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tv   Prime News  HLN  May 5, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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as a parent to look at the body of a young girl, as you said, had so much to look forward to is just a terrible situation. >> as the university of virginia mourns the loss of yardly love, dark details about her relationship with the suspect. did george hughly threaten her in the past? and what about his violent, drunken confrontation with a female cop? three teens trapped on top of a dam in raging waters. they hang on for their lives facing a 30-foot drop to the rocks below. two guys heard their screams and thankfully called 911. >> you thought you were going to
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die? >> yeah, i know if we would've gone over the ledge, it would have been curtains for us. >> now they're telling their incredible story. a little league coach charged with assault. he's irate over a call and witnesses say he let the league president have it. >> all of a sudden i see kids crying in the dugout. i see yelling on both sides of the field. he sucker punched me in the face. >> two chipped teeth, a sore jaw, and now we're learning the coach has a violent criminal record. how is he coaching our kids in the first place? controversy, opinion, your point of view. this is "prime news." welcome once again, i'm mike galanos. this just into us at "prime news," detectives are revealing -- again just 22 years old, the female lacrosse player at the university of virginia, had her whole life ahead of her. >> she was so outgoing and friendly and came right up to us and wanted to introduce herself to us.
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so she was very sweet and outgoing. >> i'm sure it's going to be really hard. but i'm also sure it'll bring them closer together. i know they're really close anyway and hopefully they'll be able to rise above it and know she's watching over them. >> her one-time boyfriend is charged with her murder. according to court documents he told police he kicked in her bedroom door, shook her, hitting her head repeatedly against the wall. yet his lawyer maintains it was all an accident. >> we're confident that ms. love's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> as always, we take your comments, questions, call us 1-877-tell-hln is the number. and we're expecting a news conference by university officials, could begin at any moment. there you see they're getting ready. when it takes place, we will take you there. in the meantime, let's go to our experts joining us. a staff writer at the -- she's been covering this. also with us.
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welcome back steve rogers. also nicole debord, former prfrt. the more we learn about george hugueley, the less it looks like an accident. and we have him telling police he kicked in the door, shook her repeatedly. seems almost like a confession. what's with the line from the lawyer in public saying accident? is that some kind of a strategy here? >> it very well may be a strategy. but quite frankly this defense attorney has a tough sell in front of him. it's going to be difficult to get that message across to a court or a jury when you do have the evidence of the door being kicked in, of this defendant in his own words saying that he attacked this girl. so clearly her injuries were not an accident. he obviously in his own words intended to cause harm. and it -- the harm resulted in her death. and so i think that he's got a really tough road ahead of him. >> yeah, another key to this, her computer possibly. i want to bring in kiara.
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what do we know about her computer? what would gather? he stole it, disposed of it -- did he threaten her on it? >> we don't know that yet. we only know in the affidavit that he took the computer and disposed of it and later told police where he disposed of it. and it was recovered. and he said he had a previous relationship with yeardley love. >> how huge could that be? an e-mail threat or a text message threat? >> it could be huge. and that may be what he was trying to destroy would be evidence, potentially, that he had planned this out for a while or had been threatening to do this kind of thing. it may show some sort of an escalation of his anger. i mean, there could be a number of things. and quite frankly, i wonder if perhaps the defense attorney's saying what he's saying isn't trying to setting stage for a
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mitigated sentence. trying to sort of distract the state from realizing that it is, in fact, a very serious murder as opposed to maybe something less planned or less intentional. but, again, i think it's going to be very difficult. and that computer is going to be a key in how the state decides to pursue this. >> another thing to consider, steve, there are reports that hugueley publicly threatened love when they broke up a few weeks ago. >> well, the basis of the investigation, i believe, will be grounded on a lot of police interviews. they're going to be talking to friends, classmates, and they're going to try to establish this one fact -- that he is a violent person. and based on the violent past that we already know, especially having a violent confrontation with a police officer, this might prove the intent that the prosecution needs. >> okay. all right. the press conference, university of virginia official speaking is underway. let's go there now and see what new information we get. >> -- professional experience
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and somewhat related activities. and a determined effort to provide the best possible support and service to the bereaved family. to our students, faculty members, and so on. i should say second that none of us would pretend to you that the description of the condition of yeardley love's body when the police entered the apartment is anything other than a constant image in our heads. that we all live with that. and we have an apology for that because she was and is our first responsibility, our student. let me stop with that and simply ask what's the first question? and we'll work from the questions. is there a first question? where's the microphone?
