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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 23, 2013 4:00am-5:00am EST

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"the o'reilly factor" from arizona is on. tonight -- >> every day i can hear my daughter calling out and there was nothing that i could do. the repeat offender had control over her. >> the father of nine-year-old jessica licenseford who was raped and murdered in florida testifies before the colorado legislature. but mark lunsford by crazen politicians. we'll show you what happened and mr. lunsford will be here. >> i come to the conclusion that the accuse will be released on bail. accused murderer oscar pistorius
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gets a break today in south africa. geraldo has the latest on this very troubling story. >> thank you for everything you've done and for helping my career. >> and that alabama woman the center of a controversy over her looks. >> what a beautiful woman, wow. >> thanks to sportscaster, who was criticized for praising her. gutfeld and mcquirk will way in. >> caution, you are about enter the no spin zone from phoenix. "the factor" begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from phoenix, arizona. thanks for watching us. is the usa really becoming a nation that embraces barbarism? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we reported earlier this week, a number of judges and politicians are doing things that harm defenseless children
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and babies in the womb. to me as an american that, is unacceptable. if you're going to hurt children, i am going to come after you. as you may know, the factor has long advocated for jessica's law. back in 2005, nine-year-old jessica lunsford brutally raped and murdered in florida by a convicted sex offender named john cuey who never should have been out on the street. the justice department in florida allowed him to escape a fair punishment for his past deeds. after that murder, florida, texas and a number of other states quickly passed laws that sentenced child rapists to prison for decades, sometimes even for life. but some states were resistant. so we began to move. "the factor"'s campaign proved to be very effective, with 43 states eventually passing some version of jessica's law. just this month the two holdouts, new jersey and idaho, have begun to come around.
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february 12 in boise, a bill was introduced that would give child rapists an idaho a minimum of sentence of 25 years. we expect the good people of idaho to demand their politicians pass that bill. governor otter told us he will sign it. in new jersey, the state assembly voted yesterday 77-0 to pass jessica's law. we believe the senate will go along and governor christie has told us he will sign that bill. so that leaves just five states that continue to refuse to protect their children. they are hawaii, colorado, new york state, illinois, and vermont. it's a hopeless situation. it's run by far left zealots who couldn't care less about children. i feel sorry for the good people of vermont. their state has been flooded by outsiders who can now vote, turning the green mountain state into a secular paradise. hawaii is similar. about as far left as you can get. in fact, in the aloha state,
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they have tougher laws protecting animals than protecting children. it is absolutely disgraceful. in colorado, we have yet another troubling situation. this man, colorado house speaker, is doing everything he can to make sure jessica's law does not pass. he has been invited on this broadcast, but is too cowardly to come o. he is a true villain. just to show you how sleazy this guy is, a version of jessica's law was recently introduced into the colorado legislature. but this speaker sent it to the veterans and military affairs committee because he knew that committee would kill the bill. which it did. now, i lived in colorado for two years. it's a beautiful state. but like vermont, it has changed
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drastically because outsiders have moved in. but the good people of colorado, the good people should now rise up against their corrupt state legislature. right now if you rape a child in colorado, you could be sentenced to four years in prison! that's just horrifying! now to the judges. the reason we have to have jessica's law is that a few, and mine that -- a few american judges do not see the sexual exploitation of children as a serious problem. we saw that in vermont. and in new jersey, we made a major case out of the supreme court there failing to take any action at all against a woman who ingested cocaine two days before giving birth! the five jersey justices basically telling the world the garden state will not protect babies in the womb. again, unacceptable!
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but perhaps the most egregious situation is the one in new york state. governor andrew cuomo will not get behind jessica's law. we've tried for months to get his attention on the issue. he refuses to do anything. however, if you look at cuomo's resume, that's not surprising. does not seem to care about the safety of children. in fact, he's behind a proposed new law that would allow abortions in new york state to people any time for pretty much any reason. cuomo wants to decriminalize all abortion activity. that means if a 12-year-old girl goes in for an abortion, the state of new york will not investigate how the girl got pregnant. obviously a 12-year-old seeking an abortion has been the victim of statutory rape! cuomo doesn't care. now, what can you do?
