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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  July 13, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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breaking news tonight in the mystery surrounding the sudden death of music icon, michael jackson. it intensifies as questions mount on his sudden death. his billion dollar empire and more important, custody of the stars three little children. bombshell, tonight. murder charges in the death of jackson. jackson's family publicly revealing their claim music icon michael jackson was murdered. tonight, has jackson's em balmed body been moved during the night? the body's exact location is a mystery. sources claim a secret custody
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deal in the works. but, is that deal in the best interest of jackson's three children? we learn debbie rowe agrees not to fight for custody. but, what's the pay off. in a stunning twist, father, joe jackson, is set to force jackson children on the stage, under the name the jackson 3. sending them on the road for world tour next year. this, after jackson revealing physical abuse, beatings at the hand of his own father, joe jackson, keeping his own three children far, far away. father joe says he, himself, will raise jackson's children and now put him on the stage. has jackson's worst nightmare come true? after we learn jackson's body
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was hidden in a crypt, many question, how do you lose a casket with 20 helicopters hovering and thousands watching? the casket exits an arena. was the body ever in the casket or was it smuggled out there a secret underground tunnel while fans mob a black hearse with the body. a portion of jackson's brain, missing from the body, with held for testing. father joe and is jackson brothers pushing ahead with burial in the backyard of neverland for a graceland like burial theme park. a second autopsy discovered four fresh needle tracks in jackson's neck. that's right, his neck. other veins riddled with track marks, many actually collapsing
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from i.v. use. jackson's skin, paper white. white as a t-shirt. his bald head matching. all in direct contrast to private video of a full dress rehearsal, hours before the death. drugs found in the home. drugs banned for consumer use. only found behind locked doors in the operating room. jackson ingesting up to 10,000 pills in six months include iin reported 40 xanax a night. the lapd chief mulling criminal charges, who drugged an addict who happened to be a superstar? vultures circle jackson's dead body. the fate of his thi children, unknown. >> we have a gentleman who that needs help. he's not breathing. alarming new accusations
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from michael jackson's sister saying he was murdered and his death a conspiracy. two british newspapers quoting latoya saying an on tronlg gave her brother drugs. >> prominent members of the family are going public with the belief michael jackson's death had foul play involved. she implied the family knows the result of the second private autopsy for michael jackson, the one they ordered. she said "i think everyone will be surprised when the results come out." are you ready to fight for your children? >> jackson's exwire and his mother kathrine talking behind closed doors. >> don't touch me. you just did. don't. >> he expects debbie rowe to go
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for custody. the fact that joe jackson is talking of helping to raise the children is a problem for her since michael jackson had a bad relationship with his father. >> they love those kids. we love those kids, too. we gonna take care of them and give them the education they are supposed to have. we can do that. tonight, breaking news, a beloved couple with 16 children. 12 of them adopted. many of them special needs, handicapped, murdered in their own home. part of it caught on video. we have the video. the suspects in full ninja garb, invade the home with military precision. tonight, who gunned down this beautiful couple, leaving 16 children orphaned.
