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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  July 16, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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you're done? she pulled a fast one! ( laughs ) new windex outdoor all-in-one. a streak-free shine in half the time. s.c. johnson, a family company. breaking news tonight. the mystery surrounding the sudden death of music icon michael jackson intensifies. questions mounting as to his sudden death. half a billion dollar empire and more important, custody of the star's three little children. after murder charges levelled in the death of jackson, his family publicly claiming jackson was murdered. bombshell tonight. did police seize evidence from jackson's bedroom to make a case of homicide? reports police seized a bedside oxygen tank, a bag of liquid from an iv pole, also at
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jackson's bedside. police find multiple tanks of oxygen in the bedroom and more tanks empty in the garage. and tonight, as jackson took his dying breath, was he robbed of nearly $2 million and a cache of jewels? does this support the theory jackson got a lethal dose of diprivan, then went into cardiac arrest just 30 minutes later? this as insiders claim jackson tried to kill himself for years, often carrying a suicide note on his person, writing dozens of such notes and then tearing them up. traveling the world in search of drugs and getting them. trusting only his body guards and a patchwork entourage to keep it all out of the press. tmz stands by their report, this is now a homicide case as the
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da's office still denies it. reports emerge dozens, repeat dozens, of doctors being probed over jackson's death. and was there a massive cover-up? we learn a highly sophisticated, high-tech security system allegedly monitoring every inch of the home, inside and out, including jackson's private living quarters. that secret video of jackson's final moments gone. sources also claim a huge, black, leather bag full of drugs, an ic pole, syringes and iv bags, gone. this as we learn of an alleged killing plot to steal jackson's body. reports the body now hidden and protected by armed guards to stop would-be body snatchers. and tonight, just released video of jackson himself going up in flames during his '84 pepsi
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commercial. significance? was this the inception of the star's addiction to prescription drugs, an addiction that culminated in a second autopsy revealing fresh needle marks in jackson's neck. that's right. his neck. other veins riddled with track marks, many collapsing from iv use. his skin, paper white. his body, emaciated. in contrast, a private video of a dress rehearsal just hours before his death. drugs banned for consumer use only found behind locked doors in the operating room found in the home. jackson reportedly ingesting up to 10,000 piles in just six months, including 40 xanax a night. reports he even wanted to be put under with an iv drip for days on end. essentially lying there like a living corpse for up to 72 hours at a time. and tonight, will janet jackson
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beat the will? the will naming 79-year-old mother katherine guardian of jacks jackson's three children. is sister janet now set to take custody? alternative? father joe jackson, he wants the childr children. jackson himself often revealing physical beatings at the hands of his father, always keeping his children far away. but now joe jackson boasting he will raise the children. and in a stunning statement, actually blames 79-year-old grandmother, katherine, for all the beatings. has jackson's worst nightmare come true? and, of course, tonight, the y payoff. payoff, $4 million for rowe to just go away. rowe vehemently insisting it's
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not true. vultures circle jackson's dead body. the fate of his three children, unknown. >> we're not investigating the doctors. we're investigating mr. michael jackson's death. >> the reports that this case is being treated like a homicide. this is from the los angeles da's office contradicting that. it's still lapd's investigation. they have not filed a case, so therefore this isn't considered a homicide. >> i'm doing well, and i am strong. as you may already know after my tour ended, i remained out of the country undergoing treatment for a dependency on pain medication. this medication was initially prescribed for excushiating pain that i was suffering after surgery on my scalp. >> the pyrotechnics go off too soon. >> it was a seminole moment in his life really because that pepsi commercial created such a painful situation, obviously his
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scalp was scalded. the most important part of that was that he was prescribed demerol to mitigate the pain. >> this was the biggest event of his adult life. the implications of it not just physically but emotionally. his life really did change after that. >> and tonight, a couple with 16 children, 12 adopted, many of them handicapped, murdered in their own home. part of it caught on video. we have the video. the suspects in full ninja garb invade the home. who gunned down this beautiful couple leaving 16 children orphaned? tonight, police charge a blond beauty with accessory to murder. an eighth suspect, pamela long wiggin, has been arrested
