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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  July 27, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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we begin tonight with breaking news. the investigation into the sudden death of music icon michael jackson is intensifying. as we await the coroner's autopsy expected to be released at any moment. sources are confirming jackson's private doctor, with the music superstar the day he collapses, administered the powerful drug authorities believe killed jackson. detectives are sifting through scores of documents and other evidence seized in two raids connected to jackson's private doctor. also tonight, have there
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been multiple breaches within the coroner's office? now comes word investigators are looking into leaks regarding jackson's autopsy. this, as the battle heats up over jackson's $500 million empire and custody of his three children. the jackson's family attorney confirms bio mom debbie rowe and grandmother katherine are working behind closed doors to come to an agreement over jackson's three children. their final fate still unknown. we have a personal doctor here with him, sir. >> oh, you have a doctor there? >> a source close to the michael jackson family and with knowledge of the investigation confirms to cnn that jackson's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray, administered the powerful drug that authorities
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believe killed him. >> the most important piece of evidence will be cause of death. the nature of this drug, as i understand it, is that it is far from an ordinary drug given to people. >> good evening, i'm jean casarez of the legal network "in session" in for nancy grace tonight. the sudden death of music icon michael jackson. >> did anybody witness what happened? >> just the doctor. >> a source close to the jackson family says jackson's personal doctor administered a powerful drug that authorities believe killed him. >> this is the first time -- this is through a source that's close to the family with knowledge of the investigation, that dr. conrad murray, michael jackson's personal physician, the doctor that was with jackson at the time of his death, has been connected to the drug pro po fol or diprivan, an a anesthetic normally used in a
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hospital setting. the allegation according to the source that murray administered this to michael jackson in his home. >> before we take you to the breaking news in the michael jackson case, we do want to care fly something from our coverage on friday night. during a discussion on latest developments in the case, tom o'neil of "in touch weekly" said a woman by the name of stacy howe was the office manager for dr. arnold klein, jackson's long-time dermatologist. in addition, he suggested this meant there was a connection between dr. klein and dr. conrad murray. now, that's the private physician allegedly with jackson when the music star collapsed. to be clear, stacy howe has never worked for dr. klein and there is no link between dr. klein and dr. murray. murray's office was recently searched as part of the investigation. and now straight out to ted rowland, cnn correspondent. ted, you are breaking this news for the network cnn and hln. what are you a beble to confirm
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tonight? >> basically, jean, we're talking about the connection between dr. conrad murray and this powerful anesthetic diprivan or propophyl. basically, used in clinics and hospitals to put patients down for usually minor surgical procedures. it's actually a very common drug. but it's not common outside of a hospital setting. and what we're reporting is that a source with knowledge of the investigation -- this is someone close to the family -- says that dr. conrad murray did undeed administer this drug to michael jackson within 24 hours of his death. that's what we're reporting tonight. >> all right, ted, is your source defining for you the word administered? because i think that's a very important word here. >> no. and it is very important. other things that will be very important moving on here, is will this be the cause of death in the eyes of the coroner?