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detectives say byrd and melody were shot dead in their home. >> they suffered multiple gunshot wounds. >> a couple known for their adoption of a dozen children. >> as many as nine kids were in the home when they were killed. >> this is chilling. we have a team that enters the front of the home and a team that enters the back of the home. >> they were all dressed in black. >> dressed in ninja black barb, come through the wooded area and enter the billings home from the north side. >> two men, leonard gonzalez, jr. and wayne are the first to be arrested in the murders. th authorities say expect more. >> the total number of people we are looking for that are
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involved in the deaths of the billings family is six to eight. >> gonzalez father, leonard, sr. is in jail on evidence tampering charge. attempted to conceal damage and paint this old red van. >> at first, authorities were calling it a home invasion. >> it's going to be a humdinger. >> now, it's more complex. >> the more we delve into this and work the case, the different avenues that it would go down. >> robbery is one motive now. >> no matter where the case turns, it's a senseless tragedy. good evening, i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. the mysteries surrounding the sudden death of music superstar michael jackson intensifies. >> i have a lot of concerns. i can't get into that. i don't like what happened. >> joe jackson had voiced
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suspicion previously. jackson's sister latoya is going further than her father telling british newspapers she believes michael jackson was murdered. her brother was worth more than $1 billion. he was surrounded by people who didn't have his beth interests at heart. he was worth more dead than alive. >> are you ready to fight for your children? >> are you ready to get your butt kick ed? >> she is not going to lay down and roll over. maybe they are trying to come to an agreement out of court, out of the public eye. that's why the hear sg delayed. we have to wait to see if it gets ugly. >> i did it for him to become a father, not for me to become a mother. >> i'm sure he has a wonderful person in mind to take care of them. >> she could have a change of heart and try to position herself and say michael was a
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great father, he's gone, i want to step into their lives. >> are you willing to take a cash settlement for the kids? how important are the kids to you. >> she basically sold them for $8.5 million. bombshell tonight. charges that michael jackson was murdered. out to paul, our producer in l.a., paul, what can you tell us? >> i can tell you this on background. latoya jackson sat down for four hours and discussed what she thought was the murder of michael jackson. she was pressed hard. it's a strong term, obviously, nancy, as you know it. she said, yes, i want to believe my brother was quote, murdered. she went on to say there was an entrouge. talking about that, we had heard all along and other people said
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there was a group of security guards. latoya is implying, not only were they turning a blind eye to the drug abuse, but enabling michael jackson. >> murder charges being leveled? explain. >> i don't understand what the motive would be. if this is a short term thing, the million dollars is not how much he was worth, it's what he kept around the house in cash. she's wondering where the money went and the jewels. a lot of people came in the house and all this stuff is missing. i don't think we're going to find murder. as far as people enabling him, no question. michael let people enable him. if they wouldn't give him what he wanted, they were gone. >> out to eleanor dixon, felony
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prosecutor. everyone is poo-pooing is charges of latoya jackson, but isn't it true, while the lapd chief is mulling criminal charges, someone is responsible for four fresh track marks in michael jackson's neck. now, eleanor, please, don't humor us by suggesting jackson himself shot himself up in the neck. >> that would be extremely difficult to do, especially if it's the diprivan that's only allowed in the o.r. it could be murder. >> here is my next question. eleanor, again, a lot of people think that that will never happen in this case. if someone, in fact, did give him a lethal dose of whatever drug, whether it's still in his system at the time of autopsy, now two autopsies, we learned from the second autopsy about the fresh needle tracks in his neck, that may equate to malice
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murder. when you give somebody a shot in the neck or four shots in the neck of a potentially lethal drug in that amount. >> exactly. if you are giving him an overdose, it leads to a murder charge, if he died. ♪
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dr. murray prescribed things to michael jackson. >> he demanded. >> i said michael, you're spending too much money. he said you don't understand. my body is the machine that fuels this business. i need that kind of attention. when michael jackson say that is to you and there's this much at
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stake, you don't argument. >> there's nothing in his history, nothing dr. murray knew that he believed he would go into sudden cardiac arrest. it's a mystery, how he died, to dr. murray. >> we are extremely grateful for all the support. we love you all. >> we love you. >> you're not alone. >> i just wanted to let you know that you have been very, very supportive and as you well know, michael loved his fans more than anything else. he was always said that his family is first and his fans are second. i know he's happy you are here