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>> after hugueley -- was there any sort of discipline from the coach or the athletic department? >> i asked about that this morning. i asked first of all whether our police department received any notice of that arrest and the answer was no. and second, i asked whether the coaches had any knowledge of it or whether it'd been disclosed. and the answer to that was no also. finally, i asked whether students are required to self-report arrests, convicti s convictions, and so on. and there is, in fact, a regulation in the student code of regulations that requires that kind of report. are there any follow-up questions to that one? yes?
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>> i'm with the "washington post." when you posted the story on your website based on public record that found that at least 8 of the 41 members of the lacrosse team had been charged. one of the -- were you aware of any of those charges? and if there's any discipline in regards to any of those. >> i was not. but let me ask craig since he's responsible for that function. >> without being specific to any one individual, there are -- >> okay. we're listening there. that was the president of the university of virginia, john casteen. it sounded like he was somewhat emotional as he was talking about just the sad, tragic scene of yeardley love lying in her bed. and one of the questions coming out of that concerning -- and we'll get to this right now. george hugueley, he's the
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suspect. well, in 2008, he had a violent, aggressive, drunken run-in with a female police officer. the president of the university was asked did the coach of the lacrosse team know about this? and he said no. so that's interesting. i want to go to chiara -- what's that? okay. let's go to break. we're going to talk more about this, the history of george hugueley, the history of his violent behavior with a police officer. and how that could play in with a pattern of behavior as we continue to investigate the sad, tragic murder of yeardley love. @
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welcome back to "prime news"
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on hln. we continue our conversation as we investigate the tragic murder of lacrosse player yeardley love, just 22 years old. her on again off again boyfriend hugueley is the suspect. i want to go back to steve rogers, detective. let's lay it out here for our viewers. sounds like a drunken, aggressive confrontation with a female police officer. we're talking about george hugueley, november 2008. he fought with her, didn't he? three or four minutes according to the officer? >> yes, he did. he fought with her, he was charged. and, of course, one of the interesting points that the college president brought up was the question, well, did the police know that he was arrested before? and you know what, mike? routinely we do not check people's criminal histories unless we have a reason to do so. so unless he was in a prior incident with the police on that campus had a reason to check him, the police would never know he had this confrontation before. >> we know he was aggressive
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with the officer. according to the officer, threatened saying "i'll kill you." she tasered him. l angry and aggressive. >> yeah. exactly. could you imagine that? here's a guy so violent he had to be tasered. >> and he was so drunk, he didn't remember it when he went to court the next day. ended up pleading guilty to resisting arrest, public swearing, public intoxication. let's go back to chiara. what do friends, anybody who knows him say about him? about his partying and drinking? >> well, that's actually really interesting. because it's been really silent saying they want to respect the silence of love's family. but some people do say, you know, a lot of lacrosse players are drinkers and they like to party. but a lot of people also say that he was a nice guy. so you have kind of a duality here of a personality. >> yeah, we are looking at
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george hugueley. sounds like a pretty good lacrosse player on the university of virginia lacrosse team. we just heard that in the press conference. the question asked that 8 of the 41 lacrosse players have faced alcohol-related charges. you mentioned it, and it goes around campus that these guys like to drink and party. let's get back to the suspect here. how much will pattern of behavior play into this when we talk about the showdown with the female police officer 2008, and just what we'll end up finding out whether the guy's an aggressive drunk or not. >> sure. these are important questions. and the reality is, in a criminal case, it's very important that the person who is being accused and tried for whatever kind of criminal conduct is tried in front of a jury for a specific incident in question and not for all the things that they've done in their past. that's the general rule. now, that being said, what can sometimes happen is that the accused or the defendant will come forward with a defense like it wasn't me or i wasn't there.
