dogs are now able to start the car, accelerator and steer. for final exam we are told they will have to hit the brakes as they head along a narrow country lane. presumably after that they will be able to go out and get a pizza. dogs driving cars. where is murray when you need him. >> top story as we go around the world as we go around the world in 80 seconds. russia. that volcano spewing plumes of smoke and ash nearly three miles into the air on a snow covered peninsula. it reportedly started erupting last week for the first time
7:30 pm
in some 30 years. authorities warning locals and tourists to stay away since poisonous gas often comes to the surface. china. nearly a week of heavy snow trapping thousands of farmers along with their cattle and sheep in a remote northwest region. two rescue teams set out to bring supplies to the victims. the storm blocked off the only road to the nearest town reportedly 50 miles away. officials saying the damage estimates about $780,000. india. police seized a huge cash of explosives at an illegal mining site at an eastern state. the operation uncovered 20,000 detonator and other weapons. authorities arresting six people accusing them of having links to one the nation's leading rebel groups. france. giant animal sculptures on display in the french alps. part of annual exhibit ski
7:31 pm
resort, helicopter taking some of the pieces to the top of the slope. works like this 15-foot tall elephant and chrome gorilla will be on display throughout the winter. fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. the political crisis in egypt today descending into a street battle between opponents and supporters of that country's new president. we're told tens of thousands of people fought right in front of the presidential palace. the two sides reportedly hurling fire bombs and rocks at each other. the health ministry reports the violence injured more than 125 people. of course, this all has to do with morsi's recent power grab. is he trying to grant himself near absolute power. he claims it would only be temporary but the president's political allies just past a draft constitution which could help present big power pull.
7:32 pm
steve harrigan live with us tonight. >> these are some the worse clashes we have seen in two weeks of protesting. they began with pushing and shoving. some protesters tearing up the tents from the other side. from there it went from rocks and sticks and then gasoline bombs hurled and then even some gunfire. at least 200 people wounded. as many as two dead. really for the first time these two sides coming together in the same place. they tried to stay away from each other. protests on different days now openly clashing in right in front of the presidential palace, harris. >> harris: you said it yourself. we have been watching a couple weeks since that power grab which is supposed toen temporary. what makes tonight different? >> they tried to marchionne different days and in different places. usually we have seen the demonstrators clash with the police. this is different now. the protesters taking matters into their own hands. this is civilians fighting civilians. it's all happening right in front of the presidential palace and the police clearly unable to stop the violence
7:33 pm
today. harris. >> i know the tick to comes that they have been watching for on the ground is whether or not the military would get involved. we will see if that happens. steve harrigan good to see you. thank you. most americans say they would support hillary clinton for president in 2016. that's according to a new poll. and some of her potential republic rivals are also looking ahead at the next white house showdown. the poll from the abc and "the washington post" shows 57% of americans would back secretary clinton, 37% say they would oppose her. of course for now she says she has no plans to run again. a' couple of the top republic contenders are already talking about 2016. campaign carl cammeron live for us in our d.c. newsroom. they even showed up at the same event. >> they're actually about 16 republicans. maybe just at least that number who are actually looking for a white house run. a couple have already hired advisors and actually specialize in presidential politics. paul ryan has a lot of juice as the 2012 presidential. and marco rubio gave more than
7:34 pm
70 speeches for romney over the last campaign year. last year both openly joked together about hitting the trail early in 2016, livin'. >> i will see you at the reunion. table for two. good diners in new hampshire or iowa? [ laughter ] >> paul, thank you four invitation for lunch in iowa and new hampshire. but i will not stand by and watch the people of south carolina ignored. >> marco rubio standing up for sowrk which votes third in the nominating process after iowa and new hampshire. the election was just a month ago. the president has not yet been reinaugurated and rubio has already actually been to iowa where he acknowledged all the talk about him running and actually joked that he will not be a candidate for coach at iowa state, harris. >> okay. i'm glad he cleared that up. carl. i understand they got very serious and talked about the future of the republic party. >> they did. and that also refers to their own political future as white house candidate.
7:35 pm
rubio he spoke at lengths about the middle class. ryan mentioned those poverty. more than a dozen times. the g.o.p. has to expand big test and better at cuyahoga county law -- -- articulate. >> the election didn't go our way. we can't make excuses. we can't spend the next four years on the sidelines. instead, we must find new ways to apply our timeless principles to the challenges of the day. >> but it all starts with our people. in the kitchens of our hotels, in the landscaping crews that work in our neighborhoods, and the late night shift -- late night janitorial shifts that clean our offices. that's where you will find the dreams that america was built on. that's where you will find the promise of tomorrow. >> well, throughout the 2012 campaign republics focused mostly on job creators and government as hinderance to economic growth. there was a bit of change of tone. marco and they family size
7:36 pm
people struggling to keep or find them now, harris. >> carl cammeron thank you very much. >> you bet. >> detroit city council member says president obama should help the city deal with financial crisis. help him win back the white house. now it's time to deliver, quote, some bacon. >> our people in an overwhelming supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that. it was not just that but why not? >> harris: how serious is it? detroit could run out of money by the end of the year. so far no word from the white house on any word for a detroit bailout. the man who police say shoved a fellow new yorker to his death in times square at a subway station under arrest. reaction from the victim's daughter coming up. plus, the royal embarrassment. a radio station now apologizing for a prank call at the hospital where prince
7:37 pm
william's white kate is staying. was it funny or just plain wrong? sometimes, i can't believe the things i'm able to do.