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supporting him. i just want to thank you all for being here for him. he loves you very, very much. thank you. >> all of your support. michael will forever live in all of our hearts. >> video from that's michael jackson's sisters speaking to all of his many fans at the memorial at nokia theater. we are taking your calls live tonight. stunning charges are leveled that michael jackson was murdered. yes, there is allele leg to stand on. straight out to the lines, patty
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in florida. hi, patty. >> caller: hello, nancy. i was wondering if michael had a hep-lock or pick line. it's an iv catheter that stays in 72 hours and the a pick line can stay in several months. he could infuse himself. >> any word about that? i guess we wouldn't know until we look at the autopsy report. >> i had word of this, just about a week ago, it wasn't sufficient for me to publish it. i believe my source, but i needed much more to public it. yes, i have heard this. he had one put, you know, under his skin. that way, you can quickly hook yourself up. we know michael has been doing drugs spra vainously for months. >> our chief producer, sister latoya goes on to describe the scene, when she goes into
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neverland and the room where michael jackson allegedly passed away. >> she said she saw oxygen masks on the floor and oxygen tanks in the house. empty pill bottles, pill boxes and medical equipment in the home. >> she revealed the children were not allowed in the room when the doctor was giving daddy his oxygen and none of the staff were allowed on that level of the mansion. >> right. that's another claim latoya is making. she also claims the doctor performed cpr on michael jackson in his, the doctors hoom, not michael jackson's room. the doctor says it's not true. he doesn't know where latoya got that information. >> out to our producer in l.a.,
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there was to be a big courtroom showdown. why was it postponed? >> attorneys for the jackson's and debbie rowe wanted to come together to reach an understanding about what to do with the children in terms of debbie rowe. what is going to happen is that debbie rowe will get supervised visitation of the children. they will not refer to her as mother, but miss deb pitch we have this hearing coming up on the 20th where we are expecting debbie rowe to be in court. out to the lawyers, eleanor dixson, mickey sherman, author of "how can you defend those people" and peter o tom joining us out of atlanta. mickey, sherman, i'm sure giving up her rights is not coming at a small price. i'm talking about debbie rowe.
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>> she made a bundle when she sold the kids in the beginning. the information i'm getting is she's here not to just pick up the check, but she has a legitimate fear the children will be victimized by joe jackson as was michael jackson and his siblings. she wants to make sure they don't wind up like michael jackson at the mercy of joe jackson's belt. >> she's claiming concern, but at the same time, hearing reports grandfather joe jackson plans to launch them on stage as the jackson 3. wasn't it you, last week, peter, saying everything would work out fine if kathrine the grandmother had the children. yeah, that was you. >> i don't remember saying that, but nancy, you know what?
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if kathrine has the children, there's always the chance joe jackson is going to have access and nothing the court can do about that. ♪ ♪ cause this is thriller ♪ thriller night ♪ no one's going to save you from the beast about to strike ♪ ♪ thriller night.
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ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. and i just want to say, i love him so much. >> that was little paris, just 11 years old at her father's memorial. apparently, we learned that she put in his casket a necklace, wrapped around his hand and had multicolors stones that she put
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around his head and shoulders like a garland in the casket. when she was taken to see his body. back out to elle. we are hearing about a second autopsy. why was there a second autopsy? who asked for the second autopsy? do we know anything other than fresh track marks on his neck? >> well, latoya jackson is the one who asked for the second autopsy. she was concerned about the circumstances of her brother's death. she wouldn't reveal what the autopsy reveals but she did say it is going to be a shocker. there are bombshells in the second autopsy. >> friend of the jackson's, host of insight on news radio klaa. do you know what's in the second autopsy? what's the bombshell? >> don't know what the bombshell
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is. it's been secret. it is consistent with what the coroner did at the l.a. coroners office. you aren't going to have contradictions. the purpose was to get information quick and it accomplished that purpose. ♪ bottle each other on the window ♪ ♪ cause they got nowhere to go ♪ that's why i want you to know ♪ ♪ i'm
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this is the day michael jackson's "this is it" tour was supposed to kick off in london. some of the last images recorded of michael jackson performing, two days before he died. >> he was very energetic, he was happy. he was more playful than normal at rehearsal. >> we have a gentleman here who needs help. he's not breathing. >> he's a very frail man. he was very thin. very small. >> he had a glow about him. his shoulders back, his head up. he looked great, sounded great.
