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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 5, 2013 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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won't have the will power to do a dissertation. what a jerk. what does tat mean, if you're an anorexic, you can be a ph.d.? >> that's it. see you everybody here. >> eating welcome to "red eye." it is like scent of a woman if by woman you mean large man ently unconscious in the re r andy levy, what is coming up >> our story is caffeinort? withdrawal, a ml disorder? i don't kn whoares? plus,r obama administration officials are using secret dissenters and send them to fema camps. stick ound to find out. and dominoes experiments with using dones to deliver pizza. i'mre the delivery guy in my neighborhood qualifies. >> thanks, andy. >> youha. >> great work. >> thanks. >> see you later.
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let's welcome our guest. she is so british she sleeps in amney. i am here with imogen lloyd webber. her latest book is called "the twitter diaries" and if hilarty wasike chocole he's would come in aeart and my resolsigh sidekick bill schulz. and sitting next to memmy mcguinness. that is gavin's d. his son is a writer, qu accomplished. >> a block, the lede. that'the first s. hey, greg, i'm back i'm sure i didn't miss anything good. >> thank you for that. can a cup of joe bring you whoa? caine withdrawal has been added to the latesmanual of mental disorders ading to the american psychiatric association having too much starbuckan lead to a condition known as caffeine intoxication with symptoms like restlessness nervousness
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and then there is t come down. fatigue, headache, difficulty focusing anath. whilefeine withdrawal may be does it belong in a book about mental disorders? let's take a look at a l suffering patient who is bravely living with cw rather than dying f it. >> useful on manyoccasions can'each to get things. jimmy, good to see you. you haven't here in awhile. you have gone through mny types of withdrawal in your life. what do ye of this ent >>hink this is absolute crap. i think there are way to many psychiatrists in this country and they have to inven sorders to justify their jobs. caffeine withdrawal, wanting a
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coffee? you want to talk abo withdrawals, sea whisky. you think there is a rage when you take it and nixon said there is no one with more wrath than a scotsman on whisk when there is no whisky around the wrath is 10 fold. i could whip a table thr a chair i getso bloody mad. >> when l the last time -- when was last e you had hisky? >> i am on it now. >> i can smell it. >> isis a disorder whose time has come not a disorder whose time as come? >> it is a disorder whose time has not come. we have been drinking co we just found out now that there is a disorder when you are drinking coff next year there wi a when you h't eaten inhile. >> i believe that called starvation. imogen, you are
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lookinin these days. will everything be classified as anllss including being british? >> i imagine so. i never drank a cup of coffee. it isu not myup of tea. did some research. two billion cups of coffee are drunk every day. that's huge. >> it is t second biggest world in the whole it is a big, big deal. i am about the 9% of america have an illicit drug pem, bill, and the 15% of americans w have a bit of a problem drinking, bill. and then driving and stuff than people who have a bit too h caffeine, also bill. i don't have a ca >> that's a good point. it almost is like saying a car without gas a problem. it is out of gas. that's all caffeine is. it is bally gasoline for the human automobile. the good news forse
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disorders is people like you can fake them for easy prescriptions. > is hard to do that. trust me i have tried. you dt have the right context a certain media places. i don't think the problem is there are tooany disorders in this book. i think the problem t are not eno when as a kid i was agnosed for every learning disability in the book. fiy it came dn to he is now if i had waited like 10 yers there was at leastive other things i could have gotten pills for excuses to not take pets or not have them timed or to skip aar or y homecause i was having a spell which believe is a term they use. all of it could have made my school years 10 times better. was a slow kid. >> maybe slow was accue. >> itoesn't matter. if you canome up with the disorder the ac is a fallacy. i amnot done announcing fallacy. >> jimmy, shear my theory.
