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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  July 10, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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breaking news tonltd tonight. the mystery in the sudden death of michael jackson intensifies as questions mount on his sudden death. his half billion dollar empire and custody of his children. bombshell tonight, jackson's family declares foul play in his sudden death. doesn't foul play plus a dead body equal murder? this as subpoenas go out demanding information about jackson's collapse. after he reveals physical abuse at the hands of his own father,
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joe jackson, keeping his own children far, far away, he announces he, himself, will raise jackson's children. it's jackson's worst nightmare come true. the location of jackson's body still a mystery. tonight, we learn the body may be secretly held at the family crypt of motown founder, barry gordy, but why. how do you lose a gold casket with 20 helicopters hovering and thousands watching the casket exit the arena? was the body ever in the casket? or, was it smuggled out through the arenas secret underground tunnels in an unmarked van? we confirm a portion of jackson's brain missing from the
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body. the jackson family boils over, father joe and the jackson brothers push for burial in the backyard of neverland, laying the groundwork for a michael jackson burial theme park. sister janet pleading for a family intervention to save jackson's life. that never happened after jackson ordered a fleet of body guards to keep the body auto, refusing phone calls from his mother. needle marks in jackson's neck. that's right. his neck. signs of drug injections. his other veins had track marks. many branded an autopsy fake. now, comes reports needle marks
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discovered all over his body, neck, ankles, legs. his skin paper white. white as a t-shirt. his bald head matching. all in direct contrast to private video just hours before his death. multiple viles of drugs found in his home. drug banned for consumer use, only found behind locked doors in the o.r. jackson ingesting up to 10,000 pills in just six months, including a reported 40 xanax a night. 40 xanax pills a night. the cheese lapd mauls criminal charges. who? who drugged an addict who happens to be a superstar? as vultures circle jackson's dead body, the fate of his three children unknown. breaking news in the michael
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jackson investigation. sources tell us they are aware it could turn into a criminal probe. >> do you have concerns about the physicians and the people around him that during the last moments of his life? >> yes, i am. i have a lot of concerns. >> what are your concerns? >> i can't get into that. but, i don't like what happened. >> a picture coming into focus of a multidoctor, multistate human conveyer belt to give michael jackson exactly what he wanted. apparently, what he wanted in great quanties. powerful prescription drugs. ♪ >> a confidence shl police document from 2004 contains interviews done with two of michael jackson's former security guards. one told investigators jackson
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was taking 10 plus xanax pills a night. he expressed concerns about that to other jackson employees and was told by one, "jackson was doing better because he was down from 30 to 40 xanax pills a night." five doctors are being investigated. two of whom, sources confirm around klein as well as murray. a case of a beautiful young mom and her sons found dead in their two-story home strangled in their bedroom. matter of death, strangulation. a glove found strung along i-55 spattered with red spray paint, a link to a chilling message scrawled across the wall. mother of two found left naked, face down in her bed at the
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home. airline boarding passes, a home depot receipt and latex gloves. husband/daddy who worked for worldwide teleevangelist. shocking details emerge. not only were the homes walls spray painted with messages, little gavins bed spray painted with profanity with the 9-year-old laying there in bed. as we go to air, a coroner and death. a video of daddy's mistress surfaces. we have the video. chris, did you kill your
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wife? chris? chris, do you have any comment. >> baby killer! murderer! baby killer! >> we have made an arrest in the homicide of sherry gavin. we have a christopher coleman in custody. he was charged with three counts of murder in the death of his wife and two small children. >> he was cheating on his wife with this woman. a friend and former classmate of sherry. they attended high school together, graduating a year apart. if chris went to the myspace page, he would have seen this photo. he admitted to having marital problems and exchanging e-mails. they interviewed coleman after the murders. >> chris and tara exchanged
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explicit photos, including body parts. >> the mother and brother was in the crime scene. he said he saw the downstairs living room, the words, f.u., [ bleep ]. strangulation. who does that? somebody that wants low noise, low mess, no gunshot residue. imagine how cold the father would be to do that to his kids. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. the mystery around the death of michael jackson intensifies. >> investigation into michael jackson's death might turn into a criminal case. the l.a. police chief confirms that jackson's doctors are being investigated and criminal charges could result. doctors not cooperating were issued subpoenas. >> the coroners office has a
