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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  July 4, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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breaking news tonight, the mystery surrounding the sudden death of music icon michael jackson intensifies. jackson rushed to the er after collapsing reportedly in front of his own young son. there in a $100,000 a month rental, bel air, attempts to revive jackson failed. jackson pronounced dead. this as we learn jackson not the biological father of any of his three children. and, and, that he never formally or legally adopted them. investigators converge on jackson's home with a search warrant. leaving with bags full of evidence.
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reportedly drugs. bombshell tonight. in the last hours, jackson's will filed at an l.a. court, revealing jackson's fortune, $500 billion. repeat, $500 billion. jackson leaves everything to a secret trust. beneficiaries that we know of. jackson's 79-year-old mother and his own three children. then, the stunning document goes on the offense. completely cutting out former wife, debbie rowe, the biological mother of two of jackson's children. grandmother katherine named legal guardian of the three kids, ages 12, 11, 7. back up guardian, not sister janet, la toya, ribi, not jermaine, tito, jackie, not marlon, not randy. jackson names former supreme,
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diana ross. as we go to air, legal executors of jackson's will race to the courthouse to reverse mother katherine jackson's temporary control of jackson's billion dollar empire. reports of an alleged bio mom has resurfaced. in her attempt to seize custody of jackson's multimillion dollar estate and the children. who is she? tonight -- questions mount as police continue investigating jackson's home and those surrounding him at the time of death. the investigation now labeled multipronged. did jackson try to obtain a powerful sedative used during surgery just before his death? and tonight, there will be no public viewing at neverland. music icon, michael jackson, dead at 50.
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the fate of his three children unknown. michael jackson's will is now on file with a los angeles court. ♪ i'm bad >> striking new voice in michael jackson's death with a shocking story to tell. >> i got this chill through my body. i said michael if you take that medicine you might not wake up. ♪ i'm starting with the man in the mirror ♪ >> he wants katherine jackson his mother to be guardian of his children. >> if she is unable to be guardian, jackson nominated diana ross to take care of the kids. >> she's a wonderful person. she is magic. she can move an audience like no one else. ♪ black or white >> a nurse who says jackson repeatedly asked her for a
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powerful i.v. drug, the drug is diprivan. >> i said this is a very serious drug. i wondered if he knew what he was telling me. he said i know exactly what it is. i have had it before. there are no side effects. it is safe. >> michael, i said, the bottom line it can cause death. tonight the desperate search for a 10-year-old washington girl who vanishes into thin air after leaving a little friend's house. tonight, the search goes on by land, by air, by water, for 10-year-old lindsey. >> we're trying to get information about the missing girl. >> they were out there this weekend stopping every car. they want anybody who saw something that didn't look suspicious to them to contact
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law enforcement. >> a missing 10-year-old girl has turned the small quiet town into fbi road block. agents searched trunks while detectives asked questions. where were you the night lindsey baum disappeared. >> at a friend's house four blocks away. >> this is very terrifying. very upsetting. >> it's been 3 days, the state patrol searched from the air, dogs combed the ground and crews sifted through wetland. >> her mother told police she left a friend's home. >> they know nothing other than she walked out their door. >> supposed to walk five blocks to get home. she never made it. with every passing hour, new worries that the friendly girl who would talk with anybody is in serious trouble. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. the mystery surrounding the sudden death of music icon michael jackson. ♪ you know it's thriller >> there is a lot of speculation mounting about michael jackson's death and whether it is related to prescription drugs.
