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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 13, 2013 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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stay with us for the latest on this breaking news. thank you for wk us tonight. stay with us for latest on breaking news and check in on good night from washington. hello everyone. i'm an drink i can't tantaros. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is the five. vladimir putin the man the white house has entrusted to disarm syria has the message for america. you're not exceptional. stop medaling. now the president ignored questions about it from reporters at white house today. jay carney said this. >> both in his statements and
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actions we've seen from president putin and his foreign minister, it's clear he has invested credibility in transferring assad's chemical weapons to international control and ultimately destroying them. this is significant. russia is assad's patron and protector. the world will note whether russia can follow through on commitments it's made. >> all right. dana perino, my question is two part. first, i want you to give the honest answer. you're always answer. let's pretend you're in the white house and open up the north korea thymes. you see this editorial. one, tell everybody what you would think honestly and two, how would you advise the president in the white house now? >> let me go backwards. what jay carney was saying basically the national security advisor and council have said this is the best thing we can do. don't take the bait.
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don't just -- make putin in the driver's seat if that's where he wants to be and push him to do the right thing. though jooi would have liked to have said something different, that's what he had to say. if i had open had the up you last night, i don't think i would have been mad at new york times. i understand business. they want eye balls to go to their website, sell a lot of papers, get attention. i understand that. what bothers me is the pr professionals working for russians years. i can't imagine -- first of all the post said slid vladimir wrote that himself. i've briefed him before. he can't speak that well american. this is a guy that's invaded the country, uses weapons, sells weapons to iran, persecutes gays
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and lesbians. the new york times doesn't write an editorial to say you're going to say something from putin. here's what we think. it was embarrassing. the white house doesn't need to worry too much. i think it was embarrassing for us. >> don't you think this is another example of putin playing with the united states of america. now he's using pr. in the editorial he goes against military action, quotes the pope, pretends to be a religious guy. we have put him in the diplomatic seethe. if we didn't put pressure on him before, what leverage do we have now? >> i don't disagree with the north korea times for running the piece. dana is 100% correct. that counters putin's claims. they ran it and were smart to run hit. my problem is the same people are critical of putin and looking for bombs and boots on
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the ground. the fact is putin played us. he outmaneuvered the american people. i agree. it's bay game of high stakes international chess. i put together a big old chess board here. some how here's queen and king, john kerry and obama. the bishop takes tout king. that should never have happened. when playing with this kind of king, something that might happen. >> where did you get that stuff from? >> thank you very much. have you spoken to the white house -- you don't have to answer it. answer honestly. you sooe this in the new york times, you're back in the white house. what's your response? >> it's fine. putin didn't play anybody. this was a john kerry screw up.
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putin does not have power in the middle east. now i think let them do it out front. the question is, is he not going to do hit is he going to go through this and not do hit? it's not in his interest not to do it. the question is are you going to get a line in there that says if you don't get rid of chemical weapons, united states can use weapons to get rid of them. that's the issue. >> brian, this language about the united states not being exceptional included in the editorial ourks where have i heard that language before that we're not exception hl and shouldn't be involving ourselves in these foreign conflicts? >> you're 100% right. it's president barack obama . as early back as cairo he indicated that. everyone thinks their country is most important. if we're exceptional so is every other country. let's put that aside and say president barack obama says that's not actually the truth.
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this is an opportunity. if you look at responses, it's rare. all responses go across party lines. me then dez said he wanted to sorrow mitt. jay carney comes forward and retorte back that we are exceptional. this is an opportunity to pick out a common enemy. we're insulted as a country. if i'm president barack obama and want to play this chess piece, i want to let this play out. you called out our country not the democratic party. he calling out the fundamental things about our country. >> wait a second -- >> romney nailed it when he said -- >> show me the influence russia has gained -- >> iran and syria. that's they're biggest customer bob. >> if you would pay attention to what happens in the middle east. they used to be strong in
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egypt -- >> if i would pay attention to what's happening in the middle east. if the president would pay attention. we know what russians have been doing for decades. president barack obama has said nothing. he has not pushed back. i take that back. he did say something to him on an open mooirk. i'll have more flexibility. that shows naive. they're telling me i have to go to sound. speaking of naive, brian brought up senator me then dez said he felt like vomiting. look at this shock by these senators. >> i got an email with what president putin had to say. i was at dinner and wanted to vomit. >> it's unfortunate putin is using the kind of language he is. he's trying to be clever. >> president putin should be the last person to lecture the united states about human values and rights, what we stand for. >> they're really shocked?