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list of doctors they have been interviewing. doctor klein is on that list as well as dr. conrad murray, the doctor that was with michael when he collapsed. >> his alleged drug use. they told police jackson took more than ten xanax pills each night and at one point used 30 to 40 pills. >> according to this document, one of the security guards said he would get xanax prescriptions under fictitious names. one named five doctors writing prescriptions for michael jackson. he said in several states across the country. he drove jack sson to different doctors offices which paints a picture of doctor shopping. one security guard described him as sharp and in-tune, then
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afterwards, out of it and sedated. there's plenty here that paints a dark picture of his drug habit and the operation that was in place to help him get the drugs and the doctors he may have been getting the drugs from. >> straight out to elly, our chief editorial producer. what can you tell me about the reports that jackson's body may be hidden in the family crypt of motown founder, barry gordy. >> he's very involved in the jackson 5 career as well as michael jackson. michael jackson's casket is in the crypt that barry bought for his family. the casket is just sitting there now while the jackson family is fighting among themselves about where to bury michael jackson. >> okay. let me get something straight. i have the understanding that at the get go, we were told you
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can't just dig a hole in the backyard and bury a body. start your own cemetery. it seems as if that's what's going to happen. the state, while it says it hasn't been contacted says it's okay to go forward with burying michael jackson's body at never land to make a burial theme park. what's happening? >> the state says they have been contacted by one of jackson's lawyers, but -- >> oh, they have been contacted? >> they have been? >> have been, okay. >> the state, rather the county would have to give the okay. that could be a long, drawn out process. ♪
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claims michael jackson may have taken more than ten xanax pill as day. a 2004 police document says jackson asked some employees to get the prescription under their names. jackson traveled to other doctors in other states to get it himself. two jackson security guards said he was concerned about jackson taking ten or more pill as day. but the colleague said he was doing better because he was down from 30 to 40 pills a night. >> people start off taking a few. they take more and more and build up tolerance. if you stop taking it, the withdrawal is horrible. tremors, fevers, shakes, sweats. >> it's an antianxiety
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medication. it causes draw siness. >> the family was concerned for a long it was janet who tried to force the issue. back in 2007, "people" magazine did a report about an intervention. the jackson family denied it. michael jackson's father joe is speaking out for the first time. he cold "night line" he does not think his son's death was an accident. >> it's continuing. >> homicide, accidental overdose, what are we dealing with. >> i want to go to mary margaret, news editor of radarlon line. what can you tell me about a portion of michael jackson's brain still missing? >> it was supposed to have been taken for medical reasons.
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they wanted to do fufrter investigation. further testing, yes, in terms of what he ingested, what was in his system, ek set tt cetera. >> out to doctor howard. thank you for being with us. don't they have tissue samples. i'm sure they took blood from his body. why do they need his brain, doctor? >> they don't need the brain for toxicology studies. soft tissues from the liver and kidney would be better than examining brain tissue. >> why? why? can you think of a legitimate reason to keep michael jackson's brain out of his body? >> i would have kept the entire brain and had a neuro pathologist examine it. >> but, doctor oliver, what do
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you mean? what could the brain reveal as to cause of death? it seems to me they are zeroing in on cardiac arrest following overuse of prescription drugs. what could the brain reveal that tissue could not? >> it could have been some type of disease that's acidic to the brain. >> like what? >> well, for an example, like in an older person, alzheimers disease. >> doctor, doctor, doctor. come on. i have great respect for you, doctor. i checked you out thoroughly. michael jackson is not an older person. he did not have alzheimers. i have a problem with the brain not with the body. it's not sitting right. let's forget about the
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alzheimers. what other reason could they have kept his brain. >> i used alzheimers as an example. >> true. >> he could have has siezures or epilepsy, anything. >> there are reports michael jackson suffered from lupus. what is it and how could it have impacted his death? >> it's an autoimmune disease. it attacks different organs of the body. usually the worst organ attacked is the kidney, which can lead to death. you can have lupus disease in the skin -- >> got it. >> and other organs of the body. >> what is this we are learning at jackson admits publicly to physical beatings over his entire childhood in the hands of his father. now, joe jackson announces not only does he believe a murder
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took place, but, he, hirms is going to raise the children to be strong jackson's. >> he said he and kathrine jackson are best equipped to take care of the children. they will get fed and plenty of sleep. this is against what everybody else says michael jackson would have wanted. >> to the lawyers. let's unleash them. joining me, famed attorney out of san francisco, john burris. carman st. george. that was the battle royal. okay, burris, you're out there on the scene in california. we know michael jackson kept his three children as far away from joe jackson as possible. reality, he's the one that left the kids to the mother. did he forget about the husband,
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joe jack sson? >> no, he didn't forget about his father. he did not want them associated with the dad. it's surprising the father thinks he can assert himself now.
