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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 6, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EST

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tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> sean: and this is a fox news alert. a senior u.s. official confirms to fox news that syria has mixed and is ready to use serin gas. now, we're also learning from another report that bombs containing the deadly nerve gas have not been loaded onto planes but the military is awaiting orders from president assad to launch the chemical weapons. at the southeaster syrian govers on the brink of collapse, there are reports that the military has been preparing for days to, in fact, use chemical weapons against its own people. now, earlier this week president obama issued a very stern warning to assad that if, in fact, he used chemical weapons on his own people, he would be held accountable.
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now we're going to continue to follow the breaking developments out of the region, but first tonight, urgent developments on the fiscal cliff show down. tim guy ne geithner announced of of the white house that we would, quote, absolutely go over the fiscal cliff which would trigger tax cuts and spending increases unless taxes increase on the top two percent of wage earnings. >> i want you you to understand when it comes to raising taxes on the wealthy. if republicans do not agree to that, is the administration prepared to go over the fiscal cliff? >> oh, absolutely. there's no prospect to an agreement that doesn't involve those rates going up on the top 2% of the wealthy. >> all right. it appears the very definition of the american dream is now being rewritten by president barack obama. now, today our commander-in-chief publicly said he's not going to play games with the fiscal cliff, but that is just not reality. right now the president is playing a very dangerous game of
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chicken and this is with your paycheck and the american dream. meanwhile, the republicans have allowed themselves to get caught in a circular firing squad. they're negotiating publicly among themselves while true conservatives and tea party members are being removed from key committees. today speaker john boehner adopted the president's class wawarfare rhetoric. shocking? watch this. >> we've got to cut spending, and i believe it's appropriate to put revenues on the table. now, the revenues we're putting on the table are going to come from, guess who, the rich? there are ways to limit deductions, close loopholes, and have the same people pay more of their money to the federal government without raising tax rates which we believe will harm our economy. >> all right. this is perhaps the most disappointing development of the day. the house republicans, they were not elected to raise either rates or revenues. they were elected as a check and balance against president obama's reckless deficits and his reckless debt.
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they were elected to stop the explosive growth of government. the republicans were elected and sent to washington to fight for limited government, balanced budgets, and of course, greater liberty for all the american people. at this moment it seems like they are only offering a democratic light version for america. maybe they need to learn a thing or two from president obama. maybe they need to show a willingness to go over the so-called fiscal cliff. now, if the president really wants to take the country there, maybe they need to let him go there. here's the bottom line. what are we hearing from the white house? we're hearing the president will not negotiate unless taxes are raised on job creators, and we're hearing that the president now wants to seize control of the debt ceiling from congress. well, that means rather than needing the approval of the house was the senate to raise the nation's spending limit, president barack obama wants to do this all by his lonesome, a blank check. >> if congress in any way suggests that they're going to tie negotiations to debt ceiling votes and take us to the brink of default once again, as part
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of a budget negotiation which, by the way, we've never done in our history until we did it last year, i will not play that game. > >> sean: in this country historically it's been up to you, the individual and the government, to create a better life for the next generation. that means your kids, that means your grand kids. well, apparently under this president with all the spending, with all this debt, well, that has changed and maybe republicans should let the president go over the cliff. maybe they should call his bluff. now is the time that republicans should stick up for the next generation and the kids of the next generation. maybe republicans should explain all of this by saying they're looking out for the future of america. they don't want america to go bankrupt. maybe they should say that they're going to allow the spending or they're not going to allow it to continue. they're not going to allow the debt to pile up. if it means going over a cliff, well, maybe that's a noble thing and perhaps even the right thing to do, and maybe republicans
