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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  July 30, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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-- captions by vitac -- tonight, a beautiful young massachusetts mom eight months pregnant and only days away from delivering her fourth child vanishes. her whereabouts unknown to family and friends. but just over 72 hours later, she's found brutally murdered inside a bedroom closet. her unborn child surgically cut out from her womb. tonight, police on high alert -- not only for the vulnerable infant, but the mom's killer presumably posing as the newborn parent. a woman, eight months pregnant has been found dead inside of her begd in an apartment in massachusetts.
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police say a fetus was cut out of her womb. they're looking for the person who cut darlene haynes and her newborn. the baby might have survived and would need medical attention to stay alive. >> it is a revengeful crime. it is horrible. >> an intense search just outside of boston for a tiny baby brutally cut from her mother's womb. >> the terrible tragedy has the family joining police in pleading for any information. >> okay, have a heart. i don't care if you drop the kid off at the hospital. >> if the fetus is not alive, we would like to know as well, so as, we lay to rest darlene, we can put the baby to rest with her. and tonight, from boise, idaho, and the desperate search for a little 8-year-old boy.
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what happened to robert manwil. robert's an 8-year-old little guy who needs our help. he's the main priority for not only the boise police department but for dozens of investigators who brought their expertise from all around the treasure valley and indeed from all around the country. >> robert manwill has been missing now for five days. according to police, the family last saw the 8-year-old around 9:30 p.m. friday night. the police say they have conducted several interviews and still have no leads. >> this investigation continues to go in many different directions and because of the very nature of police investigations, right now we are n prepared to discuss the leads that the investigation is taking. >> information from police is being released only through statements during scheduled press conferences. >> why do you think -- >> they would not answer
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questions on camera, boise police say they are following more than 100 leads in this case. and there's no evidence to indicate robert has left the area, at least his family continuing to reach out to this community. >> this is robert's bear. that has always been close to his heart, and our family would love to reunite them together. please, do what you can to help. >> good evening, i'm pat lalama in for nancy grace tonight. >> beautiful young massachusetts mom 8 months pregnant, brutally murdered. her unborn child surgically cut from her womb. police on high alert for mommy killer and the infant girl she named sheila marie. >> police say 23-year-old darlene haynes was last seen thursday, ate months pregnant. monday, the landlord investigating a heavy smell found haynes' body in a closet wrapped in blankets. the investigators say that the
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mother's fetus was cut out of her body and may be alive. >> haynes was found dead a few days before the autopsy was found. she suffered head injury though the exact cause of death is not determined. >> i think it was planned out. no one heard her cry? no one heard anything? someone took that baby. i don't know who it could have been or why they would do it. >> she's so kind hearted, though, that she would let anybody enter her home, anybody. >> i looked down and i seen a green ford come up, and i guess from what i have heard, they pulled into the driveway, but the visor was halfway down, so we could not tell whether it was a male or female driving the car. >> darlene haynes, eight months pregnant, her landlord found her mutilated body wrapped in bedding in the closet. her womb stripped. who would steal her baby? >> family tragedy doesn't get much worse than this one. reporter, editor of the "boston herald," what is it the latest on this baby? >> well, it's a frantic search
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for the baby. time is of the essence. they have to find this baby. we're told it could lead to quick infection. this child needs professional care immediately. that is the focus of this investigation tonight. >> john dipietro, morning anchor of wpro radio, what are you hearing? tell us exactly what the police can do to exact a search to make it happen, to find this baby? >> well, pat, everyone is looking and praying that this child is somehow alive and given over to authorities. but at the same time, so many unanswered questions of a young woman that obviously is taken advantage of in so many ways and then someone committed this brutal act against her. >> mark majewski, former nypd detective from modesto associates for law enforcement.
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what makes this particular search so horrific, not just from the emotional standpoint, but what do you have to do? you have to act quickly? >> a whole host of things they do. but the police at this point in time they're trying to create a timeline. the last time she was seen by some neighbors and go forward from there. in addition to that, it's a question of doing a search of the area. they're canvassing the entire area. they're talking to people. who saw what? you saw the gentleman there before talking a about green pull iing up, and i'm sure that the police are gathering little bits of information and little by little, they're creating an image, like putting together a jigsaw puzzle together. little bits of information and creating a picture to search with. >> with the clock ticking. go ahead. >> terrible situation, clearly. but the thing is that the medical examiner will be able to determine how this child was removed. it was done viciously. whether it was done more with the medical fashion.