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a nurse who worked with the superstar is making some pretty shocking claims. she says that jackson suffered from severe insomnia and claims she rejected his request for an extremely strong sedative called diprivan. >> he said, i really just need something that is going to help me to sleep. and he was very persistent about it. >> i'm a person that i believe in the highest of excellence. ♪ billy jean >> if i'm not satisfied i'm going to let it go. >> he said, i wanted to drop -- i want an i.v., because i know that the first drop when i look at it and i see the first drop hit my vein, i am asleep and i sleep very well. i just need to sleep. ♪ you are not alone >> michael jackson's last will and testament is public record. it was filed in los angeles court today. >> the document provides nothing for his former wife debbie rowe and leaves his entire estate to the michael jackson family
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trust. it nominates his mother katherine as guardian of his three children. ♪ i have the stuff that you want ♪ ♪ i am the thing that you need [ inaudible ] >> we are taking your calls live. joining me right now at the jackson parents' home there in encino, susan roesgen. susan, the will just filed in an l.a. courthouse, and what did we learn? >> boy, we learned, nancy, that michael jackson at least as of 2002 knew exactly who he wanted to get what and he did not want debbie rowe jackson his former wife to get anything. he cut her out of the will by saying that he, in case there was any doubt about it, he intentionally omitted to provide for deborah rowe jackson, my former wife. he also said that he wanted his mother, katherine jackson to
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have custody of the children and if she were to have died before him or couldn't do it, he wanted diana ross to take her place and be the guardian of the children. left out there, nancy, is joe jackson, his father, and some other high profile friends. elizabeth taylor is a big friend of his, but he said, no, his mother, katherine jackson, to take custody of the children, and then he nominated diana ross to do it if she couldn't. >> highly unusual -- susan roesgen is just telling us, former supreme diana ross, is named as the back-up guardian to the grandmother katherine jackson. there you are seeing diana ross, and not only her, but michael jackson and his children. you are also seeing new photos that we have obtained from tmz. back to susan roesgen. go ahead, susan. >> well, nancy, there is a michael jackson family trust now that's key, because as of 2002,
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the lawyers who drafted this will said they didn't even know how much michael jackson was worth. they estimated it in excess of $500 million, but they didn't know. but what they have said is that this michael jackson family trust, that's where the assets go. from there they will be parceled out and that the $500 million question that we don't know who gets what. >> out to mike walker, senior editor with the "national enquirer." mike, i am stunned about what this nurse is revealing who is going to be with us in just a few moments. that michael jackson was literally begging for a powerful sedative used at surgery. >> yes, it is just amazing again. we come back to this doctor who was there. this doctor with very few credentials. i hope he is lawyered up really well. everything is pointing back to him. if, indeed, he was taking care of michael jackson. why would he let him have a drug like this? this is a drug that can kill you unless you are in the hand of a
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competent physician who knows how to administer it.
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♪ more like a beauty queen out of a movie scene ♪ ♪ i said i don't mind >> who's their daddy? was michael jackson the biological father of 12-year-old michael, jr., and his 11-year-old sister, paris, or was it really this man, the los angeles dermatologist who treated jackson for years? "us weekly" reports dr. arnold klein is really the father of jackson's two oldest children. >> and we are the first outlet to actually reveal this. a lot of people have known and a lot of people actually have reached out to me today, saying that they also knew about this and were very surprised it never came out earlier. >> dr. klein is also the former boss of debbie rowe, the nurse jackson married in 1996, and the woman who gave birth to his two oldest children, seen here in photos obtained by tmz. she and jackson divorced in 1998.
