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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  July 6, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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a streak-free shine in half the time. s.c. johnson, a family company. breaking news. the mystery surrounding the sudden death of music icon michael jackson intensified. jackson collapsing in front of his own young son in their $100,000 a month rental in bel air. jackson pronounced dead. reports emerge jackson not the biological father of any of his three children and he never formally or legally adopted them. investigators converging with multiple search warrants leaving the home with bags full of evidence, reportedly drugs. jackson's will revealing a fortune of $500 million. repeat, $500 million.
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everything going to the 79-year-old mother, his three children, and charity. then, the stunning document goes on the offense, completely cutting out, not leaving out, cutting out former wife debbie rowe, the mom of two jackson children. grandmother, katherine, named legal guardian. backup, not sister la toy yeah, janet, not brothers -- jackson named former supreme diana ross guardian of the three children. bombshell tonight -- it's war! a courtroom standoff just hours ago as executors take on grandmother katherine jackson going toe to toe over controlling jackson's half a billion-dollar empire. and katherine jackson telling
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the court the executors will run jackson's estate into the ground. as we go to air, bio mom debbie rowe announces she will not attend jackson's memorial. why? rowe then attacks the cameraman. outside a chinese restaurant, cursing, threatening, not a good look, mommy. rowe reportedly now throwing her hat in the ring -- even claiming dna will prove she's the bio mom and thus entitled to yet another payday. tonight, a second will surfaces as police continue investigating jackson's home and the people surrounding him at the time of death. a.p. reporting the surgical anesthetic dip ra diprivan found in the home. jackson reportedly traveling with a mini clinic on wills.
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that's right, a mini clinic, like a van, complete with an iv, an iv pole, and an anesthesiologist to medicate jackson on tour anytime 24/7, like a convenience store. secret video of jackson just hours before his death in full dress rehearsal released. jackson seemingly performing from beyond the grave. now the vultures circling his dead body as we learn t-shirts to be sold at his memorial. as the legal battle brews, the world gears up for an a-list public memorial for jackson. staples center, l.a. now the ugly custody battle
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over his children. there are reports that his ex-wife debbie rowe is going to fight tooth and nail for these children. >> are you ready to fight for these children? >> are you ready to get your butt kicked? don't [ bleep ] touch me. >> the death investigation continues. three search warrants were signed by a judge as part of that investigation. clearly that continues as they look at the doctors and the people around michael jackson in the days, months, weeks before his death. >> dr. murray was on the property five weeks -- at least five nights a week. my understanding was he was there all night to monitor mr. jackson. there was a couple of occasions during my time of employment that i noticed dr. murray exiting the kitchen area through the side door to the driveway area carrying a couple of oxygen tanks. >> dr. conrad murray's attorney insists his client is not a suspect in any crime. ♪ beat it >> today in court, a judge has granted at least temporarily the
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control of the jackson estate to the lawyer and long-time friend that were mention in the 2002 will. that's against the jackson family wishes. they wanted katherine jackson, michael jackson's mother to control the estate. ♪ they don't really care about us ♪ good evening, i'm nancy grace. thank you for being with us. the mystery surrounding the sudden death of music icon michael jackson intensifies. ♪ billie jean that's my lover >> there's a fierce custody battle over his kids. debbie rowe, jackson's ex-wife, the biological mother of 12-year-old prince and 11-year-old paris. her former attorney tells "people" magazine she is ready to fight for them, even willing to take his third child to keep them together. >> debbie, are you ready to fight for your kids, debbie? are you ready to fight for your children? >> don't touch my. >> are you ready to fight for your children? >> do not touch me. >> nobody touched you here. >> you just did. don't. >> the co-executors of jackson's
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will now have temporary control of the singer's estate. long-term personal attorney and john mclain were given immediate control of the entertainer's assets. >> investigations in to michael jackson's death has taken a dramatic turn. there are reports police found diprivan, a powerful anesthetic, in michael jackson's house. >> were you shocked by michael jackson's death? >> was i shocked? no. even beforehand, during my time of employment, i had mentioned to close members of my family, like my mother and sister, i expressed to them, i said, i don't think he's going to survive this concert tour. because i said that's too much stress and pressure on somebody like that. >> debbie, are you ready to fight for your kids, debbie? are you ready to fight for your children. >> don't touch me. >> are you ready to fight for your children? >> do not touch me! >> nobody touched you here. >> you just did. >> are you ready to fight for your children. >> are you ready to get your butt kicked. don't [ bleep ] touch me.
