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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 15, 2013 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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learning to be a more healthy you. rescue efforts are continuing at this hour in flood-ravaged colorado. hello, everybody. welcome to news hq headquarters. >> at least four people now confirmed dead, but emergency crews say the number expected to rise. in the meantime, helicopter rescue crews expanding their search today to anybody stranded in the flooded areas. dominic is live in the colorado area. are they evacuating in fort
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morgan? >> yes, they are. police officers went in and said to the store managers, close now, get everybody out, there is an impending flood. just later we saw streams coming up. right behind me, you can see floodwaters starting to move in. about an hour ago, the water was a foot lower than you see now. it's gathering speed and inching higher. at the far end of that water is a trailer park. a local resident who actually owns one of those trailers came up to the police, the checkpoint here, and said, i need to get to my trailer. it's an $80,000 trailer. i need to save it. and the officer said, i'm sorry, it's probably going to be gone. we're expecting a crest of about two feet, and we think that's actually pretty imminent. it appears to be getting close to that now. it's going to spread beyond the banks of the south platte river here, and it's going to affect thousands of homes. there are evacuation orders in locally, residentially, and a lot of people actually moving to
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outlying areas. one of the hotels behind me, that's been evacuated, making it difficult for places for people to go. so certainly everybody is feeling a depression here. >> dominic, as we understand it, it's been a real challenge getting helicopters in the air. how serious is that? >> yeah, they tried doing that, but you know what, the weather particularly on the front range has been very difficult for those helicopters to get off the ground, and this is how the authorities have been describing just the challenge they've been facing. >> in terms of resources, we have a lot of air resources available to us. the weather is not cooperating at the moment, but we do have 16 helicopters now, 1-6, 16 helicopters on station, three chinooks, 7 blackhawks, and three type 3 civilian helicopters that have been contracted for this evacuation.
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>> unfortunately, they can't get off the ground for the time being, and that's why 500 people now remain unaccounted for. very briefly, president obama rang colorado's governor hicken looper to find out the situation. they sent out six search and rescue teams for the people unaccounted for and there are three more on stand-by. that would involve nine total. back to you. for more on the flooding, let's send it over to meteorologist janice dean with a look at what's ahead. janice? >> uma, unfortunately we're looking at more rain, as dominic pointed out. not the 15 inches they received last week, but any more rain is just going to cause a potentially dangerous situation over the next 12 to 24 hours. the ground is unstable. you have a lot of these streams and rivers at or past their banks, so even a quarter of an inch is going to add to the big problem in this area. taking a look at where we're seeing rainfall over the last 24
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hours in and around denver as well as boulder and areas like colorado springs as well. as the rain continues to pound this region, 70% chance of more rain throughout the afternoon and the evening hours, overnight tonight. then as we get into the new work week, we'll have a drying out period, so hopefully we'll get those helicopters in the air for search and rescue. flood advisories, we have flash flood warnings in effect around boulder, denver, colorado springs. in the greens, those are watches. in the darker greens, those are warnings, so flooding is occurring or imminent. and we must make mention that not only colorado but new mexico is suffering from a lot of damage from flooding as well as fatalities in this area. we've got this low pressure that's been cut off from the main system, so it's just been hovering there for days and days and days. we have high pressure across the south central plains and in between all of this moisture is being funneled not only from the gulf of mexico, from the pacific
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also. so forecast for boulder. we have to get through the next crucial 12 to 24 hours, and then a drying out period for the rest of the work week, which is great news. i mentioned the moisture streaming in from the pacific and the gulf of mexico. we have hurricane ingrid. we also have tropical storm manuel, and this is giving us the potential for life-threatening flooding across portions of mexico over the next several days, and some of this moisture actually could move into parts of south central texas as well as later on in the work week, perhaps the southwest. we're going to have to watch the track of this storm. we expect landfall tuesday, but look at some of the moisture that mexico is going to get. in some cases 2 feet of rain in the mountainous terrain. so, uma, flooding is the big story, obviously, in the fox weather center. >> keep a close watch on those hurricanes. thank you very much, janice. >> okay. fox news alert now. a high-ranking syrian official is welcoming the u.s.-russian