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take a listen to what michael jackson said. what he revealed to oprah winfrey. >> there's a lot of sadness about my past life, you know, analysts and my father and all those things. it made me very, very, very sad. >> he would tease you and make fun of you? >> yes. >> did he ever beat you? >> yes, he did. yes. that was difficult to take. going on stage and performing. >> yes. >> why would he beat you? >> because he saw me -- he wanted me, i guess, i don't know if i was his golden child or
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whatever it was. >> that is michael jackson's interview with oprah from 1993. tonight, we learned that grandfather joe jackson has not only publicly announced he and the jackson family believe foul play in michael jackson's death, dead body foul play equals murder, but that he, himself, will take a hand in raising jackson's three children. jackson's worse nightmares now coming true. we learned a jackson family made the first moves in having jackson's body buried at neverland, a place he grew to hate. we learn, it will be a burial theme park, something like elvis' graceland, which rakes in, believe it or not, $35 million a year. out to our producer joining us from l.a. what can you tell us about abc
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network paying nearly $250,000 for photos or interview, but they said for photos of michael jackson. what happened? >> reporter: right. this was an interview where joe jackson said he and kathrine would be best to take care of the children. abc news paid $200,000 for video of the jackson family to be used on a special coming up. $200,000 for joe jackson. >> to carman st. george joining us out of new york. carman, as a parent, this must strike a chord with you. because of what he said in his will, giving guardianship to his mather, who is married to his father, has he unwittingly
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engineered this fiasco? >> i hope the courts take this in their hands considering the safety of the children. they are married. he can be in the home and have influence over the children. it's going to be important for the courts to assess how much contact a prior abuser and somebody michael jackson, himself, didn't want around his kids will have. óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó
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we have a gentleman here that needs help and he's not breathing, we're trying to pump him. >> okay. okay. >> grog mountain of claims tieing jackson to drugs in recent years. a claim from dr. arnold klein saying jackson had a drug addiction at one point, but kicked it. we're hearing from a person who worked with jackson in las vegas. he appeared drugged up and was weak and thin, he would use a
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wheelchair to get around. two sources say janet jackson visited him at that house and was shocked. it was barren of furniture, creepy looking, but the sight of an extremely thin michael jackson that frightened him. >> we are looking at his prescription drug history, the doctors he dealt with over the years. >> we know the attorney general has a list of doctors they are talking to. it's unclear if it's all the same list. the investigation seems to have a very narrow investigation now focusing on prescription drugs and whether or not they contributed to jackson's death and which doctor supplied them. straight out to an attorney that represented james brown children. i thought everybody was going to jump into ta casket and tear the body apart.
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it was a vicious estate fight. welcome, lewis. take a listen, again, to jackson on oprah. >> there's a lot of sadness about my past life and, you know, adolescence and my father and all of those things. it just made me very, very, very sad. >> he would tease you and make fun of you. >> yes. >> did he ever beat you? >> yes, he did. yes. and that was -- >> difficult to take and get on stage and perform? >> yes. >> why would he beat you? >> because he saw me -- he wanted me -- i guess, i don't know if i was his golden child or whatever it was. >> that was his interview with oprah in 1993 from harpo productions. lewis, we know the father, joe jackson, beat him viciously. we know he mopped the little
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boy, making fun of his face and nose. all these years, people make fun of jackson for his plastic surgery, but it started way back when, with his father belittling him for the way he looked. i'm not saying it's not weird, i'm saying it's understandable in a certain, twisted way. bottom line, with jackson's own attempt to keep his children safe, he is unwittingly, seemingly set up a catch 22. they will go right back to his father, if his will is followed. >> i think you make a good point. there's a possibility that this internal strife could be played out in the court under the idea that the children's interest are not being cared for, would open the door to other contestants custody of the churn. note, the will provides for a guardian, diana ross.