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and charged as an accessory after the fact. >> they're not saying a whole lot about what her role is, if they found something at her house. >> a lot of wild rumors float around, especially about any investigation as complex as this one involving all the players that it involves. >> you've been charged with accessory to murder after the fact. >> investigators believe she was very close with leonard gonzalez jr. as his landlord and a friend. >> she was associated with leonard patrick gonzalez jr. until the day of the murders. >> what do you have to say for yourself? >> it is a combination of friendships, casual business relationships that brought this group together. >> did you know the billings were going to die? >> investigators have found some key evidence in the killing of byrd and melanie billings. >> this is the vehicle that wiggin was riding in when she came to visit with investigators. >> apparently it was parked near the mansion before the robbery happened. >> a safe was removed from the billings' residence at the time
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of the murders. >> we've recovered the safe. we've recovered several guns, one of which we believe is the murder weapon. this was a home invasion robbery. i think it is as simple as that in terms of the motive and the -- and what occurred. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us tonight. the mystery surrounding the sudden death of music superstar michael jackson intensifies. >> the lapd has now come forward and said this is not a homicide investigation. we are not considering this a homicide investigation. >> we might learn what caused michael jackson's tragic death. his life cut short at just the age of 50. toxicology results expected to be released. was his death an accident? how many of his doctors are being investigated? how many were associated with him? >> the lapd hasn't said it's not a homicide. they haven't said it is. they said they're open to
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looking at this as a homicide. if diprivan is in his system, if they find a doctor that's responsible for giving it to him, because you don't administer it to yourself, then you could have a homicide investigation and you could potentially have charges. >> video obtained by us weekly of a 1994 pepsi commercial that went horribly wrong. the pyrotechnics went off too early, causing sparks to hit jackson's hair and explode into flames. >> he clearly has, you know, a large bald spot and then doctors have spoken out since then and said that he had to undergo multiple surgeries and treatments. >> we even looked back on that time and noted that that was when he began using the demerol. michael jackson had legitimate pain and he needed medication for that pain. unfortunately, the medication then overtook him and he became addicted to it. >> am i doing well and i am strong. as you may already know after my tour ended i remained out of the country, undergoing treatment for a dependency on pain medication. this medication was initially prescribed for the excruciating
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pain that i was suffering after surgery on my scalp. >> we are taking your calls live. tmz standing by its report that this is, in fact, now a homicide case. the district attorney's office still denying it right now. here is very disturbing and graphic video of what could be the inception of michael jackson's addiction to prescription drugs. you are seeing jackson in his '84 pepsi commercial where he literally catches on fire. apparently unaware he's on fire. he continues to dance and film the commercial. then trying to spin the fire out. you see him coming out, surrounded by people, trying to help him. when he emerges, his scalp is actually burned down to the skin. incredibly painful. there you see jackson coming up off the ground. this is that '84 pepsi
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commercial many people claim is the inception of his addiction to prescription drugs. did it ultimately kill him and who helped him? that clip is obtained by us weekly of the pepsi commercial showing just how severe his injuries were when his hair caught on fire. let's see how they morphed it into the actual commercial. let's take a look at the actual commercial, liz. everyone, we are taking your calls live as we hear reports this is now a homicide investigation. take a look. ♪ >> this is the actual pepsi commercial that aired after the burning. ♪
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my san son, i'm here to celebrate my son. because he was the largest entertainer in the world. >> not letting him play with other kids, not letting him get his driver's license. to joe jackson, michael jackson is dollar signs. >> i'm sorry to say that this recognition came during his death. >> if i am guilty of anything, it is of giving all that i have to give to help children all over the world. it is of loving children of all ages and races. it is of gaining sheer joy from seeing children with their innocent and smiling faces. it is of enjoying through them the childhood that i missed myself. >> we are taking your calls
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live. straight out to mary margaret, senior news editor with what can you tell me about reports that police find on iv pole beside the bed, empty oxygen tanks in the garage, and that they actually confiscated a bag of liquid that was hooked up to that iv pole beside his bed? >> nancy, that's exactly right. it was a really eerie scene in michael jackson's bedroom. like you said, there were multiple used oxygen tanks in the corner. there were pilled strewn and pill bottles strewn across the room. there was a pill tray by the bedside. there was that iv with a bag that the police confiscated as well. >> let's unleash the lawyers. sus susan moss, penny douglas, richard herman.
