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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  July 8, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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ohnson, a family company. breaking news. in the hours surrounding the memorial for pop icon michael jackson the mystery surrounding his sudden death intense fys. as 20,000 people packed the staple centers arena, l.a., millions around the world looking on, questions mount on jackson's sudden death. his $500 million empire, and more important, custody of the star's three little children. jackson's 14 karat gocasket on full display in front of his little girl paris during her heart-wrenching tribute to her father. miles away, legal eagles working
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around the clock. bombshell tonight. investigators reveal the superstar's veins riddled with track marks. many of his veins actually collapsing from iv use. this confirming an autopsy report surfacing last week, many people branded as a fake. multiple vials of drugs found in jackson's home. drugs banned for consumer use and only kept behind locked doors in the hospital o.r. jackson's skin paper-white, white as a t-shirt. his head bald. his body emaciated. all in direct contrast to private video released of jackson just hours before his death at a full dress rehearsal. this as the location of jackson's embalmed body still a mystery.
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how? how do you lose a gold-bedecked casket with 20 helicopters hovering and thousands watching the casket exit staples arena? was the casket? the jackson camp infighting over where to inter the body. a part of jackson's brain still withheld for testing. reports emerging jackson ingesting 10,000 prescription pills in just six months. five specific doctors under suspicion of drugging an addict who happened to be a music superstar. >> we have a gentleman here that needs help and he's not breathing. >> a source involved with the investigation tells us jackson had, quote, numerous track marks
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on his arms. and that those marks, quote, could certainly be consistent with the regular iv use of a drug, like diprivan. >> i said, look, this is a very serious drug. at first i wonder tuesday he understands what he was telling me. and he said, "yes, i know exactly what it is, i've had it before." and i said, "this is not a safe medication." he said, "no, my doctor assured me that it's safe. there's no side effects," he said, "it is safe." i said, "michael, it isn't." >> some of the marks, the source said, appeared fresh. others older. in fact, some of the newest marks could have been caused when emergency medical personnel rushed into the house and used their own ivs in an effort to save him. >> it's a cocktail of drugs. i know that there are injection sites in michael's body. >> he's not breathing and we're trying to pump him but he's not -- >> okay. >> the source also said jackson's veins were "collapsed" in both arms, suggesting
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frequent intravenous drug use. and tonight, the search for a little washington girl scout who vanishes into thin air after leaving a friend's house. 11-year-old lindsay's father desperate to guide her. he is being sent to serve his country in iraq. in just days. will he have to leave with her still missing? tonight, where is 11-year-old lindsay baum? >> a girl is missing and her father is supposed to head off to iraq in the coming weeks. >> my name's scott baum. i'm lindsbehinlindsay's father. >> mr. baum's with the national guard in tennessee. >> what i'm here today to do is to appeal to everybody out there watching, please bring my daughter home. >> where is lindsey baum? she was taken just a short walk from a friend's house to her home in mccleery, washington.