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th an end game for this. if you call sothing a rgetting medical marijua, good for sick days. >> that's a good call. >> it is also good for disay. you can out ofork. and it is good for insurance. isn't that what this is about, making money? >> thatwhat i'm talking about. it ismore paperwor they get more rules. they get more attention. it is like global warming. the moreoutalk about it, the more popular youbecome. the more grants you get. coffee is going great and everyone is fine. discussion.end of the conspiracy about this?weird >> you can't sell rel if everything is fine. coffee is bad for you. >> bilis talkin about being a kid and there are no dr there was no a asn't johnnynnedy
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jfk? >> body can call him johnny. i ot on personal level. >> he is below me. > he probably was on ritalin whichhey did havut they >> thatooked like speed. that was b-12, wasn't have vitamin b? >> they th in the0s. >> i thought it was al viet lynn b shots, but it was probably speed.s hurry to tt topic. from caff toaning, they w a feminist icon? she went from battle to household chatle. she was sept up in an updated version of rosy the riveter. they put female empower ant back into t kitchen as one headline complained a a woman on instagram, whatever
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that is, we can do it because cleaning kitchens is a woman's rk, swiffer. someone is speaking sens in response to t uproar, swiffer has takenem down and released a statement saying, quote, it was our intention to of any group with ima and we are wog to make changes to where it is used quickly as pole. for more let's go le to the woman's issues correspon. [laughing] >> that is m every night when i get home and i have food. i am as happy as that person. that different story for a different time, imogen. on a story of one to a tea pot how offended are you by this ad? >> absolutely extremely offended obviously.
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first of all it looked like it was made up by don draper. theyted quickly and said they are withdrawing t ad. coca-cola, the whisky the other day, there was big drama there. fund mentally, sffer has this ad with nerd girls who apparently were dirt and wanted to be picked up. i am worried about the swiffer brand i think procter and gamble quite franklys you would say in the uk muppets >> there is that word. >> i don't like when that word is used her it makes me think of jim henson. itdoesn't translate. >> itoet. it is a wordhat works ther but not here. >> ri p. ads for cleaning products usually feature women. sexist or practical? >> it is how you want to look at. if you are offended rosy the riveter, you can be.
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maybe rosy is a ceo coming home from a hard at work oraybe she plays for the wnba. she still wants a clean house when she gets home. >> you wrote a whole story line there. >> i don't understand whyu would b upset when someone makes yo think of jim henson. >> it is not insulg. she is using it as an insult. >> there were mad muppets. >> have i to joe is making a point here that if you remove the husband-wife equation from all of this when you look -- when youo to hotels or whenu go aere a lot of the housecleanersers and a lot of the maire women. does it mean every environment where women are cleaning is sexist? ere is problem, you are trying to impose logic on feminists. let's not beat around the bush. i am noaying women are ider th men, but eminists are. they can look at rosy the
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riveter. she works in a bloody factory world war ii, and then you see a woman who at homeworking on her own house and they go, oh president don't youare -- don't you dareke ave during world war ii and compare it to a woman who i having a great time cleaning the house. have you ever cleaned a house? it is easy. women are less happy now at the advent of feminism. a million studies have that. you can't explain it to feminists becaushey are thick. >> thick with ideas. >> thick with promise. >> imogen i thinkou want to respond or are you hyper venng. your son is so nice, miles, i want to marry hi >> good luck enjoying the he isasically a woman. >> swiffer i trying to sell a
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pro. if they went to don draper school the times have changed a bit. >> how do you stay on top of these bloody, stupid rules? now rosy the riveter is somebody they want to be. who wants to make rivets all day? ♪ i'm a hero, ♪ i'm a hero this is an interng point. i don't remember, and maybe i am stupid and maybe andy can gure this out, but rosy wasn't a feminist icon. she was a war hero and war icon. it was about women at home that can contribute the war effort while the men are out here. it wasn't a feminist statement. it was a patriotic so i think the feminists are making a leap. this is the patriotic symbol. >> it just means guy who, ya gyrose had to go clean when she got home from the factory.
