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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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is coming out of that. >> neil: there were a number of heroes. good reminders. we're going to be hearing 8:00 p.m. from dick grags so, the man that ran the stock exchange and security advisor, bob mcfarland, live tonight on fbn. it's an act of terror, we will find who harmed our citizens and bring them to justice. >> eric: i wanted to thank you for joining us on the special edition of the five. i'm eric boling. the governor and others will
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brief us shortly and we'll keep our camera on that and bring you the updated as soon as it starts. president obama for the first time called the attack terror. we'll also dig into the details of the devastating bomb blasts, heroic efforts of first responders, runners and bystanders and how this tough city and great country move forward after this cowardly act. bill hemmer has been on the scene and joins us. what the latest? >> reporter: good evening to you from massachusetts general. the surgeons came out about 90 minutes ago and one of the updates is truly stunning. they say they do not expected any of the patients here to lose any life. that is what they described as the good news. then they talked about people patients earlier today that came out of sedation that had their legs amp updated.
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they said they were happy to be alive. that is what is happening to the hospital. we move into the investigation, the forensics is the heart of this. what was the bomb made of. what did it do when it was detonated? what was sent out that injured and killed three people here in boston? that is an investigation that is ongoing. i know you will talk a little more about that with jennifer in a moment. there were no other unexploded devices found. that was not true as reported late last night. no additional threats in the area and still no one is in custody that is considered to be a suspect. >> kimberly: the police commissioner said it's most complex crime scene in the history. department. they are gack information and gather cellphone videos and that type of thing to engage the public to recover some of that. >> reporter: i find it remarkable. during the briefing today.
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we're awaiting on the f.b.i. in a couple of minutes. the briefing earlier today when they appealed at least half a dozen times, openly and publicly for the public's help. if you have a picture, if you you have video. they wanted to talk to you. if you have seen anything, they wanted your information. i thought it was telling because they were so public and outward with this. they were at the airport at logan international asking people that had flown on the race to show it to police before they got on the planes. >> bob: can you give us an update on the saudi student and they looked in his apartment and there was an interview by his roommate. they were in there for four or five hours. do you anything more about that? >> reporter: i can tell you this. he is not a suspect.
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he is 20 years old from saudi arabia near meca. he is here studying english. he was living in a suburb and he was in the hospital with burns. he cave consent for police to go into his apartment. they did and came out 2:00 in the morning with large bags of evidence, but we don't believe the evidence will find the person responsible. >> eric: the governor and others are going to speak. >> dana: i'm going to pass to greg. >> greg: we talked about cameras that belonged to the runners. what about street cameras and cameras in the hotels. i get the impression we're constantly being under watch. is the gathering of that evidence making any progress here? >> reporter: it is our understanding there is
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substantial photographic evidence at the finish line. this is the square here and lack of a better phrase, it's not what they consider downtown boston but it's really the heart of city. there were cameras set up there. they were established there. we believe there will be photographic evidence, but will it lead to finding the bomber or bombers? at this point, we don't know. >> eric: give us a sense what is going on there. how are the people, have they brushed this off or knee deep in this? >> they want to find who is responsible for this. it's remarkable to listen to the people of the community talk. their hearts go out to the victims but this was the boston marathon. this is patriots day in boston, massachusetts. they have taken this very personal. to a person that i speak to here in boston, they will tell you they'll find a person. it's just a question of when.
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this was something that shot right three this town. it's something that forever has changed this race. i bet a year from now, it's a good chance people will come back to the race with more vigor than ever before to make sure they get a shot to participate. >> dana: i wonder if you are hearing any chart about any tips that were phoned in before the terrorist act, the key is the intel. from what i've read and seen, there doesn't seem to be any. >> reporter: you are right about that. there has been no reported chatter prior to the bombing. what is intriguing, though, is with cellphones. if it was a cellphone that help detonate the two devices, what they will try to do is pinpoint the exact moment the explosions happened and think will trace cellphones to try to figure out
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if it lead them back to the bomber. they are working as fast and as best they can. at the moment and maybe the news changes in a briefing in a moment, there is nothing public to go on, but they believe it will lead those to those responsible. >> eric: we're looking at the podium and governor patrick and boston police department and u.s. attorney, homeland security is there. we're going to take that as soon as it starts speaking. thank you. ghrd envy everyone. thank you for coming. we are going to brief on the investigation and what i would loosely describe or term the recovery.