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need to do it to save america and save the next generation. joining me now, author of the best seller victory at york town, former speaker of the house, presidential candidate newt gingrich. great to see you in studio. >> great to be here. >> what do you make of what's developing today? >> well, i think it's a huge mistake for house republicans to cave in and try to find some kind of desperate solution that doesn't work. there's no evidence, none, that the president will cut spending. if the president's not going to cut spending, our choice is simple. you go over a smaller cliff this year or a bigger cliff two or three years from now. if yo all you do is raise taxes, you get bigger government, the cliff is going to be even bigger. the quote from the president about his attitude on the debt ceiling. he has no interest in negotiating, and i think that the country would be much better
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to set as you just did a standard about our children and our grandchildren. i look at my two grandchildren who are 11 and 13, and i ask myself what would be better for their future? there's no question in my mind that going over the fiscal cliff which is frankly not nearly as big a deal as the washington media says it is, and confronting head on that we are not going to continue this pattern of deficit spending is far better for them than to raise taxes, slow the economy, and grow government. if you give the democrats -- the president's budget proposal said give me higher taxes so i can spend even more. >> sean: as i said, the big disappointment to me today was kind of shocking to hear that speaker boehner adopted the language of the president as it relates to class warfare. yeah, we're raising money on the rich. i don't care if you say revenues or tax rates, it's still the same thing. i was a little surprised that conservative tea party members
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are now being pulled out of different committees as a kind of punishment because they didn't go along with the leadership. so i'm saying what are they standing for? >> i think that's a very dangerous game to play. i think that the country believes that somebody ought to stand up for smaller government, somebody ought to stand up for lower taxes, more economic growth, more jobs. somebody ought to stand up for the middle class. remember, this isn't taxing the rich. most of the people who are affected by the president's proposal are small business owners. those small business owners are going to lay people off. they're going to say gee, i'd like to keep you, but i need your salary to pay my taxes. >> sean: why aren't they making the case? it seems like there's a fear they're losing the pr war rather than standing up for the principle of our kids and grandkids. >> you know, i think sometimes republicans get involved in a game. i wrote my newsletter this week on strategic advice for the republican party, and i think
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sometimes they get sucked into how are we going to do well in tomorrow morning's "washington post". the correct answer is you're not, you know. that's not your job. that's not your business. when i was speaker, we closed the house for six days in november. we came back and closed it for 21 days in december and january. people said that was terrible, it was horrible. the president of the united states, bill clinton, said gee, they're actually serious. we negotiated the first four balanced budgets in your lifetime, the only four. we negotiated welfare reform. he vetoed it twice. we kept passing it. i'm not suggesting that we have to go to that level but they should be prepared to. if they don't have respect for themselves, if they're not prepared to use the tools of the house, the first of which is appropriations, then the republicans announce tomorrow morning the president doesn't want to negotiate, he's not going to have a domestic government on october 1st. >> why don't they just pass some bills? >> sean: i said the last time and i conceded to you and your
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vast experience. i said pass a bill and you said no. pass a series of bills, send them over to the senate and to the president and let them deal with it. >> and by the way, find a bunch of democratic billings that are pretty good. there's a warner bill on developing offshore oil and gas for virginia from two democratic senators. i can't figure out why the house republicans for the last two years hasn't passed it. >> sean: how about extending the bush tax cuts for everybody? then if the fiscal cliff is hit, then the persons that will be hit are president obama and harry reid. >> every single house republican needs to be involved in communication. if they passed a bill that extended the tax cuts for everybody and every single one of them went on local tv and local radio and said we have now passed a middle class tax extension, all the president has to do is sign it, you would have
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a totally different debate going on the next day. >> sean: this is what i feel is missing. the discussion, and as best i could, i'm trying to explain it, about conservative prime princi, about what's al at stake, and ai hear is or i sense a fear they don't want to go over the cliff and i sense a fear on the pr front and just even the president with the whole language of the debate seems like a defeat to me. >> i don't understand why they haven't said from day one this is the path to a balanced budget that has to involve entitlement reform and spending reform. i went to analysis on monday and interviewed mitch daniels who has been a terrific governor. mitch needed $3 billion for capital to build roads and bridges and things. he actually sold the state turnpike to a private sector entity for $4 billion. took the $4 billion, no tax increase.