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>> harris: breaking news now on the fox news channel. fox news can confirm the syrian military has mixed the components now for the deadly sara ran gas. they have 60 days to use it before it expires and must be destroyed. of course, the obama administration has been warning the syrian president bashar al assad if he uses those chemical weapons on his own people there will be consequences. jennifer griffin live with us now. what are you hearing. >> there are reports tonight that syria has actually loaded those chemical weapons into bombs and that the military is awaiting assad's order to possibly use those chemical weapons against the syrian people. we can confirm that a senior u.s. official says that the
7:41 pm
saran gas is mixed and ready to use. they have 60 days to use it until it expires or it needs to be destroyed. so there is a great deal of concern tonight in the pentagon about what the assad regime plans to do with that saran gas now that those weapons have been in essence prepared and we can also report that there appear to be some movement in the region, preparations in the event that were to decide that he needed to act and to intervene because as you know president obama has said that it would be fine if president assad used those chemical weapons against his own people. >> harris: all right. i want to stay with that for just a moment. secretary of state hillary clinton has talked about a red line. this would, indeed, be crossing it. i'm wondering though what would it take for nato and our forces to get involved at this point the way they said they
7:42 pm
would with the patriot missiles? so on and so forth. what does it take? we he have to use those weapons? is it weaponnizing them as you say losing them up? >> i believe there is a great deal of concern again, all eyes are on these chemical weapons. the red line would be if the assad regime used those weapons against their own people, then the u.s. and nato would be in a position where they would have to decide whether to respond. and the indications that we have had from signier u.s. officials is that is a red line. those patriot missiles on the border with turkey those are defensive missiles. that's to protect turkey from any sort of incoming missiles and as you know there are u.s. troops that will be positioned on the border with those patriot missiles to defend turkey. but we also have indications that the military is making preparations within the mediterranean, in the event that they receive the order to go in and seize assad's chemical weapons. >> harris: all right.
7:43 pm
so you have two different operations going on, jennifer. you have the defensive one for key ally turkey in all of this share a border. what does that military build up look like? what are we doing? >> it is a little bit premature to discuss at this point. but the options that they would have in the mediterranean, they could position an aircraft carrier off the coast of syria. have some 8,000 troops, sailors, excuse me on board. you could -- there was amphibious group we owe jima mediterranean remember they were positioned off the coast of crete gaza crisis in the event they were needed contingency crisis prevented for returning home. there are naval options and of course any time you talk about having to secure weapons you would probably have to insert troops. and the pentagon has drawn up
7:44 pm
contingency plans and it would require we understand, they would require tens of thousands of troops, possibly thousands of troops. the question is whether -- again, this is a bit premature at this point. all i can say is that there are preparations being made. there is a great deal of concern and it certainly is being viewed as a red line should the assad regime use those weapons against their own people. it will put the administration about n. a very difficult position after the u.s. secretary of state has said that that is, of course, a red line. >> absolutely. and in case people are just tuning in, jennifer, i want them to know what's happened now because this is a turning point for us. in fact, jennifer griffin joining us by phone from the d.c. newsroom there. jennifer, this is different because for the first time we have seen president assad inside syria then get ready, prepare with the saran gas, chemical weapon. he hasn't done it yet but we are on the brink possibly. >> it's really the sign of a desperate regime. it's really not. there is it assad giving the
7:45 pm
orders? are they being prepared by rogue elements within his military? all we know is that there is a great deal of concern as the u.s. officials and others nato has -- have received information suggesting that that saran gas has been mixed and is ready to use and according to our sources they have 60 days to use it until it expires or else it needs to be destroyed. so, a lot of very tense hours as we wait and see what the assad regime plans to do with these chemical weapons. >> jennifer griffin, i want to keep you with us here as this story is breaking now. we started "the fox report" with syria, we knew that there was movement, this detail though of weaponnizing saran gas we want to stay with us. we are going to take a quick commercial break. we will come right back. stay close.
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>> harris: the situation in syria, the civil war there is about to effect us in a new way. breaking news at this hour that inside that country the military has moved to mix a chemical weapon called saran gas. we will talk a little bit in moments about what that would look like if those weapons are turned on their own citizens there. joining me by phone now is jennifer griffin. jennifer, what are you hearing about our response here in the united states to this? >> well, harris, i think what is safe to say is that there is a great deal of concern at the pentagon and at the highest levels of the u.s. government about what to do should the assad regime use these chemical weapons against their own people. remember, saran gas is a nerve agent. it is a chemical weapons if used on a population it would kill thousands instantly.
