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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  July 28, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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we begin tonight with breaking news. as we go to air, the dea, lapd and las vegas police swarming the home and office of michael jackson's private doctor. investigaors executing search warrants for computer records, documents and other evidence. the raids come on the heels of sources confirming police believe michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray, gave him a powerful drug that may have killed jackson. tonight, our investigators closing in on jackson's private doctor and will criminal charges be next? >> dramatic turn in the investigation of michael jackson's death.
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at the center of this story, jackson's personal physician, dr. conrad murray. tonight for the first time, he is being directly connected to the drug that may have killed michael jackson. >> he said that i want an iv of diprivan. you don't want to do this, michael. i said, don't do this. >> we know murray was in jackson's house and on the scene when the 911 call was made. >> did anyone witness what happened? >> the doctor's been the only one here. >> the drug is known by the brand name diprivan. it's also known as propofol. we're told jackson's doctor gave it to him within 24 hours of his death. >> the inclination is to make him a scapegoat is strong here and we have to be careful to say that it's not clear that a crime took place, much less that dr. murray committed one. >> and also tonight, live to idaho and the desperate search
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for a little 8-year-old boy who vanishes without a trace. where is robert? >> fbi agents have joined the search for the 8-year-old boy, robert vanished just after leaving home. >> conducted large area searches. home-to-home searches. we did interviews and we followed all the leads that we got. we drained the pond in the apartment complex. we checked over 50 leads that have come in since he disappeared. >> so far, all efforts have turned up nothing. >> after a full day of searching the area around the little boy's apartment, authorities changed their approach, sending crews to back alleys and yards, even telling volunteers to look in trash cans. >> we'd like you to go in your yards, if you have abandon vehicles, abandoned
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refrigerators, small hiding places, small nooks, anyplace where a 50-pound, 8-year-old boy could be. that's where we want you to go. >> he says it's not like his son just disappeared. >> if somebody's seen him, please, please call the police. all we want is our little boy back. >> good evening. i'm jean casarez of the league network "in session." i'm in for nancy grace tonight. breaking news as we go to air. more raids go down, more search warrants executed. all connected to michael jackson's private doctor. >> a source with knowledge into the investigation of michael jackson's death tells cnn that doctor conrad murray gave jackson the powerful drug propofol within 24 hours of his death. >> propofol is a very serious, a very potent sedative. it can make you stop breathing. >> he's not breathing, sir. >> and not conscious either. >> he's not. >> murray is not a suspect, but the legal experts say that may change if propofol is found in
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jackson's system. >> we hear stories about michael taking other medications. the combination may have been what did him in. >> statement saying quote, everyone needs to take a breath and wait for these long-delayed toxicology results. i have no doubt they want to make a case, for goodness sakes. it's michael jackson. >> last week, search warrants executed in houston, texas. today, las vegas, nevada. let's go to ted rowlands standing by live outside the clinic of dr. murray. what's happening, ted? >> reporter: just within the last five minutes, an investigator with the los angeles police department said that we're finished here at dr. murray's clinic and we do not plan to come back tomorrow. there's still some security here as they wrap up their search. they were here for almost eight hours at the clinic.
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the other warrant that was served was over at dr. murray's house. dr. murray was at that house when they showed up. in fact, he walked out and invited the investigators in. and according to murray's lawyer, again, it's the same basic statement. they say they're completely cooperating with everything. in fact they say today they cooperated at the house, where murray was helping them find items that they were searching for. that search warrant at the house only lasted about three hours and all they took was one computer hard drive, according to murray's attorney, and some cell phones. this search here took as i said earlier, almost eight hours. obviously, they were meticulously looking through the records. and looking for things of interest before they left. >> you're standing at the clinic. this was a long time, for eight hours. what did you see because the search warrant records are sealed right now? what have you seen out there? >> reporter: i was at both locations. i was at the house for that whole entire -- the three hours there. and then been here for the last four hours.