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>> are you going to take a cash settlement for the kids. >> how important are the kids to you, debbie. >> not a good look, mommy. that's the bio mom, the alleged bio mom, debbie rowe, set to throw her hat to the ring claiming she should get guardianship of all three of the jackson children, there she is outside of a chinese restaurant cursing and threatening a cameraman. legal guardian? maybe. but would that entitle her to another huge payday, her last one estimated between $500,000 and millions from jackson to just go away. will his family be willing to pay the same? straight out to mary margaret, senior news editor, what about it, mary margaret, what happened? what was that? >> i think what we're seeing is debbie rowe reacting to the obvious negative backlash that she's getting. as she said before, rightly so, nancy.
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if you're a mom and want -- and someone wants your kids, you'll do anything in your power to get it. even after michael jackson died, she was quoted -- her lawyer was quoted as backtracking saying actually she's not sure to go and legally get custody over the kids. so the question is, what exactly does she want? >> straight out to paul vercammen, senior cnn producer standing by in l.a. at staples center. paul, thank you for being with us. paul, what's the latest and could you tell me, are they selling t-shirts at the memorial? >> well, first off, i don't know who "they" is, we have to pin that down, nancy. as you probably know, there's been all sorts of people profiting. the street vendors hit the pavement here in los angeles with t-shirts. probably not say three hours after michael jackson was dead. we can't confirm if aeg or someone involved with the event is selling t-shirts. i imagine there might be a commemorative t-shirt. in the meantime, behind me. fans are signing the wall.
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i understand that people have been in line for as long as an hour and a half to sign a makeshift memorial to michael jackson. they have come from all over the world -- peru, paris, mexico, japan, just some of the countries' names on that wall. ironically, the people behind me aren't necessarily going to the service tomorrow. most of them will be kicked out as downtown l.a. becomes a walled off medieval city in a way. if you look at it, it's as if they'll put a moat around this place. because for a half square mile, no one will be allowed in. the police in los angeles are going to seal all of this off with barricades. and officers, we understand some detectives and others who have not been off of their desks for years will be in uniform tomorrow ready to protect the city from the onslaught of michael jackson fans, nancy. >> now to our chief editorial producer, ellie jostad. ellie, is it true that there was 1.6 million -- repeat 1,.6 million registrants to go to the memorial? >> yeah. that's right, nancy.
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there was just an 18-hour window that people could go online, register for tickets. then on sunday, all of those people who were lucky enough to get a pair of tickets got an e-mail with a special code on it telling them where they could pick up their tickets and the other details. >> this as reports surface that multiple vials of the powerful sedative diprivan have been found at the home of michael jackson. now the robbery-homicide unit there in l.a. is investigating. joining me is a special guest and a primetime exclusive, cherilyn lee, this is michael jackson's former nurse who apparently believes he pleaded for a dangerous drug. ms. lee, thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much for having me on. >> ms. lee, explain to me what michael jackson said to you. what did he want? >> well, what he was looking for was sleep.
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and he asked for medication that he had had previously to help him to sleep. and he wanted to have a good eight hours' sleep. >> what did he say exactly, ms. lee? >> he said that i want an iv. he was telling me the name of the medication which sounds so much like other medications. and i said, repeat it again. he said it's diprivan. i said, i really don't know what this is, michael, let me check that out. after checking it out and everything and i went back to michael and i said, this is a medication that is not used in the home. especially for an iv for sleep. you don't want to do this, michael. against all of my advice, i said, don't do this. because i felt that it was just a medication that needs to be controlled by a physician.
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♪ they don't really care about us ♪ >> the co-executors of jackson's will have temporary control of the singer's estate. >> in the will, and this is key, jackson leaves the entire estate to the michael jackson family trust. >> if it's possible to have a dramatic will, michael jackson has a dramatic will. >> he knew exactly what he was doing. >> if it all goes through and he does this, who gets it money? >> john bronca, long-time personal attorney and john mclean, music executor and long time friend were given control of the entertainer's assets until another hearing august 3rd. >> you want to see a dogfight? you are about to. >> the associated press is reporting the family wanted that hearing postponed and it cites an unnamed source saying the jacksons wanted to look deeper into the singer's affairs. >> as of 2002, the lawyers who drafted this will said they didn't even know how much michael jackson was worth.