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she never made it. >> i'm fixing to deploy to iraq. i would love nothing more than to see my daughter before i go. >> police haven't found any evidence to explain her disappearance. >> nothing that was found on the computer or on her cell phone has led to anything definite. we have had the opportunity to talk to some other people but nothing specific about her disappearance. >> and her dad is getting desperate. >> please, if you know anything, contact the hotlines. contact any 911 centers. please, bring my daughter home before i have to leave. i thank you. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. the mystery surrounding the sudden death of music superstar michael jackson intensifies. >> yes, he's not breathing, sir. >> okay. and he's not conscious either. >> he's not conscious, sir. >> okay. >> dr. murray found mr. jackson in his bed, unconscious, with a faint pulse, not breathing, there in his room. >> new disturbing details are
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surfacing now about the condition of michael jackson's body on the day he died. a source involved in the investigation said the singer's arms were riddled with marks and veins in both arms had collapsed. >> a source would not confirm if diprivan had been found. but he told us numerous bottles of prescription medication had been found in jackson's $100,000 a month rented mansion. he described them as "dangerous drugs." similar to those found in a hospital setting. >> he has a personal doctor with him, sir. >> you have a doctor there? >> yes, but he's not responding to anything. to no -- he's not responding to cpr or anything. >> as for jackson's body, the source described it as "lily white from head to toe." his final note, the body was emaciated. despite the vigor jackson showed onstage during his final rehearsal just 36 hours earlier. ♪ they don't really care about us ♪
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>> straight out to paul vercammen producer. he was there on the scene at staples center arena. paul, what can you tell me about losing a gold-bedecked casket? how with 20 helicopters hovering over the staple centers arena can we not know where jackson's body? >> well, obviously, nancy, these are masters at the art of deception and they have been throughout this case. there's been reported infighting within the jackson camp and there have been many ideas as to where his final resting place when be. in los angeles, there's so many places you could possibly have taken this body, that that is one of the reasons why no one knows where it's going so go right now. and of course still in the mix is they could cremate this body and bring it to never manned. there's a lot of options out there still. >> i don't understand that. how did it get out of an arena and nobody knows where it was? did you see that crowd? you were there. there were thousands of people on the inside, thousands of
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people on the outside. there it is. it's on video. leaving the staples center. how can it just disappear? >> well, exactly. i think that those people were very much part of the deception. it's a chance for them to kind of have everyone look the other way, focus on the event, then there are plenty of tunnels in and out of staples by the way. quite a few of them. you may recall we went in there and watched that jackson video by going through if you will the bowels of staples. they had options. i wouldn't put it past anybody in these types of events to run out a dummy hearse or put any other smoke screen that they can. >> are you suggesting, paul vercammen, there's not one but two 14 karat gold-bedecked promethean caskets draped with red flowers? >> i'm not suggesting that at all. what i am suggesting is the jacksons or anybody else involved with them could have easily gone up and thrown up diversions and possibly moved that casket as far away assay
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100 miles if they wanted to. >> paul vercammen joining from us staples center in l.a. ellie jostad, cnn producer. insighting in the jackson camp. do we know, was jackson actually in the casket? has he been cremated? is it true that a portion of his brain is not in his body? >> well, yeah, i'll start with the brain. there are some a.p. reports that part of the brain or samples from the brain are still being held by the coroner for further testing. or for results of testing. and as far as the body goes, this was a closed casket event. so technically, we don't know if the body was in that casket. and apparently the family is fighting. some of the family members want the body to go to neverland. katherine jackson says, absolutely not. >> joining me now, chris meyers, senior executive editor at radaronline. chris meyers has obtained more of the private chef's interview.
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you can find it at and here, before we go to chris, you're going to hear, in addition to the new sound from jackson's personal chef, sound about oxygen tanks, waist-high oxygen tanks, normally used with iv drug usage, being taken in and out of jackson's home. this as we learn his body, his armed riddled with track marks. many of his veins collapsing from iv usage. take a listen to radaronline's sound of jackson's personal chef. >> dr. murray was on the property five nights -- at least five nights a week. and my understanding was he was there all night to monitor mr. jackson. there was a couple of occasions during my time of employment that i noticed dr. murray
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exiting the kitchen area through a side door to the driveway area, carrying a couple of oxygen tanks. there was occasions where i noticed during my time of employment that in the security mobile unit that was located in the driveway in the back of the house area, that there was a few oxygen tanks there as well. the oxygen tanks were waist-high. from my height. the upper top portion of the tanks were green. the latter part of the tanks were silver. heavy-duty tanks. you know, i had a cautious feeling inside. but, you know, by a doctor being there, you know, that kind of, you know, passed by me. initially when i got the call from my agent head hunter, it was specifically mentioned to me
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they wanted an african-american chef. once i arrived at the property, i was instructed to drive around for about five minutes and then return. once i got in, he apologized to me. and he mentioned that mr. joe jackson had showed up at the property, and he wasn't allowed to enter the property. and he was very upset about it. to that degree, they said, you know, he either shook the gate or hit the gate. and i think when he left, he was frustrated about something. you know. they didn't tell me what the situation was. i just wantedl
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know that you have been very, very supportive and as you well know, michael loved his fans more than anybody else in the world.