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>>. >> can i ask dana a question. why not write it that way? what do you expect him to say, the united states is exceptional? come on. >> he basically gave this rules for radicalles. use your opponents' own words against them. president barack obama said in the interview speech he didn't think america was anymore more exceptional than greece. at the end of the speech before god bless america line, he said america is exceptional. we don't feel that way. you know what it feels like? if you had a drunk as a stepfather at the football game and make a fool and get in a fight. you have to slink in walking several steps behind like i'm so embarrassed now. >> from a message standpoint, forget obama. from putin's standpoint, was that not the right message? >> yeah, but who's buying it?
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>> i buy it -- >> do you feel like he's a killer? we're all okay with president putin now? honestly? this guy throws people out of buildings that are his opponents. >> i'm not saying i'm okay with putin. it's a smart chess maneuver. >> hold on. here's what happens. putin and assad are clearly afraid of our military. that's why there's a deal on the table put together by them. had president barack obama done what he wants to go right away, we wouldn't be discussing this. they put together a deal because their afraid. they recognize president barack obama lost support of the american people in congress, that's when putin said let me step in. this is good for both of us. they have president barack obama in the corner, in the cross hairs and can't figure out a way out. >> if this was off the shores, do you think this would have happened? >> i absolutely think obama is
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doing it the wrong way. >> i think it was the incompetence. i think he knows he can play this president. i don't think he fook him seriously about military action. >> the message if you wanted to do something proactive as the king of the middle east. this is my proposal. put everything behind us. let's put everything in. he sees what happens and puts everything in. he goes too far. he says we're too aggressive looking at iraq and afghanistan. go to a blackout 35,000 of his people were killed in a shorter period of time. he's going too far calling out the fabric of america, the foreign policy -- >> can you tell me the emperor of the --
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>> you have given him additional power now more than ever. he's saying now i'm going to give them more arms, send ships to the mediterranean. he wasn't doing that six months ago. >> he further controls syria by doing this exact move. >> he's been controlling syria for decades. >> he can control the situation -- >> what are you supposed to do about it? >> he can keep the air space, continue to sell weapons to iran and syria and make it looklike he's in control. >> you tell me then, what is it -- show me one place in the middle east in places that are already bought -- >> whether than trying to box me in a corner -- >> i want to know another country in the middle east. >> explain how this president tries to defend the editorial. he has said the exact things.
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>> i agree e with bob. putin is irrelevant to us. we're all looking at putin going we hate that guy. he hates us. we have to figure out a way to diplomatically solve the crisis in syria without killing anymore people. >> i totally disagree. i absolutely disagree. >> john kerry is meeting with
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putin. diplomatically the solution now lies with putin. president barack obama said so in the prime time address. john kerry is meeting with him now. >> president barack obama gave him the opportunity to become releva relevant. get off the wrestling mat where he feels comfortable. you have put him back center now he's somebody to build off of. he looks like the guy going back to the u.n. >> name a down troy russia has gotten a stronger position? >> by building up and taking ownership of syria he has more influence in lebanon. you look at egypt which is more influx and fluent than ever before. it's time to assert himself with additional power. >> to do what though, brian? >> how does he become a bigger threat to the united states now? >> perfect question. if you look at our relationship with egypt, how is pit now compared to before? is it opening for another government to come in and continue to add influence there? then he has syria continue to expand influence around that. now someone at the security council points to u.n. who's now the go to guy who decides what goes forward. >> he paid for generals in egypt a long time ago. you don't think president barack obama blew that with egypt when they put in a guy that's now
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ousted. >> by clearly kissing up to him and giving him instant credibility, allowing elections to go forward, not using influence, cost us egypt. no doubt. as bad as he was he was good to america. we've got to be practical. >> do you think he could have ousted the votes in egypt? >> no. by holding off the vote, you could have -- >> we could have just said don't have a vote? >> absolutely. >> you could push it. >> he followed suit. the democrats including jimmy carter and bow biden said the muslim brother hood would never run and win. they were wrong. this is giving an access to evil including iran, syria -- >> you think he asked to get out? come on. they did not. >> i agree with the first half