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we're going to hear from the f.b.i. rick deluria and the mayor and i have a couple follow-on comments with respect to the recovery. any of us are available to take questions from any of you. let me start with special agent. thank you very much, good afternoon. i'm special agent in charge of boston division. let me recap our investigative efforts. yesterday at this time our collaborative efforts were focused on saving lives and treating the injured. at the same time resources were directed to ensure the safety of our community. as soon as that was completed, first responders focused on establishing a criminal investigation. the f.b.i.'s boston joint terrorism task force composed of 30 state and federal agencies,
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massachusetts state police, atf, si responded to the scene. many have them were there as part of the general security for the marathon already in place. the first step law enforcement took was to secure the physical area around the blast for the purpose of preserving evidence in the area related to the devices itself. this morning, the f.b.i. along with boston pd, massachusetts state police and atf begin it's recovery effort at the site. their goal was to recover physical items related to the blast. those items have been recovered and sent to the f.b.i.'s laboratory. they are specialized exertion will reconstruct the devices and determine the makeup and components. among items partially recovered are pieces of black nylon which could be from a backpack that look like bbs and nails possibly
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contained in a appreciate cooker device. we are going to quantico, virginia for a complete analysis. it was determined both of the explosives were placed in a dark-colored nylon nylon bag. the bag would have been heavy because of components in it. it's difficult to determine specific components used until we can eliminate other factors. in fact, we won't know with some certainty until the laboratory completes the final review. away from the scene yesterday afternoon, the jttf begin an investigation. immediately after the bombing the f.b.i. initiated a command post. those on assigned to intelligence analysts and personnel from other government associated with jttf and including boston police, more
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than 1,000 law enforcement officers across many agencies have been assigned to this investigation. they begin can vags go sources. reviewing government and public source databases and conducting interviews with eyewitnesses and others to determine who is responsible for this crime. we are doing this methodically, carefully and yet with a sense of urgency. all across the nation and around the world, the force of the united states is working hard to locate those responsible. already the f.b.i. has received more than 2,000 tips as of noon today. many of which have been reviewed analyzed and vetted. we will continue to work around the clock tirelessly with our partners to continue to investigate and act on these leads. regarding who might be suspected of this event, the investigation is in its infancy. as law enforcement it's our responsibility to thoroughly review each and every piece of
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evidence. some of our activity you may see. some of it you won't. but rest assured we are working hard to get the answers. at this time there are no claims of responsibility. the range of suspects and motives remains wide open. importantly the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, co-worker or relative. we are asking anyone who may have heard someone speak about the marathon, or the date of april 15th that indicated that he or she may target the event to call us. someone knows who did this. cooperation from the community will play a crucial role in this investigation. we ask that businesses review and preserve video surveillance and other business records in their original form. we are asking the public to remain alert and alert us of the following activity. any individual who expressed a desire to target the marathon. suspicious interest in research
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how to create explosive devices. the noise of explosions in remote areas prior to yesterday which may have been used as tests by those responsible for these acts. someone who appeared to be carrying an unusually heavy dark-colored bag yesterday around the time of the blasted and in the vicinity of the blaflts. further substantive details that are appropriate for release, we will hold a press conference. tomorrow we plan to hold another press conference in the early afternoon. i want to thank the public for their tremendous support in this investigation. it is crucial to our ultimate success and i thank the residents of the city of boston, citizens of commonwealth of massachusetts for this information that has been provided to us. i also want to thank the westin hotel in allowing to use their facility. thank you very much.
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>> thank you for being here once again this afternoon. the investigation continues, and more victims are being identified, in true boston fashion, earlier today, we visited several of the victims of this tragedy. my hat goes out to them and their families during this very difficult time for them. i also wanted to talk about the police, the fire and ems and all those, the volunteers who reacted quickly during this time of tragedy also. because of the outpouring of help, one fund boston which is to collect money to help people that might need help during this time.