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he's gotten $4 billion in revenue because he took an asset and monetized. now rebuilding the roads of indiana. people generally agree it was a terrific idea. they're building a private sector bridge across the river from kentucky to indiana at less than half the cost that it would have been if the government had done it. therthere are a thousand ways to solve this but all obama and the republicans seem to be doing is fighting over taxes which is a tiny piece of the whole issue. >> and the interesting thing is if president obama had his increase in taxes on the wealthy, the so-caldwell thee, that would fund the government eight and a half days this year. >> by the time they finished increasing spending, we'll be down to seven. >seven. >> sean: coming up more with speaker of the house newt gingrich, plus we continue to monitor breaking news out of syria. fox news has confirmed the syria government has mixed sarin gas and is ready to use it against their own people. we'll talk with ann coulter as
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. we've just learned the syrian government has mixed the deadly sarin gas and it's been loaded into bombs. it's not made it onto planes. the military is currently awaiting orders from syrian president assad. we continue tonight with former speaker of the house newt gingrich. you and i were into the fiscal cliff and the disails. we believe the country is at risk and our kids and grandkids. we sent ainsle ainsley earhardto the streets to ask people what they know about the fiscal cliff. it was a little chilling. take a look. >> what is the fiscal cliff? >> we're from new mexico out
12:16 am
here to clean up. >> no idea. >> the cliff? how tall is it? >> i have no idea. >> where is it? >> can i google it? >> bad news. it's bad news. fiscal cliff. end of the world, apparently, right. >> if you wanted to take one of these cliff bars, if you wanted to take one that tasted like the fiscal cliff. >> which one would you choose and why? the one that tastes like crap. >> we're all going to fall off the face of the earth. >> they need to fix it. that's what they're paid for. >> what happens if they don't? >> we're going to lose some money. >> it reminds me of something i learned in school, i'm going to guess some like of cliff, avalanche. >> how tall is it? >> i'd say at least like 370 some feet. >> i don't know. it sounds like something disgusting to eat or something. >> you heard of it? >> it's part of our economy
12:17 am
going choooooooo. >> i'm pretty sure we don't have a fiscal cliff. >> we fell off of it. >> yes, we did. >> is it a dangerous cliff? >> it seems to be. >> how do you feel about it? >> i'm a middle class woman. what do you think. >> so is the president on the naughty or the nice list? >> he's definitely naughty. >> what is he getting for christmas? >> nothing from me. >> i don't know whether to laugh. >> sean: i'm crying. >> first of all, it's a reminder how extraordinary ronald reagan was that when he took a topic, he explained it to the country in oval office addresses where half the country with tune in because they took the president seriously. we now have an entertainment president who operates and who won the election operating at the level of entertainment and he has dealt with this entire issue at the very shallow level, and so nobody knows what it's all about. i think this is part of why when i see polls, i don't pay any
12:18 am
attention to them right now. it's kind of like you go out to people and say would you like to tax somebody else? okay. >> sean: i'm polled out. >> the average american is polled out. >> sean: you have a detroit city council woman to obama. we voted for you. bail us out. pretty shocking. watch this. > i guess we don't have it. apparently we lost it. we'll get it in a second. you heard the story, though. this councilwoman. hang on. we've got it. let's roll it. >> after the election of jimmy carter, he went to washington, dc. he came back home with some bacon. >> right. i remember that. >> that's what you do. that's what you do. this is our people in an overwhelming way supported the reelection of this president, and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that.
