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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  July 9, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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( laughs ) new windex outdoor all-in-one. a streak-free shine in half the time. s.c. johnson, a family company. breaking news tonight. the mystery in the sudden death on music icon michael jackson intensifies as 20,000 people pack the staples center arena, l.a., millions around the world looking on. questions mount on his sudden death. his half a billion-dollar empire and more important, the custody of his three little children. jackson's 14-karat gold casket on display in front of his 11-year-old little girl during her heart-wrenching tribute to her father. just a few miles away, legal eagles and homicide investigators working around the
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clock. bombshell tonight. the location of jackson's embalmed body still shrouded in mystery. how, how do you lose a gold casket with 20 helicopters hovering, and thousands watching the casket exit an arena. was he ever even in the casket? tonight we learn the body may have been smuggled out through the arena's secret underground tunnel in an unmarked van. while fans mobbed a black hearse seemingly bearing jackson's body. we confirm a portion of jackson's brain missing from the body. withheld for testing. and the jackson family inviting boiling over. father joe jackson and the jackson brothers pushing for burial in the backyard of neverland. laying the groundwork for a
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grace lound-like michael jackson burial theme park. we learned sister janet pled with jackson and the family for an intervention to save his life. well, that never happened. after jackson ordered his fleet of bodyguards to keep family away, even refusing calls from his 79-year-old mother. investigators reveal that superstar's veins riddled with track marks. many veins collapsing from i.v. use, confirming an autopsy report surfacing last week, many branded as a fake. jackson's skin, paper white, white as a t-shirt. his head bald. his body, emaciated. all in direct contrast to private video of jackson's full dress rehearsal just hours before his death. multiple vials of drugs found in jackson's home. drugs banned for consumer use.
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only kept behind locked doors in the o.r. jackson ingesting up to 10,000 prescription pills in just six months. five specific doctors now under suspicion of drugging an addict who happened to be a superstar. as vultures circle jackson's dead body, the fate of his three children, unknown. -- captions by vitac -- michael jackson's dermatologist said he had a powerful sedative for one tour. he warned jackson not to take diprivan again. >> a source involved with the investigation tells jackson had "numerous track marks on his arms." and that those marks "could certainly be consistent with a regular i.v. use of a drug.
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like diprivan." >> new details of how far michael jackson's family went to get him off drugs. >> it was 2007, two years after michael jackson's trial for child molestation in california. >> almost disappeared in early 2007, he was believed to be living in a large rented home. two sources close to the family say janet jackson visited him at that house, and was shocked. we were told the house was nearly barren of furniture, creepy looking according to one source. bum the site of an extremely thin disheveled michael jackson that upset janet jackson. >> i know that the first drop when i look at it. and i see the first drop hit my veins, i'm asleep. and i sleep very well. and i just need sleep. >> it's supplied in vials in the same concentration, comes in different vials. you can draw it up in the syringe and inject it into a vein. what you have to do is you have to place an intravenous catheter in a person through a vein.
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and then you can hook up an intravenous line. >> and tonight, live to ohio, mommy meets a convicted sex offender, still in lockdown, takes mommy on a camping trick. what do they take along, food, water, provisions and mommy's 4-year-old baby girl. that's right. the baby girl alone in the car with a sex predator. after leading cops on a manhunt, they zero in on an isolated commune-type retreat 2,000 miles away. san diego. there, hidden amongst a peace-loving group, raising avocados, cops rescue baby haylee. the as we go to air, is the baby headed not to the arms of her own grandmother, but to state foster care? why?
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little haylee donathan safe in the arms of a san diego deputy, holding her teddy bear in one hand, she waves with the other. >> i never lost hope at all. i knew that the u.s. marshals were doing their job. i know she would have been found. >> haylee is going to be brought back to this area. >> police say the child was taken by a convicted sex offender, 27-year-old robbi potter, and the girl's mother, candace waft son on may 31st. potter had escaped from a halfway house in mansfield, ohio. but the fugitive's flight ended when authorities caught up with them here at a christian retreat in valley center. >> they were surprisingly in the same truck. that was spotted out in that area. i cannot compliment the media enough here for getting the message out for us. i know the "nancy grace" show was out there for us. >> candace watson was escorted out. now off to jail. >> do you think she deserves anything? >> i do. you know, it's hard.