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go to that site and donate any resources you have. some of the folks have stepped up. so far, john hancock, larry and john and the boston foundation. they are out there to help. that is out boston comes together. because this tragedy is not going to stop boston. we are boston. we are one community, and we will not let terror fake us over. >> thank you very much, mr. mayor and thanks to all the attorneys and inaugural attorneys for the one fund boston and those that are will contribute. in the nature of contributions, lieutenant governor and i visited a couple of hospitals this afternoon, as well. one of the things that we had an opportunity to do is thank the extraordinary medical terms who have responded to the needs of people who were hurt. one of the things we learned is
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there a need for blood on a sustained basis. i want to make sure everybody understands this. do not go and make a donation today, but next week and the week after that, there will be an ongoing need for blood donations. members of the public who are following this announcements who are inclined and able to make blood donations at their local hospital or through the red cross, next week and the week after that our medical professionals anticipate a need. we are going to have an interfaith service at 11:00 on thursday morning. it will be held at cathedral of the holy cross in the south end. i'm very pleased that the president will join us for that to help us all heal. another point that i wanted to make before i open it up to questions. you've heard special agent and
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many others in law enforcement tell you what we can tell you about the ongoing investigation and the fact that there is not yet an identified suspect. these are times when all kinds of forces sometimes conspire to make people to start to think of categories of people in some uncharitable ways. this community will recover and heal if we turn to each other rather than on each other. one of the things we will emphasize by the interfaith service is we are one community. we are a all in this together and the sensitivity we show to each other as we heal will be an important part of how we heal. now, we're happy to take your questions. >> special agent, you said
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person and not persons. are you looking for one person? >> i believe i mentioned in my statement, we don't have a definitive information. it could be a person or persons. we haven't reached any conclusions. >> you run this event presumably year after year with sound security plan. can you talk about what happened this year, what went wrong, do you think these people have been planning this for many years? >> second part of that question will be answered by the investigation. there is a lot of work that needs to be done to determine.... >> eric: you are listening governor and f.b.i. 2,000 tips came in. no claims of responsibility. the president will visit boston on thursday. we're now going to -- okay, we're going to go to chris crystal campbell.
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we are not getting that. kimberly, you heard a lot there. >> kimberly: some of the things we were talking about as we were taking this in. first you heard the information from the field and the request forces all these cellphones. they clearly need information. >> this will be an interest gallon part of the investigation. >> did something go wrong with your plan? >> you know, this is is a soft target. so anybody can go into a church service and do this type of thing. when you have an event like this you can't lock it down like its military operation. it needs to be open to the public. by the virtue. type of event it is, it requires that we don't turn it into a police state. we struck the appropriate
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balance. we'll review all of that and come to some conclusions down the road. this investigation is our priority right now. >> you said two minutes ago about targeting groups unfairly. are you suggesting by targeting groups unfairly, are you suggesting that situation is in fact happening? >> no, we haven't had any complaints. u.s. attorney and i were talking about those concerns and wanted to remind people this is a time to show that sensitivity. >> can i ask a few questions, sir? was black nylon residue found around the bomb blast and what can you specifically tell us.... >> possibly a pressure cooker. >> black nylon bags as opposed
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to residue. >> and you said they were heavy. >> i can't characterize the specifics of that. we're postulating they needed to be heavy bags to carry the explosive devices inside of them. they would not be light bags. >> did it appear they were. [ inaudible ] >> i think that would be speculation before the review is complete. >> is there anything, did you find a circuit board or fragments that might be used as a detonation? >> the review is still going on and i wouldn't want to speculated. >> how common is it in this type of attack not for anybody to come forward? >> there is a variety of reasons why. this is a very complicated
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investigation. it's going to be pursued methodically, carefully, diligently and with a sense of urgency. we are barely 24 hours into this investigation. i would say this is still in early, early stages. that is the best way i can characterize that right now. >> have you issued guidelines with how to deal with this and are you going to do that.... >> one question, please. >> so, i don't plan to know the answer to the first question other than people along the route in preparation for
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specific events. in terms of how we go forward. we've had 116 years incident free marathons. every year we have learned from the last. this is painful and tragic lesson but we will learn from it as well and next year's marathon will be bigger and better. [ inaudible ] (question inaudible) >> we don't make estimates of crowds but tens of thousands of people are around the finish line and this group of people extends off and on for 26.2 miles. >> there has been a lot of work done. they are literally going over
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the crime scene with a fine-tooth comb. there is a lot of information coming from the evidence and from our analysis of the video. it's very early in the investigation as he said, quite clearly. this has to be a methodical investigation. it's not a rush to any particular end. we have to be very cautious here. >> sposh the special alleged, knowing what you know about the devices now, are these things that bomb-sniffing dogs could find? >> i couldn't speculated on that right now. >> we're in the process of going through the evidentiary review of the crime scene. that process is not completed yet. it is ongoing and i wouldn't want to speculate or characterize that anymore until that process is complete. >> mayor, do you know..., mayor, do you know anyone who was hurt and have you spoken to the families of anyone who has
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killed? >> yes, i visited some of the families this afternoon. they are very strong. they are victims. the family needed help. one lost legs and she had had a lot of courage. and we'll give all the help we can also medical and we'll there for them. those families are going through very difficult times right now. we as a city, we as individuals to have support them as best we can. >> do you notice -- know any of the families? >> i did. >> is there anything you can say about the people? >> when you get down to things like that it's very personal. you don't want to get into facts personally.