12:19 am
of course not just that, but why not. >not. >> sean: quid pro quo. bail us out. >> it's really sad. detroit is a city which at one time had 1,800,000 people. because of bad politics and bad politicians, and we may have just seen one, it's now declined to about 800,000 people. over half the houses in detroit are unnecessary. it brings down the value of the whole city, and this idea that we don't have to solve our problems because somebody out there is going to solve it for us is at the heart of the debate that frankly we didn't do very well in the election which is where's the money coming from? why does the rest of the country owe that person money for a town they're failing in? she's a city council woman. > >> sean: 50 million americans on food stamps and you got excoriated for calling him the food stamp president. >> we want to find way to empower americans to solve their
12:20 am
own problems. i'd like to give detroit more freedom to solve its own problems, not have it sit there with a handout waiting for somebody else to come and give it cash. >> sean: maybe i should have voted for obama. i could have asked for a bailout. i could have gotten an obama phone, obama bucks. all right. mr. speaker, great to see you. >> good to be with you. >> sean: congratulations on the success of the book. good to see you in studio. coming up, we'll continue to monitor the perilous situation in syria. there are reports that at any moment the government may release sarin gas on its own people. stay with us as we continue to follow those stories. coming up next, ann coulter is here. what are her thoughts about the fiscal cliff gloarkses and are republicans handling it correctly? last night we played the cartoon vilifying successful americans. our cameras confronted the man who narrated this, ed asner. we'll get his take on whether
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. a senior u.s. official has confirmed to fox news tonight that syria has mixed and is ready to use sarin gas as the government stands on the brink of collapse. we're also hearing reports that the military is just awaiting orders from presiden president o launch the deadly nerve gas against their own people. we'll bring you the latest developments as soon as we get them at fox. joining me now to react to that and the fiscal cliff, the always outspoken ann coulter. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> sean: lets start with your reaction to all of this. >> there are three important points. one is the economy is going to be a catastrophe over the next four years no matter what republicans do.
12:25 am
with obama care coming down the pike, so many people are going to part-time work, and they're being hurt. i mean, everyone i know in every possible industry is already seeing cut backs in advertising, cut backs and going to see the doctor. the economy is going to be a disaster. it's only going to get worse under obama. republicans are totally over the barrel because all tax cuts, bush tax cuts expire unless they agree to what is being portrayed as tax cuts for the rich. >> sean: boom. >> of course, let me finish the three points. it's not the rich. it's people who are currently engaged in making money or tax breaks as they say. for the rich i'd be more in favor of tax hikes on the rich. that's warren buffett and john kerry and diane feinstein. this is a tax on people desperately trying to become rich but the truly wish don't want them to. finally, the most important point is in two years we've got to take back the senate.
12:26 am
>> sean: i don't want to talk about the election. >> the republicans need to concentrate on making sure this economy gets blamed on obama. there are things they can do like propose tax cuts or rather tax hikes for the truly rich, ie, warren buffett. no more state and low tax deductions. cut out that hollywood foin accounting. let's go after the 1% of the 1%. forget the 1% of income earners. >> sean: there's a lot of good ideas there. >> thank you. >> sean: they have to stand against america going broke. >> they can do that by making clear it's not a good deal, making speeches, and not raising taxes on the job creators. >> sean: how about they pass a bill that extends all the bush tax cuts. how about that? >> then the senate will reject it. >> sean: then who is to blame? >> at some point if the bush tax cuts are repealed and everyone's taxes go up, i promise you the republicans will get blamed. there are some things the
12:27 am
republicans do that feed into what the media is selling america. >> sean: wait a minute. i want to make sure i understand. are you saying, then, for pr purposes that they should give in to obama on the tax rate? >> not exactly. well, yeah, i guess i am. >> sean: you're saying to capitulate to obama? we don't have a revenue problem, ann. >> we lost the election, sean. >> sean: we won the election in the house, ann. the government stays the same. >> but again, it's going to be like in 1994 when oh, yea, republicans won the house was ad the senate and the government shut down. that hurts republicans. it hurt them a lot. >> sean: republicans run on the idea that they're going to be for limited government, less government spending, lower taxes. >> they will be. >> sean: well, if they're going to raise taxes and buy obama's argument and co-op his language, then we're -- >> they're not allowing taxes to be raised on 98% of america.
