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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 6, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EST

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we'll see you again tomorrow night. make sure you go to so good night from washington, d.c.. we'll see you tomorrow night right here 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: nbc sports -- >> dana: nbc sportscaster bob costas got in trouble for politicizing the murder-suicide by jovan belcher. bill o'reilly just sat down with costas moments ago to talk about the controversy. we at "the five" have the first clip. you will hear that in a moment. first, a 9/11 call has just been released in the case. this is belcher's mother cheryl shepard pleading for help after the mother of her granddaughter was shot by her
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own son. listen. >> dana: his mom obviously a strong woman, kimberly. some people asked today is it the case of the law that you have to release a 9/1 9/11 dash 911 tape like this or do they keep them private? >> andrea: if a request is made, subpoena to the tape and get reporting they are allowed to because it's part of the public record. once you do the proper steps you can get it. certain case, judge or prosecutor is pending, which we don't have here, because
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everybody is deceased that was involved in it. they can block it and say it's in the best interest to keep this sealed or out of the public domain. you can imagine a situation like to is very traumatic. this little girl is going to grow up knowing that her father murdered her mother. this tape is out there. it will be on the web. >> dana: any other thoughts about this before we move on? >> greg: it will change the behavior. if you know it will be released, that is the problem. it may prevent people from calling. i never like having them released. if you at a party and someone is in trouble maybe you won't call because you don't want to be involved. >> bob: good point. good point. >> dana: all right. let's move on. obviously, part of the tragic develop in the the story. there was a side story, that was one about bob costas, the nbc sportscaster on sunday night football used that time to talk about gun culture.
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hest just on with bill o'reilly and it will run tonight at 8:00. but we have an exclusive clip and we'll play it now. >> you set the premise. it didn't set the premise. you said the gun culture and you objected to this thinking. i have this kind of thinking. millions of people have it. i want to protect myself against that guy. we have honest gentlemen's disagreement. you don't want it, i do want it. >> what i spoke about in quoting jason whit schrock a mentality. there is a young culture in this country. >> let's get to that. >> tony dungy, highly respected figure said when he coached colts, 80 players before they cut the roster down show up in training camp and he asks how many of you own guns? 60 of the 80 -- >> why do they have the guns? >> they may feel it's part of protection or a romanticized culture.
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s a fect this, cowboy, dirty harry aspect. >> dana: we'll get to the culture part in a second. eric's point first. >> eric: in a hurricane or a disaster comes through and gas station owners jack up the price of gasoline. there is a law to provent them from gouging the american people. but bob costas is using a tragedy to make himself known and taking a platform on gun control that has nothing to do with the football game he was supposed to be announcing. this is ridiculous. nbc should sanction bob castsf using the platform. it was a football game, bob. sunday night football. it tune in to sunday night football to watch football. not have bob costas spew liberal b.s. to me. >> bob: unless he was spewing pro-gun stuff. you'd like that. >> eric: absolutely not.
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>> bob: he made a number of good points. i admire him and support everything he said. he said i can't think of one football player that carry the guns that uses them to defend themselves. i want to know how many people in america defend themselves having a gun and how many like to have them around. >> greg: 2.5 million. >> bob: that is the nra crap. >> greg: get to my stats in a minute. >> dana: two things, what caught my eye today. bob costas said it again. this is the fault of a dirty harry wild west culture. dirty harry was part of law enforcement. >> greg: he was chasing a serial killer. what does costas want instead in bonnie and clyde culture? texas chainsaw massacre culture? is that better than a culture somebody protects themselves?