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>> as the governor said, we review each one of these events. at the end of our review last year, we determined that the crowds with larger than usual. so we put extra officers at the event, especially towards the end of the race and especially when the runners were first coming in. as i said, if you review the pictures and the videotape there was significant amount of police presence there. they are looking into the crowd which is what their job is. as i said, we talk to federal and state partners. there was no specific threat about this event. this was a standard threat picture after 9/11. we are very vil lent.
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we had teams of uncovered officers working the crowd at the end of the race which is standard procedure because of pick pockets that occur in that area. as well as our dogs that were all through the race. (question inaudible) >> do you know anything about that? >> no. >> there was a mention of circuit ri boards. is that something you wanted to
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share. >> i think circuit part i was talking about, i'm not prepared to speak about right now. going out to the community -- i can assure you the joint terrorism task force is doing that as we speak. >> whether it took a lot of planning to do this, they may have been planning for many years in doing this. >> again, it would be speculation on my part to speculate how much planning went into this. i do not want to provide you with anything that may be inaccurate information so i don't want to speculate
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commissioner advises me there is not enough work done right now to make a notification for next of kin for the third victim. >> can you be clear on how many you have found, one at each site can you be clear on that. two, what is that? >> i think pressure cookers, anybody that is familiar with those, it's relatively ordinary cooking devices. as far as precisely what evidence was found at what location, i wouldn't want to go into details of that right now. there are multiple pieces of evidence. it's an active crime scene as you might well imagine as the serious nature of this event. that analysis is going on right now. as i mentioned before, i wouldn't want to provide you with inaccurate information as to whether specific pieces of information at both crime scenes
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information that could possibly pressure cooker was found at the site. we putting that out into the public to generate lead information. >> when will the national guard be going. when they are not needed anymore. the job of the national guard is to secure the crime scene. the work of going through the crime scene continues. we're not going to rush that. that will involve some inconvenience to people, but i can't tell you when that work will be finished. other thing the national guard is doing is helping with the random bag checks. that will continue for the next day or so anyhow. we have had a tremendous outpouring of support from the public in terms of video that
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has been submitted to us. it that has been tremendous. we are analyzing that right now. taking a look at it. we are bringing specialists from quantico that a digital video analysis experts. we are bringing the best possible resources that the f.b.i. can bring to bear in that aspect of the investigation. >> it's various video submissions of the area around the crime scene or crime scenes that were taken around the time of the blast, before and afterwards. we encourage the public and business owners in that area to continue to submit this information. this is very important. we thank the citizens of boston for submitting this. >> can we hear from the atf, please, about what the potential explosive might be that was
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used. many witnesses are saying they smelled something like gun powder? >> yes, that is correct. that has been reported. a pipe smell but we're not prepared to go into specifics as to the blast scene. its fairly expansive large scene so we're being methodical in how we are processing it. we do know there has been some debris recovered from some of the rooftops nearby as well as some of the debris embedded in some of the buildings nearby. that gives you a scope of the power of the blast. you can see how it was so devastating. >> we're not prepared to get that specific yet. >> i want to ask a favor on behalf somebody i met this afternoon. lieutenant governor and i were over at tuft's medical center
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but one yong woman who is a northeastern student who is in the hospital because of a serious shrapnel wound around the site of the first blast. she was scared. she was carried i think by a firefighter, we think by a firefighter to the medical tent. really, she described it as had hysterical. there was a person who helped calm her down who she said, described as army sergeant, an afghanistan vet. i don't know whether he was assigned to the medical tent or like so many other people there and elsewhere in the commonwealth just jumped in to help. his name is tyler. that is all we know. tyler, and one of the things he said to calm her down was to show her his own shrapnel wound