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he has always said that his family is first and his fans are second, and i know that he's so happy that you're here supporting him and he's watching every last one of you. i just want to thank you all for being here. he loved you very, very much. >> thank you for all of your love, all of your support. michael will forever live in all of our hearts. >> you're seeing video from of jackson's sisters speaking to the fans at the nokia theater in l.a. we're taking your calls live. first to chris myers. senior executive editor that interview with his personal chef is pretty astounding now that we are hearing about his
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veins collapsed from iv use and to use that particular drug you apparently have to have oxygen on the standby. >> that's right, nancy. this could be a smoking gun. this chef when we interviewed him, i don't think he realized the significance of these oxygen tanks but he was questioning why is a doctor there five nights a week spending the night? as you know when you're in the emergency room, diprivan, a drug that sources close to the investigation tell us was found in the home, diprivan, when you use it in the o.r., you need oxygen to be administered to monitor vitals and keep your heart beating. so the fact that there was oxygen tanks inside that home raises all kinds of red flags. like why are oxygen tanks in there? now we know that that could be a vital piece of the investigation. >> with us chris myer from l.a. today, the developments are astounding. the one i'm concerned about
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right now is the gang of five. five medical doctors apparently under suspicion for enabling an addict which is completely against the law to continue to give drugs, specifically this drug, to someone that is a known addict. do we know who they are? >> we don't know who any of the doctors are. we know that the lapd has talked to dr. conrad murray, the doctor that was with michael jackson when he collapsed. we don't know if these are five additional doctors or if he's one of the five. >> take a listen to one of the doctors that many people thought were one of the five. he denies it. >> there was even one report that you were the biological father of the children. do you know who the father is? >> not to the best of my knowledge. all i can tell you is, best of my knowledge, i'm not the father of these children. i'm telling you, if push comes to shove, i can't say anything about it but to the best of my knowledge, i'm not the father of these children.
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>> do the doctors you suspect are complicit in the addiction of michael jackson, what do you say? >> i say they're criminals. i say that anyone who makes someone an addict or gives a person potentially dangerous substances directly to them to use is a criminal and becomes nothing more than a manslaughter or something like that. i grieve immensely of his loss from my life. >> you're seeing dr. arnold kline, long-time friend of michael jackson's on "good morning america." that is the arnold kline that was his dermatologist. remember, the mom of two of his children was an assistant to kline, debbie rowe. it's all interconnected. mike brooks, former fed with the fbi. mike, i know you've done a lot of high-level crime with the feds.
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what do you think of a man that says to the best of my knowledge, i'm not the daddy. translation, i'm the daddy. >> that's a yes or no answer, nancy. period. he said you don't want to stir up controversy but that's exactly what he's doing. he said when push comes to shove, i can't say anything about it. so, you know, to me -- >> what i'm saying is common sense, wouldn't you remember giving a sperm sample? call me crazy. to go on abc's "good morning america" with diane sawyer to who spends her life questioning people and say, you know, i don't know if i gave a sperm sample. i can't comment on that. >> i think i would know if i gave a sperm sample that's for sure. for 23 years debbie rowe worked for this guy. come on. it doesn't take a detective to figure this one out. >> let's unleash the lawyers. gloria allred. famed victims' rights attorney, l.a. carolyn madoff, trust attorney, l.a. lauren lake, famed defense attorney out of detroit.