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welcome to all of you. richard herman, if this is not a criminal investigation, than why are police seizing evidence? >> it's an investigation, nancy. but instead of a homicide, it should be a suicide investigation because after the memorial, scores of people were interviewed to say how brilliant michael jackson was. scores of people were interviewed saying they knew about his drug use and they told him to stop, stop, stop and he kept doing it and he died. he was a junky who died. it happens every day in the united states. >> to dr. bill halibeck, toxicologi toxicologist. thank you for being with us. doctor, in contrast to what attorney richard herman has just blurted out, i doubt very seriously that michael jackson is responsible for putting fresh track marks on his neck. that would be virtually impossible to do, to shoot yourself up in the neck. >> yeah.
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you know, shooting yourself in the neck, people who are drug abusers, they try to find any type of vein they can. when they stop, when they can't find any more veins, sometimes they'll just pop it underneath their skin. for someone to find a vein in their neck, it's not uncommon. i've seen it before. but that's a desperate, a desperate measure. >> extremely desperate. and, penny douglas, how would you explain the fact that there's a doctor living there that, according to reports, shows up in the evening and leaves every morning. i mean, that fits hand in glove with the theory that he would be out with an iv drip all night on diprivan. somebody was giving this to him. he wasn't injecting himself. >> well, nancy, i think the doctor was hired by the insurance company and not by michael jackson. that was a part of the deal with the 50 concerts. and i disagree with mr. herman. i think if anything it was an accidental overdose because
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michael jackson lived for his children. i think if he thought he was going to die, he would have made better arrangements for his children. >> penny douglas, you just said that they -- a doctor was there for the insurance purposes. now, wasn't that doctor to safeguard his health, to guarantee he would perform? >> he was, nancy. >> okay. >> the doctor was not with him 24 hour. >> so why show up just at night? why was he there just at night when jackson wanted to get knocked out on diprivan? >> apparently that's when the insurance company wanted him there or else michael wanted him there at night. but i don't believe this doctor necessarily give him the din diprivan. >> okay. this is -- >> this doctor may not have known about it. >> okay. susan moss, that argument is just disingenuous because when police get there, when everybody gets there, there is an iv pole with a bag full of liquid hanging on it beside the bed.
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there is oxygen tanks all around the room, stacked up in the garage. we know you have to be administered oxygen when you're on diprivan. it's like you're being put out for major surgery for pete sake. someone was monitoring him. he was drugged until he died. >> absolutely. it wasn't just thugs who gave him these drugs. it was doctors who took a hippocratic oath not to do any harm, but instead one of these doctors or maybe more gave diprivan. now, that's a drug that you only use in surgery. the fact that he was given diprivan and not under a surgical situation, i think, is criminal. >> to myron hawkins, everyone, with us tonight exclusively. he is the first cousin of michael jackson. he was there for the private family service for michael jackson. sir, thank you for being with us. tell me how the family is rea reacting to what many people think is a foregone conclusion.
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he's dead. he wasted away taking these drugs and getting drugs through all these people for years. mr. hawkins? >> oh, yes. at this time, i'd like to make a comment regarding that. the family is just waiting to hear the final results. i can't comment on that because i don't know michael's doctors. i can't say as to what he was really doing before he died. all i know is that michael was still shocked regarding his death. quite upset about it. we are still grieving.