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>> what about debbie rowe? is she the biological mother, or was she just a surrogate? >> she is the biological mother. >> for years, neither rowe, who gave up custody, nor the pop star had ever divulged if the children were conceived through artificial insemination or if jackson was the father. >> what do we know about whether jackson is, in fact, the biological father of the three children? >> he's not the biological father of the three children. >> he was so adamant about, i will pay any amount of money for someone to help me to sleep. and i said, you don't have to pay me anything, but you don't do this. but he was so adamant, i don't care what it's going to take, i'll pay any amount of money to
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get eight hours sleep. that was my last conversation with him. i said, you know, michael, instead of -- just something came over me, and i had tears in my eyes and i've had these tears ever since that day. and i said, something came over me, i said, michael, you keep wanting to sleep, you keep saying you want to be knocked out and sleep, but what about waking up tomorrow? >> that is the nurse, cherilyn lee, who's joining us in just a few moments, who said just four days before michael jackson dropped dead, he was on the phone with her, begging for help. this after asking her for a powerful sedative that is used only behind hospital walls, during surgery. back to michael -- mike walker, the senior editor with "the national enquirer." mike, if she is to be believed, and so far she has withstood a lot of questioning, he was in a very, very bad condition. i mean, he wasn't even asking
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for over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs to help him sleep. he wanted surgical sedatives. >> in my column next week, i shouldn't break it here, but i think this is important to say. michael, as you know, you heard the reports that he could barely walk through the early rehearsals for his "this is it" tour. but right toward the end, as i report, he perked up, he was doing terrific. they were thinking of ways to cover him up, they hired more dancers, they had special effects, and then the last two rehearsals as i talk about in my column last week, he suddenly revived. now, he had a lot of pressure on him and he did what he always does when he was pressure. he turned to a drug for answers. and this time, he needed a drug that was beyond all the other drugs he'd been taking all these years, once again, an i.v. this drug, this is the one that -- we don't know yet -- but this could be the one that pulled the trigger. as for what this lady is saying, i don't know whether what she's saying is true or accurate. >> what's the name of the drug, mike walker? >> diprivan.
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>> say what? >> diprivan. out to dr. david posey, medical examiner, joining us out of l.a. what is it? >> it's a sedative hypnotic, and as you've already stated, nancy, it's a drug that must be used in the hospital under controlled conditions where you can have the patient ventilated, if they go into -- >> wait, wait, wait. ventilated, you mean a tube down their throat? >> yes, that's -- >> we're just lawyers, doctor, help me. >> of course. >> a tube down your throat? it's that dangerous? why do you have to have a tube down your throat to use this drug? >> it is usually used to induce anesthesia and if you want to induce anesthesia to put somebody to sleep so you can operate on them, you want to be able to control their breathing and want to be able to control their heart rate and so forth. if you are using a drug that is this powerful, that is the only way i know how to do it. or at least be in a situation where you can quickly intubate if necessary. so this is a very, very powerful drug.
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should never be used outside of the hospital. >> you would only use it intravenously? >> yes, ma'am, that's correct. >> out to the lines, bianca, what is your question? >> caller: my question and comment is regarding the nurse making the statements regarding michael requesting diprivan, are there not hipaa violations in california? because i know here in texas, you're not -- we can't even speak about a patient's condition, medication or anything, even on the elevator to each other, much less go on national tv with regards to what they asked for, what they were wanting or needing. you know, as far as if from what i know, unless you are subpoenaed to testify in court, you cannot discuss anything medically related to a patient dead or alive. >> out to susan moss. what do you think, susan? >> absolutely! and as the caller says, the hipaa requirements survive death. so just because he's gone doesn't mean you're allowed to talk about your patient privileged information with him. >> out to the lines. lucy, new york.
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hi, lucy. >> caller: hi. love your show, and your children. >> thank you. >> caller: my question is, can anybody argue the fact, even though his mother and diana ross were asked to be the guardian, argue the fact that they are far too old and the children may go from either/or and that's not stable? >> you know, that's an excellent question. let's go out to the lawyers. bottom line, he has made it very clear, verbally, to many people and in this legal document, it was just filed in the last hours at an l.a. courthouse that 79-year-old grandmother katherine jackson is the legal guardian of these children. the backup, not ribi, not la toya, janet, marlin, randy, jackie, tito, no. the backup is former supreme, diana ross.
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through all right changes and controversies -- lawsuits and low points, there was one constant, his mom. katherine jackson brought michael calm. >> michael! >> in life she defended, shielded her son. and now, she stands by him in death. taking care of the family, taking care of his children. after michael died, the 79-year-old jackson matriarch, shopped for sleeping bags and toys for them. she asked and was granted temporary guardianship over michael junior, paris and blanket.