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they were saying she dyed her hair. that's more evidence she was probably helping him. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. the mystery surrounding the sudden death of music superstar michael jackson intensifies. >> i got a chill through my body. and i said, michael, if you take that medicine, you might not wake up. >> we have a personal doctor here with us, sir. >> you have a doctor there? >> yes, he's not responding to cpr or anything. >> michael dermatologist said he's not surprised they found numerous bottles of prescription drugs in jackson's home. >> the investigation seems to have a very narrow focus right now. focusing on prescription drugs, and whether or not they contributed to michael jackson's death. and of course, which doctors supplied them.
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>> only days before his death, it's a stark contrast to reports the star was in pain and need d needed -- due to painful procedures. >> according to both our sources, michael jackson would simply refuse to see anybody who tried to stop him from using drugs. one source saying that if you tried to deal with him, he would shut you out. >> this is a very serious drug. no side effects that is safe. i said, michael, it isn't. the bottom line, it can cause death. >> these are the three types of vials that diprivan comes in. it looks like milk. it's a liquid. you can draw it up in a large syringe. pure diprivan can be pumped through an i.v. line just like this. prescription dose, or you can regulate it with your hand like this. give too much, and you can kill the person, stop breathing. >> straight out to iandrew,
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editor with "us weekly." ian, thank you for being with us. where's the body? and again, i still don't understand how a 14-karat permiddle eastian casket can get lost. >> i'm not sure that there was even a body in the casket at that memorial. we know that the casket was there. the body is being held under lock and key right now until they figure out what to do with it. the problem with neverland is, that the town around neverland does not want it there. they do not want a memorial. they do not want anything. they are rejecting it time and time again. every time this comes before them. of course, the family desperate for money sees this as a way to make money. but it's not necessarily the best thing that the town is interested in. >> you know, to our chief editorial producer. what ian is saying has a ring of truth. we know that michael jackson was somehow obsessed with elvis pressly, which culminated that
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obsession in the marriage to presley's natural daughter, lisa marie presley. it was my understanding that father, joe jackson, the jackson brothers are insisting he be buried at neverland, a place that he -- he hate it after the police raid after the child molestation charges. tonight we don't know where the body is. it's kept under lock and key in a secure area. why? what can you tell me about those underground tunnels there at staples center arena, and who is trying to stop the burial of jackson's remains at neverland? >> well, nancy, there's a bunch of reports out there about how this body may have been transported out of staples center without a trail of media behind it. one report out there by e-news is the staples center was built with numerous underground tunnels. one tunnel goes over to the nokia theater right across the street. other tunnel goes to hotels nearby so performers could walk
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backstage to their hotel without going out on the street. the theory is jackson's body, or the casket was loaded into some kind of unmarked truck, that went out of these tunnels, looking like any kind of equipment truck and maybe the media didn't notice it. >> for all we know, ellie, his body was not in the kas tet, but was at that moment being smuggled through the kitchen of the hilton hotel? >> well, or another theory out there is that the body actually never even left forest lawn. that this was a casket that may have been empty. the whole time the body stayed at forest lawn. and we just don't know right now which of these theories is correct.
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♪ >> michael jackson's family was apparently worried he had a drug problem. cnn learned they attempted an intervention two years ago. it apparently started with michael's sister, janet. two sources close to the family telling cnn that janet visited his vegas home in early 2007, and was shocked. one source said the house had almost no furniture, looked a bit creepy and michael himself seemed very thin and disheveled at that time. that february janet attended the nba all-star game with the two brothers, asked them to go to michael house with her to get him some help. michael reportedly told security not to let them in.
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>> straight back out to iandrew with "us weekly." ian, speaking of where the body is going to be buried, there's a lot of legal hurdles that they have to go through before you can just put a dead body out in the back of your yard. all right? >> that's a problem, right. >> in fact, there are statutes against that, so people don't start getting rid of dead bodies and going, oh, it's not a dead body, we're starting a cemetery in the backyard. now, i understand father joe and the brothers are behind this. >> yeah. absolutely. and what was said earlier was correct, what you said, nancy. michael did not want to be buried there. after he left, he planned never to go back. he felt violated after the home was raided by police during the second child molestation trial. the only -- he only stayed because it was close to the trial and the day that he was set free, he left. he never went back. he never wanted anything more to do with it. >> to make a modern-day graceland, is that what they want, like elvis' home? >> absolutely.