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a vido is surfacing showing the moment that michael jackson's hair caught fire. pepsi later settled with michael jackson for $1.5 million. michael jackson donated that money to the burn unit in culver city, california, and the burn ward at the hospital. it was renamed the michael jackson burn center to honor
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jack is in and that generous contribution. was it a turning point for the king of pop? >> straight to you, liz. let's see that video, everyone. we are taking your calls live. this is the video of the ill-fated pepsi commercial. the '84 pepsi commercial. jackson actually catching on fire. he doesn't realize it yet. his head in flames. now he's realizing and he begins spinning around to put the fire out. but it's too late. his scalp already burned intensely. that's a clip obtained by "us weekly" showing just how severe jackson's injuries were when his hair and his scalp caught on fire. as he emerges up off the floor, everyone trying to help him. you see a shot, a painful shot, of the top of his skull, showing
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part of the burning. the pain must have been excruciating. out to ian drew, senior editor with "us weekly" magazine. many people believe this was the inception of his dependency on prescription drugs. and now dozens of doctors being probed. dozens. it was originally just five. but now, ian, dozens? >> well, i know of dozens. personally, i've interviewed michael, been working on this story for so long. coming across doctor after doctor over the years, i mean, there was a doctor farshian i met in 2002 when he had spider bites. now we come to no that no one believed they were spider bites. it was an iv put into his leg from that time. this dr. farshian actually prescribed it at the time. i've met dozens of doctors. he tried to get it any way he could. he went through friends, associat associates. he even met depac chopra and
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asked him to prescribe these drugs. >> so the claim, ian drew, that he traveled the world trying to get drugs from various doctors and succeeded is true? >> absolutely. and he did it all the time and any way he could. it's like any other addict. he used any means necessary to get these drugs after that incident. >> and the doctors gave it to him. >> absolutely. they were blinded by the fame, blinded by the glitter and blinded by being close to a superstar. i'll clean the pool if you clean the windows.
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pick the windows, pick the windows! anything but the windows. deal. oh! new windex outdoor all-in-one... cleans outdoor glass fast. just spray with water, wipe with a windex cleaning pad, and rinse for a streak-free shine in half the time. you're done? she pulled a fast one! ( laughs ) new windex outdoor all-in-one. a streak-free shine in half the time. s.c. johnson, a family company.
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there have been many disgusting statements made recently concerning allegations of improper conduct on my part. these statements about me are totally false. as i have maintained from the very beginning, i am hoping for a speedy end to this horrifying, horrifying experience to which i have been subjected. i shall not in this statement respond to all of the false allegations being made against me since my lawyers have advised me that this is not the proper forum in which to do that.
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>> this accident took place back in 1984 here in los angeles. michael jackson later blamed his addiction to pain medication on this accident, and when you watch the video, it is very clear that, indeed, this accident was very serious. >> the video obtained by "us weekly" shows michael jackson's hair on fire, but as you can see jackson doesn't seem to notice until people surround him. the first one there was jackson's long-time friend, mico brando, son of marlon brando. >> i just went up to him and shook his hand, threw him down on the ground and tried to do the best i could. >> you can see jackson's head is significantly burned, down to the scalp. >> he initially felt a very hot area and couldn't distinguish whether it was the hot lights or something was happening. after a second or two, he felt the intense onset of pain, fell to the ground, and several people came to -- to put out the
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fire and to apply ice to his heads. >> days after the incident, jackson unsuccessfully tried to get the footage released. his record label released this photo. ♪ pepsi eventually ended up releasing the ad, which featured jackson and his brothers. jackson would later claim the accident and subsequent medical treatment led to an addiction to prescription drugs. >> as you may already know after my tour ended, i remained out of the country undergoing treatment for a dependency on pain medication. this medication was initially prescribed to cede excruciating pain that i was suffering after recent reconstructive surgery on my scalp. >> possible drug use is a part of the investigation into jackson's death. what drugs were in jackson's system at the time of his death is still an unanswered question. they say they could have definitive results within the next week.