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this is it. this is really it. the final curtain call. >> the fact that these children have to go through this is really compounding the tragedy. >> a judge granted temporary guardianship of his children, to jackson's mother, katherine. >> of course this is where he belongs. we are going to take care of them and give them the education they're supposed to have. >> debbie rowe, the mother of the two eldest children. rowe's attorney has not said whether she will seek custody.
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>> there is a custody issue. michael jackson was their father. he had custody. he had physical custody day in and day out. they have lost him. ♪ beat it beat it ♪ it doesn't matter just beat it ♪ ♪ beat it beat it want to see a dog fight? you are about to. michael jackson's will filed in the last hours in an l.a. courthouse. the two legal executors, racing in to displace what the judge has just done naming grandmother katherine jackson as the executor. they are named. the legal executors in the
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document. so she is out. they are in. she is going to maintain control of about 2,000 items there at neverland until monday. when a hearing is set to go down. i have got the document right here in my hand. back to susan roesgen standing by at the jackson parents' home. what more do we learn, other than him very shrewdly as you pointed out. going on the offense and saying, in paragraph 11, excuse me, 6, i specifically intentionally omit to provide for deborah jean rowe jackson. because susan, legally if you don't say anything at all, it could be argued later, uh-oh, he left her out. no, he did not leave her out. he cut her out. >> right. right. >> very specifically, nancy, you are absolutely right. he knew exactly what he was doing. we can assume that in 2002.
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you know, nancy one thing, the people, the family in the home behind me would have loved to have in this will i think. what were michael jackson's wishes for his own funeral. what kind of funeral did he want to have. where did he want his body to be buried. just told us ain't going to be at neverland. not going to be a public viewing there. right now we seem to get the sense that the family doesn't know where it is going to be. >> to stacy brown, former jackson family friend, co-author of "michael jackson man behind the max. stacy, welcome. it is my understanding they were going to attempt to have a viewing and burial of michael jackson there at neverland. and set it up as a visitation area somewhat like graceland. but in california you just cant bury a body in the backyard. it doesn't work that way. so what are they thinking of? forest lawn? what are they considering now as to where to bury michael jackson? >> i think your reporter said it best. i don't know that they know. it stands to reason that michael would have wanted to be buried
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at neverland. it's complicated. apparently too complicated. neverland. i would imagine, nancy, that would have been his choice. >> take a look at this carriage. explain to me, susan roesgen, is this going to be part of the funeral? >> you know, we just don't know. what we are waiting for right now, nancy, someone from the family to come tell us, we are all here. they know we are all here. fans are still here. come out and tell us what your decision is. it could be, nancy not only that they haven't decided maybe they're getting a sense from the lapd, from california highway patrol, law enforcement agencies that the logistics of this thing could just be a nightmare. maybe that is what they're waiting for where can they do it and not have a huge traffic jam. awe the carriage, funeral carriage, reported to be part of jackson's funeral procession. to flo anthony, jackson family friend, talk show host, publisher of "black noire"
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magazine. what are they considering for the funeral? >> i think the decision to definitely not have it at neverland was made at 2. 3:00 in the morning. a lot had to do with logistics, one road in, one road out. and the officials were very concerned about the huge crowd that were going to be there. from what i understand now, i don't know if there are any definitive plans, from this afternoon. they were looking at monday for a private viewing. and tuesday for a private funeral. as far as where it is. this afternoon there was not a definite decision. >> what are they considering, flo? >> this afternoon, nobody was really saying. there really wasn't any definite decision. i always thought he would lay in state at the staples center or the shrine or something prior to the neverland plans.
