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tv   Dan Wootton Tonight Replay  GB News  February 16, 2023 3:00am-5:01am GMT

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soon no spin, no bias, no censorship. i'm dan tonight. queen has fallen scotland first minister resigns after dire years ,
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resigns after dire years, leaving her scottish separatist fantasy in tatters . i'm fantasy in tatters. i'm announcing my intention to step down as first minister and leader of my party. it's not the case that this decision is because short term issues but should scheme means sturgeon's downfall will be a warning to others that pandering to a minority is the fast track political oblivion . trans women political oblivion. trans women are women, but in the present context that is no automatic rate for a trans woman . our rate for a trans woman. our context of trans women is not. no, that is actually . alex no, that is actually. alex blane. why her quitting before she was pushed is a victory for . scotland, the union and in a special day is next. there my superstar panel gives their view on her troubled legacy and scotland's unsung political future. joining me tonight, christine hamilton , adam brookes christine hamilton, adam brookes and nigel . sturgeon to be proud and nigel. sturgeon to be proud of her achievements. but
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journalists were quick to remind her of her ruinous record in power . he did her of her ruinous record in power. he did promise you didn't deliver it.7 the nhs is in a pretty perilous state. drugs, deaths have been catastrophic . deaths have been catastrophic. so was sturgeon a success or .7 so was sturgeon a success or.7 failure. we'll hear from both sides of that debate in the clash at 920, then at 40. i can't wait for this . one of the can't wait for this. one of the stooges biggest top comedian and entertainer jim davidson, gives entertainerjim davidson, gives his unfiltered take on some of his unfiltered take on some of his lowest moments. also coming up , as the invasion force of up, as the invasion force of illegal migrants , 2500 this year illegal migrants, 2500 this year already. and it's the middle of winter. a snobby liberal elites and the msm ignoring legitimate anger of working class brits by landing immigration , right wing landing immigration, right wing and racist. that's going to be our big debate at 1030. plus lee anderson deservedly became . the anderson deservedly became. the tory party's deputy chairman , tory party's deputy chairman, the left wing and msm attacks against him have become unhinged. lee anderson seems to be very popular. tobias i mean,
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we're having a serious conversation here , you know, conversation here, you know, leading the country. yes well, lee fights back against vile abuse. he suffered at the hands , the liberal elite and unmissable of the real world with lee anderson at 935 is the bbc rehabilitation campaign of terrorists . bbc rehabilitation campaign of terrorists. shamima begum, a disgusting insult to the victims of isis's war.7 bethany haines, whose father was beheaded by the death , is going to speak out in death, is going to speak out in exclusive interview. she's live with me at 1050 and as harry and meghan continue to hold the royal family to ransom over their coronation attendance, should they be given a deadline to rsvp or stay away? tom bradby for angela and gives her royal insight at. 950 we're going to have a first look at how tomorrow's newspaper front pages are covering scotland's freedom from queen nick. and on this momentous for the union, there'll be another greatest person and union jack has named before the night is out. this
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dan wootton tonight. let's go . dan wootton tonight. let's go. oh, today is a good day. so i'm going to have a special digest on the scheming sturgeon's downfall and the wreckage she's left in her wake in just one moment. first, though, time moment. first, though, news time with middlehurst . dan with polly middlehurst. dan thank you and good evening to you. our top on gb news tonight to rishi sunak has been thanking nicholas sturgeon for her service as first minister after she made a surprise that she was to step down after eight years in power . to step down after eight years in power. ms. sturgeon said she was proud to have been the first female and longest serving first minister of scotland . but minister of scotland. but president trump tonight good riddance to failed woke extremist nicholas sturgeon scotland, adding she's every wrong with identity politics. ms. sturgeon acknowledged that
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the move might seem sudden, but denied it was due to a short term due to short term pressures that she'd been wrestling with it for some weeks. to those who do feel shocked disappointed , do feel shocked disappointed, perhaps even a bit angry with me . please know that we heart and be in doubt. this is really hard for me . my decision comes from for me. my decision comes from a place of duty and, of love, tough love , but love tough love, but love nevertheless for my party and, above all, for the country . above all, for the country. well, in other news tonight, lancashire police say missing mother nicola bulli had a history of significant issues with alcohol, which was on by her ongoing with menopause . her ongoing with menopause. detectives say the 45 year old was listed a high risk missing person due to a number of specific vulnerabilities. meanwhile the underwater rescue expert, peter , his company was expert, peter, his company was brought for . expert, peter, his company was brought for. in the search, told
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gb news if they'd had this information earlier , it would information earlier, it would have completely changed their strategy . no detail didn't need strategy. no detail didn't need to be released to the public, but it would have been useful. we had been given that information on the day as trusted experts, bearing in mind , we were being tasked by the police search adviser and given areas of water search . if we'd areas of water search. if we'd known on the day , we would have known on the day, we would have kept it quiet. we wouldn't have told the media. it would have assisted. because i had the theory that just slipped theory that had just slipped into the river and where it is, it's only two foot deep. so i would have thought about other areas . the would have thought about other areas. the former labour would have thought about other areas . the former labour leader, areas. the former labour leader, jeremy says sir keir starmer borrows him from standing as a labour candidate at the next election is a flagrant attack on democracy. he also it's a divisive distraction from the overriding goal to defeat the conservative party . the labour conservative party. the labour leader had earlier apologised for the party's handling of anti
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under his predecessor. the equality and human rights also announced it will end its monitoring of the party two years after finding it responsible for unlawful harassment and discrimination . harassment and discrimination. and lastly, hollywood actress and international star raquel welch has died at the age of 82. in the 1960s, she was an iconic on movie screen in fantastic voyage and perhaps most famously as fur clad cave woman in 1 million years b.c. as fur clad cave woman in 1 million years bc. in a 50 year career, she starred over 30 films, 50 television series, and was a golden globe winner. the family said died after a brief illness . that's of us. we're illness. that's of us. we're back in and out now. back to dan today is
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-- today is a great for the union. it is a great day for women . it it is a great day for women. it is a great day for. biology. it's great day for genuine trans, too. but most all, it is a great day for the long suffering people of scotland who have been dictated to by a cult of personality , not a true of personality, not a true leader . now, of personality, not a true leader. now, here's what i said on. this show, less than 24 hours ago and will be far better off without scheming surgeons , off without scheming surgeons, separatism, obsession . it's time separatism, obsession. it's time for her to do it. jacinda ardern , listen to the polls , then , listen to the polls, then shuffle off the stage . at 11 shuffle off the stage. at 11 am. this morning, dermot took confirmation from scheming sturgeon that she will do just. i hate . and in my heart i knew i hate. and in my heart i knew that time is . that it is right that time is. that it is right for me. for my and for the
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country . and so today i am country. and so today i am announcing my intention to step down as first minister and leader of my party. but then, predictably the attempt to rewrite history began. the woman who was so convinced, so convinced she one day be the queen of scots . she wasn't queen of scots. she wasn't leaving because the public turned on her extreme, hard woke agenda, which , by the way, in agenda, which, by the way, in the male rapist adam graham being to an all female prison . being to an all female prison. no, nothing to do with that old her cross ring poll ratings failed bid for an illegal second referendum on scottish separatism . do i know it will be separatism. do i know it will be tempting to see it as such? this decision is not a reaction to short term . well, i'm sorry. short term. well, i'm sorry. i call on that . sturgeon knew the call on that. sturgeon knew the game out. scots even loyal snp supporters were saying no to her bid to stoke culture war at. the expense of poor trans folk
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distract from her monumental failure to deliver scottish separation . they were saying no separation. they were saying no to her call for the next general election be a referendum on separatism because she's driving scotland into the ground with a failing record ambulance times and the highest drug deaths in europe. so sturgeon leaves office with her separate awesome dream shattered and a litany of failures . dream shattered and a litany of failures. this dream shattered and a litany of failures . this scotland we seek failures. this scotland we seek is open , welcoming, diverse , is open, welcoming, diverse, inclusive and no , it's ever inclusive and no, it's ever going to be allowed to change that. i want to take this opportunity to see how sorry i for my breach of rules that i ask all of us to follow every single day. i am kicking myself very hard , possibly harder than very hard, possibly harder than my worst critic could . this is my worst critic could. this is a uk government that an opportunity to stoke a culture
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which transwomen are women, but the present context there is no automatic rate for a trans or context of trans women is not know that is my comments about her. the person a rapist. i think you just referred to harold bryson using the harm. does that mean you do think she is a woman anything into. i trying to rationalise structures. what i'm to say that . i can't remember until you work some freudian slip . i'm work some freudian slip. i'm trying . not to. look, look, trying. not to. look, look, let's be fair. i'm sure she had successes to it. she didn't seem to mention any in her press conference . we must have found conference. we must have found some, though, right . conference. we must have found some, though, right. no so despite that lack of any just success, the wing media establishment has been lining
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sturgeon's exit . tears in their sturgeon's exit. tears in their eyes to bagpiper off into the sunset . sky news. political sunset. sky news. political based rigby formed sturgeon, one of the most formidable politicians of her generation. itv news political editor peston went further swooning. that was a truly remarkable resignation statement by nicholas sturgeon. whether or not you back her ideas and convictions , she has ideas and convictions, she has been one of the most important politicians of this generation . politicians of this generation. her call for less irrational tea and hysteria in politics should be heeded . are you serious, mr. be heeded. are you serious, mr. remember when sturgeon said this a matter of months ago? the question me is would i prefer a labour government over a tory government? i detest the tories and everything they stand for, so it's not difficult. answer that question . she detests that question. she detests tories, right ? so look, if you tories, right? so look, if you were left in any doubt about the
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intrinsic bias of the british msm, then today is a big wake up call . compare the love fest call. compare the love fest sturgeon to the vitriol hysteria pumped out on the days that both bofis pumped out on the days that both boris johnson and liz truss resigned after deranged campaigns by the media. but never forget . in the end, the never forget. in the end, the people scotland saw through the rhetoric, especially when it came to women's safety . today came to women's safety. today she claimed this . i have been she claimed this. i have been and will always be a feminist. i will fight for rights and i will stand up against threats to women's rights . stand up against threats to women's rights. i'm stand up against threats to women's rights . i'm sorry stand up against threats to women's rights. i'm sorry. stand up against threats to women's rights . i'm sorry. she women's rights. i'm sorry. she referred to the male rapist adam graham as i. her and sent him to a female prison while stripping the rights of biological women stood has set women's back by a generation and that is legacy . generation and that is legacy. but to respond now my superstar
