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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 30, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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they responded now big bonuses for how they respond. you won't believe. this what we uncovered on fox business at 8:00 that will have you puking by 8:05. >> dana: i'm dana perino along with our panel. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. >> dana: 100th day of president obama's second term and he marked it with a news conference. first in two months. topics ranging from the boston bombings to the sequester. we'll start with this one. whether he still has enough juice to get his agenda passed. >> do you still have the juice to get the rest of your agenda through this congress? >> if you put it that way, maybe
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i ought to pack up and go home. rumors of my demise make the role exaggerated at this point. right now things are pretty dysfunctional up on capitol hill. despite that, i'm confident there are a range of things we can get done. >> dana: he was asked about obamacare and he is still trying to defend it. >> a huge chunk has is been implemented. even if we do things perfectly, there will be glitches and bumps if we stay with it, we understand our long term objective, in a country as wealthy as ours, nobody should go bankruptcy. if they get sick we people and save money over the long term. >> dana: that was president obama this morning. another great position when you have to explain to people that you are still relevant. it happened in april of 1995
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when bill clinton said, i have a lot of left to do. >> greg: why does he bring up the juice? >> dana: why does he bring up steroids. why does he need to take steroids? i found that whole press conference kind of like a halloween bag full of stuff that he put out there. everybody is asking questions. i think his strategy is to bore you to tears. all the stuff he is talking about is fairly dangerous stuff. you are talking about obamacare which nobody even knows is being implemented. 40% doesn't know because the press stopped covering it. once it got implemented, they went yeah and the baby left town. nobody can total it and everybody wants to go home. >> dana: i call it just because prisoners. if you have at bully-pulpit you should use it. he didn't have an opening statement. when i first saw he was going to
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have a press conference, wow, they must an announcement they are going to make on syria. they don't have any headline driving except for a grabbing bag. >> andrea: it is strange. then i realize it was hundred days into his second term. isn't the political wisdom his hundred days is the stopping point. when he said i'm confident i can get things done maybe through executive order. you are going through the 2014 mid terms and democrats that are angering and run for his job. i think it will be tough. although he did double down on the second agenda. the fact that he linked boston to virginia tech and to sandy hook and tried to con incarcerate terrorism with a school shooting to me was a direct shot at the nra on gun control and round two. that boxing bell went off in my
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head. >> dana: is that what you thought? >> eric: i'm more than willing to take the shot. did he -- he was talking about america getting back on its feet after terrorism or tragedies is the way i read that. it wasn't really going. >> dana: what about hit you? >> gitmo, fifth question down. talking about the hunger strike at gitmo. president obama doubled down on closing gitmo. here we are, what are we five years since he promised to close gitmo the last time. interestingly enough he kept it open to executive order. >> you didn't think virginia tech was odd to mention. >> eric: the question was should americans be afraid going forward. he said no, ball games and continue to run your marathon.
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really quickly, ed henry asked the most important question of all. >> dana: the question. do we have it? it was a great question. i'm offended on ed henry. [ laughter ] >> dana: my assistant has it to read for you. >> eric: i have two pages of notes from the press conference. he asked -- i'm assume talking about the benghazi. i'm quoting him, not familiar with this notion that anybody has been blocked our job is to make sure that embassy are safe and secure. if you have time to be up to speed on all these other things including a phone call to n.b.a. basketball that she gay and coming out, mr. president i think you have time to be briefed on allegedly blocked by the administration to talk about what they know.