12:28 am
>> sean: you sound like obama. >> no, i don't. i see what the media can do. when the media convinces a majority of americans who voted in november that the economy was george bush's fault, we can't just say give into. >> sean: you're saying give into what the media is saying about you. >> no. but every once in a while to too something that feeds into a particular stereotype of republicans. >> sean: you think they're ever going to like them? >> you don't give up everything. there's certain things that make it worse, and i think there are a lost ways you can raise taxes on rich liberals. hollywood, warren buffett. >> sean: i agree with those. you also talked about the rates. >> those are the truly rich. >> sean: that's what obama wants. >> the democrats, how do they vote against that? we can turn the tables on them. look. that whole war on whim chit than chitchat, that campaign waged against rules was meaningless until todd akin. if republicans blocks tax cut as
12:29 am
the media will portray it. >> sean: let me say one last thing to you. there comes a point in time when you have to ask yourself when are you going to fight. you're telling me they should put their media concerns and the pr ramifications of this above their principles. we didn't elect them to raise rates on -- hold on a second. >> they're going to lose. >> sean: well -- >> they're going to lose. >> sean: sometimes on principle you've got to stand. >> what's the principle? the principle is we want to raise taxes on everyone? >> sean: reform the tax code. >> they'll push all that and it will go to senate and we'll lose. the question is are they going to raise taxes on everyone or allow obama's idea of raising taxes on just the job creators? >> sean: if we're governing based on perception, we'll lose always. >> no, no. >> sean: yeah, always. the media will always side with the democrats and the liberals. >> of course they will, but there are some things where
12:30 am
you're handing a gift to the media where there is something to the point they're making, and moreover, the point is standing on principle. if they could win, that would be one thing. they can't win. >> sean: they might as well have the whole government and let them take the responsibility for the failure. >> we can raise taxes on hollywood, new york, new york and warren buffett. you're wrong. >> they're going to lose. >> sean: you're saying the pr war. >> no, no, no. >> sean: they have the power of the purse. they should use their constitutional authority. >> if they block tax hikes on the income earners, taxes go up for everyone. how is that winning? that isn't winning. just make sure the media cannot blame the next four years of the economy on the republicans. >> sean: you're scared. >> we lost the senate, we lost the presidency. we can't as long -- >> sean: now we're sucking up to the media and hoping they like us.
12:31 am
no, but just don't give in on a particular stereotypes on republicans. party of the rich, tax cuts for their rich friends. >> sean: ann coulter, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> sean: coming up, we continue to follow the frightening situation out of syria. we have confirmation that the government of syria has, in fact, mixed sarin nerve gas. we'll delve into the story deeper with liz cheney. we confronted the millionaire actor, ed asner who narrated this propaganda piece. does they stand by his work? we have thatatatatat
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so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. >> sean: and this is a fox news alert. as the seer y syrian governmentt teeterse on the brink of collapse, they are ready to use the deadly nerve gas, sarin. this comes from reports earlier in the week that president assad was considering using chemical weapons against his own people. we'll continue to monitor the situation all night long and check in with liz cheney in just a few minutes. on last night's program we showed you a cartoon put out by the california teachers union which was the federation of teachers demonizing wealthy americans for their success. look at this. >> over time rich people decided they weren't rich enough so they came up with ways to get richer. the first way was through tax cuts. they didn't mind that this meant fewer services for everyone. they said why should i care
12:36 am
about other non-rich people? ordinary people wondered why rich people needed so much money. the 1% said don't worry. this is good for you, too. because it will trickle down from us to you. >> urinating on people. so do you recognize the voice narrating that cartoon? that is none other than that radical left wing hollywood actor ed asner. one of our producers confronted him outside the new york city theater where he is currently performing and asked him about his role in this disgusting hippies. >> do you remember the video? do you know what i'm talking about? >> i don't remember a thing i said on it or a word i said on it but i agreed to do it for california teachers. i approved this message. >> okay. i think the most controversial part the people are talking about it, there's a part they're talking about where things trickling down and they have like rich people peeing on poor people. >> how disgusting. it should be reversed. >> so you don't remember that? >> do you have any money?