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panel but to respond now my superstar panel, the broadcaster and author christine hamilton , the author christine hamilton, the businessman and activist adam brookes and political editor at the sunday mirror, nigel . the sunday mirror, nigel. christine in hamilton, your reaction was she she jumped before she was pushed. right. oh undoubtedly. i mean, you know, every has its day and she was right at the top of her game a long time for eight years. but it all began to unravel. all revolution is basically sow the seeds of their own destruction in the end. i mean robespierre having sent half the british, the aristocracy to the guillotine , ended up on the guillotine, ended up on the guillotine, ended up on the guillotine himself. so it's hardly surprising. but, you know, was she was the know, she was she was the biggest in scottish biggest fish in the scottish pond. she was the pond. she was she was the piranha . think she realised piranha. i think she realised that the game was up. who knows what the police are going to uncover . who knows. these uncover. who knows. all these other question marks that are hanging over her. but i think also fair to her, maybe also to be fair to her, maybe the only person who is going to be fair to her, to be fair to
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her, she said, you, i've had enough. not quite in those words and i can understand she probably has had enough. she we certainly all had enough, haven't we? so mutual on all that. but you said there was no no discernible advantages , no discernible advantages, performance advantages to, her reign? no, absolutely not. i mean, life expectancy is down, drug deaths are up, nhs performance indicators are all down. there's been a 68% increase about in people going private . the attainment gap of private. the attainment gap of the poor children and the richer children has widened . i mean, children has widened. i mean, her reputation and, her legacy is a complete and utter disaster . and she's it's a mirage. it's an absolute mirage. and adam brooks , today, she's done a best brooks, today, she's done a best to the union succeeding. to wreck the union succeeding. and she hasn't succeeded. she hasn't succeeded. know, look hasn't succeeded. you know, look look the for scottish look at where the for scottish separatism is now. it's lower than it was at the 2014 referendum. adam brooks , those referendum. adam brooks, those msm folk, you know, masons, the rigby is kevin maguire, 14 overstretch, etc. i replied to
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all of them. i quote tweeted them and i said, what are her successes ? not one of them successes? not one of them replied . to me, with a specific replied. to me, with a specific because there isn't any that there aren't any. there isn't so look, we see this with all our time. when she went it's embarrassing. it's at the know it's a performance from these mainstream media. i don't know why they do it , but look, i've why they do it, but look, i've made my union jack us on here numerous times . ah dislike the numerous times. ah dislike the woman so and she's not even our leader but i think during covid especially her author on the authoritarian worried me much and it turned many scots against her and let's just remember we're just trying to turn the scots the. yeah. and that's unforgivable . do you remember unforgivable. do you remember adam? yes, i do. yeah. yeah yeah. the reason scotland yeah. that the reason scotland hadnt yeah. that the reason scotland hadn't reached zero covid is if they were going for the chinese policy was because of the terrible englishmen come terrible englishmen who'd come over there no
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over the border. there no border, but were limbo border. they had hard lockdowns. they had harsher restrict guns, and they fed no better. if anything, they fed no better. if anything, they fared worse than us. so she was she was wrong. during covid. and yet there's people praising her for a covid response was half cleaning it around during covid wasn't she. do you remember all this every day's press every day. and she actually used the bbc to advance political agenda by doing those press conferences seven days a week. nigel nelson . do you have week. nigel nelson. do you have anything from ? the left wing anything from? the left wing side of politics where you can defend sturgeon ? yeah. the fact defend sturgeon? yeah. the fact she stayed there for eight years is pretty impressive. that's enough. just survive. well it's not enough. she went through a really bad period . i mean, covid really bad period. i mean, covid especially . i do think that she especially. i do think that she being both genuine and credible today when she said, look , i've today when she said, look, i've just had enough, i really need a break. and that's why i'm giving up. it was david cameron who said no political leaders should
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stay in more than ten years. was they go bit wacky in her case, she made the point she was just exhausted and i tend to believe that i get it. what it comes to the achievement that she was still leading scotland towards the next referendum. independent but it's not even close. well i mean 12 points behind on that she's got no way to deliver it. there's no political in which to deliver it. there's no legal in which to deliver it. and there's actually no means in which she is to moralise. i agree with that. there's no there's no legal way of it. but she was take it taking forward towards kind of referendum which they have right to do you know, when they want to they want. the game was out when she saw the lord ashcroft polling from earlier this week . and it's one of those this week. and it's one of those super polls that revealed that more snp supporters were against her call to make the next
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general election de facto referendum on separatism. she even lost her own base and i think at that point that's when you have to go blow by superstar. pamela, stick around all night. we've got lots more to discuss on sturgeon. sir, thank so much to nigel. now thank you so much to nigel. now and adam brookes and christine hamilton. the real world hamilton. but the real world with anderson still to with lee anderson is still to come and with come as well. and with westminster's talking come as well. and with wesfacing er's talking come as well. and with wesfacing er barrage talking come as well. and with wesfacing er barrage of talking come as well. and with wesfacing er barrage of abuseg mp facing a barrage of abuse after promotion tory after his promotion to tory deputy chair. he's going to join me the studio to hit me live in the studio to hit back at his course. that's going to be unmissable . but up next in to be unmissable. but up next in the clash , should nicola the clash, should nicola sturgeon's legacy be seen as a success or anti nationalists ? success or anti nationalists? mark devlin goes up against. political pundits and writer james melville and former snp councillor austin sheridan. they are live right the break. i'm fascinated to know what you think of sturgeon's legacy. email me down at vote in our poll at gb news. the result and the clash coming up straight after the .
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break time now for the clash , a time now for the clash, a deluded fantasist to the end scheming sturgeon used her hastily arranged resignation press conference to defend her pathetic of scotland's first minister. very of what has been achieved in the years i've been in bute . of course, for balance, in bute. of course, for balance, there will be others who will.
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how should i put this cope with the news ? just fine. scotland the news? just fine. scotland fita today than it was in 2014. there so much that i am proud of . but what do you think was nicholas sturgeon a success or failure ? scottish first minister failure? scottish first minister down at big poll running on this right now at gb news twitter. the result shortly to help you make up your mind, i'm joined by the founder of the majority and anti nationalist campaigner devlin, the political writer and pundit james melville and the former snp councillor austin sheppard and now luke austin. i've very tough on sturgeon , so i want to give you sturgeon, so i want to give you ample opportunity to put her case. however, austin, how you claim she's been a success when she hasn't actually taken in scotland any closer towards separation . that question has separation. that question has been a success not just in terms of advancing the cause of scottish but in terms of the way
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that she has gone from scotland , the support that she's received from the people. i mean i mean, for example and when it comes to following the case for independence , what in an independence, what in an election been able to make case and you know as a substantial part of it but i mean fundamentally that will still be there and she's not going to be standing back some actually some for secondary as social minister and we move forward and not campaign for independence . and campaign for independence. and that question, i am sure , will that question, i am sure, will be an instrumental part of that. and she is already been made massive asset to the extent austin and the effect of the all of that absolutely fair enough but but you have an answer to how she's been a success which is what we're debating and she didn't actually claim any successes in her resignation today. successes in her resignation today . yeah, of course. don't today. yeah, of course. don't you know? i would say so as a modest today i think that what
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she doing today was explaining, you know, the reason why she was standing down and the simple fact that that that she's had enough until of the depression that that kind of to job shettleston ofsted i'm being rude, i promise you i'm not being rude. i'm not being rude . being rude. i'm not being rude. i just want to answer the question what are her successes? because that's we're debating we're not debating why she's now. we're not debating what she's going to do. we're debating whether she's been a successful what i heard her faces affirmation being an independence course to scotland a success. she has absolute done that because the yes campaign are up for the debate and the genuine insight out from debate. i mean people like alvin foster who are passionate about the union for the northern ireland side , i mean, at least she has side, i mean, at least she has the gumption to say, listen, i'm going to defend the union getting i'm going to stand up passionate unionists . she's got passionate unionists. she's got to do that. the well, it sounds like you are avoiding the question to me. look thank
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question to me. but look thank you, devlin. do you think you, mark devlin. do you think she's a success or a she's been a success or a failure? no, she's been an epic failure. has failed failure. she has failed politically political politically. her political agenda in bin and her and agenda is in bin and her and she's feeling personally as that's. let's talk about the political failure she tried to go to the court it was a disaster shot down in flames cold and dependent movement pretty much stone then she tried to go for this de facto referendum scheme scam. it's a complete and everyone knows it's nonsense as well. you cannot use a general election as a referendum and then she went on with his agenda and she'd been brought down. you know, if you excuse me for being blunt. but she was brought down by alibi since penis that's what that's since penis that's what that's happened. so that's the that's the political agenda she's come to road that and to the end of road on that and there's a issue then she's been doing this since she was 16. right. and she was to be the person that took into the sun blondes of independ . and where
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blondes of independ. and where is she now she's resigning and just as a failure failed. completely failed. no i agree. but james, now what i'm fascinated to hear your opinion on this today, because you were a big, independent, you were a big sturgeon man , of course, big sturgeon man, of course, over the covid pandemic. when we got to know each other, you were mortified by the way sturgeon became some sort of mini authority . and so when you look authority. and so when you look at her achievements on the whole, do think she's been a success or a failure ? my success or a failure? my relationship as nicholas sturgeon, in terms of judging is tricky. it's complicated . i tricky. it's complicated. i mean, i you know, i was i was supposed to nicholas sturgeon but i haven't been a fan of some of the measures policies she put through in the last three years. you touched on authority and approach to covid where it looked like she going to go looked like she was going to go one step beyond uk one step beyond the uk government whole and government the whole time. and i did particularly like, for instance, of instance, other bits of legislation, hate legislation, instance the hate speech in terms of speech act and also in terms of