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he had a triumphant feel. >> he's 50 years old. >> okay, he's unconscious and not breathing. >> yes. >> a source involved in the investigation described it as lily white from head to toe. despite the vigor he showed on stage during the final rehearsal. >> all i know is michael jackson that hugged me and said good night was a healthy, vibrant human being about to under take the greatest under taking of his life. >> mike walker, the location of his body a mystery all this time. i understand it's been move frd where to where? >> well, it's secretly moved to the basement of forest lawn. it was previously upstairs or outside in barry gordy's crypt.
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the people were removing the bs or gs, then they realized it was out of control. they have places to keep bodies, refrigerators and so forth. >> everyone, we are taking your calls. live out to annie in california. hi. >> caller: hi, nancy. it's apparent he was an addict with drugs. a lot of people are. my question is, after the police department, you know, released the house and people went in and apparently, i guess they were taking things out. could anybody have put anything in there to make it look more like, you know, somebody else did this to him, so that he died more of a tragedy than the superpop icon that was a drug addict? >> hmm. what about that. to john, the likelihood that someone planted things there on the scene.
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>> when you have a crime scene that's not protected and locked down, that kind of thing can happen. even if it doesn't happen, someone can make the case it might have happened to taint future prosecution. those cops should have locked it down until they were done with it. >> you're right. they towed away the doctors car but did not corridor off the house. what can you tell me about $1 million worth of money and jewels missing from the home? >> latoya is pretty accurate in these things, nancy. she talked to michael a great deal. she was very confidential with him. michael was known to have money on the premises. how much, no one knew. if she said that amount, i believe her. she's accurate and smart. when she says there's something
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amiss here, you better believe it. i have been talking to her about this for two years and she's been consistent the whole time. >> the fresh track marks on his neck, doctor, what does that say to you? could they have been self-inject ed? >> i have never seen self-injected there. sometimes during recess indication, the emt can do it, you have to check with the records to see what was done. during my training, people trained others to do the injection sites. i have never seen anybody self-inject in the neck. >> where on the neck do you inject? >> the external jugular would be the most common place. >> could you show us. >> roughly above my collar, below if it's loosened. those are the only areas i have
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seen. sometimes you see it with resuscitation. you have to be careful not to mix it. >> there were injection marks directly into his heart during the resuscitation. you're right, we have to see what the paramedics did to bring him back to life. to janet taylor, md and psychologist out of new york. we just heard someone state that michael jackson allowed or encouraged the enablers. basically, laying all the fault on michael jackson. what do you think of that? >> he paid them. they are on his payroll. a lot of people around him, family included dropped the ball trying to get an intervention. hindsight is 20/20. now, we are pointing fingers and watching the demise. >>
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brad lamm, what do you make of he encouraged the enablers. he had body guards keep them away and wouldn't take calls from his 79-year-old mother. you are the expert. other people don't want interventions. >> they did a few things, it seemed like, that weren't the best case scenario. i think we are seeing now, everybody trying to make sense of what happened. latoya says it was murder. >> she's saying it was murder. brad, less than a month before his death, there was a 60th wedding anniversary celebration at jackson's favorite indian restaurant. they were all there. there was the perfect time to grab him and have an intervention. >> i agree. here's an interesting fact. i know you love facts. it takes the average family
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seven years to build consensus on what to do. thanks to you, i'm doing seminars in california so families can step in and help change someone whose life is in crisis. >> who is she saying killed jackson? >> she's not saying who is responsible. she refers to his shadowy people around him. entourage, hangers on. she doesn't name names. >> on to the lines. doris. hi, doris. >> caller: hi, how are you? >> i'm good. what's your question. >> caller: if michael was on all these drugs and everything, isn't there a possibility he could have been under medication when he was signing that will and the second part is, is it a possibility this doctor, when they found needle marks on
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michael's neck could have injected him with medicine before he woke up from the dep row van? >> i think anything is possible when it comes to the marks on his necks. i think anything is possible. regarding the will, he obviously was under the influence of drugs. i looked at a copy of the will, myself, doris in delaware, he signed it. it's his signature. it's his signature for years proceeding. he also initialled every single paragraph. quickly, out to you mickey and peter, to you first, peter, we have a self-authenticating will. basically, you go on and add in, i'm of sound mind and body. i have witnesses to say i am in sound mind and body. don't claim i was crazy when you try to contest the will. >> right.
