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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 2, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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make the commute even worse, for thousands of riders. a major victory for east bay bus drivers, why it could make the commute even worse for thousands of riders. now his father is speaking out, the message he wants to send about his son. >> i have nothing to do with this. >> a popular film program for at risk children, they are fighting to keep their cameras rolling. and which city leaders really make the most money a surprising result from 15 bay area communities. good evening. i am allen martin. a court victory may lead to service cuts, that comes after transit riders have been struggling with long delays.
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they are deciding on a game plan and wondering what when it will stop. >> reporter: first the transit company made a move with the union and the union made a move with a lawsuit and today the court made a move. their decision just minutes ago was not to move at least, not immediately. >> they didn't make any decision with regard to pursuing the litigation. i have to say i think the board is suffering from litigation fatigue. >> reporter: after three hours of closed-door sessions, the board will not decide on whether to appeal today's injunction until august 18th. union members are claiming victory. after a weekend of deliberation an alameda county judge blocked the junction opposed -- imposed on 1,700 workers on july 18th.
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>> they must take us back to status quo and wait for a neutral arbitrator to decide. >> reporter: they will reinn state spending that will put the district on the brink of bankruptcy. >> we will spill into further deficit of $300,000 a week. >> reporter: the district is already $16 million in the red. the injunction goes into effect august 10th but it is the riders who will experience the fallout. just over 7% of existing bus routes will be reduced in coverage or have their frequency of operation radically reduced. >> a bus may come every two hours. >> reporter: another cost cutting option is to eliminate all weekend bus service. the union says ac transit is telling riders service is
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crippled by a driver sick out, a charge drivers deny but for those who have a crutch and have to rely on a bus to get around says it is hard to deal with. >> i had to wait an extra 25 or 40 minutes and many times the buses do not come. they are punishing the people. >> reporter: now the transit company tells us they want to pay insurance including co-pays and they want to scale back over time. instead of making two and a half times the overtime rate they want to scale back to time and a half. if they cut back like they proposed ultimately it means many riders will not have options here on the streets. in san francisco, drivers are set to get a raise this
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year. their hourly wage is going up to $29.50 per hour. it is expected to cost up to $16 million a year. also today a demonstration in support of former bart cop in san jose, they drew a large counterprotest, the crowd said they want to show its support for bay area law enforcement, among them the father of johannesburg. >> we are supporting all law enforcement officers in the dangerous jobs they do, i am certainly supporting my son and you know, it is a piece full -- peaceful protest. he is wrongly convicted of the charges and we hope to see that
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change when november comes around. >> reporter: his father says his son is doing as well as anyone would under the circumstances. well we just learned that an undergrad student was among those killed. he was flying to islamabad to play in a soccer championship. the pakistani person was also on his way to the area. they found the black box over the weekend but they say decoding it could take weeks. they are watching for crimes. police recently ruled out crime cameras and they are mounted right there on top of police cars. they automatically run license plate numbers. cops say the cameras will save them time and free them up to watch for other problems. >> i can go out and look into
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the roadway and not be distracted by my computer. >> reporter: the information gathered by the cameras is only used to search for those in the justice database. tonight the city of san jose is facing a big decision, how to respond to a union offer intended to get firefighters back on the job. two stations were closed. the union is now proposing cutting pay and benefits to help restore jobs. the offer is representing slightly a 5% cut but the city is asking for a 10% cut. >> is that offer not good enough? >> not at this point. our job is to hire back all the firefighters who were laid off and they are making far short of what they need to be able to do that.
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>> another option may be to restore some of those firefighter jobs. they are working onsetting up a meeting with the union let -- on setting up a meeting with the union later this week. the program for at risk kids received no city financing this year but fundraising became part of the curriculum. >> you are watching a public service announcement carried out dreamed up and produced by high school students. >> reporter: you are 16 years old, what do you know about making movies? >> reporter: if you think it is a low quality you tube hack job, think again. it is a summer initiative, in all places, designed to help kids with at risk film industry.
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>> in all these completely different people working on one project, it meshes so well they come out of their shell. >> reporter: they learn the glamorous and not so glam mouse aspects -- glamorous aspects of film production. >> what happens when they sit around and they are board? >> that is just a bunch of guys messing around. >> reporter: the city granted them $10,000. because of the city's massive budget deficit, this year they got nothing. instead of hoping around, well the program, they decided to do something about it. on this monday night, they threw a benefit concert, local bands threw a benefit and it was a small fortune to eager
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young film makers. >> we didn't want another failed program and another group of people saying well you don't matter. >> reporter: and that might be the greatest lesson in film making, no matter what the show must go on. we are getting paid big bucks to manage a very small city. >> i think it is beyond outrageous. >> cbs5 news finds out how much your city leaders are really making. taking their love of shopping to a whole new level, how some young easterners are spending their money on fashion. and lindsay lohan is not free just yet. and we will pinpoint when to expect the weather, the news will be right back.