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gender identity , well, which has gender identity, well, which has caused division in caused massive division in scotland and caused a massive issue. it's human rights aspects with women's rights in scotland as well. the one success i would give her if you're at nicholas sturgeon in the right, it's a sense balance is that she's sense of balance is that she's an election winner, she's done it time and time again. she's the snp, an election winning. so i'll give her that . but it's not i'll give her that. but it's not just also about elections and policies and budgets and it's also about some of the standards that are happening in scotland and our infrastructures in terms of what's happening with the health service, what's happening with education, what's happening with. i'm a believer in with. and so i'm a believer in independence . but i think what independence. but i think what we've got is now nicholas sturgeon her legacy will be almost a juxtaposition where she wants freedom for scotland. but was taking away paradoxically freedom from scottish people was some of our legislation. oh my goodness was i mean mark davies, how do you respond to james on on that point ? well, this is on that point? well, this is
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about her popularity, right? you and i can say that she no realistic proposals for separation and a separatist would destroy scotland but actually scots voted for it on the whole. yeah, and this is the thing i think that, you know, it kind of annoys about people like james are the kind of people who say, you know, those people who say, you know, those people who say, real communism say, you know, real communism has been tried. yet james has never been tried. yet james is guys who's like is one of these guys who's like saying, well, nationalism was never we've had never been tried, but we've had 14 this . and with alex 14 years of this. and with alex salmond, first of all, nicholas sturgeon and know when you support authoritarian and incompetent and nationalists so that you can get to your goal of independence, then , well, is it independence, then, well, is it really a surprise when those same incompetent nationalists thought detaining nationalists as. it's really a surprise when they come out with authoritarian laws? do you want to respond to that ? i do laws? do you want to respond to that? i do think basically for
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me, independence isn't above the scottish government independence is a bigger picture thing. i've got no for so many of the policies that the snp have put through over the last two years as which i take fantasy as well. thatis as which i take fantasy as well. that is not my vision of scotland in the future . i think scotland in the future. i think nicholas sturgeon has failed scotland in a lot of ways over the last three years. but my vision of independence is something that is a much different set of policies . what different set of policies. what the snp are doing right now to actually put the snp government independence same independence in the same boundaries. exactly what i just exactly what i just said and you've got a romantic idea of nationalism is and it doesn't matter . you nationalism is and it doesn't matter. you put a smile on it and call it nicholas sturgeon. it's still the toxic, divisive, nice journalism that always has been. nice journalism that always has been . how do you respond to that been. how do you respond to that 7 been. how do you respond to that ? the lecture scotland's biggest success is what these people hoping to tick off. i mean, say for example, after work at home, that cost often and led scotland through the pandemic and she
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came across very genuine much which then resulted in destroyed the economy for example % of the the economy for example% of the national vote 1.2 million votes in the 2021 scottish election. what's happened the pandemic that. what's happened the pandemic that . she will have to shatter that. she will have to shatter the law and i just don't get it. what's any party had not received? because she targeted people by off and you look at the jet2 the is going to what i think to the interest of the policy as the saying that the things that the very people in scotland defend that people of nicholas sturgeon are actually people vote the highest mp for. so it's pretty clear what can actually results which much of which is have been measured. the support of politicians. she's running them and thank you so much. we've had a good incompetent the soviet union to send off during this debate about whether to go good debate. austin sheridan sturgeon supporter, snp councillor. thank you all and we'll see you tomorrow. thank you to the founder of the majority a voice
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for scotland's anti nationalism charity, mark devlin and course the social media sense nation, james melville. so who you agree with was nicholas sturgeon a success or failure as ? scottish success or failure as? scottish first minister alan on twitter says sturgeon is a terrible politician, but the message is this darling . her covid figures this darling. her covid figures were just as bad as as he actually came out of it smelling of roses from david. how failed prime ministers since brexit the uk had. nicola was first minister for eight years very successful on a scale from kathleen via email. as a scot, i am today nicola has left a very divided scotland because of her obsession with independence, and your verdict is now in. it's overwhelming. just % of you say overwhelming. just% of you say that nicholas sturgeon was a success as first minister, 88% of you believe she failed . of you believe she failed. coming up as the shameless sussexes keep the world guessing as to whether or not they will attend the king's coronation in may. should they be given a to respond to king charles or just
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stay away altogether? royal author angela levin, she's going to weigh in on this with you at 950. but after coming under relentless criticism since being appointed, the seven of parties deputy chair last week lee anderson joins me live the studio to hit back at his critics and clear up a few msm falsehoods. this is going to be amazing . don't go anywhere .
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now it's over a week since westminster's talking mp lee anderson was catapulted from the backbenches to the upper echelons of the party. rishi sunak unveiled him as the new conservative party deputy chair. and while we were all delighted to be here, not everyone is shared our view as the mainstream media, left wing loons and even the west mp from within his own party went on the attack . now i believe the nasty attack. now i believe the nasty and largely unfounded vitriol that lee anderson has faced highlights the hatred britain's media and political class have for the working class. but lee is vowing to stand strong and fight back against the spares. and he joins me now live in the studio . so, lee, you you have studio. so, lee, you you have deau studio. so, lee, you you have dealt with a hell of a lot since you got this job. how do you feel about it? well i mean, obviously, i was shocked last last week when i got the call
3:39 am
from from the chief whip of the conservative party, totally shocked. but after that , after shocked. but after that, after it was announced on you're on my phone went into meltdown . the phone went into meltdown. the hatred coming from the left wing mainstream media. they were guardian daily. whoever jumped in my villages and towns in ashfield , poking around, asking ashfield, poking around, asking people stuff about me, message in lbc messaging my ex mining mates . it just went absolutely mates. it just went absolutely ridiculous . they were mates. it just went absolutely ridiculous. they were digging stuff up from from years and ago. there were accusations me being linked to far right from it. so let's deal with the rubbish. so let's deal with a couple of these specifically. so, so the first thing is that trying to say because you were pictured with someone that you have some sort of need. i was at a charity event where there's about 200 people there. a chap had his photo took with me. it turns out this he he turns out this chap, he he supports a punk band from the nineties that a song with a hitler lyric . so that was my hitler lyric. so that was my link to being the far—right supremacist is absolutely pathetic. and it's not me. it
3:40 am
bothers me and it bothers my mum and my dad and my family and my friends. it doesn't bother me. i'm an miner. it's off i'm an ex miner. it's off a duck's back to me. but they really should hang their heads in people in shame. people like the mirror, absolute gutter press. well, the worse thing well, i think the worse thing that actually is try , that i've done actually is try, and he's all over back story for want of a better and i think it's we've spoken about it a lot here and the reason your story is actually so powerful is because you're not the typical tory. you're not the old etonian tory. you're not the old etonian tory. you're not the old etonian tory. you were working miner who at some points was struggling so much to fund your family that you had to seven days a week to cancel your car. but they are desperate, aren't they to somehow find a way to undermine that. i think personal that i'm the labour party's worst nightmare because they can't pull me up on anything. i've been not working class person, you had a proper working you know, had a proper working job. know, i've come from an job. you know, i've come from an area which would really deprive the street i was brought of on
3:41 am
was piss poor if i'm honest. so been there. got the t—shirt. so when look at them, some of when i look at them, some of them school them are publicly school educated socialists on the opposite benches. they look at me and they think, you know what, i can't cope with them and they can't cope with me. i ain't going back down. i've got going to back down. i've got broad why ever i've broad shoulders. why ever i've got my going got a breath. my body i'm going to go for. of course, the other reason there's vitriol reason. there's so much vitriol because they thought you were one them. they i mean, maybe one of them. they i mean, maybe some people don't. you were a member of the labour party. you actually worked for alcoholics on views gloria de piero, who on gb views gloria de piero, who was mp for the was a labour mp for the constituency that you went on to represent. ashfield i wanted to be in the political parties that spoke working people spoke to working class people stopped that 20, 30 years stopped doing that 20, 30 years ago. party, sneer at ago. labour party, they sneer at the man, the working the working man, the working woman to be part woman. i don't want to be part of that you i've been of that. you know, i've been made feel incredibly welcome made to feel incredibly welcome in conservative now in the conservative party. now how is that a man that comes how is it that a man that comes from, a deprived area, probably one the private streets one of the most private streets in work down to in ashfield, can work down to work factory, bear labour work in a factory, bear labour and more so than be a
3:42 am
conservative mp. the labour party entertain and party wouldn't entertain and that's so doing that's why i'm so happy doing the and you should the job i'm now. and you should be. you should be. what about support, though ? because the support, though? because the whole death penalty thing i mean, you've spoken about on the show, you believe in the death penalty. so, by the way, do majority of the british people , majority of the british people, however, this revelation was viewed as pretty controversial. the minister was asked it and he made the point the party doesn't support position officially. do you feel like they've got your back? yes i do, because the great thing about the party i mean, is that you can have different opinions. and richard said that he's got a different opinion. me the government's stance is totally different. what wrong having what is wrong with me having a different to not the different opinion to not the vast majority of but the majority of colleagues ? nothing majority of colleagues? nothing i've said was revolution . it's i've said was revolution. it's not outrageous . vote in 52% of not outrageous. vote in 52% of the british public agree with what i'm saying. it's not like a fringe lunatic idea. it's just
3:43 am
how i feel . but some of this, how i feel. but some of this, you've got to admit, friendly fire. mean, we played clip fire. i mean, we played the clip in the show. tobias wood, one of the tory wets, interviewed by our own tom on sunday morning, she asks a question about you and he says, are you serious? i mean, he scott looked at the idea , you are the saviour. well, idea, you are the saviour. well, that's up to tobias i mean, i wouldn't go on tv or any sort of media. i've got my colleagues. that's just not me. you should you should pull together suppues you should pull together supplies with tobias. he's ex—army, man. i thought in a altogether going to altogether if you're going to criticise other it behind criticise other do it behind closed doors . look labour closed doors. look labour loud mouth . lisa nandy has also found mouth. lisa nandy has also found herself in hot water after making this claim. let's take a look at it. this was on last week's question time. well, i don't hold the same views as this guy . respectfully, lisa, we this guy. respectfully, lisa, we pay you this guy. respectfully, lisa, we pay you to have debates and we don't pay you to be offended. so i think you leave . you certainly i think you leave. you certainly said it. you round and you said, i'm offended by what he said. we