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>> dana: so, juan, we are very glad that you are here. >> good. >> dana: you have covered many press conferences for how long, decades. >> i think you could greet your guests more politely. i would say overall consensus, what was that about and what did they accomplish and did they cause more problems for themselves? >> i don't think they caused problems. gitmo could be a problem because why haven't you gotten any done. go ahead and close it. the problems are too big and it reminds everybody there have been few prosecutions, people are hunger strike and liberals are up in always he has not done it. he hasn't helped his base and conservatives will say, hey, we told you so. >> greg: it's like the suitcase
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you have leaving for vacation. gitmo for obama is like he is leaving cancun and he can't close the suitcase. >> dana: because of the towels from the bathroom? [ laughter ] >> you think he is about to take a trip as adios amigo, no, i'm waiting for you in about few weeks, to say -- oh, my god, immigration has passed. look at this. >> you think immigration is going to pass in a few weeks? >> obama, put the stake in the heart. [ laughter ] >> dana: the economy far and beyond is the number one thing on american's minds. immigration is down on the list. gun control is down on the list. use the opportunity to talk about any pro-growth economic agenda in this press conference. >> andrea: because they don't have one. we have been asking what is the plan. you can't talk about as they did
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in the final months of 2012 a payroll cut, tax cut policy. that is not going to get going, as breitbart found, it's double on golfing. he has avoided it. he had a lot of credibility when he first came into office and goodwill from the american people. instead of the economy, he did obamacare instead. he is still shishg go it. people are looking at the president and the african-american community. i would love for you to weigh in on this. whites make 600% more under president obama. putting blacks at a disadvantage and the president still ignores the economy. >> i don't think he ignores the economy. big thing that has to be done, we are approaching a debt ceiling and budget. its budget. if he can get some kind of agreement on a budget deal and get a tax reform as part of that
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deal, there will be added revenue and he can have spending so he can promote jobs fleismt the republicans will not allow any spending. >> what the democrats in the senate. >> they will pass his budget. republican obstructionism. >> dana: if you took anything away from the press conference, it was the republicans blocked everything i tried to do. instead of tried to persuade us as why should gitmo terrorists these coming to american. on obamacare, last week every quote that was negative about obamacare came from democrats, not republicans. yet the republicans continue to get all the blame. >> when president obama was a kid and didn't do his homework, do you think he blamed john boehner. >> dana: he probably blamed my
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dog. >> greg: he made a health care bill to treat you. >> dana: that is another thing they did today. this is the big announcement on obamacare. one of the complaints it was a 35-page application process. so they have a short term. it's -- short form. it's 18 pages for families. just sign on the dotted line, don't worry about the details on a irs form. and people don't understand how it's going to be i am complemented. >> eric: how he has claimed that most of obamacare is implemented. what do you mean? i haven't heard a thing other than if you want to do something that is deemed dangerous, you get another obamacare tax. you are a young man. for seniors, the donut hole got closed. if you of a kid, you know what
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happens to those kids? >> it's going to crash. >> if you don't check in, chicken little, psychiatrist is falling. >> you need to get people under 35 signed up for obamacare. >> five million people other side it elderly people. >> not just five million people. >> go ahead. >> bottom line president obama claimed that most of obamacare is already implemented. it's not the close. that is the game. he also claimed he needs a broader deal to stop some of the things of sequestration. he is looking for more spending. he wants another deal. >> that would be good for our economy. you know what job number one, more jobs for the american people.
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>> why not use an opening statement. >> apart from the budget process. >> dana: you say four weeks we're going to see, oh my gosh, a great bill implemented. that is not going to happen. in four weeks? >> this summer you will see tax reform. >> i hope you are right. >> why is it that with the health care bill, we knew nothing about it. more you know, the more it blocs. >> i thought just minute you told us 40% didn't know what was in the bill. >> the more they know the more they go whoa. >> dana: the kaiser foundation found that 35% of americans view it favorably. 40% unfavorably. they are going backwards. coming up, as the white house trying to silence the whistle-blowers on the terrorist attack in benghazi. what did president obama know
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now on to the 9/11 terror attack on our consulate in benghazi. why is it they want to silent witnesses that want to tell their side of the story. four administration officials they want to tell congress but have been threatened not to say
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anything. >> the state department violating the law. they are interfering with federal employees' right to provide information to congress which should not be interfered with. it's not like we're going to lop your head off, if you talk, i just don't think you will get that next promotion. you know what, you might have to retire. >> andrea: ed henry asked the president if it is true this morning. >> there are people in your state department, that they survived the terror attack thunder the want to tell their story. will you help them come forward? >> i'm not familiar with this information that anybody has been blocked from testifying. what i will do is find out what exactly you are referring to. >> the attorney says they have been blocked going forward. >> andrea: do you believe him? greg, do you think the president
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didn't know they were blocked or is this phase, the final phase of trying to cover up, people who know more about benghazi. >> greg: i think the feeling i get from this the administration and president obama isn't even sweating over benghazi. it shows you how they view the media in general. media is bait kli their wife that lets them stay out all night. this never worry about retribution. nobody is following up on this stuff is fox news and blogs. and perhaps the consulate had a parenthood chapter being attacked by pro-lifers, maybe somebody might have showed up. >> dana: this lawyer, victoria, they have knowledge just about the final stages but the way we talk about it on the if i have five. the actual evening of the attacks and then the cover-up. with the infamous video.