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well, you can contact governor cuomo and ask him not to pursue the extreme abortion measure. also to get behind jessica's law. if you're go to, we have all the information for you. duke it on the net, and you can tell him that his behavior toward children is barbaric because it is. again, the information to contact governor andrew cuomo is on as a roman catholic, cuomo should know better. if there is indeed a judgment day, he better bring a good lawyer. talking points is not like to pinpoint americans in this way. i have nothing against cuomo or speaker in colorado. but i do not want my country to be a place of barbarism and i will fight against that. there comes a point where all good citizens must stand up for
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the most defenseless among us. and that's a memo. when we come back, we will talk to jessica lunsford's father mark who talked in colorado but was ignored by the legislature. later, lou dobbs on why facebook paid no income tax last year. also geraldo on the blade runner murder case. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: continuing with our lead story is america becoming a barbaric place? because it's not protecting the kids. as mentioned, colorado has killed jessica's law, but not before the politicians out there heard this from jessica lunsford's father. >> every day i could hear my daughter calling to help her and
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every day it was nothing that i could do to help her. a repeat offender had control over her and over me. >> bill: despite his passion, colorado will not enact the law. he joins us from tampa. also with us from colorado springs, libby, the colorado state representative who introduced jessica's law. let's cut to the chase here. why does colorado in the legislature, not the folks, but the legislature, why don't they want to protect the children? >> you know, mr. o'reilley, the reasoning hyped it was that we have strict enough laws and as you earlier stated, that some of these child rapists can receive just four years. so i have to believe that they would rather protect the victim than our poor defenseless children from the predators that
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are after them. >> bill: okay. but there has got to be a reason for this. now this speaker, he is the first openly gay house speaker in colorado. he was a fervent gay marriage person. he objected when gay marriage was first tabled because they sent it into the sane committee to kill it that he sent jessica's law in. all that true so far? >> so far you're correct. >> bill: all right. so this guy doesn't want tougher mandatory sentences. have you talked to him about it? has he said anything to the press about why not? >> you know, i don't know that the press in colorado, they covered this issue very well on my side of the issue and on mr. lunsford's side of the issue. but i don't believe he was willing to speak to them because obviously he's protecting somebody. obviously the victims hold more
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credence with him -- not the victim, the perpetrators hold more credence with him than the child victims do. >> bill: yeah, but there has got to be a reason why. and you should next time you see him, you should ask him. we'll ask him, too. i mean, he doesn't want to come on, but that doesn't mean we're not going to be able to ask him. >> i will. >> bill: i'm going to hold this guy personally responsible. yeah, i am gog hold him personally responsible. >> you should. >> bill: mr. lunsford, go to colorado. you've a florida guy. do you this all over the country and do you it very well. and you talk to them and anybody is going to respond to you. but they ignore what you say. were you surprised by that? >> i was very surprised that colorado sent it to the veteran affairs committee. i was astonished that they immediately voted no so quickly. you know, it's very heartfelt for me because this is an opportunity for them to put the worst of the worst away.