3:44 am
don't pay you to be offended. we pay you don't pay you to be offended. we pay you to have arguments like we pay you to have arguments with politicians. and he's with other politicians. and he's perfectly to come to perfectly entitled to come to parliament to express those views. have many views. and i have had many a robust with lee anderson robust debate with lee anderson in parliament, public and in in parliament, in public and in private about those issues up . private about those issues up. now leave that total fabrication from nandy is not. i have never spoken to lisa in my entire life whether that be in private in pubucin whether that be in private in public in the chamber it's just a total. i've actually written to lisa to ask her to provide proof because my memory a little bit hazy down so far she's not got back to me. and the reason she's not got back me is because it's a total fabrication, as you. i don't know why she did it. well we checked back and the closest anything seems have closest anything seems to have come she was come in parliament is she was asking a question. and you spoke in that debate , but it wasn't in that debate, but it wasn't any direct exchange . but what do any direct exchange. but what do you think. no, i think it was to gove.i you think. no, i think it was to gove. i think she asked the question to gove and later on in the in the debate answers to questions to go. that's as close
3:45 am
as it's come. like i say, why shouldn't that on question time in front of whole in front of the whole british public? got she's public? and she's got some she's seen my email seen it done my email immediately she needs to immediately because she needs to apologise. but the problem is this how the labour this shows how much the labour party prepared to party of prepared to lie. because prepared because if you're prepared to lie a relatively small lie about a relatively small issue yeah, but we issue like that. yeah, but we know don't we. i don't look know that don't we. i don't look and obviously in our endless quest balance, maybe you've even faced this show, faced criticism on this show, believe not. look this believe it or not. look at this . has more to say to . this sky has more to say to working class people than anyone on. tell me, what has he done for the people? ashfield do you want answer that? well, i mean, the british a sick to death of this namby pamby hand—wringing sort of socialism. the guardian read. you probably never heard this bloke is probably. is it ? this bloke is probably. is it? but i do something. his name benjamin by the but he's a senior reporter for the eye newspaper of our superstore newspaper one of our superstore panels. he's person panels. i think he's a person that's to himself every that's to google himself every morning he last morning and what he thought last week, nonsense. he week, i mean, it's nonsense. he asked i did. ashfield, asked what i did. ashfield, let's talk about ashfield, £62 million. £6.7 million. towns fund £6.7
3:46 am
million. towns fund £6.7 million. street two new million. future street two new schools tw 0 £2 million from schools two £2 million from hospital schools two £2 million from hospita l £750,000 for safer hospital £750,000 for safer streets. one. i've got a good idea for these characters these benjamin butcher. that's whatever it's called. yes. have him gary . gary whatever it's called. yes. have him gary. gary lineker , james him gary. gary lineker, james o'brien, bob geldof . you can o'brien, bob geldof. you can find him. stick on island. call it woke island. call it woke island . let's have a reality tv island. let's have a reality tv show . they can all sit there show. they can all sit there reading the guardian, the ball each other to death over about six months. and the winner could spend me and spend the weekend with me and the donald. the real world, are they not? was that for not. i like it, though . maybe should like it, though. maybe we should commission news . hate. commission it on tv news. hate. watch wouldn't we? leigh, watch it, wouldn't we? leigh, obviously in your role deputy obviously in your role as deputy chair of conservative party chair of the conservative party , very important that we ask you about seismic political about the seismic political development day , scheming development of the day, scheming sturgeon in scotland. this sturgeon out in scotland. this is good news . the sturgeon out in scotland. this is good news. the union some folk leaders actually analytically possibly bad for the tories in scotland because it allows labour to have a resurgence. yes i mean it could
3:47 am
be conversation earlier today the look i mean i've been scratching my head thinking what term nicola sturgeon's legacy. i mean the legacy that i see is a failing health system. it's a failing health system. it's a failing education system. i think independence now is out the window. and i just, you know, seriously i can't think what should actually achieve should mean obviously superb should mean obviously a superb politician to keep getting elected times . but i elected so many times. but i write legacy is not is write your legacy is not is pretty poor. no successes i mean it was fascinating watch the press conferences i didn't actually list successes. well she's got absolutely . i she's got done absolutely. i mean, she's going to mean, you know, she's going to go what i've go to bed thinking what i've actually achieved scotland actually achieved for scotland over 13 or 14 years and over the past 13 or 14 years and i can't think of one single thing apart from spout on about independence. it . it's independence. i'll say it. it's true. it's true separatism, i call it. it's not it's you want to take them straight back. the european union that ship sailed. it has it is voluntary. these and they've got a busy few weeks but still be popping back here when you can definitely so congratulations very for congratulations very news for the party now the conservative party now coming the media votes
3:48 am
coming up in the media votes with scheming sturgeon finally missing defeat. do scotland now deserve a leader puts the deserve a leader who puts the country's real issues first rather sacrificing scouts rather than sacrificing scouts on an of separatism by on an altar of separatism by super our panel are going to get stuck we'll see stuck into that. plus, we'll see how newspapers covering this how the newspapers covering this massive political story. but next, all the latest next, we've got all the latest royal news from the esteemed author and prince harry biographer, levin , as we biographer, angela levin, as we ask whether the sussexes should be with a deadline to be issued with a deadline to decide on their attendance at king charles's coronation, she's out with new information on this straight the break .
3:49 am
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3:51 am
break now, in a royal exclusive from the daily mirror, harry and meghan are still holding the royals to ransom over whether they will attend the king's coronation on may six. it's understood the couple be understood the couple will be ianed. understood the couple will be invited . part of a 2000 strong invited. part of a 2000 strong congregation at westminster abbey . however, duke of abbey. however, the duke of sussex have a role
3:52 am
sussex won't have a role in proceedings, but according to the newspaper. neither the king nor prince william have spoken to the montecito owners in some time. a source said on the matter he isn't going to if he feels the atmosphere will be as toxic because it was during the queen's platinum and queen's platinum jubilee and funeral. added that funeral. the source added that if come, he won't be if harry does come, he won't be flying and most likely flying solo and will most likely bnng flying solo and will most likely bring family . flying solo and will most likely bring family. i'm delighted bring his family. i'm delighted to be joined. now harry's to be joined. now by harry's biographer, biographer biographer, also the biographer for queen angela for camilla, the queen angela levin. i mean, angela where does harry get off? it's going to be a whole lot more toxic than the platinum jubilee, right? because at the platinum jubilee , he at the platinum jubilee, he hadnt at the platinum jubilee, he hadn't published his vile autobiography and they hadn't the vile netflix reality series. so it's going to be more toxic. may you've got to deal with that. there's consequences to your actions . angela i think the your actions. angela i think the problem is that he still thinks he's very grand and the world
3:53 am
works around him and meghan interests and enough people found extract her from tig which was see through she kept before she met and she said she wants to be a royal rebel and she wants to be not a like kate she wants to be not a like kate she wants to be strong princess and to me that sounds like someone who came here determined mess things up and still helping to mess things up now because polite to get an invitation something like that that hasn't occurred the 70 years and it's your father and it's going to be absolutely stunning you reply so they're just holding back to show that the important to they mean something and they get everybody into ditches are they coming aren't they coming. because if they're not here we'll put person there. we'll put this person there. i think it's just spiteful naughtiness myself . well, it is.
3:54 am
naughtiness myself. well, it is. and look, i've said for some time this is emotional blackmail . it's actually very cruel because charles himself doesn't claim to be the father. but actually, when you read spare and when you look closely at the situation, did a pretty good job in almost impossible situations . he, of course, was very accepting . when meghan ditched accepting. when meghan ditched her own family and asked him at the last minute to walk her down the last minute to walk her down the aisle at her wedding yet they want to cause him ultimate stress before the biggest day of his life. i could never imagine tracy my father in that way i think it really does say something their character angela you does absolutely there's no such thing as a perfect anyway father mother. you know we're all humans and harry is a vulnerable human except that about himself, but not for his father , anybody else. so he father, anybody else. so he
3:55 am
wants to say rude things about they've got to do absolutely what he feels right and i think he still thinks he's running the whole he knows better than else he says he fix the royal family because it's outdated. nobody like to come near the royal family frankly, but i think his cruelty to his knows no bounds , cruelty to his knows no bounds, actually. and if he comes with another book, another 400 pages of moaning secrets of his been invading his privacy, i think it just is too shocking words. i would like them to say you can't come because of the way you've . come because of the way you've. that's the thing i know nothing's is needed to be the wrong girl in this. nothing's is needed to be the wrong girl in this . i think wrong girl in this. i think charles needs be stronger on this. i really do because unfortunately he's handed them the power they now know they've got the power and they are loving it . that's what they get loving it. that's what they get all fall and they love causing trouble and they love causing pain for their relative lives. i
3:56 am
mean, personally, i find it utterly vulgar and vile, but it is what they love to do it. unfortunately, charles has, given them that power by making it very clear through these briefings that he wants at briefings that he wants them at the coronation. i want the coronation. but look, i want to ask quickly, about to ask quickly, angela, about this huge news today , nicholas this huge news today, nicholas sturgeon do you think this is something a departure that the royal family won't exactly be about because know they can't say anything publicly , but she say anything publicly, but she posed a huge threat to the union and we know how important union is to the monarchy monarchy . is to the monarchy monarchy. yes, i think they'll be really that today because there's enough must this going on at the moment not just her. there's a lot of stress for them getting everything right. and who's coming in. andrew and harry and all that. and they also scotland. i mean, they have a home in birkhall in scotland near balmoral and that's where they go whenever they can they think that is their marital .
3:57 am
think that is their marital. they went back as soon as they could after the queen's to sort of come together a bit and recover . but they've done loads recover. but they've done loads of engagements in scotland and prince king charles is actually thinking of giving balmoral to the scottish people . i mean they the scottish people. i mean they will make lots of this and they and they really care about it . and they really care about it. and i think that it's a big relief for them actually, because it would be messy things up yet again . i'll talk to royal up yet again. i'll talk to royal angela levin. thank you. actually, we speak next week, but coming up as shamima begum catapulted into celebrity after starring in her own bbc podcast and tv show are the british bashing corporation to try and rehabilitate or this way? well, bethany haines is the of the british crisis victim, david haines. and she's going to have her say on the woman she's calling isis's next top model.