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they could have a lot of information that american public isn't getting. >> dana: have i victoria is very, very experienced lawyer. he is in justice department in reagan on administration and in bush 41 as well theosm reached out on to her to represent them. they do have something to say. even if the threat was not explicit as she describes it, it was more subtle, they are worried enough they would ask her to speak to them on mere their behalf. i was surprised that the president said, i don't know anything about it. because even if it was just fox news that was talking about it, you are going into a press conference and you don't have an opening statement under a started with ed henry, he may ask you about this, let him know we have an internal investigation going on. president obama says he will get back to ed henry? i would love to see that happen. >> andrea: what do you think he is going to come back with. >> eric: time line, april 26th
5:21 pm
he followed up with letter. april 29th had the guy, bret baier had the whistle-blower on. "fox and friends" this morning talked about. all day long, on the drudge report it was the lead story. president obama on april 30th, to say i'm not familiar has to be disingenuous. i'll be nice. i will say it one more time. we're treated as fox at arm's length. we're that group over there because we ask this question. here is the other thing. we're not familiar with it. we ask it again. we'll ask it again. what about it? what about the th stonewalling that is going on about with these whistle-blowers. are we going to hear about it? i think i got this in blackberry they are going to call for another hearing on benghazi. >> andrea: the only reason the
5:22 pm
public knows about it is because of fox news. and excellent reporting of catherine herridge and adam housley sat down with a one on one exclusive. had this man disguised his identity but he said that evening they didn't get the security and the military was told to stand down. he said they could have rushed in and helped. listen. >> we the ability to get our birds and fly there at a minimum stage. c-110 had the authority to be there in my opinion, four to six hours from their european theater. they would have been there before the second attack. they would have been there at a minimum to provide a quick reaction to facilitate them out of the problem situation. >> first of all, to be clear, that is not one of these people that victoria is representing.
5:23 pm
she is not willing to name these people. she won't say if they were on the ground at the time. issa has blown his credibility in so many different things. this would be the 21st hearing. 21st! you know what, 21st briefing they've talked about this. 25,000 documents and lets me say the state department like president obama says they have never heard about anybody claiming to be a wlis will blower about this. we had add militarily mullen and pickering make extensive reviews of this whole case. >> the highest level, juan. the president didn't follow up with leon panetta to see how the shooting turned out. he says i don't have any knowledge. nobody had any knowledge that the consulate was secured and nobody knew they needed help.
5:24 pm
>> greg: big lesson here is whistle-blowers only matter if they are blowing a whistle on tobacco company or republican leader. >> correct knee if i'm wrong -- >> look, you guys wanted to go back and find out who shot j.r. -- this is a waste of time. >> greg: don't let a crisis go to waste. >> andrea: one more question. the president did tell ed henry he would get back to him lousmt do you think they will handle this? >> dana: i would say, hey, we don't have anything for you. >> andrea: new information on the boston bombing investigation how much taxpayer today's supported the lives of the suspected terrorists. also, did president obama inadvertently suggest that he supported proils profiling of muslims during today's press conference. we'll show you what he said and
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: president obama weighed in on the boston terrorists today and something sfood stood out to me. >> one of the dinners that we now face is self-radicalized individuals that are here in the united states, in some cases may not be part of any kind of network. because of whatever warped, twisted ideas they may have a may decide to carry out an attack. >> eric: okay, i have a hard time understanding how the president can come to the conclusion that these guys
5:30 pm
self-radicalized after 48 hours of f.b.i. questioning. remember, they cut it off. next on comment by the president >> are there more things we can do, whether engaging with communities where there is a potential for self-radicalization of this sort? >> eric: let me emphasize this comment again. engaging with communities where there a potential for self-radicalization. sounds like he is profiling to me and communities he is referring to are the muslim communities. i'm going to give you the first crack, juan. i had to play it three or four more times. engaging in communities -- isn't that profiling? how is that not? >> it's not a secret there is a pattern of these attacks being tied to muslims. is that what you are afraid of? >> eric: if i said that, i would be accused of being racist.