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from when he was in afghanistan. victoria very much wants to thank tyler personally. so if tyler is out there and listening or reading your reports, we would love to hear from tyler so we can connect him to victoria. tyler can touch with us by dialing, 617-725-4000. thank you all for coming. >> eric: that was the press conference, that was the governor and mayor and boston police, homeland security and to summarize. no claims of responsibility. the range of suspect says wide open. president obama will travel to boston on thursday. earlier we were trying to get to a quick statement by patty campbell the mother of the
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29-year-old identified victim. fate campbell is the second one who was identified. take a listen to the mother moments ago >> everybody that knew her, loved her. she loved everybody. she was all smiles. i can't believe this has happened. she was hard worker and everything. it still doesn't make any sense. >> eric: that was patty campbell the mother of crystal campbell. >> bob: what struck me by the press conference, that is awfully difficult thing to follow the agony in her voice.
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i remember 9/11 when my kids were little and tried to explain to them why. i think millions of parents trying to explain their little kids why this happens. the question the mother said why? it sounds to me that either they got big news and holding it back or it sounds like to me they aren't very far in the investigation. what do you think? >> dana: a comment about the statements on the mother. critically important for us to listen to those stories because for the last 24 hours we've been getting the news and breakdown what we knew. it hasn't been as personal as watching her and understanding that some cowards, some terrorists targeted innocent people at one of the happiest times of their lives to inflict severe damage to america and all
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of our subconscious. what the government tried to do at the press conference and say, all right, we have a lot of different agencies involved. we are all working together. that is why you saw so many people behind the governor, they wanted to show unity. what i think they did not do, that is because they are bees transparent about it, they did not inspire confidence they had any clue how this happened. they didn't hear the chatter, i would be awfully surprised some big news back. i hope there are intelligence trails that they are using, but if you are in any major city right now and you have heightened terrorism alert, watching that press conference, i don't know if my government is able to protect me from whoever these terrorists are who would use us to achieve their political aims. that is the worst. you have to have the government calm people down.
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>> greg: when you hear that poor woman speak, you have to forget why this happened. you have to focus on who. screw rooted causes. the young boy that died in mother's grief, that creates all the focus you need. you have to get them and punish as harsh as possible, forget root causes. >> eric: so we do have bret baier? we have bret baier who is standing by and listening. he is going to give us update oat white house reaction to all this. >> bret: first of all, let me commented on what you have been talking about. you have an eight-year-old boy who was killed, martin richard, nine-year-old girl and ten-year-old boy among the 17 listed in critical condition. you have the trauma doctor at the boston children's hospital, an excellent children's hospital
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coming out and saying to reporters there how sick it was that he had to pull nails and metal shrapnel from little kids in surgery today. many little kids during efforts to save them. so just to add what you were saying. about the investigation, bob, i think you asked a critical question. whether they are holding back information or whether they don't have a lot of leads. when they are asking for anyone, someone knows something about this. somewhere knows something a who did this. they have a lot of tips. 2,000 since today and lots of video to go through. we don't know exactly what they have. we obviously know about these pressure cookers and that provides some evidence. we also know that pressure cookers have been used in
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previous bombings. the department of home la lajd security put out a warning about pressure cookers after the "new york times" bombing in 2010 for all agencies across the country saying that this is a rudimentary an i.d. e.and look out for anyone trying to purchase the pressure cooker. see it's on the side of the street because they could be used. this is not to say it's a foreign terrorist but because you caning on the internet and make one of these bombs very easily and be a domestic lone wolf just as easily someone tied to a foreign terrorist group can. >> kimberly: so a representative a republican he heads homeland security committee.
