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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  August 1, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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forcing the mentally ill to take psychiatric medications before they commit violent crimes. balancing public safety against other public health concerns. "...and the little girl pee'd for me..." desperate to cheat a parolee drug test by using a young child's urine. the couple now denying they committed child abuse. good evening, im ann notarangelo. the news starts now. in danville, a runaway pickup truck leaves a trail of destruction and injured people. and courageous witnesses help stop the suspect. don knapp on how neighbors intervened to help police. pkg 00 09 04 (skid marks) skid marks along the roads 0011
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striking a pedestrian down in the bike lane and collided with a ford pawpt pickup truck and kept going until he smashed into an suv and came to
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a stop. just to be sure he didn't keep going residents hell him for police. >> he was very much under the influence of something. he could hardly talk and his air bag had deployed so obviously the impact on the front of the car was severe and the air bag had deployed. so he was still driving the car with the air bag. they pulled him out. >> reporter: the driver is 23 years old and is being held on a variety of charges including dui with great bodily injury, hit and run and driving without a license. don knapp in danville. a law passed in 2002 is getting renewed attention tonight. it is called laura's law and forces the mentally ill to take their psychiatric medication. linda yee with more on the story. >> reporter: only one county in the state has implemented laura's law. now san francisco is considering it. the law allows the court to order treatment programs for
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the severely mentally ill. the way it stands now a mentally ill patient is forced into treatment only after committing a crime. applicants for laura's law says that's too late. >> reporter: an oakland mother says voices told her to toss her three young sons over the san francisco pier and drowned them. a freemonte man whose family said he tried to get him help used his car to run down pedestrians all over san francisco. and a homeless man is accused of lighting another man on fire killing him. supporters of laura's law say if any of them were forced to get outpatient mental care their crimes may not have happen. >> most of the people who are on our streets have severe mental illness. >> reporter: the supervisor wants the law implemented in san francisco. she says without forced care help would only come after the mentally ill snap. >> the problem is san francisco's program right now is you have to commit a crime and you have to go into the jails first. what laura's law would do is it
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would give people those tools outside of the jail system. >> reporter: laura's law passed in 2002 but only one county implemented it allowing courts to order courts to force people off the street to get treatment. >> people get well with treatment and people who are mentally ill have a tendency to flee from forced treatment and forced treatment doesn't work. >> reporter: many mental health applicants believe most patients want help and seek it. >> the vast majority of that people are waiting for services. if they had services to go to they could get better. they don't need to have to go through a whole court process to be pushed into services. >> usually what is needed are more services. >> exactly. >> reporter: the costs for court ordered treatment are unclear and critics say laura's law takes money away from the
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established designs to help the mentally ill. >> ann? >> linda, thank you very much. family members of a sacramento couple say they are disgusted by the act that landed the two behind bars. in a jailhouse interview the couple says why they try to use a little girl's urine in a drug test. >> reporter: panic set in for the woman while she and her long time boyfriend vincent walker were on their home on lindsey avenue. >> a parole officer called and said he was coming over. he wanted to test her. told her to be at the house. >> reporter: serving time for forging checks. she said her urine was tainted or dirty from recent meth use. she certainly didn't want to go back to prison and that's when two neighbor girls came by to say hello. one 9, the other just 6 years old. >> we just thought about it and
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we seen them and asked them and the little girl peed for me. that was it. >> she was just trying to beat the system so she wouldn't go back to the penitentiary. >> i feel very bad because i should have been a better person. but at the time we wasn't thinking like that. >> reporter: they will find little sympathy tonight at their apartment complex. >> using a little girl for testing urine. i can't talk any more. i can't. >> reporter: marie beverly is the 9-year-old little girl's aunt. >> how does it make you feel that somebody would use a child to -- >> it makes me upset. >> reporter: but vincent and dewana say their biggest fear is someone will think aside from asking a 6-year-old girl for clean urine but they may have tried to abuse the children somehow. >> we don't do nothing. that's not us. >> i love the kids.