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they estimated as in excess of $500 million. they didn't really know. that's the 500 million dollar question we don't really know, exactly who gets what? >> debbie, are you ready to fight for your kids, debbie? are you ready to fight for your children? >> do not touch me. >> nobody touched you here. >> you just did. don't. >> are you ready to fight for your children? >> are you ready to get your butt kicked. don't [ bleep ]ing touch me. >> are you willing to take a cash settlement for the kids. >> how important are the kids to you, debbie? ♪ the greatest demonstration of freedom in the history of our nation ♪ ♪ ♪ some things in life they just don't want to see ♪ >> that's video taken just
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before michael jackson collapses dead in front of his own son. this is full dress rehearsal. more video than we had for you last week. we just obtained. a little bit more has been leaked out. there you can see jackson practicing seemingly performing from beyond the grave. and now we learn the biomom of two jackson children announcing she's planning to throw her hat back into the ring for guardianship. this after basically shunning the children, having nothing to do with them, even telling the court she had no desire to even send them a greeting card. is she looking for another payday? you just saw that video of her outside of a chinese restaurant attacking a cameraman. out to ellie jostad. she says she's the biomom of two of the children. there's a third one, prince michael ii, aka, blanket. so where is this video coming from? we see her being approached
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outside a restaurant and that's her response. do you think a judge will be impressed by this? >> i don't know about that, nancy. this is in lancaster, california yesterday. debbie rowe was leaving this chinese restaurant called great wall. she's approached -- she hasn't spoken publicly. only through her lawyer. and obviously they were trying to get some comment from her -- >> didn't she give like a 90-minute interview to a radio station or something? >> she did. to knbc there in l.a. she said she would fight for her children, she'd take a dna test, she'd get a psych eval, whatever they needed to help her get custody. >> taking your calls live to eleanor dixon, felony prosecutor in atlanta who specializes in crimes on women and children. lynn leeds, the state attorney for anna nicole. he knows a thing or two. peter odom out of atlanta, and defense attorney midwin charles out of new york. yes, she's back. eleanor. this as we learn michael jackson traveled with a mobile iv unit.
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like a van, complete with a pole with an iv with an anesthesiologist on call 24/7 like a 7-eleven, a mini mart. he could get juiced up when ever he wanted to. but now, knowing michael jackson was under this influence, she never wanted to get the children until now? eleanor? >> well, that's what -- what seems to happen often when their biggest days and will become questionable. but a judge will look to is what is the best interests of the children. this is probably not the best interests of the children. debbie rowe probably can't prove that. >> in court today, a legal battle. katherine jackson, a 79-year-old lawyer going toe-to-toe with the executors named in the will. why is a 79-year-old granny fighting the executors in michael jackson himself named? >> well, what her attorneys are saying, nancy, is that there may be some conflicts of interest
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with the attorney. john branca who was one of the executors, what they were saying about him is he was taken off, removed from key positions with michael jackson after this 2002 will was signed. on june 17, eight days before michael jackson passed away, he had documentation showing that he was brought back into michael jackson's life as his attorney. >> he's back in the life of michael jackson as his lawyer just before his death. it seems to me katherine jackson doesn't have a leg to stand on. to you, leonard lee, you're the estate attorney. why is she so dead set of getting control of this estate? and why did the executors have to put up $1 million bond out of their own pockets? >> well, first of all, remember, she's married to joseph. joseph thinks he controls the estate. he wants the money. he was out there right after the death of michael. and with respect to the million dollars, i don't think it was enough.
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basically what they're saying is if the executors are in full control, what if they commit some kind of breach of fiduciary duty? how is the estate going to be protected? the court said $1 million should be enough. i don't think it's enough. this estate is worth billions of dollars. >> i want to go to mary margaret, senior news radio radaronline. i want to ask you about the chef. what do we know about this chef? what did the chef, the personal chef to michael jackson, see or hear? >> the chef was with michael jackson about a month in may and what was interesting is he got an inside look at the oxygen tanks being wheeled in and out of michael jackson's home as well as the physician who had to be there five nights a week to monitor him. >> and isn't it true, dr. michael bell, to use the diprivan which is used in surgery, the anesthetic, wouldn't you have to have oxygen administered too?