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he said they were similar to ides use in afghanistan and he said they still don't know if it is domestic or a foreign even if something that has from someone from the united states. >> you have an al-qaeda cookbooks in how to make bombs. this particular type of bomb was described in inspire magazine which is al-qaeda magazine how to make the bomb in kitchen of your mom was the title. essentially it's what al-qaeda has used and al-qaeda inspired groups have used in different incidents. they have used the shrapnel taped and glued to the side of the pressure cooker. they have used the exact same thing to have the explosive to do as much damage as possible to
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maim and kill as many people as possible in the vicinity. these particular explosives talking to intelligence officials and others here in washington were not huge. they were not massive explosives but they did cause damage and obviously three are dead. that number could rise since 17 are in critical condition. >> eric: the governor said that president obama will be visiting on boston on thursday. what do we expect to hear from him? >> it's an interfaith service. i expect we will hear from the president like in other services he has attended including tucson and others. the president is a consoler in chief. he does that job very well. many people have commented that he has comforted a lot of families in those situations. when you get to thursday and
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there isn't a lot of progress on this investigation or there really isn't anything that we're learning, it may be a little awkward as far as questions for investigators as the president is in town. he is there to comfort families and comforted for boston as it moves forward i'm sure from this moment. >> bob: it sounds like these explosives were detonated -- there is so many leg wounds here. they didn't have a large area of coverage of these things. they were on the ground obviously. during the press conference, the f.b.i. counterterrorism person said they were looking at fragments of evidence on roofs of buildings. how does that equate, do you think? >> bret: that is interesting. i don't know. i think one of the bombs was inside one of the buildings. 9 other one is believed to be in
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a trash can. they were both said to be in black nylon bags and in pressure cookers attached to wooden boards, a pressure cook other a timer, outside attached to this board was a bottle filled with nails or central nel ball bearings and bbs. there are traces of explosives where they traveled. how they got to the designation they were. the last spot the last spotted was believed to be in a trash can because those were most of the leg wounds and amputations, the people that lost limbs had to happen. >> dana: i wanted to ask you about the federal response. there is a overlap counterterrorism efforts helping
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state and local officials. in other cities where you see heightened terror alerts, do you have any reason to believe that there for us to be concern, like in chicago or anywhere else, what is the federal government saying about that? >> they are on heightened alert. you had the department homeland security secretary janet napolitano she did not believe the federal government did not believe that the boston incident was tied to a greater plot other than the boston incident. whether it has a bigger plot, in other words, tied to a bigger organization, they wouldn't say. whether it is foreign or domestic, federal officials would not say. as far as anything they've heard chatter wise intelligence wise, before or after, that is the real mystery here. they are not hearing much at all. that is a little bit unique.
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usually you have terrorist groups that claim responsibility. after the "new york times" new york times square bombing you had al-qaeda claiming right away. you have no one right now. sometimes that happens but it's pretty wear. they are not hearing any chatter. they didn't hear anything before. you heard in that press conference there wasn't a specific threat on a marathon. they had normal threat assessment heading into the race they aren't hearing anything from cellphones and radio traffic afterwards. >> eric: thanks a lot. now, we're going to head back to bill hemmer. we've heard from several people, law enforcement in boston. we find that no claims of responsibility, range of suspects wide open and president will travel there on thursday. are you surprised there is so little new information?