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it's still a long way to go before you even get to that point. this is something -- and you've heard many people chime in on this over the past few weeks. would never really have any use outside of that setting. if it was used in any way, if it did contribute to jackson's death, then there could be some potential legal issues for dr. murray in that it may have in the prosecutor's mind not been properly used in its manner and there could be some potentially -- charges down the line. cheeril l clearly, we're a long way away from that. >> that is the first time, i believe, through your sources that we have connected dr. murray and michael jackson with allegedly that powerful drug. ted, do your sources say that we can expect any more searches executed with dr. murray's storage units or office facilities? >> yes. in fact, that is something that you should expect in the coming days most likely as a part of
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this investigation and you have to step back as well here, that you're talking about not only local police here, but also the drug enforcement agency, the dea, and they are going through and meticulously, like we saw in the anna nicole smith case, going back and looking at not only dr. murray but all of the other doctors and drugs that jackson encountered in the months, weeks, day, leading up to his death. we're talking about murray, they're going in with these search warrants looking for very specific things, specific record, and you look at the houston search warrant which was served. they took out just a finite amount of documentation and a hard drive, that was it. because of confidentiality issue, these are very meticulous searches. >> do we know where dr. murray is right now? >> we don't. his lawyer through their representative is not saying where he is, and they are not commenting either on this specific report today. what they are saying is they're not going to comment at all on
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rumor, innuendo or source reporting, saying they're going to wait until this coroner report comes out. we expect that possibly by the end of this week or in the weeks to come. they may also be taking their time. we have -- initially we had indications that the record was coming out this week. however, we haven't had a lot of stability in terms of that reporting. in fact, now we're hearing it may be delayed a bit. >> all right. take us back to the very beginning that 911 call. we can confirm, dr. conrad murray was in the home that day, correct? >> absolutely. you can hear his voice in the background. at one point, when the caller is talking to the disdispatcher and the dispatcher says, well, come on, man, i'm going to help you give cpr basically it and the caller says, oh be we have a doctor here, personal physician. you can hear murray in the background responding to a question through the dispatcher. and it's at that point, too, we also learned that murray is giving cpr on the bed, rather
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than on the floor, which would be the normal procedure, because of the hard surface. now, murray, through his lawyer, said that they did that using a hand underneath and that he was -- he's a licensed doctor, he knew what he was doing, and he was conducting the cpr in a proper manner. >> and he is a cardiologist, not an and steethologist, yes? >> that is correct, yes. >> all right. we'll be right back with more on this. more on the michael jackson case. the investigation. breaking news tonight. that dr. conrad murray, cnn sources, ted rowland, has confirmed that dr. murray administered the powerful drug that authorities believed at this point may have caused michael jackson. let us go out to a caller. karen in maryland. good evening, karen. >> caller: hi, how are you? >> i'm fine. >> caller: thank you very much for taking my call. my question is, if he's a cardiologist and he administered diprivan, which is supposedly only administer by anesthesiologists, wouldn't that be more than manslaughter
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charges, you know, rather than -- shouldn't it be murder in the second degree? not only that, but by his own admission, he said when he found michael jackson the day of his death, he said he was still warm and he still had a pulse and yet he performed cpr immediately on him and from everything i know about cpr and have learned about cpr, the last thing you do is give chest compressions to someone who has a pulse because that could actually stop the person's heart from beating. >> all right. a lot of questions. let's go out to the lawyers. from atlanta, holly hughes, former prosecutor with us tonight. randy kessler, defense attorney, out of the atlanta jurisdiction. doug burn, defense attorney out of new york. holly hughes, first of all, having a cardiologist allegedly administer a powerful drug such as diprivan rather than an and steeth and steethologist, does that to you raise red flags? >> absolutely. a possible murder 2 charge.
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depraved deprav depraved indifference to human life. that gives me great concern, great pause. think you could up the charges here, jean. >> to doug burn, defense attorney out of new york. when we hear the word "administer" -- >> right. >> -- that the doctor administered a powerful drug, what does that as a buzzword, "administer," say to you? >> i heard you flag that earlier, jean, and you're right. i'm not sure what it means. i'm not so sure why this report is being so extensively discussed when we don't have the final chemical or toxicological reports back yet. what is everybody going to say when itp comes back he didn't de from that drug? >> that's right. to randy keskessler, defense attorney, out of atlanta. just because this drug was administered, we don't have proof of cause of death. >> you also need to know the doctor's intent. what did the doctor intend to do?
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he may have died of something else. >> it is confirmed tonight, it is breaking news, con, ted rowland, has confirmed that dr. conrad murray administered the powerful drug that authorities believe killed michael jackson. what that does do is it links a doctor that is a suspect in this case, he is a person of interest, search warrants have been executed at his home and office along with the powerful drug and michael jackson. tonight, we are on the search for nancy grace's number one fan. send us an e-mail or an i-report telling us why you are nancy's number one fan. the best submissions will air on the show. you can win an autographed copy of nancy's new novel, "the 11th victim." plus a trip to new york city to meet nancy yourself. get your video cameras and your e-mails really to go to and submit your number one fan i-record or e-mail. we'll be right back.
