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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 9, 2013 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> thanks, tom. thanks jedediah, bill schulz, tucker carlson. that does it for me. i'm andy levy. see you monday. coast. we are here for you throughout the night. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i believe i heard you saying. >> yes i, did. >> did you say [bleep] me? >> bill: reacting to gross disrespect angry florida judge sentenced 18-year-old to 30 days in jail for cursing him. now there is a new turn in this case. we'll tell you all about it. >> we believe dorner shot and killed monica quan and keith lawrence while they sat in a vehicle in a parking structure. >> former l.a. police officer murders three innocent people and some folks are on the internet are actually applauding that. a shocking situation which geraldo will analyze.
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>> this is just another hack who wants 5 minutes on tv. he should shut up. >> bill: new jersey governor fed up, so to speak with people talking about his weight. gutfeld and mcguirk will weigh in. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. as we reported earlier this week 18 pen nuclearelope soto cd out a judge during a hear. >> did you say that [bleep] to me. >> yes, sir. >> you did say that? >> yes, sir. >> i i i find you in direct contempt 30 days in the county jail. >> she was taken to the turner correctional center where she has been for the past four
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days. now there is a new twist to the case and we will get to that in a moment. the actions of ms. soto clear disrespect for the judicial system now epidemic of disrespect in america. some of you agree. some of you don't. i think my case is getting stronger. we're following the terrible murder spree of los angeles police officer christopher dorner fired from his job. he has killed three innocent people in southern california. on the net? thousands of people are actually applauding dorner. calling him a hero for standing up against whatever. it simply is madness. stuff like that is happening all over cyberspace. also earlier this week we told you the new york stock exchange city public school system has changed its disciplinary code regarding cursing at a teacher. the combination of poor parenting, coward public education and no standards at all on the net have created a
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perfect storm of disrespect. this is going to be a major issue in the u.s.a. going forward there is entire generation of younger americans who simply don't care about tradition, about authority, about acting in an appropriate manner. these people will pay a price nor that disrespectful point of view. under the obama administration will also pay a price. we will be supporting many of those misguided young people who can't prosper in the marketplace. that's the memo. this afternoon she appeared again before the judge. ms. soto apologized to him. her attorney saying she was under the influence of drugs and her remarks were inappropriate. here is how the judge replied today. >>
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i think the judge watched my talking points memo earlier this week. we are thinking around the same thing there. the judge then vacated the jail sentence and if ms. soto can post $5,000 bond she can get out. joining us from los angeles, trial attorney. and from kansas city lawyer and psychologist. dr. russell, begin with you what do you think about this case in general? >> i liked it the way the judge had it, bill. consequences are key. way too many young people being spared. way too many consequences and way too many actions. really rare in life that we actually help people long-term
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by sparing them consequences of their actions. in fact, bill, that is much more the cause of our violence problem in our society than guns or lack of mental healthcare. >> the judge was compassionate. made his point. she served four days in jail. i would have done the same thing. you are saying dr. russell you would not have done the same thing you? would have let her stay in there for 30? >> you are really not going to bet me a dinner that this woman is going to clean up her act and not be back on drugs and back in trouble inside of a year? >> bill: as an officer of the court i think he has to show some compassion. i would have done that because the woman had no prior if the woman had a prior i would have kept her in. how do you see it. >> i say kudos to the judge. i certainly do not condone this girl's behavior. clearly she disrespected the
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court. clearly no excuse for what she did. i agree with you i agree with the judge. >> he went way too far. i appreciate the fact that he took a step back and realized that he was not doing the right thing. >> bill: what would you have given this woman if you were the judge in that courtroom and she said f you to you. >> i have been in hundreds of courtroom. >> bill: you are in the courtroom and you are the judge and she says f you that's what. >> that's criminal contempt and i would have given her an admonition and i would have warned her. >> bill: admonition. >> absolutely. >> bill: would have you yelled at her or would you have scolded her o, an admonition that's pretty frightening? i mean, come on. >> i would have certainly given her an admonition and let you know that you -- you have to give her a warning. >> bill: why? i wouldn't have given her a warning. i would have given her two weeks of community service. all right, let's get to the
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bigger picture here. the judge, his statement to her and, again, you know, i just have the feeling he saw my talking points memo on tuesday because that's what i'm saying the culture here for those under the age a of 30. blank you, i'm going to do what i want dr. russell, as a psychologist i'm sure you are seeing that. >> absolutely. we have way too many young people, bill. going through life thinking of themselves as something lancasterer than themselves. they are going through life thinking like it's their own personal biopic in which they're the star and everybody else is just extra. social media doesn't help. >> bill: they encourage it. >> it would be. >> bill: one-on-one thing there is no community in the social media i have got to ask you this.