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joe lawless, defense attorney and author of. gloria, he didn't know if he gave a sperm sample. >> that's incredible. just say let me at them or let nancy grace at them to cross examine them. this is incredible. you know, i don't know why he couldn't say a simple no or a simple yes. maybe he's given other sperm samples. >> maybe he's signed a confidentiality agreement. joe lawless -- >> that's possible as well. >> why do we care? why do we care? because of all of the money on the line that will go to whoever gets those children? >> one of the issues is going to be who's the biological parent of the children at some point and that's probably the reason the question was asked. i remember every sperm sample i've ever given. i don't see why he couldn't. >> laura, what about it? >> that's ridiculous. he knows whether he gave a sperm sample or not. this is just a mess. >> karen lynn, how will it
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affect the disposition of the will? >> well, whether or not he gave a sperm sample should not affect the disposition of the will. what's really going to affect the disposition of the will is whether or not there were assets that weren't placed into his trust or whether or not -- >> you're saying hot biological father is of the children will not make a difference? >> i don't think at this point it will. it's very unlikely that he would wind up being given paternity. >
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remains a mystery. his death certificate has been made public but the cause of death is still unknown. >> a source involved in the investigation said the singer's arms were riddled with marks and veins in both arms had collapsed. >> what people are really looking for is high doses of this diprivan which is professional liability and potential criminal liability here. >> dea and lapd will find out exactly what happened and who's responsible for what's happening. somebody is going to go to prison.
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>> to dr. ponchali barr, board certified anesthesiologist and author of "before the scalpel: what everyone needs to know about anesthesia." thank you for being with us. what's the advantage to taking all of these medications intervenously opposed to by mouth? >> you cannot take diprivan by mouth. in fact, most people haven't heard of this drug until this michael jackson tragedy occurred. diprivan is liquid and it has to be given through a vein. >> got it. >> so this is how it's supplied. it's supplied in vials. it is supplied in the same concentration. you can draw it up in the syringe and inject it into a vein. >> doctor, i believe you have a demonstration for us. >> absolutely. >> go ahead. >> these are the three types of vials that diprivan comes in. it looks like milk. it's a liquid. you can draw it up in a syringe like this. in a large syringe. what you have to do is you have to place an intervenous catheter in a person through a vein and then you can hook up an intervenous line.
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right here i have a demonstration, if you can hone in, on how diprivan is given. pure diprivan can be pumped through an iv line just like this with precision dosing through a pump. or you can regulate it with your hand like this. give too much and you can kill the person. stop breathing.
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it was reportedly found inside the house. the question now, was it inside the singer? diprivan is administered through a steady crip, usually through an iv. stop the drip, the medication almost immediately loses its effect. but when in use produces an almost comatose state. >> a nurse who worked for jackson told cnn he begged for the powerful sedative just a few months ago so he could go to sleep. >> he said i need something that will help me to sleep. and when -- he was very persistent about it. >> i'm a person that i believe in the high eest of standards.
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>> he said, i wanted to drop -- i want an iv because i know that the first drop when i look at it and i see the first drop hit my vein, i'm asleep and i sleep very well. and i just need to sleep. >> the infighting over where to inter the body. ellie jostad, the family apparently at odds over where to bury the body. what's happening? >> right. well, apparently, according to reports, jermaine, joe jackson are interested in having michael jackson either buried there at neverland or his body cremated and the ashes spread there. katherine jackson believes that michael jackson never wants to return to neverland. that he felt the place was tainted after the police raided it in '05 and so there's a fight over where he's going to end up. >> to dr. karen starks, psychologist joining us out of new york. dr. karen, i'll just tell you
