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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 31, 2013 12:00am-1:00am EST

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your letter read. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: welcome to hannity. so-called journalists at nbc news, caught red-handed. editing a soundbite to make it appear that a father of a sand had i hook victim, a task force on gun violence prevention and children's safety held a meeting at one of people that spoke was neil helsen. his son was killed in the sandy hook shooting back in december. in typical fashion, nbc news edd the soundbite of this father. this is what they showed their viewers. watch this. >> why anybody in this room
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needs to have one of these assault style weapons or military weapons with high capacity clips not one person can answer that question. all right. >> please, no comments while mr. heslin is speaking. >> sean: they ran that soundbite on their network and posted on their website. anybody watching that clip would have thought the people in the room were heckling mr. heslin. the complete exchange that nbc news did not want you to see includes the portion in which mr. heslin was asking people in the room listening to his testimony for feedback. watch this. >> i asked if there is anybody in this room that can challenge
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this question, why, anybody in this room needs to have one of these assault style weapons or military weapons or high capacity clips. not one person can answer that question. all right. >> please, no comments while mr. heslin is speaking. we'll clear the room. mr. heslin, please continue. >> anyway, we're all entitled to our own opinion and i respect their opinions and their thoughts, but i wish they would respect mine and give it a little bit of thought. realize it could have been their child that was in that school that day. >> sean: my thoughts and prayers
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go out to him. what you didn't see that nbc news edited politely asking for the audience's input. this wasn't a gun rights supporters rudely interrupting. it appears to be the biased news people over at nbc. sadly in this is not the first time they have been caught doing this. back in march of last year, right here on this very program we exposed how nbc news blatantly distorted the 911 call before george zimmerman shot trayvon martin. >> this guy looks like he is up to no good. he looks black. >> did you see what he was wearing? >> yeah. dark --. >> sean: that is not how it happened. zimmerman had been asked by the 911 operator about the person's race. different context. watch this.
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>> sean: so actually the 911 operator asked the question. pretty unbelievable. joining me with reaction david limbaugh and juan williams. look, there is some editing that goes on in television but when you purposely edit to alter the context, to give people a false conclusion, is that libel? >> it could be. i don't know about that. i want to be careful about that. there are other examples. this is the latest example. john nolte at breitbart cited different examples 6 andrea mitchell try to make rick perry
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look racist. look at the way the media intervened. the media no longer report the news they try to influence the news. what happened here is a microcosm of what happens every day where they try to set up and alternative reality to make it look like the things that are terrible in society under barack obama, 8-10% unemployment, they try to paint that as normal. worse recovery in 50 years, they paint that as normal. economic report today they down play that. they downplay the plight of african-americans. they paint a rosy picture of what was going on. if it was not for that, obama would not have one the election. we would not be depicted by the media as a person who wants to get along and compromise but as a person who is divisive who says it's my way or the highway. who a socialist. they cover up for him because they agree with his agenda and
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they want to influence the agenda and we're suffering for it today. >> i don't know why. >> sean: juan, wait a minute. >> that is way over the top. you hate obama. you can't stand it. let's get back to what sean was talking about. sean had an important point. nbc especially in the george zimmerman, you can't edit a piece of tape like that that is interjecting race when he was asked about it. in the first instance the man that was the father of the dead child, i thought he was using a rhetorical device. >> hang on a second. >> there was a delay there. this is point. i thought it was rhetorical question. obviously everybody there thought it was rhetorical, nobody answered. then he goes nobody can answer
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my question. then it appeared to me and to the audience he wanted an answer, but the way nbc did it by taking the out that period of time when nobody interrupted, they purposely wanted people to draw a different conclusion. that is media bias. >> i understand your point. if they collapsing the time period, that could lead to it. i understood, the guy was quite respectful. if i were in your shoes, why did they cut off the end, i understand. >> they did not heckle him. they sat there when he asked the rhetorical question. nobody here can respond, then they gave an answer because he gave one. >> just like they want to portray the temperature as race it and they -- tea party as
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racist. they want to make gun owners as looking unruly. opposite is truly. gun owners merely want to exercise their constitutional right to protect themselves against hostile intruders and bad guys and against potentially tyrannical government. there is nothing wrong with that. according to the world views of crazy professors in liberal land that want to dispense with the constitution. >> david, let me agree with you. i think gun owners, because i have seen poll numbers on this and it's pretty consistent across different polls. gun owners say, yes, let's have effective law enforcement and effective background checks. the problem is when you get someone like wayne, head of the rifle association testifying in front of congress, i don't want smaller magazines. i don't think anybody agrees
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with that. >> this is the problem. because nbc news is an extension of an agenda. that agenda is the white house agenda. it's never been more blatant and more transparent, more on display than what we saw in the ziyer man case, andrea mitchell case and this ace. the people in the audience were respectful to this man as they should be. they made it out that he was not. that is disgraceful. >> i think that people distort the editorial content that is disgraceful. i'm not so sure as you are about this man testifying and whether people when they testify. when i look what happened today in congress, gabrielle giffords says be courageous and take action. >> sean: we're off the subject here. do you think there is any chance that barack obama could have won this election were it not for the deliberate distortion and alternate reality that the media is creating for him. >> no.