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basically, the same thing. a group of about a dozen or so agent, a mixture of dea people and support staff with a metro police here in las vegas. they know what they're looking for so there wasn't a lot of in and out. it was a document search and they came out with small items that they were able to carry and just put into the car as they left. they didn't have to load and unload which typically, sometimes you'll go to some homes that are being searched and it's a constant back and forth. much different here. they were in there for almost the entire time. didn't see them at all. they came out with just a few documents that they were able to obviously find. >> interesting. do we know if dr. conrad murray was expecting this to happen this morning or was he taken by surprise? >> reporter: we don't know. his attorneys didn't tell us, but he was out there and he met with the agents and quite
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frankly, this one was not kept as much of a secret as the houston one in that some news media outlets -- we had received some information, too, that it might be happening. and so outside murray's house, there was a helicopter starting at 7:30 this morning. if he didn't know, he knew something was going on. like i said, he was there when they arrived and he invited them in. >> let's go to the callers. sue in new york. good evening, sue. >> caller: hi, these bottles of diprivan and propofol, don't they have a lot number on them where the dea officers could trace where that lot of diprivan went to and then connect the doctor who was affiliated with that? >> good question. let's go out to an anesthesiologist. joining us tonight, dr. darr, board certified anesthesiologist. what about it, doctor, is there a lot number on these bottles? >> yes, each bottle has a lot
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and serial number, but it is difficult to trace which wholesalers have the particular lot number and which bottles are distributed to which hospital and doctors' offices. that's going to be hard to trace. >> what about if you get it from overseas? is there still that lot number? >> yes. there should be a lot number whether it's the brand name, diprivan, or the generic name, propofol. but again, it's going to be even harder. it's hard enough to trace in the united states. can you imagine if it came from another country? >> dr. darr, you are a board certified anesthesiologist and i remember when you showed us how to administer this. i know that you've brought some things with you today. first of all, where do you place the needle when you are about to administer a drug such as diprivan? >> anywhere you can find a vein. is where diprivan can be administered. >> even in the neck? >> absolutely.
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doctors look at the neck. >> and what do you monitor? what are you looking for? >> okay, before you start administering, you have to attach a patient to heart monitors and oxygen monitors, then you administer the diprivan. you have to keep watching the heart rate, the blood pressure, the oxygen level constantly. you cannot step out of the room giving a patient diprivan. the end result will be the the patient will stop breathing and the patient will be dead. let me go through how diprivan is supplied. these are the kinds of bottles that diprivan comes in. it's always drawn up in a syringe, and you can inject it into an i.v. bag or a saline bag like this. or you can spike one of the bottles with i.v. tubing. the sophisticated way of giving diprivan is through a pump, which regulates the rate and the
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dose second by second, based on surgery. or, you can hand control it. now, i would imagine that in michael jackson's home, there was probably not a pump available. so there was hand-controlled. if you open this up wide and this pours in, patients stop breathing. you have to have a trained person there who is stepping in, controlling breathing, controlling the heart rate and blood pressure and is trained exactly in waking up the patient, such as an anesthesiologist. >> back to ted rowlands, huge search today. in las vegas, nevada. you said it last night on the air, that more searches were going to be executed this week. you were exactly right. do we know when a judge signed off on this search warrant and do we know if and when it will become unsealed? >> reporter: we don't know when the judge signed off on it, but if you look at what happened in houston, it was unsealed very quickly. i think it was a day after they were finished with it, they returned the warrant and it was unsealed.
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that will be up to the lapd detectives whether they want to unseal this one. but we're trying to actually find it, which judge approved the search warrant. we haven't been able to as of yet here in las vegas. but we expect it to be the same scenario. we'll get more answers in the next day or two, particulars, not only what they were asking to find but what they actually found when they returned the warrant. >> let's go to the lawyers, susan moss out of new york. ray giudice, defense attorney out of atlanta. mickey sherman, criminal defense attorney. susan moss, first to you. you did not -- conrad murray did not have to consent to this search today. >> absolutely. but the search would have gone on because there was a search warrant and apparently, what happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. and that makes perfect sense because it's time for the authorities to find out what were the medical records that he had not only for michael jackson, but for any aliases that he was using. remember, it's rumored that he's been using a lot of different
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names. and that can be the key to finding the documents to prove what happened to the king of pop. >> you are watching video from of conrad murray outside of his las vegas home just one day before the place raid. ♪
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breaking news from las vegas. authorities are searching both the home and office of michael jackson's personal doctor. dr. conrad murray was with the singer when he died last month in los angeles. there are reports that dr. murray may have administered a drug that may have killed jackson. a source tells cnn that murray gave jackson propofol within 24 hours of his death. >> what you're talking about
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here is a possible murder two charge because you're talking about depraved indifference to human life. you knowingly did something that caused a greater risk of harm to your patient. >> if in fact this drug, propofol, killed michael jackson, and if dr. murray administered it, that still doesn't mean that he will be charged with any crime, much less convicted because we have to know under what circumstances, for what reason he gave the drug. it is not an illegal drug. >> murray's attorney said they're not commenting on, quote, rumors, innuendo. they say the doctor never gave jackson anything that would kill him. the final autopsy report on the death is expected as early as this week. >> i'm jean casarez of "in session" in for nancy grace tonight. we have breaking news out of las vegas, nevada, today. two search warrants executed for the home and office of dr. conrad murray.