5:31 pm
>> no, i've been down this road. what i'm saying to you is, the president said what is obvious. believe me the f.b.i., new york city police, everybody has a special relationship with mosques and imams and overwhelming what you see is people willing to cooperate. what the president said is self-evident and smart. >> peter king does it and they are racist. >> greg: this whole self-radization, who cares. you don't write your own quran. the stuff is there for you to go get. the idea of self-radicalization doesn't hold water for me. the one thing that bugs me, i'm coming seat future of the bomber. he is going to get life. he is going to get anyed married. he will get fans. he will get a ph.d.. he is going to get published and
5:32 pm
famous. he will get laid -- in short he will have a richer life that didn't bomb americans. that is what happens in america when you get the greatest lawyers on your side. >> eric: are you weighing in on this one? how about the welfare benefits. >> eric: okay. [ laughter ] >> we are batting thousand today >> the family receives and parents were involved, too. >> this is what really offends people. scholarships. >> think what president obama was talking about engaging in communities was trying to assimilated and people feel welcome and become americans like you and me. what has offended people, we were paying for their lifestyle. how many others are there? i was listening to some of the reports today. you actually have democratic congressmen and state
5:33 pm
representatives saying we are going to get to the bottom of this and find how much welfare benefits they were getting. that is what offends people. we were paying for their lifestyles while they were planning to kill us. >> eric: judy clashing, i believe -- judy clark, i believe she defended some evil people in america and i believe she is on the team. >> andrea: this is broke before we came on air. the death dissipate still on the table. it has to be, we have to set an example and fry this guy and send a message around the world. that is really important thing. quickly on the welfare benefits, welfare for single mother, very poor individual not an able-bodied family and sons were very able-bodied. one was a boxer. eric, on the profiling, i don't
5:34 pm
think the president was saying that at all. to me it was academic liberal mumbo jumbo. we need to engage communities, like boston the most liberal city in america? its warped and twisted yad what they did? warped and twisted is robbing a liquor, it's jihad, it's radical islam. to me was making excuses. >> eric: i think you are miss -- >> they are not tied into any organization. >> how do we know. >> there is no indication so far. i will say this. the thing -- >> it's al-qaeda, its brand now. >> and the kids self-radicalized. what bothers me is the scholarship, the success the young people had in sports, i don't understand why they would turn on america. >> that is my point. the idea by giving them to flee
5:35 pm
stuff prevents them from turning on america is a messed up mind. america is positive no longer a melting pot where a giant wallet waiting to be picked. pot of gold is us for people to come. it doesn't make them love us. it makes us think of us as suckers, the more they hate our culture, the more money they can take from you. >> eric: stop giving them citizenship. democrats will do just about anything to try and say global warming exists but you can't believe what could happen to women if congress doesn't take action. that is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come here, boy. ♪ there you go. come on, let's play!
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> that was uncalled for. you make fun of my music. you apologized. >> it was hideous. it was hideous. >> greg: i have to do a monologue. it's been blamed for shrinking sheep and increased shark attacks and cow infertility and insomnia in kids. no, not dana's dog photos, it's global warming including global cooling, global warming leads to global cooling and then warming and then until we realize it's all b.s. -- the latest thing blamed on warming is prostitution. democrats are demanding constitution admits that climate change to transactional sex for
5:41 pm
survival. congresswoman says food insecure woman makes them vulnerable for sex work. people become desperate. i'm not talking about sex workers but climate change scam artists like lee. now, the increases in 16 years, the pan sick full steam. so when one fear fails, they have to find another. it's sad that women would use other women having a hard time in rough places for this kind of stuff. real goal of taking your money while pretending it's for the planet. that is the real crime against women. it's people like lee who burden hard working women with horrible policies that stop them of their income. forget climate change causing transactional sex, it's congress out to screw you but with real hookers they don't pretend they love you. >> dana: i haven't thought a lot
5:42 pm
about hookers. so glad you came to me first. >> greg: prostitution is an issue with the countries that have problems. this is not helping them. free markets and capitalism, introducing some kind of freedom no these countries, but not taking american tax money and throwing at global warming? >> i call it the law of diminishing communications return. they have become so crazy they are actually hurting the cause they care about. >> greg: the fact is, andrea, climate change scientists admit there hasn't been worldwide temperature has flat lined. when will they argue that the coming ice age will lead to prostitution. >> andrea: this is their religion and this is their doomsday scenario. they are getting absolutely crazy. even in the "new york times," even al gore, the science isn't exactly there, but never mind that. i have heard the left argue
5:43 pm
climate change causes violence, it incites violence in cities like chicago when it is warmer out they kill people. also that causes economic downturn and men out of work, beat their wives. >> greg: i remember that. >> andrea: everything in book. so in a down economy, under that rationale, we're to deduce president obama is encouraging prostitution and george bush didn't. i would make the leap. i thought liberal women supports a women's right to be a prostitution. i thought that was good thing, liberals say. >> greg: juan, we spend a lot about global warming which could take the eye off the buafl terror. couldn't you say global warming leads to more terror. >> i will say this whole segment
5:44 pm
is so convoluted. i have been trying to follow it. if your wife thinks it's okay for you to stay out all night, just warm up the bed with global warming. we have list of things that is blamed on global warming, the death of the ash tree and end of the caribbean coral and eskimos fleeing their village. it weakens the argument but in response to my best friend, 90% of scientists say there is global warming. >> greg: you have been reading beckel's notes. >> imagine that is the truth. >> greg: they never have the second back-up line. what scientists? i got to go someplace else. >> which scientists? >> do you want a list. >> case closed.