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to make money. this is the best way that they can use to pay down his debt. despite everything. this will be a constant revenue stream for both the family and his children. >> can't you just imagine all the tourists from abroad, and domestic, flooding them -- flooding neverland to go to pay respects to jackson's grave. there you see it. it's all about making money. bethany marshall, will it ever end? making money off michael jackson's dead body? >> well, money held such a strange role in michael jackson's life. because so many people wanted to make money off of him. and in this case, by building sort of a graceland of sorts, for him, but also michael jackson dangled money in front of people and used it in dangerous ways to bring people to him, who supplied things that were very dangerous for him. >> to brian oxman, jackson family confidante, he is a former family attorney. he is the host of insight with
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klaa news radio. brian, thank you for being with us. brian, what can you tell me about an alleged intervention attempt by janet jackson to save his life, and an attempt that clearly failed. >> all of the family members were very concerned about michael. and they expressed their concerns. as to their attempts, they kept those pretty private, nancy. whatever they did, i know they made a great effort to try and take care of what they thought was an important aspect of their life. they just always were there to say that they were going to help, and they kept their private business to themselves. >> to natisha lance, our producer there on the scene. natisha, what can you tell me about janet jackson trying to stage this family intervention to save jackson's life, and him refusing, having his bodyguard, a fleet of bodyguards turning them away from the front door and even not taking his 79-year-old mother's telephone calls? >> you're absolutely right,
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nancy. this was february of 2007, after a visit with michael jackson. janet jackson felt, she became very concerned about his health. she said he was very emaciated. she wanted to stage this intervention. she tried to get the help of her brothers to get onboard with it. there are reports about this intervention that was going to happen. the jackson family ended up releasing a statement to "people" magazine where certain members of the family signed that janet jackson's name was missing from that statement released. >> special guests joining us tonight. a rabbi, thank you for being with us. he is a jackson former rabbi and author of "kosher sutra." rabbi, thank you for being with us. sir, were you familiar with jackson's drug use? >> to be honest, we're not children here. the whole of america, the whole of the world was familiar. >> that is a yes? >> anyone who saw him in 2005 trial saw that he was out to lunch. michael had a terrible affliction of a soul that he
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interpreted as an ailment of the body. everything hurt. he always had doctors who did not seem to be all that credible and legitimate, who were around him. as you see from this intervention, anyone, including me, who always -- would say to him, you're poisoning yourself and killing yourself, was quickly on the outs. you had a choice, you could sit around and watch him do this and self-destruct or you could leave. but anyone, the media included, to pretend they didn't see during the 2005 trial that michael jackson was mentally absent, only his body was present, he came to court in his pajamas for goodness sakes. clearly he was on something very strong. >> we know, rabbi, for instance, allegedly in the case of pop star britney spears, she was committed in order to seek treatment. her father now running her estate. now, why didn't that happen with michael jackson to save his life? >> because unfortunately here you have a family that, the
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dysfunction has become too corrosive. michael may have died of demerol, i don't know what it was, but his drug of choice was fame. it hurt this family from the moment they became famous. it's a clear inability to deal with superstardom. michael reached an echelon where no one could reach him. he lived by his own rules. terribly and tragically it killed him.
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getting all lost are his three children. who will take care of his three children? now that their father has died. >> not reebie, latoya, randy, janet, jackie, no. >> he names katherine jackson guardian of his children. if she's unable, he names diana ross. >> i want to go straight out to iandrew with "us weekly." ian, regarding what is going to happen to his body, is it true that a portion of his brain is not in his body, wherever that
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body may be? >> that is true. withheld for testing. as it was said a few weeks ago, wait until this autopsy comes out. the things they're getting out of everything are going to be more shocking than anything coming out now. >> dr. wa, thank you for being with us. what can you learn from forensic testing of a human brain? >> first, a good media for toxicologist. the second thing is, if someone has any previous injury, or previous stroke, in the case of michael jackson, it's a unique personality and character. was there any sort of anatomic basis. >> let's go out to the lawyers. joining me from l.a., alexis martin neeely, and doug burns, defense attorney out of new york. first to you, anne bremner, we
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understand that tonight five doctors have been identified, under suspicion of giving michael jackson, enabling an addict who happened to be a music icon. what are the possible charges against them? >> they could be looking at a manslaughter one, nancy of the which is recklessness or manslaughter two, which is involuntary manslaughter and negligence. based upon knowing he's an addict and prescribing and/or especially with the anesthesia, using that to help him sleep on its face would be enough for a manslaughter. but we've heard from the police chief right now, william bratton, that there's not a certainty of charges. at least not yet. >> i heard from the police chief, bratton, who says he doesn't know one way or the other, doug burns, though, can you imagine the scene of an anesthesiologist in a mobile i.v. unit like a van injecting him, and he's got to stay hooked up to this all night to sleep?