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and that will put a clock on this child and how that child will survive going forward, depending on how she was removed. >> dr. marry mccarey, if isition of health at johns hopkins. you know, it was just established yesterday that the fetus was cut out. now, the person who did this hopefully took the child to get some kind of treatment, but we, the public, are just learning this yesterday. that doesn't help, does it? >> no, not necessarily. the care of a c-section is the care for the mother. taking a child out is not that complicated. remember, even cavemen delivered babies. you simply cut and clamp the umbilical cord. but remember that the survival at four months is 50/50 with all of the neonatal and intensive care units. when you get further out, eight months which is where we believe she is at, the survival goes way
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up. so we have good reason the believe she is out there. >> carl whitney, we're honored to have you. you're the uncle of murder victim darlene haynes. thank you for being with us. i'm so sorry for the tragedy upon your family. what can you tell us? does the family have any clue what went wrong? >> at this point in time, no. nobody -- darlene had talked to her grandmother about 7:30 thursday evening, and that is the last time anybody had heard from her. >> what has she seemed like at the time, carl. was she happy? did she say any significance that you call that family members know of? >> no. she was talking about because she was visiting with her grandmother and her other two girls. she just hadn't been feeling well, because of the heat and everything around here, and, you know, being pregnant and that is how long -- she was just having
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trouble getting around. >> i just cannot even imagine what this is like for your family. there was a report that she had texted someone, that she was sharing wine coolers with a friend. is that from nowhere -- or is there some significance. >> i know nothing about that. >> you didn't hear anything about that? >> as far as i know, darlene didn't partake of any type of drugs or do any kind of alcohol. >> she should have been socializing with someone who did. and i'm wondering -- >> right. but herself, that wasn't something that she -- that i was aware of she would be doing. >> i want to take a caller. tammy from massachusetts. good evening, tammy. >> caller: my heart goes out to that uncle and her family. >> absolutely. >> caller: this is not that far from where i live either. i just wanted to know that since whoever did this is a monster, basically, what charges would they face? because i know that a lot of states don't consider the fetus
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to be a human being when it is inside of the mother, it is a fetus, but in effect, she was not like four months' pregnant. she is eight months' pregnant and that child could be alive right now and fit dies, will that person be charged with murder or will they still consider it a fetus and the person would not get as much of a sentence for that reason? >> that's an excellent question. susan moss family law attorney, how do we answer that? a state-by-state decision? >> not only is it a state-by-state decision. it's very fact specific. if the child came out and breathed air and was alive after being taken from the womb, then absolutely is a person and absolutely the person who did this will be charged with two murder ones. >> penny douglas for a defense attorney. let me ask you from your perspective, what do you do with the case like this from the defense attorney's point of view? >> well, if i'm a defense attorney and i represent the boyfriend, i would not allow him to talk to anyone. because he will be the first suspect, especially since
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there's a restraining order and he had a history of violence against this woman. >> yeah. and that's an important thing. we're going to get in to that. and obviously, law enforcement looks directly at immediate family and friends first and we're going to talk about roberto rodriguez is his name. he's a former boyfriend. there is a restraining order. before we go into that, take another call, amy in tennessee, good evening, amy. >> caller: thanks so much for taking my call. >> your question? >> caller: my thoughts go out to this family and this poor woman. my question is, is there any way to know whether this woman was alive if the baby was taken or if she was murdered before? >> good question. it's a hard one to ask. i was mulling it over myself. we'll go to the doctor about that. i suspect that the examiners will try to figure out if it's something this person tried to to do horrifically before the
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mother's death. explain it to us. >> there's a window of time when that baby can live after the mother has died. it would normally be about a minute or so if the mother died completely. if she was unconscious or in something similar to a coma, she could have gone for hours -- the baby could have gone for hours in what is really a natural incubator. tonight, are you nancy's number one fan? send us an e-mail or i.-report and the tell us why, and the best submissions will air on the show. and you could win an autographed copy of her new novel, "the eleventh victim" and a chance to go to new york city to meet nancy, herself. get your cameras and e-mails together and go to grace.