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>> covering up for his terrible economy, people blaming bush in the twilight zone important this economy that has gone on for four years and now getting worse because he is smothering the private sector. they cover up these entitlements >> the election is over. you are not holding a grudge, are you? >> you don't care how much nbc and american people are able to see the reality of the two candidates for themselves. >> we got to run. >> sean: good to see you both. we're back in the recession. >> we're not in the recession but it was bad news. >> sean: it may be a recession, we'll see. i hope not. the country, his policies are not working. thanks for being with us. we learned earlier today for the first time in more than three years, the u.s. economy shrank for top democrats for nancy
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pelosi they are saying they are not responsible for the fiscal mess that you are now in. they are blaming other people. later tonight, it's bad enough that your tax dollars are being used to arm egypt with f-16s and tanks. we are watching the defense ministers now that the destination on the brink of collapse. what in fact is obama's plan on that issue and where are those f-16s going to end up. michelle malcom will sound off officemax knows... time can be...well...taxing. so right now we'll give you... ...$10 off any turbo tax deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax.
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>>. >> sean: welcome back to hannity. breaking news on the u.s. economy as the commerce department announced that our economy shrank of a rate of .1%. with the unemployment rate at 7.8% and consumer confidence in decline. there is only one way for democrats to react, as usual
12:15 am
blaming republicans. it started with jay carney during a press briefing that we were facing a major headwind and that being the republicans in congress. moments later. house minority leader nancy pelosi saying, quote, disappointing g.d.p. report is direct result of the economic uncertainty created by the house republicans strategy of obstruction and manufactured crisis. will they ever take blame? will they wake up and realize that obama has been in office for more than four years? here is the reaction, david avilla and economist, professor jeffrey frankel. how are you? it's bush's fault for four years. both houses of congress, two of those years, the president got everything he wants passed. isn't it time for put his pangts on like a man and accept responsibility like a man.
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$6 trillion in debt, 50 million americans in o food poverty. one in six in poverty. one in four kids needing food stamps, is that bush's fault or obama's fault? >> well, certainly hasn't he got everything he wanted passed under the recent congress. 0.1% per annum. that is today's news. we all thought during the last couple of months, 2012 there would be uncertainty because of the fiscal cliff. it turned out the biggest was the defense equipment purchases fell by 22% in the last quarter. that is the big negative number in this morning's news. it's the biggest fall in defense purchases. >> sean: we have trillion dollars deficits so it's not a big cut in government spending, is it? >> well, it continues the
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pattern of last two years. government sector has been contracting and private sector has been expanding. i was surprised in this morning's number that house hold consumption was up strongly. investment was up. so what happened.... >> the economy is not growing. you are trying to tell, this really isn't bad. no new jobs. 50 million americans on food stamps. liberals are telling us it's not that bad. >> nobody is advocating we return to the years of president bush's economy. we can't remain in the obama economy which has less managed every piece of the economy. we have fewer jobs now than when this president took office. let's be clear about who really is being hurt by this economy. >> sean: it is true, 8.3, excuse me, the labor participation rate
12:18 am
8.3 million americans in the labor force. >> let's be clear about who is being hurt. it's the working poor that are trying to work their way up in the economy. long term unemployed, there are no jobs for them to go to. for the young person who just graduated from college and wants to find a job, they can't. so they get to stay at their parents's house a little longer. >> definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result. we are following europe and japan's model. why would we expect a different result following their failed model? >> what republican governors across the country are doing. nine of the 11 states have created a net positive on jobs are republican governors. why won't this president invite republican governors, what policies are you putting in place to create jobs?