8:39 pm
>> in california, there are specific requirements about witnessing the will. there's a presumption if it's done -- he was hallucinating and so far, no one came forward to say that. >> the autopsy comes out friday. do you think there might be a third autopsy? >> there could be. it's going to show there was a surplus of bad things in this man's body. if i could go back to latoya jackson's accusation, there's no way someone could have murdered him. they allowed him to die by a virtue of the garbage in his veins. >> mickey, there you go. making excuses for somebody shooting him up. he did not stick four needles in his neck. >> 33% of students grade five to
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new developments in the brutal murder of a married couple known for their giving nature and known for adopted special needs children. >> they were found shot dead in their home on thursday. as many as nine kids were in the home when they were killed. >> investigators won't say if anything was taken from the house or what kind of weapon was used. the man who did this worked so
8:44 pm
quickly, authorities believe they have some kind of experience. >> three men are behind bars in connection of the murder of a couple known for adopting special needs kids. >> they started looking at three persons of interest. >> we identified the master mind of the operation. the individuals associated with him during the days leading up to the crime. >> we have a team that enters the front of the home. we have a team that enters the back of the home. >> the billings were shot to death in what thauthorities cala home invasion. now, it i peers to be much more. >> out to clark. how would you like to look out your kitchen window and see several adult males coming across your yard, dressed in full ninja garb. that's what happened to this couple. >> i certainly wouldn't.
8:45 pm
16 children. 12 were adopted with special needs. thursday, a very scary attack unfolding. up to eight men wearing ninja garb attacked the home from two sides of the home with military like precision. both parents, mom and dad, shot dead in their bedroom. >> out to a special guest joining us tonight, t.j. hart. he's the program and news dir t director, wsky, 97.3. t.j., it's great to talk to you, again. this is almost unfathomable. they plan with military-like precision to invade the home in their ninja outfits to kill this couple. >> it's just crazy. they are still trying to figure out what a motive is.
8:46 pm
could it be robbery? that's one of the motives. police say there's probably something else behind it. they are so well known in the community. he owns a few businesses that allow them to take care of the special needs kids. some involve financial places and car dealerships. it may have to do with family relationships and business ties. it remains unknown at this time. >> another special guest joining us. the public sergeant ted roy from florida. sergeant, thank you for taking time-out. i know you have a press conference coming up. thank you for speaking with us. sergeant, all these children, now orphaned. 16 of them, many of them handicapped. if they planned this so well, right down to their outfits they were going to wear when they broke in, wouldn't you think
8:47 pm
they would break in when nobody was home if it was just a burglary? >> yeah, we would think so. they used military precision. if they were military -- they would have known there was camera sur valuens and more people in the house. we don't want to give them too much credit. >> you're so right. it strikes me with all their dressing up to play the part, they had not researched it well at all. is that their vehicle we see driving across the lawn, an orange type truck or suv or van? >> none of them were the owners of it. they borrowed it. it's a mistake they made. >> where are the children tonight? what are their ages, sergeant? >> they range from 8 years old. some are up in their 20s now. four of them are their own
8:48 pm
children. they are with other family members now. >> so, sergeant, they opened their hearts and adopted 12 children, most of them handicapped because they had the where with all to do that. you are seeing photo of the children, 12 of them adopted. some of them came from homes of drug abuse and sexually abusive parents. they have developmental disabilities now. they are all orphaned. some of them in wheelchairs. eleanor, it's not fitting together for me. usually, at this point, when you and i see the facts of a case, we can almost immediately figure out what happened. i don't get it. >> well, it's hard to get. you have to know, they weren't that smart. they planned it. they have the outfits. there's a reason they broke in. it looks like a death penalty to