12:37 am
>> yeah. >> can i [bleep] on you? >> pretty classy, mr. asner. i guesse guess it's really trues no business like show business. what do you make of this, michelle? >> well, our old friend or rather foe ed asner, i remember way back several years ago when he threatened you, sean. do you remember this? he was an anti-free speech thug and a 9/11 truther inside job con conspiracy theorist, a proud card carrying member of the socialist group of america. i think that he needs to be held responsible. i love how he doesn't remember a word of what he said in this script. how could he not? it was very, very memorable. very damning, i think. it's the teachers union. it's the california federation of teachers that really needs to be called to the carpet. it's not just the taxpayers and
12:38 am
parents who are sending their kids to school in california that need to be up in arms about this. i know that there are so many decent, hard working teachers out there who are right thinking who abhor the message that is being subsidized with their taxes and also with their deuce that are being confiscated by these big labor big business organizations. >> sean: here's the scary part. i'm not making a comparison. if you look, it is dehumanizing people to such an extent that basically saying successful people, and it lies about almost everything, that they're evil, that they're bad, that -- >> of course. >> sean: to me, this could have a really negative effect, and when did we become a country that does this? i never viewed that -- go ahead. >> the problem is that this kind of radicalization has been main
12:39 am
streamed and has been calcified in government schools for decades, and it's an area where the conservative movement really needs to fight and fight hard. all of this belly aching and naval gazing after the election about what we should do, it goes way beyond improving the voter registration system and the battlballot counting and all of. this goes to the local and state level. we need tea party people, and i know they're out there, that are working very hard to take over school boards and to get involved with curriculum lar form. i met with folks here in colorado springs who are working on this right now because the a-b-cs of education are a for agitation, b for brain washing, and c for capitalism bashing. you've got howard zen material that's championed by matt damon. this access is to powerful that we on the right need to unite
12:40 am
and join against. you've got this axis of hollywood culture, social media, big labor, and the entire teacher organization infrastructure. that is what we have to fight against. look. we need to expose these teachers unions. this organization, cft, rakes in $21 million a year. you want to talk about paying taxes and your fair share? they're a tax-exempt 501c5 organization. where is ed asner's rage about their escaping and evading their fair share of taxes? i don't hear it. also, let's have a balance. if they're going to show this in the california classrooms, how about an eight-minute video narrated by clint eastwood or my favorite right thinking actor adam baldwin that exposes the truth about occupy and the teachers alliance? they have to make up this urinating image? well, you've got occupiers who have been pooping on police cars. show that to the school kids.
12:41 am
>> sean: well said. michelle malkin. great points. thank you for being with us. >> you bet, take care. >> sean: coming up next, liz cheney on the breaking news out of syria. the government stands ready to use sarin nerve gas on its own people. a senior firm confirmed this to fox news. women in egypt are fearing for their lives as sex mobs are preying on the public. the situation is getting dispratt. where is the outrage and the support from the feminists who screamed about the so-called war on women a month ago. is 22 seconds enough to save a man about to be hit by a train? the person who witnessed and photographed a man getting thrown on the subway tracks faced that very dilemma. he's defending his action and passing blame to other eyewitnesses. what would you do? straight ahead.