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>> i would certainly have it on hand just in case your oxygen level goes low.
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are you ready to fight for your kids, debbie? are you ready to fight for your children? >> don't touch me. >> are you ready to fight for your children? >> do not touch me. >> nobody touched you here. >> you just did. don't. >> are you ready to fight for your children? >> are you ready to get your butt kicked? don't [ bleep ] touch me. >> debbie, are you ready to take a cash settlement for the kids. how important are the kids to you, debbie? >> with me right now, mary margaret, senior news editor radaronline. she's advising us about jackson's personal chef. his name douglas jones who apparently witnessed oxygen tanks coming in and out of the home. take a listen. >> first impression was he was very dressed up. he looked like the michael jackson that everyone sees on tv when he's in public.
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yes, he did look thin or slim. he was talking very slowly. and he was moving very slowly. the first couple of days, he was at a distance. you know. he had the surgical mask on. he had like this shower cap or surgical cap, you know. blueish color. >> jackson's former chef, discovered it. back to mary margaret as we find the sound regarding oxygen tanks. oxygen tanks for what, mary margaret? >> like the doctor said, what's widely known is when administering diprivan, it's highly suggested that you have oxygen on hand as well. >> you are seeing a video of michael jackson's former chef from i want to go quickly to dr. michael bell. diprivan, wouldn't it have to be used with oxygen?
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>> it's typically given intravenously. but again, as i said before, if your oxygen saturation goes low, then, yes, you're going to have to use oxygen to supplement.
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♪ there's a lot of speculation mounting about michael jackson's death and whether it's related to prescription drugs. >> the reason i decided to step out, because there was so many indications showing that he was on drugs. >> i screamed at him. and i used the words, "michael, if you continue this, you will die!" >> police are trying to piece together what prescriptions michael jackson had and which doctors gave them to him. >> new reports about the powerful sedative diprivan now found in michael jackson's home. >> i told michael because i was at his house, look, this is a very serious drug. he said, yes, i know exactly what it is. i've had it before.
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>> michael, if you don't stop, this will kill you. >> sources tell the "l.a. times" at least three search warrants have been executed to try to figure out if the medications were involved in his death. >> he was basically concerned again with the insomnia. he said, i remember being in the hospital and while hospitalized, they gave me this medicine and i was able to sleep really good and i had the best sleep that i ever had. >> are you ready to fight for your kids, debbie? are you ready to fight for your children? >> don't touch me. >> are you ready to fight for your children. >> do not touch me. >> nobody touched you here. >> you just did, don't. >> are you ready to fight for your children. >> are you ready to get your butt kicked. don't [ bleep ] touch me. >> debbie, are you ready to take a cash settlement for the kids. >> how important are the kids to you, debbie? >> welcome back. straight back out to a special guest joining us tonight. cherilyn lee, michael jackson's former nurse who said he pleaded with her to obtain a very dangerous drug.
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ms. lee speaking out in a primetime exclusive since the dangerous drug diprivan allegedly found, multiple vials of it there in michael jackson's home. ms. lee, did you obtain the diprivan for him? >> no, i did not. >> very, very wise of you. why not? >> my -- what i do as a practitioner, i work with prevention, early detection, and help people get to their optimum level of feeling great. that's not even part of what i do at all. and i knew after reading this myself and the pdr, this was a drug used in the hospital. and not for home use and it wasn't for sleep and it's just hit -- it wasn't something he should have had. >> you know, explain it to me -- nurse lee, it's my understanding that diprivan is an intravenous
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drug used in an iv drip used for instance in an operating or emergency room to put the person out to perform surgery. and then when they wake up, they don't feel groggy, they feel almost refreshed. they have no recollection. they've been out cold the whole time. that's what i understand diprivan to be. >> right. that was my understanding too. at the time i had no knowledge of it because i would not -- i never really worked in icu or anything of that nature. so it was something that i would not have really come in contact with or maybe even heard of. but my focus is really optimum health and well being. >> and nutrition. you work in nutrition, that's your specialty. >> and nutrition. yes. and nutrition. >> when you told him no, how did he respond? >> he responded that he's so concerned about getting to sleep, and he said, "i will be fine. just as long as a physician will monitor me," he said, "i'll be fine. i've been fine before.