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but she was really got >> by the way, i love ing. it relievestress. but that is just me and i often wear something skimpy when i do it. people will show up and i won't be wearing much. >> i oen have to clean after i relief stress. >> it depends on the order. >> you do look like a mop and you pick up dirt and grime. you should be an expert. >> that was a question. that was kind a question. as usual you missed the point. it has nothing to do with the ad, but the idea from what it came. i have no problem with these women working in all of these off in world war are the problem is the name. when you say rosy the riveter one thing comes mind, sex robot. >> no it doesn't. >> yes. you goome and turn on r the rye vetter. look she is a little rusty. >> this was your talking point and i find rosy the riv to be nothing more t a plug in
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sex toy. are pathetic. this is people exercising theirutra muscles. if you ask somebody why they are mad there is no reason. they are just looking something and this was an ad in the inner web. it issy to say i am mad. >> why a 40-year-old mother of two who decides to pose nude for a skin mag can deem that empowering, but the idea of ming home anleaning for your family and perhaps making them a meal 1k3 -- meal and having a couple of ki is not wering? >> youre, woulding on your own house. ou are putting up a picture in your hallway. it is not like you are a s. what are you doing with the kids? oh nothing, shaping lives. would you rather do fashion pr and a runway show ing ads for a bloody record label? >> have you ever been to a fashion pr show? lots of gift bags. better than cleaning a house. >> what is ashion show? >> it is obviouslysomething
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you have never been to, mr. too many patches. >> coming um next on the runway a publicist. are they trying to hide with an e-mail on the side? the ap, whatever that sreports that some of president obama's political appointees are using accounts they say to avoid etting slammed with spam. for instance health and hu services secretary kathleen bilias has a nonpublic e-mails, bill sulz sucks at mail.m. >> what? >> i know. it marks up the agency's responsibi to search and turnover e-mails in response to investigations or public records request. the ap notes thatcret accounts drive perceptions that the government officials to hide actions or decisions. but the white house press retary jay carneyid the accounts were not secret, but nobody knows about them. addresses for the cabinetl
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searies and the other high-profile off makes sense. >> for more let's go live to dj makes sense. >> he made $58,000 that night. djing is the future even for dogs. joe, are they truly hiding from spam or is this a sham? make your answer rhyme. >> it is totally a sham. they are hiding -- they are not hiding from spam. i am a tble rapper. >> they should be on the lamb. >> i always rhyme the same word twice. of course they are trying to hide. that's why they asked for a million dollars to get the e-mail addresses turned over
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to the ap. why would it cost million dollars? viagra and t lottery commission can get my e-mails for free. >> that is true. i sometimes get false viagra from the. jeer e-mail -- from the nigerian e-ils and it is terrible. imogen, is this a normal practice they do at work? >> first of all i am loving the fact that the ap is now all over the obama administration and they are probably will ruin the day that the doj were doing things to the ap. love all of this. >> you almost wrapped there. >> i was trying to. they a muppets, again. it s job to be inundated with e-mails and sort through them and to be transparent. i want toead this,ama pledged to i can ma the u.s. government more open a tranrent sending a memo to signatures will behe nation's administered with a clear presumption in the face of doub and open prevails.
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where has that gone? >> it one. >> she is making a tremendous point. >> she has a wonderful point. i am having ble with the accent though just because of the colonialism. 800 years we suffered. >> even pikes we battle them daily. >> do you h an answer because i have about a minute. >> what is the question? was that a good answer? >> okay, there you go. >> the problem with all of this is these bureaucrats are oo stupid to know y run your e-mail through g mail and you don't have to worry about spam. they think that is aalid excuse. i got too much spam. they are all idiots. you said e-mail on your etch-a-sketch. >> is that possible? okay i will accept it. i don't understand the difference between having an alternate e-mail versus secret. what makes it secret?
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>> they are not supposed to have one. >> it w frownedpon. >>y need to give all of the e-mails relag to the topic. >> don't use foreign words like subpoena to confuse me. i don't speak your latin. >> i have one minute hard. new jersey governor chris christie called for an election to see who will fill the is seat of the late senator. but he didn't sayho he would appoint in the interim. we are not doing that story. first, will dronesplace pizza delivery guys and will they be surprised to see me in my open robe? s could oublt
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his sexy er jack.
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the former play girl model, is there any kind, claims he was harassed for his past by co-workers and is suing for damages. daniel says a month after he was hiredy a data processing giant, adp, some colleagues found the 18-year-old photos on line and it featured him as a very naked, very hot, very sexy lumb jack. he was then subject to the practice of jokes and sexually charged comments and ridicule earn coning the pictures including his general tills and co-workers -- genitals and co,oulders shouting timber at him. sounds like what i have to endure. some videos i did also have come back to haunt me. >> i was limber back then before the accident. joe, is this lawsuit basically a huge humble brag oh i'm
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suing because myot, naked pictorial is causing waves? >> you can't make fun of your co-workers even if it is hilarious. you just can't do it. i feel bad. when you file a suit like this, take down your li in photo because people will look you up. and then second, i also feel bad because we did things in the early 90s before the internet happened. and now that person friended you on facebook. it never goes away. >> what did you do? >> maybe i peaked m-- i peede my pants once in school. >> in school or about a week ago? >> pass. >> i smell something. >> i have a group you can go to. >> jimmy, here is my theory. >> all right. >> do you think he did this on purpose to cause female co-workers to look at -- i ed ate layout. he has nothing to be ashamed of. he is in great shape and tanned. do you think he likes the fact that everybody in his
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workplace knowhat he looks like. >> no. he lost his job and so he wanted to sueto get extra money. it reminds me of a documentary that monty python did. to the end you find out this guy who was a lumber jack wore woman's clothing. this is evidence that a lot of lumber jacks jacks are [bleep]. >> shut up. you are terrible. >> even if you never appear in ply you are obviously a -- [bleep. >> you are an idiot. >> if somebody yelled timber at me i would give them a high five . >> imogen, take this out of the gutter. >> we are being played by the play girl model. apparently he still models. basically he is doing th so we all about him and he gets more work models modeling and he is famous again. i haven't even seen the photos. >> you haven't seen them?