3:58 am
but first, with nasty nicholas sturgeon finally slinging a hug to the people of scotland deserve a leader who will prioritise their real issues over. prioritise their real issues over . the recent obsession with over. the recent obsession with separatism . my superstar panel separatism. my superstar panel have their say on that plus the first newspaper front pages coming up in just 2 minutes time
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10 pm. i'm dan wootton. 10 pm. i'm dan wootton . ding 10 pm. i'm dan wootton. ding dong stirred .jen's gone after dong stirred. jen's gone after months of trying to get her sick gender reform written into law. queen nick has rightly fallen on her sword and announced her resignation as the scottish minister. i'm announcing my intention to step down. first minister and leader of my party. it's not the case that this decision is because of short term issues . but after an decision is because of short term issues. but after an eight year writing span running public service systems, the ground in scotland now need a leader who will focus the serious issues instead sacrifice . i see them instead of sacrifice. i see them on the of scottish on the altar of scottish separatism. that's big separatism. that's how big debate superstore panel debate with my superstore panel next. joined next. and tonight i'm joined christine hamilton. adam brooks and nigel nelson plus eight on council. we'll look back at the story of scheming sturgeon from modern day robert the bruce to this i think you just referred to arnold bryson using the word ha does that mean do in fact think she is a anything into i am trying to rationally you
4:02 am
start to think her one of her biggest critics and entertainment top comedian jim davidson gives , an unmissable davidson gives, an unmissable round up of her lowest moments at 1040 or also on the show tonight as it's revealed that seven times more asylum seekers are housed in red wall areas to the south—east. are they of touch liberal elite ignoring pubuc touch liberal elite ignoring public concern by protests? right wing and racist will have unfiltered discussion on that. you won't get anywhere else on the msm at 1030 after yet another propaganda piece on the isis bride shamima bakam is the british bashing corporation . british bashing corporation. dangerous waters , their ghastly dangerous waters, their ghastly rehabilitation . jake paul. rehabilitation. jake paul. bethany haines , whose father was bethany haines, whose father was beheaded by the death , is going beheaded by the death, is going to speak out in an exclusive interview. she's live with me. it's going to be powerful this at 1015. also on the way , at 1015. also on the way, william goes viral on tik tok after poking fun at a red, but not that one. to so me. okay.
4:03 am
yeah . not very good. i told you, yeah. not very good. i told you, when we think of i'll tell you what happened during that unlikely encounter in the media buzz and finally in a showdown for the ages, j.k. rowling nicholas sturgeon when i crown tonight's greatest britain and you and jackass at 1050 will have the first stone chat in front pages moments to ride off to polly middleton first . dan, to polly middleton first. dan, thanks very much indeed. and evening to you. the top story on gb news rishi sunak has been thanking nicholas sturgeon for her after the first minister made a surprise announce today that she was to step down eight years in power. ms. sturgeon said she was proud to have been the first female and longest serving first minister of scotland . ms. sturgeon scotland. ms. sturgeon acknowledged that the move might seem sudden , but denied it was seem sudden, but denied it was due to short term pressures and said she'd been wrestling with
4:04 am
it for some weeks . to those who it for some weeks. to those who do feel shocked disappoint and perhaps even a bit angry with me, please know that while hard and be in no doubt this is really hard for me. my decision comes from a place of duty and of love. tough love, perhaps, but love nevertheless for my party and above all, for the country country . well, also in country country. well, also in the news today , police say the news today, police say missing mother of two, nicola bulli, had history of significant issues . alcohol, significant issues. alcohol, which was brought by her ongoing struggles with menopause. detectives say the 45 year old was listed as a high missing person due to a number of specific vulnerabilities as well. the underwater rescue expert peter folding his was brought in for the search told gb news tonight. if they'd had that information earlier , it that information earlier, it would have changed their search strategy completely . no detail
4:05 am
strategy completely. no detail didn't necessarily need to be released to the public, but it would have been useful if we had been given that information on the day as trusted search experts , bearing in mind we were experts, bearing in mind we were being tasked by the police search adviser and given areas of . water search. if we'd known of. water search. if we'd known on the day we would have kept quiet. we wouldn't have told the media. it have assisted us because . i had the theory that because. i had the theory that she had just slipped into the river and where is 72 foot deep. so i have thought about other areas areas . the former labour areas areas. the former labour leader jeremy corbyn's says sir keir starmer, barring him from standing as a labour candidate at the next election is a flake attack on democracy . he also attack on democracy. he also said it's a divisive distraction from the overriding to defeat the conservative party. the labour leader had earlier apologised for the party's handung apologised for the party's handling of antisemitism under his predecessor, jeremy corbyn and the equality and human rights commission announced it's
4:06 am
going end its monitoring of the labour party two years after finding it responsible for unlawful harassment and discrimination discrimination . discrimination discrimination. lastly, hollywood actress international star raquel has died at the age of 82. in 1960s, she was an iconic figure on movie screen, starring in fantastic voyage and perhaps most famously as the fur clad cave woman in 1 million years b.c. in a 50 year career, she starred in over 30 films, 50 television series and a golden globe winner. family said she died after a brief illness . you died after a brief illness. you up to date on tv and dab+ radio with part two now of dan wootton tonight tonight. tomorrow our busiest night now
4:07 am
in our media bouts. the first front pages are in for the first time in a long time. actually one story dominates the metro leads with stoke on and coal beat and in what it calls the changing of the old guard . changing of the old guard. following scheming sturgeon's resignation and jeremy coleman barred from standing for labour. that was the big keir starmer announcement this morning, which has been largely overshadowed . has been largely overshadowed. the independent asks the tail for sturgeon's exit is also the brutal end of scottish independence . absolutely. the independence. absolutely. the also leads with the snp's fading independence dream , while independence dream, while reporting that the uk government now wants to reset its relationship with the snp after the reform row . my superstar the reform row. my superstar panel back with me now. broadcaster author christine hamilton , the businessman and hamilton, the businessman and activist adam brookes and political editor the sunday mirror, nigel nelson . now mirror, nigel nelson. now scheming sturgeon will soon be
4:08 am
down the jobcentre globalist leaders and her separatism was insatiable be confined to the dustbin of history. that means up scots could finally now have a political leader who focussed on clearing out nicola's mess , on clearing out nicola's mess, not least scotland being the drug death of europe. sturgeon also crashed the health service dunng also crashed the health service during her eight year tenure with the nhs scotland , failing with the nhs scotland, failing to achieve 13 of 19 critical targets under snp's watch and despite urging critics to judge on education when she won office , the one trick pony first minister staggeringly saw the attainment gap between the and most deprived pupils in scotland increase . so what she was increase. so what she was squirming during this brilliant moment today when she was confronted her dismal record record . first minister, you said record. first minister, you said judge me on my record. and you remember saying that they accepted education attainment gap between the best and the worst of pupils now is surely
4:09 am
the time to do that. do you think you failed those young people? no, i do not need promise. you didn't deliver it. the nhs is in a pretty state. drugs, deaths have been catastrophic. when you look back, do you wish it different that you could have been more successful in those areas in which you've had complete or considerable control and placated? is she to dismay at the facts to dismiss the statistic sticks. so with indyref2 in tatters who are the front runners to sturgeon with 32 year old kate forbes marginal favourite she'd become the snp's ever leader despite being a devout christian who stands more conservatively on issues like the gender reform bill that could actually be very good thing for the party, would argue. meanwhile, snp veterans angus robertson and john swinney in the mix. but what's clear that sturgeon's uniquely divisive and leadership has left the majority of the public uninspired on who should take the reins . because here's the the reins. because here's the issue christine hamilton . she
4:10 am
issue christine hamilton. she was a cult of personality . alex was a cult of personality. alex salmond for of his faults, absolute lutely wanted a strong deputy. he thought about succession when he left the stage . sturgeon was there. she stage. sturgeon was there. she hasn't done that. she hasn't done that to her mps. hasn't done that. she hasn't done that to her mps . she's done that to her mps. she's queen nick. it's all about her. it's a presidential style. because she never thought she'd be having bow out now. no. she thought she'd go out on a wave of glory in scotland, its independence. and she would be, as queen nicholas sturgeon as you queen nicholas sturgeon salmond groomed her from salmond did. he groomed her from for a young age. i mean, she was his political acolyte and there she was in the wings when he came to westminster. and my goodness, she sees her. and didn't she make the most of it. you know, she she was a very charismatic in scotland. you can't take it away from however much her. know, she much you hate her. you know, she knew she was doing in the knew what she was doing in the early days. she was a great communicator. a great communicator. she a great communicator. and you know, she was for i disagree was doing for her. i disagree everything stood for. she everything she stood for. she was a very good job. i she
4:11 am
was doing a very good job. i she just she lost her touch . i mean, just she lost her touch. i mean, what's the old saying that all careers and this that cut off in the in the midstream by some circumstance they all end in failure. this has she has stayed long and just the thing is that you can be a great communicator christine but she hasn't backed up rhetoric. well actually proven well she couldn't point to one i know well we talked about it earlier. i mean, all the failures in scotland. i mean, scotland, they get all the money from england and scotland i figure is 27% more. i think the figure is 27% more. they spend . and a lot of that they spend. and a lot of that comes from the british english on public services . but what on public services. but what have they got to show for it? and increasing taxes . and she's increasing taxes. well, in the scottish whisky , well, in the scottish whisky, which is wort h £4 billion a which is worth £4 billion a yean which is worth £4 billion a year, she wants to slap restrictions on advertising. it's one of that to me. it's absolutely best that haggis the best product. but she wants to crucify that. i mean, the woman as soon as she's gone the best, frankly . it's a nice one. frankly. it's a nice one. alison, you obviously are
4:12 am
westminster insiders and wasps. who's who's going to get this job? because there is an opportunity. i mean, there's an opportune kitty for a superstar emerge. they certainly have platform. but i'm sorry, looking at the list, nigel, i don't a superstar i see whole load of flops to according a poll when the scots were asked this very question, the winner was don't know who's on second. so i mean, i think that someone like you mentioned, the three who i think are the front one runners, john swinney , angus robertson and, swinney, angus robertson and, kate forbes, i think she's on maternity leave at the moment. do you think that would be an issue or would you come back? sorry. she's on maternity leave at the moment. yeah. i mean, she talks. always come talks. she could always come back leave. back after maternity leave. and this take a bit of a this is going to take a bit of a process to get through. but it doesn't feel like sturgeon's anointed her, does it? because not she have quit when not only have she have quit when she on maternity. right. she on maternity. that's right. no i don't think that that nicholas sturgeon is passing the baton to somebody else specifically and it will take a
4:13 am