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i will be fine. i will not have any problem. i see your concern." he knows my concern when i kept going over and over and i said, don't do this, please don't do this. he said, "but when they monitor me, i'm fine. as long as a doctor is here, i'm okay." >> and it can cause periods of not breathing. nurse cherilyn lee. hence the oxygen tank necessary if you use diprivan, you've got to use oxygen tanks as dr. michael bell is telling us, on standby to help the person in case they stop breathing. >> well, this is my understanding as i'm listening to your show right now because i had no knowledge of it because of the fact i don't -- you know, i don't come in contact or work -- >> not your thing. >> yeah. not at all. and it really saddens me even now because i'm just now hearing that this took place in may and i just spoke to him in april. and it really saddens me because i told him, i said anyone who
10:35 pm
will provide this service for you will -- do not have your -- your best interests at heart. and i said, i see you as a wonderful person, almost like family, you know, because i've known you and i've grown up with you all my life even though i'm slightly older. i said, you don't want to do this. i'm really concerned about your well-bern and a person won't have your best interests at heart. he said, i don't care, i know i'll be safe. you have to realize, i'll be safe because i will be monitored. and those were his words. and he just assumed that whoever is going to do this is going to watch him, wake him up -- i won't say wake him up, but he will wake up the next morning and be refreshed from having eight hours of sleep. he only wanted sleep. his whole -- >> right. >> my relationship with him was just basically nutrition, to feel good, to work, to do his performance and feel well, not to be sedated and walk around feeling high. he wasn't looking for that.
10:36 pm
he was a great example to his children. he wasn't looking for that. he just wanted sleep. he had insomnia. >> it's my understanding that he had no interest in recreational drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, pot, heroin, nothing like that. >> no, never. >> and what was your reaction when you learned that multiple vials of diprivan and another name for it is propophal used in surgery have been found at his home, and these search warrants, they were obtained by the l.a. homicide unit. when you learned all of that and it happened weeks after you tell him no. what was your reaction? >> my reaction -- i'm still in shock over it. my reaction is he really trusted whoever was going to help him and it just saddens me that
10:37 pm
someone would do this. it really -- i can't begin to tell you. i really can't. i just feel very -- >> you know, cherilyn lee, from what i'm hearing, you are one of the very few people that ever said no, this is wrong. no. and you stuck to your guns. with me tonight, cherilyn lee, michael jackson's former nurse. knew him for many, many years and turned him down when he asked her to obtain diprivan. as you can see, ms. lee now on the verge of tears. ms. lee, how long have you known him? >> i met mr. jackson in january, the latter part of january of 2009. and, you know, not only did he want me, he said, please find me a physician -- find me an anesthesiologist to help put me to sleep. he knew. >> got it. >> and i didn't know -- you know? >> now we learn after the
10:38 pm
lawyers, eleanor dixon, leonard leeds, peter owen. the warrants are criminal warrants. you don't get a warrant for probate matter. we know that robbery/homicide is the one involved. what do you make of it? >> well, they're looking at figuring out whether somebody administered a drug to him that killed him. that could be felony murder, nancy, a death occurring during the commission of a dangerous felony. it could be illegal distribution of drugs. interesting, though, it's not a controlled substance is diprivan in california law. >> you're right about that. but it is a substance that's used -- it's not prescribed, it's used in the operating room. now mary margaret, a senior editor at radaronline was telling us about a personal chef who actually witnessed tha eed f oxygen coming in and out of michael jackson's home to be used with diprivan, one would surmise. take a listen to the chef, douglas jones.