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i don't know how that would play into this. obviously, there's a possibility that the ex-wife could have a say in that as well. >> oh, lord. now rowe is in the mix. >> we heard jackson say maybe he was the golden child. golden is the term. he brought in millions to that family. have you seen in your practice, often parents pick one child and beat the hell out of it. they choose one child out of all the children to mistreat the most. >> absolutely, it happens all the time that you see one child identi identified as the bad child or the one the parents take the anger out on or the hostility out on. you know, obviously michael jackson's relationship with his father was extremely complex. while he talked about having been beaten by him, he did make
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this choice to put in his will that the children could go to his mother, knowing that his parents were still married and his father would have contact with him. again, it talked to the complexity of the relationship. when children are abused, they have mixed feelings to the parents who abuse them. >> back to our chief producer, reports saying 10,000 pills in six months leading up to his death, including up to 40 xanax a night? >> right. this is coming from security guard that is used to work for michael jackson. they were interviewed as part of the probe into the molestation allegations. these security guards said, not only was jackson taking 30 to 40 pill as night, according to another staffer, but he was making them get prescriptions for them in their name that he intended to take himself. >> board registered
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interventionist at >> hi, nancy. >> hi, dear. this on the heels of learning there were track marks, needle marks in your neck. how do you shoot yourself up in the neck? >> i would be surprised if he did it himself. >> i was addicted for many years, too. xanax is a drug i had a strong relationship with. it's a really hard drug to kick. i can testify that you can detoxify yourself down. >> what is xanax. >> in this case, it's used to treat anxiety disorder, i think. it helps you sleep, but one of the side effects is it will cause sleeplessness. it will help you sleep at a certain moment. >> brad, brad, brad -- >> yeah. >> track marks to the neck.
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how do you do that? >> i think you would need somebody to help you do that. >> former nypd, bill, picture it. a doctor, a certified doctor, an md covering over jackson, not only keeping an iv in him in a van that's a mobile unit overnight, but injecting him in the neck? this as chief of police braton who is really no nonsense says he's mull iing a criminal investigation. >> i think it's ongoing as we speak. there's an awful lot of suspicious behavior. a lot of behavior one would believe leads to possible criminal action for a number of people. i think the police now, are doing an investigation, talking to a lot of people, creating time lines, gathering evidence
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and hopefully, in short order, turning it over to the prosecutors office who will be investigating it and hopefully indictments will be coming down on all of those that may have been involved in criminal activity that may have taken place. >> to mary margaret, news editor of radaronline. remember when he had to go to court and showed up in crutches with a spider bite on his leg. reports saying it may not have been a spider bite, but results of a broken needle injection. >> yes. one of the reasons the dea is involved is there are five doctors that have been central to michael's possible addiction. they need to know how they were involved, how long and what they did to him. >> remember, awhile back, we heard he had over $100,000 debt
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to the local pharmacy down the street. the pharmacy had to threaten to sue to get the $100,000 back. how do you run up over $100,000 in prescription drugs. we'll be back, but as we go to break, happy 60th to friend of the show, michael. isn't he handsome? he loves his boat and mg, he says. he comforts people for a living at a funeral home. one of the biggest in manhattan. michael, happy birthday, friend. you touched so many lives, including ours here at the show. and happy birthday to friend of the show, raymond. he takes time-out of a busy
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courtroom schedule to join us. happy birthday, ray.
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the family said to be divided over burial at neverland ranch, michael jackson could be buried there in santa barbara county okays it. >> the family inquired about burying him at neverland ranch. jermaine jackson would like to see it happen. >> i would love to see it here. there's a place near the train station. >> everyone in the family wants it to be the final resting place. joe jackson shot it down when asked in the days after his death. >> straight out to elle. it seems like the whole kit and caboodle are showing up in court monday regarding guardianship. is debbie rowe going to?
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>> debbie rowe hasn't filed anything about her intentions. she said she plans to fight for her kids. >> to you, lewis, a state attorney joining us from new york, what will happen on monday? >> well, it's fair to say the judge is going to follow the recommendation of the will unless there's evidence to do otherwise. a will appoints kathrine jackson as the guardian. >> to you carman st. george, going into the home is direct opposition to what he wanted to keep his children away from his father that beat him. >> i think, nancy, it's got to be a consideration of the court. it's the letter of intention that michael jackson wrote. this was a will. this wasn't something he just mentioned to somebody. he wrote it down. he intention nally left his
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father out of the will. he didn't say my mother and father. i think that has to be considered by the courts. these are minor children going to an 80-year-old woman. it's another consideration. who is going to be best able to take care of the children? >> quickly, elle, on monday, what is the likelihood that rowe is going to jump up and make a claim? >> we don't know. she surrendered her parental rights in 2000. she regain ed them in 2006. >> there's blood in the water. i'm sure money will be an issue. she could be paid millions just to go away. i want to switch gears and go to the story of sherry coleman and her two boys, age 9 and 11. all three found dead in their own beds. a coroners jury handed down a cause of death. >> she was 31.