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a woman about eight months pregnant has been found dead wrapped in bedding inside her closet in an apartment in massachusetts. >> the medical examiner determined the 8-month-old fetus was removed from the body. the terrible tragedy has family joining police and pleading for any information.
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>> turn yourself in, okay. if you don't want to turn yourself in, go ahead, keep running. the law is going to catch up with you eventually. okay. that is how it happens. okay. have a heart. i just -- i don't care if you just drop the kid off at a hospital. >> if the fetus is not alive, you know, we would like to know as well. so, as we put darlene to rest, we can also put the baby to rest with her. >> the baby might have survived and would need immediate medical attention to stay alive. haynes was dead a few days before her body was found. an autopsy shows she suffered head injuries though the exact cause of death has not been determined. >> i'm pat lalama in for nancy grace. joe winell from the "boston herald." tell me -- recap for us how this all transpired.
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the last she was seen was thursday. take us briefly up to now. >> well, the -- the landlord was told that they were smelling a foul odor on monday at this apartment complex in worcester. he went in and investigated and he found darlene stuffed in the closet, wrapped in a comforter, and she had been killed. she was decomposing already, according to officials. the medical examiner did an autopsy and then found she was bashed in the head and the fetus was cut out of her stomach. we don't know how it was cut out. the neighbors say they did hear loud screaming on thursday night. authorities are searching high and low as quickly as they can. is this child alive? >>ipietro, my understanding is that there is not a blood trail. how can that be? >> that's a good question, pat. i do have a question for carl whitney. that is did the boyfriend, roberto, he made a comment that she ran with the wrong crowd and there was a report he was
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supposed to get married but he's -- it's unclear if he is the father of the child, and what did he mean by she ran with the wrong crowd? >> that's a good time to get to roberto rodriguez who, by the way, is not a suspect. he's an ex-boyfriend. he's the father of another child. she also has two other children. and the baby -- the newborn for lack of a better term, i believe, is also his. can you clear that up for us, carl? >> as far as i know, mr. rodriguez is the father of the baby in question, and he is the father of the other daughter, christina. >> and there are two other children who are in the custody of a grandmother or an aunt? >> yeah. there's two other -- there's two
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other girls, 5 years old and 3 years old, that are -- that her grandmother has court ordered guardianship. >> now, let's make sure we understand roberto rodriguez who is an ex-boyfriend, who is not a suspect. who you just saw seem visibly upset and pleads to the person to please bring that baby for help. he has a restraining order against him for alleged assault that took place in june, and he does have a history. but he is not considered a suspect. but, carl, what did he mean when he said that she ran if wrong people? is there someone that you the family might be thinking of without indicting anyone, do you have anybody in mind? >> at this point in time, no. darlene, occasionally like most young folks today, she will get into situations that she was not able to -- could not see right away.
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and eventually she would understand and get away from it. but who she was friends with, and who she hung around with, we don't really know. >> it would be fair to say alan ripka, we are are inclined to look at ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands and ex-whatevers, but he has not been named a suspe suspect, but what would you also tell him to lawyer up? what would you advise him to do at this point? >> the obligation from law enforcement to strike out everyone. if i were defending this person, i would depend on the fact there's no physical evidence, no witnesses. three other children with this woman. >> well, at least one other. >> we believe at least one in which there's been no prior history of any violence concerning that child. and it doesn't make any sense to assume that he murdered this woman and took this child. this appears to be a crime in which someone wanted that baby and a wannabe parent who
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couldn't have their own children should be the ones who are the suspects. >> okay. susan moss, again, we cannot indict this man. we don't know. what are the other options here? >> there may be other options, but they probably are fantasy. this guy has more crimes than i have rhymes. of course you're going to look at him. he's beaten her up before. he's got crimes down the list of my arm. it's insane. he's the number one suspect. i was up on the third floor because of the restraining order, and i looked down and i seen a green ford come up. and i guess from what i've heard, they pulled in the driveway, but the visor was halfway down, so we can't really tell if it was a male or female driving the car.