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>> out to natisha lance, our producer, standing by in l.a. natisha, what about reports that in his dying breath he was robbed of about $2 million and a cache of jewels? >> right. this is coming from la toya jackson. she said michael jackson always kept a certain amount of money on his property. when they got to the house, that money and those jewels were all gone. >> and what about the video? apparently this $100,000 a month rental home he was living in with his children had a very elaborate high-tech security system. every in of the place was under video monitoring, including his living quarters. reports are there's a gap in the video of the time just before his death, natisha. >> right, nancy. there was this video all around, in and about the area in the house where michael jackson was staying. it caught his collapse on this video. however, the video is missing along with a suitcase that also
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contained another iv pole, more drugs, and also syringes. >> out to the lines. cheryl in illinois, hi, cheryl. >> caller: hi, nancy. thanks for taking my call. it's always such an honor to speak with you. >> likewise. thank you for calling in, dear. what is your question? >> caller: when michael received that horrific burn and was put on all that demerol, which was much-needed at the time, my question is don't these doctors have an obligation to discuss to the patient about the dangers of these narcotics and addiction and develop some type of plan to help these people get off the drugs, you know, via reduction or detoxic and then follow up with them? >> to dr. bill halibeck, what about it? what's the duty of these doctors? >> absolutely. i totally agree. burn patients really need these medications and they're receiving them intravenously in the hospital. they need to go home on very
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strong medications to prevent this pain or to control the pain. the issue is that -- it's very difficult and it's a long process, especially with his burns. he had to have several surgeries. he's on these medications for several weeks to several months. it's -- in addition, it's a psychological addiction as well as a physical dependence. so it's -- it's a very difficult situation. and they should be telling him about -- about this possibility, but most people that are on prescription pain medications don't have this problem. you know, prescription pain medications, antibiotics, are the most frequently prescribed medications in the u.s. but it's very available. >> you know, that brings to mind this question to dr. beth any marshall. i understand what the doctor is saying about the time when the burns occurred. but doctor, this is 20 years later, 20-plus years later.
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and doctors are still agreeing to feed him dope like -- like it's -- it's candy corn? what is their duty? and we know that there are dozens, repeat dozens, of doctors, that's at least 24 doctors, now part of a criminal probe, dr. bethany. >> their duty is to protect the patient and provide safe and reliable medical care. but what drug addicts do, we've heard the term doctor shopping. they'll go to a -- one doctor. and especially if they're particularly wealthy and powerful, they'll say to the doctor, oh, you're so wonderful and no one else have ever helped me like you and you're the best and they seduce the doctor with money and compliments. that's why these doctors should not practice alone. they should always practice with partners in a treatment setting when it comes to -- >> you're making excuses for doctors doping up an addict. he, jackson, seduces them. they're the doctors. it's their duty.
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>> well, explanation is not the same as excuse. but you have doctors with greed. i mean, look. he surrounded himself by people who had significant greed. that's why he was able to get these drugs. look, there was greed at the end. there were jewels stolen from his house. it's not an excuse. but these doctors, it was definitely malpractice. >> to myron hawkins, joining us exclusively tonight out of phoenix, arizona. he's jackson's first cousin. he was there at the private memorial with just the family. myron, tell me about jackson as a youth, growing up, when he became a star. what went wrong? >> well, nothing went wrong. michael -- >> well -- >> basically from my standpoint as a first cousin, i lived there in the house with them for a while. we lived -- after that, my mother and father moved out. we lived -- in fact, right around the block from michael. during that time, michael as a kid, when he was born in '59, we
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had already established a good relationship with our parents, being obedient. and just what normal kids do. michael was very playful. i have a photo here that shows in 2003, we had a family get-together at the neverland ranch. i don't know if you have that photo there, nancy. >> i do. we're showing a lot of the exclusive photos that you have given us. >> good. >> but is it true, myron, that joe jackson actually took a belt to you, too? >> oh, well the way you phrase that, i like to put it this way. we all at that time, the belt was used to discipline. it wasn't used as an abusive weapon, okay? my uncle and my mother disciplined us all. we were disobedient and that happened. a lot of times the issues we were dealing with, coming straight home after school. joe has five boys there. he was a black man working in the steel mill taking care of his family. sometimes that calls for strict
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discipline. michael just happened to be one of the children that didn't believe a child should be struck with a belt or anything like that, but there wasn't abuse. >> why did he take a belt to you, myron? >> if i acted up, by mother took a belt to me. >> i'm asking you about joe jackson. he was not your father. i'm asking you why he took a belt to you? what did you do, if anything, to deserve that? >> let me put it this way, nancy. at that time, families lived together and the grandmother and the aunt had permission from both parents to do that. if my mother baby-sat the kids -- >> i'm asking you why somebody, not your parents, took a belt to you. >> i'm going to put it this way. i'm not going to go into specifics, but for being disobedient. it could be for a number of things. maybe not obeying a matter of cleaning up your room. you know, you tell a kid to do something.