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of that. we blew it, failed. it's not going to change. that same map looks exactly the same today as three months ago. >> the giant arms dealer we've seen in control of a region -- >> that includes israel -- >> it's sad to say you don't see iron as a threat in the region. it's sad you feel that way. two number, they feel bold enough to send ships to warn our ships. they say we're going to build in iron if you come close to syria. now in syria they're in control of that area. >> got to get dana in here. >> they're in control of chemical weapons how they exit and when they exit. >> this is a closing argument. one of the things america must focus on is our own economic growth and our own energy ind dense. if you go to the root of the problem in the middle east and russia's play there, it's about
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pipelines and access to oil and be able to build his own economy at the expense of his. >> amen. >> we need to do infrastructuriinfrastructur we have to do something here at home to be a stronger power here. >> yesterday we ran a video of general petraeus walking to class being heckled. this is disgusting. 20-year-old students heckling general petraeus right now. he handled it like a total professional. michael moore has tweeted good for students in support of zblechlt it's amazing. >> we saw this yesterday at the end of the show. i'm looking trying to see this guy on the right-hand side of
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the screen. he's in petraeus' face. the restraint not to punch that guy in the face. >> that's disgusting. can you imagine these kids. these are our youth. this is our country. >> that's the way he's treated? he ate sand eight to ten years, designed you strategy to make military history. >> the good news is i spoke to somebody in the class and said that the honor student who is were there could not have been more respectful. there was a great discussion that went well. they think whoever they were, whether paid or part of a protesting student group, it didn't fluster him apparently. >> and nor should hit. >> he's been meeting with terrorists. >> why would you worry about two handfuls of students giving him a hard time? >> he's not cheered. he's heckled. >> what happened to manners for
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crying out loud. >> not shock that michael moore agreed with it. before we go, we want to let you know about the six alarm fire burning on the board walk in seaside park, new jersey now. the same board walk badly damaged by super storm sandy. it reportedly started in an ice cream store and spread to other buildings. no word yet on injuries. we've got proof the irs was targeting conservatives and lois lerner, the woman that pleaded the fifth was involved. details are up next. um... where's mrs. davis? she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas. how fast will they get there?
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don't you need distance, rate and... no, all it takes is double miles. [ all ] whoa. yeah. [ male announcer ] get away fast with unlimited double miles from the capital one venture card. you're the world's best teacher. this is so unexpected. what's in your wallet?
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>> tea party matters very dangerous. okay. clownslike lois lerner and the rest of the idiots -- everything we say from a long time ago that they denied a long time ago is clearly, obviously true. they targeted conservatives. that's sad and illegal. >> she has been on paid administrative leave since may 23rd. that's 113 day, collected $56,000. who's getting the raw end of the deal now? >> she'll no longer get paid leave. this shows going to the top. secondly, if i were a political guy in the white house or irs and saw these tea party related groups raising millions of on tax exempt status and using it for campaigning, i would have
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done the same thing. >> andrea, what's the danger to democratic political machines? what's the danger? >> think of time of targeting. bob would have done it because the tea party was starting to form and rise up before a midterm election. that's why stherp loix. chris christy won in new jersey, scott brown in massachusetts. they had to take measures. i think lerner got the position because they knew of her resume before she arrived to the irs. kudos to weekly standard uncovering this months ago. she was head of the enforcement division in the 1990s. she has a his ri in the 90s going after a christian coalition group. she cost them hundreds of by targeting them and did funny business trying to coax republican candidates out of races in illinois to benefit democrats. she's got a history of doing this. that's why she got the job.
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>> what do you think about anything? >> wow. >> blow it wide open here. bring the hammer down. >> here's what i think. now i like to focus -- how did they get these? they weren't out before. continue to follow it consistently to find out who hired her. who did she answer to, react with? find out who she's having dinner with and talking to. focus on tea party groups. >> very dangerous. >> that's like carlos danger. >> that's hundreds of millions of -- >> the law said they were tax exempt -- >> here's what i may say. >> the irs is doing illegal investigations upon groups. you're mad at carl roe?
