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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 3, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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supporters and opponents.. are . months after the trial, the judge in the case is ready to rule, how supporters and opponents are preparing a response. car crimes are up and burglaries are up. how some neighbors are taking matters into their own hands to keep their families safe. goats slaughtered and left for everyone to see, what investigators fear may have been the motive. they have got the move, how these east bay dancers became an international sensation. news starts right now. good evening, a federal judge will decide if a state's ban on same sex marriage
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violates the constitution. lyle will tell us what he leaves one judge will do. >>reporter: his decision is expected tomorrow sometime between 1:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon. now the question before him is will he uphold prop 8 or is it unconstitutional? we spoke with someone who said judge walker will likely rule he cannot prevent gay marriages. >> there is no doubt in my mind that judge walker is going to say that prop 8 should be thrown out. >> reporter: peter kind of golden gate university's lawsuit says it is because it has generated the same question in which a supreme court ruled it was a denial of the amendment to have segregated
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education. >> i would be surprised based upon what i saw of the trial and based upon the closing arguments of the lawyers, if judge walker did not say it was a violation of the 14th amendment to not allow gay people to marry. >> reporter: we have all been on pins and needels waiting for this ruling. >> reporter: he and his spouse sued when the judge overturned the decision. their case went to the supreme court. >> most people can go to a judge and get married. lesbian and gay couples have to go to court to win the basic freedom to marry. >> the arguments for and against the fundamental freedom to marry are being put to the
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test of evidence. >> reporter: both sides have already said they will appeal regardless of how he rules. >> well now they have gay people who testified and said, we see ourselves as second glass sit -- second class citizens. you will matily -- ultimately this case will wind up before the supreme court of the united states. >> he said both sides were not arguing to judge kennedy here in san francisco, instead they were arguing to judge kennedy on the supreme court. he has ruled fairbly on -- saferbly on same sex cases and he is usually the swing vote. same sex voters will hold a rally that will march down to
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the civic center at 5:00. >> whoever loses this case, they are going to appeal, what does this mean to other couples? >> as he mentioned, it will go to the 9th circuit court of appeals and the real gold is everyone wants to get this into the hands of the justice system. stay with us for coverage of that ruling. we will have details as well as reaction. people are celebrating night out. they are in the fight together. something extra is being used to keep one neighborhood safe. >> reporter: it is national night out in claremont and oakland and they can't help but
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think about the other 364 days a year. roger is the closingest thing this mayor has and he has crime has gone up ever since he laid off some people. he talked to them about shipping in and paying for their own property arrangement falls. >> you would suspect to hear that from other people. it is not a no, it is not a yes because there is a little to know about it. >> at an event, he says overall, crime is down. they are hired security guards but they should do it truer the right reasons -- but they are afraid to do it for the right reasons. >> they say nothing beats the
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good old fashion crime tactics of getting to know your neighbor. >> how do you manage the fear in the wake of these layoffs? >> i think a neighborhood like this has very little crime but they are a tight neighborhood and they look out for each other. >> with police departments shrinking who she we -- who should we turn to for help. >> the feds have indicted a north beach man for taking several hundreds of thousands of dollars. he is charged with aggravated identity theft. at the north beach coffee shops he built them out of $7 million. he showed statements claiming profits but really they were losing money. they want to know why someone decapitated three goats and left them in a public spot.
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. >> he led us to the path near coral drive where the gruesome discovery had been made. three goats had been stuffed into boxes their heads cut off and their bodies dumped nearby. >> i think somebody killed them and put them their. >> reporter: neighbors say the creek is sometimes a dumping ground for trash and even trees become targets for graffiti vandals. >> when i got the word it was not a normal dead animal, i responded to the scene. >> reporter: neighbors called police sunday morning. >> we are trying to figure out if this was some sort of a ritual or if someone wanted to
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do harm towards an animal. >> goat heads can be a symbol of satanic worship. >> i am not scared but normally it should be investigated. >> reporter: the goats were left here close to the creek road in a popular biking road with some steps away in some thick cover. whoever left them here wanted them to be found or was in a big hurry. if you know anything please call animal control. checking headquarters, rich land firefighters knocked down a fast moving wild hire. it started after 5:00 near richmond country club. nobody was hurt, they don't know what started that fire. crews are still cleaning up the mess after a union pacific
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train jumped the tracks in the east bay. it was west of the station right on the mcchart maze. -- mcchart they are maze -- mcarthur maze. federal agents say it is the biggest case of counterfeit money goods located on the west coast and it is a prime tourist shopping area. it shows one of eight raids that federal agencies staged. her chance are accused of selling counterfeit money designer belt buckles, jeans glasses, if the stuff were real it would be worth $8 million. >> this is very serious but ice is equally serious about combatting counterfeit money... >> reporter: 11 people were arrested and face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.