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darlene haynes, among those who last saw her on thursday, the ex-boyfriend and the father of the unborn baby. >> i looked down, i seen a green ford come up.
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i guess from what i have heard they pulled into the driveway, but the visor was halfway down, so we couldn't tell whether it was a male or female driving the car. >> darlene haynes was dropping off the 2-year-old daughter, christina. the landlord saw the body on monday. >> horrifying but my heart goes out to the unborn child and the child left behind who is 1 1/2 years, 2 years old without a mother. i'm pat lalama in for nancy grace. again, a reminder that roberto rodriguez is not a suspect. we tried to reach him today, but we didn't hear back from him, and hopefully we will reach him at some point. and over to patricia saunders, clinical psychologist, but i want to get into that a whole lot more in depth in another segment. quickly, it's mostly women who perpetrate these kinds of crime on other women. is it not? >> in terms of baby snatching, yeah. but we know that a third of women killed are killed by their
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partner. those are more prevalent than the baby-snatching mommy killers. >> but just putting it together, killing your spouse or killing an ex, is one thing, but it takes a whole different psychology to snatch a fetus? >> yeah. if it is a baby snatching, then, it is really rare, but these are women who are obsessed with being pregnant and having their own child. they have little or no conscious and they are psychopathic that way, and they don't see the mother as a separate being, but it is just the baby and nothing else. >> carl whitney, did you know roberto? >> no, i did not. >> oh, so you don't have any ideas of his personality or what may have happened? >> no, i don't. i have never really, and i have seen him in passing a couple of times, but never really met him, no. >> and joe from the "boston herald," are cops keeping it close to the vest and they have
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a lead, but they can't say it at this point? >> they are keeping it extremely close to the vest. we are getting more from the neighbors and the people around the case, and agchctually a lot more from the court records. the boyfriend is facing a lot. he is back in court tomorrow. >> and not a suspect at this point.
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michelle beka, a woman desperate for a baby had kidnapped and killed theresa and taken her baby from her dying body. >> horror began to unravel. michelle beka had taken her own life. a newborn was sound asleep inside the home, and andrew's lifeless body was unearthed from a shallow grave from inside the garage. her baby had been snatched from her womb. friends, family, and her husband testified that they believe 39-year-old lisa montgomery was pregnant and delivered a baby. montgomery's family in shock when police arrived to arrest
1:31 am
her. it is revealed that montgomery not only kidnapped the baby, but cut the newborn from the womb of missouri woman bobby jo stinnet t with a kitchen knife after strangling her. >> she was found friday shot to death with her abdomen cut open in a farmer's field in oklahoma. her fetus was missing. >> she told people she was pregnant but never produced evidence of a baby until after simpson's fetus disappeared and she walked into a hospital with a dead fetus she claimed was hers. doctors determined that she had not given birth to the child. >> darlene haynes, eight months pregnant. her landlord found her mutilated body wrapped in bedding inside of a bedroom closet. her womb, stripped. who would steal her baby? >> i'm pat lalama in for nancy grace. as you can see, it is mostly
1:32 am
women as we mentioned before. please try to explain for us the psychology. obviously women who so desperately need a child that takes them to a level of psychosis to get one? >> they may have a delusion about needing to have a baby to keep their man or be alive themselves. but some of these women are not psychotic. they're really sociopathic or psychopathic. and lying comes easily to them. killing another human being doesn't mean very much to them. it is them and the baby. >> so susan moss, and alan ripka, and i would guess that attorneys representing whoever is responsible would say, oh, my client was insane. who wants to answer that one? >> i will. i mean, obviously, we are not claiming that he did it at all. obviously, if there is any evidence against him -- >> well, i'm not talking about the ex-boyfriend, but anyone who could carve a fetus from a womb. is that necessarily meaning that you are insane, allan? >> well, certainly, if you are going to carve something out of
1:33 am
a human body, you must be insane, and whether or not we can prove you are insane, because you don't know if nature of your act as being bad is another issue. certainly someone intends to go to somebody's house with a knife sharp enough to open up someone's body and remove a fetus, it would be difficult to claim they were insane, because they knew what they were doing. >> susan moss, anything to say about that? >> well, you have to look at the faces of the case that this woman was then wrapped up in a blanket and the fact that she was not left on the floor or left in a field or shot in the head and buried under a garage. she was carefully wrapped in a blanket, and then put in a closet. who takes the time to do that? i don't know, perhaps the cops are going to try to investigate to see if it is someone who knew her. someone who cared about her, and maybe, just maybe at the end of this case, there might be some fingers pointed to that ex-boyfriend. >> former -- well, not yet, and we have to keep reminding
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people, at this point, he is not a suspect. former nypd ed majewski, her body was so quote mangled and decomposed that initially they could not identify the gender. >> so, clearly not someone who cared about the body when it was done. but the reality is that the police are keeping everything close to the vest, which tells me that they are on to some significant leads in the investigation. the ex-boyfriend is a tremendous source of information and definitely not a suspect at this time, but a source of information. he lived in the area, and familiar with her comings and goings and familiar with other people in the area. it is indicative of the case that whoever got into that room with her knew her or she was in some regard friendly with her, because she allowed them in, and it was not a break-in. >> and someone she was comfortable with. >> absolutely comfortable with.