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there is no funny weird stuff ever would go on in my house like that. >> facing charges of a felony child molestation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. dozens of people face charges tonight after a cockfight raid in napa county. deputies discovered people inside a caged arena in american canyon yesterday with a cockfight in progress. they found two dead birds, about 50 live ones plus guns and drugs. about 40 people were arrested. they face misdemeanor charges of participating in cockfighting. a dispute over a wage apparently led to a double murder. sheriff deputies say it happened just after midnight at a house in livingston. when a disagreement over the vet erupted one man pulled out a gun and fatally shot a 20- year-old man. police say the victim's brother
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and another man then beat the shooter to death. a number of other people were also injured. the two men accused of beating the shooter to death face murder charges. relentless drug war violence in mexico has killed tens of thousands of people. now, mexican police claim they have made some progress but others doubt it will stop the killing. >> reporter: in the vicious battle against drug cartels in mexico the last few days brought a few welcome bits of news. mexican police showed off the two journalists they recovered. mexican authorities arrested police officers with links to cartels. a major mexican drug traffickering was killed in an army raid. >> there is good news but the
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bad news is the violence continues. >> reporter: saying it is hardly a turn around. more than 24,000 people have been killed since the mexican president began a crackdown on drug cartels in 2006. in the july 15th deadly car bombing in a border city, one of the most violent places in the world, bore the hallmarks of an al-qaeda style attack. >> the cartels seem to be getting more desperate and violent. >> reporter: to beef up security alon the u.s./mexico border there is a deployment of national guard troops. some started deploying today. by late september roughly 1200 soldiers are expected to be in place to assist federal agents looking for people illegally crossing the border. >> this is an acknowledgment that the border, despite all the fences and the increase in border patrol agents, still is
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a pretty pourous place. >> president obama is asking for $6 million to enhance border protection. this is not the first time a large number of national guard troops have been deployed to the border. president george w. bush sent 6000 soldiers there for two years back in 2006. seth stone, cbc news, new york. so much concern is being raised by b.p.'s use of chemicals. there is a hearing scheduled to take place this week. >> reporter: b.p.'s point man on the oil crisis came to venice louisiana for a carefully choreographed p.r. event to meet workers and tour the gulf. but the ceo was hounded about questions about the company's use of dispersements? >> what effect do you think the
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chemicals on the marine life. >> reporter: they say the coastguard routinely agreed to b.p.'s request to use chemicals. >> some of the requests were accepted as they asked. sometimes they modified those. >> reporter: b.p. pumped 2 million gallons of chemicals into the water. it is a prospect that worries many fisherman about the effect on the wildlife. >> reporter: this man believes that oil was sunk into the oyster beds that he fishes. >> we won't be able to fish for a couple years. i have been doing this and i don't know how to do something else. >> reporter: b.p. says it is getting closer to permanently killing the leak. >> we need to get the casing cemented and that's underway. >> reporter: the first part will begin as early as monday
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night sealing the well by the ends of august. but the effect on the sea life will likely last much longer. one of the bay areas trashiest spots got spruced up today. about 100 volunteers met this morning to clear up a mile of coastline on strawberry beach in berkeley. they got everything from tires to small pieces of debris called micro trash which can be harmful to wildlife. it is identified as one of the bay area's trashiest hot spots. which is now possible lrg one -- which is now possibly one of the cleanest. all of the presidents of the united states except one. the one chief executive not on the first family tree. i'm lawrence karnow in the cw weather center. fog making its way onshore.
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will we see some summer heat in the near future? we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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with the economy still in the dol drums and president obama's popularity fading some democrats are worried about this fall's elections and as it is reported some of the same democrats who coasted on the president's victory in 2008 now think he is a liability. >> reporter: president obama has taken his fund-raising machine to pivotol races like in one in nevada where he is campaigning for the senate's top democrat kerry reed. these days not all democrats are so eager to embrace the president. with his disapproval numbers now equal to his approval and misterm elections just three months away some prefer to keep him at arm's length. this satisfaction with the
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economy. he acknowledged in an interview it is not where he wants it to be. >> but i also knew this was going to be a bumpy road ahead and i don't expect the american people to be satisfied when we are only half of the way back. >> barack obama. [ applause ] >> reporter: it is a stark change from two years ago. back then the campaign appearance by barack obama was considered the ultimate weapon in the democrats arsenal. today republicans are using the president's face and policies to attack. president obama and his staff are said to be well aware that his presence might actually hurt more than it helps. the new york times quotes mr. obama as telling vulnerable democrats "you may not even want me to come to your district." at least 65 house seats most held by democrats are at risk of changing hands but house speaker nancy pelosi insisted today she is confident. >> we have a solid plan of messaging and mobilizing the grassroots level an management
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of our campaign and we have a 2- 1 advantage money wise. >> when it comes to raising money president obama appears as effective as ever. he has done 29 fund-raisers so far this year generating at least 51.8 million. >> the president might not be the campaigner in chief any more but he is certainly still the fund-raiser in chief. >> reporter: president obama will do more as the election draws closer and will "help as much as he can anywhere he can." what do all u.s. presidents but one have in common? turns out they are all related according to a 12-year-old central california girl. the girl discovered george washington, thomas jefferson and barack obama, all cousins or grandsons of a former king of england. she researched half a million names over four months to come to her conclusion. she also found out that she is 18th cousin to president obama.