8:49 pm
me. they were shot down in could blood in front of their own children. how much more heartless could they have been? >> it was broad daylight. what a bunch of idiots. to robbie on the phones. >> caller: hi, nancy. i love you. i can't believe i'm on the air. >> thank you for watching and calling in. what i want tonight is the rest of this bunch behind bars. what's your question, dear? >> caller: my question is to follow the money. i'm just wondering, since it's a wealthy couple, did they have a business partner who might, you know, get some kind of money from the death of this family? >> interesting. out to sergeant ted roy. was he partnered up to anyone in his many businesses? >> we don't believe the businesses have anything to do with it. i will tell you this, we're
8:50 pm
having a press conference at 8:30. we're going to announce very good janet taylor. not only a md but a psychiatrist as well. when anybody goes through the loss of a loved one that's sudden or unexpected, especially such as a murderer. it's devastating. i went through it myself at a young age. but these children, what will this do to them? they already have all of these disabilities? >> you're right, nancy. your heart breaks for them. you don't want to break them up as a family unit. they're traumatize and the hope is they can stay together and get the support they need. >> we have a response to eleanor dickson's opinion, it's death-penalty qualified? >> now's not the time to act emotionally. as sad and tragic and horrible as this is, now's the time to let the investigators do their work and figure out who the
8:51 pm
perpetrators are and then look at it. all these people at this point are presumed innocent. >> well, that goes without saying. >> i'll step up to the plate. i'm against the death penalty. if these guys don't get the death penalty, then who gets it?
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we have verified that three individuals dressed in black and masked, entered their home from the east side. and additional fourth individual remained in the vehicle. >> a beautiful couple that had 16 children. 12 of them adopted with many of them developmentally handicapped. now dead. the children all orphaned. tonight, we want answers to carry in texas, what's your question, dear? >> caller: i have boy/girl twins that will be 7 next month. bless your heart. my little girl is special needs and i was wondering, we have our
8:55 pm
will and everything taken care of, since these kirds were adopted, do they know if any of the people that are of interest, if any of them could be related to any of these kids? >> sergeant roy, i'm sure that you have already investigated a link between the children and the killers? >> yes, ma'am. and there's none that we know of. >> no link that you know of. what now? i believe i've got john on the phone. john, what would your next step be? >> what i believe happened is these people had inside information. these next people who you see that get arrested is going to be a guy who actually marked this family because when they went through that house so rapidly, they had to have inside information. they came dressed in ninja garb because they don't want the cameras to see them and they didn't want their bodies to be detected. let's stop and remember sergeant first class greg sutton.
8:56 pm
38, from oklahoma. killed in iraq. volunteered for a second tour to allow a fellow soldier to retire. awarded the bronze star and purple heart. served as a casualty assistant officer. loved giving candy to iraqi children and leaves behind his wife, joanne, four children, a mother and one sister. greg sutton. an american hero. and dan, parker and cameron, all honor students. thank you to all our guests and especially you for being with us. until then, good night, friends.
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was michael jackson murdered? that's what his older sister is claiming. saying there was a ma nnipulato who were feeding him pills and didn't have his best interest at heart. she said he usually had $1 million in his house and that was missing along with gems. meantime, we have the latest on the custody battle. it was supposed to happen today. it's been pushed back a week. some are saying a deal has been made and it's between debbie rowe and katherine. we have so much to tell you about the jackson case. stay right there. it's all coming up nex
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