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they say the word about consentual sex and romeo and juliet, then don't charge them with jesse's law. charge them with something else. jesse's law -- >> bill: the prosecutor has the discretion in all of the jessica's law legislation across the country, there is prosecute torial discretion. that's just an excuse. now did you talk to anybody, mark, that said to you, listen, i'm real sorry for your daughter, but i'm not going to support the law. did anybody be up front to you out there? >> no. no. they didn't. i did have one person come to me and says that, you know, that he was sorry, but we already have tough laws and my response to him was, well, if you had tough laws, why are your repeat offenders repeating their offenses? >> bill: as she pointed out, four years is not tough and you know, look, there are different places in different counties,
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you're in bolder county, that's different from colorado springs. we understand that. but you've got to have a uniform law. when you see a guy like mr. lunsford who worked with the factor factor all over the country, and as we said, we got 45 states, with idaho and jersey falling into line. 45 out of 50. and your state, colorado, that's a mainstream state. that's not hawaii. that's not vermont. i mean, it's changed there, but you're not crazy there. i think -- why aren't folks getting more upset about this? >> you know, i believe the people of colorado, the good people of colorado want this law passed. most of them said to me as i told them i was running this bill, oh, we don't already have jessica's law? and i told them no. we're one of, at that time -- >> bill: they don't know. >> yeah. now we're one in five states. and they said oh, the bill will be a no brainer. and i mentioned, i thought that was until speaker ferrandino put into the state military veterans
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affairs -- >> bill: that's why this guy is a villain. but the governor hasn't gotten behind it, has he? >> no, he hasn't. and i know that you have been on his case about that and he -- >> bill: i got to tell you, he's too busy legalizing marijuana. you guys are too busy utilizing pot. you can't protect the kids. you have got to get the pot! there is the priority in the mile high city of denver. all right, mark, look, we'll get it done, man. we're not going to give up on this. i think the people in colorado are going to rise up against their legislature. i'll give you the last word if you want to talk directly to the folks in colorado, do so now. >> i just think the people of colorado, you really need to start rattling some cages. now is the time. you're hearing about it. do something about it. don't politic our kids. don't debate their safety. save them.
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thank you, bill, for your add secretary city for the last seven years. >> bill: all right. any time i can help, you know we're here. thank you both. directly ahead, as we continue from phoenix, arizona, facebook paying no income tax at all in 2012. saving the company $3.2 billion! how to cost that happen? lou dobbs will tell us next
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>> bill: lieu is the boss segment. president obama and the far left continue to demand more tax increases on the affluent and corporations. but not all corporations. facebook actually did not pay any income tax in 2012, saving the company $3.2 billion in taxes. by the way, facebook donated
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$100,000 to the president's campaign last year. joining us from our new york city studio, fox business anchor lou dobbs. so lou, very simply, so even i can understand it, how could facebook not pay any income tax? >> they did so by following the law. and the fact is that the law says that they can write off their losses of previous years before they went public and they went public last year and the biggest technology ipo in history. and that gave them the opportunity to earn $1.1 billion and write off those losses and as a result, get a $429 million refund. i know you're going to be thrilled with that. >> bill: all right. so let me try to clarify this. when facebook began, zuckerman, that's the guy?
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>> right. >> zuckerberg. >> bill: he gets all of these people to invest in his company. >> right. >> bill: but it doesn't make a profit, as most companies don't make a profit right off the bat. he's got to build an infrastructure and market his products. he's going to do whatever mark zuckerberg does. and so his accountants and they're pinheads, you know that. >> of course. >> bill: they are adding up all of the losses from the facebook launch. >> yes. >> bill: then they carry them over from year to year. >> yeah. they carry it back two years to pick up those losses and apply that and thereby reduce their tax liability, reducing it to the point they had a $429 million tax refund last year, the year of their ipo, and by the way, you're going to love this, they have now a carry forward, the remaining losses, they'll be able to carry forward and apply to their earnings and revenues -- >> bill: even though they're