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>> it's unbelievable. they could also be charged with narcotics dealing. which is outside the course of medical practice. they said it would never last.
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a mystery. michael jackson's sudden death at age 50. what killed him? sources are telling cnn the singer's arms were riddled with marks, and the veins had collapsed. both characteristics that experts say you find in people who use i.v. drugs. >> our source cautioned investigators can't say right now if diprivan i.v. drip caused the track marks on jackson's arms. >> pure diprivan can be pumped through an i.v. line just like this with precision dosing through a pump, or you can regulate it with your hand like
10:31 pm
this. give too much, and you can kill the person, stop breathing. >> dip ri san, when you use it in the o.r., you need oxygen to be administered to monitor your vitals and to keep basically your heart beating. >> so there was a couple of occasions during my time of employment that i noticed dr. murray exiting the kitchen area, through the side door, to the driveway area, carrying a couple of oxygen tanks. >> the fact that there was oxygen tanks inside that home raises all kinds of red flags. >> another source says jackson was emaciated, that his scalp was bald and his skin paper white. >> straight out to brad land, board certified interventionist at you're hearing all this about a staged intervention. jackson locking the family out of neverland, sticking his fleet of bodyguards on his own family. not taking calls from his 79-year-old mother. that's not unusual behavior for
10:32 pm
a drug addict. but brad, here's my question. to use this drug, it's like a sedative in the o.r., the operating room. a doctor's got to be there the whole time you're hooked in. and we know the personal chef, who we just saw, says he sees oxygen tanks coming in and out and that a doctor would come at night. and leave in the morning. in fact, he's quoted as saying he thought jackson was having an affair with the male doctor. because the doctor would come at night and leave in the morning. >> i think it speaks to the relationship between a person and the drug, which is as close as a lover. when you step in and try to intervene, it's like peeling the bark off a tree. as we hear reports about them trying to step in, i think they did a few things that could have been better. one, showing up en masse and not taking no for an answer. really an intervention is a conversation starter. two, this is really important, and i think a lot of people can
10:33 pm
relate to this, if the kids are involved like in this case they are, you step in and you get the kids out of this situation, and oftentimes that will be the thing that will help break through the denial of addiction. >> it's just amazing to me that a doctor, can you just imagine -- >> but -- >> the image of a doctor there in a mobile unit, a van, shooting jackson up and keeping the -- >> unfortunately i can. >> overnight? >> i can. if you and i were to step out of the studio here at cnn and walk two blocks, we could get these drugs and other drugs within blocks of cnn here. it's just that easy. >> diprivan? >> absolutely. >> how? >> there are just that many -- >> i've never in all my years of prosecuting drug use, drug trafficking, i've never heard of a diprivan addict, ever. >> i think -- if you can equate a drug dealer with a doctor that's misprescribing, you've got a pretty good correlation there. >> have you ever seen a case
10:34 pm
where somebody takes diprivan every night to sleep? >> i haven't seen dip ray van, but i've seen other intravenous yoep yats overnight. >> you said we could get it a block from cnn. >> no, i'm sure we could go debt diprivan, though. >> you know, that's very unusual. doctor wa, where is diprivan kept? how would a doctor get access to it? >> you really have to get a license to get a prescription for this. it's not a common drug, so it is over the counter. you really have to get a license to prescribe this kind of drug. >> let's take a listen to one of the doctor's allegedly named as one of the five under suspicion by the l.a. coroners. here's jackson's dermatologist, allegedly, the biological father of his children. dr. arnold klein. take a listen. >> they report you were the biological father of the children. >> not to the best of my
10:35 pm
knowledge. all i can tell you to the best of my knowledge, i'm not the father of these children. i'm telling you, if push comes to shove, i can't say anything about it. but to the best of my knowledge, i'm not the father of these children. i once donated sperm. >> larry: once? >> to a sperm bank. i don't think i should go over my legal affairs. i think to the best of my knowledge, i'm not the father. but i want to tell you this discussion, however, is between michael's children and this person. it's not to be discussed who the father is over national television. >> what's he doing giving sperm to a sperm bank? all along, that's doctor arnold klein, longtime friend of michael jackson on abc's "good morning america." he says, no, no, i'm not the dad. to my knowledge. the whole time he's looking away from the camera. he can't look in the lens. then he goes, oh, yeah, there was that time i donated sperm. okay. alexis martin neeely, a state attorney, family law attorney.