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what one bay area hospital is no longer august of. a solar tsunami where you can catch a spectacular light show. and bristol palin calls it quits, why she feels she was played. it's not heating up, the events you need to know about, we will have more on cw. and the assumption is, n fore oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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breast feed, or use formula. one bay area hospital has a strict licy. as ann . a big decision for new moms whether to breast feed or to use formula. it is baby friendly but some say it actually goes too far. >> if they seem -- >> reporter: new moms want what is best for their child. >> humans were designed to
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drink human milk. >> reporter: you might think breast-feeding comes naturally to all women but it doesn't. >> when i couldn't i felt like i let everybody else around me. >> reporter: moms give up on breast-feeding sometimes with tremendous guilt because they heard it reduces infections and obesity. most people think more babies would be breastfed if they had more support. >> they are coming up with a lack station consultant through a conference. >> reporter: they can now call up someone like claudia over the internet. with a camera, the mother can show her the problem. >> this is the baby's mouth. >> reporter: claudia and the doctor explain a lot of women just give up because it is painful, the baby is losing
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weight or a lot of other issues. >> to help to be a support for what they need to continue on with the hope they will breast feed begin all its medical benefits. >> reporter: she said her hospital is starting a yearlong process to be designated as a baby friendly hospital. the goal is 100% breast- feeding. >> no artificial milk should be given to the baby unless it is medically necessary. >> it must be documented it was her choice. >> nicky says she suffered a lot of guilt when she gave up breast-feeding. now she beliefs there is a fine line between support and pressure. >> having the hospital step in and say everybody has to breast feed, it is just a little bit
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too strict. the bottom line is to get those little bodies fed and now there is the natural way come to find out the natural way is not always the easy way. crews are doing what is called a "static kill," pumping heavy mud and eventually cement down that blown out well. they say the process could be completed by tomorrow. they will not know for sure until they finish a nearby relief well and that could take a few more weeks. mexican in airline announced they are filing for bankruptcy protection. they have canceled many flights this week. passengers do not know how or when they will get out of the bay area. >> we have been here since
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4:00 a.m. and now they tell us they are not showing up. >> not all flights to mexico are canceled. it is best to check with the airline before you get to the airport. two days ago the sun's surface erupted. they call it a mass ejection. it is when highly charged particles light up. they will be visible across the northern states, can't go and a alleged victims can will get the best show. they described it as hot plasma coming from the sun. northern minnesota, great view there,as well. that is a view for you. even if we were able to see it,
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we couldn't because of this. we have clouds pouring into the bay. down at 26 degrees, it was 91 in liver move. what you can bank on is more stuff. from the coast through the bay into the inland areas. we will have areas of drizzle and look how far it roofs a -- reaches a good 75 miles. this is a deep marine layer and it has a lot of cool air mass associated with it. temperatures will be going down after roofing highs and lower 90s. with our numbers and the 50s, 54 concord and in the 50s. tomorrow with a westerly up to 20 miles per hour, upper 60s in
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half known bay. we should be in the low 90s out of the try valley. date tow in -- also in walnut creek. we all scream for ice cream, that is the 11th and root bear float date. it is a great fundraiser for juvenile diabetes. no clearing with sunshine in sonoma. sunshine goes down, check out the highs open in the upper 70s. the jp morgan this year nearly -- it is an amazing fundraiser for the ymc program. i will be there. how about this?
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>> here kitty kitty. >> she captured it as possible cat. we want to see your pictures. i can't believe she got that close to take a picture. it started with a couple of kids dancing on an east bay street. they became a global february none -- global phenomena the story they want to move.
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popping? some of the most original dancing has started in the streets. 's . hey, remember break dancing? some of the most original dancing is started in the streets and now there is turf beginning in oakland and now we see it has gone viral. >> we got a lot of following from outside of the united states from europe, brazil and
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russia... >> reporter: dancing on the corner of oakland will not usually make you famous, but dancing this good in a quickly produced video has faulted this group of young men to status online. the video of dancing in the rain was tribute to a friend who died in a car crash on this corner. the sheer elegance has garnered this video more than 300,000 hits. >> people globally are responding to bodies moving in away that fits with the environment. this tile of dance born in oakland is called turf. >> reporter: turf stands for taking up room on the floor.
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it features inn tracings from hit hop to the floor, from break dancing to -- -- it features hip hot to the floor and from break dancing to hip- hop. here they have a chance to be inspired by chinese acrobatics and the same you-tube that has given them international notoriety. >> people are saying this is one of the best dance videos they have ever seen. >> they hope eventually to raise enough money to take
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. all right if you are going to play thrilling baseball, it is a great time of year. >> i don't say this very often but i think someone is wrong about the giants. i was wrong, i do not believe the giants could win this thing without getting a good batter. >> i think i remember some pitching too. >> well i still believe that is true but i'm not sure they need
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to find that bat. the giants' bats came a life, it continues to be a machine, he drives one to right, 3-5. third inning, he taps the air and breaks a breaking fall 7th fall of the season. he strikes out, goes six innings, giants beat the rockies 10-0. cliff pennington gets an out, but a run scores on that play, sandra took a 3-2 lead, he is led all the way. >> d-backs no officials word on mcalester's condition yet. he suffers a bruise on that one. scary night in baseball and
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begins again. reportedly said, he is retiring because his surgically repaired -- repaired ankle is not responding well. brett favre said this too many times. >> until he comes out and break downs in tears. >> let him admit it or let the vikings say it all. >> as the tundra turns. apparently the second time was not a charm. they have broken up again just weeks after getting engaged. bristol palin called it off after learning he may have gotten his x girlfriend pregnant. he told her he was going hunting to see a hollywood show. but he was really making a movie that makes fun of her
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