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>> and that is generally how it is done. >> and the trauma to the head means that she was knocked out before the baby was removed. so they are close to solving this case as we speak is my belief. >> marc klaas, any thoughts? i mean you deal with missing children all of the time, but this is particularly heinous. >> indeed, it is, pat. every medical facility clinic and hospital has been notified about this and anybody who comes in with a baby under suspicious circumstances, infant under suspicious circumstances is immediately going to be looked at immediately closely and no question about that. i tend to believe that, that this could be -- this woman had a history of making very bad decisions, and the possibility of her letting somebody into the home that she didn't know is a very real possibility, too, but i also believe that the neighbor who heard pounding in the house
1:36 am
at 2:00 a.m. saturday morning and then sort of forgot about it is probably holding a key piece of evidence, because if there are any surveillance tapes in the apartment house or around the neighborhood, around that time or if anybody was out and saw something that didn't seem suspicious then, but under these circumstances would seem suspicious, that might hold a key to this case as well. >> i agree with you, i think they have their eye on somebody and they don't mess up the case so we don't get to know about it, but dr. marty mccarey, any chance that the baby is alive and well and we are all praying that she is, what kind of jeopardy is she in if she is not getting medical care? i am assuming dehydration, starvation -- tell us? >> well, the biggest issue, pat, is breathing. at that age, the body is making the fluid in the lungs to allow it to expand. if not enough of it is there, the baby won't be able to breathe on their own. now, remember, there is a good chance that this baby is completely viable and doing well
1:37 am
and thriving as long as they are getting some form of liquid that is not water. >> yeah, well -- if anybody recognizes a friend who suddenly shows up with a baby, please, be suspicious of it and call authorities. i want to take a call from misty in oregon. good evening, miskty, and your question? >> caller: yes, i have two kids and this is very upsetting to me. i want to know why the boyfriend is not a suspect with the record he has? >> because of the law that says you cannot call somebody a suspect just because of their record. and dr. patricia saunders, history shows that men don't usually do this. >> yes, that is true, pat. >> and alan ripka, people want to jump on the boyfriend, and to me, he looks visibly upset and i know you cannot make a decision based on that, but i realize why people jump on him, but it is not fair. alan ripka?