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we know that michael's been doing drugs interveniously for, what, more than a decade. >> claims from some of michael jackson's former employees about his alleged drug use. >> jackson reportedly ingesting up to 10,000 pills in six months, including a reported 40 xanax a night. >> i heard about demerol. i heard about all the drugs being bandied about now. so none of this is new. none of this is surprising. >> a source involved in the investigation said the singer's arms were riddled with marks and veins in both arms had collapsed. >> it is a real tip-off when somebody is using the veins in their neck because those are some of the last resort veins that addicts shoot up in. >> michael jackson did struggle
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with sleep. he told everyone. the nurse who talked to him for four days spoke to him, four days before he died, and he was begging her to supply him with propofol or diprivan. >> he wanted this dip raverivan. he was emphatic. he always wanted to have a large quantity. he wanted a large quantity at his house. >> hi, debby. i wanted to know what you think of dr. klein being under investigation for his practices? >> that's up to dr. klein and the government i guess. >> what do you think of him use a gynecologist office -- >> i haven't worked for dr. klein for 12 years. >> do you know what propofol is? >> yep. >> what is it? >> medication that's used in anesthesia. >> what did you inject michael with? what did you inject michael
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with? >> i'm jean casarez of the legal network "in session" in for nancy grace tonight. that was video of debbie rowe. cnn is confirming tonight a source to the michael jackson family and with knowledge of the investigation is saying dr. conrad murray did, in fact, administer the powerful drug that authorities believe killed michael jackson. now, dr. conrad murray has not been labeled a suspect, even a person of interest, but he has been at the center of two search warrants executed last week into an investigation into the crime of manslaughter as it says on the search warrants. out to sherry lynn lee, a special guest. the former nurse to michael jackson. first of all, miss lee, thank you so much for joining us. what is your reaction to the news tonight. >> well, it's very shocking.
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and i'm still very torn about hearing what's happening even at this point in time. >> i'm sure. because you in a sense had been close to it. you knew michael jackson. has law enforcement contacted you at all since you voluntarily handed over reports from your office? >> yes. >> since i volunteered to hand over reports, no i haven't spoken to law enforcement. just one time. >> all right. talk to us about how michael jackson begged to you for this powerful drug of diprivan. >> it was april of 2009. that he asked me for the drug or the medication. and he said, need to have this medication because it helped me sleep. he went in detail to say once one drop hits my vein with the i.v., he said, i go to sleep right away. i'm knocked out and i'm asleep.
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i tried to tell him after i found out what it was, i tried to explain to him, even i went to a second level of going to my office, picking up the physician desk reference, and going in detail, telling him about this medication. and it was something he was not to use at home. and i read over a lot of the symptoms. and said, michael, i'm very concerned about you taking this. and not just concerned, i read off a multitude of symptoms and the one being death. and, you know, i don't even know why i came out and said that because -- i said, michael, you're so concerned, wanting to go to sleep, and i understand that, and -- but the problem is, is waking up from this the next day. and i just had great concerns. i explained it to him. he tried to reassure me, to let me know that he had -- you know, basically, had had it before, and he had an experience where he was monitored. he said, i'm going to be fine. he could see i was really upset about this. but he was trying to reassure me
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that i would be fine because i'm going to be monitored. >> to doug burn, defense attorney. what role does it play that michael jackson asked for this, begged for this, wanted this, said, i'm going to be fine? does it play a role at all? >> well, yes, that's the key formulation, jean. in other words, option a is that michael jackson utilizing -- this is sort of hypothetical but probably true to the case, utilizing many different runner, many enablers, many suppliers, simply running amok and one individual doctor couldn't know that. option b is this particular physician participated to an extent way outside the normal course of medical practice and should be held responsible. the truth, of course, is between "a" and bnc"b" and that's why i a complicated case. >> medical toxicologist, emergency medicine physician. when it is being confirmed by
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cnn that allegedly the doctor administered a powerful drug, how do you define administering a powerful drug such as diprivan? >> i think they're going to have to define it themselves. i don't know what to make of this diprivan. it's not used for sleep. people use this and their sedate -- they're under general anesthesia. i'm very confused. i don't know -- you can't administer it to yourself. someone has to give it to you.