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making money now, even though they're making money now, they can still carry those start-up losses all the way through until they run out? >> that's right. >> bill: now. is there anything wrong with that? i mean, is that the loophole the president wants to close or is that just fair business? >> it's fair business, in fact. and whether the president wants to close it or not, there are lots of other loopholes, if you will that need to be closed before this one. again, as we look at the law itself, the ability to write that off -- by the way, the outfit citizens for tax justice is the one who started the furor over this. not me. and that's a left wing outfit. i truly believe it works because think about this, 3500 employees, bill, at facebook, 1,000 of them are millionaires now. he made 1,000 folks millionaires with his idea, his entrepreneurial gene genius and
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all of that money we're talk being that facebook is a corporation didn't pay is being paid by those individual beneficiaries of entrepreneurial capitalism success in this country. >> bill: all right. i get it. so the facebook millionaires were given in bonus newests facebook stock at a very cheap price and when it went public, they all got a lot of money. i got it. and then the second thing is that if you didn't have this law, it would be much hard tore start any business because people are going to say, listen, i know i'm going to lose for the first tie years a gazillion dollars and it's got to come off what i make -- >> the effect of this bill is it sort of evens the playing field. big established companies can crush a small company. this gives those small entrepreneurial start-ups the opportunity to grow and to be
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profitable and to then be paying taxes. >> bill: all right. real quick, next week is the last week to stop the budget cuts that kick in on march 1. do you think they're going to stop them? >> i do. the reason i do is because there has to be a certain amount of gamesmanship and anybody who would come up with a super committee, the sequester idea, this is a nonsensical structure. if these guys really believed in this, and really had political courage, they might go forward. neither party, neither this president nor the republican leadership has demonstrated the courage to, well, create what may be a result that costs a million jobs -- >> bill: you think there will be a last minute extension or something? >> yeah. absolutely. >> bill: okay. because they have to come back from vacation. you know it's a vital issue that they took the week off. >> exactly. >> bill: lou dobbs, you and i, we don't do that stuff.
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>> no. >> bill: we're always here. day in, day out. all right. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening from arizona. geraldo on the blade runner murder case in south africa that's becoming a huge world wide scandal. then gut felt and mcgirk on bad parents. are they rising? are there more bad parents here? also on the alabama woman on the musberger case. she's not only thanking him. we hope you stay tuned for those reports
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>> bill: friday with geraldo segment. oscar pistorius accused of killing his model girlfriend in south africa granted bail today. just over $100,000. his next hearing is set for june. men people like megyn kelly believe mr. pistorius may beat the rap because of the chaos in the south african justice system. joining us from new york city, attorney and fox news anchor geraldo rivera. and you say about this case? >> i don't think it will be determined by the chaos in the south african system and granted, there are, you know, it's a much more violent country than the united states. the courts are, you know, often disrupted. there are very few of these murder cases cleared. but this is different. think o. j. simpson here, bill. this is one of the most beloved figures in south africa. he may be after nelson mandela, the second most beloved person in that country. a hero to south africans, he
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brought world renown to the disabled, showed what they can accomplish. so here is this endearing person who, in a rage, the state says, on valentine's day, because reeva, his girlfriend, was going to leave him, follows her into the bathroom. she locks herself in terror. shoots through the door four times, killing her after an hour of really contentious arguing, heard by the neighbors. so here is what happened. now you have this beloved figure. he is facing a daunting case the state has presented. it seems a slam dunk. but guess what? now you have the facts and circumstances as the prosecution described them about hot blade runner, you know, puts on his prosthetic devices, gets the gun and goes to the door where she is cowering and unplugs it. this is the facts and