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>> they agree with what she did. the problem is it was the president of the united states who made a rare appearance at 6:05 p.m. he came out on prime time and said this is outrageous p going to get to the bottom of it. several months later, she's getting paid. many americans don't have a job. she should be fired. they should let her go, cut it off. she knew about the emails. that's why she pled the fifth. >> let's not forget hundreds of millions of went to campaigns under tax exempt status. >> that should bother you. >> not if i knew these guys are illegally doing what they're doing. >> is that not the same thing? >> i'd do it if i could do it. if i were like roe, i'd do it. >> our old enemy straw man carl roe. >> he's the best example of where you use money and politics and get around it by tax
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excepti exemption. >> so we should arrest carl? >> no. i'm sure other democrats did it too. >> bob had a red bull. we're going to bail out of this. time is running out for congress to avoid government shut down. both times at a stalemate. feud is coming up.
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this is my favorite song. >> dana, it's called the out field. >> that was my favorite song for the summer. >> okay. i didn't know that. >> what else did you do in the summer? >> do they have another album?
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>> that was their only one. >> i'm happy that you're happy. a big meeting in capitol hill. bayer in, reed, meeting to talk about the shut down. we could add the budget, obama care. a final decision will be made next week. here's what happened when the leaders emerged from the cordial meetings. >> i'm well aware of deadlines, so are my colleagues. we're working with our colleagues to work our way through these issues. >> we're here to do a job for the american people. just because you're an antigovernment ideal log that's landed in congress doesn't mean
2:34 am
you should be shutting down government. >> shutting down the government obviously is what the majority of the republican wants in the house. >> with republicans, i understand they're saying before we raise the debt, there's got to be a legitimate cut. with factoring in the facts republicans aren't together. where do they go from here? where is this heading? >> here's what i see. you say the big four. i think the big four what? big four time to move on? i like the final four, a different four. people i talk to, where i am in the world, i look on my side. boehner and mcconnel -- i want people saying we can't keep raising the debt ceiling. we have to attack spending for real. you know they're going to fund the government through the end of the year and come back at the end of the year and do it again and again.
2:35 am
there's no change. you need change, new blood. >> looking at obama care, the republican party is divided. boehner had a plan. he has no background and can't go forward. >> democrats should just forget tax increase. the party is divided. they don't want to be painted as anarchists. forget that line. there has to be leaders and spending cuts. two interesting proposals republicans have put together. republicans are trying to restore cuts made to military in light of the syria issue. >> $1.2 trillion. i think that's a good point. they talked about delaying the individual mandate. that's for people that are about to pay a lot of money. this is what i want to give republicans credit for putting forth. >> is that all they can do in
2:36 am
regard to obama care? that's what most tea party leaders want. >> people think they could defund obama care. here's the ball. run with it. you convince, persuade. if you can show us you can do that. we'll sit back and see what happens. that's a long walk off a short pier. i think that they'll probably -- eric is right. they'll get this done and move it on to september. we're going to have something to talk about in december. >> we have october first. is that enough time, bob? i know harry reed said i like john boehner. i feel sorry for him. >> they had to pull a bill off the floor because tea party wants to fund the obama care. boehner obviously says you can't do that. i think they'll work out a deal that goes through the end of the year. it will not be linked to the debt ceiling. obama is absolutely serious
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about not raising the debt ceiling. let the republican party do it. >> the republicans aren't budging either. it's another place where they both just stair at each other. >> pooif done shows we stay until midnight on the day they're shutting down the government at midnight. at 11:59 they come up with a deal. we all oh thank god they didn't shut down the government. >> in the 90s, that actually happened. >> i wasn't around? >> you were a kid. >> they're working on animation where the red eye covers the debt ceiling right now. you will not be forced to stay again like last time. coming up straight ahead, a serious topic. this droung driver put out a video confession saying he killed a man and wanted to take credit. why did he just plead not guilty in court? it could make
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♪ welcome back. we love fox and friends here at the five. i've sat in from time to time i know what it's like to work with those fellows. on monday, elizabeth will join the team. i don't know if she knows what she's gotten herself into. i'm so excited to share a morning with you on fox and friends with stephen brian. we cannot wait to have nothing but a good time. stephen brian could not be more
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friendly and welcoming and informative. i feel like they're my brothers. joining the fox news family is the equivalent of growing up as a boston red sox fan or yankees and being asked to play. this is an honor and privilege. i'm thrilled to be on the team. >> i love elizabeth. brian, she sure thinks you're friend lirks welcoming and informative like a brother. how long do you think that's going to last? >> until wednesday. that's it. i sat on the couch with her friday at he hearsele. gretchen did a great job seven years. to have elizabeth will be fantastic. sadly she's the best athlete in the building. >> she knows more about sports than you do. >> tim hasselbeck is her husband. he knows more about sports.