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oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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leaders earning unusually high salaries. that got us wondering about how much money bay area leaders are making. dana king shows us the surprising numbers. welcome to san ramon, population 58,000. a small east bay town . now it may have a new claim to fame, the bay area city was one of the highest city paid managers. a survey of 15 bay area cities finds 10 cities made more than $500,000 in 2009 and one made a lot more, sam ramon made a hefty $300,000 in 2009 after
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getting a 10% raise in 2008. sam ramon makes decisions and herb says he deserves his. and he says he is doing a great job. >> we don't have a deficit, we have reserve. we are not having layoffs. we are not letting our police force go. sam ramon is sam ramon. >> reporter: and even though the medium household is $127,000 compared to 130,000 in belle, this resident does not agree. john is an editor of a local blog called around dublin and he said when he found out how much he made... >> i was thinking it is little sam ramon. >> reporter: he did a survey in
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the try valley area. >> all the way down they are making 50% more than all the counterparts. >> reporter: he is not buying the city's information, because this year they issued a hiring freeze and salary freeze. some say ramon residents weighed in. >> it seems like a lot of money for running a city. >> reporter: and bill says, even though sam ramon is doing fine now, fat public employee salaries will come hard to justify in this time of financial uncertainty. >> it is not defensible to the average taxpayer -- average taxpayer who is having a hard time to making ends meet, i think it is beyond outrageous. >> reporter: he predicts all city employees will have to
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reevaluate. >> i think they have to sit down and have a discussion about this because salaries and pensions are eating enormous holes into budgets. >> reporter: but he says he is not going to discuss his salary any time soon. >> no. i am not. .. >> reporter: leaving some to fume. >> public service is public service and there needs to be a check and balance on that. >> they are dealing with people's money and they should spend it a lot wiser than what they are doing. >> reporter: the compensation package is in the 75th percentile nationwide meaning a quarter of the nation's city managers make even more. i am dana king. and they approached the city managers in the bay area and you can check it out on our
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website / investigates. sam whitman has out spend him by more than $99 million. it includes 91 million and brown has spent 4 $50,000. he had no major challengers in the primary of course. he has $23 million on hand. mention witness man has already given her own campaign $91 million. her poll shows she is leading 94%. meanwhile he has dropped out to care for his ailing wife. she recently broke her hip. one year ago he claimed he had an affair with anna nichole smith and claimed he may have fathered her daughter. well maybe mother nature could
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disprove it. we have been sailing along the coast beyond our inland areas, this was sunset tonight, officially at 8:17, wow, two clouds, otherwise, the city by the bay and san francisco, we had a high of only 64, you can see clouds inundated the bay. tomorrow morning as you get up and are out and about for your morning commute, temperatures are uniform due to those patchy clouds and a little bit of drizzle. pinpoint forecast, sunrise at 6:14 and we'll see sunny breaks inland around san jose and otherwise only partial coastal clearing. we have seen our fair share of clouds. only three progress days in the month of july and it is because
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of a traffic offshore -- trough offshore. it will intensify, wednesday and thursday. tonight in the 50s, and low 60s at the coast. 29 in san jose. should be low 90s in liver moore in -- livermore instead of 87. we are typically -- typically at 83 degrees this time of year. winds will be blowing west 20 miles per hour. there you have it, look at the cool down that will occur on thursday. temperatures rebound ever sejeantly with the strengthening high pressure but the weather pressure will continue next week. i just had to share this. dianne is ready to sweep the dodgers this past week condition and we want you to send us your great photos to our website,
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sweep. obviously it is a joint fair. all the rage online, shopping and showing off their stuff, how it could payoff thanks to some major retailers. [ son ] i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week.
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expert at, it's shopping for new clothes... and showing their friends what they bought. now, some of them are showing off their . if there is one thing teenage girls are good at, it is shopping and showing off what they bought. as consumer watch found out, they are making a profit. >> you can put together outfits and it shows who you are because i am kind of a quiet person so it is fun to dress up. >> reporter: the 21-year-old is doing something new. she is taking her trendsetting to the web and sharing it with thousands of people on you tube. they share their recent purchases and post them online.
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and retailers such as jc penny is cashing in by giving away free merchandise. so far she has 1600 subscribers. >> i have people emailing me saying, they are asking me questions and saying -- >> this is just the online 2000 version of you know something that is natural to share what it is you have bought. >> reporter: but she is worried this trend will create a new generation of shopaholic. >> if children are focusing too much on their appearance, they are not developing social skills and what they need to be adults. >> reporter: teenagers are more interested in shopping than those in their 20s.
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shopping habits can be costly. >> my credit cards, i owe quite a bit. >> reporter: a habit her mother says she is slowly reminding her to break. well some are making money from you tube ads but haulers have to disclose any items they receive. actor charlie sheen has pled guilty to assaulting his wife during an argument but he will not have to serve jail time. instead he has to take an anger management class. he already spend time in rehabilitation and that time could be credited towards his sentence. lindsay lohan was released after serving 14 days of a 90 day sentence. that was for violating
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probation in a 2007 case. over crowding shortened her stay. now she leaves and breaks any of the rules, the judge could send her right back to jail. i am dennis, the latest strong starts of a young arms of the athletics coming up. those people are happy
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. fresh, i mean fresh off the governor course, a tough day in the office. >> we were raising money for special olympics for the concord police department. buy a jersey for $2,100.
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that is impressive. >> i was sitting at the table of athletics and they basically said there was nobody on the amount of a , a 's to watch. >> i think it is a good point. but trevor cahill had a chance to pitch the third consecutive complete game for the third time since 2000. start the clock, offense was not a problem for oakland against the, a 's capped bryan jay davis. rajai davis. he allowed three hits benefited from five of those. 6- 0 the final. the cubs allowed 26 hits who
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beat them at wriggly. the record was set in 1927. .. >> what year? >> crazy basketball shot, 56, vol kin statue, nothing but nat's. return of the nutcracker, david boss had a problem, he hopes to build toughness. >> if you make training camp, if you make it, you are going to come out a newman. >> it is interesting because bill walsh was old school. he didn't believe physicality existed at that time was good over the long hall. in other words, you have a two game season... singletary has a different meaning. >> it is unlike athletics or
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great to watch. all right, that is our news. good night.
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