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i said, michael, if you take that medicine, you might not wake up. >> we're not investigating the doctors. we're investigating mr. michael jackson's death. >> you've got doctors who allegedly overprescribed or abused or used aliases. that's really what they're looking at here. the lapd police chief said they're looking for the coroner's report to corroborate the cause of death. it it's a death investigation. until they can establish motive and intent, it's not going to be a homicide. >> sooner or later, we will find out -- and i think it's going to
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be sooner more than later -- exactly what happened. >> i'm jean casarez of the legal network "in session" in for nancy grace. this morning, the attorney for katherine jackson appeared on nbc's "today" show with matt lauer. he spoke. he said some very interesting things. let's listen. >> she wasn't just some passive, loving mom. she was someone that was regularly in touch with michael, michael trusted her dearly. she was supportive and she was the trustee. so we believe that she is the most trusted person in the entire world, notwithstanding what happened in 2002, and she's the most fit from a legal standpoint, to serve as a guardian of the estate. >> and that was katherine jackson's lawyer on nbc's "today" show. let's go out to jan hager, legal editor of michael jackson's will dill len
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yated who he wanted as the co-executors of his estate. it was not katherine jackson. what are your thoughts on this? >> exactly. his will specifically stated that he wanted john branca and john mcclane, two trusted, longtime business advisers and friends, of over 30 years, to be the executors of the estate. reported this afternoon that mr. branca and mr. mcclane had been -- sources tell me they've been in talks with the other side, to give allowances to the family, and they said what -- how much money do you guys want? how much money does katherine jackson need for the children? and they were given a number. and it was mutually agreed upon. furthermore, there has been absolutely no evidence brought forward by mr. mcmillan or anyone on katherine jackson's
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front that he was involved with any of his business affairs.
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agents from the dea executing a search warrant at dr. conrad murray's houston clinic. then, murray's lawyers release a bombshell. a statement confirming that a potential case of manslaughter is being built against the doctor. who was with michael jackson when he died. the statement reads, in part, "the search warrant authorized law enforcement to search for and seize items, including documents, they believed constituted evidence of the offense of manslaughter." according to murray's lawyer, a
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gents took a forensic image of a business computer hard drive and 21 documents during the search. murray, who is being paid $150,000 a month to care for jackson, has been at the center of what, until now, has been simply characterized as a death investigation. murray's lawyers say they were surprised by the search. but, they say, they've provided everything detectives have asked for. murray's lawyer said, quote, based on dr. murray's minute by minute and item by item description of michael jackson's last days, he should not be a target of criminal charges. dr. murray was the last doctor standing when michael jackson died. and it seems all the fury is directed towards him. >> i'm jean casarez of the legal network "in session." in for nancy grace tonight. let's go straight out to ted rowlands live in los angeles. ted, you are breaking this news for the cnn network and hln. for the first time, dr. conrad murray is being linked to michael jackson and to the death
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of michael jackson. explain. >> well, not necessarily the death of michael jackson, jean. that will have to come out after the coroner comes out with the final cause of death. but what we're saying is that according to a source close to the family with knowledge of the investigation, that dr. conrad murray administered this diprivan or propofol to jackson. this is the drug normally only used in the hospital or clinical setting. he, apparently according to this source, administered it to michael jackson within 24 hours of jackson's death. at the very least, it raised some serious eye-brows, especially in the medical community where doctors have said there will be no feasible reason why you would administer this drug. it is completely safe, this drug, in a hospital setting. but according to physicians, this is something where you need to monitor completely with oxygen on hand and somebody on hand administering, checking vital the at all times. it's just not something used
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outside a hospital or clinic. >> the official i got is linking dr. conrad murray administering the powerful drug that authorities believe killed him. what authorities are we talking about? >> this is according to the source close to the family. and the authorities would be the initial investigators. so we're talking about the lapd investigators, et al, and not necessarily we don't know if we're talking about -- the coroner's final report. there's more in the equation here. you're talking about, yes, this drug is -- is not supposed to be used outside a hospital setting. but other things could be involved here, too. other drugs could be involved. and other environmental things could be involved. could have contributed to michael jackson's death. until the coroner comes out and says michael jackson died because of diprivan, you can't make that connection now to murray in handcuffs and dipri n diprivan. >> you are so right. very, very good points.