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or i would never do something like that. and if they start to say those kinds of things, that gives the prosecution the right to bring up these incidents from the past. >> that's the opening you need to show pattern of behavior. right? >> exactly. >> all right. got it. we're going to continue to follow this. chiara, steve, nicole, we appreciate it. coming up, this should be a wake-up call for parents. first a little league coach's attacks the league's president because he didn't like the ump's call. then we find out this coach has a violent criminal past and the league knew about it. how is he around our kids in the first place? and take a look at this incredible rescue. >> reporter: three teens trapped on top of a dam in raging waters. they hang on for their lives facing a 30-foot drop to the rocks below. two guys heard their screams and thankfully called 911. >> you thought you were going to die? >> yeah, yeah. i know if we would've went over that ledge, it would have been curtains for us. >> now they're telling their incredible story. gr d t ?gaue
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we have new video -- an incredible rescue just into us. near atlanta, georgia. two college students goofing around in the river, suddenly they are hanging on for dear life. let's check out this amazing rescue. >> three friends from the university held on to each other for dear life. they were stuck in the middle of a raging creek in roswell, georgia, just a few feet from a waterfall. >> what were you worried about at that point? >> dying. it picked up real fast. we were worried about going over the top. >> you thought you were going to die? >> yeah. yeah. i know if we would've went over that ledge, it would have been curtains. >> nicholas and bobby say they were trying to swim across the
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river just above that dam. but the flood waters racing over the 30-foot drop were too strong and swept them dangerously close to the edge. >> for a second -- like my head was going under and i was trying to fight it. i was panicking, i could feel my heart rate. and i was thinking, i need to calm down, figure something out. >> and he did. he managed to get on his feet. and that's him standing in the orange swim trunks. standing so close to the ledge. that was a huge help to the rescuers onshore. roswell firefighter dennis o'brien, the one who threw out the rope talked to hln. >> the young lady and man that were laying down, they were exhausted. visibly shaking from the cold. and they were ready to come out of the water and very quickly. >> tv helicopters hovered above as this amazing rescue unfolded. >> we see there they've just pulled the female. >> attached to that rope, life jackets. all three were pulled to safety and they thanked firefighter o'brien with hugs.
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>> mom and dad were mad for being so stupid. you live and you learn, though, man. you live and learn and thank good. >> lesson learned. we thank the people who called 911 who saw this. and we salute firefighter dennis o'brien who jumped in. roswell, georgia, fire department, our salutations to you. there's already been three rescues near that dam just this year and summer's just begun. you heard mr. swoops there, how stupid it was, get away from the dam. it could have cost someone their lives. all right, parents, this one's for you. new information about a major children's medicine recall. we're talking about over 40 products here. tylen tylenol, motrin, benadryl. calling the conditions at the plant unacceptable. so this is the place where they're making medicine for our kids and it's unacceptable? that is unbelievable. plus this, airlines changing their no-fly policy after that near bomb attack in time square. @@@@@@@@
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln. all right. identical twins have fun switching places to fool the friends. but you wouldn't think they'd pull a swap in front of a judge. but two twins did. 40-year-old twin brothers. matthew facing fraud charges. he's flying into florida from indiana. he calls his brother, hey, can you fill in for me? so marcus pretended to be matthew. showing you the side-by-side photos. well, he couldn't pull it off. and didn't take long before his own attorney got suspicious. the other twin could not recall past conversations, then the judge asked for fingerprints, unraveling a little bit here.
6:31 pm
they don't match up. so now both brothers behind bars. one for contempt, the other for failing to appear. not wise to try and fool a judge. now this, a high-value interrogation group is questioning the suspect. the group grilled some of the top terror suspects. that's what's going on. i think a baseline question we all have is, how did this guy get on a plane when he was on a no-fly list? faisal shahzad arrested late monday. he had boarded a flight bound for dubai. the guy was almost wheels up when this call came in. >> -- direct position. actually i have a message for you to go back to the gate immediately to make a left turn when able. >> turning left here. >> make the left turn on to echo, left alpha back to the ramp. i don't know exactly why, but you can call your company for the reason. >> again, his name had been put on an updated no-fly list
6:32 pm
earlier that day. first red flag, he paid for his ticket in cash at the ticket counter. now, the airline had not refreshed its no-fly information. so his name did not raise that second red flag. and here's what shahzad told law enforcement officials when he was arrested. quoting here, "i was expecting you. are you nypd or fbi." he knew something was coming. he knew they were on to him. they were cutting it really close, don't you think? he almost fled the country. we'll take your calls on this. 1-877-tell-hln. back to talk with us, steve rogers. he was also a former member of the fbi national joint terrorism task force. also with us james gordon, reporter for the "new york daily news." steve, we all fly. and as we hear this, we expect a no-fly list to stop things like that. i think we're thinking no fly list, neon lights if somebody shows up at the counter. does it go down like that, or
6:33 pm
not? >> exactly, mike. ironically, it was this terrorist that showed us a gap in our security system. but let me bring some comfort to you. when i worked with the joint terrorism task force ten years ago, there was little or no information sharing between agencies. as a result, we now have information sharing, and it resulted in this guy's arrest. the timeliness of getting that information out on these no-fly lists is now being corrected. so, yep, there's a gap there, but they're going to correct it. >> james, any other explanations? because, again, i think viewers think no fly means just that. and it's an immediate exchange of information. sounds like it's not. go ahead, james. >> well, normally when you're on the no-fly -- you're put on the no-fly list and you try to get your boarding pass, they reject you. in this case, this was a fast-moving investigation, they put him on the list, but the system is still designed that the feds are relying on the airlines to update their data base. and according to u.s. officials,
6:34 pm
emirates airlines didn't update their data base fast enough. so this guy was able to, apparently, you know, order his ticket on the phone as he was driving to the airport, pay in cash for a one-way ticket. usually those are red flags, get all the way through security before he was grabbed on the plane right before it was about to pull back from the gate. and customs and border protection officers grabbed him before the plane moved away from the gate. so in that case, the system worked because they were already looking for him. the cbp guys who are part of the department of homeland security, had his name, checking flight manifests, which the airlines are required by law to provide before the flight takes off. >> there's been some change. before if there was a new change to the no-fly list, then airlines had to update or check it within 24 hours. now it's, what? every two hours? is that the way we understand that? >> well, i think they are going to work to update that. because obviously according to u.s. officials, emirates didn't update their data base fast enough. even though this guy was put on the no-fly list.