10:39 pm
>> dr. murray was on the property five nights -- at least five nights a week. and in my understanding was he was -- he was there all night to monitor mr. jackson. there was a couple of occasions during my time of employment that i noticed dr. murray exiting the kitchen area through the side door to the driveway area carrying a couple of oxygen tanks. there was occasions where i noticed during my time of employment that in the security mobile unit that was located in the driveway in the back of the house area, that there was a few oxygen tanks there as well. the oxygen tanks were waist high from my height. the upper top portion of the tanks were green, the latter part of the tanks were silver. heavy-duty tanks. you know, i had a cautious feeling inside, but, you know, by a doctor being there, you
10:40 pm
know, that kind of, you know, passed by me. >> you are seeing video obtained by this chef basically corroborating reports that jackson traveled with a mobile iv unit, complete with an iv pole, the hookup, the works. and an anesthesiologist. a quick break, everybody. but according to the fbi, a home is robbed every 15 seconds in the u.s. tonight, here are tips to stop it from happening to you. invest in a burglary system and deadbolt locks. they're not that expensive. make sure your home is well lit. that you've got timers and motion activated lights. they're not expensive. never leave your windows or doors open. don't hide spare keys outside. in obvious spots especially. leave your television or radio on so it appears people are home. installing anti-shatter or
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tempered glass can deter burglars because they're harder to break. for information and statistics, go to
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meet bubbles. other than tarzan's cheetah, he may be the most famous chimpanzee in the world. 25 years ago, he was michael jackson's pet. since jackson's death, there have been so many stories of what happened to bubbles, most flat out wrong. for the last four years, bubbles has lived here at a nonprofit sanctuary with 41 other chimpanzees and orangutans. nearly all were circus performers, pets or in the movies. bubbles was born in texas in 1983. it's not clear where. at about 8 months old, animal trainer bob dunn purchased bubbles for jackson. the two became inseparable. they posed for pictures with fans. here, bubbles posed with a picture of michael. they ate together and went on tour together. jackson never came to visit
10:45 pm
bubbles. but if he had -- >> most of our chimps recognize their former owners and get very excited to see them. >> they might even have moonwalked together for old time's sake. >> debbie are you ready to fight for your kids, debbie? are you ready to fight for your children? >> you know what, don't touch me. >> are you ready to fight for your children? >> do not touch me. >> nobody touched you here. >> you just did. don't. >> are you ready to fight for your children. >> are you ready to get your butt kicked. don't [ bleep ] touch me. >> debbie, are you ready to take a cash settlement for the kids? how important are the kids to you, debbie? >> repeat, not a good look, mommy. debbie rowe throwing her hat in the ring to get not only guardianship of michael jackson's three children. she claims to be the biomom of two of them but also control of his $500 million estate. we showed you the video about the chimp, bubbles, because we
10:46 pm
have been inundated with concern over the chimp. dr. leslie, author, psychotherapist, nobody's asking what's going to become of the children. they're worried about this chimp. he's on a preserve. explain. >> i think our culture has gone completely nuts, nancy. we have to pay attention to what's the best interests of these kids. biology should have nothing to do with it. age should have nothing to do with it. who's going to be the best parent to give them a stable home. they've had a crazy upbringing and they need stability and calm now. that's what we should all be look at. >> i want to go back ought to natisha lance in court today. natisha, i understand 79-year-old katherine jackson, the mother/grandmother. attorneys going toe-to-toe with the executors. she claims they're going to run the estate in to the ground and spend all of the money. what did the court finally do at the end of the day when the dust settled?
10:47 pm
>> the court did decide to give control to the executors temporarily until the next hearing on august 3 when they will find a permanent -- a permanent person to be in control of the estate. >> well, what i don't understand out to you, midwin charles, if michael jackson, whether we like his choice or not, chose these two executors, who was the court to jump up and say, no, i'm going to supplant who i want? >> well, the court in essence has not yet done that. what they've done is granted temporary control to these two until the other side can come in and say, well, look, if you have evidence to show that perhaps these two have biased motives or what have you, bring that to me and we will see. >> to brian lam, board certified interventionist at, you heard what the nurse said. you heard what the private chef douglas jones said about the oxygen tanks. you know about the mobile unit.
10:48 pm
to travel with him so he could have anesthesiologists shoot him up, allegedly, to an iv. lying there, hooked into an iv 24/7. help me, brad, help me. all of the family, all of the friends, all of the lawyers. >> truth is stranger than fiction. >> circling his dead body like vultures. where were they when he was alive? >> i think that's the point. this can serve as a wake-up call to everybody out there. if you're a celebrity, or your mom or brother is struggling with drugs or alcohol, spiraling out of control, there are things you can do, there's strength in numbers. get together as a group. step in, don't take no for an answer and give them the help they need. >> to jessica in kentucky. hi, jessica. >> caller: hi, nancy. my question is, if katherine dies and maybe diana ross doesn't want the kids or she dies god forbid, then where do the children go? >> good question. leonard leaf, what happens then? >> first it will be decided who has custody, assuming that someone steps forward and gets
10:49 pm
custody, they're going to be the one in control. ultimately, if that person is no longer there, it always comes down to the best interest of the children. and the court is always going to have to look at that. there will be psychiatrics, psychologicals. that's the issue for the court. >> in other words, like a bunch of wet cats in a barrel. everybody is going to be fighting for the custody of the three children because with them comes the money. to carol in california, hi, carol. >> caller: hi, nancy. first of all, my condolences to the jackson family over this terrible and what i believe to be a needless tragedy regarding michael. and i believe that michael's heart was equally as big as his talent. what i was wondering, nancy, is if any of the people in michael's closest circle who may have been aware of his alleged drug abuse could be charged with some sort of negligence that may have cost michael his life? >> good question. peter odom, what about it? >> no, nancy, generally people aren't required to affirmatively act to prevent this kind of thing.