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what that seems to be about. those that are vying to have his body or his remains buried at neverland want to create another graceland like where elvis' estate is, to make money off of it. everyone that knows anything about jackson even from 2,000 miles away has heard him say that after the police raid following child molestation charges he felt he never wanted to return to neverland. end of story. so why? why else would they insist on burying him there? >> well, nancy, i think so much of it is about money. that's what the family wants. it looks like those members of the family, yes, they are definitely interested in money. and when you think about less addiction, nancy, where did that come from? that's also from people who, he has money, he has power, they want to be around him. and so people do what they want. it doesn't have anything to do with michael jackson anymore. >> what about the fact that
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these doctors that were feeding him these drugs were making money off of him. look at the stars that have died because people enabled them. it goes all of the way back to marilyn monroe. you've got heath ledger. the list goes on and on and on. >> lindsay lohan, anna nicole smith. >> lohan's not dead. >> she's not dead -- >> correction. >> if you remember, nancy, she had a problem with drugs and people hanging around her. >> true. >> whenever they were trying to get her to stop. that's the problem. there are so many sycophants. there are so many people -- >> remember elvis presley apparently had a whole tackle box full of drugs everywhere he went. they just fed the addiction and that is what somebody is going to end up being charged with, mike brooks. >> that's why the dea is involved with lapd because keep in mind, every prescription that's given there's a dea number on that. they can go back and find out, okay, what drugs were given to
10:34 pm
whom, when, by what name. the dea also rules the pharmacies. they run the pharmacies. they'll go back and look at all of the records of these doctors, the five doctors on the list, and i think some of the ones that would be right up front, from dr. ratner, dr. kline and dr. murray. >> klein was on "gma" denying the whole thing and also had no knowledge of giving a sperm sample. to carolyn in massachusetts. hi, carolyn. >> caller: good evening, nancy. thanks. >> hi, dear, thank you for calling in. what's your question? >> caller: thank you. quick comment and then the question. as an rn there were two socioeconomical classes that received the worst medical treatment, the privileged and the poor. why will it be so hard to bring these doctors to justice? >> that's my question, joe lawless. will they be charged? we saw charges for instance in
10:35 pm
the anna nicole smith and the wrestler benoit's case. what about this one? >> it's a state or federal criminal offense to illegally prescribe prescription drugs and a prescription drug is prescribed illegally -- >> we know that, joe. we know it's an offense. will there be charges? >> i think in this case there's going to have to be. the visibility of michael jackson will cause law enforcement to look at this a little more harshly. if you believe what's taken out of the house, the volume here is such that it is something that can't be shrugged off or overlooked. >> lauren lake? >> i have to agree there with joe. at the same time, nancy, just because we have a little evidence coming around doesn't mean it's going to be proved in court. that's the bottom line. >> so, lauren, keep the picture up, please. lauren, this diprivan, do you know where it is kept? under lock and key in the o.r. at the hospital. so how did it miss tee yusly fly
10:36 pm
into the air and get into michael jackson's iv? >> you know what? i have to be the defense attorney here and just say we do not know. we just truly don't know how it got there. until it can be proven and if it can be proven or if not -- >> that's the first time i laughed all day. thank you. >> i'm sorry. i live to make you laugh. >> after that last answer i believe that. out to karen lynn madoff, probate and trust attorney. karen lynn, thank you for being with us. now, debbie rowe in the mix for claiming she's the bio mom and not just the surrogate. you've got the grandmother, katherine jackson, 79 years old. you've got diana ross as the backup guardian and you have the family obviously fighting and apparently siblings already have their hand out to katherine jackson for the money. now, if the money has gone to her, at least 40% of it, can she dole it out as she wishes? because apparently, at the end of her life that
10:37 pm
money is to go to jackson's three children. can she spend it at will? >> it depends on what kind of control and what type of terms are in the trust. for example, it could say the money is for her benefit. and therefore the trustees will pay for things that she wants. she may be required to submit a budget for things that she wants. or it may be outright distribution to her. we'll just have to wait and see. if the trust ever comes to light. >> to ellie jostad, our chief editorial producer. the nuts are coming out of the woodwork. we learn there are reports that jackson was never a pedophile. he was pressured into that $20 million settlement with one alleged child victim. the one that disappeared to australia and couldn't be reached at the time of the criminal trial. and now the claim is going to come out next week that michael jackson was gay and had a gay lover.