6:35 pm
roughly, i think, 30 hours before he tried to get on this flight. so, yeah, by the end of the year, the feds are not going to be relying on airlines to be doing the vetting any longer, they're going to do it. >> steve, is that the answer here? we all think that -- that should be immediate information. >> absolutely. >> airlines shouldn't be updating, it should be automatically dispersed to them and they get to see it front and center. >> yes, it has to be immediate. but even more so, what's troubling, the red flags. a guy's paying cash for a one-way ticket to pakistan. people need to be trained, once you see a red flag, make the call. >> are you confident, steve? end of the year the government's going to be taking over, making sure everything's updated. is that what we need to do? are you going to feel more confident at the end of the year? >> yes, i am. we've got the greatest intelligence sources right here in america, i'm confident. >> okay. guys, thanks again. steve rogers, james gordon meek, it's a bottom line question me of us asked at the outset. how does he make it on the plane
6:36 pm
almost make it out of the country? sounds like improvements are being made. we appreciate it. thanks so much. coming up. here's something to take with you on the road. some cities are considering charges drivers for accidents. now, if it's your fault, fines starting at almost $500. what do you think of that? city trying to make some money. if it's your fault, you pay. do you think that's fair? call in 1-877-tell hln's the number, here's what else we're working on. a little league coach charged with assault. he's irate over a call, and witnesses say he let the league president have it. >> all of a sudden i see kids crying in the dugout. i see yelling on both sides of the field. he sucker punched me in the face. >> two chipped teeth, a sore jaw. and now we're learning the coach has a violent criminal record. how is he coaching our kids in the first place? [ wheezing ]
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all right. here's the scene. a little league coach gets so mad at a call by an umpire, witnesses say he attacked and attacked the league president. this happened in ohio. shawn thomas says he was trying to calm the situation. calm down the coach and it didn't work. >> he sucker punched me in the face. he was not happy with me or with me telling him, you know, get ready -- let's just pack it up and go. so it was a very unfortunate incident, one i wish never happened. >> can you imagine the 8 and 9-year-olds crying. they had to call this game as this coach and a fan gets booted. we're finding out the coach carter has a violent criminal record. arrest for assault, domestic violence, and the league did a background check. they knew about his past. let him coach anyway. why? i mean, if you know this kind of history, you're not giving the guy a second chance around our kids. but still -- you've got to know.
6:41 pm
you've got to know as a league this guy can't be coaching with our kids. call in, your thoughts on it 1-877-tell-hln's the number. joining us to talk about, brett singer, also with us nicole deborde. i'm for second chances, but not in a case like this. because someone with a violent criminal past is the kind of person who is going to snap in a tense 8-year-old or 9-year-old baseball game. >> that's the thing. maybe it turns out maybe little league isn't the place for someone with a violent criminal past to be around. but part of the reason for that, of course, is because there's a lot of incidents of violence at youth sporting events. about ten years ago there was a guy who killed a referee at a youth hockey game. the guy died and he's in jail and he's been appealing the conviction. he didn't have any kind of violent criminal past and he still flew off the handle. >> that's the sad thing about it. these are 8-year-olds and 9-year-olds. it's youth sports, the national title isn't on the line, but
6:42 pm
people do get overheated. and again, that's why i say someone like this, that's not the environment for them. i want to listen to his wife vouching for his character and basically trying to defend her husband's actions. let's listen. >> he let his emotions take over. along with everybody else on the field. >> got in his face, was being argumentative and ran up towards him. and my husband defended himself. my husband is a great coach, he loves these kids. >> sounds a little too invested. nicole, you don't want to discriminate, but in this case, don't you have the right to? league finds out, filing criminal record, you're out as coach, end of story. >> certainly in this case, hindsight is definitely 20/20. and probably the right decision would be not to have this gentleman coaching. on the other hand, you know, certainly there's an argument when you are aware of whatever his criminal history was and you go ahead and question him about it, determine it had nothing to
6:43 pm
do with children, get his reasonable explanations if there are any to be given for the circumstances. and he's paid his dues to society by going to jail or serving a probation or doing whatever the rehabilitative thing he's been asked to do. and there is a way that you can say that intelligent minds could've decided that it was appropriate to allow him to do that. you know, they knew him in the community. he was a good coach. they could've decided and been right-thinking that we can't predict he's going to do something unreasonable. and in this case, unfortunately, he did. >> firearm in a car, disorderly conduct by intoxication. quentin, your thoughts? >> yeah, you know, this coach is trying -- you look up the coaches if you're a little league player or coach, and you're trying to set an example for these kids. and then you have a coach punch a parent. where is the morals at in this society anymore? >> you know, here's the facebook comment going along with that. thanks for the call, quentin.