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but i think a lot of stuff has just been speculation, nancy. i don't think there was ever any 30-car convoy heading to neverland. i think that this, a lot of stuff that is going out there, that's why -- actually i suggested to my dear friend steve manning who is there with the jacksons at havenhurst earlier today that they get a spokesperson. >> everyone, flo anthony publisher of "black noire" magazine. mike, what do you make of the claims that jackson is not the biological father of any of his three children? >> i absolutely believe the claims. i would like to say, nancy, i am surprised that everybody is suggesting that there was any chance that michael was going to be buried at neverland. michael jackson turned his back on neverland, let all his animals go, because he said, we published the story, what four years ago, three years ago. he hated it. they contaminated it. he said they contaminated it. the police went into my bedroom.
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>> i read that story, mike walker. >> that's right. no chance the family was going to do that. >> over the years, boar out what you reported. after that raid on neverland, he left, he never went back. i don't think that -- that would be his wish at all. >> it wouldn't. >> it is all up in the air. back few you, allen ripka, attorney out of new york. if mike walker and others are correct, this is reported in "us weekly" mike walker agrees, and he is not the biological father, ripka, he never formally or legally adopted the three children. so, look, it's not like -- common law marriage. you don't have common law children. it doesn't work that way with adoption. so, where does that leave these three kids? >> well at the time, obviously the presumption was that he was the father. he took full custody of the children. no one challenged that. so he was presumed to be the father. and it's not till now that someone is coming forward saying "maybe he's not the father." if someone is going to challenge it and someone is going to do dna testing maybe another story.
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but as of now he is the rightful father of the children. >> to natisha lance, who is this woman -- not talking about debbie rowe, that is coming forward and saying, she is the mother of at least one of the children. i assume it's blanket, prince michael ii? >> that's right. her name is nona paris lola jackson, nancy, she is out of the british, out of britain. she is saying that she is the mother of michael jackson's children. and she filed papers today in court saying that she wants access to michael jackson's estate. she also wants to be the, getting custody of the children. now this is not the first time that she has filed papers in this type of manner. she also filed papers back in december, 2008. the judge said that you need more evidence to show you are the mother of these children. >> i have got her documents right here in front of me. where she is claiming that she is the mother of the minor children.
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okay. so, we already see people coming out of the woodwork making these claims. the only way to verify or disprove her claim is going to be a dna test. out to ellen gamburg, psycho therapist joining us out of new york. thank you for being with us. getting all lost are the three children and what they are going through right now. one of them apparently seeing their father drop to the floor. >> nancy, this is -- the whole experience is so devastating. there are so many factors. not just actually losing their father, seeing their father, i hope that all these kids are not watching television. to the claims of who are their parents. right now the best thing for these children is that they are surrounded by people that they love, normalcy, and don't get in the way of the media. and all of the bad press. this is still their dad. they're suffering a great loss.
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i understand that after he was pronounced dead they asked to go see their father's bed
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there at the hospital? >> the children are so bright, nancy. they didn't miss a thing as to what was going on around them. they are smart, they know what happens in the commotion of michael jackson. >> you got joe jackson who, there have been claims and allegations that he beat michael and was also otherwise abusive. you have katherine who couldn't protect her own son from allegedly this monster. then you got debbie rowe, well she is no prize. >> out to the lines, cleo, indiana. hi, cleo. >> caller: hello. >> what is your question. >> caller: thank you, nancy for this time. the question is about the nurse. they have what they call mandated reporting. i'm wondering when she got this information from michael jackson about these drugs, why didn't she report it right away? >> to mike walker, "national enquirer," why didn't she? >> that is very puzzling. as the lady said you have to report things like this. you have to tell people when you know that people are taking dangerous drugs. even doctors, think about it. michael jackson we know he takes drugs.