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personal physician of michael jackson. we can confirm to you, the dea, los angeles police department, metro police all there. let's go straight out to ted rowlands who's standing by outside the clinic. what have you seen since we last spoke? >> reporter: we're just seeing the last stragglers, just trying to get tidbits out of them. they're not saying anything. this police car was the last one standing here. they've clearly wrapped this up. it took eight hours of searching here and the reason because this is a medical office. you're talking about medical records and the dea had to go in there and not look at any other records, not take any other records. they had to parse it out and looking for the specific items that were spelled out in the warrant which they were authorized to search for. someone mentioned earlier, one of the key things in this search warrant, according to ed
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chernoff, the attorney for dr. conrad murray, is that they were looking for michael jackson material or michael jackson alias material, meaning that they had probable cause, that mr. murray was using these aliases, they could be a significant part of this investigation. >> and chernoff, the attorney for dr. murray made a statement today, search warrant authorized investigators to look for medical records relating to michael jackson and all of his reported aliases. out to the attorneys, ray giudice, defense attorney. ray, why would the defense attorney for dr. conrad murray come out and talk about what they were authorized to search for when the search warrant is sealed right now? >> i think he's doing some very smart, upfront damage control, because at the end of the day, that lawyer knows one thing. the theory of causation has got to be proven by the prosecution. michael jackson could have enough diprivan in his body to put a horse to sleep, but if
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that is not the legal cause of death, there is no homicide or no criminal charge f of that nature against this doctor or anybody else. >> but if you're looking at the crime of manslaughter, which the search warrant in houston said they were gathering evidence for, talking about a physician being in a home, a physician having control of diprivan, a physician allegedly administering diprivan, having it be through toxicology tests the cause of death, what are they really looking for today? >> to see if anything was phonied up. there's a light year between being a bad doctor, being an abusive doctor and someone who is a murderer, someone who's committing manslaughter. this is not a slam dunk that people seem to think, well, if he gave him the drug, he's going to be convicted of manslaughter. there's a long, long way between those two events. >> susan moss, your thoughts on voluntary manslaughter? >> think of it this way. if this doctor gave this very
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dangerous drug, diprivan, to michael jackson and if that drug killed him, well, that might be your intent for even murder one. >> all right. linda in texas. texas, you were what we were talking about last week. how are you? good evening. >> caller: hi. thank you for taking my call. i have a question about the day that michael died. i was wondering why, when he died, why the home wasn't yellow taped or investigators -- detectives came out because when my neighbor died next door, before they even released the body, they had four detectives over there and that home was taped off with yellow tape. >> let's go to melanie, west coast bureau chief of "us weekly." was the home yellow-taped, first of all? can you confirm that it was not? >> yes, initially, when it first happened, the ambulance got to the house and took him off to the hospital, and it wasn't until he got there that we knew anything was wrong.
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i think it took a while for the authorities to go in and start looking at what exactly had happened there. >> all right. are you nancy grace's number one fan? send us an e-mail or ireport telling us why. and you could win an autographed copy of nancy's new novel. plus you could win a trip to new york city to meet nancy herself. get your video cameras and e-mails ready. go to and submit your number one fan i-report or e-mail. we'll be right back.