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what keeps people safe are guns. every time he opens his mouth, brain cells kess cape. these are facts that they hate. 1.5 of accidental fatalities from the firearms, betting and bags killing 18 times for kids. crime report, 30% lowered their homicide rate. 46% lower assault. robbery. overall, 22% violent rates gone down in right to carry. if you don't arm people it's a health hazard. gun is a vitamin of safety. >> bob: defend your 2.5 million. defend that. >> greg: let me get that for you. u.s. department of justice talked to 2,000 felons and 40% admitted they were deterred for committing a crime for
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fear the victim was armed. 2.5 million incident each year they use firearm. >> greg: 2.5 million. >> greg: according to the florida state university. it could go on forever so maybe i shall. do you mind? >> dana: give us one more. >> bob: absurd numbers. think about that. 2.5 million. >> eric: i'll give you a number. motor vehicle accidents killed 3636,216 people in 2009. homicide by handgun 11,000. three times more people died at the hand of vehicular ham ham -- homicide. so should we ban riding in cars? >> bob: typical fall-back position. there we ought to have guns. >> dana: get kimberly in here as former prosecutor. >> kimberly: this is not an issue about gun control. it's an issue about domestic violence and man with a troubled past. had a history documented of being unfortunately sadly abusive to women. inability to be able to
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control his temper and his emotions. a lot of impulse control. we see situations like that. it's not about the gun. it's what was troubling jovan belcher. >> dana: glad you brought that up. on the same day that jovan belcher committed this crime, there was a man who beat his wife with a baseball bat. and killed her. he wasn't a profootball player. he doesn't drive a bentley. didn't make millions of dollars. on the same day. talking about the gun culture issue is a cop out. it's not the real issue about mental health, anger management and domestic violence. >> bob: is there a real issue that somebody you said had a long history of mental disturbances, alcoholism and domestic abuse he could be allowed to buy guns legally and freely? >> kimberly: he applied for a permit and he was able to have a weapon. that is his legal, lawful right. >> bob: even if he is a -- >> kimberly: hold on. depending on what kind -- they don't keep people that you think you have too many drinks or not from buying weapons. that is not one of the
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criteria. >> eric: same guy, doesn't get a gun because you want to ban handguns or whatever, same guy is in a car and that is okay? same guy. >> bob: can you say -- >> eric: same guy -- covering whatever gets in the car. that is okay. >> bob: i don't think it's okay at all. >> eric: but not the constitutional right to own a gun. >> bob: can you make one person you know that saveed lives by handguns? >> eric: millions. >> bob: that you know? >> eric: i know many, many people that saved their own property because they had a handgun. a lot of them are in florida right now. people have started to rob, break in the house. i got a gun. >> dana: i think it skirts the issue that weapon are victims of violence all the time. >> greg: should have guns. >> dana: or make better decisions. >> greg: learn to protect themselves. guns are for people to even the the score against somebody who is larger or more power than you are. who doesn't need a gun more than a young woman walking home at night? they should have permits to
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carry. it want to go back to people who have permits to carry. do they end up abusing the law? according in the florida records, issued 1.36 million permits. 165 were revoked. the texas violent crime rate dropped 20% since enactment of the '96 carry law. >> bob: violence dropped all over the country. >> greg: if you tell someone they can't own a gun you endanger their lives and harm somebody's family if you say they can't own a gun. >> bob: strap a gun on them and walk around the street. >> eric: safer. beautiful. >> kimberly: you make a point. having been yes, in law enforcement, prosecutor and the cases i handled, three different cases i had contact to have me killed. the first thing they did, they said we'll give you a concealed weapon permit. guess what? they might not be able to protect me. that was the best way i would be able to defend and protect myself. >> dana: let me ask you one other question while we have you here in the last minute. is anybody -- could anybody in
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this story be held accountable -- is there any legal thing to go after with any of the gun seller or the team, the cop, anybody. or a tragedy. >> kimberly: right now with the fact pattern there isn't nobody to go after that is legally culpability unless he was sold the gun illegally. that is not what the case is doing. maybe the family wants to bring a wrongful death action against his estate. that is a legal recourse. in terms of the possession of the weapon, right now, it doesn't appear there is any -- >> bob: how about investigate possibility of looking in extending the gun law to check in background of people's mental stability to buy a gun? democrat is on the books. >> greg: i don't have a problem with what bob is talking about at all. costas immediately go to the ban thing, extremist perspective, like when you talk about pro-life.