6:44 pm
jody writes, people only care about winning, they don't care if the kids are hurt. i'm telling you, i -- i tried to coach, did the background check -- they let me in by the way -- and that's a good thing. i want my kids and everybody wants their kids to be around upstanding citizens and not people with violent pasts. guys, we've got to run. thanks again. sorry, brett. if you get in a car accident and it's your fault, get ready to pay up. cities are considering charges drivers who cause accidents. you know, fender bender, $435, car fire, over $600. your fault. you pay. is that fair? or highway robbery? we'll take your calls on that 1-877-tell hln is the number. you wouldn't expect the taxpayers to be responsible for paying for someone at fault accident. so we're holding them accountable to what their fault on that accident is. and we think that's pretty fair. when you want a bank that travels with you.
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a new mistress scandal. and at the center of it all, someone who is familiar to "prime news" viewers. you know the name, rachel uchitel. she's alleged to be tiger's mistress number one. well now she's linked to actor david boreanaz. you may know him from the popular show "bones."
6:48 pm
if not, take a look. >> i don't own a nightclub, i'm not married to bones, so can i go back to work now? >> we would like to get back to work and forget about all of this. but he's in the center of attention now. boreanaz says he's coming clean about his affairs because one woman is trying to extort him. rachel uchitel says it's not her. trying to clear this up now with my friend and colleague jane velez-mitchell host of "issues." is rachel trying to extort money of the guy or not? >> well, rachel uchitel says she's livid and cutting short her mexican vacation -- poor thing, she has to cut short her vacation -- and come back to the united states to set the record straight. here's the problem with all that, mike. her attorney, gloria allred has already said she's not the "alleged mistress" in question. that there is another individual. so it doesn't involve rachel uchitel. so i'm wondering is she making a
6:49 pm
dramatic -- this is about me play to get more attention on television. she's supposed to hold yet another news conference. remember the last one -- >> it's working for her, isn't it? she's gets jobs out of it and everything else. >> i'm telling you. so is she really going to hold this news conference? it was supposed to happen either today or tomorrow. or is she just going to threaten to hold another news conference? and if so, why? >> jane, we'll be watching. and you also have the latest on the tragedy, yeardley love, the lacrosse player, as well. >> so many people have inside information coming up in just a few. >> jane, we'll be watching, top of the hour, "issues" coming up. and what about this? what do you think about this. call 1-877-tell-hln. some cities are considering charging drivers for accidents. that's if it's their fault. here's a little price list. fender bender, $495, car fire could be over $600, $605 to be exact. it's expected to become a law,
6:50 pm
chula vista, california. fire department says it needs the money, but not everyone's on board. >> what it comes down to is residents are already charged i residents are charged taxes to pay for these types of services. >> want to know what your thoughts are. do you agree or disagree? call us 877-tell-hln. we have a full poll on facebook. go there and vote. joining us to talk about it, the chula vista fire department chief and also with us host of "a.j. in the morning" in san diego. one of the top rated drive time shows. give us your best pitch. why is this a good idea? some say it's not fair. double taxation. argue against that. >> i think the fire department is in a time where we are looking for our most efficient operation so we're proposing to charge a cost recovery fee
6:51 pm
that's already in state law here in california so what our local jurisdiction in chula vista is doing is creating a resolution to hire a billing company to do that service for us and we need this money now as most cities do because of dwindling funds. it will allow us to replace fire engines and equipment that's well needed. i understand the issue of double taxation. from our perspective, i don't think that it's anticipated that a taxpayer should bear the burden of somebody who is at fault. for example, if somebody runs a red light or is speeding and causes an accident, i don't think that's the fault of -- >> we have to take a quick break. we'll get a.j. in on the other side and what he thinks about this and we'll take your calls as well. 877-tell-hln.
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