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tv   Laurence Fox  GB News  February 15, 2023 8:00pm-9:01pm GMT

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soon hello and welcome to wednesday night with obviously someone that quite clearly isn't lawrence spurlock's too tall, blonde and slightly irritating as well. but that's about where it finishes. i'm actually told, nathan, i'm in tonight for the lovely lawrence and you won't want to miss it. i've got a fleet street treat for you in the shape of the very attractive shape of a former editor of the sun, kelvin mackenzie . and he's sun, kelvin mackenzie. and he's here to give us his thoughts throughout the entire show. so coming tonight, nicholas sturgeon. yes, she have heard
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her name somewhat today , has her name somewhat today, has abdicated her throne as first minister of scotland . i will be minister of scotland. i will be taking a look at what caused the leaders demise. everything the controversial gender recognition act to the long standing feud with her former boss, alex salmond . and it has emerged that salmond. and it has emerged that nearly salmond. and it has emerged that nearl y £1,000,000 salmond. and it has emerged that nearly £1,000,00 salmond. and it has emerged that nearly £i,oo0,00 o £i,oo0,000 salmond. and it has emerged that nearly £1,000,00 0 £1,000,000 has nearly £1,000,000 £1,000,000 has been spent on 80 diversity recruitment drive in the armed forces . whilst our military forces. whilst our military accommodation has been falling to pieces, facing scandal after scandal, perhaps money could be spent better elsewhere . we also spent better elsewhere. we also want to take a look into the recent protests and riots in liverpool against the home office's relentless migrant hotel policy . former sunday hotel policy. former sunday mirror editor paul callan. you see fleet street link will be here to talk us through that and just around it all off. remember that drink famous for the toast tropical taste like all good things in life. it's been cancelled. but you again . that's cancelled. but you again. that's all coming up after latest headunes all coming up after latest headlines with the very lovely .
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headlines with the very lovely. don't thank you and good evening to you. the top story on gb news tonight rishi sunak has been thanking nicholas sturgeon for her service after the first minister made a surprise announcement that she was to step down after eight years in power. ms. sturgeon said she was proud to have been the first female and longest serving first minister of scotland. she'll remain in role until her successor is appointed. ms. sturgeon acknowledged that the move seem sudden, but denied. it was due to short term pressures and said she had been wrestling with the idea for weeks . coming with the idea for weeks. coming along . to those who do feel along. to those who do feel shocked, disappointed , perhaps shocked, disappointed, perhaps even a bit angry with me, please know that while heart and be in no doubt this is really hard me my decision from a place of duty and of love. tough perhaps, but
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love for my party and above all, for the country . well, also the for the country. well, also the news tonight, lancashire police say missing mother of two, nicola had a history of significant issues with alcohol which was brought on by her struggles with menopause . and struggles with menopause. and within the last hour, we've that underwater rescue experts sgi that were brought in for the search said they aware of this information as it would have changed their search strategy. detectives say the 45 year old was listed as high risk missing due to the number of specific vulnerabilities. had this bull has been missing now for 19 days. the former labour leader jeremy corbyn says sir keir barring him from standing a labour candidate at the next general election, is a flagrant attack on democracy. he also said it's a divisive from the overriding goal to defeat the
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conservative party. the labour leader had earlier apologised for the party's handling of antisemitism under his predecessor and the equality and human rights commission announced it will end monitoring of the party. two years after finding it was responsible , finding it was responsible, unlawful harassment and discrimination . the chancellor discrimination. the chancellor jeremy hunt, says the fight to reduce inflation is far from over , despite the rate over, despite the rate decreasing for the third consecutive month . data from the consecutive month. data from the office for national show the consumer price index to 10.1% in january. that's down from 10.5 in december. the drop was due to the price of fuel and transport slowing . now the government's slowing. now the government's announced it will donate . £25 announced it will donate. £25 million towards relief in earthquake hit turkey and syria . some of the funds will provide and blankets for families who are now homeless and struggling in freezing temperatures . it now in freezing temperatures. it now bnngs in freezing temperatures. it now brings the uk's total financial
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support to almost £43 million. that set you up to date on tv, onune that set you up to date on tv, online and derby plus radio with gb news now. laurence fox has dawn in the chat . dawn in the chat. thank you, polly. now i'm not entirely sure how you're feeling the morning after the valentine's night, but slightly convinced . i mean, some kind of convinced. i mean, some kind of chocolate champagne fuelled parallel universe . even though parallel universe. even though the doctor does assure me there is at least some blood left in my alcohol system. pretty i'm still drunk. well how on earth do you explain that nicola nicholas sturgeon has cancelled herself. keir starmer has cancelled jeremy corbyn. armed forces have cancelled commons and either 80 or the chinese are
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spying on us. oh, and don't forget the well—known soft drink is now checking my notes . oh, is now checking my notes. oh, yes, racist. because what is isn't talk about. stop the. it's time to go off. i'll oops, sorry, you can't even do that as it would involve fighting your way through all those layers of weird weather . sorry. look if weird weather. sorry. look if you have only just crawled out from under the that don't blame me after last night everyone's favourite weed you me cranky trip you announced today that she was stepping down as first minister of scotland . this is minister of scotland. this is despite the fact just a couple of weeks ago, nicholas sturgeon was insisting she had plenty left in her tank. it doesn't bear thinking about, is it.7 fast forward to today and she says she's been mulling whether to go for some weeks. well, what's said about she denies her decision, has anything to do with the new poll revealing a scottish appetite for independence? is currently lower than the 45% recorded in the 2014 referendum or . indeed, the
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2014 referendum or. indeed, the fact that she thought it was tough, actually acceptable to put convicted rapist into a woman's prison because he suddenly started wearing a wig and a lot of pink. nope, it's to spend more time with her family and that she knows when go though i'm not entirely sure that last bit is true as it took over 30 minutes of self indulgence . jacinda ardern indulgence. jacinda ardern resignation style claptrap to say my strangely there was no time to mention scotland's drug addiction problem . the state of addiction problem. the state of the nhs, the education system, the nhs, the education system, the constant or the interesting snp donations. nicola is not the only one out of a job today though, is she? back in england, keir starmer finally climbed down off his favourite fence to basically sack his former leader and jeremy corbyn, which means jezza won't be standing as an mp come the next election . well, come the next election. well, not in england, possibly. time for the scots to start shoving hadrian's wall back up just in case. not just british politics.