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agreement to destroy chemical weapons, calling the deal a victory. in the meantime, the secretary of state john kerry traveling in jerusalem sending a very strong warning to syria. conner powell following that story and the secretary, joining us live from jerusalem. conner? >> secretary kerry trying to strike the balance between diplomacy and keeping pressure on the assad regime with kerry today taking strong words at a joint press conference with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, saying the offer is still on the table and if assad does not complete his agreement to disarm, the u.s. would strike. even kerry expressed some skepticism about the agreement to disarm syria, warning there were still a lot of details to be worked out, stressing this is a framework, not a final agreement. >> it is a framework that must
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be put into effect by the united nations now. but it is a framework that with the russian and u.s. agreement, it has the full ability to be able to, as the prime minister said, strip all of the chemical weapons from syria. >> reporter: prime minister netanyahu backs a more agressive approach with syria believes that the international community must take a hard line with assad to send a message to the hi ayatollah in iran. >> if diplomacy has any chance to work, it must be coupled with a military threat. what is true of iran or what is true of syria is true of iran. >> reporter: we will know in the next few weeks whether or not this agreement is working and holding. syria must announce all its chemical weapons stockpile in
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the next few weeks and let the investigators in. we'll know if the agreement is work organize not in the next few weeks. >> conner, thanks very much. uma? we had some reaction to the syria deal, john mccain calling in question the agreement to rid syria of its stockpiles and russian role. listen to mccain and obama on the sunday talk shows. >> if it works, we're going to see the russians facilitating the departure of chemical weapons while planeload after planeload of russian aircraft coming into damascus are full of weapons and devices to kill syrians, of which there is over 100,000. >> i think that folks here in washington like on grade on style. so had we rolled out something very smooth and disciplined and
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linear, they would have graded it well even if it was a disastrous policy. we know that because that's exactly how they graded the iraq war. -- >> so this doesn't change your view? >> that's just a sampling of the reaction. on sunday the guests are chris van hollen and michael mccaul. five years after the meltdown. have things really improved since 2008, or is that just a mirage? brenda butler joins us live with what we can expect. um... where's mrs. davis?
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get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. we have the fox news alert for you right now. lawrence summers has called president obama to say he's pulling out of the contest to succeed ben bernanke as chairman of the federal reserve. summers also releasing a letter to the president saying, quote, i have electively concluded that anyplace for me would not alter the interest of the nation's ongoing economic recovery. those words from warren summers. >> let me just throw this
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immediately to brenda butner who is here. she is the anchor of "bulls and bears." brenda, the markets, my guess is, will be happy with this. lawrence summers was an unknown. we didn't know about his monetary policy. we knew about his fiscal policy. janet yellin is the odds on favorite. we know about her monetary policy. >> right, so wall street does like certainty. also the whole confirmation process would have been, in his. >> why? >> he talked about how women and men are different in terms of being able to teach science or understand science. that was a huge gaffe that caused a lot of controversy. but, you know, the truth is that no matter who takes over, it's very likely that we're going to learn next week that the fed is going to begin tapering its bond buying. >> $85 billion of bonds buying a
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year? >> a month. and that's really supported the stock market and the economy in large part. so that's going to be the main thing that's going to be happening. once that decision is made, unless the next fed chairman overturns it in any way, is really the important news. >> when you buy bonds in that massive amount and you print up a whole boatload of money every month, and you hold down the interest rates, i really wonder about the long-term economic harm that may cause. because it's totally artificial. >> yes, it is. states can't do that. they can't print money. that's why they have budget problems. it's basically put off to the whole budget issue for the president. tomorrow he's going to be speaking about how he takes credit for the economy. in truth it's the fed who has boosted the economy and the stock market. but as you say, in an artificial way. >> yeah. let me run through some polls, because as you mentioned, the president is going to be
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bragging about how he saved the economy and everything is wonderful. well, look at this. 54% say they're less financially secure than five years ago. let's go to the next one. almost 50% think the economy is worse than five years ago. how could that be? i mean, five years ago was as bad as it ever gets. 52% disapprove of the way the president has been handling the economy. >> well, you know, the great recession was not followed by the great recovery. that's the problem. it's been very tepid. if we had job growth at the same pace we had it in august, it would take two more years to get down to what's considered full employment, which is 5%. five years ago the unemployment rate was 6.1%, now it's 7.3%. there are unprecedented levels of long-term unemployed. and the problem is all these people who feel that they are still in a recession, they've depleted their savings, their retirement nest eggs, so they