1:38 am
>> it does not mean you have the ability to kill someone and cut a fetus out of the body, and it is very very unfair for people to make that assumption under these circumstances. >> susan moss, you disagree with that? >> oh, i think that the more the investigation is going to happen, the more facts will come to light, and i think that they will solve it quickly, because i am guessing they are watching the everybody who they think is a person of interest right now. >> john dipietro, he was not the suspect, but the ex-boyfriend is getting married today or tomorrow -- is that true? >> that is the word, pat, that a marriage license was taken out. but the real other tragedy here is that this poor woman really had the mind supposedly of a 12 or 13-year-old. she had three children. she could only take care of one. the landlord said even that was a struggle because of diapers left all over. it sounds as if everyone stood by as this poor woman was taken advantage of and obviously
1:39 am
sexually and then paid for it with her life. >> that is a profound statement, because i am reading she had mental health issues according to one, and she hung with the wrong crowd, depressed and very sad, and really, where was anyone coming to the rescue? i guess i don't see that at this point. to tonight's safety tips. you may not realize that your own home can foes greatest danger to your children. here are the tips to protect your children from poisonous items. never ever leave medications on the table. seems simple, but remember it. countertops or anything within a child's reach. store all medications in a locked cabinet. and remember hygiene products like nail polish remover and other cleaners can be poisonous. keep locks on all cabinets with hazardous materials in them. always keep a number of poison control near the telephone. you don't think of it often, but you have to do it. for more information go to
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we enter day five for the
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search of young robert manwill. robert is still missing, but we remain hopeful for robert's safe return. >> fbi agents have joined the search for a missing idaho boy, robert manwill, vanished just after leaving home. >> as of this morning, we invested over 5,000 man hours of investigative time in locating robert. >> after a full day of searching the area around the little boy's apartment, authorities changed their approach, sending crews to back alleys and yards, even telling volunteers to look in trash cans. >> so far, all search and rescue efforts have turned up nothing. >> the investigation continues today with the investigators continuing the house-to-house contacts with neighbors in the area. valuable information is coming from these interviews. a timeline for robert's whereabouts is coming together. >> manwill says it is not like his son just disappeared. >> somebody's seen him. please, please call the police. all we want is our little boy back. >> i'm pat lalama in for nancy
1:44 am
grace, and another heart breaker dealing with a child. i want to go out to a reporter for cnn affiliate kbci, and it is complicated because robert is visiting his mother who does not have custody? >> that is correct. here's what we learned today. again, bear with us. there have been a lot more questions than answers in this case. here are the answers that i can give you. there has been some criminal history on the part of melissa jenkins. that is robert's mother. here's what we found in court documents today. in october of 2008, she was facing a felony charge of injury to a child. she initially pled that down in february of this year to a misdemeanor charge of injury to a child for fracturing her youngest child's skull, just a toddler. now, as for the boyfriend of melissa jenkins, there was
1:45 am
also some criminal history with him. his name is daniel ehrlich, and he is convicted of burglary, battery and possession of drug paraphenalia. but authorities here in boise have not made any connection with any past criminal behavior by robert's mother or boyfriend and anything that's happening today with this case. >> and ironically -- how tragic, but also ironic. greg hahn from the "idaho statesman." my understanding is that the biological father is already suffered a tragedy because a wife he had a long time ago stabbed one of his other children to death? is that true? >> that's exactly right. and it was one of those oh my god moments. take the glasses off and stare at the computer screen and you see it. he was a soldier in ft. polk in louisiana. his wife at the time were in their early 20s and ended up pleading guilty to stabbing his
1:46 am
4-year-old in the chest and served years in criminal prison. >> we have no evidence that any of these three people have anything to do with the child missing. but there is a culture of violence in this young man's life. how does that impact such a young, innocent child? >> when kids witness violence as a way of problem-solving, then they're going to be drawn to adults who are violent. they also take a lot more risks than kids who are in more normal families, and we don't know what kind of associates the parents have. >> barbara from north carolina, good evening, barbara. a question? >> caller: good evening, and thank you for taking my call. i was calling to ask, what parent would let an 8-year-old child out at 9:30 at night? i mean, it is pitch black at nighttime. so, why would this child be leaving the house by himself? to go somewhere? >> that's a great question.