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i've got to tell you, though, another fun tidbit for you is that our armed forces have admitted spending an incredible £1 million on a diverse city jobs drive , you know, making jobs drive, you know, making sure that all the relevant boxes for sex, race , religion, for sex, race, religion, sexuality age, body type have been checked , whether any of been checked, whether any of them can actually fly or is obviously neither here nor there. well, not like there's a war on a short flight away. is the or the armed forces currently the lowest levels we've seen with just 156,000 armed personnel now. that might armed personnel now. that might a lot. but to help you visualise wembley stadium holds 90,000. china has the world's biggest army with 2 million and russia is 800th 30,000. and well, that's before putin started emptying the prisons of rapists and murderers to go and fight in the ukraine. and i'm a little worried about offending the white by not having enough
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ethnic minorities changes. do me a favour. look, jeez, it's enough to anyone. reach for a stiff drink or even a cell phone. but not lilt, though . phone. but not lilt, though. can't do that. the fruity beverage with a totally topical taste is now . yeah, racist as is taste is now. yeah, racist as is everything these days isn't it? obviously. and talking of the importance of skin colour. let's back to those mysterious blues . back to those mysterious blues. the americans are busy blasting out of sky. could that be said by little green extraterrestrials rather the chinese? be worrying , wouldn't chinese? be worrying, wouldn't it? nah, not because of the fear of flying saucers suddenly hovering menacingly over our major cities . but what in the major cities. but what in the hell? we're supposed to do when the invading aliens demand what they always do in? the movies, and that's be taken to our leaders . leaders. right? well, lots more on those
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issues to come in the following houn issues to come in the following hour. so stay us because there is loads to cover. but first, i really want to talk about a story that's broken this evening . lancashire police say missing mother nicola bailey had a history of sickness and issues with alcohol which was possibly brought on by her ongoing struggles with the menopause . struggles with the menopause. this is after all this time we are now learning this information. joining us now to explain what is going on and what difference this makes is peter fielding, who led the independent specialist diving team that took in the search for nicola. can you just tell us briefly what has happened this afternoon ? there was a press afternoon? there was a press conference and what are the police said about this situation 7 police said about this situation ? well, i've just seen the press statement really, dawn, and they just said that nicola had an alcohol problem, mean that detail didn't necessarily need
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to be released to the public, but it would have been useful if we had been given that information on the day. as trusted search expert , bearing trusted search expert, bearing in mind we were being tasked by the police search adviser and given areas of water search. if we'd known on the we would have kept it quiet . we wouldn't have kept it quiet. we wouldn't have told the media but would have assist it us because i had the theory she had just slipped into theory she had just slipped into the river and where it is it's only two foot deep. so i was thought about other areas to actually search . so what do you actually search. so what do you make of this being released now by i i'm just quite shocked really that this has been given now probably to the public at this time. i think they've panicked. i mean, i work with the police day. i mean, gosh, great respect for them. and i've never seen this ever, ever happen. normally dawn, we're given confidential given the confidential information on complex murdering cases and we keep that information to ourselves, which
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actually helps us in the in the search , whether it be on land or search, whether it be on land or in water. i'm very monitor with the about ten drowning victims a year and a number of suicides where. people just take themselves into water, drown we locate them and recover them. so this is i shocked that i got this is i shocked that i got this information was held back from us. so what what difference would it have made ? how you have would it have made? how you have handled what you have been able to do? you're working very with the family as well . you. so what the family as well. you. so what difference would it have made ? difference would it have made? what would it. it would have made me believe that possibly she could do . nicola could have she could do. nicola could have wandered off. she could have won the down the riverbank. and potentially taken her own life. she could have wandered off and fallen another place because fallen in another place because the area we were tasked with search was absolutely clear was searched by police divers. three times. it was searching or so side scan sonar. times. it was searching or so side scan sonar . and we even side scan sonar. and we even extended our search upriver, extended our search upriver, extended premises just in case. nicola it wandered off and
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fallen in. so now i'm changing. has nicola wandered somewhere else? because there was no specifically along the main entry route. and the police confirmed that in their press conference today. why do you think it's taken until now for this information come out? surely it's so important for everybody to be aware of the full circumstances of what might have happened , what it does make have happened, what it does make life easier then the members of the public could touch their own sheds. i mean, nicola could wandered off. she could literally fall asleep somewhere. she could have just taken a cell phone, got wandered off into the woods. so it is covers all avenues. woods. so it is covers all avenues . so the whole search avenues. so the whole search strategy, obviously the police knew this, but the people are conducting the search and the pubuc conducting the search and the public no idea. and i think been a bit of a panic. there's been so much pressure today to actually come out and release that. actually come out and release that . the family never told the that. the family never told the statement. the poor family or