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like even in term of rape. that happens with guns. if you say ban guns serve like you just lost me. >> bob: costas never said ban guns. not once. he's talking about gun culture. >> greg: he's saying taking away guns. >> dana: talk about dirty harry and wild, wild west is the reason. there are many other movies you could point to. >> kimberly: demeaning to athletes. >> dana: we are going to move on. catch bill o'reilly's interview with bob costas on factor at 8:00 eastern. coming up, greg will talk about the california teachers union that put together a grotesque cartoon that depicts the rich urinating on the poor. these are the teachers instructing the children of california. next. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: the california federation of teachers have a video taxing the hell out of the rich. the animation is aimed at kids. narrated by ed asner. i believe he played rhoda. smear the 1% as evil. roll tape, roll tapers. >> over time, rich people decided they weren't rich enough so they came up with ways to get richer. the first is tax cuts. they said why should i care about other non-rich people. i can hire teachers, safety, waste disposal people to work for me for less money than taxes cost. i can do the rest of my taxes for me. >> greg: adorable. here is where it gets delightful. >> schools, public safety, the roads, parks. libraries. public transportation. all in decline. rich people didn't care.
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they said get what they deserve. ordinary people wonder why rich people needed so much money. the 1% said don't worry. this is good for you, too! because it will trickle down from us to you. >> greg: ah, yes. is there any better lesson for your kids than saying the rich pee on the poor? you know it's bad when shanghai has more in common with traditional values than california does. we have in-house training film for occupy wall street, guaranteeing another generation of the angry deserved class warriors in ten years. what the video shows is how bitter and ugly progressives can be. for a moment i thought it was a parody but it's real. it's accurate depiction of the envy-driven left than you'll see and brought to you from california teachers. the people who want to put the grimy greedy paws all over your kids' minds among other things. should i not have said that?
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i should not have smeared them. it wonder where i picked up that bad habit? >> bob: this is something from the right wing bloggers came up with. the fact is the use of the urination was in bad taste and should haven't been done. the point, though, is very clear that people in the top 1% have 20 times more income than the average american does and they haven't paid their fair share and should. >> eric: blah, blah, blah. >> bob: blah, blah, blah, you. >> greg: take what bob said -- >> bob: continue to defend the people. >> eric: defend whom, bob? >> bob: 1% of the country. >> put together a video that shows rich people urinating on poor people. they are talking about the
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stimulus package to wealthy bankers. $50 billion went to education services of stimulus. $35 billion to increase education. there is $250 billion that went toward programs they represent. >> bob: i see. healthcare extension -- >> eric: point the finger at yourself. urination? urinating on poor people, that is disgusting, wrong, rude. they should be -- you know what? pull the funding. pull all of their funding. >> bob: they fund themselves. you want to pull the funding, pull the rich people from the i.r.s. >> greg: what i love about this, in the video or the cartoon they show a state declining in the poverty. it's not caused by the rich, because rich are leaving. >> dana: last week in there was ten or 11 death spiral states.
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you don't want a house and can't get a job and ones saddled with the pension debt from the public sector unions. we had a big fight in wisconsin over this. what we were we dealing with at the start of school? chicago teachers union when school was starting. what happened to schoolhouse rock? those were video where you could learn something. >> greg: you watch it, don't you? >> dana: i love them. at halloween i went as bill on capitol hill. great costume. >> kimberly: have a good destiny. >> dana: super planet janice she's a galaxy girl. [ laughter ] >> eric: before we had teachers union they were the most oppressed teachers in the country. >> kimberly: you are talking for one thing. it worked as a teacher, my mother was a teacher. i'm very well the role and function -- bob you don't think it's a good idea that teachers should organize?