12:42 am
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unitedhealthcare has been helping people live healthier lives. remember, open enrollment ends friday, december 7th. we can help. call unitedhealthcare to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. call now. ♪ >> sean: this is a fox news alert. a u.s. official con firs confirx news that the syrian government has mixed one of the most dangerous chemical warfare agents called sarin gas. this is from reports that president assad is considering using chemical weapons against his own people. the gas is odorless, colorless, tasteless. we'll continue to monitor the situation out of syria but first the protests in cairo are swelling tonight. egyptians continue to rally in the streets in opposition to the power grab by by islamist
12:46 am
president morsi. the brunt of the struggle now seems to be felt by the women. activists are reporting that organized mobs funded by morsi and the muslim brotherhoo brothe paralyzed the women of egypt with many saying they refuse to leave their homes for fear of their lives. as daily reports emerge highlighting this growing human humanitarian problem, where is the president and sa sandra flu. here is liz cheney. let's start with reporting on the serious situation. it's bad. >> it's very bad,p , sean. if the syrian government is preparing to use chem weapons on its own people, the united states government needs to be prepared to take action to do what they can to stop it. i saw one report that quoted a u.s. official that said there's
12:47 am
not much the outside world can do. that's simply not true. we need to be considering military action if that's necessary in order to make sure they don't use those gas. >> sean: do you remember when saddam hussein used chemicals weapons against the kurds? we showed it on television. we had wmds, h etc. you think some of it made it to syria? >> people a split about that. >> sean: i have. >> you're not the only one. many people do. i think the other thing that you've got to consider here is how lucky we are that the israelis took action to take out the nuclear reactor that the syrians were building in the desert back in 2007. soit most people don't know this. this was one of the greatest modern military operations ever. they went underneath their radar and they took this thing out. >> they took it out. thank goodness they did. otherwise the syrians would have nuclear weapons potentially today. but when you look at what's happening in syria, what's happening in egypt, this is all part of a much larger failure of the obama administration's
12:48 am
foreign policy. you had ambassador rice, secretary clinton, president obama day after day after day issuing warnings to assad. you can see the good it's done. he continues to slaughter his own people. >> sean: some sources are saying we may be sending our carriers and we may be, in fact, making some military moves. i don't know if it's going to be too late. we'll have to watch and monitor and pray those weapons don't get used. >> sean: let me ask you. this whole campaign, there was a war on women and the majority of the discussion democrat with free contraception for women, 9 bucks a month for birth control pills. now we've got more morsi mobs, muslim brother hood mobs raping women in public. i haven't heard a peep out of the president. he asked mubarak to go. he's not asking morsi to go. the military has been taken over. the new constitution calls for
12:49 am
shuria. where is the president and the feminist movement? >> we have all been focused on the fiscal cliff as we should be, but we're looking at a national security cliff coming as well, bus you've got the middle east basically in many ways spiraling out of control. al-qaeda resurging across the region. a president who is sitting silently, the state department calling for calm. in egypt you've got people who want democracy rising up against the muslim brother hood who is not a friend of the united states, not an ally of the united states, and clearly we have put ourselves in a position but we don't have the ability to influence the outcome. >> sean: what's amazing to me, i mean, this is now being chronicled. the silence is deafening. >> right. >> sean: there's two instance where i think obama should have spoken up, and i don't think in the case of mubarak as imperfect as he was. i predicted and you and a few others predicted the muslim brother hood would take over. exactly what is happening was not unpredictable. but as i watch all of this
12:50 am
unfold, he wasn't there for the iranian green movement. >> right. >> sean: he's not here now. what is he standing for? >> well, you had president obama morsi -- president morsi' morsis senior advisor and he told the "washington post" that they share a vision with president obama and the united states. what the president is doing is putting the united states in a position where our enemies are getting stronger. iranians have a nuclear weapon on the way. they're working to try to build one. you certainly don't hear very much about that any more. in the meantime, the president has stood aside. now, he in the last 24 hours was pretty strong in terms of threatening the syrians if they do use chemical weapons. let's hope that he, in fact lives up to that. it would be a fitters. >> sean: we'll look back through the history, the prism of history. when the world has to deal with the islamists, it's going to be ugly and probably on a scale of world war three. that's my sad prediction and i pray that i'm wrong.