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new york city public school system says you can say f you in the classroom in front of all of those kids not get suspended. stay in that classroom and you might get an admonition. do you think that's a good policy? that's a little bit different. we need to give more power to the teachers. we need to -- >> bill: if you were the head of the school district here in new york city. the kid curses out a teacher, you suspend the kid? >> i would suspend the kid. cursing at a teacher is not acceptable. not like throwing them into jail. bill? >> bill: you made me so happy. >> i'm glad to hear that, bill. >> bill: next on the run down, president obama wants a far, far left woman to run the commerce department. it's actually shocking. lou dobbs on that. later jersey
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>> bill: lowe's the boss segment tonight. gas prices rapidly rising again. president obama's pick for new commerce secretary penny billionaire heiress to the hyatt hotel. she has supported liberal causes for decades, foundation bearing the pritsker has given millions of dollars to the radical left. she has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the democratic party. this woman is off the chart left, right? >> that's one of her appeals for this administration. >> bill: let's not be cynical about it tell me what the commerce secretary does. >> the commerce secretary right now is supposed to be leading, you know, activities like creating jobs, pushing international trade. but there have been three acting secretaries of commerce during the obama
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administration only 2 confirmed secretaries of commerce. so it's it not a major priority. >> all right. but i don't think the secretary of commerce does anything certainly hasn't done much lately because there isn't one. >> bill: they don't do anything. oversight? >> it is, as you would infer, it's a little patronage. we are hearing very clearly that the president can't find anybody to take the job. i don't buy that penny is going to take this job. this is an accomplished business woman. she is an important community figure in chicago. and she has got bigger fish to fry. >> bill: she is really far left person. >> no question about it. >> bill: she is not going to look out for me or you or anybody else. she is going to push a very left wing agenda on to the commerce department. >> which is probably going to be pretty concern that the of the president himself. >> that brings back to initial
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comment she doesn't care anymore. going to appoint these people. >> if he can find one. >> channeling his inner martin van buren. you know the master. king of patronage. he is channeling martin to appoint people, pay back time, right? >> absolutely. >> penny raised $745 million for him and the democratic party. that's pretty impressive. >> chair woman of the 2008 campaign. she was brilliant. she stepped back a little for 2012. >> bill: i shouldn't be worried about this? i don't want to have to demonstrate in front of the commerce department mainly because i don't even know where it. >> that would be appropriate. i want to make you a guarantee. if penny does become commerce secretary, she will not move this president any more to the left. >> bill: all right. good. i know you are going to apologize to the oil company. no truth that he was baptized
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oil. >> crude oil. >> bill: once again the folks getting hosed and it's going -- why is it going up now? >> it's going up because the refineries are shutting down. >> bill: the refineries again. what happened to them? did a duck get in there? what happened? >> some of the refineries in this country are antiquated. >> bill: antiquated. >> we are getting -- it's time for maintenance. >> bill: maintenance. >> and we're getting ready to make that conversion to summer fuels. >> bill: even you are laughing. even you know what a scam this is up and down. and not much down. up and up and up and down a little. oh, there is a hamster. there is a hamster in the maintenance place. come on, dobbs. you know what a con this is. >> a con is a strong word. it's a difficult market. >> bill: difficult market. >> adapt to changing circumstances. >> such a joke. aren't you ashamed? >> we ought to go after these oil companies. and make them be accountable.