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pieces, and that's not what they want to hear, really? no. of course. and finally, peter, just one final question. what difference does it make to what you and your do now? well, i've offered to give my services free offered to give my services free of charge because said i've reached an with the national crime agency this is what we do. we work the police. i've offered to go up there and assist them and the officers are open. i say i am trusted by the police and to assist in any land search, we hopefully nicola's just wandered off. she's gone somewhere. she's had enough . let's just pray that had enough. let's just pray that that's case and that that's just all work together to find some sort of resolution for this family and some form of closure. i think we all want that. peter, thank you so much for joining i think we all want that. peter, thank you so much forjoining us tonight. really appreciate it. and i say so. it's a breaking story and we can all hope that nicola is found and reunited with the two little girls who were just six and nine years old. right. we move on now. as i mentioned , nicholas sturgeon
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mentioned, nicholas sturgeon resigned as scotland's first and longest serving female minister . now, will sturgeon success or a failure for scotland . with me a failure for scotland. with me to discuss this is tessa dunlop , a journalist and historian . , a journalist and historian. hello, tessa. thank you so much for joining me this evening. right. so it was a bit out of the blue this morning. i thought, oh, gosh. so what do make of what nicola has said today ? first of all, it wasn't today? first of all, it wasn't entirely unexpected. i had pretty good intel approximately a year ago . she intended to step a year ago. she intended to step down before the election , and i down before the election, and i was actually on a train coming south. so still in scotland when the news broke and there was a collective gasp in the carriage. i think. don't i respect you deeply? but i think it's important that we don't ridicule nicholas sturgeon i thought your introduction was a little bit disrespectful. we cranky or whatever you call that , and this whatever you call that, and this is possibly one of the most impressive successful
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principles and i know nationalists like i abhor nationalism , whether it's nationalism, whether it's packaged as brexit or packaged in the form of the snp . but i in the form of the snp. but i know a lot of people who work with her and they all testify to her inability to her presence, to her tireless commitment and her ability to inspire those around her and to remain in power, in fact, to win a general election. when she raised income tax and to hold a huge number of people in scotland closed in on a vision, a romantic idyll that scotland is a possibly, possibly could be a better world if it independent and to consistently banging that drum and stayed in power and held our together and grown a party, we have to respect that and i think learn from it . a lot of us, a lot of from it. a lot of us, a lot of our political need to learn from the nicholas sturgeon model, strip away that nationalism . i strip away that nationalism. i wish the labour party had thought when. was thought to when. she was a teenager, not, not, not, not the
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snp but she was an impressive and she remains an impressive woman . the argument i would have woman. the argument i would have against that tessa is gender reform bill i mean does seem the timing a couple of ago she was going she was going nowhere and now suddenly it's like i'm stepping down because for the sake of spending more time with her family. but this does come the controversy over the obviously the whole sort like, you know, the gender reform problem and, you know , all problem and, you know, all rapists, rapists, male , rapists, rapists, male, whatever. so, i mean , how much whatever. so, i mean, how much do you think that is to do with what's happened today ? she she what's happened today? she she was still course to win the next election in scotland. granted somewhat dented the gender bill was something that nicholas sturgeon has been kept quiet initially and more noisily committed to for some years in many ways a kind of blueprint
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sturgeon bill where takes it like a terrier across line i think. yes she didn't carry the groundswell of support in scotland, but in some respects how you flip the call and you could say, well, let's a sign of our principles that. she was going to gone for this minority. she was going to support them come what may now? in fact, in longer run, we don't know how the gender reform bill will play , in fact, scotland , whether in fact, scotland being told what to do by westminster in the play for westminster in the end play for the snp , we won't know. but the snp, we won't know. but i say once again, i knew that nicholas sturgeon would be stepping the stepping down before the next election and the intel election and that was the intel on the ground. and i genuinely believe i know funnily enough i was in scotland doing the debate show about weeks ago, show about two weeks ago, pushing against snp that pushing hard against snp that their record, for instance on education dismal with the nhs dismal they get a ferry out of the docks at the moment, but yet look how hold huge of their look how they hold huge of their population alongside them in the ballot box. so we have to give them credit. credit is and
