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tv   Prime News  HLN  December 22, 2009 6:16pm-7:00pm EST

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welcome back to "prime news" on hln. how about this one? a mother in boston so fed up with her son playing video games, she actually called the cops on him. how does a mom get to that point to call 911 because her son won't go to bed? 911 isn't parenting, let's agree on that. and how does the kid get so
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consumed with a video game it's 2:00 in the morning and he can't stop playing? how about the other topic, a waste of manpower, authorities going to deal with this? call in, 1-877-tell-hln is the number. mary jo, it's mind boggling here what we're dealing with. a mom calling the cops on her kid because he won't stop playing video games. what do you read into it here? >> well, i just think it's extraordinary that the mom got so frustrated that she could not deal with her child setting limits anymore. and she had to call 911 to report it. >> let me read a few facebooks. a lot of people want in on the conversation. the number 1-877-tell-hln. robin writing this, acts like this take away from the real victims needing help. good point there. a lot of people saying wait a minute, 911 is not for something like this.
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brenda writing, why was the 14-year-old up at 2:30 a.m. anyway? shouldn't he be in bed sleeping? mary jo, let's hit on that point. from the way i understand it mom was sleeping and happened to get up in the middle of the night and noticed he was playing away. >> exactly. well, you have here a single mom. and she's probably working extra jobs for extra money. there's probably not consistent boundaries set in the home. the child -- we're finding out that 2 out of 12 kids who answered this survey are actually showing behavioral addictions to things like computer games. and what i'm most concerned about is the type of computer game he was playing. i don't know how he got it. he's 14 years old. but parents are buying these things or relatives are buying these games for kids. they're violent. and there's no supervision. there's no limiting of how much your child can play these games. and many of the parents have them in the child's room. i don't know where this video
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game or computer was set up. >> sounds like in his room. grand theft auto, by the way, for our viewers. >> and anybody who knows anything about that game, that game is very violent. and it's set up so that you're a criminal. when you play the game, you're a criminal. with total control, and you get to go to these big cities and you're thinking about how you're going to steal automobiles or commit crimes. >> what -- let me ask you this, mary jo, what happens -- so this is a 14-year-old kid. >> right. >> how do you know he's becoming addicted? video games can be fun. i've played them myself. but how do you know when addiction is setting in here? >> well, for many parents you don't know. and the one source you can't rely on is the child. because with any addiction, there's a certain amount of denial. and these kids will tell you i don't play that much. but indeed, most of the kids that are really addicted are playing six to eight hours a day. >> wow. >> and that's a lot of time. you'll start noticing their school work is going down, grades are going down. they're isolated, they no longer
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go out and do things with their buddies anymore. they start -- they kind of withdrawal from classes. they withdrawal from sports. they don't want to play sports. if you notice these symptoms, you should have them evaluated. >> i'm sure we're waking a lot of parents up out there. 1-877-tell-hln is the number. mary jo, obviously some great insights into this. and when we come back, mary jo, we're going to talk about what can parents do? a facebook from jeannie says, throw out the game. is it that hard? we'll take your calls. 
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welcome back. breaking news for you. an amazing victory for an american father minutes ago. brazil supreme court ruled in favor of david goldman. he can finally be reunited with his 9-year-old son sean. he's been in the midst of a five-year international tug-of-war. it appears to be over. started with his wife fled with her son to her native brazil b. she died there last year and sean's been living with her family and step dad ever since. but minutes ago the brazilian supreme court justice announced that sean's dad wins custody. does this mean that it is over? he can take sean with him back to the united states? joining me to talk about this once again, david's close
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friend, he's been all over this. as well as vikki zeigler is providing expert analysis, as well. your reaction to this news? >> well, it sounds wonderful. and i guess at the risk of sounding not as excited as i should sound, i think we need more details. we don't know what stipulations are attached to this return order. we're just not sure exactly what the ruling is other than it seems to have lifted the stay order blocking the return. so it seems like the return's back on. but we just don't have any more details. and when you get this kind of news, we need to think about things like who these people are and what the track record is with this case. and i hope the brazilian federal police are keeping an eye on him. because, you know, it's a notion that these families would out of the goodness of their hearts turn him over just because the court says they should. i think we need to be very
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careful about how this might play out. >> okay. let's get vikki's reaction. vikki, you've been very passionate about this. i mean, that's the decision we were hoping for, right? >> yeah. mike, absolutely. you know, you're elated on one hand and you feel a little nervous. there's a stay holding off until the supreme court was reviewing it. so now we hope finally that they will put in place a time line for sean to return home with his father to the u.s. and even if there is another appeal filed or an appeal to the highest court in brazil, they can still send sean home and then wait for that court hearing to happen. you know, at this stage of the game, every day that goes by, sean is losing touch with his family, his father. so let's hope and pray that this
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time will be the last bit that the goldman family has to deal with this. >> there's a history here. we'll take your calls , by the way, your reaction. 1-877-tell-hln is the number. mark, let's get back with you. we're not surprised that you're -- you know you have that guarded optimism at this point. how many times has david been down this road? and for perspective purposes, isn't this as close as he's ever been to bringing sean back? >> you know, that's a good question. let's think about it. in june he had a return order that said he would have his son back within 48 hours. he came within 24 hours of that happening. and then had it blocked, waited six months, had the same thing happen last week, 48 hours, he's 24 hours away, gets blocked again. i don't know. i can understand why everybody is sort of saying, okay, we -- you know, looks like a good development. but so many things can go wrong down in brazil.