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>> i'm so thrilled that somebody in this country is making money. >> bill: what about the folks that don't have any money. obama is taking more of their money and now pay more at the pump. what about the folks? >> here is the real good news? these oil companies are not taking gasoline prices above the peek of last year? in fact, we are going to see on average gasoline prices as projected by the energy information agency. >> bill: yeah. >> will be below peek. >> what you are geraldo on that l.a. cop turned serial killer. will mr. geraldo rivera run for the senate from new jersey. somebody has to. and then, some big name rock
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stars are becoming very important to the democratic party. ♪ ♪ i was born in the u.s.a. >> bill: yes, you were, bruce. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: will mr. geraldo rivera run for the senate for new jersey even as senator menendez from the garden state continues to have problems? first the story of christopher dorner who this week murdered three people in southern california. what about this guy? exl.a. cop, got a beef lost his job take it away. >> 33-year-old christopher donner. a man who since 2008 when he
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was fired mur nurturing this festering hatred of the l.a.p.d. who he believes was responsible for rail roading him out of the force. he complained that a fellow officer had kicked a person, police brutality. the charge proved false. he was fired for making the false accusation. and since 2008, his military career in the united states ended on february 1st, he has been building toward this volcanic explosion. so his first homicide, he pledges not only to kill the cops for responsible for his firing but because he will never have any children donner says, he is going to kill the children of the cops spans cybil. indeed his first homicide he killed the daughter of the chinese american l.a.p.d. captain who represented him monica kwan and her fiance. >> bill: she is totally innocent and this guy does
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this stuff. >> it's horrible. >> you are on the radio in los angeles today, right? rivera has a national radio program now. all right? and the callers are making excuses for this guy? >> it is amazing to me. the switch board first of all, bill was flooded at talk radio 1790. everybody after giving lip service and it really was a passing reference to the horrible nature of the murder like michelle quan's homicide and the other, you know, the -- her fiance that homicide. then there is a dramatic but. but the l.a.p.d. is guilty of police brutality. but the l.a.p.d. is guilty of racism, but the man has a lot of substance read in that manifesto that bizarre 6,000 word posting on facebook. you have to listen. it is as if rodney king from a decade ago happened yesterday. >> bill: rodney king didn't do anything other than destroy himself. this is disturbing but it is part of the pattern we talked about at the beginning of the broadcast, the disrespect that
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people feel now for their institutions, the traditions and they just are going crazy and this internet is driving this. be that as it may. >> you can't be blind to the racial aspect of this black people one way to him and white people another. >> bill: i don't care what color you are. i used to live in new jersey. geraldo lives over there now. >> move back. >> bill: a lot of people moving out since they heard you might run for the senate. you have seen the traffic jams going into pennsylvania? [ laughter ] >> bill: you know, delaware, they want out of there. come on, you can't be running for office, rivera. >> well, i'm not running yet, bill as you know. >> bill: they will fire you here if you do that. >> i am seriously considering a run for the united states senate either frank lautenberg the 85-year-old five year incumbent senator wonderful fellow or cory booker the 43-year-old mayor of newark who is vying with lautenberg.