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them credit. credit is due and i can that among the young grassroots workers in that party they look up to her. i saw young women respect. oh, she's every day she's so she's so committed. you know by me any other politician virtually who people will talk about in those terms i. kelvin let's bring you on this one. what did you make about nicola's standing down? well, it's the inevitability of . most of her policies falling with them and also so i think there are two kind of issues that aren't getting debated . one that aren't getting debated. one is, why did her husband leave a leant 100 grand interest free to his own party and, then try and keep it secret ? i think that keep it secret? i think that will turn to be a massive explosion . and what she didn't explosion. and what she didn't want to be is actually having a collar felt while she was while she was the first minister of scotland . and i also think it's scotland. and i also think it's quite i think ms. dunlop as a rather view of this lady because
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to try and indicate that if you strip out the nationalism , if strip out the nationalism, if you strip out the nationalism she was a fine, a leader. well, actually the whole point of the snp, i expect snp's vote not to go snp, i expect snp's vote not to 9° up snp, i expect snp's vote not to go up the independence vote to go up the independence vote to go not down. sturgeon was a divisive figure she accepted herself in her own, in her speech that she was and i expect and so they're to down 45 i expect it to rise dramatic . so expect it to rise dramatic. so there are three issues about it. one, her personality was not winning over the kind of the middle way. secondly her husband, what was the 100 grand about what was th e £600,000? about what was the £600,000? where was this money spent? that's the that's the difficult issue for . and thirdly, issue for. and thirdly, i honestly i honestly have got to say to a anybody who does eight or nine years in mainstream at the top of the pile , it seems to the top of the pile, it seems to be the absolute of the game.
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thatcher ten years. blair years now think seven years for jacinda her 8 to 9 years. nobody can carry on doing a getting base load being pulled them day in, day out for her being a decent leader , i'm absolutely decent leader, i'm absolutely certain that you will see nationalism actually with a new leader because so many people didn't like her test. well, i want to pick up on that final point. not ms. dunlop by way. i haven't been a ms. for a very long time. kelvin but i just wasn't sure. so i didn't want to i didn't want embarrass you, but about nationalism surging, i didn't want embarrass you, but about nationalism surging , the about nationalism surging, the worry is and i speak for a huge number of unionists in scotland , a copper bottomed unionist. you know, the first 20 years in scotland to an english mother now living in england, i want to end, which is effectively what the end game of nicola sturgeon's vision would result in. we to hold fast and in. and we need to hold fast and respect that and understand what's at stake here. but i
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think need, bear in mind that think we need, bear in mind that kelvin nationalism kelvin thinks, that nationalism will the is kind of will go up the is what kind of national nationalism will it be? will it be a kind of nigel farage populist nationalism, a more muscular nationalism, stripped of civil veneer that nicholas sturgeon gave it? and if that's the case, then i deeply worried and i know several scots who are deeply worried more than ever. i can tell you tonight that actually nicholas sturgeon on nicholas sturgeon while on the one hand. agree that from one hand. yes, i agree that from the scottish labour's point of view there's chance for view there's a real chance for them make a dent certainly. them to make a dent certainly. but a long way from but when they're a long way from that. a dent that that. but to make a dent that will on their chances in will impact on their chances in westminster. what westminster. but actually what of are going get of nationalism are we going get in we may find in scotland and we may find we're very much missing? nicola sturgeon in the next few years. do you, do you think, tessa, that without sense that the gender reform that she would still have stayed on that i mean it seems to be the impression that most people are getting is that most people are getting is that because of this situation , that because of this situation, where you know that the recent story about the rapist isla
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whatever you want to call him , whatever you want to call him, you know, go into a female prison and then having to backtrack that that was really the on the for wall thing is this is again why we're in our own echo chambers and england's picked up on the story that's happening in scotland. this isn't the only time the nicholas sturgeon has been tackled by by what's happened, what's going down in scottish politics. it's just this fled over the border and at the moment it looks like it's going to trip for a bit. like i say, i think in the term let's see how this plays out because i can tell you something the scots won't like being told what do westminster. and i what to do by westminster. and i know the majority people know that the majority of people in support this in scotland don't support this bill, you find saying bill, but you find them saying it's all to make a mess of. but and that doesn't help the unionist cause. so this has to be very delicately and my concern is that we don't have the right administration in place in westminster at the moment delicately
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moment to handle delicately calvin , you like a last word on calvin, you like a last word on this ? well, anybody with any this? well, anybody with any brains any money, any entrepreneur or school has fled alaska a million miles an hour. tax is up nhs down age down. a chief executive of the snp lending arm to grant and taking it back again. why did the bill that happened. there's a shocking smell and the departure of ms. sturgeon is a triumph for common sense scotland. right. unfortunately we have to leave it there. very interesting debate one that will no doubt go on over the next few weeks. thank you for us on that, tessa. great to talk to you. usual. and coming up , great to talk to you. usual. and coming up, almost 1 million of your hard earned money has been spent on work causes. stay tuned to find out .