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her son 9 and 11. >> all three murdered in the early morning hours apparently as they slept in their own beds. >> we believe this was not a random act. >> police said that they do have a person of interest. they do have enough evidence. >> chris is considered a suspect in this case. >> we're not prepared to say anybody is keyed in on the suspect. he left the house at 5:45 a.m. to work out at the gym. when he returned after calling the police to check on his family, they found the victims inside their bedrooms all dead. >> he returned monday to be fingerprinted. >> a written threat was left on the wall inside the home. >> we know there were words written on the wall and the words say, i told you this was going to happen. >> a wrongful death suit against mr. coleman, christopher
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coleman. >> straight out to marlina, what happened? >> the cause of death was determined it was a homicide by strangulation. the coroner testified today and said there were no drugs found in the system. the toxicology report came back. they were not going to do an inquest, but decided to. there was no drugs in the system. it's kind of huge. >> and video of the mistress, the alleged mistress. here she is. here is the high school friend of coleman's wife. apparently out to the cousin of sherry coleman and an attorney filed a wrongful death lawsuit. one of her friends. here is the video. all this over that?
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>> caller: i hope you're not expecting me to comment on that, i can't explain it, january si. >> you know what, you're right. there's no way to explain it. not only are you her cousin and very, very close cousin to sherry and very close to the two little boys, 9 and 11 years old, all dead at home in their own bed. what does this ruling today, mean to the case. not only the criminal case, but the wrongful death case you filed? >> it's not going to have any effect on a wrongful death case? the burden of proof. they ruled it a homicide. it was clear all along it was a homicide. it doesn't point the finger away from chris or at him. our suit will go forward and we'll make our finding against him. we are confident about that. >> what do you make of the discovery today that there was
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no drugging of any of the victims before their death, which means they suffered? >> this is terrible. we hoped and we thought there might be drugs in the system that maybe it was -- i don't know how to say it any other way, maybe a more painless death. knowing they weren't drugged and there's a violent ending affects all of us in the family. we are sad to hear that. >> well known attorney in the chicago area and first cousin to sherry coleman. thank you. right now, cnn heroes. >> my life was not that great. it's not easy to carry around this weight. >> where do we go wrong as a
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country with p eis no longer a priority. our children's health is no longer a priority. something had to be done. i decided is pamela greene jackson. my organization is a physical fitness and nutrition education program for elementary and middle school youth in my community. my brother bernard died at age 43 at the weight of 227 pounds. he didn't have to die. i promised myself i would do whatever i could to make sure another child didn't suffer like he did. >> got about another ten seconds. >> what we've done is converted vacant classrooms and turned them into health clubs. it's a free program. we have personal trainers. we allow each individual child to set their own goals. >> pamela is my hero because she
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always helped me to do things i never thought i could do. >> we instill these habits in them early, then they will grow up and become healthier adults. this is really what this is all about, saving the lives of children.
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the mystery surrounding the sudden death of music superstar michael jackson intensifies. >> do not touch me. >> nobody touched you here. >> you just did. >> ready to fight for your children? >> are you ready to get your butt kicked? don't [ bleep ] touch me. >> not a good look, mommy. that's the bio mom, the alleged bio mom, debbie rowe, apparently set to throw her hat into the ring claiming she should get guardianship of all three of jackson's children. i still don't understand how a 14 karat gold casket can get lost. >> i'm not sure there was even the body in the casket at that
8:55 pm
memorial. >> now that we are hearing about his veins collapsed from i.v. us use. to use that apparent drug you apparently have to have oxygen on stand by. >> that's right, nancy. this could be a smoking gun. >> ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father we could ever imagine. ♪ smile though your heart is aching ♪ >> and i just wanted to say i love him so much. >> amongst all the hangers on, the vultures. that moment of clarity and truth right now is michael jackson's 11-year-old girl, hurt, grief, heartbreaking tribute to her father. tonight, let's stop and remember army chief warrant
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officer jonathan brides, 28, chub balk, idaho. attended idaho state. fluent in portuguese-loved kayaking, snow boarding, surfing. composed his own music and lyrics. one of his true loves, his guitar, paw lean. he leaves behind a wonderful family, grieving parents joseph and lanae, 11 siblings. jonathan millward. american hero. thanks to our guests but our biggest thank yous to you for being with us. special good night to the new york control room. good night, liz, brett. everyone, i'll see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp eastern, and until then, good night friend. -- captions by vitac --
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tons of new information coming in suggesting an extraordinary level of drug use on the part of michael jackson stemming back years. reports are that someone very close to michael jackson said that at one point he was taking up to 40 xanax pills a night. and that another one saying they were pleased when it was reduced down to ten xanax a night. that is an extraordinary level of drugs. we're getting reports in from tmz a doctor told tmz jackson was self-injecting demerol, another report there were injection marks on jackson's neck. coming up on "issues" we're going to analyze all of this, what does it mean? and how could it impact the custody battle coming up on monday? will the drug use play a role? coming up next.
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