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>> he can't run again he is 8, heland be 95. is he done. booker, that's, you know, somebody who is involved with the politics of the democratic party. and he would be tough to beat in jersey. >> he would be tough to beat. any democrat would be tough to beat. >> bill: have to get down and dirty. >> there hasn't been a republican senator from the great state of new jersey since 1972. clifford case. clifford case, senator case is a man, a republican whose politics were much like mine. much like christie whitman the republican governor of new jersey. much like chris christie the current governor of new jersey, not dogmatic, not scolding. not you can't have the right to have an abortion. you can't get married if you are gay. if you are immigrant. >> bill: basically what you say is you don't have any principles? anything goes? >> i am not a scold. i am not in your face. >> bill: you are a libertarian republican. >> i'm a pro-business. >> bill: right. >> i believe the debt and deficit are crucial issues. that's why i am a republican. but the republican party has
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evolved. >> bill: i want you to announce on this program so we can have security remove you from the building at the same time. grab. >> i don't want to give a stump speech there is a fascinating argument to be made for a new kind of republican. someone who is not dogmatic and new jersey the kind of state. >> bill: run and we will see what happens. >> thank you. >> bill: menendez is through. >> junior senator. >> bill: he has done -- too much shady stuff with this doctor. i don't know what he did in the dominican republic and we'll find out what he did. even if he didn't do anything there. too much shady stuff with this doctor. he is now lost credibility. menendez has. and if he is forced resign, which i believe he may be. then christie is going to appoint a republican to take 34eus his place and there will be a special election, right? >> he would probably, i would guess appoint the man who lost in the race. if i were chris christie. >> bill: then there would be a special election. >> yes.
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menendez has two problems. one quickly is the minor problem is whether or not he used prostitutes in the dominican republic and you will see either that is true or it is not true. melgen this fellow that you had on the screen there eye surgeon a multimillionaire who is not only in trouble with the irs. his office was raided. owes $10 million in back taxes. also the biggest contributor to menendez. >> bill: you know it's dirty. >> menendez got melgen eye surgeon into a sweetheart deal with a former associate of menendez. >> bill: this is dirty. >> did he cross the line? >> bill: yes. >> between helping his donor or doing something illegal? the senate ethics committee is reviewing. >> bill: as far as i know menendez is toast. >> i wouldn't go that far at all. let the process play out. >> bill: now you are a politician so you can't go that far. there is geraldo, everybody. >> let the facts fall where
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they may. >> bill: you have got to trim the mustache if you run. [ laughter ] >> bill: some big name rock stars like bruce springsteen, james taylor and jay-z becoming very important to the democratic party. we will tell you why. then, what about this photo showing president obama skeet shooting? gutfeld and mcguirk have some thoughts. we hope you stay tuned to
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, there is no
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question that the pop music industry is helping the democratic party big time. in the last presidential election bruce springsteen jay-z, mariah carey all either gave big money to the democrats or actually campaigned for the president. the pop world has lost some luster in america as radio stations are now fragmented. but still a very powerful industry. earlier this week i talked with tommy matollah former ceo of sony music written a new hit called hit maker, the man and his music. >> so i want to get some insight into the minds of these top performers. bruce springsteen middle class becomes a giant liberal guy. big fundraising guy for the president. very outspoken. >> i tend to think that mothers of the artists look at these things these days through those lenz. >> >> guy like elvis traditional
4:33 am
guy. then the 60's came and everything changed. >> music industry has never gotten away from that. >> it's been part of the tag of the culture. i think along with the music came a lot of the parties and the rock and roll part and all the things you have heard about and read about whether it's the rolling stones or lots of those things that people have heard about. >> bill: these people are all crazy. they are all nuts. i mean, michael jackson kills himself, right? elvis pretty much killed himself. janice joplin, jim morrison, the list is endless, jimmy hendrix. they never seem to learn. >> it's hard to predict to say what goes on inside the minds of an artist but that's what makes them an artist. that sense of creativity. that thing that makes them particular is probably the very thing that pushes them to the extremes that sometimes can cause, you know, fatalities and things that, you know, that end up not being good. >> bill: what was the most
4:34 am