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what welcome back. right what does diversity have to do ? defence of diversity have to do? defence of the realm, not lot, you'd imagine. see the thing about the military is that it's not about you. it's not its job to reflect society . there's a reason you society. there's a reason you can't join the army if, say, you're overweight or you have leg or your shortened four foot ten inches. the military is machine to be called on to defend us in times of grave danger , combat effectiveness danger, combat effectiveness should be the only thing that matters . this is precisely why matters. this is precisely why the military is exempt from most other employment law legislation . the equality act 2010. so why is it then that defence bosses have splurged almost a million pounds? have splurged almost a million pounds ? £1,000,000 on diverse pounds? £1,000,000 on diverse jobs recruitment drive ? this jobs recruitment drive? this comes after the revelation that the raaf had been prioritises be i am a candidate had a white recruit. so what on earth is
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going on? i just want people to look after us. protect the country that sort of thing. call me old school right. with us to discuss this is former infantry officer, a veteran of iraq, northern ireland and the balkans. colonel richard balkans. and colonel richard kemp, hello and thank you very much for joining kemp, hello and thank you very much forjoining us this evening much for joining us this evening . right. so what is going on with this? i mean , it's like with this? i mean, it's like welcome . and again, is it. with this? i mean, it's like welcome . and again, is it . yeah, welcome. and again, is it. yeah, exactly. that i mean, you know, it is important. exactly. that i mean, you know, it is important . the armed it is important. the armed forces represent the balance and the make up of the country as far as possible but as you suggest , not to the exclusion of suggest, not to the exclusion of being able defend the country. there's no in having a hugely diverse armed forces and spending money on on diversity objectives. if you if they don't have the resources to actually fight and defend the country . fight and defend the country. the reality is today they don't have those resources . so have those resources. so £1,000,000 spent on diversity campaign and would be much
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better spent in view on actually equipping the armed forces with fighting capabilities and of course, it's just a drop in the ocean. the whole woke religion has spread around ministry of defence armed with every other government department for many years now and is undermining combat effectiveness . kelvin, combat effectiveness. kelvin, what do you of this i mean, at £1,000,000 when we're struggling the moment with recruitment we're having to make you know, we're having to make you know, we're having to cut our well i'm i'm not entirely entirely hostile to the idea after all we cannot recruiting for the armed services is tough quite difficult even with the much smaller forces that we have today compared to ten or even 20 years ago, which in a sense is an absolute scandal and actually makes us look absolute idiots on the world military stage . the the world military stage. the truth about the matter is that the homes that we have for our soldiers are shocking and the
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million pounds would be better starting to do those up 101. that would be first one. but look, if we can't find what we recruits to fill up our armed forces , then we do need people forces, then we do need people of different colour in order to do that. and if they feel to come to it, we to change that. i'm afraid that is reality of our lives. i know it's i know it sounds strange, but i care what colour people are who fight for me if fighting for a decent cause they can be any colour you like. surely it should be just the best person the job. i'm not actually . if someone is going to actually. if someone is going to fight for the fight for the country and protect me save my family and my loved ones , i family and my loved ones, i don't actually care, but that's a different that is a different argument. our right now, as i understand, is that we do not have a of people saying, i tell you what? i must join the army. it's just not happening. and therefore we must try and make it attractive. and at the moment
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for, whatever reason, it is not attractive we don't need an armed force , force of 87,005, armed force, force of 87,005, under which i saw that number other day, which is a shocking, shocking the idea that the french are beginning to look down upon us as an armed force is something we should feel great shame about. is something we should feel great shame about . and we need great shame about. and we need to get that that up. so i'm behind wallace 100. we need spend proper money now that will mean that somebody it might be universal credit is not going to get the money that they to get. they might have to go out to work tough. we need to be able just to fight our own corner these days in, a world which looks mean. there is a lot more about it than i do. looks a very, very dangerous prospect. richard what do you make of what calvin's just said? i mean, we do feel like we are, you know , do feel like we are, you know, we're losing our protection. i mean , to what see outside the mean, to what see outside the army in china is to 2 million. is it an in. well.