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a source close to michael jackson's family with knowledge of the investigation tells cnn that jackson's personal physician administered the powerful drug that investigators believe killed him. the drug is known by the brabd brand name diprivan. it's also known as propofol. we're told jackson's doctor gave it to him within 24 hours of his death. the lawyer has never commented on that drug. all the lawyer has told us was quote, dr. conrad murray did not prescribe or administer anything that should have killed michael jackson. >> i'm jean casarez of "in
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session" in for nancy grace tonight. while search warrants were being executed in las vegas today, searches lasting up to eight hours in las vegas, friends of michael jackson are still mourning the loss. it was a little more than a month ago that he passed away. we want to go out to a very special guest now. dick gregory out of washington, d.c. a personal friend of michael jackson. i know you have so many memories of him. but i understand in 2005, you were with him and actually took him to a hospital at one point, correct? >> yes. that's right. that was the last week of the trial. and i got a call from joe and a message from his mother that i needed to come out and just take a look at him because they were worried about his demeanor. when i get there, i go to the trial. from there, we go back to neverland and he asked me to come upstairs and he grabbed me
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and started crying and said, please don't leave me. he said they're trying to kill me. i said, when is the last time you ate. he said, no, they're poisoning me. i said, when is the last time you drank water? i have a friend who has a huge place in l.a. i said if you can bring this machine down, michael's agreed to get on it. they clamp you and they squeeze you and it will print out everything in your body. the only thing it printed out was that he was extremely dehydrated. nothing wrong with his heart, nothing wrong with his lungs. so the next day after we left court, i said, i need to take you to a hospital. he said, no, no, they'll kill me. >> i said, let's let nobody nowhere we're going. let me drive you up to san francisco to a hospital that didn't know we're coming. he agreed to that. then i said look, 20 miles away
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from here, let's go to one of these hospitals. we went to a hospital and they examined him. and at 5:30 or a little bit before 6:00, they start intravenously putting liquid in him. at 6:00 the next morning, they were still putting water in him. the doctor said to me, had he waited 12 more hours, he would have been dead. when he goes to trial that next day, everybody was talking about how well he looked. i just thought he was paranoid from the standpoint. dddddd
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dr. conrad murray was one of the last people to see michael jackson alive. >> a source with knowledge of the investigation tells cnn murray gave jackson the anesthetic, propofol, within 24 hours of his death. >> propofol is a sedative, one that is very tricky to use. can be extraordinarily dangerous leading in respiratory depression, possibly respiratory arrest and death. >> this is an extremely dangerous drug normally administered only in a hospital setting with ventilation equipment available in case something goes wrong.
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>> how can this drug kill you? >> shuts down the brain. really puts you into a medically induced coma that possibly causes the heart unable to regulate itself or causing an arrest of the heart. >> michael jackson asked for this, begged for this. wanted this. said, i'm going to be fine. >> it was april of 2009 that he asked me for the drug. and he went in detail to say, one drop hit my vein with the i.v., he said, i go to sleep right away. >> i'm jean casarez of "in session" in for nancy grace tonight. big developments today in the death investigation of michael jackson. four search warrants have been executed in regard to dr. conrad murray, the personal physician of michael jackson. this time today in las vegas, nevada. let's go to kelly zinc. host of "" the searches today at the office
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and at the home of the doctor, they were basically simultaneous, right? >> correct. they were right after another. and the search at the office was obviously much longer because, like we heard before, there were medical records that they had to search through. the one at the house lasted about three hours, but they were back-to-back. >> let's go to ted rowlands. cnn correspondent, live in las vegas right now. ted, you said that originally you were at the home of dr. murray. you then moved to the clinic. did both searches start about the same time? >> reporter: yeah. they started within 15 minutes of each other. the home started at 9:15. and this one was up and running by 9:25. as we said, the home was clear, they were looking for computer hard drive, made a copy, then took the cell phones and left. this was much more meticulous because the medical records and dea very well trained in this. they know what to look for. it's time consuming anyway. even if you know what you're looking for, you have to go through certain firewalls and
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also go through other patient records and find what you're looking for and pull it out. >> obviously a lot of law enforcement involved today. let's go out to ron, a former nypd deputy inspector. when searches are issued simultaneously in the same city, why does law enforcement do it that way? >> they want to make sure the evidence is collected in a timely manner and there's no tampering with the evidence. once you go to one place, someone would then try to go to the other place. you do it simultaneously to prevent that. >> and ted reported today that you didn't see bags of evidence coming out of the office and the clinic and the home. what are they actually going through and what are they actually looking for? >> in today's world, they want to get personal computers and laptops. they want to find things like e-mail files, financial records, wire transfers. everything that could show business being conducted between two people. >> all right. let's go to a caller.