dynamic talent that you saw? because you basically are a guy who is looking for the next big thing in rock. >> when i came to sony i signed mariah carey >> i had the chance to work with michael jackson who was as brilliant as they come. ♪ because this is thriller, thriller night. >> bill: you couldn't get through to him on the social level though? >> it wasn't my job to get through to him. my job was to get the best possible music that he could make and that i could sell for him. that was really what my role was. >> bill: was that a difficult process? >> it wasn't easy. it could take years sometimes. >> bill: years? >> it's like any artist. you can paint many canvass but then you may labor over one canvas that could take forever. >> bill: i'm an artist and i do this every day and guy home. [ laughter ] because if i'm laboring over the canvas, the show doesn't get on the air. >> i should be managing you. >> bill: you discovered mariah carey and actually married her. >> we signed her when she was
4:35 am
19 years old. she catapulted to super stardom very quickly. by the time she was 21 she won two grammys, and then continued a path of having number one records, 17 number one records in a row. >> bill: then it all blows up. she has to reinvent herself ♪ ♪ >> bill: beyonce lip sinks -- synchs the national anthem. >> no big deal. the technical aspects of whatever it goes on in washington, d.c. makes it very difficult for people to sing. she probably made the call this is going to be best suited for what i'm going to do. but beyonce is one of the greatest singers and talents in the world ♪ i will be your body girl ♪ calling all my girls. >> bill: two more questions for me the best rock person ever elvis. stage presence, command. >> everything. everything that he did. >> bill: do you agree with me
4:36 am
the best? >> 100%. ♪ that's all right momma ♪ that's all right. >> it was riveting for me and it made me want to do what i ended up doing. >> bill: beatles, obviously the most successful group of all time. [cheers] >> something else there. do you know what it is? >> it was a catalyst of fashion and music and the drug culture and everything that was going on at the time. and they represented that. >> bill: did they do anything themselves? the four of them? >> um-huh. >> bill: to be considered the greatest rock group, pop group of all time? or as you say, did they just hit it right? >> i think the combination of both. ♪ we can work it out ♪ we can work it out. >> and i think it was the perfect timing and then there was a consistency of what they did when they were together. >> bill: you know what's fascinating because billy joel is a friend of mine. we were both brought up in lovitt town as you know. all of them have a run of hits
4:37 am
that they hear in their mind. billy told me i hear it in my mind and then it stops. >> there is a burst of energy that comes when your dreams andl the aspirations that you think about are there. it's different after you've done it. it changes. >> bill: all right. mr. mottola thanks for coming. in we appreciate it fascinating book. while we are on the subject of performing i want to thank everybody in denver and kansas city after one day bolder fresh herb tour in those cities more than 50% sold out. denver june 21st at the buel. kansas city the next night. midland theater. also see you in l.a. big show march 1st. d.c. april 26th. west bury long island. details on bill o' gutfeld mcguirk on chris christie fed up. pun intended. people talking about his weight. weight. the boys dead ahead. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ]
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the what the heck just happened segment tonight, four topics, four. here now. i want you to react react involving new jersey governor chris christie. >> i worry that he may have a heart attack. he may have a stroke. it's almost like a time bomb waiting to to happen. >> i find it fascinating that a doctor in arizona who has
4:42 am
never met me, never examined me. never reviewed my medical history or records knows nothing about my family history could make a diagnosis from 2400 miles away. she must be a genius. if she wants to get on a plane and come here to new jersey and ask me if she wants to examine me and review my medical history. i will have a conversation with her about that until that time she should shut up. >> okay, gutfeld. >> i'm more worried about those weird heads growing out of his shoulders. >> those are people around him. >> those are people? weight is not a problem with christie it's its weird obsession with bruce springsteen. listen to the spice girls. i don't want skinny christie. fat christie. a skinny chris is like a humble o'reilly you don't buy it don't medical professionals no matter if they live in idaho have a responsibility to kind of steer people into
4:43 am
healthy behavior and using chris christie as an example. i think that's what the doctor was doing. >> well, yeah. i don't think so as you pointed out he is running against hillary clinton. governor christie has done for the fat man what governor white has done for old ladies. he has made them cool. on letterman fat, funny. effective. this can't possibly be sitting well with the hillary camp. they trot out this doctor who used to work. >> bill: you think it's political thing. >> she used to work at the clinton white house. she no doubt administered a lot of penicillin and not a lot of truth serum for world. dropping dead and going to get a stroke. >> bill: you think this was orchestrated. >> not tough love, political. that's why he reacted as angry as did he. >> that's a little conspiratorial torl. >> personally selected this woman as his physician at the white house. >> she said.