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have not had the benefit of the stock market recovery that other people have. so that's very troubling. >> the president brags about all the jobs created. what he doesn't recognize and what he doesn't admit is all the jobs lost. and, in fact, the labor participation rate is at its lowest level since 1978 because so many people have given up, they quit. >> yes, they quit. john travolta was singing "staying alive" the last time the unemployment rate -- participation rate was this low. that's troubling because people are just dropping out. they are not seeing jobs, they are not trying anymore, and again, many of them are long-term unemployed relying on unemployment benefits, and there may not be the incentive to go out to look for jobs. so there are a lot of factors here. >> if those who had stopped looking for work were counted, as i understand it, the jobless rate would actually be about
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10%? is that about right? >> well, if you count those who are part-time who would rather be full-time, it's closer to 14%. >> really. >> yes. >> so the unemployed and the underemployed is almost 22 million americans. >> yes. >> and the president never talks about that. >> well, no. i mean, and understandably, why would he? >> is he responsible for that? >> well, i mean, he could blame president bush as he has all four years, but i don't think that his stimulus programs, which he will point to as creating jobs and that we have had job creation in the last two years, i don't think that they did what he hoped they would do. what they have done is put us in more debt, and our debt and deficit are a huge issue. >> reed john taylor, stanford university says, of course, a stimulus of a trillion dollars is going to have a short-term
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bomb. but in the long term, it's going to make a debt and deficit. >> and this economy has not been what we would hope for. >> brenda butner, good to see you. catch brenda on "bulls and bears" saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. right here on the fox newschannel. syria has supposedly broken the chemical weapons deal. fox news contribute tore and pulitzer prize winner judith miller will give us perspective. that's coming up next.
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>> welcome back, everyone, the deal brokered between the united states is bringing the question,
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where does this put israel? we will talk about fact that john kerry, in israel, is talking about this deal with netanyahu offering guarded response to this. when we look at words of guarded optimism, what does it mean? >> it means that israel, this sounds nice. we don't trust it for a minute. we don't trust the syrians. to an israeli this is a deal that screams "don't trust," then you won't have to put the emphasis on verification. they are really nervous. on the one hand they are delighted with the prospect of their enemy forever disarming himself of a whole category of weapons. but they don't believe that bashar al-assad is going to give the weapons up any more than they believe that bashar al-assad wants to make peace with israel.
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>> israel maintains it can take care of itself if syria decides to wage a strike against them and the interior minister also saying, wait, we can keep a close watch on verification to see if they are moving those chemical weapons around to places they are not supposed to. >>guest: some of the initial reports about the movements are coming from israeli sources. john kerry is very dependent on israeli intelligence in terms of caring out the deal he made with putin. even in the best of times it would be hard for any country to disarm itself of a thousand tons of muses toward gas, sarin gas but they going to do this in the middle of a war. from another standpoint the israelis are worried about this being perceived as a win-win for bashar al-assad the he gets to say and obama initially said he has to go; second, he can go on
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killing his own people with conventional weapons, if not chemicals; finally, he is the one who this all depends. the rebels, then, would have been fighting bashar al-assad, are disspirited by this agreement. >> let me ask you this, quietly behind-the-scenes what are the views of israeli leaders toward president obama the way he has handled this situation? >>guest: they do not trust him. they believe in the end israel must depend on itself. on the other hand, they are also aware of the fact that israel is not able to inflict the kind of damage on its real enemy, its major enemy, which is iran, without the help of the united states. israel, too, is in kind of a diplomatically difficult box. it is hard to see them trusting obama after he decided to go to the congress to seek permission
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to implement his own red line. that's the kind of behavior that under the israelis they say, how can we depend on a man who will ask the congress to let him to do something that we believe it is something he doesn't want to do. >> it will be interesting to see what lies ahead in the coming das and months and we always appreciate your insights. >> gregg: breaking news: moments ago, larry summers, the chief economic advisor to president obama, now saying he is withdrawing his name for consideration. he was top consideration to the the next fed chairman and the president of the white house, now, announcing in fact, they will accept his withdrawal to be the next fed chairman. does that mean who is going to be the them fed chairman? pick news from the white house this weekend. that does it for us.
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