12:19 am
his ideology believes that everything that government can do, it should do and should control and ultimately hampers our economy. >> sean: you know this, the worst the recession the stronger the recovery. four years, obama's policies, pretty much got what he wanted, hasn't happened, why? >> okay, four years ago when obama was inaugurated, the economy was in free fall. the rate of contraction of g.d.p. was over 9% annualized under bush. jobs loss was 600,000 per month. financial markets were seized up. the freefall leveled 0 within a few months and within five months the recession was over. all that means things were not getting bad anymore but it's been a long climb out of that. what we have had is growth not fast enough but it's a lot
12:20 am
better was when obama came in. average growth rate 2012 was 2.2%. we're not bringing unemployment down rapidly but slowly. >> sean: obama said the economic recovery has begun. he told us in 2010, it was the summer of recovery. we haven't seen jobs created. we've seen record debt and record deficits. we have seen did he pendency go to record highs. the worse recovery since the great depression and you are defending this. do you think it is good we have 18 million americans on food stamps. one out of six of americans are in poverty and president tells it is getting better. this is not good news? >> unemployment rate is coming down gradually. you keep mentioning the budget deficit. that has been down as a percentage of g.d.p..
12:21 am
>> sean: you know better than that. you have studied history. this is one of the worst recoveries even if you can call it that. we may be headed for a double-dip. >> i doubt that. by the way, this number is essentially zero. >> sean: 0.1. >> on the average between the estimate and advanced estimate and final number revision is 1.3%. there is a 50% chance that the number is going to turn out minus 1.3% and 50 chance it is going to be positive. >> sean: all right. we'll flip that coin. for people out of work and unemployed and people getting crumbs in terms of food stamps, good luck to them. >> if obama's jobs bill is not passed.... >> it's bush's fault.
12:22 am
this president is blameless. that is pretty pathetic. good to see you both. prominent democratic senator embroiled into an international prostitution camped. we have the jaw dropping statistics. american made f-16s are being added to the 9/11 truth president in egypt. the country is on the verge of collapse. where are the warplanes end up. could they soon find themselves in the hands of terrorist. in the hands of terrorist. also michelle malkin coming up. i you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. for faster relief, try dulcolac laxative tablets. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days.
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>>. >> sean: double standards is the norm when it comes to the
12:26 am
liberal media. latest example is courtesy of bob menendez. story broke in the daily caller linking him to a prostitute scandal and then a month later an arrest of a menendez intern was delayed after his reelection. it was an illegal immigrant and registered sex offender. then the f.b.i. raided the office of a menendez donor who was allegedly involved with prostitutes to the senator. tonight we have the cold, hard proof as we compare media coverage for men then december prostitution allegations to the scandals of disgraced politicians, larry craig and mark foley. but first, the menendez office has released an official statement the f.b.i. raid saying, quote. the doctor has been a political supporter of menendez for many
12:27 am
years. the senator has traveled on his plane on three occasions that has been paid for and reported appropriately. this is manufactured by a ring wing blog and are false. in reaction is -- the reaction. >> right now they are allegations. they should be treated as such. there is no evidence so far that he has done anything wrong. i also want to add as far as the double standard is concerned. i think anthony weiner would disagree with you. he was raked over the coals. he is a democrat. wall to wall coverage of anthony weiner. >> sean: that is true. what a dope. what an arrogant guy. let me ask you this question. do you have any evidence that larry craig did anything wrong by toe tapping in bathroom at an
12:28 am
airport. >> everybody in d.c. knew about larry craig and his extracurricular activities. >> is there any evidence of the toe tapping. i don't know the guy. >> inside baseball but people knew where he was going in his spare time. >> sean: the menendez prostitution, zero stories in the main networks. cbs, abc, nbc, five newspaper headlines across the u.s. including local papers. now let's go to the larry craig toe tapping story, there is no evidence on that you point out. he denied it. i don't know what happened. i wasn't in the next stall. >> thank god. >> sean: 107 tv stories, 105 newspaper headlines as you can see across the country. mark foley, 42 tv stories, 117
12:29 am
newspaper headlines across u.s. newspapers. >> you know what, i think we're missing the bigger picture here. we've got the media that pretty much put this under the rug but it is the irs everybody. how would you like to owe $11 million to the irs and yet be on what you see open he donating to schumer, hillary's campaign, he has been donating since 1998 and been a top major donor for everyone to see because all this is published. how would you like to owe that to the irs, have a private plane going around flying... how can he get away with that. i can tell talking about whatever, i think the irs would come after me guns blazing. i think the biggest deal is looking at not only the media that pushes it but the irs....