10:50 pm
sad as it is. there's a moral responsibility there but not a legal one. >> to john lucich, former investigator of high-crime, homicide has sent out search warrants. they're looking at somebody, they're looking for somebody. >> you have the lapd homicide, general attorney's office, the dea. this criminal investigation has started. i disagree with the attorneys because i tell you this -- if any of those friends or family are getting illegal drugs, they're part of that crime. >> look, somebody had to help him. michael jackson didn't just run down to eckerd's and get diprivan, okay? somebody was helping him. hi, everybody, quick break. our thoughts and prayers to new jersey friends of the show, child rights advocate, libby friedman song. loved creating recipes. loved garage sales and collected egg cups. most importantly, she was the core of her family leaving
10:51 pm
behind a beloved sister, two children, four grandchildren, four great grandchildren. libby friedman, good night, friend.
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10:54 pm
michael jackson's mysterious second will. search warrants issued in connection of jackson's death. and his mom loses control his estate. all at the top of the hour. >> the mystery surrounding michael jackson's death is only intensifying. this is 1.6 million registrants trying to get in to jackson's a-list memorial set for tomorrow at staples center, l.a. but what are we hearing, ellie jostad, about forest lawn cemetery? >> right, well, forest lawn cemetery, very famous cemetery in the l.a. area. at 8:00 a.m. before the public memorial, the jackson family is going to have some sort of
10:55 pm
private service there at forest lawn. >> and now that that's out there, are they expecting that to be mobbed at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning? >> that's a good question. well, there's five different -- at least five forest lawn locations in l.a. we're not sure which will be used. >> and standing by there at the staples center, paul, how long have these people been camped out to get into the memorial? >> well, they've been camped out for a while. as i told you before, nancy, it's somewhat deceptive. the people behind me over my right shoulder are actually signing a mural to michael jackson. those people aren't necessarily going to be the same people who come to the memorial tomorrow. the people who come to the memorial will be going behind me into staples center and across the street to the nokia theater, some 17,500 of them and they will i guess start lining up very early in the morning. although that line has not started yet, nancy.
10:56 pm
>> paul is the reporter standing by there at the staples center in l.a. the criminal and legal investigations continue to swirl surrounding michael jackson's death. let's remember army private first class brandon cummings, 20. killed iraq. lost his life weeks before his wedding. loved fast cars, video games, atlanta braves and star gazing. nicknamed the jokester by family and friends. he made people laugh. would give you the shirt off his back. he dreamed of starting a family and dream home in texas. he leaves behind dad, charles, fiancee, daniele. brandon cummings, american hero. thanks to our guests, especially to you for being with us. see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp eastern. sharp eastern. until then, good night, friend. -- captions by vitac --
10:57 pm
hello. i'm a.j. hammer in new york. this is a "showbiz tonight" news break. here's some of what we're covering for you on "showbiz tonight" coming up at the top of the hour. breaking developments about the michael jackson memorial. los angeles gets ready for what may be one of the most watched events in history. expecting thousands and thousands of fans to show up to pay tribute to the king of pop. "showbiz tonight" has all the late-breaking news on the michael jackson memorial. also, the debbie rowe money myste mystery. michael jackson's former wife and mother of two of his children says she's broke. what happened to the millions michael gave her? and an explosive attack on michael jackson's legacy. controversy erupts after a politician says everyone needs to stop honoring michael. this is your "showbiz tonight" news break. tv's most provocative entertainment news show is getting under way at the top of the hour for monday night right here on hln. i'll clean the pool if you clean the windows.
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