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now, we had believed that the toxicology report, the autopsy report, would be released this week. we're only on monday. do we still believe that is so? >> well, it's one of those things where it's changing by the day and there are some indications now that we're getting off the record type of stuff that it may not be the end of this week. that was sort of the initial target. a couple weeks ago, we expected it. they said it would take a couple weeks more. everybody sort of gearing towards the end of this week. we're just going to have to wait and see. clearly, they want to have this thing buttoned up before they release it to the public, especially. and especially if they're going to go the route of a homicide as cause of death. >> no question. and that's interesting, too, in and of itself, that they are extending this time period, week after week. how the to natisha lance, nancy grace producer. you've been on the case since the beginning. what can you add to what ted rowlands just said? ? jean, this comes open the heel ofs of raid of dr. murray's
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office in texas and his storage unit in texas. they took several rolodex cards. one of those cards included information on his fedex. and muscle relax and pills. and that search warrant issued for the doctor's office in houston was for evidence, searching for evidence of manslaughter. >> that is right and manslaughter is the crime. it appears as though authorities are looking at. holly hughes, former prosecutor, out of atlanta jurisdiction, even if, in someone when they die, there is a mix of drugs, doesn't it also become important, if one drug was a substantial cause of someone's death? it doesn't have to be the sole cause, right? >> well, absolutely, jean. what you're looking at is who's going to be responsible. back-tracking just a moment. when we were talking earlier, talking about maybe a second degree murder charge, depraved indifference. you can infer intent. it's also reckless indangerment. you don't necessarily have to
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intent to kill him when you administer the drug but you intend to do the act. what you intended to do is not kill him, but administer the drug. that takes care of the intent issue. obviously, they're looking for the main source. they're looking for what contributed to his death and what was the main contributor. sounds to me based on what we're hearing, jean, that they think this injection or this administering the pro po poll is going to be the main culprit. >> we want to reiterate dr. conrad murray has never been classified as a suspect or a person of interest. merely, he is part of the investigation that the l.a. county sheriff's department and the coroner's office is conducting. another big issue on the forefront is the custody the children. this morning, mcmillan, the attorney for katherine jackson, spoke on nbc's "today" show in regard to the issue of custody. once again, interesting things to say. let's listen. >> we have been working on an
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agreement. and i want to say that the parties have been very responsible. debbie rowe, her lawyers, mrs. jackson. they've been very thoughtful, very caring and very prudent. and we do believe that we're close to reaching an agreement. and the swirling speculation is just swirling speculation. the agreement is a custody agreement. whatever the agreement will be, will not be based on money. >> that was katherine jackson's lawyer, on nbc's "today" show. out to kelly syninc, host of ceb there is not alleged agreement between the parties on the issue in rarpd regards to custody. >> what the lawyer said this morning is it's supposed to come out august 3. an agreement could be reached anytime. he kept saying the word "agreement." meaning that it didn't sound like debbie rowe's side was fighting for these children. that these two woare working things out very amicably.
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he really thinks this deal is going to happen soon. >> to randly kessler out of atlanta. if the custody agreement has nothing to do with money, what's the issue? >> well, the issue is where the kids are going to be. we know who he's representing. he kept talking about what a great mother figure she was. he's representing grandma. this is the way custody issues should be resolved. not in court. not in front of the whole world. but privately behind closed doors where you can really say what you mean. you know, mom, debbie rowe, can say, maybe it's not best for the kids to live with me. she can say that privately. she doesn't want to say that in an open court. it probably will be resolved by the people who care about the kids as opposed to the judge who really -- >> randy what about the fine print here? is she asking for visitation? is there an issue where she wants -- of course the court has continuing jurisdiction, but katherine jackson is 79 years old. does she want an issue at that point in time? >> everything anything goes in a custody negotiation. she sounds like when the kids want to know their real mother,
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how are they going to effectuate that? there are a lot of issues. what we do as family law attorneys is predict the future and try to avoid potential pitfalls. that's the agreement they're working on now. what happens when, god forbid, grandma dies? they've got to figure that stuff out now so they don't have to come back to court. >> randy, why i have you, what about the third child, blanket? debbie rowe is not the mother. he's only 7 years old right now. what about a guardian after katherine passes? >> i think he's going to be lumped in, unless somebody objects to the same custody arraignment for him, he's going to be part of this family period. whoever takes over the other two are going to take this child. they're a family, they're a unit, and that's what they need to be. >> to tonight's safety tip. with millions of students set to return to college campuses this fall, here are tips to protect yourself. when leaving your dorm or apartment, make sure your doors and windows a s ars are locked. travel with another person, especially after dark, and walk
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in well-lit areas. carry pepper spray or personal alarm on your key chain. check under your car before getting inside. be aware of your surroundings and anything that appears suspicion. if in danger, get to the nearest building or residence and yell for help.