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>> kimberly: it's shaleful. >> bob: should they organize? >> kimberly: it's shameful with the cartoon. >> bob: should they organize? >> eric: that is not the segment. >> bob: of course not. >> eric: teachers should show on video they put together rich people urinating on poor people. teacher $65,000 on average salary and not including benefit. >> bob: way too low. >> eric: above the national average. >> kimberly: point the pencil at themselves for making this mess. >> bob: c'mon. >> dana: the different programs for mentoring and the other things the after-school programs, who do you think funds those it doesn't come from the government. it's from wealthy people who are philanthropist who give of their time and money to fund programs for the kids. won't be able to get a job in ten years because they won't graduate. >> bob: all? >> dana: a significant portion. if it doesn't come from government where does it come? >> bob: not from rich people. >> dana: it does. >> eric: hang on. most importantly, ed asner?
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>> kimberly: i was in a movie happily ever after. judge and i are a defense attorney. he's the uncle of my ex-husband. >> bob: which? >> kimberly: gavin. >> dana: can you sing a song from that? >> greg: this is about it was a truther working with your teachers. that is the freakty thing. they know history and they're working with the truther. we have kids working with the wackos. anti-capitalist filmmaker michael moore member of the 1% believes in taking from the rich and giving to the poor. you know what else he believes? lining his pocket with the taxpayer dollars. that story is ahead on "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> eric: welcome back. i'm often asked if liberals really believe the stuff they say they believe. how could they? case and point, michael moore, the world's worst person and who spent most of his life pointing fingers at the makers and holding the takers on a pedestal and laughing all the way to the bank. but it wasn't funny when someone confronted him for being 1%. >> aren't you part of the 1 in fact >> i do very well. >> how are you helping these people? >> how are you hemming people with $50 million.
2:29 am
>> i don't have $50 million. >> that's the rumors, that you have $50 million. >> you're just punk media. you lie. you lie. >> mr. i love taxes and want to pay my fair share had his naned the taxpayer cookie jar. guess how much he took for the last movie? staff effect, please. $841,000. almost $1 million. >> kimberly: he doesn't mind making money. he is a 1% himself. he thinks they should say what they want to say. >> eric: holding his lip. >> kimberly: bob is not happy. >> eric: go ahead.
2:30 am
>> bob: this is tax incentive for movies in michigan. 17 movies are filmed there now. he took advantage including the right winger himself, clint eastwood. "gran tarino" was there. >> kimberly: he's a great american. >> greg: he is hypocritical when he does this. >> dana: he doesn't make movie about capitalism, a love story and then go after the corporate welfare to help the movie studio. >> eric: he did a great -- >> dana: super size him. >> kimberly: he is. >> greg: he shacks the workers and he lives in a mansion and scans the government. he's qualified to be detroit's mayor. are you sure he wasn't campaigning out there? >> dana: they have figured out a way, think of something to bring some industry in here and movie studios. good target. they look for places to film outside of california.
2:31 am
why? so expensive. >> dana: take a turn. >> eric: detroit city council woman join watson. >> he went to washington, d.c. he came back home. that is what you do. that's what you do. our people in an overwhelmingly support re-election. >> eric: we voted for obama. quid pro quo. can you talk to me about that comment? >> kimberly: the problem is they are suffering. what do they do to help
2:32 am
detroit except for michael moore fleecing and taking the cash out of it. it's a mockery of the situation. job market there, the economy. it's depressed. >> dana: the point of the election and swing state of michigan is president obama saved michigan and the auto industry in detroit because of his actions to bail him out. at least she is honest about what they are looking for. they are not honest about the problem. >> bob: pall ryan fleeced left and right. >> dana: you are hilarious. >> greg: i was hoping this was bacon. i thought they were bringing bacon home. i was depressed --
2:33 am
>> kimberly: you like bacon. >> greg: everybody got bacon instead of money it would be a better place. >> eric: leave it there. coming up, three stories that you will not believe the real story behind the shoeless nan the photo that made national headlines. atheists won a battle in the war on christmas taking down charlie brown. nudists in the california go nuts. rights are taken away. ♪ ♪ s from at 6:00
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eastern. back to my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: treb story of the homeless man given boots from cop on cold night in new york city last month?