while to actually sort it out. bearin while to actually sort it out. bear in mind that no one knew about this this morning. the whole snp were taken by surprise . what nicholas sturgeon did. yeah, i wasn't , i wasn't. i got yeah, i wasn't, i wasn't. i got annoyed today. i spoke about it in the digest last night i mentioned at the top of the show she was obviously and listening to all these something else going to come out and that but what i am is that all of what i am saying is that all of these people who are talking about being shot down, fundamental understand nicholas sturgeon this is a narcissist . sturgeon this is a narcissist. she was losing grip her party adam and she was losing the support of the scottish people just like authoritarian on turn in new zealand she didn't want to be a failure because remember the i'm convinced of this by the way this is all about her next big job. you know, she wants to be at the un, she wants to get the world health organisation, world economic forum. she wants one those international one of those plum international jobs she was pursuing jobs is why she was pursuing this for me this woke agenda. so for me i think again it showed how out of touch the westminster elite now
4:14 am
because i wasn't at all because i wasn't shocked at all that could be another that could there be another personal going to personal issue that's going to come lots i mean come out with lots of i mean there's a of rumours we hear there's a lot of rumours we hear rumours answer question rumours not even answer question about whether she'd be an for the what i wanted were the policing what i wanted were talking about whether had a successor in mind to me it would be the kiss of death if nick, if i was to be her successor. the kiss of death if nicholas sturgeon was endorsing me. don't you think she has made the point that as far as independence that as far as the independence goes, that should be for somebody else? so she starts somebody else? so if she starts to that suggesting it's to people that suggesting it's her version of independence that will happen. if it ever does , will happen. if it ever does, surely the first thing the new leader has to do, though, and i think it will be someone young, actually, i think they're going to hand the bashing on new to hand the bashing on to a new generation some someone generation. and some are someone in thirties. you know, the in their thirties. you know, the snp they prize youth you know our party youth . think the our party of youth. i think the first thing that new leader has to the next election to do is say the next election in scotland is not going be a referendum on the issue of it,
4:15 am
which is it may well be because because that will be a different way of doing it from nicholas sturgeon. i mean, the snp can't exist without pushing for independence. so whatever happens they're going to carry what are you going to do what else. are you going to do what else. are you going to do what point to say a general what is a point to say a general election? i it was so election? i think it was so deeply responsible did deeply responsible which did that. supporters that. and even snp supporters don't, it christine, don't, don't want it christine, because actually there's so many issues scotland and you've issues in scotland and you've got ben, you can't have it, so you a first past the you can't have a first past the post election. one on one if post election. i'm one on one if you imagine imagine you're scottish citizen. you can't pay you energy bills, you're struggling to feed your family and looking your and you're looking at your leader inspiration, leader for sort of inspiration, some sort of help all. she's some sort of help and all. she's going about is independence and gender identity. i would be furious. yeah. and by the way , furious. yeah. and by the way, the last election that she won so conclusively , she was very so conclusively, she was very dishonest because in the run up to the election, she said, oh, it's not about independence at. all you this is all about all you know, this is all about covid want to be a unity covid and i want to be a unity government all of government and then all of a sudden, oh, we've we've got a
4:16 am
majority with the green party, by the way. so we have mandate by the way. so we have a mandate no, finally, his no, you don't. finally, his brother might be able to sing, but prince william off his cheeky during an impromptu cheeky side during an impromptu video bunch video call with a bunch of stunned schoolkids. the future king when he king was touring ipswich when he began an amber began chatting with an amber manager baked royal manager who baked him royal cupcakes whistle for the cupcakes for the whistle for the visit . now, the visit. now, wills took the chance to time woman's son, chance to face time woman's son, who shocked to see the who was shocked to see the monarch in waiting, staring down the at him and his pals was the line at him and his pals was pretty music . pretty music. oh they're doing any work? no, no he's love . your any work? no, no he's love. your mother's feeding me . okay. yeah mother's feeding me. okay. yeah know very good. what? when we think of . oh, what am i? i'm an think of. oh, what am i? i'm an ambulance staff shrugged off will's playful barb by later sharing this snap twitter captioned it's fair to say the
4:17 am
prince loved the cakes. i wonderful day i wouldn't mind one i wouldn't know christie adam brooks nigel nelson do stand by because coming up as it's revealed that seven times more asylum seekers are housed red wall areas compared to the south—east are the government and the msm ignoring legitimate in northern communities. some, as you saw pamela going to have said based on that. plus we're going to see how the rest the newspapers are covering sturgeon's resignation but next as runaway ice bride shamima begum is propelled into the world of celebrity by the bbc's recent podcast series, i'm joined by paisley . now she's the joined by paisley. now she's the daughter of british aid worker david haines. daughter of british aid worker david haines . life was callously david haines. life was callously taken by the death cult. that exclusive interview right after the .
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4:21 am
break welcome back, jim davidson is on the way. but first, clearly emboldened the bbc's twisted rehabilitation campaign. shamima beckhams mother in law has ordered britain to take back the isis bride and key rydych terrorist. santiago made big made jihadi bride just ten days after she arrived in the death cult's racket capital in 2015 thinks they should both face justice, but believes begum to rebuild her life . britain what
4:22 am
rebuild her life. britain what about the isa's victims and their families? will they be able to rebuild their lives as a british bashing corporation? who are a sick propaganda campaign to paint him as some sort of victim ? simply forgive even the victim? simply forgive even the terrorist sympathiser for their campaign of torture and beheadings , i say rather than beheadings, i say rather than spending millions of pounds helping the way jihadi settle back into british a society they let's actually help the families of their victims and i'm delighted now to joined by the very brave daughter of an isis victim . bethany haines is hero. victim. bethany haines is hero. father david was aid worker in syria when he was tragically abducted , beheaded by the abducted, beheaded by the savages . bacon clearly wasn't as savages. bacon clearly wasn't as affected by that tragedy as . the affected by that tragedy as. the rest of the world because she fled britain to join the death cult a few months after that
4:23 am
unspeakable murder took place . unspeakable murder took place. bethany so lovely to speak to you. really to see the pictures there of you with your great father . you've described him there of you with your great father. you've described him as a ticking time bomb. father. you've described him as a ticking time bomb . so what do a ticking time bomb. so what do you make of this campaign from bbc to try and rehabilitate her? painter it's some of victim turn her into a celebrity and then ask us to take her back . i think ask us to take her back. i think has played a very good game at the moment i think she's gone. we've seen her go through so many roles. we've had , you know, many roles. we've had, you know, we've had the heart and extremist. we've had the grieving mother, the reform ghetto who wants forgiveness . ghetto who wants forgiveness. and now we have isis's reform next top model . i you're right. next top model. i you're right. i genuinely think you're right. and i post sadly believe that this is something that she has
4:24 am
actually plotted and planned because angie juri , a journalist because angie juri, a journalist who's spent a lot of out in syria with , baker, is convinced syria with, baker, is convinced that this is all an act that doesn't feel this way. yes oh, no. i think she's enjoying the spotlight . i think she enjoys spotlight. i think she enjoys the celebrity status that she seems to think. she and she'll do to keep her name in the pounds, including seeing statements that aren't true . now statements that aren't true. now bethany, the thing that is so must be so upsetting to you is that in this documentary , see on that in this documentary, see on the bbc , she claims that she had the bbc, she claims that she had no idea, she had no about what the barbaric ice monsters had done to . your father. now, is done to. your father. now, is that really believable because that really believable because that crime you know his murder it touched all of us it dominated the and if she was
4:25 am
investigated in isas at the time it feels fanciful to say that she had no idea about your father's death. oh, absolutely. i mean , claims she only got her i mean, claims she only got her news from social media and that the videos went on social media. but yet nine years later, which i did today i could get access to any pictures and all the videos on social media and from simple search say . so videos on social media and from simple search say. so i think she even admitted to watching videos in a previous interview. she's trying to cover that up , she's trying to cover that up, as she did with the manchester arena comments. she says something gets told by a lawyer that she shouldn't have said that. and tries to cover up . i that. and tries to cover up. i totally agree. i totally agree. and the problem for me is that the bbc are falling for this. what do you think they are doing? what's their end game? i don't think they're falling for assad . i think they're assad. i think they're portraying it in a way that they're seeing. they're and are,
4:26 am
but they're really doing that and a part of being a member of the press is to hold people to account . what they've been doing account. what they've been doing is saying okay in 2019, you said such and such. you know, saying this she gives some sort of response and said doesn't can even used as an excuse and they 90, even used as an excuse and they go, okay, next question . yeah. go, okay, next question. yeah. about taking her story as fact. i couldn't agree more. they put the allegations her and she says no i didn't do it. no, no, no. yeah basically. tell me how you're coping . one of the things you're coping. one of the things that upset me most actually over the past months with this rehabilitation is we're not talking about the victims of isis. it's obviously, your father, the other british aid worker, that was beheaded in syria. but but also, what about the victims of the manchester arena bombing ? you know, we're arena bombing? you know, we're not talking about british victims . oh, definitely. and
4:27 am
victims. oh, definitely. and even the victims aren't being told.i even the victims aren't being told. i mean , isis did so many told. i mean, isis did so many horror things over there. why can't instead of focusing on giving her a trial or , whatever giving her a trial or, whatever she's going to get, come back . she's going to get, come back. the uk excuse me use the money to help the victims of the recent earthquake or help terror victims . and i imagine your life victims. and i imagine your life will never be the same because of the isis call ups . i mean, no of the isis call ups. i mean, no matter how many apologies she can give no , matter how many can give no, matter how many apologies the direct people were responsible for could give that will not bring my father back. so there's nothing that she could say to . you i know you could say to. you i know you actually have an opportunity to meet to face with shamima begum you but that you had that
4:28 am
opportunity down. yeah i at that point that was in 2019 after she'd done her interviews and i wouldn't be able to stay in a room with her i still probably can to be no i don't blame you i don't blame you. look your was a great man. it the crime that stunned all of us. we so appreciate you speaking on this today, bethany. it's really important. thank you so much . important. thank you so much. thank you, bethany. thank of course . we do provide both sides course. we do provide both sides of the story here on gb news. so in a statement the bbc said of their recent bacon coverage, this is not platform for bacon to give her unchallenged story. this is a public interest investigation , who she really is investigation, who she really is and what she really did. the documentary also testimony by those impacted by the group . those impacted by the group. coming up in on cancelled one of ski means sturgeon's biggest in
4:29 am
the entertainment world joins to analyse the downfall of scottish scotland's first minister. comedy legend jim davidson. oh my goodness. i can't what he's going to have to say is going to be unmissable at 1040. but next in the media buzz, with over seven times more asylum seekers housed in wall regions compared to the south—east , why do the to the south—east, why do the government continue to overburden northern housing and? could it be the reason behind this anger? we saw in knowsley last week. my superstar panel got a thrash one out. it's controversial one. we're going to the debate straight to have the debate straight after the break .