4:44 am
>> bill: he was a little pudgy at the time too. >> better back then. >> fog about betty white, on monday, did i talking points memo that objected to the taco bell super bowl ad because i felt it gheend older people. roll the tape ♪ ♪ singing in spanish] >> bill: am i crazy, mcguirk or what? >> well, listen, bill, first of all, the old people of today are not the greatest generation. what we have today the old people are the baby boomers. this is like a saturday night at the villages, i think. you know,. >> bill: the villages, big factor fans here. >> watch out. >> i love them. >> skyrocketing.
4:45 am
>> bill: that's a myth. >> you compare them to the japanese treat their elderly. >> bill: they revere their elderly in japan and taco bell would have been burned to the ground in japan. >> that's because they are elderly small, smile a lot and bow a lot and only speak when spoken to. our old people they are popping off all the time. >> bill: your description sounds like gutfeld. small. [ laughter ] smiles a lot. only speaks when spoken to. do you think this is. >> offensive? >> i don't need to see granny with a tramp stamp. this is the problem with the ear wrath the cool. attention-seeking behavior now trumps wisdom and morality. five years it won't matter. next taco bell commercial will be mandarin. i blame cacoon. the devil with steve guteenberg. >> bill: this is serious question forgive me for asking it. i don't think that's going to sell one taco. >> not at all.
4:46 am
>> 3.8 million, more than 7 million for 60 second spot. who going to buy this taco. >> old people wouldn't last three weeks. >> >> bill: if they eat the taco they will die immediately so much fat in there. >> do you know what sells tacos? >> being drunk. >> bill: being drunk sells taco. >> we are going to hold the boys over and i can't explain why. >> president obama skeet shooting. that should be interesting to sear what they have to say about that bill o' poll question involving the taco bell super bowl ad. did you find it insulting to seniors or was it perfectly fine? all right? this is a very close poll, i will give you the results on monday. the factor will be back in a moment.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. what the heck just happened. some conservative pundits have had a lot of fun with this picture. it shows president obama skeet shooting. the president says he likes to do that. and if the president likes to do that. he can do it. once again, gutfeld and mcguirk. you say, gutfeld? >> that picture is so nerdy he makes screech look like dirty harry. the real scandal here is that no woman looked at that picture. if the first lady had seen it or it daughters had seen it they would have stopped it. >> bill: why? >> if the jeans gotten any higher the but button fly. >> bill: don't see the picture. >> in that picture you don't. the jeans are extremely high. that's sack clij when you are sacrilege. >> you are not saying hygiene factor. >> i said that his jeans were high. >> bill: did you notice. >> other photos i have seen he has the quote unquote mom jean type things going.
4:51 am
>> i did find it remarkable ear mufflers enough to cover his own. i don't doubt the authenticity of this photo. what is laughable is that jay carney cited this as an example of he doesn't hate guns or doesn't want to take away your guns. like when bill clinton released a photo lee enski thing of him holding hands with hillary on the beach doesn't hold true. >> bill: this is god's honest truth when i first saw this photo i thought this was a brochure for welcome to chicago. you know what i'm talking about. >> absolutely. >> bill: that's what it was. visit the windy city. everybody else has guns, why not you? >> except for the trees, absolutely. >> bill: they have nice parks there he is not shooting any human beings. shooting at skeet, right? or clay. >> skeet is what they call fnc fans. >> >> bill: do you want to explain that? >> that he is shooting at fnc fans. >> bill: i see.