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circumstances as the state describes it. pistorius, through a very clever attorney and a sworn statement made by the defendant in this case says wait a second, that shouting you heard was me shouting because there was an intruder coming into my house. i went to close the shutters to my bedroom room, i thought i was closing the shutters. i hear a noise in the bathroom. i say to myself, aha, the intruder that i suspected is now in my bathroom. i grab the gun. i don't even have time to put on my prosthetic devices. i get to the bathroom and i shoot the intruder. then i go back into the bedroom and i find oh, my god! my reeva is not in bed. i thought she was in bed. did i kill reeva in then he gets his cricket bat, busts in the door and discovers her. it is a long shot, very remotely plausible, alternative scenario, but it has just enough credence,
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bill, that i think he will beat the rap, not completely. but it will not be premeditated murder. it will be what they call culpable homicide, what we would call criminally negligent homicide and he will serve for killing this beautiful 29-year-old reality show contestant and a bombshell by every measure. he will get low single digits in prison if that, when this case does go to trial. >> bill: wow. that's shocking. now, south africa has only 11% murder conviction rate. 11%. that 49% in the usa. 56% in england. why is south africa unable to convict killers? >> well, the situation -- look at the situation in this country. i think most fairly, compare it to detroit, new orleans, camden, trenton, newark, chicago, the urban centers in this country
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where you have minorities killing each other. in south africa, which is an overwhelmingly african -- african black country, poor country, you have many of these crimes committed at the street level. witnesses unreliable. there are a justice system impossibly burdened. but that is not this. this is a case with -- inform this is huge. >> tried its boast put its best face forward, knowing that the world's press was obsessed with every detail. >> bill: if this guy gets five years for killing this woman, south africa -- >> three years for killing her. >> bill: that would just be -- >> why do you think he got bail? look, here is a guy, so he's not a flight risk, which is what bail is generally granted. he's not a danger to others, they argue. but in a murder one case, in the
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civilized world. >> bill: very low. >> the south african system is not that different from ours. it has never, ever granted bail. never granted for premeditated murder. here it is granted largely because the voice, the magistrate was hearing was the fans out there. >> bill: maybe, but it was also a crime of passion and it wasn't -- i'm not going to say it was premeditated, but it was a crime of passion. but he did it and he's lying about it. there was no intruder. geraldo rivera, thanks very much. when we come back, are american parents worse today than they were 25 years ago? if so, why? gutfeld and mcgirk moments away
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly reporting from phoenix, arizona tonight. and in the what the heck just happened segment, kind of a serious subject for gutfeld and mcgirk. as mentioned in the talking points, a new jersey woman got away with ingesting cocaine two days before giving birth. all over the country, foster homes are filled with abused children. estimated close to 700,000 american kids were abused or neglected in 2011. those are the latest stats. question is, are parents today worse than they were, say, 25 years ago? joining us from new york city,
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bernard mcgirk and greg gutfeld. >> i think we're going to hell in a courtroom. we're living in a relativistic society if you want to distinguish between right and wrong, that is seen as mean. and being mean these days is wrong. so that's why you don't spank your kids. you can't punish them and the adults are always seen as the aggressors and the kids are the smart ones. this is a shame. the fact is these legal advocates hailed this decision. it was like a big triumph for pregnant cocaine users. this is supposed to be a great thing. >> bill: well, there is a couple of things in play. a lot of the judges see drug addicts now as victims of a disease and no matter what they do, you can't hold them accountable, all right? but in your case, gutfeld, why has parenting changed, or the attitude thwarted? what has changed it? >> well, i think it used to be admired, but i think the nuclear
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family is seen as a nuclear option. it's no longer seen as something great or grand to actually create something. i'm a hypocrite, i don't have kids. i will one kay, i think. maybe it's not a good idea. but anyway, now adays, i just think it's not seen as anything special. >> bill: all right. mcgirk, you were raised in an irish catholic home as was i. and you were raised on long island, right? >> in the south bronks actually. >> bill: in the bronks. okay. so working people, ethnic people, religious people, and everybody pretty much was parented the same way. got out of line u got a whack and there was some crazy parents, but there was a uniformity toward it in america. now, did they go overboard these parents? sure. i think. i never hit my kids, ever. i mean, i can control them and get my lessons across without physical. >> well you're pretty scary. >> bill: i am scary guy.