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shocking, never-before-seen footage of michael jackson. the accident that really changed his life, filming a pepsi commercial in 1984. >> his scalp was scalded badly and he was in deep pain. so initially, his prescription drug situation started out in a very innocent way. it was really important to him how he looked. as a celebrity and as a person who unfortunately wasn't really secure in his own skin. nonetheless, you know, he felt that he had to look good. and so his -- your visual image was very important to him. >> the pain associated with burns is just horrific. it's the nerve endings, the skin, the hair. and then you have grafts that you have to go through. it's a long process. it's an arduous process. >> this is something that did
8:44 pm
not heal quickly or well or totally. >> out to firpo carr, thank you for being with us. what can you tell me? have any of the family members talked to you about the status of the investigation? >> well, you know, what i have is information that the family members may not have. that's because i was with lapd for about ten years, so i know the individuals who are involved pretty much in the investigation. for instance, kyle jackson is the commander of the robbery homicide division of the lapd. so -- but, of course, he's not giving up any information and neither will his investigators because they want to do it properly. of course, chief brattin runs a tight ship. he's done a great job. they're tight-lipped about everything. >> mr. carr, do you believe this is, in fact, a homicide investigation? tmz is standing by their report that it is. >> in my own personal opinion, i would say that if robbery homicide division is looking into it that that is probably the case. we know for sure that michael
8:45 pm
jackson -- that almost seems like a contradiction of terms. he died at the hands of another. that seems to be the case. so sooner or later, we will find out -- and i think it's going to be sooner more than later, exactly what happened. >> with me is firpo carr, jackson family friend, former family spokesperson. to vince vulaz kelazquevelazque detective, the da's office still insisting it's not a homicide investigation. do you believe it? >> i do. that's not unusual, nancy. it's a death investigation. until they can establish perhaps motive and intent, it's not going to be a homicide. maybe manslaughter. all the evidence collecting, all of that will be presented to the district attorney's office and the medical community. the experts will make a determination. >> mr. velazquez, are you a lawyer as well as a hostage investigator? >> no, ma'am. >> why would you believe this is just a voluntary manslaughter
8:46 pm
charge when obviously someone had shot him up in the neck? >> what i'm saying is in this state we have felony murder. i'm not sure about california. if they have felony murder, then it could be. >> well-put. very quickly, i want to show you that video that many people believe is the inception of michael jackson's addiction to prescription pain killers. this is the '84 pepsi commercial. there he is. many of these takes were done. i believe this was the sixth or seventh take. and the hot lighting actually catches his hair on fire. this clip obtained by "us weekly." it's that pepsi commercial taping. it shows how severe jackson's injuries were. there he goes down. he was under intense medication while in the hospital and stayed on that regimen or a similar one after going home.
8:47 pm
many people say he never recovered from this '84 incident. extremely disturbing and graphic video. out to christy in west virginia. hi, christy. >> caller: hi, nancy. how are you doing this evening? >> i'm doing well, dear. >> caller: the doctor that was staying with him, could he have injected some type of medication into his neck to restart his heart? and the same goes for the doctors in the er. >> that's a very good question. yes, we know that there was adrenalin shot directly into the heart by the paramedics. track marks in the vein, highly unusual as a resuscitation attempt, but it could be. they have to detail that in their report. so we will be able to eliminate they if they did that. we are taking your calls live. i want to go back to myron hawkins, first cousin of michael jackson. he wants to clarify it wasn't a belt that jackson's father beat
8:48 pm
him with. it was a strap. do you think that makes it better? >> nancy, are you there? >> i am. >> okay, good. okay. now, you keep stressing on that belt. i just want to make this fact known. my uncle did not abuse no one. he did not abuse me. we were disciplined. my mother whipped me with a belt but she didn't abuse me. >> well, that is not what michael jackson said. >> i know what he said. let me clarify this. >> okay. >> what michael said was front his standpoint as a child. michael did not believe any child should be struck or any type of discipline like that. but millions of americans know that the normal procedure was a strap was used. >> say what? >> hold it. and the say you say belt, you say it so hard. but that's a form of discipline. >> not everybody agrees with you that a strap should be taken to a child. >> we were disciplined. the strap was used as a form of discipline. that's your opinion, okay? >> and that is yours, myron. >> that's your opinion.