5:45 pm
>> i remember it was global warming and global warming and flat lining and it became temperature change. >> dana: that is why everybody should support natural gas fracking. >> greg: first you make fun of my music and then you swear. >> eric: are some people upset about featuring native americans in a pro-gun campaign. probably because we wouldn't be doing this story. ♪ ♪ ♪ you look a little lost. yeah, i'm looking to save, but i'm not sure which policy is right for me. you should try our coverage checker. it helps you see if you have too much coverage or not enough, making it easier to get what you need. [ beeping ]
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> one of my favorite songs. i love that one. a new pro-gun campaign has people up snet colorado. a couple of billboards have gone up that feature three men that look like native americans and the words, turn in your arms, the government will take care of you, end quote. some native americans think this
5:50 pm
is niel highly insensitive. >> eric: so some think it's insensitive, some think it was accurate. turn in your guns, a lot of us believe this national registry is like turning in your guns. >> what national registry? >> eric: the gun people would love to have. >> let's get away from that paranoia. >> we have a history of native americans and the reason they ended up in reservations has nothing to do with guns. >> eric: if you read "the denver post" the article, the comments by native americans were, hey, i'm not offended by this. >> listen, i'm just telling you there are native americans were
5:51 pm
offended. reason we're going dhoing segment, it's calling attention to second amendment rights issues, but using native americans as a straw man to do it. some people say, why are you using us? you want to make a second amendment argument, go ahead and do it. >> it's as offensive as using victims to make your viont on the other side. >> no, it's not. >> dana: i'm not offended by this at all. i think at that point could be made on either side. effective advertising because here we are talking about it. >> greg: i have no strong opinions on this whatsoever. it makes you wonder what kind of billboard i would get if i could get a billboard. it would read, dana perino have a te her twin and put it in front of her old you a high school. >> why won't the people put it up allow their games on it. we're anonymous. >> andrea: some people think
5:52 pm
they are making fun of native americans, what they are trying to say had the native americans been armed, it would have been much harder for us to keep our promises to them. i don't think they are making fun of indians at all. i think it's completely the opposite. >> i said they were using them, as a straw man. >> andrea: i don't want to speak on behalf of native americans. i would view this as something preserving second amendment rules that actually favors my argument. >> eric: do you realize how accurate the point dana made. the kids of newtown, here is why we need more gun regulations. >> and people can't speak for themselves. >> family spoke we want something done. look, we got to go. one more thing is up next. meanwhile, eric and i will play cowboys and indians during the
5:53 pm
break. >> not allowed. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ still the one
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♪ ♪ >> time for one more thing and a long grumpy gutfeld gets to start. >> i notice you wear the same color as me. >> greg: all right. so a lot of people, sending cards, here are some to my mother who has not been doing well. she sent a card that i wanted to read to you. it's about 8,000 words. she says dear friend. it's on a winnie the pooh cards. they are great. dear friend, love you all for thinking of me. i'm sure the prayers, good wishes are all going to heaven. hope to see you soon. love to all on the five and "redeye". >> you forgot to put i wish dana
5:58 pm
was my daughter. [ laughter ] >> it's an amazing find for all your baseball fans. someone found and donated to a georgia college footage of black baseball players -- this goes way back -- this is something from early 1900ss. blacks are playing in the 18 50s and integrated but in the time jackie robinson this is america at its finest. >> and the five has the instagram thing on the facebook page where we have been posting pictures from the correspondents dinner. i'm not a good picture taker, but i did get this picture with justice scalia, i read your opinions for fun. he was the one i really cared about it, but i got a great man. >> who is the lady on the right? [ laughter ] >> justice scalia, i got to the
5:59 pm
national organization of italian-american women last night. because of the five, i have a cousin. she lives in california, her name is arlene vott and she sent me a withhold bindery. she she went on ancestry and he figured out her grandfather and my great-grandmother and she sent me picks of my grandmother is very special. the five brought me to together with a new cousin. >> that is great. >> greg: great handwriting. >> dana: she has wonderful pen manship and handwritten notes i might add. >> i love this. >> is there really that many perinos in wyoming. we need eric in here. >> i don't have time to do my one more thing. you weren't supposed to


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