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but what has happened, though, that has led american parenting down this permissive road? >> a few things. becoming more and more obvious we live in a stupid, hedonistic, selfish, narcissistic immediate gratification kind of society and dan quayle allude to do it, got vilified for the single mom thing and president obama finally got around to it about a week or two ago. that's a factor. and these dopes in the entertainment culture, these dopey reality shows that perpetuate all these trends that i just mentioned, the kim kardashians and the snookis are having kids. these are the famous for sex tapes and they're getting drunk and exposing their privates in public, they're having kids now, too. all of these things, social media and of course, the parents want to be friends with the kids. they don't want to actually discipline the kids. my mom used to drink a pint of
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jamison every day when she was pregnant. but she didn't let me get out of line. she knew that i wasn't her drinking buddy. so that's why i turned out okay. >> bill: that's debatable, mcgirk. >> i'm conflicted as a good catholic about this whole birth control thing, you know. on the one hand, should these people be having kids? on the other hand, my beliefs say birth control and things like that are a bad thing. and by the way, what did you give up for lent as good catholic yourself? >> bill: not to get too far out, i gave you were actually what i'm trying to do is one kindness, random kindness a day, which i'm failing at. >> that will never happen. >> arthel: i gave up peep shows. >> bill: listen to this. in south glenn falls, new york, 16-year-old kid has a birthday party. his mother throws it for him. judy vigor, 33 years old. now, 16-year-old kid, judy vigor is 33. do the math. >> right. >> bill: there is judy.
4:45 am
80 people invited. she invites strippers, two strippers she hires for her 16-year-old birthday. i mean, this is insane! >> who gets a lap dance in front of their mother? maybe if she works there, but then just wait 'til the shift is over. and who has strippers at a bowling alley? that's sacred. bowling alleys are for bowling alleys. >> bill: and the cops charged this woman, all right, with endangering the welfare of a child. but when you see things like this, i moon, you just go to yourself, what -- how could you possibly do this, because you have to think this out. this isn't a spur of the moment. hey, there is two strippers, come on in and bowl a few games and do your thing. this is we call the agency, they come down. my kid is 16, i got 80 other people there. >> if it he was like a guy stripper on 14-year-old girls, those strippers would have been arrested and they should have been. >> bill: all right. we're going to have more with gutfeld and mcgirk and i
4:46 am
apologize in advance. also don't forget gutfeld has a special red eye edition tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. on saturday. then "the factor" tip of the day, what you can do this weekend to help your country. we'll be right back
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, we continue now with gutfeld and mcgirk from new york city. of course, you guys remember brent musberger saying this. >> you see that lovely lady there? she does go to auburn, but she also, miss alabama. that's a.j. mccarron's girlfriend. you quarterback, you get all the good looking woman. what a beautiful woman. wow. >> brett musberger, thank you for everything you've done and for helping my career and
4:50 am
helping me make a new life for myself. >> yeah. >> bill: what do you think of that, mcgirk? you had the women's rights people, i don't know who they are, i don't know who was criticizing musberger. espn apologized. he didn't. it's all a mess. and you say? >> first of all, the apology was pitiful. that was a disgrace. this is about double standards. the old broads on "the view" can perv over chany tatum and bill clinton and jack nicholson, he can go out and w a 25 -- but this corny white guy, musberger, pays the girl a compliment and they turn him into the old actor fred willard in a hollywood movie theater doing you know what. it was a disgraceful episode and she should give him a commission, you know, of whatever she's making right now because yes, he propelled her
4:51 am
into -- >> bill: certainly that catapulted her. she's a model, i guess, and now she's making a lot more money than she did. you see it gutfeld which way is this. >> i'm really, really happy for her. when i broke up with her in 2005, she was never the same. i'm glad she's bounced back. she's met somebody new. i know it's been hard to find the same kind of quality that you could get in a man like me, but she seems -- she still looks pretty good. >> bill: gutfeld, this is a personal question, you don't have to answer it. but when you were dancing with katherine webb, where exactly did you come up to her? >> oh! i have special shoes. >> bill: lacey shoes? >> i just climb on. >> the beer on the head joke. >> bill: all right. this is my favorite story of the week. university of missouri, the
4:52 am