12:51 am
>> when people look back and say who lost the middle east, it will be pretty clear that it was barack obama. >> sean: good to see you. coming up, he's the photographer who snapped an image of a new york city man after being pushed onto the subway tracks. now there's outrage that he chose to take pictures instead of help the man who, in fact, was hit by that train and died. we're going to tell you why the photographer is now defending his actions and pointing fingers at others who stood by and did not help. having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier.
12:52 am
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>> sean: tragedy strikes at a subway station in the heart of new york city's times square. on monday afternoon two men began arguing on a platform and moments later, the unthinkable happened. the man sob secured in the video was pushed onto the train tracks. a photographer for the new york post was in the station and began taking pictures. he said he was hoping that the flash of his camera would get the attention of the operator of the subway car. his plan, in fact, failed, and the man was fatally struck by the oncoming train. now, the photographer that took that picture is coming under fire for snapping his camera instead of trying to save the man's life. earlier today he explained why he did what he did. watch. >> if this thing happened again with the same circumstances, whether i had a camera or not
12:56 am
and i was running towards it, there is no way i could have rescued him. what really surprises me is the people who were maybe a hundred feet or 150 feet away from mr. hahn, they did not reach out to help him. 22 seconds is a long time, but in this process while i am running, the person who pushed him is coming towards me, and there's a lapse in there where i brace myself with my back to the wall because i don't want to be pushed on the to the platform. >> joining me with reaction, the founder of the guardian angels, curtis sliwa. >> you used to run into me on the subways in the wee hours of the morning. >> sean: i would finish hannity and combs and i ran into you all the time patrolling the subways. >> i tried to lure you in the tunnel one time because we were stuck on a train.
12:57 am
>> sean: we were stuck on a train. i did a speech for the guardian angels. i was coming over to do the tv show. we were late. i'm sweating. you're like well, just get out,n, and i would have riskd my life. >> you would saying sliwa you are insane in the brain. >> sean: boy the way, how many rats are in the subway. >> minus sammy the bulldog, four rats for every one human being. >> sean: how many have you run into in your life? >> when you're in the tunnel, that's their turf. when you're on the platform, they're afraid of you. in the dark tunnel, don't look amesswith the rats because theyk at you like your leg is a wheel of parmesan cheese. >> sean: patrol the subways. have you ever seen this before. >> oh, yeah. i'm capable of intervening and stopping it dead in the tracks along with the other guardian angels. i understand why people would hesitate. you're not going to break them
12:58 am
up when they're jaw boning one another. once you see the korean guy get thrown onto the tracks and the homeless guy is just staring there watching it, why didn't some of the sheep, why debit they come over and reach their hands. >> sean: there was a full platform. >> they all, if you notice, scurried to the rear of the platform, just having an exlacks attack. >> sean: 22 or 23 seconds. the guy couldn't get up, was back onto the platform. >> they put the onus on the photographer. he's doing his job. the people who were standing there like let mings let le lemd watching in horror, why didn't the men show a little tes test t testosterone. >> sean: you hear stories of people crying out for help. >> you remember the last epidemiepisodeof sign felt whene stopped because they didn't intervene in a crime.
12:59 am
i would have had these people locked up. some of you are saying you're a des potic dictator. no. when people stand around and do nothing and don't help a person in distress, you're your brother's keeper. you ought to be locked up. think about it 72 hours while you have [bleep] sandwiches and unsweetened cool aid in a jail cell. >> sean: it would be 2:00 in the morning. i get on the subway, go home, and there he is patrolling. you had to do radio at 5 a.m. >> that would like pump me up. i mean, the adrenaline, and then the microphone, that was almost like their van i nirvana. >> sean: how big is the biggest rat you've seen in the subway? >> a good 40-pounder. >> sean: how big? >> like a little doe berman. >> sean: would that attack you? >> listen. i didn't venture too far into the tunnel. i wasn't afraid of the