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tv   Prime News  HLN  July 9, 2009 6:38pm-7:00pm EDT

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back now taking your phone
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calls on the hundreds of bodies piled up and scattered at a cemetery near chicago. just hours ago four cemetery workers faced the judge, an office manager and three grave diggers accused in a morbid scheme to dig up graves, resell the plots and take the cash. the attorney for one of the defendants steven watt kibz did release a statement saying somebody is apparently making false accusations against my client. she's maintaining her innocence. he also added that he's looking forward to learning more about the case. we attempted to reach the defendan attorneys for the other defendants but were unsuccessful. but we were successful in reaching tiffany robinson. she's a family member of a man who was buried at that cemetery. tiffany, thank you so much for joining us tonight. tell us a little bit about your cous cousin, who was buried in that cemetery. >> his name is willie james robinson iii. he was a college student and a
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united states marine at the time of his death back in 1998. willie and i were raised together by my grandparents. so even though he's my cousin, it was more like a brother-sister relationship, which is one of the reasons that i kind of acted on it as soon as i heard the news brief at 4:20 on channel 5 yesterday. and i only live approximately 60 seconds away from the cemetery. so i was able to get there fairly quickly, as all the details were unraveling. >> and when you got to the cemetery, what did you see? what did you notice? >> as i pulled up to the cemetery, i noticed that there were at least 50 cook county sheriffs. the fbi was there. all the news media. and i actually sat to the side in the rain for about an hour with the owner of a car dealership has right there on the corner, just kind of, you know, talking to them and just trying to find out, you know,
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what was going on because i never stayed around so i watched the entire news at 4:30 to see like the rest of the details. >> tiffany, were you able to get to your cousin's grave site? >> well, here's another red flag for my family. when we went there today, they have like tents set up where you can go and pretty much from i think it was like 2001 or 3, something like, that up until 1998 you could check the list. we went to go and check the list, and they had a couple willie robinsons, but my cousin wasn't on the list. and they asked me his birthday and who paid for his lot and they didn't have any of the information. and which before my husband and i, we went to the cemetery to go and visit j.j. that was what we called him. and one of the workers that's
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charged in this case was directed to bring us to a certain location because he did not have his card on file inside of the office. >> wow. >> so what i was thinking, it could have been a clerical mistake. i've worked in offices. you misfile things easily. you know. >> yeah. >> it's not out of the ordinary. but when i heard the news yesterday, my stomach instantly separated. and i tell you, i haven't had a good night's sleep since. and it's just a real uneasy feeling just knowing that these people did something as horrific as what they did and knowing it was more than likely families that they were familiar with like -- >> people like you. >> people that frequent, you know, the grave sites. and i do believe that willie's grave site has been tampered with. i brought my uncle there today, and it definitely wasn't a good
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thing. it wasn't a good feeling. it was just they removed the tree that was next -- adjacent to his lot. >> i can't imagine what you and your family are going through and the anguish and all those other families. 700 families that are now wondering, you know, what happened to our loved ones. tiffany, thank you so much for sharing your story with us tonight. we really appreciate it. >> we thank you for exposing and giving the coverage because there's a lot of people out there that don't know which direction to go. >> don't know where to go. absolutely. >> by giving this exposure, and for once the media is not all about negativity and it's not all about the politics. these are real people with real feelings, mixed emotions. and i just want justice to be served. and i can't believe that they actually gave them a bond. i can't believe it. >> we'll continue to follow this. thank you so much, tiffany. wow. back now to our top story. shocking reports that michael
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jackson's family tried to stage an intervention years before his tragic death. could the king of pop have been saved? we're taking your calls on this one also. 1-877-tell-hln.
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back to our top story. reports of a desperate intervention to save michael jackson from his alleged drug abuse. two sources close to the jackson family tell cnn janet tried with help from some of her brothers to get through to michael in 2007 but he wouldn't let them past security. and then this twist. some family members issued a statement denying it ever happened. but guess who didn't sign it. janet. joining me now with more on this, jane velez-mitchell, host of "issues" coming up at the top of the hour, and a.j. hammer, host of hln's "showbiz tonight." all right, jane, no autograph from janet on this thing. is that an oversight or do you
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think miss janet is trying to tell us something here? >> i think she was doing the right thing. she was trying to be real, and that's how you help a loved one who has an addiction problem. to go into denial is classic enabling. and enabling happens when somebody, often a relative who is a co-dependent, essentially allows the addict to continue his self-destructive behavior by not confronting, by minimizing, by covering up, and the biggest one is denial. so issuing a statement that there was no intervention, they never tried that, that's the classic denial of an enabler. >> a.j., do you think this intervention was attempted, and do you think the family -- the brothers and sisters knew there was a problem? >> well, we believe it was attempted, and clearly people did know there was a problem, and jane and i have spoken about this many times. michael's behavior, if he did in fact turn his family away and then shut them out, very typical behavior of an addict. and what i find so disturbing
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here and probably, typical-s you have these two opposing forces going on. you have on the one hand the jackson family who at the time wanted to do this intervention. they wanted to get in there, do what they could to save their brother and their family member from a very disturbing path that he was on, and on the other hand you had michael jackson's enablers all around him, not only the doctors who were providing him with these drugs they never should have been providing him with, but then you had the security and the staff around michael jackson who apparently were shutting out members of jackson's own family. so it was these two sides. and clearly it makes us feel a little more sad because it makes us think that this is a situation that certainly could have been prevented. >> could have been prevented. let's take some phone calls. we've got penny in nevada tonight. penny, you're on the air. >> caller: yes. >> yes, penny, you're on the air. >> caller: i have a two-part question. number one, michael is supposed
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to have been on diprivan. how readily is that available in other countries? we know how it's controlled in this country. but he was a world traveler. and part two, is it possible the drug came from somewhere else and not from this country at all? >> great question, penny. thanks so much. how about that, jane? you know, michael jackson, he's been all over the world, lived all over the world. is it possible, do you think, that perhaps in this case if he was in fact taking diprivan he may have gotten it somewhere else? >> absolutely. remember, he went on three world tours that were extensive world tours. and dr. arnie klein said on "larry king live" last night that he was aware that michael jackson was those tours while he was in germany with an anesthesiologist. now, what's absolutely fascinating here is that we're hearing from the "l.a. times" that the l.a. county coroner's office has subpoenaed the medical records of a number of doctors, and they are even looking for radiology and psychiatric records. i would have to think that that
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wouldn't necessarily be limited to los angeles, or perhaps even the united states. i don't know whether you can subpoena somebody who's in a foreign country. but i would think if you wanted to get around the restrictions, you would go to a foreign country, especially if you're a world traveler like michael jackson, and we heard that he had that mini clinic, that he was traveling with in the mid '90s, reportedly, with an iv drip and anesthesiologists and the whole nine yards. so it certainly is quite possible he got the equipment and the drugs from another country. >> jane, as an attorney, i can tell you those international subpoenas get very complicated. >> i would just add that authorities are going to stop at nothing to find out who was getting diprivan for michael jackson. nobody gets diprivan to use at home. we've all learned this over the past couple of weeks. this is strictly an anesthesia to be used by a person who knows exactly what they're doing, in a very controlled hospital
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situation. to learn michael jackson was anesthetized in a sense to get some sleep, which we know anesthesia doesn't give you real slip, then brought back in the morning, that is not only reprehensible but obviously highly illegal and i think we're going to see this turn into a criminal situation here. >> that's where this whole thing may be going. we may end up with a criminal investigation. much, much coming, don't go anywhere.  i'll clean the pool if you clean the windows.
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