12:30 am
>> sean: $11 million the guy owes, he has private plane and he is not paying his tax bill. is that an issue. >> that is an issue. if the doctor has done something wrong, he should be prosecuted. >> sean: private plane and flying a senate around. >> i don't know, you tell me. >> sean: if i didn't pay mine i would be handcuffed. >> he was raided by the f.b.i. so obviously he is not getting away with anything. >> sean: i wanting back to larry craig story. everybody knew. wait a minute. that sounds like, i don't know. until somebody is proven guilty, wait a minute, we have the presumption of innocence. what is the difference in this case, maybe it is true or maybe not. the media decided to discover
12:31 am
the toe tapping but the guy that owes the irs $11 million and is flying the senator around. >> who else has been flying on dr. melvin's plane. maybe the media doesn't want to touch it. he is a very big large donor to the democrats. >> i wouldn't compare menendez story with larry craig because the allegation is true they are more akin to david vitter who is serving in congress and admitted seeing prostitutes. prostitution is legal in dominican republic. >> sean: actually it's legal in parts of the united states. >> he admitted it. >> sean: let's back to to this, the toe tapping, i'm sorry.
12:32 am
there is a double standard. >> you say it's funny and you are laughing. you like the media, you know the media likes anything salacious and sexy. >> you are laughing now. >> it wasn't sexy enough. he may not have been with a legal prostitute. >> if you say that prostitution is legal in the dominican republic, then why did menendez stiff the prostitute. he didn't even pay her. >> these are allegations. no, but in all seriousness, if he did something wrong, he broke the law. i'll be the first one to come show and say he broke the law and he needs to be prosecuted. >> sean: all right. he did, that is the point. you are making my point.
12:33 am
i'm losing all control. bad situation. just gotten a whole lot worse. american made f-16s have been transferred to the radical government in egypt. defense minister has announced that his country is on the verge of collapse. where are those deadly jets, where are they going to end up? in the hands of a radical islamist. michelle malkin will answer the question and log on to our companion site, hannity live, share your thoughts on the latest sex scandal. latest sex scandal. go to hannity live [ male announcer ] red lobster is hitting the streets
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12:38 am
the brink of collapse. violent protests continue at this hour all across the country as citizens fight in the street against the egyptian president mohammed morsi. since arab spring ended, protests have been the norm. they refuse his consolidation of power and morsi's own aides say the end is near. ongoing conflict among the various political forces may lead to the collapse of the state and threaten the future of our coming generations. morsi and muslim bro hood is going to fall, who is going to vil the vacuum? here is contributeder, michelle malkin. wlblg back. >> thanks for having me back. >> sean: let's start with the developments here. how wrong this president has been and how wrong so many have been about what is going to happen with the arab spring.
12:39 am
this couldn't turn out any worse. now, we are giving them the jets and abrams tanks. who is going to have control of them soon? >> it's very worrisome when you consider the vacuum and my heart goes out to the true freedom fighters. secular activists the young people in the egypt who had so much hope. we are past the second anniversary. the arab spring. for americans we also remember this is the secondly anniversary of obama basking in all of the things for his purported role in ushering this great new era of freedom. look at it. we have got looting. violence, police brutality. hostage situations. the crushing of political dissent. new dictator looks like a lot like the old dictator and we are subsidizing and the white house is mum about the suffering of
12:40 am
egyptians who were supposed to be better off. >> sean: and constitution based in sharia is what he implementing. a guy that ran muslim brotherhood, we are giving him jets and tanks and $1.5 billion in aid and called israeli appes. here is what his top aide said.