10:36 pm
alexis, this sounds like he's screaming, yeah, i'm probably the father. >> he's very well could be saying exactly that without wanting to say it publicly. he's probably under some sort of agreement. he probably got paid for it if he is the father. like he's saying, he doesn't want to discuss it in the media. that would be something he would discuss privately with the children at some point possibly. >> well, would that have any effect on the estate if we find out who the biodad is? >> no. >> no effect? >> no. >> no effect. out to dr. bethany marshall. dr. bethany, did you observe his demeanor when he was saying no, no, to my knowledge? wouldn't you know if you were the dad? and suddenly do an about-face and say, well, there was that time i donated sperm. >> you know what i think? i think what's happening is he wants to inject himself into the notoriety of the case. he wants the public to know that indeed he's possibly the dad. but as alexis just said, he's
10:37 pm
under a confidentiality agreement. can i say something about the addiction that i think is important to clear up? i think the likelihood is not that jackson was addicted to diprivan, i think he was addicted to diaz peen and opiates. and that he took so many of those that he was having withdrawal effects, meaning rebound anxiety and agitation, and the doctor instead of medicating the rebound anxiety and insomnia gave him diprivan to cover it up. and that's the malpractice. and it's egregious. >> back to the rabbi. he is michael jackson's former rabbi. rabbi, were you familiar with any of these doctors prescribing all these medications, or obtaining them for michael jackson? >> nancy, when i was with michael, the -- what we were trying to do is rehabilitate his life. this is man who had no purpose to live. it was the children who kept him
10:38 pm
alive. he was burned out. it was a prison for him. and we went to oxford university together to give a lecture. and michael came with a cast. he has a broken foot suddenly. he always had some ailment, some bodily ailment. people will famously remember he was bit by a spider. and that would mean that a doctor had to accompany him. that was always odd, we always wondered who are these doctors. where do they practice. they never gave good answers. and michael was protective of their being around. i used to say to michael all the time, you know this is poison and this is going to kill you. he knew. once he came out very light headed and woozy, the next night he was having dinner at our home, friday night shebat dinner, and michael decides to stand during dinner. i said, why are you standing? he said, i took your advice and decided not to have the medication because i know it's bad for me.
10:39 pm
there were always two michael jacksons. there was a soft, gentle side to him. he could be forthcoming, be gentle and even exhibit a no built of spirit. then there was the king of pop. and immune to any kind of criticism. i'm not surprised to hear he loved his mother and called his mother a saint, but he would not take her calls either. i'm certain that's true. if you try to separate him from what he needed to live, he would just make sure he separated himself from you. >> everyone, as we go to break, a very special happy 80th birthday to a friend of the show. this is grace bryant. from all of your loved ones, mrs. bryant, happy birthday. 
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are you ready to get your butt kicked? don't touch me. >> from the start, their marriage seemed more like a business deal. michael jackson wanted children. debbie rowe wanted to provide them. in the end, jackson got his kids and rowe became a very rich woman. how rich? $8.5 million rich. court documents show rowe was to be paid $1 million up front, then another $1 million paid over three years.