10:38 pm
listen. i don't care how many confidentiality agreements were signed, that's not the kind of thing you can keep under a lid. if that's true, which i do not believe that about michael jackson, if there's a confidentiality agreement, that is out the window at the time of his death. where are these reports coming from? >> ian helperin has a new book coming out. it's going to be a bombshell. he claims that not only was michael jackson gay, he had a lover, an adult male lover in las vegas that he met with repeatedly -- >> i don't believe that. gloria allred, if any of that were true and there had been a confidentiality agreement, doesn't that end with death? i mean, the state wouldn't sue this alleged lover post-mortem. >> the confidentiality clause might not end with death. and also, let me say, nancy. it doesn't matter who the biological father of the two
10:39 pm
children are because since those two children were born during the marriage of debbie rowe and michael jackson, they are as a matter of law the children of debbie rowe and michael jackson and it was never challenged in the first two years so that's the end of the story. it's interesting from a discussion point of view but not a legal point of view. >> i hope you're right. you usually are. quickly, natisha lance. when are we going to get the official cause of death? >> a few more weeks, nancy. toxicology results could be back in up to a week and at least a week. >> at least a week. everyone very quickly, over 14 million americans out of a job in this economy. safety tips to protect yourself from online job scams. never, ever reveal all your personal information on your online resume. don't give potential employers your bank account numbers, your personal i.d.s or credit card information. why do they need that? beware of suspicious job
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listings with obvious grammatical errors or spelling mistakes or vague job titles. if you are the victim of an online job scam, contact the internet crime complaint center and place fraud alerts on your credit files. to learn how to do this and for more information, go to 
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a 10-year-old girl vanishes just blocks from her home. >> a heart wrenching story. a missing girl and a father set to be deployed to iraq in a few weeks. where is lindsey baum? >> i'm lindsey's father. i would like nothing more than to see my daughter before i go. please bring lindsey home. >> vanished out of thin air is what it appears to be. there's nothing. >> it's frustrating because we're not able to rule anything out because we have no evidence to point us in any specific direction. >> here's what detectives have to work with. 10-year-old lindsey baum was
10:44 pm
last seen walking home from a friend's house. she never made it the half mile to her house. >> we've activated a lot of search and rescue resources. we have between 50 and 60 searchers from counties throughout western washington. it's becoming highly unlikely that she is still in mccleery. the word is out throughout the country that we're looking for lindsey and we're trying to keep her picture and her face in everybody's mind. >> mr. baum is in the national guard with the unit in tennessee. obviously, the exact date of his deployment isn't something that's publicly discussed and he's not at liberty to discuss that. i think even if he knew exactly when that was going to occur suffice to say he will be deploying overseas in the very near future. it's very important to him and to the other members of the family that they be reunited with lindsey as soon as possible. >> the father of this missing
10:45 pm
girl set to be deployed to iraq in just days. out to jacob jones with "daily world." what is the latest in the search for now 11-year-old lindsey baum? >> considering that yesterday was her birthday, authorities wanted to get started off with a big push this week. they brought back out dozens of volunteers to search nearby off-road vehicle park just a few miles away and then they brought out the father stepping forward with a public plea for new information on monday. since then they suspended the search but they've got about 12 to 15 deputies and detectives that are doing more specific searches and interviews with different people. >>out to matt zarilla, our producer on the story. matt, take me back to the time she was missing. what happened? >> she was with friends six blocks away from her house. it's in a small community just west of seattle. she's walking home about six blocks away, she never makes it home.
10:46 pm
there's a gas station in the middle of her walk that has surveillance video. she's not seen on the surveillance video. she's sighted walking a few blocks from the house but never makes it home. >> by the time she's sighted by a neighbor, i believe three blocks from her own home, this is about 9:30 at night. i'm confused about who would send a child out to walk home alone at 9:30 at night. that aside, how long between that sighting by the neighbor and the time she was reported missing by her mother? >> about an hour later. mom went out and looked for a few minutes and then called cops and went out looking again. >> mom has taken and apparently passed a poly, right? >> yes, she has. >> why did she want to take the poly? >> she didn't want the finger pointed at her. she wanted everyone to know i had nothing to do with this. my daughter is missing. help me find her. >> mike brooks, former fed with the fbi, weigh in, mike. >> it's unusual as matt said because that shell station is right on the way. in fact, there were two other
10:47 pm
people -- it's a very small community. everybody knows everybody else. there was two people that saw her on the way home and said we saw her walking on the way and then she just vanished into thin air. it is close to an interstate so there's always a possibility that she could have been abducted and someone just jumped on the interstate and took her out of the area. >> how close is it to an interstate and do you know what interstate it is? >> i was talking to one of my sources that said it's very, very close to an interstate. i wish i could tell you what the route number is. apparently it is very accessible to the interstate nearby. >> what about it back to jacob jones. tell me about how close it is to an interstate. what interstate is it and where does it head? >> it's within minutes. maybe five minutes of a couple of different interstates. there's the 108 running north and south. and then there's highway 8 that goes in between gray's harbor and olympia. there's a lot of ways out of town within a close proximity.