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break let's return tomorrow. as you start now in our media. so we've got more front pages, actually , got more front pages, actually, two different stories across the papers tonight . the daily papers tonight. the daily express asking whether the of the union is safe now. sturgeon
4:33 am
has gone. answer is of course yes. however they are splashing on other story which is dominated national attention . dominated national attention. the very disturbing case the missing mother nicola bully who was said to be high risk by police as she suffered with alcohol problems. and the mystery on this is deepening by the day. the daily mirror leads with missing mum nicola. it says nicola's turmoil with police telling of her struggle with menopause and alcohol issues and it separately covers really death of the hollywood icon and sixties sex symbol raquel welch, who died aged 82 this morning after a brief illness . the times after a brief illness. the times what it has a throwback snap there, doesn't it, of. well, she's remembered for starring in fantastic voyage and 1 million years bc, but it sticks the boot into scottish independence by calling sturgeon's resignation a huge boost to unionism . the guardian cites
4:34 am
unionism. the guardian cites complaint that she quit, because of the brutality of politics, i will just remind everyone. it was sturgeon who went on the bbc literally a few weeks ago and said, i detest the tories, so can we please just stop with all of this thing about sturgeon wanting to bring civility to politics because she's done the absolute opposite in scotland she's drawn so—called turf like the very brave j.k rowling and she has caused division between unionist and separatists in that country. sir doesn't want some sort of self to politics, believe me. jim davidson's going to be giving his reaction to this shortly. now my superstar panel return , the broadcaster panel return, the broadcaster and author christine hamilton, the businessman and activist adam brookes, and political editor at the sunday mirror, nigel nelson . now breaking nigel nelson. now breaking tonight , a nigel nelson. now breaking tonight, a very busy news day. government figures show the number of migrants crossing the
4:35 am
channel this year has already passed. 2500. over a thousand higher than the total number from this time last year. higher than the total number from this time last year . and from this time last year. and this analysis of home office has shown that red wall areas are housing times as many asylum per person as south—east . person as south—east. unfortunately like these confirm what we already knew that while the westminster bubble liberal elite talk down to people concerned immigration it's communities in the north that face the real life consequences .indeed face the real life consequences . indeed due to a lack of infrastructure, thousand asylum seekers have had to be housed in hotels to dismay of locals. with recent protests , liverpool and recent protests, liverpool and plans currently border drawn up by a new key residents in cornwall . but in an increasing cornwall. but in an increasing trend to shut valid concerns, the peaceful demonstration is now being condemned as racist and, bigoted by local politicians. so adam . brookes politicians. so adam. brookes this is absolutely telling to me the right wing communities who have to deal with this. of course, they do. it's not the posh committees. it's not the
4:36 am
middle class communities. and then when they to protest then when they decide to protest about the fact that their town centres in some cases being turned completely upside down, the young school girls are at risk. they are told, oh, your part of the far right or you're a racist bigot? well, firstly , i a racist bigot? well, firstly, i completely condemn any violence threats that absolutely nothing anyone sensible does. you that's anyone sensible does. you that's a fringe minority trying to cause upsets which may have partly been, by the way in knowsley spotify , antifa and the knowsley spotify, antifa and the communist. well, we know what it's all out for and you know, antifa is about they dressing, they cover their faces and they pick fights. they're cowards and t for a cowards now , look, if tfor a cowards now, look, if i was in that area we've got a migrant hotel, not far from my, you know, my town . if i'm in the you know, my town. if i'm in the area and there's a problem and, there's allegations of rape and there's allegations of rape and there's crime being committed by people that are apparently in these hotels. i would have been at that protest. i'm a father of
4:37 am
three kids. i would have been there and i would have been voicing my concern, asking questions . i'm not far right and questions. i'm not far right and i'm certainly not racist. i would be a worried parent now. i was in my council offices, epping forest council offices, about two or three weeks ago, same reception . i was there for same reception. i was there for about 20 minutes. five migrants came in and, demanded food . now came in and, demanded food. now the reception lovely lady said, look, it's not issue here. the needs to feed you. and they were demanding food. the lady then took them to a food which i think is next door or around the vicinity. now why should food banks be feeding these migrants when government are handing out contract to serco and other hotels to feed them in the housing? this is a mess. it's a total mess. it's an unbelievable mess. and if the tories don't get grip on it, i mean, a rishi sunakis get grip on it, i mean, a rishi sunak is apparently sitting on some great plan to control immigration. but the some great plan to control immigration . but the figures you
4:38 am
immigration. but the figures you just quoted about the number of these migrants who are despicable in the red wall seats. that's not going to get him re—elected in those seats, is i simply it beggars is it? and i simply it beggars belief that the government has not done anything about this. what what was it? two and a half thousand already this year. we're on february the 16th we're only on february the 16th or i it's or something. i mean, it's boggling. makes a where boggling. and who makes a where they go . this is what interests they go. this is what interests me is somebody in the home or home who thinks, well, let's put them in the red wall seats, because that will ensure that lot of those seats that weren't going to be commendations, going to be any commendations, which like labour's always which let's like labour's always offered up labour councils of historic play, always offered they don't want to be thought racist and actually that 67 times the number. yes. no i agree. i mean but should be happening is they should be through local authorities throughout the country. what's happened what what i think should be processed offshore. well well, yes, i know you do give a little note, but given
4:39 am
all i mean that while you've got you've got the problem of actually putting them somewhere it should be it should be shared so the west country should be sharing it a bit more there rollout histories on rice as well other some of them might be. of course not every one of them would be. and they've had them would be. and they've had them without protesting . you them without protesting. you felt you ought to you wouldn't fall into that category. but i've got an email this afternoon from golding, who is the head of britain first, and he sent me a press boasting about how they protested outside a migrant hotels and they were now escalating campaign and trying to draw in local people to come and join them. britain first is and join them. britain first is a comes from the bnp these people right wing they are racists but of course to any any disturbance or demonstration whatever is going to attract you mentioned which is going to attract those people because the communist party will you know yeah the problem is however
4:40 am
there are going to be fringes on both sides of politics here. but no one in the newspapers talking about the hard left and the communist party, they're all talking about the hard right. but that's right. all right. no i've got to do something like go and do it, because we've had a lot of heavy. but at the end last year, five time grammy winner in music , celine dion , winner in music, celine dion, revealed the heartbreaking news that she had been diagnosed with the incurable, so—called statue disease could strip her of the ability to walk, talk and perhaps most devastating for a fan like me to sing you don't have to think twice about celine's determination to fight back big news she's joined a star studded line—up in upcoming romcom love again, which looks set to be brilliantly quirky. watch this . i miss you so much. watch this. i miss you so much. there's the making inside of me . do you ? a question for me? . do you? a question for me? yes, mr. do you really believe in all these things you sing you obviously know nothing about it. what? love i think i might have
4:41 am
feelings for. what? love i think i might have feelings for . someone i've never feelings for. someone i've never met these sticks are receiving are saying something might be crazy, but love doesn't always follow the rules. i know it's this is celine dion . sure. and this is celine dion. sure. and i'm mariah love comes to those believe in is really me . oh, my believe in is really me. oh, my gosh hi now i can tell you that is actually what celine dion does. i've made her lots and lots of times. and this was one of the moments she did it with me in the past a very much single sibling am it when i say i am single? yes, please leave me alone . thanks. i you'll be me alone. thanks. i you'll be having a lot of now so all is this the just one judge just want to be alone we don't need no juke shop. we do actually actually . honestly, i love that actually. honestly, i love that . i love that woman. i will be going to that movie terrible
4:42 am
plot line, but i will be going niger. nelson adam brooks , great niger. nelson adam brooks, great to be jesse . we do variety on to be jesse. we do variety on this. we do . i know if nicholas this. we do. i know if nicholas sturgeon have enough to deal with today. oh, my goodness. she's going up against jk rowling and the greatest person in and jackass. i'm not feeling positive her but next in i'm cancelled will scheming sturgeon's scottish legacy ultimately be seen as a success or a failure? one of her biggest fansin or a failure? one of her biggest fans in the world of showbiz, really jim davidson, gives his verdict. you're not going to want to miss this. i think it will be blistering. jim davidson, entombment time .