2:39 am
it turns out he is not hom homeless. jeffrey and the nypd officer became internet sensations after a photographer snapped the touching moment between them. the city officials said he has an apartment to live in, paid for by federal housing vouchers. and he continues to liver on the streets. we thought this is a common problem, especially in san francisco. and the bay area. although you provide housing, federally funded housing, many of the people that found themselves indigent or homeless chose not to even live in those shelters. instead take to the street. we touch on mental illness and those who will take medication. they don't want to feel sick. they take them and end up on the street. >> he has had some problems. he was cold and he was there.
2:40 am
i don't want to take away what the officer did. the homeless person, the so-called homeless person, hillman, he has a major mental illness or drug problem. >> eric: i work with homeless more -- not so much now. >> bob: but back in washington. a lot of problems with the shelters they are dangerous places. a lot of them are afraid. he never claimed to be homeless. he has a long history of arrests for two decades. he has seriously got mental problems. it shouldn't take away from what they did. >> eric: but devil's advocate for a minute. there are instances that you make a donation and they may or may not use that for what you intended. but for years on the trading
2:41 am
floor, a woman was a nun, wearing a full habit. is that what it's called? >> dana: yeah. >> eric: coming out of the exchange every day. every friday say "dollar for the homeless" like she had been cigarettes. but they found out she wasn't a nun. the point you want to be philanthropic. so volunteer your time. >> kimberly: greg? >> greg: the story is not about the cop. the story is the media entertainment complex gets the story wrong because they persist in fantasy of the homeless guy, as cuddly and misunderstood. it shows how naive the media is when the guy is charged with harassment, lewdness in public. stolen property and drugs. he needs help but he resists
2:42 am
help. he denies that he chose this as a lifestyle. the media is on the search for this story that never exists. >> dana: the story because of the viralness of the internet. >> kimberly: charlie brown. one of my favorite specials of all time. sad to say, the atheists have destroyed charlie brown. >> bob: this is obscene. they ought to be allowed to do it. give church credit for doing it. the important point we need to make this is voluntary. you can go or you didn't have to go. the parents could say yes or no. >> eric: they are not making the people better off or society better off. did they go to temples? no. they pick and choose the battle.
2:43 am
>> dana: i wonder how they celebrate a win like this. >> greg: i hate charlie brown. i am a winnie the pooh fan. >> kimberly: i like both. something adorable about charlie brown. what about the nudists in san francisco? >> greg: when you left it wasn't worth it. when you left san francisco they decided to ban nudity. >> dana: i feel bad for the police officers. good grief. good grief, charlie brown. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: we got to go. bob likes the next one coming up. lingerie and lots of ladies looking good last night. at the victim storia secret fashion show.
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bob. we'll tell you the best months when we come back. double dare you. [ male announcer ] this is steve. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: the most wonderful time of the year in more ways than one. last night was one of the great days that happens in america every year. the annual victoria secret fashion show. roll the tape. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: okay. now among other things they had, they showed a $2.5 million bra.
2:49 am
the diamond studded one. you ever want to wear one of those? >> kimberly: i got one of those. came with a free tote bag. >> bob: did it? >> kimberly: no. >> bob: maybe fashion conscious, what are the wings for? >> kimberly: that is just because angels, baby. >> greg: this is outrageous they would be wearing wings. >> dana: they should call it victorious -- victoria secret christmas show and then everybody would turn against the atheists. >> bob: this one of the biggest nights -- this started out as an afternoon fashion show and now it has justin bieber and rhiana. >> eric: free stock market a great thing, isn't it? can i conceal my time to kimberly guilfoyle. weren't you a victoria secret model once? >> kimberly: a long time ago. >> bob: really? >> kimberly: modeling paid
2:50 am
for college. >> kimberly: is there one segment you can do together -- >> bob: wor you married? >> kimberly: no. it wasn't married then. >> bob: a study out of britain that they had volunteers look at various films and pictures. women look at women more than man. men look at women more than men. why is this? >> dana: this is in our nature. the fact they spend money to do a study like this is anno annoying. women desfor other women. greg dresses for other women. >> greg: you lost your train of thought. it's gone to hell. >> dana: yes. >> greg: men are blamed for objectifying women. but women objectify women.