tigers. they have 42 holidays on their university calendar. okay? jewish holidays, they have 11. christian holidays, they have seven. wiccan and pagan holidays, they have eight. eight! and on those holidays, you can't do anything. you get no tests. you get off. all of that. wiccan and pagan holidays, eight! mcgirk, i know you celebrate each and every one of them. >> i do. but i don't want my father to find this out. listen, nobody's religion holds up under a tough scrutiny, including my own. that's for sure. and i mean, you can worship cows and suck on maple tree twigs if you want to go to heaven and that's fine. we should tolerate it. but the same deference should be shown to my religion, catholic church and the christianity, which is not really the case, bill. >> bill: you got seven. university of missouri got seven. but the wiccans and pagans got
4:53 am
eight. now, gutfeld, i don't see anything wrong with this as long as the university is up front. this is a movement and there are wiccans and witches and they do what they do. this is america. i'm not outraged. >> i'm a class 3 warlock, which means i can turn people into frogs, see piers morgan. i think wiccans that i've met are extremely nice people, unlike some more extreme religions. they don't try to kill you. they don't fly plane noose buildings. they actually -- they don't get out on the street and preach at you. >> bill: that's right, i should have asked -- they got to have a few muslims on this calendar, too. i forgot to ask. let me see here. no. i don't have it. >> as long as they use their holidays wisely, no evil spells. only good ones. >> i like that. >> bill: as long as there is no damage done. >> yeah. >> bill: and the kids, you know, the wiccans have a right to go into spring -- if you're a
4:54 am
wiccan, where do you go on spring break? salem, massachusetts? where do you go? what do you do? >> i would sit alone in a room and cry. i watch reruns of "saved by the bell." >> bill: the reason we're here in arizona is a big bolder fresher show tonight, sold out. biggest crowd in the theater district. >> i've never heard about that. >> bill: beautiful day out here. on deck, factor tip of the day. what you can do for your country this weekend. in 60 seconds away
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>> factor tip of the day. how you can help your country this weekend in a moment. first, big reaction to wattors world. an illegal immigrant threatening to call the police on a u.s. citizen? only in america.
4:56 am
and john crespo, new jersey, the president's uncle, tabloid television, shame on you, o'reilly. >> for exposing the obama's uncle living here illegally and nothing done about it. i can't imagine if a republican president was in that position. >> o'reilly, if you have a problem with his uncle's nondeportation, take it up with the president. watteres looked like a jerk confronting the uncle. >> oregon, i he retired from the law enforcement officer with the u.s. forest service that is part of the agriculture department, waste of taxpayer money is criminal. >> port angelus, washington. the training the usda provides is not the same as the private sector. i do cultural sensitivity training, but i do not denigrate the u.s. government.
4:57 am
victor, mexico city. the diversity trainer says it's not hokey, he's seditious. i bought by husband tyler a ticket to the bolder fresher show, he never misses the factor. and see you march 1st at nokia theater. >> maria brookfield, illinois. and i know the tickets to the bolder and fresher shows make nice father's day gift. what about mother's day? great maria, no spin moms love the show. the reason i said great father's day gift, wesbury long island, kansas city shows are all around father's day. and simple solutions for teachers. and sentence them to the same as the male teacher would get. and staysty weller, mckinney
4:58 am
texas, sexual relationships between teachers and students are definitely on the rise because the caliber of teachers has drastically declined. i'm a teacher and see it every day. >> judy fleischman. thank you for writing killing lincoln and killing kennedy. a new interest, in history and sadly lacking in our country and i appreciate that very much, judy. if you guys buy any of my books on bill o' you get copies of the declaration of independence, free of charge, you can frame them up. great. >> and finally tonight the factor tip of the day. now, as i said earlier this week, the way many americans treat the elderly in this country is flat-out wrong. as you may know, in countries like japan, senior citizens are respected and revered. and here many older folks are ignored or even worse, put into facilities that could not care less about them. it's heart breaking.
4:59 am
so, let's all do this this weekend. all of us. pick out a senior citizen whom you admire, know and admire, send that person out of the blue some flowers, a gift basket, something like that. it doesn't have to be big. and just give them a nice surprise. sign your name, with a nice note. want to do something to make america a better place? there you go. factor tip of the day. and that's it for us tonight. from arizona, please check out the fox news factor website, different from and spout off from anywhere in the world. and name and town, word of the day do not be a visi


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