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he's not breathing, sir. >> okay, and he's not conscious either? >> he's not conscious, sir. >> leave him alone. stop the crazy names that they call him. because what more do you have to do to make people realize he's a human being? >> did anybody witness what happened? >> no, just the doctor, sir. the doctor is the only one here. >> what's your concern? >> i can't get fwhoo that. i don't like what happened. >> there's nothing in his history. nothing that dr. murray knew that would lead him to believe that he would go into sudden cardiac arrest or respiratory failure. >> his daughter said it all. my daddy. he was a human being. he was a person. he was a father.
8:44 pm
he was an uncle. he was a brother. he was a son. and they need to leave him alone. >> i'm jean casarez of the legal network "in session." in for nancy grace tonight. this is very big news coming out of california tonight in regard to the death of michael jackson. let's go straight out to ted rowlands, cnn correspondent. ted, for people just joining us, tell us what you have confirmed. >> well, jean what we're reporting is that according to a source close to the jackson family, with knowledge of the ongoing investigation into michael jackson's death, dr. conrad murray administered propofol or diprivan to jackson within 24 hours of his death. that is the drug that is normally used only in a hospital or a clinical setting. this source says that authorities believe that jackson's doctors, dr. murray, administered this drug to jackson in jackson's home prior to his death. now, dr. murray, through his lawyers, he is -- they are not
8:45 pm
commenting specifically about this. but they have said in the past and they referred to it again today, anything that murray prescribed or administered should not have killed michael jackson, is what their stance is. and they say they are still completely complying with all of the demands of authorities in terms of any documentation or interviews. they have another one apparently still planned. a third interview with pd detectives here in l.a. planned. >> all right. to the doctor. medical toxicologist. if michael jackson ingested this powerful drug 24 hours before he died, would it show up in a toxicology report? >> that's a good question. diprivan, when you give it intravenously, it starts acting within seconds. and it only lasts minutes. so when this drug -- if it was given to him within 24 hours, if it's given in one injection, it -- it started to work in a couple seconds. in a couple minutes, it's gone and he should be awake. the only time you really are in
8:46 pm
danger obviously, if you stop breathing, or if you're on a continuous drip. you know, you don't have to be an anesthesiologist to use this. i know, you know, as long as you have training in conscious or moderate sedation, you can use this, but as was stated before, you have to be monitored. you have to be -- oxygen has to be ready. you have to be prepared for this person to stop breathing. >> to lynn out in michigan. hi, lynn, thanks for waiting. >> caller: oh, that's okay. thank you for taking my call. first, i would like to applaud miss lee for having the inner strength to refuse michael the medication. and, second, i was wondering whether the passport from the so-called doctors/drug dealers/enablers have been confiscated? because right now it seems they
8:47 pm
do not know where dr. murray is or they're not saying. and i'm wondering whether, you know, a flight risk? >> first of all, dr. murray has not been charged. he's not even been labeled a suspect so he is free to go anywhere he wants to go, that including is where a passport will take him. to cherilyn lee though. some very kind words just said to you. how difficult was it for you to deny michael jackson diprivan? >> it was very easy to deny because i know it was something that was life threatening and should not be given at home. it was very easy to deny him not having this. >> was it something that stayed on your mind afterwards? you just couldn't forget it? because an unusual request. >> an unusual request. but i thought that since i went to great length to show him in the pdr what would be the consequence, if he were to have this at home and not in a hospital setting, i really thought that he would not have done this. >> all right. >> or someone else would not have said "i will do this" for
8:48 pm
him. >> to mark hillman, clinical psychotherapist, author "my therapist is making me nuts." what is the mind-set of someone that is begging for, asking for, anyone they can find for this powerful drug? >> well, you said it, the beginning of the show that he was taking 40 xanax a night. so clearly to me, that would indicate someone who's addicted to pain killers. there are three quick points i'd like to make. one, hope that children are getting some sort of grief counseling. two, michael made a very rational statement in terms of assigning two people outside the family. as we all know, family and money is like oil and water. and until such time, as dan burns said earlier in the show, that we have the facts of the toxicology reports, we need to be very careful that we don't emotionally convict dr. murray of any wrongdoing. also, the issue with the other docs is what happened to the hippo cratic oath that says "do no harm" when he's coming under
8:49 pm
aliases and getting bucketfuls of drugs? >> firpo carr, jackson family friend. your thoughts? >> first of all, i would like to ask miss lee a question. that is, if she's a nutritionist, why in the world would michael jackson call her to administer diprivan? also -- let me ask another question, too. another thing. michael jackson -- she said michael jackson begged her. michael jackson didn't beg anyone for anything. and i find that very difficult to believe. so i'd love to hear her answers to those questions first. i have a couple of more. >> miss lee, very quickly, your response. >> yes. my -- i'm also a nurse practitioner. and a physician assistant. and also a -- mr. jackson felt very comfortable with me. he was begging for -- i won't say begging. he wanted sleep. he had insomnia. and he was asking for something to help him to sleep.