8:49 pm
but no -- but you're trying to accuse my uncle of being abusive. he was not. >> i'm not accusing anyone. >> oh, yes, you are. >> i'm just saying what michael jackson said on air. >> i lived with him. i know what he said and i know his view. his view on discipline, he did not believe that that type of discipline should be used on children. >> i heard you the first three times. >> that's his opinion. >> let's go to a child lawyer, susan moss. what about it? >> i love when they say joe jackson never beat him except when he beat him with a strap or a belt or some other apparatus. a beating is a beating. >> you guys -- >> penny douglas and richard herman, you know, there is not going to be any criminal charges against joe jackson. anything that did happen, myron hawkins saying it didn't happen, happened many, many, many years ago. it cannot be resuscitated as a charge. >> no, cannot be resuscitated.
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>> penny? >> nancy, i have to say i understand what his cousin is saying. i grew up in south carolina. i've been in many churches where i've heard sermons in many chure i've heard sermons about spare the rod, spoil is child. these people believe they are doing the right thing. >> i don't know what your southern lineage has to do with anything. gary, indiana, in california. >> he said he hit them with the belt when they didn't clean their room. that's not discipline, that's abuse. i agree with richard herman. i don't think the inception of the addiction was with the incident with the hair catching on fire. i think it was the abuse that made him unable to self-soothe without drugs. >> to ian drew, back to the
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topic. when will we get some sort of resolution on the murder investigation? >> we're hoping in two weeks or less. and we'll see because there's going to be more and more coming out of that obviously. ♪
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the latest in the double murders of this beautiful couple leaving 16 children orphaned. to ed lavandera, cnn correspondent, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, we understand that authorities here are saying they are pushing the end of their investigation. we've had a lot of interesting details come out today. the latest is that they have found the safe stolen from the home and they've found the weapons and weapon they believe was used in those murders. we understand those weapons are being sent off for testing and authorities are in the process of processing what was in the
8:55 pm
safe. >> now special guest, the pio of the sheriff's office. i understand a blond realtor is charged with accessory after the fact. what does she have to do with this? >> she was an associate of the seven suspects. we determined that a vehicle registered to her was parked near the compound and used as a getaway vehicle. it also contained the safe and guns used in this horrible crime. >> with all of these people involved in a so-called conspiracy, i'm not trying to detract from the seriousness of it. two people are dead, 16 children orphaned. with this many people involved, somebody's going to talk. >> exactly. you can't keep this many people
8:56 pm
from not speaking to someone and that helped in this investigation. it also helped that well, we believe one of the people involved, one of the persons of interest, did not disable this video surveillance. >> you know what? all i can say about that is praise the lord for that idiot that didn't unhook the security device. thank you for being with us. let's stop and remember darrell griffin jr., 36, california. killed in iraq, second tour, awarded a bronze star. loved reading books, writing, leaves behind wife, stepmother, darrell griffin jr., american hero. i'll see you tomorrow night.
8:57 pm
good night, friends. -- captions by vitac -- up next, breaking developments in the custody aspect of the michael jackson death case. we saw at michael jackson's memorial, how warm the feeling was between little paris who's 11 and her aunt, janet jackson, now, okay magazine reporting that all three jackson kids want to be with janet jackson. a source saying their heart melts when she walks in a room. we'll have the very latest on how this could affect monday's hearing. and we'll have the latest on the horrific double murder down in florida. now, an eighth person arrested. it's a female. she has since gotten out on bail, but why would she be involved as an accessory after
8:58 pm
the fact when she's a wealthy realtor. we'll examine on "issues."
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