10:48 pm
and i know that that's a concern to authorities. >> let's assume she's still alive. out to the lawyers. to joe lawless, what would you advise whoever has lindsey baum? >> obviously, i would advise them to turn her into a police station right away. that's the only thing you can advise. the circumstances under which they do it is up to them. the longer they have her the deeper trouble they'll get in and god help them if anything happens to that child. >> lauren? >> that's exactly right. all you can do is tell them come to your senses, get a grip, turn her into police and then beg for some kind of mercy. >> gloria allred, i've seen it argued many, many times at trial. he turned himself in. he came to the cops. believe it or not it does make a difference to juries and prosecutors. >> it does make a difference. even if the person doesn't want to turn himself in, perhaps he could make an anonymous call to
10:49 pm
the police and say where she is. and that would be very important to the family and to the police. >> out to the lines, angie in new hampshire. hi, angie. >> caller: hi, i love you. i can't believe i got through. >> thank you for calling, dear. what's your question. >> caller: thank you so much for all you do for these kids. because who would be there? but anyway. i want to say god bless you and then i want to ask a question. this little girl, we have seen so many on your show, dear, that are just walking home from a friend's house. i mean, was she living with her mom and dad? you know? i think they think that they're at a friend's house. they'll be safe walking home. you know, i'm old-fashioned. i used to walk my kids to the friend's house and pick them up and walk them back. i was wondering who was in charge of her and if you could get the word out, walk the kids to the friend's house. i feel so bad when i hear this. i wanted to know your opinion on that. >> i agree with her, mike brooks.
10:50 pm
i remember as a child if we went anywhere, our parents would take us, pick us up, or it was usually just across the street. across the street. they would open the door and watch as we walked home. >> absolutely. i didn't get within one block, and if my father whistled i knew it was time to go home. in a small community like this, a lot of people probably don't lock their doors because nothing ever happens there. again, some people live in small communities like that get lulled into a false sense of security. >> this father set to go to iraq to serve his country while his 11-year-old little girl is missing. the tip line, 866-915-8299. to read about our cold cases, especially one about a missing mom of two, she vanishes during a divorce. that disappearance still a mystery, go to and then click on cold case.
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. 11-year-old lindsey missing from just three blocks away. out to the lines, to linda in california. what's your question? >> caller: i wanted to know since this was a small town, i wanted to know would everybody in the town be willing to let, you know, police officers come in and do a search through the
10:55 pm
home, throughout the home, and do they have like the hound dogs that are not picking up any scents of the child? >> that's the strangest thing in california. isn't it true the bloodhounds could not pick up her scent? even where the neighbors said they saw her? >> yes. and what's interesting is they went out this week because they thought there was increased moisture and they might get a scent now. they're hoping to find a scent right now. they haven't found anything yet. >> karyn stark, the sense of helplessness the father is going to feel when he has to go back to iraq with his daughter missing. >> it's so hard to understand why they don't delay his deployment, because after all he has a war right here. he's fighting this personal crisis. >> is that possible to get a delay? >> i think the secretary of defense could do anything he wanted, and frankly i wouldn't want to deploy a soldier who didn't have his head into the game if he was going into combat. >> let's stop and remember army
10:56 pm
corporal juan alcantara, awarded the purple heart. dreamed of following his sister's footsteps to join the nypd. loved basketball, football. a street named in his honor back home. leaves behind mom, sister, and fiancee and a baby girl he never met. juan alcantara, american hero. thanks to our guests and thank you for being with us and a special good night, friends of the show, joel and melissa, the proud parents of four children watching from home. i'll see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern, and until then, sharp eastern, and until then, good night, friend. -- captions by vitac -- hello. i'm a.j. hammer in new york.
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