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melody in ohio. good evening, melody. >> caller: with the children being in the home and all this chaotic activity going on, what were the suspicions of the children with their father? >> that's a very good question. to melanie, do we know anything about the children observing anything in the days before michael jackson died? >> if michael was taking as many drugs as we suspect and sources are telling us, those children could be quite badly affected by their father's behavior. we know that prince michael was there and witnessed some of this, and you know, i'm sure that it would have been odd to them if they're father was being put to sleep by diprivan, that their father was completely unresponsive during the nighttime. but as far as how that hit them,
10:35 pm
that's something we're still trying to find out. >> we do not know what the children saw if the children saw anything. but being in a home situation where things like that are occurring, even numerous prescriptions, can it affect the children psychologically? >> absolutely. they could be traumatized by this whole event. not only the fact that michael died, but just traumatized from witnessing this. if indeed they did. >> let's go out to another caller. i want to go to belinda in nevada. your state today is on the radar. what part of the state do you live in, belinda? >> caller: reno. >> good evening, what's your question? >> caller: my question is -- i know early on shortly after mr. jackson passed, there were two stories floating about what happened that morning. one included him being up and around and packing for his tour and collapsing in front of his son with his doctor and the bodyguard carrying him to his bedroom. the other story, that dr. murray found him already unconscious in his bedroom.
10:36 pm
have authorities reconciled which one of those stories they think are accurate? >> let's go out to ted rowlands. what comes to my mind when i hear that question is the 911 call. you can't refute that. >> reporter: it appears though it was just dr. murray, michael jackson and then the security guard in the immediate area. at least during the time where they were trying to revive or keep michael jackson alive. that would leave more credence to the second story here provided by dr. murray through his interview with lapd and then related to us through ed chernoff, his lawyer, saying he went to check on michael jackson in his bed and that's when he saw him not breathing. there was no mention of anybody else in the vicinity at all. >> which brings to my mind, the board certified anesthesiologist, who can administer anesthesia?
10:37 pm
can a physician's assistant, which i know is given a lot of control and discretion, especially in california? can they undergo anesthesia on a patient? >> absolutely not. the only person that can administer anesthesia is a trained anesthesia provider. three years after medical school or a nurse anesthetist. any controlled setting such as a doctor's office or a hospital. there is no possibility that a cardiologist or general internist is trained in providing propofol to any patient. it should never happen. they just don't know the dosage. they don't know how much to give. and they don't know how to wake the patient up. this is only done by an anesthesiologist, period. >> well, how do you wake a patient up when they're undergoing this anesthesia? >> basically, you have to know how the diprivan wears off, when to turn it off in relation to the surgery and you have to keep supporting their breathing. people do stop breathing when
10:38 pm
diprivan is given. but the anesthesiologist knows how to step in immediately and take over the breathing, take over the heart rate, the blood pressure and control it during the surgery. that's what they're trained to do. >> do you need other units like an ekg unit or other medical equipment there in the room when you're undergoing this? >> yes, absolutely. under all circumstances, patients have to be hooked up to ekg, heart rate monitors, oxygen monitor, blood pressure monitors at all times. you can get changes in your heart rate, drops in your oxygen level with diprivan. small doses certainly can even do it and large doses absolutely will stop breathing. >> let's say hypothetically a patient is taking diprivan in a situation you've never seen, in a home. a physician administering it. they die. but then it is found the last months, the last few months, the last year, other physicians have been prescribing diprivan.
10:39 pm
can multiple doctors be responsible for the death or just the ones closest to the death? >> anesthesiologists do not make house calls. that is a fact. no anesthesiologist should be going to anybody's house administering an anesthetic. there's no reason to be getting anesthesia if you're not having surgery or a medical procedure. it is not a cure for insomnia. second of all, if he were taking diprivan over a course of time, there is case reports and medical studies that show that it can be found in the hair. >> found in the hair. that will be very interesting when the toxicology results come out. before we go to break, we'd like to wish irene tidwell in macon, georgia, a happy birthday. here she is with her only grandson, daniel. the proud mother of two daughters. she loves to garden and never misses a show. on behalf of nancy, happy birthday, irene.