8:50 pm
>> all right. thank you so much, everyone. tonight, we are on the search for nancy grace's number one fan. please, send usa e-mail or i-report telling us why you sea for nancy grace's number one fan. please send us an e-mail or ireport telling us why you are nancy's number one fan. the best submissions will air on the show. you will win an autographed copy. plus a trip to new york to meet nancy yourself. get your video cameras ready. >> i want to thank you for your calls and e-mails about "11th victim" comes out on august 11. you asht first to see it right now. of course after lucy pictured here, who grabbed it first. about a prosecutor who tries her best to give up criminal law and start a new life. when her friends are murdered,
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let's go straight out to jackson family friend, former family spokesperson. i want you to listen to ms. lee as she explains to us what michael jackson originally said to you in regard to the drug he wanted and your reaction. cherilyn. do we have -- yes, what did michael jackson originally say to you when he approached you on this? >> what he said was, he really wanted to get a good night's sleep. and that he had gone through everything in the past, really
8:55 pm
didn't help him to sleep. and he wanted a -- the diprivan. he was aware with an iv of diprivan he would be able to sleep and have a good night's sleep. >> okay. >> are you an operating room nurse? >> no, i am not. >> how would you know about diprivan. >> i did not know about diprivan. i had to research it, yes. >> michael jackson fired you, did he not in april? >> no, he did not. >> i see, have you ever been fired before from the job? >> no, and i also worked for the federal prison. >> all right. >> i think bottom line, ms. lee, you told him no. you told mike jackson no, you would not give him the drug. that i think is the bottom line. out to a crime analyst and director of cold case squad pine lake p.d., what is the investigation doing right now in regards to awful this? >> jean, it is expanding. it is expanding daily. and what the police are going to do is they're going to look at
8:56 pm
these drugs. look at prescriptions. they're going to look at ail yanss, doctors and keep linking this case together until all the pieces fit. they're going to weigh obviously on the results of the coroner's office and see how again, this expands over time. we're nowhere near done here. >> all right. and tonight, let us stop to remember math you apuan, 27 years old. on a second tour in iraq. he was awarded the army commendation medal. he loved u.s. history, skateboarding, soccer, fine wines, and putting vietnamese hot sauce on many foods. he dreamed of finishing studies at mexico state university. he leaves he bind parents, charles, sandra, sister amy, fiancee nicole. matthew apuan, an american hero. thank you to awful our guests and for you at home for being with us. see you tom night, 8:00 sharp
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eastern. until, good night, everybody. coming up next -- a slew of astounding developments in the michael jackson case. we are going to give you an exclusive tour of a house in las vegas that michael jackson reportedly wanted to buy. and turn into something called "wonderland." was he trying to re-create neverland in las vegas? we are also going to see how debbie rowe reacted when tmz asked her about a powerful surgical knockout drug. stunners in the custody battle. you will not believe what is happening there between katherine and debbie rowe. now let's turn to octo reality. that's right, octomom, finally, inking a deal on her own reality show. but it has to be approved by a judge because there is kids involved. you want to know how much the
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