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they do not enforce these return orders. children have been ordered home by court and is they never ever get sent home through a court order, through -- excuse me through the enforcement of a court order. and that's the concern here. what's going to be different this time? fortunately we have the publicity of the case, hopefully that'll help. but you know, we'll believe it when we see it. >> vikki, what can -- the mom's family, again, she has died. but there's her mother, the grandmother. what can they do? what do you expect? >> i think they can pull any stop here, any legal maneuver g maneuvering, file an appeal, an urgent order to keep sean in brazil until they interview him, although he's already been interviewed on multiple occasions. argued the exception to the convention that it would be harmful for him to be returned to his biological father. so all of these caveats that we've seen along the five-year tenure could certainly happen here. but at the end of the day -- the
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supreme court in brazil must say enough is enough. we are not going to continue to entertain frivolous applications, appeals that really aren't going to get us to the end result. the lower court has ruled, the federal court has ruled that sean must be returned to the u.s. with his father. that's what stands at this point. and the time is ticking. the timetable within which to get sean to his father at the embassy is really crucial at this point. >> and the world is watching, vikki. come on. >> we're like cheerleaders here. we want him home. we're all excited and we think it's the right thing to happen. >> and brazil, let's face it, the court system will not look good. and if they want reciprocation in a similar case and similar court, they've got to do this, right? >> they have to. reciprocity is the key here. you know what? people move from brazil and come to the united states. and they have exactly the same situations occur. abductions and wouldn't they
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want us to make sure that we as signatories of the hay convention that they're returned swiftly. there's repercussions of everybody watching this. i think they need to do it finally. >> let's get a call in, robert's in with us from california. your thoughts here? >> caller: well, i want to applaud the brazilian government for finally getting this right and may we pray to god that he gets home by christmas. >> good call there. mark, i know that's the hope and prayer. do you believe it's going to be different this time, mark? >> i sincerely hope so, mike. i really do. i feel the last three or four days, something has changed down there. the political pressure from the u.s. government, the pressure internally within brazil, i think, is really made a difference. and, you know, i guess we'll see what happens. but i do believe the will is there on the part of the brazilian government to see this return order enforced.
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and so let's see what the next couple of days hold. >> vikki, in the history that we've seen here, do you expect this family to do something of what mark was alluding to? were they -- for lack of better term somewhat hide sean and don't give him up like we see the courts telling them they should? >> i probably would bet they will do something whether it's another emergent appeal or perhaps take the child, put him in a covert location where he can't be found. you know, you hope that doesn't happen, certainly in custody abduction cases it's very common for people to do that. and at the end of the day, you know, their offer for the goldman's to come to christmas and all of these ploys and tactics, i think, are just kind of the delay tactic that you've seen. so hopefully they don't do it. absolutely possible. and, again, time is ticking. so hopefully they can bring sean home before they can do another legal maneuver. >> yeah. and let's hope not. let's hope that sean and david are back in the united states by christmas.
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mark, how many times has david been able to visit sean since he was taken by his mom five years ago? >> he's had four trips where he's been awarded visitation. and some of those trips he's had more than one visit. but it was four separate trips, i believe, three or four where he's been able to see sean. just a handful of times. >> what have those visits been like? how heart wrenching for david? have they gone well? what do we know? >> well, unfortunately they started out great and they actually deteriorated over time. and that's a testament to the way these people have treated sean and the trauma that they have caused him by what they've said about his father, how they treat him after the visits. this is not my opinion, this is documented in the court records. the court psychologists have said that they were trying -- why sean was becoming more distant from david. and they say it can be from no other reason than the alienation he's been subjected to by the
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family. so unfortunately it's been very, very difficult. >> it's documented. it's not speculation. it's documented. we're going to continue. more coming up. stay with us.