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>> i would not challenge the little children. >> we should tell elizabeth brian is a child molester and be sure that a child doesn't get hit -- i didn't mean it that way. you knew what i meant. >> we'll change that for the west coast. >> we're all set. >> did you get it right with that kid? >> welcome e hlizabeth. she looks better than those dudes. >> she's more attractive than both of us ys. she's bringing up the hotness chart. >> kind of like bob does for us on the five? >> i think she'll have a show i guess sometime during the day? >> they are going to announce it. she gets a week off and then back in action. >> just a week? she deserves more than a week
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off. >> we're going to leave it there. we played a trick on brian. all day long we had the editorial call, sent out editorial notes and whatnot. we told him we'd do another segmentment. >> what was it supposed to be? >> the kids that bring parents to job interviews. >> don't feel about that. you were supposed to give elizabeth pointers on how to deal with you. he's clearly easy to surprise. >> naive i dare to say. >> in all honestly you're a true sweetheart and professional. she's lucky to work with you. >> can i have a date with you tonight? >> don't feel naive. i thought that was a blocker we were doing too. >> she's so very nice. >> we're going to have to leave it there. it there. one more thing coming up we've completely redone the house. it's hard to find contractors with the passion and the skill, it there. one more thing coming up
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it's now time for one more thing and i'll kick it off. i'm a big fan of the howard stern show. i always have been. not just because he's a good interviewer but because of his side kick robin quivers. she has been fighting cancer the past year. just the other day she had this fantastic announcement. >> let's get to the miracle part of this. >> about three months ago i go
2:57 am
into my daughtoo doctor's offic. she goes you're cured. >> fully done. >> cured. >> the thought of losing you was unbearable. >> she's a wonderful person. i've had the pleasure of doing her radio show. i can't wait to do it again. congratulations. that's awesome. eric. i wear this u.s. secret service american flag pin. a good friend of ours, ed mcmahon, the fugitive task force officer sent me this set of badges for the u.s. marshal service. fantastic set, very cool. these guys the do great work. they put their lives at risk for the country taking bad guys off the street. he wanted to point out the issue going on. in new york, it's the only state in the union, once an arrest
2:58 am
warrant is issued for a fugitive, that is automatly lawyered up. they'd like to have it changed to the rest of the states in the country. they catch the fugitive, ask for a statement and get the miranda. >> and the most famous marshal of the day. marshal service is a great place to apply for a job. they do amazing things. check it out if in law enforcement and want to go into it. i suggest the marshal service. >> dana, you're up zblichlt love this story. dads have a big influence on their daughters. sometimes dads get frustrated and embarrassed about what daughters are wearing out of the house. this dad, scott mcintosh, wanted to show his zaur what it waslike to walk around wearing daisy dukes. he believes modest is hottest. he made the family go on a trip
2:59 am
on a monday night. putt putt golf just like this. the video went viral, the photographs and everything. good for you dad. what an amazing thing. i'm looking forward to bob doing the same with his daughter this weekend. >> i've been trying to get andrea and kimberly do the same thing. >> i don't want to see you in short shorts or high heels. you're up next. >> there's little known groups, didn't spend much money, $250 million in the election. guess who's behind it? freedom partners. the coke brothers, right wing people that try to change america. they gave $63 million. another attempt to get tax free to change the country. it's not going to work. we're going to find you. >> congratulations to the u.s.


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