4:52 am
>> disengenius governor christie releasing him on a tread treadmill with a head band. >> bill: we will see that soon i'm sure. love land. second grader, parents say he was suspended for doing this. this motion. all right? wait, wait. this motion. all right? and the school authorities thought he was throwing a hand grenade. how you can roll the tape. >> i pretended i have something in high hand. i pretended the box and there is something shaking in it and i -- and it go -- i just can't believe i got dispended. >> neither can i. it's suspended. the school says hey, that's not what happened. >> oh o, god. >> bill: the school said he was little alex was throwing rocks, real rocks. >> is that what they said? >> i was unaware of that kids these days they can curse in school. god for bid a kid simulates a military. >> bill: he has a little
4:53 am
military jacket along with the jeans. >> i actually have the same size. he was doing his own version of caution. he wasn't doing. caution. [ laughter ] >> you have entered the playground. the thing is though these violent pretend games have to stop. we have to replace these games with softer things. instead of cops and robbers, folk singers and yoga instructures. instead of cowboys and indians community organizers and transgendered activists. teach these kids to feel and to care. >> bill: i believe this kid probably was throwing rocks. in 3rd grade sal mow dika he hit me with a rock and i still have the scar. nothing happened to sal. nothing happened. they suspended me for whining about it. >> he doesn't have a show. >> bill: that's true. i overcame that it took me 18 years of therapy. if you throw a rock you can't be throwing the rocks. >>s that not cool. >> different than asimulating. >> bill: if you want to throw a hand grenade you just transfer to a school in iran. all right?
4:54 am
that's what you do. we will get you right over there i don't buy the story. i think the school probably saw him throwing rocks. his parents, of course, don't want to upset little alex. they do this and alex himself kind of played into it. i liked the line about the caution. you are about to enter the no spin playground. that was very good. >> thank you. once in a while i get one. >> bill: can we cut that out? >> yes, edit it out. >> bill: gutfeld and mcguirk, everybody, there they're. really no excuse. factor tip of the day what to do when attacked by a giant whale. of course, we have all been through that the tip 60 seconds away.
4:55 am
>> bill: factor tip of the day, confronting giant whales, a problem many of us have in a moment. first go-to for nifty items, and of course my
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best-selling books. check it all out on all the proceeds i get from the website go-to charity. now the mail. bob, costa rica, bill, tony bennett speaks his mind and it upsets you? his opinion was look sid and shared by millions. actually, a bid unfair to mr. bennett because i did not point that he served in world war ii and saw action in europe. but what he said was historically inaccurate, and i called him on it. and that's my job. terry king, williamsburg, virginia. bill, you're wrong about gun registration. it's none of the government's business what guns i own. public safety trumps privacy, terry. that's the debate. according to recent quinnipiac polls 69% of americans now support gun registration. that number obviously includes many gun owners. registration will make it a lot easier to prosecute criminals who possess unregistered guns.
4:57 am
virginia, vero beach, florida. bill, why would anyone need a weapon that kill 30 people in 60 seconds? >> i have an article on about that. check it out. priscilla, glenwood, maryland, i did not enjoy "watters world" tonight. we see too much nudity as it is. we don't need to see it on "the factor." everything was covered here, priscilla. another one, that was jesse's best segment, with revealing moments, and those looking to stay abreast of the news. i knew it. haley, pompano beach, florida. mr. o, you're right about the internet and damage being done. i'm 17. can't have a conversation with someone my age without them checking for a text or facebook. it is very frustrating. carl, north plat, nebraska. i'm 17 and there's not a place i
4:58 am
can go in my high school where kids are not on the phone. it's out of control, carl and haley. that's for sure. out of control. finally tonight, "the factory" tip of the day. lohawaii is a great place to vacation. recently a couple from arizona went on a kayak ride and got a little surprise. >> right below us. >> ahh! >> wow. >> big whale. look at that. now also notice the woman. she's not wearing a life jacket. that's a felony on the water. as a former water safety instructor, i can authoritiatively say wear your jacket when you go into deep water on anything. do we all understand? life jackets are mandatory. makes it harder for the whale to swallow you.
4:59 am
jonah wishes he had a life jacket. "factor" tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out it out fox news "factor" website, different from also, we'd like to you spout off about "the factor" anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, don't be gauche when writing to the factor. not a good thing. so now i have to go home. it's going to take me three days. i may not be here on monday. once it starts to snow, everybody in new york city panics. in boston they can handle it. can't handle it here. d.c., they can't handle it. a lot of panicking, but i'll make it. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember tha


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