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army in china is to 2 million. is it an in. well . russia is it an in. well. russia 830,900 and we can barely fill wembley stadium . now we've got wembley stadium. now we've got far future far too few troops. the successive governments have been wearing down the armed forces a long period of time . forces a long period of time. but actually i would disagree on on the issue of recruiting, although is so hard to recruit people, whether they're white, black or any other colour, to join the armed , it's not join the armed, it's not difficult at all. there's no shortage of people coming forward . the difficulty we have forward. the difficulty we have which has been going on now for , oh has got most of the it we've got a recruiting or recruiting system in order to allegedly save money not work and actually i often speak young men or young women who want to join the armed forces and can't do . so because the system do. so because the system doesn't allow them to forget perfectly pretty good people. so
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it's not it's not that there's a shortage of people out there willing to join and fight. it's the system that we have that needs be sorted out. and, you needs to be sorted out. and, you know , it's been it's been a know, it's been a it's been a problem many years. was problem many years. there was a problem many years. there was a problem also when i was serving . so do you think i mean, the answer is that we need to actually, you know, defence secretary wallace is seeking up to a billion from jeremy hunt in next month's budget. do you think that we are cutting our too tight on this one. absolutely. and that we been for many years, we've got you know, we've got an increasingly dangerous world. and even just as an even since the invasion of ukraine by russia which has should have taught many people a lesson that they forgotten about the realities , the threats we the realities, the threats we face. even after that, we're still today the size of the british army, even below the very low level it is now. so yeah, of course more money is neededin yeah, of course more money is needed in in the army, in the
8:35 pm
navy and in the air force. but i would say particularly in the army has been badly neglected and we've tended to emphasise modern technology , things like modern technology, things like cyber drones , etc. and at the of cyber drones, etc. and at the of hard combat power we need both obviously in defence days is hugely expensive but somehow we to be able to put our hands in our pockets and produce what's required and ukraine is enough of example i would have thought to our politicians to show them that we do need that even , you that we do need that even, you know, even if defence is not as big a vote winner as nato chess or education or whatever , that or education or whatever, that somehow the, the money's got to found in order to be able to defend our country or, or we simply not be in a position to , simply not be in a position to, to have the other services . to have the other services. because, you know, as i think it's a sort of fairly trite saying, but first duty of every government is the security and the defence of the country. absolutely. and when we have the situation in ukraine, just a short flight . thank you so much
8:36 pm
short flight. thank you so much for joining us this evening. richard kemp, great to for joining us this evening. richard kemp , great to talk to richard kemp, great to talk to you. hopefully sees some of you. and hopefully sees some of the line right. coming up, the riots in merseyside was , as lisa riots in merseyside was, as lisa nandy said, down right wing rhetoric or was it to do with the safety concerns of locals not being taken seriously ? we're not being taken seriously? we're getting into that after this break. don't go too far.
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8:39 pm
hello and welcome back. i'm dawn neesom for laurence fox right . neesom for laurence fox right. we've no doubt or heard about riots outside at a hotel to house migrants in knowsley emerged . what's making them emerged. what's making them then? the disturbances were reportedly sparked by footage of migrants housed aggressively local underage girls girls in school uniform for sex. some of
8:40 pm
those on the left have been claiming that say suella braverman using . the word braverman using. the word invasion was ultimately blame . invasion was ultimately blame. is it that or is the threat to locals particularly women and young girls in we have a huge culture issue here going on with some of the people in there. it has led to this disorder one only needs to look across north atlantic to what's going on in sweden to know that these fears aren't unfounded . and let's not aren't unfounded. and let's not forget every conservative and labour manifesto since the days of john major has promised less migration and a tougher asylum system . yeah. migration and a tougher asylum system .yeah. how's migration and a tougher asylum system . yeah. how's that one system. yeah. how's that one going then? have been broken every government, hasn't it ? a every government, hasn't it? a pattern that shows sadly no sign of letting up rights. discuss this ongoing now is a fleet street legend surrounded them tonight no in the corner that calvin and paul con you welcome to the show and thank you so much for joining
8:41 pm
to the show and thank you so much forjoining michael to the show and thank you so much for joining michael that paul what do you make of this situation of what's going on in merseyside at the moment because it's doing all this motivation no one quite knows for sure either . i no one quite knows for sure either. i don't think no one quite knows for sure either . i don't think there are either. i don't think there are so many conflicting versions of events . i so many conflicting versions of events. i think so many conflicting versions of events . i think they duties part events. i think they duties part there is probably social media. in fact . it's not the first time in fact. it's not the first time where a lot of people have been flying a lot of things around on social media from both the left on the right and it's all very confusing. no one quite knows exactly what went on and how the if you like the protest that turned violent in who organised it it spontaneous or was actually clearly orchestrated the far right without doubt involved extent but that doesn't mean that it was only the far and of course the far left turned up to the left turned up as well. and the whole thing out of hand. but, but, but anybody who is championing cause of, if