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>> honestly? really? >> bill, have you ever been harassed for the naked photograph you did in play hobo? >> you don't get ak. you show it to people and then wait for them to punch you in the face bee that's the only way you can feel, greg. >> you and your play on words. the problem was scotland. >> what did he think was going happen? of course he will get teased. women don't like looking at [bleep]. "play girl" has gone bankrupt how many times? >> i just wonder if a man can sue over choices he made in the past or is this workplace bullying? maybe that is a question we save for another time or we can answer it now. >> we will nevert to that
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time. you say that and that time never comes. coming up, you've got the look. you've got the hook. sho enough to be cooking in my book. first, beautiful israeli female soldiers post half naked photos on facebook. finally a foreign news story i care about. just kidding, it is terrible. hai
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should being a jerk mean that he is out of work? a psychology professor jeffrey -- what's his name? what the hell is his name? >> it is just jeffrey. >> he is the butler from that show. >> what is the name of the professor? >> jeffrey miller. at nyu. he is in trouble after an ill advised tweet. most showsuld stop now and do this over, but i am not. on sunday miller from nyu from new york university wrote, if you didn't have the will power stop eating cards, you won't have the will power to do a disser station. hash tag truth. i hate saying hash tag. he later deleted it and apologized and the new york observer reports nyu considers
3:32 am
the matter closed. ico university says it is deeply concerned and they are still investigatingment and the psychology chair says miller tried to justify his comments as part of a resear project. let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuuunnnnndd. lightning round. >> imogen, you tweet about overweight people all the time in mean, spirited ways. do they call yout for your hatepeech? >> absolutely. how they taking lessons on anthony wiener? he does this ridiculous stupid tweet. he was a muppet. >> it is something else. >> muppet, my god. >> this nation's childhood is built on ng them. >> i am reeducating them.
3:33 am
>> it is lu ridiculous. he digs the hole deeper by saying it is research project. it is not. he made a mistake. he was an idiot. >> jimmy, try to keep from insulting our fans andome of whom are on the plus side. did what the guy do is stupid and how should he be punished? >> i thought it was a bit reckless. he was obviouslyfter midnight. this goes back to rosy the phak rory worker. the factory worker. what did he say that was incorrect? he said hash tag truth and yes it requires an ime amount of will power for a dissertation. if you are incredibly obese you lack will power. the onus is on the critic to prohat he said was wrong. >> but you can say not all will power is across the board the same. like somebody who is overweight migh be an incredible scientist.
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look a winston churchill. he wasrweight, wasn't he? >> he was pleasantly plump. >> he the 8th was large. >> and he was an incompetent maniac. >> orson wel >> he was a drunk. >> chris christie. but he gotis stomach staples. >> did he do a dissertation? there is one thing running a te and yelling at it, and another wit a dissertation going this is tough. >> i feel like it was directed one over wait person in particular. articular.t person in >> you could look at it as a compliment. if you choose to look at it maybe he is making a fat joke and why does he have more twitter followers than ido, you can look at it that way. >> the thing is you are a come and evolutionary psychologistsave more twitter followers. >> i didn't think it was a
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real thing, but apparently that's his job to try to determine what makes people work better. that's what he is trying to say. >> dea with evolutionary psychologists, they actually have to look at this stuff as thouhere is no fling and no emotion. when they come out and say their findings, they usually have no cluehat it is going to -- what affect it is going to have. you see this a lot because a lot of these guys get in trle when they say stuff because they haven't been taught that you are not supposed tpeak your finding as your son cs them hate facts. you daed your psychology professor and do they all hate overweight people? >> they wou be hating themselves and i for one loved his bype. there was more for me to hold on to. the question i have is what are they investigating? this is what always happens with these things. we will do an investigation.