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>> reporter: i tell you, eric, we live in a 24-hour cable news world and filled with twitter and facebook and the internet. it's been 27 hours right about this moment here. it's only been 27 hours. the american people wanted it solved. the people of boston want answers. certainly the f.b.i. and the police working this story want it solved immediately. it does not appear to be the case at the moment. i thought one of more telling moments, when they lean on the public even harder what they described earlier. qtd for video and pictures. in this press conference they did not hold back. someone knows someone else that is preparing for a possible attack. they talked about recalling and jogging their memories if they heard noises of explosions that perhaps went off in a field or neighborhood nearby that would signal someone is getting ready for such an attack. they talked about jog your memory to see if someone was
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carrying a heavy bag. these are very overt and obvious appeals to the public to come forward with any bit of information that may be helpful. the one bit of positive news, i heard dana you made the comment there wasn't a lot of encouragement here, i thought the f.b.i. said toward the end about the amount of video that was supplied by the public, the video has been tremendous and flying in teams, some of them have already arrived, teams from quantico, virginia to go through the visuals. the video that has been supplied. everybody walks around with a camera now on their cellphone, in their pocket, in their purse and easily those cellphones can be converted into video cameras. whether or not those images can lead them in the right direction is something that we, the people of boston, is waiting on tonight. >> eric: that is the thing that troubles me. >> greg: we live in a world
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where everybody is an evidence checker and it could lead you towards a million blind alleys. it must be hard for authorities to figure out when there is so much of it. >> reporter: the way technology has advanced, in many ways they go to facial recognition, what is common in this image and they can put that in the computer and perhaps find and source the technology a quicker way to the end. you hope that is the case. you hope you are not gumming up the system but it's clear to everybody including myself they need as much help. >> kimberly: yesterday they seemed to have a focus on this potential person of interest that was in the hospital. given the fact they seem to be really doing a lot of outreach to the public perhaps that is going in a different direction,
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they might have thought they had the person involved? >> reporter: i recall my experience in new town, connecticut. >> eric: bill, i hate to do this.
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>> eric: back to the five. we're joined by a family, courted any gardner was three miles from the finish line when the bombs went off. her parents telling julie had flown in from oregon to watch her. now, julie i understand you were in between the two bombs. take us what you experienced? >> well, we were waiting for courtney to finish the last mile of the race. we were positioning ourselves, my husband and i decided we would separate. my sister-in-law went through the finish line with her video camera. my husband and brother were staying up further to catch courtney early on to cheer her on at the end. there were lots of people, last hundred yards of the race. we tried to get close to the fence so we could see courtney
5:55 pm
as she was coming. i wanted to go closer to the finish line, but my sister-in-law said, no, she wanted to be closer to the street so she could get a good shot of courtney. >> eric: go ahead, i'm sorry. >> i stayed there and all of a sudden the explosion went off and at first i thought, it was a celebratory fire and then i realized something was really wrong. then the next explosion happened right near where my husband and brother were. you know, chaos from there. >> bob: courtney, this is bob beckel, i tell you, you had not finished the race. two questions for you, did you hear the explosions from where
5:56 pm
you were and secondly did they pull you off the course, volunteers or police pull you off the course before you got to the finish line? >> um, i did not hear the explosions when they first happened. i was too far out, i had music in my ear. i was intercepted by my best friend before any authorities were able to pull me off the course. she was the one to stop me and tell me what was going on because she was going to run the last mile with me of the marathon. then that is when runners started coming towards me that i realized that this was really serious. that is when the authorities got involved after that. >> dana: i wanted to ask about what an accomplishment it is to even enter a marathon go ahead and run it. you made eight family occasion. what does that mean to you have afterwards to have everyone
5:57 pm
there you were altogether before you go back to oregon? >> it meant a lot. i didn't really think my parents were going to be able to make it out to the race. last minute they were able to get flights in. was a different finish that i expected. i don't think i've ever been more ecstatic to see my parents. i didn't cross the finish line and we ended up rendezvousing on commonwealth avenue kind of in the middle of the street. at that point it wasn't about the race it was about my family. >> greg: usually after really bad flight, never want to fly again. i know this was your first marathon. are you in the future planning on running again? >> honestly, i love the flight analogy, but this is a little different.
5:58 pm
it's more -- i do want to run again. i didn't get to cross the finish line. it gives this particular marathon a whole different feeling. i'm not scared to run again. i think it would be that much more invigorated go and powerful to get back on the course and it would bring an entirely different meaning to the situation. >> eric: we're going to leave it there. kimberly? >> kimberly: what was your first instincts when you see your daughter in harm's way, what did you think to do? >> two things because i have a son back in oregon and i wanted to get to him first. let him know we were okay. i felt like courtney was okay because she was away from the explosions but my first thing was to -- i think i texted her five times. i wanted to let her know that because we were right there that we were okay.
5:59 pm
>> eric: we're going to have to leave it there. god was watching over us, yes, he was. that does it for the five. we're be back tomorrow with the investigation and all the victims remain in our prayers. special report is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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