7:50 pm
it's really a red line as the u.s. secretary of state has put it. and so there is contingency planning. there is concern that as they watch to see what happens, u.s. officials tell us that they are -- what they know is that the saran gas has in effect been mixed. it must be used within 60 days in order for it to be viable. it puts the spotlight on this situation. what is the assad regime going to do? what would the u.s. and nato do in response? >> harris: it gives us a little bit of a timetable. if nothing else we have got inside 60 days potentially for something to happen that we were praying would not. let's talk about the united states and our mission here. if assad uses those weapons on its own people this is costly for us to get involved and diplomatically complicated. >> it's very complicated mostly because you are going into -- if you were to send
7:51 pm
ground forces or troops into such a situation, it is a very densely populated area. this is not an easy mission. it's one of the reasons that the military has been very reluctant to get involved in syria whereas many people have compared it to libya saying why would you get involved to overthrow colonel qaddafi when you don't get involved to overthrow president assad. one of the reasons is that syria is a very different landscape, it's very densely populated. it is not easy for any forces, any foreign forces to operate there. that's not to say that they -- that they may not be military contingency planning but it is not a easy situation to waltz into. >> people may be wondering because you said, jennifer, you could take out thousands of citizens at a time at such a desperate thing to even talk about, but how would that happen? and i want people to know what they would do is load the
7:52 pm
weapon niced system on to airplanes and then they would spray the stuff. am i incorrect about that? how would they disperse it? >> i'm not an expert in saran gas but i believe it would be dropped with a munition, with a bomb, and that that nerve agent is then dispersed through the explosion. and it is a very deadly chemical and it is -- there is a reason that there is such a great fear of biological and chemical weapons because of the ability to kill a large number of people. and it certainly would be targeting, you know, civilians. there is no way to target a weapon such as saran gas. that would be -- and that is why you hear repeatedly u.s. officials talking about it as a red line. they want to discourage the assad regime from even contemplating using chemical weapons against their own people. >> harris: wow, spray through a bomb explosion hit the ground no way to run away from that now let's talk about and i know we don't want to
7:53 pm
speculate about what the u.s. military might be putting into motion here, but we have the capability, jennifer, to put ships off the shores of those countries. syria and turkey. >> well, you certainly, you know, you have the u.s. six fleet which is in the mediterranean and do you have a naval capability how those would be used is not clear. it's important to remember that the border with turkey is an area that we have put a lot of attention because of that is where there have been shells fired, mortars and missiles into turkey. the turks are nato ally and an attack on turkey would be considered possibly an attack on the rest of nato. and so that's why you are seeing those patriot missiles which are defensive missiles being positioned, you know, u.s. troops will be working those patriot missiles along the turkish border there. >> all right, jennifer griffin, we are going to ask you to stand by. we'll be right back. ♪
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breaking news at this hour on the fox news channel. the question about whether america would get involved in the situation in syria may have taken a turn at this point as we have found out that inside that country saran gas, a chemical weapon has been mixed which means it can be used if they weapon nice it, load it up, put it in planes and drop it as bombs on to their own people. if that were to happen, we know from our own government from ourselves and from president obama, that is a red line for this country to get involved along with nato. let's bring back by phone jennifer griffin. jennifer, we have been talking kind of pointedly about syria itself. a little bit about turkey. i want to talk with you now about lebanon because they have seen some of the fighting in syria spill over but what you have inside lebanon is hezbollah. you have potentially, potentially for some of our enemies to get involved in this situation. tell me what that might look like.
7:58 pm
>> well, harris what we know is that hezbollah has already had training camps inside syria. and has been receiving its help from iran through syria. so there is a nexus and an easy pathway between lebanon, hezbollah, syria, the regime in syria and iran. now, it's our understanding that even the iranians are not in favor of the assad regime using these chemical weapons. so this is something that is really almost unthinkable that a regime would weapon nice saran gas and would appear to be making preparations to use those weapons that is what has people concerned in washington tonight. it is a red line as you said but there is very little that the u.s. can do to stop the assad regime because if, as we mentioned, this saran gas urengs, once it is mixed it has to be used within a
7:59 pm
certain number of days. within 60 days. this puts the obama administration in a very difficult position. it puts nato in a very difficult position. is there something preemptive that it must do in order to prevent the assad regime from using these weapons? is there any warning or emissary that can be sent to tell them that this is a red line and that it should not be done? >> excellent question about moving preemptively because the red line would mean that basically people would have to die, jennifer, in order for that line to be crossed. so then you ask can something be done to keep that from happening? real quickly al qaeda and other militants sometimes will move in and cede ground when conflicts are happening. >> i think what we have been seeing in syria and because the situation has been festers in syria for such a long time, you have seen various factions taking advantage of the an arcky. certainly there is concerns and some evidence that al qaeda-linked groups have tried to operate within syr


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