10:43 pm
on top of that, payments of $750,000 for the next six years. but in 2006, rowe went back to court describing herself as deep in debt as she put it, by the end of 2005 the entire $265,000 was long gone. >> jackson is notorious for going into a deal and then cheating the person out of whatever they're owed. >> rowe's attorney says she hasn't decided whether to seek custody of the two children. if she does, some speculate money may be her motivation. >> the kids will ultimately get 80% of michael jackson's estate. and there will be child support. there are hundreds of millions of dollars at stake here. >> after rowe and jackson split, he set her up in an expensive beverly hills home. today with money tight, she lives in a modest ranch house on a farm outside los angeles. >> she lives in the community that's moderate to low income. she leads what should be a very
10:44 pm
humble lifestyle. >> certainly not the lifestyle she enjoyed at neverland. >> since jackson's death, these are the casualties overseas, casey hill, joshua has elwood, roger adams, edward kramer, unnamed soldier, brian bradshaw, peter cross, terry lynch, charles sharp, aaron fairburn, david dennis, justin kasey yo, tony michael randolph, chester hofford, mark garner, brock schafers and christopher tolbert. all of these brave soldiers have lost their lives since michael jackson's untimely death. yet they are unsung tonight. we remember them. i want to go quickly to iandrew with "us weekly." his article regarding the
10:45 pm
jackson death, and the events leading up to it comes out, hits the newsstands tomorrow. debbie rowe, she's making a horrible, horrible impression. and how will she convince a court otherwise after all her statements in the past, about not wanting the children. >> it's going to be very tough. what's going to make everything tougher is what we saw at the memorial the other day. the kids are very clearly comfortable and very happy within the jackson family despite their criticism. so it's going to be a lot to convince a judge that we should pull them out of this family atmosphere that they are very comfortable and happy in, that they seem very much in love with the other family members. particularly janet jackson. and katherine jackson. then to go to this strange woman's home that they didn't even know is their mother. they have visited her a few times in the past as we report in the new issue, but they were told she was their mother and only think of her as a friend. >> to ellie, we know that dr. around klein might be one of the
10:46 pm
five under spigs by the coroner. >> dr. klein is on that list. as well as dr. conrad murray. the doctor who was with michael when he collapsed. >> wouldn't he do sleepovers and actually stay in the home overnight quite often? >> other staff members say that five nights a week he was there overnight with michael jackson. >> i want to clarify, they were not lovers. that was not a romantic relationship. so what was he doing there overnight, doug burns? >> apparently the concert promoters wanted to make sure there would be a physician there 24 hours a day. i think it was part of the london tour, he was going to do 50 shows. that is such an intense schedule, that they had a physician there. >> you just said 24 hours a day. why come overnight and leave in the morning? >> wait a minute. he was going to be there around the clock apparently in case there were any emergencies. >> come at night and leave in the morning? >> is that what it was? >> that's the reports we're getting. i'm impressed with your logic, that it was part of the insurance, because that was part
10:47 pm
of the whole plan, to keep him fit. >> of course. >> what i'm driving at is, somebody was shooting him up. >> right. >> somebody had to be there and attend him with oxygen, which we know was there, and he was only there overnight. so it looks bad. >> it looks terrible. i'll tell you what, he's not the only doctor, dr. murray. there are a number of physicians that attended to michael jackson all the time over and over again. >> you're right. >> people mate a great point, which is if you wouldn't give him what he wanted, he would move on to the next one. >> steve, the homicide unit is investigating this. it's just not about only the probate matters. homicide is investigating. what does that say to you? >> nancy, i think you're going to see a number of charges come out of this. i mean, diprivan is a very difficult medication to get. i think that we're going to be looking at a diversionary investigation in which doctors were taking this, for example, they took it out and they were going to use it on a victim that
10:48 pm
died. you're going to find this medication was then diverted elsewhere for illegitimate purposes. >> you know what, i haven't heard it explained in that manner, which to me makes it much more serious, steve, than it already is. quickly shifting gears, a little girl taken on the lam by her mom and a sex offender out of lockdown is now headed not to the loving arms of her grandmother, but to foster care? >> little haylee donathan was last seen may 28th with her mother and her mother's sex offender boyfriend. >> ohio investigators have turned up surveillance footage they say shows the missing 4-year-old girl. >> spoke with the woman who actually works here at this walmart. she said that candace came into the store by herself. >> the mom is in walmart, so that means she leaves the 4-year-old baby girl alone and defenseless. straight out to michael notty