2:51 am
women editors talk about how they worry about the problems in modeling but all they want is thin models. guys like women who are curvey. >> kimberly: but these womens have assets. the models i worked with -- [ laughter ] >> bob: you are a 13-year-old boy, bob. >> kimberly: this is a fox news immature alert, step in bob beckel. >> bob: sorry. >> kimberly: you can't be lingerie model and not have meat. it's different thrawnway and being call. not having curves. >> eric: men don't ogle other men. right? why is that? most men ogle women. >> bob: look at their faces. that was it. >> dana: actually, we didn't do the story last week. we have didn't do this.
2:52 am
there is a gym where you cannot go to the gym unless you are 70 pounds overweight. i can see why. because sometimes for women it's intimidating when you go in an everybody 5'8" and -- >> greg: it's called bally's. >> bob: do women look at other women, check them out and see if they are better dressed than they are? >> kimberly: why not? i do it. >> dana: would anybody notice if i wore the same dress in a week? kimberly would. wardrobe would. but if you wore the same tie, nobody would say anything. >> eric: i wore this suit last night. >> dana: you had a different one. >> eric: dana passes the test. >> dana: of course. >> bob: one more thing is next! got her! ♪ ♪
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>> announcer: 'tis the season of more-- more shopping, more dining out... and along with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday season is over, an estimated 1.2 million identities may be stolen. every time you pull out your wallet, shop online or hit the road, you give thieves a chance to ruin your holiday. by the time you're done watching this, as many as 40 more identities may be stolen. you can't be on the lookout 24/7, but lifelock can. they're relentless about protecting your identity every minute of every day. when someone tries to take over
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holiday gift: a document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands... a $29 value, free! call the number on your screen or go online and let lifelock protect your identity for 60 days risk-free. because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. >> dana: time now for one more thing. maybe tomorrow eric will tell us what they are talking about, something about being in underwear. okay. kimberly, kick us off. >> kimberly: i love this story. this morning iawce yes, greg it me me motional about betsy cooper, the world's oldest person passed away today at the age of 116. she was born before women were able to have suffrage and the right to vote. pretty incredittal when you think about the things she has seen across the course of her life. >> greg: what? what are you talking about?
2:57 am
>> bob: that is a nice story. >> bob: this is a good christmas story for you out there. eight states that republican governors turned down working poor people for medicaid under obama healthcare bill. duggard says it's 40,000 people working. able-bodied people. they are working and working for. you tight give them medicaid. here is the thing you republicans are never going to understand. you don't get they'd like to see people get help. nine governors, nine republicans 150,000 average citizens not going to get healthcare. merry christmas for the republican governors for all of you. >> dana: now you're back to doing what you did in the election and not give us time
2:58 am
to respond. >> bob: this is one more thing. >> eric: do my one more thing. i love dogs. good boy, good girl. check out what they're doing in new zealand. teaching dogs how to drive. the dog is porter. so shelter dogs can be helpful. this is a candidate for driving. he is a good boy! >> dana: last week, we did "sportscenter" when brian kilmeade was here but this is "animal planet." this is in the environment that he started to help them pull down a damaged tree.
2:59 am
a video going viral that greg sent to me. good one more thing. >> kimberly: the show is going to the dogs. >> greg: in the interest of fair and balanced can we have animals doing good things and animals doing bad things? animals do bad things, too. >> dana: doing good things on red eye all the time. >> kimberly: he shows cats. >> greg: banned phrase today. rethink. after a major story the press announces that it's time to rethink "x" or "y." blah blah, blah. the translation is please change your view to agree with me, left wing media. >> dana: or if they got it wrong, major rethink. major rethink. that is a good one. you haven't had a banned phrase for a while. >> greg: i have a lot. thinking of banning you. the letter


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