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why is he getting access of drugs under the supervision of a doctor. yes this woman if authentic should have come forward long before. >> i don't know how you would get your mitts on a drug like this, diprivan used in hospitals during surgery you have to be ventilated, to be able to use this. out to the lines. joy in washington. hi, joy. >> caller: hi, nancy. thank you for taking my call. >> thank you for calling in. >> caller: is it possible when michael made out his will he was under the influence or not in his right mind. if that could be proved would it void the will? >> out to leonard leeds, former state attorney for anna nicole smith. i don't believe. i have taken a look at the document. he very clearly if you can hone in on this, rosie or have a shot of it. has actually signatured, initialled every single one of the paragraphs. beside each paragraph. not only just signing it at the
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end, and it looks like his official signature. we have already compared it. he has -- initialed every single paragraph, multitimes, on each page. what about it. leonard? that's a tough road to hoe right there. >> very tough to set aside a will. i have done it in different jurisdictions. in one jurisdiction ten years since any one else had done it. you have to really look at his capacity at the time he signed this document which was in 2002. that's really seven years ago. how are they ever going to say at that point, seven years ago he didn't have testimentary capacity. very tough. >> bernadette in new york, hi. >> caller: we love your children. and we love you for all you do. >> thank you, thank you. thank you for calling in. what is your question, dear? >> caller: it is actually two questions. joe jackson made a statement at the b.e.t. awards about maybe doing more stuff with michael's music and whatnot. first of all, i thought you had
10:47 pm
to have consent. and second of all, if it all goes through and he does this, who gets the money? the children? or joe jackson? >> you know, what about that, renee rockwell? >> nancy, i would say any part of the estate that continues to earn money, that money is going to go to michael jackson. but back to the incident with the will and the trust, one thing that can invalidate a will, nancy, is another will. don't forget, there are people that say that there might be another will out there. >> renee, you have seen it as many times as i have, you and i both working in the courthouse all those years. rich people, they write wills all the time. they sit around writing wills. they hire lawyers, over and over and over. to write wills. they're concerned about their money. they spend so much time thinking about that money. so i agree with you. there may be another will floating around out there. everyone, we are taking your
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calls live, but i want to tell you, about a missing 10-year-old little girl. take a listen. today offroad motorcycles added to the search efforts along with horse teams, lindsay baum's mother came to the police station to talk to detectives. the little girl's family remains convinced she has been abducted. >> it is just not like her at all. so we are convinced that someone took her. >> lindsey disappeared walking home. despite a massive search effort in and around mccleary, there is no sign of the girl anywhere. >> i have tried to keep it out of my mind. >> she talked to her friend for a bit and was asked to head home. >> 10, 15 minutes. we said should probably get going before it gets dark, you know? that was the last we have heard of her. >> a straight shot down the street for lindsey. witnesses say she seemed normal as she headed out at 9:15. another friend walked her part of the way. lindsey never showed. >> she wouldn't stay out that late after dark.
10:49 pm
she doesn't like to be outside by herself. >> volunteers passed out fliers while other teams searched the neighborhoods. police scoured mccleary, three times over, and crisscrossed the surrounding woods. even tracking dogs failed to pick up her scent. >> they want to think that everything is okay. there is a part of me that thinks the worst. >> to steven frederick with the daily world, tracking dogs could not pick up her scent? and this is after a neighbor that knew her observed her about three blocks from her home? >> yeah, that's about right. at this point, the sheriff's office says that -- they scaled down the number of people that are out there looking for her. from about 45 actual search-and-rescue experts down to about 23. and they're going into targeted areas where they have gone and just "hey this is an area where children like to hang out." by the creek, the mill, that sort of thing. >> to mike brooks, something is not right. because if the child was actually on that street, a
10:50 pm
tracker dog would have picked up her scent? >> no, nancy, you are absolutely right. blood hounds would have picked up a scent and it would have gone so far to where she went and maybe got into a car. would up her scent. but there's no scent whatsoever. we talked about scent evidence before, it can be around almost a month. >> what more can you tell us? >> searching by every means you can imagine, ground and air, they have a special airplane to read from the ground using infrared. they are going to use that, read it on the ground and hope to find it that way. >> matt, what can you tell me about the mom taking a polygraph. >> reports say she wants to rule out she's involved. my kid is missing, please help me.
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