3:36 am
there is nothing to that is code for we will sweep this under the rug and hopeful will stop asking questions about this in a week. if it doesn't happen, he is fired. >> if the people who are outraged maintain their outrage for seven days they might get something out of it. >> exactly. i am going on a limb and say they are not. thy will have a rosy riveter story nexteek. >> there will be another one. anytime you get in trouble you should pay somebody else to say something worse. there should be out deflection. . >> i will go with something worse. >> there is an ad for blondes and it is beyonce and i'm that is not her bloody hair. how can she have a blooped -- a blonde shampoo? >> i am not surprised. by. is what i am surprised that was the only reason.
3:37 am
that was the end. >> how many timesave to tell you that pork pigging it is not allowed in new york. >> it was covering my junk. >> you can throw it all over, but you can't do it in manhattanment. >> what does that mean? >> it means if we can't get rid of the scotts well breed them out. >> i lear much toda >> sounds good to me. you want to shag me today? >> i don't even know where this topic and why i i promise i will. >> with a swiffer? last time that happened it took three hours in ther to get that out. >> you're welcome. >> it is t to take a break. why am i bothered at saying
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things likethat? my mother is asleep. joy of hate,, autographed copy, g and i am so ashamed.
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okay, will there be no more joy for the pizza delivery boy? how did you like that delivery? >> that was great. >> smooth. all right, domino's has begun testing helicopter drones to deliver pizza right to your doorstep. the company says the eight propeller domi-copter? >> i believe it is domi >> can whisk two large pies in a few minutes wit 10-mile radius of the store. future versions could use gps coordinates. the company that designed the drone hopes to increase carrying capacity to include a two liter bottle of coke or an assorted child. no need pplause sh -- for
3:42 am
applause, joe. what about the poor delivery boy out of a job? should we expect protests from the faction? >> i don't know. maybe they could be st to fly the drone. i don't think that is a good idea to have drones flown by thost qualified guy at the pizza delivery shop. maybe it will be okay. >> what do you call those people? tole booth collect-- toll booth collectors, that's what is happening. >> what? >> we are doing the drone pizza story. >> no, it isike when you -- everything gets replaced by a machine. the toll collectors in a lot of areas areas are replaced, atm's replaced banks as president obama once told us, imogen. if this works other busins adopt drones too? >> the whole thing is terrifying. james cameron is right a i was having nightmares. >> are they muppets? >> have i to fly home this week -- i have to fly home and there was a ger drone and he almost missed the passenger
3:43 am
plane by two meters and it was terribly close. what happens when you have the pizza guy doing the drones? it is going toe a disaster. >> we were trying to have a n storyut pizza. >> now we are all going to die. >> where am i? i actually think people will order more pizzas. they willt to see the drone. >> hang on a minute here. are we believing this? >> i am. what is happening is domino's is experimenting with a way to get a free ad on the news by pretending that a $7,000 bloody audio helicopter drone is cheaper than some teenage muppet in a honda civic who just smoked a fluff. >> they failed because the only people who covered it was
3:44 am
"red eye." >> that is the opposite of an ad. >> do you have a story on your product? you lose sales. people are looking saying domino's makes me jobing mitt. >> in face,. >> apple stocks started going down when we did our daily apple story. >> exactly. and knot -- and not just applesa dislike to you. do you fear you will be running home frork chased by magical machines and t to kill you? >> they are not magical, greg. ci. that'strue.e capacity to tho have the capaci to ci -- to kill, that's true. what will stop some enterprising dennis the men nighs who takes - menace who takes it out of his poke -- pocket and aimes and gets free pizza every time.
3:45 am
that brings me to max's point. stop having kids. i willell you why. we have too many people and there e too mny machines we placing the people and it is hurting our workforc what will your grand kids do when they are of age? they will not work at domino's. they will be replaced by humanoid helicopters. they will be running around naked and scumming up brooklyn. >> that is amazing. >> we should probably wrap it up. >> i don't know. i think he has more in him. >> no, greg. >> you know, i have to say though, are you missing out. you know what drones will be used for? they will be used outdoors. >> no, we are a lazy populous. we are sitting watching tv and it is drone that will bring us the beer.