1:47 am
but marc klaas, i mean we don't know all of the facts. that's allegedly what time he was out between 7:00 and 9:00 on the playground. none of it is certain in this point. what do we look for in a case like this? >> first of all, a couple of weeks ago, we were dealing with a case with a child named lindsey baum in utah i believe it was out at 9:30 at night. it was determined through several sources that it was still light enough at that time for the child to be out. so i don't think that we should draw any conclusions that it was pitch black in boise, idaho, which isn't sort of a northern lights at that time at night. in order for law enforcement to solve this case, they have to eliminate certain individuals. this is such a filthy family. there's so much crime involve in this family, cracking heads like walnuts, not being allowed to be with little kids. being married to somebody that stabs your son. there's so much crime that it's going to be difficult for law enforcement to eliminate these
1:48 am
particular individuals so they can move on to the other possibilities. also -- >> right, right, but let me stop you -- >> also, once the public hears about this, they are going to be much less inclined to go out to try to help find the little boy, because for the simple reason they will probably think something happened from one of the family members. >> first of all, none of those people have been named as a suspect. and it's important to remember this astounded me, although i remember america's most wanted, i did stories about, you know, pockets of areas where there's an inordinate area of sex offenders. 71 sex offenders, susan moss, in a one-mile radius. i'd be looking at those guys too. >> oh, and they absolutely have. the cops have told us that each and everyis ex of fender in the area has been spoken to. and the police are doing everything they can to investigate them, using whatever powers they have, especially the ones who are on probation, making them answer the tough questions, because they're going to leave no stone unturned to try to find this little boy. >> penny douglas fir, once we
1:49 am
have a case where people are inclined to look at the family history, but fair or unfair? >> well, not fair, but most of the time it is someone in the family, and because it has happened historically, that is the person they look at. but they need to get rid of these people as suspects and investigate them so that they can move on. and the people who are, you know, have their -- the sex addicts and the people in the area, once they are convicted of that and they have to register as a sex offender, they can go into all of their homes and search all of their homes and i hope they have done that especially with 100 of them in this area. >> dr. marty mccarey, ten seconds for sure, what have we got the fear for this child's safety other than the obvious? >> well, we have to fear this child is hiding and in a family with so much history of abuse, this child is probably dealing with severe anxiety and fear.
1:50 am
tonight, we are on the search for nancy grace's number one fan. a happier subject, i might add. get your videocameras ready to tell us why you are her number one fan. the best submissions will air on the show and you could win a copy of her new novel "the eleventh victim" and plus a chance to come to new york city to meet nancy grace, herself. go to for your entries. >> i want to thank you for your calls and e-mails about my books. it comes out august 11th. you are the first to see it of course after lucy pictured here who grabbed it first. it is about a prosecutor who tris her best to give up criminal law and start a new life, but when her friends are murdered one by one, the nypd hones in on her. it took me years to write this book. i started when i first left felony prosecution and i missed
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we enter day five of the search for young robert manwill. robert is still missing, but we remain hopeful for robert's safe return. the family members behind me are cooperating fully with investigators as we continue to pour over the leads and put together a timeline for young robert. >> mike murad, reporter for cnn affiliate kbci. we just heard him say that the family is cooperating in this case. here's what i want to know. usually we get the bare minimum from law enforcement, but we're not getting who saw the child on the playground? who called the authorities?
1:55 am
we don't know, do we? >> very few details are being released right now. i want to read you what they said back to us. they said until the case is concluded, until we find robert specifics and details of this very active, ongoing, prior investigation cannot be released. but here is what i can tell you, somebody must believe that the child is still in the boise area, because on friday, they are asking 1,000 volunteers to come out to this location to search for this young 8-year-old. bill majewski former nypd detective, isn't it odd that they can't tell us who called authorities? >> yeah, i'm a little concerned that they don't have a time line after five days. that is clearly the first order of an investigative process. they may be indeed keeping things close to the vest and not wanting to disseminate information and may be having some following up some leads right now, but the reality is that you have to go back to beginning, after five days if
1:56 am
you have not solved it or close to solving it, you have to go back to the beginning and re-establish the groundwork and start to create the time line more solidly. >> thank you. and public, we need your help on these cases, don't forget. tonight, let's stop to remember marine sergeant joshua frazier, 24 years old from spotsylvania, virginia. volunteered for a third tour in iraq to lead a group of young marines. he served in afghanistan and was awarded the purple heart, iraq campaign medal and national defense service medal. remembered for a great big handshake and a bright smile. he loved spiderman and taking his family to lake anna. he leaves behind rick and sheila and brother, aaron. an american hero. thanks to all of our guests at home for being with us. thanks for letting me sit in. we will see you tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. sharp eastern. until then, have a wonderful night.
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