10:49 pm
with wmram joining us from ohio. michael, why is the little girl, i guess why she's not going with the mom. mom facing felony charges. but why not the grandmother? >> well, right now, nancy, we can tell you there's going to be a jurisdictional hearing in san diego county, that will send haylee back to ohio. and work from -- word from the richland county children's services department is very vague. they already have a foster home set up for her here. they do have visitation schedule set up for haylee's grandmother. as for the reason why, we can only take a look at the family and some of the surroundings she's been put in and speculate. >> to heather, attorney to the grandmother, why? >> you're specifically asking why she's in shelter care? >> why isn't she coming home to the grandmother? >> i don't know what's taking so long to get her from san diego
10:50 pm
home. i know that there's children services investigations going on, and grandmother certainly hopes that haylee comes home soon. there's bureaucracyheather, hol. that's not my question. she's not going to the grandmother. she's going to foster care. >> that's correct. at this point children's services took emergency custody based on the unknowns in the situation. what's happening is mrs. watson agreed to cooperate with children's services for a short period of time so we can get y haylee back to ohio and the juvenile court can determine what's in her best interest. >> explain why she isn't going to the grandmother. >> she got emergency custody when haylee was taken by the mom and the s. offender boyfriend. cp. did an investigation at the house and unfortunately they revealed they don't think it's a safe environment. they want haylee with a foster family.
10:51 pm
>> miss watson, who got into her to romance a convicted sex offender from behind bars. she knew he was in prison for a sex offense with a minor. >> no, she did not know. >> didn't she meet him behind bars? >> no, as far as i know, she did not. he has manipulated her.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
it's been a long journey, it's almost been a month, you know, and just everybody that goes by i wasn't losing hope but definitely a scary -- i'm just excited to hold her. and put her in my arms. >> straight back to matt zarel. i'm still not getting the clear picture as to why the blood grandmother is not getting custody. now, the attorney, heather cockley, said, well, there's a slowdown in moving her back to ohio. no. she's not going to grandma. she's going into foster care. >> what's interesting is that mary watson a couple weeks ago told us that the mother candace watson did not know that robbi potter was a sex offender.
10:55 pm
well, apparently when cops arrested her, candace watson admitted she did know he was a sex offender, did know he was violating probation, did know she was helping him escape and agreed to do it. >> okay, well, the fact that steve cardian is that the grandmother may have covered for the daughter who is now behind bars. would that have anything to do with it. >> yes, nancy. the authorities want to make sure this child is going to be released into a safe environment. >> got it. >> given the fact that she has two children that are right now both alleged criminals, it certainly is under scrutiny. >> you're right. the daughter helped the sex offender bust out and the son is a sex offender. doug burns, what do you make of that? >> no, i mean to explain the difference between your analysis and what the lawyer said is i think there may be another court hearing in which they'll all go in front of the judge and social services will say look. we still have this under investigation and want her in our custody and then the lawyer for the grandmother may take the opposite position. >> you're right, doug burns, again. everyone, let's stop and remember army chief warrant
10:56 pm
officer 3 blaine hepfneh, dreamed of enlisting just like his grandfather. a sweet spirit. only saw good in others. loved the pittsburgh steelers. riding his harley, charity rides, and flying. motto? my lifestyle may not add years to my life but it adds life to my years. leaves behind parents stan and rene, brother william, three sisters. janel, carrie, rebecca. a 5-year-old daughter, catherine. blane hepfner, american hero. thanks for being with us. i'll see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern. and until then, good night, friend.
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i'm a.j. hammer in new york. "showbiz tonight" news break. some of what we'll cover for you on "showbiz tonight." we'll get the program rolling at the top of the hour here on hln. there are brand-new becomeshells to talk about in the investigation into michael jackson's death. tonight, burning questions and shocking answers about michael's possible use of a dangerous anesthetic used in operating rooms to get some sleep and brand-new information about whether the jackson family tried to stage an intervention over michael jackson's drug use. also a brand-new bombshell from this guy, michael's dermatologist. did he actually warn michael about the drugs and did he father michael's kids? plus, the two faces of michael jackson. startling new revelations about why michael's skin went from black to white and his obsession with getting all those plastic surgeries. your "showbiz tonight" tonight's news break at the top of the hour on hln.
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