12:41 am
>> sean: so that is what morsi himself said. he said u.s. intelligence operatives and allied nations in world war ii, to destroy the opponents to justify war and massive destruction against -- >> sean: he is like mahmoud ahmadinejad? >> that is right. you and several others warned about being careful in getting what you wanted and what obama wanted obviously is this. this muslim brotherhood, anti-semite, murderer and crusher of basic personal
12:42 am
liberties now ho knows we pretty much know all the arms and airplanes that we are sending him the billions of dollars in foreign aid is going to do. these people have always been for the establishment of an islamic group and response from the young freedom fighters could be any better put. a sign that we featured at my twitter site earlier this week. sign said in english, it was as message to the world and obama in particular. it said, quote, you can look it up, obama, you jerk. the muslim brotherhood is killing egyptians. why isn't this cry being heard around the world? >> sean: it's really dangerous part of this. they are on the british of collapse. we know now their radical vice. anti-semitic and anti-american. the question is why?
12:43 am
why can we see this ahead of time and not obama? why seeing a collapses we don't know who is going to be charge, why give them f-16s, why? what is he thinking? >> look, there are only two logical answers. one is, one, willful blindness. a willful and deliberate denial of reality. two, some sort of tacit wish or hope for the exact consequence we end up with. either way, it's sickening and disgusting and horrible position for america to be in. every single member of this administration should answer for it. when journalists have one of those rare opportunities to grill either president obama or hillary clinton or any member who is responsible for our foreign policy, they should stick it to them. this is blood on our hands. >> sean: michelle malkin, this is not going to end well. it is going to end very badly. it already is ending badly.
12:44 am
this is the height of irresponsibility. good to see you. >> you too. >> sean: still ahead, the president claims to be an avid skeet shooter but will he accept the challenge of a republican congresswoman saying she can beat him. and does guess tinge hated speech that comes from the radio airwaves, all liberals and includes one idiotic one left wing host that my listeners abuse wives and children. i'll respond to that and more as we continue. >> they should be run over by a semi. >> these are the ones who beat their children. they listen as limbaugh and hannity and rest of them put hannity and rest of them put these subtle messages to all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two.
12:45 am
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>>. >> sean: welcome back to hannity. we know the left wingers love to go on television and spew their hate but liberal garbage that is being broadcast is just as bad on the radio airwaves. none other than the brian maloney, welcome back. >> i can't tell you how
12:49 am
difficult it is to get this through the media filter, that would never want to admit their ideals are beat on hate. height speech and what america to think it comes from the right. we have the evidence it comes from the left. >> sean: let's start. saying that me and rush and our listeners beat their wives. really? roll the tape. >> now, from these right wing [ bleep ], these tea baggers, these people whose faces i would just like to see run over by a semi -- >> sean: wow, run over by a semi. that might hurt.
12:50 am
>> this is about dehumanizing people like you and rush and other conservative commentators. but the rhetoric now is heating up. >> sean: then we got our good friend, stephanie miller. she is blaming talk radio conservatives, fox news, people want to actually protect their homes. meanwhile, we have a lot of crime in the country. watch this. >> sean: home invasions, rape, robbery, murder, things are really happen. look at the murder rate in
12:51 am
chicago. >> they are marginalizing anybody that believes in the second amendment. they are all in the extreme fringe. >> sean: now we have crazy eddie schultz. he is a congressman that says republicans are like suicide bombers. imagine if we said this about any democrat.
12:52 am
>> sean: what do you say to that? a member of congress, any republican says this, what happens? >> you are really getting it right there. this is a member of congress, his rhetoric is more extreme than crazy eddie. who by the way, i think he is more like sylvester the cat. [ laughter ] >> sean: back to malloy, john mccain spent six years of his life in a pow camp tortured. this is what he says here.
12:53 am
>> sean: not worth answering, is it? all right. good to see you. thanks. >> coming up next, the challenge has it been accepted. a g.o.p. congresswoman says she has what it takes to
12:54 am
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>>. >> sean: you wouldn't know it by looking at obama's anti-gun record but our commander in chief is claiming to be the
12:58 am
sport man. he was asked whether or not he has ever fired a gun. his response, quote, yes, in fact, at camp david, we do mosquito shooting all the time. really? -- sweet shooting all the time. we see his friends shooting hoops, we have never seen him shooting a firearm. now, i'm not the only one that finds that unusual. tennessee congresswoman marsha blackburn is about his new founded enthusiasm to skeet shooting and he has issued a challenge. first here is congresswoman. >> if he a skeet shooter why have we not seen photos. why has he not referenced it at any point in time. we have had a gun debate that is ongoing, you would have thought it would have been a point of reference. i tell what i do think. i think he should invite me to
12:59 am
camp david and we'll go skeet shooting and i'll beat him. >> sean: he is the guy that keeps claiming he


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