3:46 am
>> twals $450 and it takes a week what would take me two minutes. >>helicopters can't lift crap. >> do you have a com on the show? e-mail us. do you have video of y animal doing something? click on a video and we might submit. it we wll close things with a post game wrap up with none other than tv's andy he is our little drone. >> tonight is sponsored by daredevil. risk takers who prm highly dangerous stunts for the amusement of others. thanks, daredevil
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time to go back to andy levy for the post game rap up. h hi, andy. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> i'm doing great. >> fantastic. greg, you said death is a symptom of caffeine intoxication and caffeine withdrawal? >> yes. >> it is not for either. >> i figured if i didn't put that in there it wouldn't be
3:51 am
as interest. i don't think that is a lie. you don't? >> no. i call that flavoring. >> really? >> i call it news flavoring. >> interesting. >> you sle a little on every story. >> it is like baco in the salad. >> if you doibt -- if you don't like it, pick it off. >> so it is a lie? >> no, it is flavoring. >> so basically my job is take out the flavoring? >> exactly. >> even off camera. >> imogen, you seriously have never had a cup of coffee? >> never had a cup of coffee. >> knee either. >> you either? that is the strangest thing i have ever heard. >> there you go. >> yes, but you drink your coca-cola like a weird owe. >> andy, you are over 40. drinking like a sugary soft drink is weird. >> i don't like coffee and i need the caffeine, damn it. >> how can you not like coffee? >>it is horrible. it is a horrible taste.
3:52 am
>> you know what, you are a horrible taste. >> without the caffeine i am really down and mellow. >>ill, you do suffer from a disorder. you h what is known as h urinary incontinence. >> i don't know what either of those words are, but i assume that is a compliment. >> you are familiar with what it is? >> don't tell me what i am familiar with. >> he took methadone and barbituates es and several other medication. >> it is not a myth that we are overmedicated. remember women doing valum in the 50s? it has ebs and flows. >> here is the serious thing about this story. it is a long battle to get people to understand mental disorders are real.
3:53 am
some people don't believe that and now they add crap like this and it makes the job harder. >> it makes the real i will -- the real illnessesss real. it is like saying in l.a. sody saying are you beautiful and they call everybody beautiful. >> believe me. i found that out. >> it took months. i ended up on the streets. i would do anything for a -- never mind. >> swiver pulls rosy the riveter ad. they are trying to sell a product and it would be nice if they moved with the times. true, but i'm guessing that women make up the vast majority of customers for the home cleaning products and that's why swiver is targeting them. >> they are not doing it particularly well. maybe they could use a play girl model. that might work. >> greg, you sd rosy the riveter was not a feminist statement or symbol and it was a patriotic symbol. that is true, but she did become a feminist symbol because they viewed it as a symbol of the fact women could
3:54 am
men'srk.that were considered >> i would say we are both bright. bothht. >> she was a feminist symbol because she is going like that and her hair is not fancy. >> i don't think anyone on "red eye" should talk about co-opting things th previously existed. >> i don't even know what that means. oh i sort of do. using secret e-mail accounts. it is the government's job to be efficient with the e-mails. that's the whole point. you have one e-mail that is available. anybody can access and send an e-mail. you have a secondary e-mail that allows you to get work done. >> no what you do is what i do with my e-mail address is running eight indockses. >> but this is the u.s. government. they don't have that of capability. >> getting your inintern to
3:55 am
help. >> again, we don't have that authority. >> they were using the aka richard windsor for her fake e-mail address. >> the big question here is are the e-mails being written through these secondary accounts, are they available through congress so there is over site. jay carney says they are, but he says a lot of things. when you file a suit like this make sure you take out your linked in photo because people will look you up. >> after i said that i said that is not what they will look up. >> go ahead. >> i have made a linkedin joke on twitter and got a lot of hate tweets. a lot of people do use it. >> i hate linked in. >> i will get hate tweets. >> imogen, you said we are
3:56 am
being played by the play girl models, but they have nothing to complain about. if this were a hot woman who posed nude earlier and was being harassed by people at work, would you feel the same way? >> yes. >> really? >> yes. legally i believe you would be wrong. >> fine. >> he has a law degree. or more like an aw degree. >> jimmy, you said this happened at midnight and the tweet was at 2 a.m. and that is technically after. >> for me that's when the hangover is starting to kick in. >> and lastly on this domino's testing, jimmy i agree. it will never happen and it is an advertising ploy. they will never reach their targets. and they should have called it the calderone. >> someone wants to work for domino's corporate.
3:57 am
>> i am done. >> or as a pie plane. >> great note to end on. >> i know. what a downer that was. thank you, andy, imogen, bill, joe, jimmy, i'm greg. see you next time. waive back at me! the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up.
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