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welcome back. we're following breaking news. a victory for an american father just moments ago, brazil's supreme court ruled in favor of david goldman. he can finally be reunited with his 9-year-old son, sean, who
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has been part of a five-year international tug-of-war when sean's mom, david's ex-wife went back to brazil and took sean with her. she remarried but then last year she died. sean had been raised by his step dad and mom's family. well, david goldman's been fighting all along. finally the supreme court rules in his favor. we want to know when he'll be able to bring sean home. vikki zeigler's with us, family law attorney, and we'll take your calls, by the way. all right, vikki, how soon could it be? could it be within the next 24 hours and they're home by christmas? >> yeah, it absolutely could be and it should be. they can certainly issue an order specifying how he will, sean, leave the country, when, and what the parameters are if, in fact, an appeal is filed. so certainly -- and you know, mike, this is a testament to all of those parents out there that have had their children abducted. never giving up hope, always believing that the system will
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prevail and work and your child or children will be reunited with that parent ultimately. so really it's a testament to mr. goldman's strength and perseverance. >> five years running, it was his son, so he was not going to quit. ann with was us in wisconsin. >> caller: yes, i want to say what a wonderful christmas present this is for david goldman and it's well, well overdue. i'm so happy for them. >> a lot of viewers share that sentiment, anne. thanks for the phone call. so what could stop this? vikki, let's be clear of the folks out there who are watching this. they're seeing, let's face it they're at the goal line here and they could be coming home, but what could get in the way? >> absolutely. an application by this family. apparently there's been 40 appeals going back and forth. so then asking the highest court in brazil to stop the return of sean goldman to his father, biological father on the grounds of number one the child needs to be interviewed further. number two, the exceptions to the convention that child's been
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in brazil for so many years it would be psychologically damaging to him if he was returned. those are some of the legal maneuvering that could occur before sean is actually released to david goldman. >> but you think that the supreme court has taken that into account and ruled in david goldman's favor anyway, right? >> yeah, i think the layperson would say absolutely. but again, here, they may say the supreme court has made a mistake. they've made an error of law and they need the highest court appellate division to take a look at it one more time. it doesn't mean they will accept that and they will, but these are potentials that may exist at this point. >> before we go, let's listen to david goldman. a few days ago as he was talking about what needs to be done to start a new life with his son, sean. let's listen. >> the first step is for sean and i to reunite, come home, be with our family, and i will not do to them what they have done to sean and me. i've had five years of love to give him. so he's going to get an a extraordinary amount.
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and he's got grandparents and he's got cousins, and he's got familiar habitat that he was once in. and with love and patience, he will heal. >> that's a resolute father. you can hear the emotion in his voice. imagine the emotions right now. vikki zeigler, great to have you aboard. we'll continue to follow this. how hababout this? weeks after tiger woods admits and apologizes for what he calls "transgressions." now reports that he's still seeing one of his alleged mistresses. if you're trying to save your marriage and your image, is this the way you go? call in 1-877-tell-hln.
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln. could it be true? just weeks after issuing an
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apology for his personal transgressions, hurting his wife. now comes reports tiger woods may be back with one of his alleged mistresses. we're talking about rachel uchitel. joining me to talk about is jane velez-mitchell. also with us carolina. what's the latest with tiger and possibly rachel uchitel? >> well, "in touch weekly" has learned that tiger has been indeed talking to rachel. he said he was going to work with his personal issues. but what we have learned is that although he's been telling people that he's been on his yacht privacy, he's, in fact, been having secret rendezvouses with rachel at her condo. unfortunately for elin, it doesn't look like he's working
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on bettering himself. >> secret rendezvouses. who has seen them? >> well, reports from rachel's friends, also other sources that have said they have not stopped communicating since that night where elin and tiger had that argument. so what we're learning right now is that tiger hasn't stopped communicating with rachel and that they are in close communication and that they have seen each other since that incident happened. >> okay. so rachel's friends. by the way cnn has not been able to confirm this "intouch" report. jane, let me bring you in on this. does this surprise you? >> not in the slightest. >> why is that? >> well, she flew to florida. reportedly to be with her mom who was some sort of palm beach socialite. but they are in a close vicinity of each other. the actual -- as the bird flies is about seven miles from where she was staying to where one of his boats was docked. >> jane, you know, it's about 500 feet, actually, her condo is
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about 500 feet exactly from where his yacht privacy is docked. feet actually from where privacy is docked. >> isn't there another boat, too? >> yes, there's a decoy boat he's been using to see rachel. >> they're in the same area. it was seven miles and maybe it's down to 500 yards and maybe it's closer than that. if you're purported to be mistress number one and you hired gloria allred, said you were going to hold a news conference and abruptly canceled it as rumors swirled that you had settled for something over $1 million, and then you fly down to the very area where tiger woods is, how do you not expect people to at least ask the question, oh, is she and tiger, are they still hooking up? and then this idea that i had heard, and fill us in, that the
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yacht took off as if to go to the bahamas and then turned around and came back. >> yell, you know what, jane, that is correct. in fact, tiger has been using these decoys, or these other plans. you know what, it just really adds insult to injury. this is the same yacht he spent his honeymoon on with elin. the stories that he's out with his friends and trying to recuperate and watching cartoons and playing golf at night. this isn't exactly what's going on as far as we're concerned. >> okay, jane, we'll be watching "issues" coming up at the top of the hour. we welcome you in on this conversation as well. 1-877-tell-hln. stay with us.         
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