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dr. conrad murray was one of the last people to see michael jackson alive. but how did he get to the singer's side in the first place? the two met in las vegas in
10:44 pm
2006, when dr. murray treated one of michael jackson's children on the recommendation of a jackson bodyguard. murray became jackson's personal physician in may and explained his leave to current patients as, quote, a once in a life opportunity. an opportunity with a salary of $150,000 a month, plus travel, hotel and per diem expenses. >> dr. murray was not a doctor first. he was a friend first. they were close, personal friends. >> conrad murray is 56. he operates clinics in nevada and texas. until signing on with jackson, most of his time was spent in las vegas. since his famous client's death, murray has not spoken publicly except through his lawyer. though everyone is waiting to hear what the man who found michael jackson unconscious has to say. >> i'm jean casarez of "in session" in for nancy grace.
10:45 pm
while search warrants were being issued to dr. conrad murray. a nurse in california was watching it all. she actually said no to michael jackson several months ago when he allegedly asked her for diprivan. we want to welcome once again, cherilyn lee. you were the former nurse to michael jackson. you voluntarily gave up your case file on michael jackson, i believe, last week. coroners, investigators came. you have an interesting story to tell us, though, about some chitchat, might we say from one of those coroners or investigators. >> yes, i do. >> what did they say? >> when i arrived to meet with the person from the coroner's office, i just didn't really feel that comfortable and we were talking. and he said, you know, michael jackson as you know is an addict. i said, you know, i don't think so. basically, to myself i'm thinking, you're really only here to pick up the chart, not voice your opinion.
10:46 pm
he said, well, there's things you don't know and when this case is over, i'll come back and i'll share it with you. i was taken back for a person in his position to make comments that way. >> to ray giudice, defense attorney, thank you, cherilyn. it's comments like that that can end up in a trial and the witness is called by the defense, not the prosecution. >> that's right. just opens up the door for the defense about bias, there's somebody writing a book on the side. i just don't understand why everybody wants to voice an opinion about mr. jackson's death until that toxicology report comes back. i think it's irresponsible and i think cooler heads need to prevail and step back from accusations. >> you are looking at video from of dr. murray outside his las vegas home. that's just one day before the police raid of today. >> to mickey sherman, criminal defense attorney, one reason i'm
10:47 pm
asking these experts so many questions tonight -- and i'm asking them objectively, not subjectively. i'm looking for recklessness, i'm looking for not a criminal intent to commit a crime but an intent to do an act, a conscious disregard of a risk. that's all involved in manslaughter, right? >> yeah, but you know, the guy the still a doctor. we want to think that doctors are trying to do the best things for their patients. it's going to take a lot more than the presence of those drugs and a lot of second guessing. that's where we're getting, a lot of second-guessing by a lot of people. soon may be by other experts and a jury, but bottom line, this man was hired not to kill jackson, but keep him alive. let's remember that. it was the company putting on the concerts and the tour that kept this guy alive. >> that's a good point. and he was going to have the time of his life going to london with michael jackson as his personal physician. we want you all tonight -- we're going to take you to idaho and we want you to help us find a little boy that has gone missing. let's listen.