8:42 pm
you like, protecting the british of life, in fact , the burning , of life, in fact, the burning, attacking the police and that burning down police vehicles is hardly is it compatible with that prince support? no, of course not. you know, and obviously they're all going to be agitators on both sides on the far right and the far left. but there are genuinely concern parents in. the area of young girls in particular? i mean, we have a huge culture issue with it, with these migrants based the hotels and how they behave , the hotels and how they behave, young women and the story , this young women and the story, this 15 year old schoolgirl who was propositioned by a 25 year old migrant. she was quite clearly in her school uniform . so there in her school uniform. so there a culture issue here. so you understand ignoring the far and the far left, agitating the concerned parents have a right to raise awareness of this issue . i quite agree. of course, they have. . i quite agree. of course, they have . but what we don't know for
8:43 pm
have. but what we don't know for certain is whether the allegedly 25 year old man was actually a resident . of the migrant hotel resident. of the migrant hotel or not. you know, i don't think he's been identified for certain yet. so don't quite know the background to how the video came onto the social media platforms and quite a large part in stirring up emotions . kelvin can stirring up emotions. kelvin can understand how are running high those you have you know groups of and you know they all surprisingly you know all very young fighting age men who are being in local communities where there are there are vulnerable women and girls still what do you make of the situation? anybody if you're in a small, small and you know, four or 500 to 300 a channel have come into your town, you you're going to see a change in your high
8:44 pm
street, not least of all, because quite rightly, those migrants can't work. they've got to do something, migrants can't work. they've got to do something , walk migrants can't work. they've got to do something, walk up and down all day , and therefore you down all day, and therefore you will know that your town is slightly different than it was. for instance, six months ago. i mean, the reality is we now have 150,000 of these channel migrants now still seeking visas . and it's alright for lisa nandy to wander around shouting out for far right the truth about. out for far right the truth about . the matter is any polling about. the matter is any polling that this is enormously concerned about what is happening every single day, 2000 more have turned up in alone. so for lisa nandy , she's in favour for lisa nandy, she's in favour of all this . having done this of all this. having done this worry about all we are getting is fine words coming out of sunak and bravo men . actually no sunak and bravo men. actually no action at all because actually the solution may be quite difficult. actually on the other side they basically saying we are going to allow all embassies
8:45 pm
to allow people, but around europe to come our embassy and say we are seeking . forget about say we are seeking. forget about 150,000. stop about half off of africa and most of the middle east queuing up outside our embassies. they have a solution than even the way that that obviously the ineffectual sunak or riflemen have. it is shocking. beyond shocking unless you unless you smash it, unless you unless you smash it, unless you smash the migrant gangs total. you smash the migrant gangs total . totally. you're not going total. totally. you're not going total. totally. you're not going to solve this . every government to solve this. every government has tried every government failed. you know , and the rwanda failed. you know, and the rwanda plan and you know is not going to work apart from the legal battles going on around it rwanda is not going to cope . in rwanda is not going to cope. in fact, taking thousands , fact, taking thousands, thousands unless unless break the business model of the trafficking gangs. you going to have the same for all rishi
8:46 pm
sunak spying words? no, i. i agree with you. i agree with you. but to do nothing on either side of the political because the tories talk who could gain nothing . earth has happened even nothing. earth has happened even while tens of thousands have been coming in every quarter and labour actually a worse solution. i say quite simply, we have to take the law our own hands. if we were israel, if we were israel. do you think israel be sitting here right now saying ? there's a whole load of people on the belgian and french coast. they're doing this what are we going to do about it would just say, not going to do say, oh, we're not going to do actually, israel will go in and they would shoot them and that they would shoot them and that the actually have the solution you actually have to cut the neck of the don't what we would be bomb or shoot shoot you shoot them all on small boats crossing the channel no we actually shoot the smuggling gangs actually take them out completely. what would be wrong with are you including
8:47 pm
you enslave the poor, put you favour of actually country literally tens of thousands hundreds of thousands would you stop tens of millions? there are lots of people who want you want you old way of life . but we have you old way of life. but we have we had during the referendum campaign johnson talking about you know half of turkey you're coming here when i thought when of course took isn't in the eu it wouldn't have happened anyway we have a we have a problem am totally opposed to people crossing crossing the channel in boats organised by criminal gangs but i also think we do to have a proper processing you know all potential migrants or refugee refuge jeez because we do need people in this country. since brexit we have a major labour shortage for some of the to be allowed to be allowed to
8:48 pm
work . might would be was banned work. might would be was banned be was banned on my show. i'm sorry. look, i'll we do have to go to a break. thank you so much for joining us tonight. what forjoining us tonight. what that got far. we didn't. right. coming up a first. i took aztec baths and then it was opal fruit. you won't. what british icon has just been cancelled. stick around and find .