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4:44 am
it's time for cancelled . and it's time for cancelled. and this is way britain's top commentators and entertainers speak on controversial issues
4:45 am
without . the fear of the cancel without. the fear of the cancel culture sweeping the rest of the media now steaming. sturgeon's snivelling resignation speech today was many things, but honest wasn't one of them trying to banish the awkward questions over her departure. she was to say it was definitely because of the mountain of external pressures bearing down on her in recent weeks. why no it will be tempting to see it as such this decision is not a reaction to short term pressures, of course, that are difficult issues confronting the government now. but when is that ever not the case so this was just a question of my ability or my resilience to get through latest period of pressure . i wouldn't be standing pressure. i wouldn't be standing here today, but . oh, yeah, yeah. here today, but. oh, yeah, yeah. there's absolutely no way you resign because of your on a woke fringe issue ultimately caused your demise . even former us your demise. even former us president donald trump saw through her web of lies from across atlantic in a blister ring statement tonight. he said good riddance to failed woke
4:46 am
extremist nicholas sturgeon of scotland . this crazed leftist scotland. this crazed leftist everything wrong identity politics. the wonderful people of scotland are much better off without sturgeon office. and if you need a as to why look at this to see how it's to have a rapist within a female not about whether they trans or not and individual case this is a person who's been convicted of rape . who's been convicted of rape. trans women are women. but in the prison context there is no automatic rate for a trans woman. our context where a trans woman. our context where a trans woman is not know that is that my comments about her in the being a rapist is in context of what should happen to them within prison service. i think you just referred to harold bryson the word ha does . that bryson the word ha does. that mean you do in fact think she is a woman anything into i am trying to rationalise individual stories . do you regard isla stories. do you regard isla bryson as woman herself, as
4:47 am
woman? i regard the individual as a rapist . well, there was as a rapist. well, there was only one man i knew i needed to speak to sturgeon today. one of her biggest fans for all the wrong reasons, and one of britain's top jim davison. but i don't know if this was a coincidence i'm told jim you actually in hospital right pretty much the same time there you are sturgeon made her announcement jim with two things connected in any now are you okay yeah, i'm okay. well won't tell you what happened, but i won't be riding my bike for a long. thank god. okay yeah. you know, the telegraph poles and scotsman, they . yeah, yeah, scotsman, they. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. well, i tell you where they touch down on and i was going to come on air and talk about a surgeon, not surgeon but now she's i'm okay. thank you thanks for all the best wishes it was just a routine check our men have up the oh yeah. a funny timing funny timing because at the same
4:48 am
time sturgeon was off. yeah when i've got the surgeon, the sturgeon was off and you know what? i'm sad she's gone because there's a lot of comedians i know that do great impressions of her and she was so to easy take the mickey of now there's going to be another bloke turn up that no i'm going to do impression it's going to be impression of it's going to be a nightmare and i think that this trans rail that she was going because i think two people because i think she's two people herself i think she's herself not people i think she's there she's has a human and half a woodpecker because we are not know if the way she speaks everything , he's speaking a everything, he's speaking a thing or anything like that. and i think that she's gone. no is the reason because she can't get her own way because no one agrees with that. no agrees with those wokeist silly things. you know that she comes out with. know that she comes outwith. it's an absolute and i think she's going to be missed because i don't know of any other scottish politicians i mean my father was scotland oh my family
4:49 am
in glasgow i born down here. so i don't really have a say. but the fact is i don't know any of the fact is i don't know any of the other one, but they do me. they've got a great fair president up there. they're going to they've had a whip round and they're going get her a balloon ride over a hot air balloon ride over america . i think that would be america. i think that would be nice for her. and she can provide air herself . i'm sure provide air herself. i'm sure donald trump, i think he bonkers. it was all about her, wasn't it her little stupid ideas go woke, go goodbye. and i don't know what the countries are going to go back on. i know what to do. well the thing is it she became a cult of personality. jim didn't it? and by the end , you know, i'm by the end, you know, i'm completely opposed to scottish separatism, but by end, i don't even think she really in scottish step as what she in was nicholas sturgeon in and nicholas sturgeon in and nicholas sturgeon in and nicholas sturgeon was a star and she should be treated like a star and she should be treated like queen. and she the moment
4:50 am
that she got a little bit of pushback from the media and from politicians, she was gone yes teddy has gone out the pram now who's going to who's going to take her place? is this what keir starmer is up against? there is. now, look what they are going. no is not. you're right. you're right. and i just. i just sorry, i right. you're right. and i just. ijust sorry, i think i think i just sorry, i think i think starmer has pulled a of a blanket here and the new scottish first minister could be jeremy corbyn because he doesn't have scottish blood . but if you have scottish blood. but if you look closely at him he does look like a highland soldiers left testicle doesn't you know it wrinkled . and hairy and. he's wrinkled. and hairy and. he's looking for a job jim, because i mean sturgeon did blow out of the water today slippery storm is big it out simon that he was booting corbyn from the party all of a sudden no one's talking about it right now. i know, i know when something happened,
4:51 am
even after the all my gold that one of the krankies is now left and something else has happened that someone's keeping me off the front fibre. i just want to get rid of corbyn. i want to, you know , we going to have you know, we only going to have mps in the labour party from . mps in the labour party from. highgate now we don't want corbyn's the scottish test. what you look like stevenson's going to do now. i mean could she have a career ? and in your world jim a career? and in your world jim , could you see her doing one of those reality shows of following matt hancock into i'm a celebrity is there any interest in that of things? well, i mean, i the bbc will be to on do dancing on ice with jemima bacon and that's going to be the next thing they're going to be the couple skating together. yeah. there's no business like woke business now. i don't know what she's going to do is just clear off really. but but it's not. is that good ? oh, dear. but she was that good? oh, dear. but she was a bit of a statesman oh, no, sorry. i read wrong. she's just
4:52 am
a bit of a state. i mean, do you ever watch him? i think moment it was over for sturgeon do you remember that press conference. i think it was last monday. right. and she referred to that just monstrous male rapist adam graham as her. yeah and she did it numerous times . and it was it numerous times. and it was that moment jim, i thought the game's up , the game's up because game's up, the game's up because . all of a sudden, her woke ideology has actually been exposed as dangerous , but she's exposed as dangerous, but she's still standing by she still can't accept . that adam graham can't accept. that adam graham is a bloke i jim his his wife his current wife admitted that he basically slapped him a blonde put on some garish pink leggings to trick the authorities who are going on sturgeon's woke ideology to escape a men's prison. he's a double, jim, and she still called him a her. and at that moment i thought, it's over it's
4:53 am
over because. well, i mean, let's say one, but i know that if we all if we all agreed he was a her. well sturgeon put her in a bloke's prison is and i think what she was banking that she wanted to be. oh yeah yeah. oh mind you i'm on the other bus boats that to be honest . right. boats that to be honest. right. so i think what she was banking on is that the, the thing will carry her through. she so hated because she's wealthy. so because she's wealthy. so because so pro trans to the point of lunacy . because so pro trans to the point of lunacy. he pointed out that she going down that road mental. well indeed and you know what she's also done, though, jim? she's also made life difficult for genuine trans in scotland , because what she's scotland, because what she's doneis scotland, because what she's done is made them a political football she's put them at the centre of a culture war that they never wanted to be a of and it was all unnecessary. it was all for her own ego. and i think, you know, my theory, i think, you know, my theory, i think wants a job at one of
4:54 am
those horrible places like you, the un or whatever. that's what she. well i think she's and i she's of an age now where she has problems. and i think her women's problem is, is that she doesn't look like one. so she's going to be on television being some glamour puss. going to be on television being some glamour puss . cuz i don't some glamour puss. cuz i don't know what a woman is. me that wonderful i am no , that doesn't wonderful i am no, that doesn't even know what a woman is. does got her own get around you get around me do it come on sturgeon can join superstar stop and give the left view any day. jim davidson what a person's best entertainers. certainly the most outrageous. jim wow that was quite something tonight. thank you so much . quite something tonight. thank you so much. but it's time now to reveal greatest president, u2 and jackass . tonight, superstar and jackass. tonight, superstar panel return. christine hamilton , greatest person nominee, please . my greatest britain. and please. my greatest britain. and this is prompted by all the sturgeon business is jake rowling. yes, she is rich . she's
4:55 am
rowling. yes, she is rich. she's talented, she's beautiful. she could just live out the rest of her life in. but she doesn't. she goes into battle on behalf of women . she has taken on of women. she has taken on sturgeon. she's on all the death threats. she is my greatest britain and no one did more to bnng britain and no one did more to bring down sturgeon. i genuinely absolutely. good for jake brooks, your nominee. mine is mp lee anderson who is obviously on earlier . i'm lee anderson who is obviously on earlier. i'm just pleased we finally got an mp that's prepared to listen to those on the ground, not sit on the fence . says what he thinks he will make mistakes. but here i own it and i think it's very refreshing. i think when she sooner keir starmer should sooner and keir starmer should a look why he's so popular look at why he's so popular right now nigel nelson your nominee. here we go it's nicholas sturgeon sturgeon with voters the personal reasons quitting for these are like oh some guy with christine hamilton because you know jake rowling as i said she did more than any
4:56 am
politician to cause the demise nicholas sturgeon union jack has time christina. well, i don't to be i don't want to be a copycat but i'm going to copy nigel nicholas sturgeon is my union jack and honestly after the show that wasn't hard to guess to do ihave that wasn't hard to guess to do i have to explain my union as is anna soubry her a twitter attack on mp lee anderson today where she basically implied he was lying about him. his dad's mining past it was quite shocking, but lee anderson came back quite aggressive . it was back quite aggressive. it was quite and that was well, that was very wrong what she did. nigel nelson, a man, is john redwood for his tv interview . nigel nelson, a man, is john redwood for his tv interview. he mistakenly thinks that cuts will somehow cut inflation. well, i would to have a formal debate with you about that soon. i guess what i totally agree with every word that john redwood , i every word that john redwood, i think he's completely right. i backed the conservative growth group and truss back in number
4:57 am
10 would be the right now. and you're going hate that. but anyway, we'll devise another time of course that there's only one winner double win for one winner today double win for christine oh know christine hamilton. oh you know jackass possibly four of the nicholas sturgeon put women's rights in scotland back a generation . she's turned trans generation. she's turned trans people into a sick political football , and actually she's football, and actually she's finished scottish separatism. separatism a very long time. but that i will celebrate. christine hamilton , adam brooks, nigel hamilton, adam brooks, nigel nelson, thank you so much for being my superstar panel on a big day in scottish politics. i'm back again tomorrow from 9 pm. good night
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