10:48 pm
>> hundreds of people are frantically searching for an 8-year-old boy in boise, idaho. where is robert manuel? >> if you have seen robert, if you have had any contact with robert, we need to know. we need to be able to place that timeline together and bring robert home. >> this is the most important investigation we have had in a long time. >> we're here to convey a message of hope. we're very hopeful we can bring robert home. >> we were told he's just a really little guy that enjoys hiding. >> we've had an incredible number of volunteers. >> holly is one of hundreds of local volunteers joining forces with boise police today to find 8-year-old robert manuel. together they have one mission. >> help us find robert, bring robert home. >> they have a lot of resources here. from the chief's office on down, this is the highest priority. >> if you've seen him, call the police and help us to bring him home. >> let us go straight out to
10:49 pm
boise, idaho, live with us. natalie hurst, reporter for cnn affiliate kbci, give us the basic facts and where are we now. >> reporter: here's where we are now. still no sign of robert anywhere. people are still looking, not giving up hope. it is another glorious night here in the treasure valley where the temperatures remain above 90 degrees. the overnight lows are really not that bad. hovering around 65 to 67 degrees. so you remain hopeful that, perhaps, he's wandered off and that he is okay somewhere. again, still, no sign he's been missing since friday. wandered off around 10:00, 11:00 p.m. is the official word from boise police. hasn't been seen since then. >> where was he at 10:00 or 11:00 p.m.? >> reporter: well, here's the deal. boise police say like a typical 8-year-old, he was inquisitive, always loved to explore. he told his mom, hey, i want to go to a birthday party, it's
10:50 pm
friday night. his mom said, no, you have to stick around. somewhere between when mom said no, little robert manwill took off. whether he went out the door and then managed to just go miles from here or just a half mile, that's what's under question right now. >> quickly -- >> reporter: where did he go? >> i'm sorry. go ahead. >> reporter: i just was going to say, you know, where he did go from there? that's the big question. little boy, 8-year-old, wants to go a birthday party. from there, no one knows. >> to greg hahn, reporter iowa statesman, they looked into registered sex offenders in the area? >> yeah, they have interviewed about 100 they said this morning. we had seen 75 who lived really within about a mile of the area. it's a fairly urban, dense area. it's not surprising there were a lot of registered sex offenders. >> in the idaho area, robert manwill, find this beautiful 8-year-old boy. tonight, we're on the search for nancy grace's number one fan. send us an e-mail or i-report
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at the top of the hour, brand-new michael jackson docker shockers. plus, jackson's birth hair turned into diamonds for sale? and big hulk and linda hogan divorce news. "showbiz tonight" at the top of the hour. see you then. jean casarez of "in session" in for nancy grace tonight. to natalie hurst, reporter of cnn flailt kbci, can you describe for us what little robert was wearing the last time he was scene? were sure, we got a new description of him. he was last wearing a faded blue tv shirt and like a typical 8-year-old, get this, he was wearing a spider-man design, blue jeans and dark tennis shoes. >> that's a very good description.
10:55 pm
we want to show everybody, we have a map of registered sex offenders in the area. to marc klaas, an amber alert could not happen in this case because the requirements were not met. your thoughts on that? >> my thoughts are very simple, jean. the amber alert requirements should be guidelines. they shouldn't be chiseled in stone. we're seeing time after time, cases where amber alerts should be activated. one of the criteria seems to not to have been met. they're not activated. what we need to do with amber alerts in this country is put the process in the hands of the local authorities, the authorities we're willing to give guns to protect us but not willing to let activate amber alerts to bring little children home. if we were to do that, we would not create cry wolf scenarios but instead we would probably recover many more children much more quickly than is being done now. >> marc klaas, good words.
10:56 pm
tonight, let us stop to remember 46-year-old army command sergeant major marilyn gabbard from polk city, iowa. on a first tour in iraq, she served 27 years in the national guard and she led their affairs team in baghdad. she was a role model, she became the first woman promoted to command sergeant major in the iowa national guard. she had a smile that brightened a room. she loved helping others and she took pride in training fellow soldiers. she leaves behind her mother, mary, two brothers, one sister, a widower, edward. seven children. two grandchildren. marilyn gabbard, an american hero. thank you so much to all of our guests, to you at home for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow night. until then, good night, until then, good night, everybody. -- captions by vitac --
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hello. i'm a.j. hammer in new york. this is a "showbiz tonight" news break. here's some of what we'll be covering for you on "showbiz tonight" coming up at the top of the hour. could be a bombshell in the michael jackson case. reports that jackson's personal doctor, conrad murray, allegedly gave jackson the powerful anesthetic that authorities believe led to his death. tonight, how this could blow the case wide open. plus, brand-new michael jackson mysteries, including new claims that michael was murdered and will people really be able to buy diamonds made out of michael jackson's charred hair? i have the absolutely unbelievable story. and will jon gosselin get his own reality show minus kate. we've also got you're fired-up phone calls into "showbiz on call" about who's doing better since jon and kate decide today split up. that's your "showbiz tonight" news break. tv's most provocative entertainment news show firing up at the top of the hour. q
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