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next hello. welcome back . it's dawn hello. welcome back. it's dawn neesom in for laurence fox . neesom in for laurence fox. well, just today it was announced lilt the drink renowned . its a totally tropical renowned. its a totally tropical taste would do the accent but i'm terrible at accents it's to be discontinued and what's more it's going to be absorbed by fanta into a fanta grapefruit and pienaar for replacement on
8:52 pm
the soundtrack hatch it is a bit bonkers really. right. so joining me now to talk about its very serious subject, we need some light relief i away edward to do the deejay and radio and very good chum and edward thank all right okay what do you make of this i mean doing you will. i'm very good thank you. very much. i think stronger than melt for me has been it's been a it's been a great drink over the years and for someone to say it's appropriation or it's racist, it's a drink . i mean, i racist, it's a drink. i mean, i think the rebrand i think coca—cola has possibly made mistake because it's got all of us talking. it's great advertising for them. if it was advertising for them. if it was a publicity stunt, it would the greatest publicity stunt . but to greatest publicity stunt. but to rebrand , to talk about the rebrand, to talk about the adverts, i mean, growing it was i was to talking talking about it on the radio some were talking about it earlier when had a glass or you, you you held
8:53 pm
the lilt can it a was a form of escape ism back in the eighties growing when there was no social media, there was no internet. you saw a lilt can you feel oh my word, it's tropical vibes. you just want to be on the beach. that's it. nothing else ? beach. that's it. nothing else? yeah, absolutely. so i mean, it's like, you know what, are we going to stop with this one? what is wrong with lil? i mean you know, there are some things that you think might be a bit old fashioned now that we don't. but this is not offensive , is but this is not offensive, is it? ed wood ? no, far from it. it? ed wood? no, far from it. far from it. i to be honest, far from it. ito be honest, a lot of people and we're not talking about just say about one particular type of person is being deeply upset about this and they feel why why is what is have to be rebranded it does keep it as it is you know i don't anyone actually offended by it so i'm sure they haven't had a single complain and where where do you stop. thank so much
8:54 pm
for joining us tonight. where do you stop. thank so much for joining us tonight . go is forjoining us tonight. go is still inside canada great evening. thank you very much thank you edward . and thank you thank you edward. and thank you edward kelvin all my guests and daniel is up next. hello lovely mr. wootton. what have we got coming up? how upset i am about the end of lilt. it's like my favourite drink seriously , favourite drink seriously, right. okay, that's so i enjoyed that segment, but don't going to be missing you on the sofa tonight. great show. i have loved you can imagine how i am because think the union is saved genuinely the fan see is now in tatters and we're going to be covering it from all angles. plus the conservative party deputy chairman lee anderson live in the studio . oh, i want live in the studio. oh, i want to join got to go on full time is running out. so thanks to all my guests. thank you. lovely. kelvin mackenzie, and to you for joining me and. next, we had the
8:55 pm
weather, which i hope it's going to absolutely wonderful . to be absolutely wonderful. thank much. and we're thank you very much. and we're so there . i'm greg so busy. hello there. i'm greg hurst and welcome to your latest from the met office there will be rain in the forecast over the next days, turning particularly windy on friday. busting my for the time of year throughout looking at the pressure pattern low pressures moving in from the atlantic giving cloud and atlantic giving the cloud and rain low pressure in rain this low pressure in particular will give some very strong across scotland and strong winds across scotland and northern england as we head through a office through friday. a met office warning already force for the warning already in force for the rest wednesday, got rest of. wednesday, we've got cloud moving from the cloud and rain moving from the atlantic this, tony, quite atlantic and this, tony, quite murky and misty overnight into the hours of thursday the early hours of thursday clearing skies across scotland out here. a touch of frost is possible . three or four degrees possible. three or four degrees in the towns and cities close to freezing in the countryside . but freezing in the countryside. but elsewhere cloud and elsewhere with the cloud and rain staying well rain temperatures staying well above . but that means above freezing. but that means a cloudy start across much of the uk to start morning outbreaks of rain and tricky driving conditions over the higher ground with hail, fog, best of
8:56 pm
the sunshine though across northern scotland it stays the sunshine though across northe here otland it stays the sunshine though across northe here forand it stays the sunshine though across northe here for mucht stays the sunshine though across northe here for much oftays the sunshine though across northe here for much of the day. sunny here for much of the day. showers orkney and showers across orkney and shetland elsewhere slowly brightens and if we get any brightens up and if we get any sunshine we could see highs of 13 or 14 degrees so well above the average, around eighteen at this time of year into the evening further wet evening time. further wet weather moves in from the atlantic, spreading into northern scotland northern ireland and scotland and then the winds start picking up during the early hours combined some heavy could combined with some heavy could lead tricky and lead to some tricky and conditions for those up early into friday morning a met office coming in for from 5:00 as a result a lot of cloud around the winds picking up here eight or nine as a minimum temperature complete to what we've seen over last few nights. so a metservice warning for gusts of 60 to 70, possibly 75 miles an hour across. the coasts of parts of scotland , north—east england, scotland, north—east england, leading to some tricky commutes. first thing here elsewhere across england, wales into northern ireland, some patchy rain and gusty winds here. temperatures on the mild side, 14 or 15 celsius. but the good
8:57 pm
news is , it looks like as we news is, it looks like as we head into the weekend, it should start to ease you again .
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soon no spin, no bias, no censorship. i'm dan tonight. queen has fallen scotland first minister resigns after dire years , resigns after dire years, leaving her scottish separatist fantasy in tatters . i'm fantasy in tatters. i'm announcing my intention to step down as first minister and leader of my party. it's not the case that this decision is because short term issues but should scheme means sturgeon's downfall will be a warning to others that pandering to a minority is the fast track political oblivion . trans women political oblivion. trans women are women, but in the present context that is no automatic rate for a trans woman . our


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