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>> i have written a letter to obama but i just have gotten standard reply. >> i hope to meet the president and explain it to him. >> she is now trying to raise money to get to washington, dc, so she can meet her cousin. by the way, the only president not related to all the rest, martin van burran. a magnitude 3.6 earthquake rattled solinas valley. 145 miles south of san francisco. no report of injury or damage. meteorologist lawrence karnow. you're talking fog. does that mean more cool weather ahead? >> yes, unfortunately. thick fog is now making its way into the bay area. very dense as you're looking over the city of san francisco. yes, camera having a hard time trying to focus. just so much focus around the bay area right now. that's true food. drizzle will actually throw up
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on the shore. hugging the coastline more extensive than last night. mountain gaps in the north bay. it will take some time to clear things out. temperatures going to be cool, of course, out toward the coastline. that's not a surprise. i think inside the bay you'll find 70s in to the santa clara valley. 80s in the tri-valley. temperatures still still comfortable. 68 in livermore. and 63 degrees in san jose. we have got the trough that has been semipersistent almost since april out along the west coast and that has ushered in that cool air and kept our temperatures well below the average. i think the next seven to ten days more of the same. cool fog will continue to make its way onshore and make its way back towards the coastline. that's what we will see as we head into the afternoon. warmer temperatures in the interior values. mild in between and cooler out at the coastline. so you can pick and choose your
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weather another day to do it. you'll see patchy fog early on. by the afternoon lots of sunshine england. 60s and 70s inside the bay. still some 80s well inland and 50s and 60s out toward the coastline. next couple days those temperatures may come up just a few agrees. no heat wave on the horizon. then looks like by wednesday and thursday. another drop down the coastline to cool things off. >> maybe a little more fog and drizzle then warming up as we head into next weekend. >> you are on a roll. >> controlled access. how well did chelsea clinton keep her wedding a private affair? [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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chelsea clinton and marc mezvinsky's wedding. as manuel gallegus reports there' lot to look fo an exciting few weeks. chelsea clinton and marc mezvinsky's wedding. still a lot to look forward to for the residents of that small town. >> reporter: the streets of rhinebeck filled up this afternoon when there was news
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that the newly wedded couple were heading into town to shop. it didn't happen. disappointed locals that didn't get to see them. >> i waited hours to see them. >> reporter: the first look at the newly weds the world wanted to see came saturday night, the bride escorted down the aisle by her father. proud groom marc mezvinsky posing with his powerful inlaws. the reception that lasted into the wee hours the clintons had brunch with friends and family at a local estate. all this media attention has put rhinebeck on the map. the aster courts estate was for sale before the wedding and now it is on the market again. price on request. the house across the street is for sale too. it was used as a staging ground for the wedding. >> are you going to drink your clinton wine? >> i'm not quite sure. will have to consult my family. >> reporter: the owner was given a bottle of clinton vineyard wine and was compensated for agreeing to
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leave her home. though she politing declined how much. >> of course like everybody else i was sworn to secrecy about it and i honored that command. >> reporter: in the end it was a very private affair for the very public family and that's the way rhinebeck likes it. a lavish wedding wasn't in the budget for a spokane couple but that didn't stop newly weds peter and and and ann guyer. they collected cans for a year to pay for their big day. 400,000 cans. made about $3800. the couple says they are not done collecting cans because they still have to pay for their honeymoon. matt cain looking to end a career long losing streak against the dodgers. the minute is next. a record of 0 and 8.
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be nny, start the in 14 career starts against the dodgers matt cain had never won. a record of 0-8. would the 15th be the charm? kenny start the clock. edgar renteria with a triple to the gap. drives in the first of only two runs in the game. 2-0 the final. dodgers beat the giants. ending up with a three-run triple. chicago beat the as 4-1. gulf. stuart appleby with a round of
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59 to win the green briere classic by one stroke. bernard langer. victorious at the u.s. senior open. yani tseng wins the women's british open. at stanford a day after knocking off the top seed victoria azarenka meets maria sharapova. not a bad way to celebrate your 21st birthday which was yesterday. jason campbell coming up on "game day" on our sister station. >> will he turn the team around? >> won't do any worse than the last guy. allow is that for going out on a limb. >> we will watch "game day." >> thank you for watching. we will be back at 11:00 p.m. on cbs5. you can always finds the news on >> i have to think of a tougher question to ask you next time.
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