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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  August 14, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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neighborhood. what made it could have been. with i'm glad the fire department got there when they did. >> a fire breaks out in a busy bay area neighborhood. what made fighting it so hard. this looks like a freeway out here 'it's wide open. it's flat. it's go as fast as you can. >> a bicyclist killed by a hit and run driver, what neighbors say has to be done to keep it from happening again. and secret information allegedly traded for cold hard cash. the employee suspected of taking more than a million dollars in kickbacks. and catch them if you can, zebras on the loose near sacramento playing hide and seek with the chp. the news starts now. >> this is cbs5 eyewitness news. say it could have been a close call. a fire broke out at an apartment isco's miss >> good evening. i'm elizabeth wanger. some neighbors say it
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really could have been a close call. a fire broke out in san francisco's mission district tonight and quickly spread. don knapp shows us what made the flames so tough to fight. >> reporter: firefighters, their gear and water lines cluttered valencia street shutting it to traffic on 16th and 17th as they battle to keep the fire under control and put out simmering hotspots. a pocket camera shows the heavy smoke over the neighborhood. by the time firefighters arrived a single family residence behind valencia was fully in flames and the fire was spreading. a third alarm was called. >> the risk is it's spreading into this apartment building. we had two rescue squads called to search all the buildings to make sure nobody was in there. >> reporter: firefighters evacuated about 20 people from apartments above the street and buildings behind the street. this greenhouse on rondell is where firefighters say the flames began. it spread to the wall of the white house next-door, then apparently traveled along the wall to the back of the
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valencia street three-story building. joe turner says he waited for the fire department as flames headed his way. >> it could have been worse. i'm glad the fire department got there when they did because it was creeping up the walls and stuff. >> reporter: you could seat flames coming at you -- see the flames coming at you? >>oh, yeah. >> reporter: the greenhouse was heavily damaged by the fires. no residents were injured. no cause of the fire was named. the chief says it was a tough fire to fight. two firefighters went to the hospital, one with exhaustion, another with a cut, both expected to be okay. don knapp, cbs5. neighbors say the san francisco intersection where a bicyclist was killed in a hit and run is a dangerous one. the 21-year-old bicyclist was riding south in masonic last night when he was hit by a mercedes. the driver kept going but stopped a few blocks away. he was booked on vehicular manslaughter. neighbors say they petitioned the city to slow traffic down.
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they want to see a center divide and landscaping. there's other people on the street."19:27 sts also say that >> right now this looks like a freeway out here. it's wide open. it's flat. it's go as fast as you can. you could do that and put a bicycle lane alongside which not only would give bicyclists safer passage, but it's also a queue to drivers there's other people on -- a cue to drivers there's other people on the street. >> many cyclists say part of the problem is san francisco and its drivers are not very bike friendly. an alleged kickback scheme at apple, a manager under arrest accused of accepting more than a million dollars in exchange for secret information. a federal grand jury indicted 37-year-old paul devine of sunnyvale accused of selling confidential information to apple suppliers in asia. those suppliers sold iphone and ipod accessories. they allegedly used the information to negotiate favorable contracts with apple. now devine faces charges of wire fraud, money laundering,
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kickbacks. he's scheduled to be in court on monday. meg whitman is pumping millions more into her campaign for governor. the republican gop candidate dug into her personal wealth and donated another $13 million to her campaign. the former ebay executive has now contributed $104 million from her own fortune. meantime the latest cbs5 poll shows the race for governor in a statistical dead heat. 44% of californians support whitman. 43% support democrat jerry brown. 6% are undecided. part vacat president obama is spending the weekend with his family on the florida panhandle. it's part vacation and part sales pitch. chip reid on the president's promise to everyone who has suffered from the gulf coast oil spill. >> reporter: this is the president's fifth trip to the gulf coast since the oil crisis began, but his first since the well was capped. >> oil is no longer flowing into the gulf and i'm here to tell you that our job is not
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finished and we are not going anywhere until it is. >> reporter: but in a meeting with elected officials and local businessmen and women the president was told that after all these months getting bf pay up is still a struggle. the president promised to work on it. >> any delay by bp or those managing the new funds are unacceptable and i will keep pushing to get these claims expedited. >> reporter: but he did not say what he'll do to make sure bp doesn't continue to drag its feet. the president also came here as a salesman to convince vacationers to come on down. >> beaches all along the gulf coast are clean. they are safe and they are open for business. that's one of the reasons michelle, sasha and i are here. >> reporter: there has been extensive damage to the gulf ecosystem and the administration says it will take decades to recover, but experts say the majority of the oil has evaporated, dispersed or been captured and on the pristine florida panhandle oil
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has reached only about 10% of the beaches. here in panama city beach, business is already coming back. >> i think it scared the guests for a little while. >> reporter: but now it's back? >> we picked up a lot. >> reporter: tourists who called ahead have been rewarded? >> when i made a reservation, i made sure there was no tar balls or any yuck in the water. she promised me it would be emerald green and it is. >> reporter: and to assure americans that the water is safe the president took to the surf with daughter sasha. democrats say the first lady still could make a difference in certain races just as she did on the campaign trail in 2008 when her nickname was the closer. cheap reed, cbs -- chick reed, panama city beach -- chip reid, panama city beach, florida. president obama last night said muslims have the right to build a community center and a mosque near ground zero. >> i will not comment on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there.
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i was commenting very specifically on the right that people have that dates back to our founding. >> last night's statement has drawn criticism. the white house says today's statement does not mean the president is backing off from his earlier position. ever. social security turns 75 today and a new poll finds people are more pessimistic about it than ever. according to a cnn poll, 60% of people who don't receive benefit say they never will and 63% say they don't believe the program will last another 75 years. today avid days held a rally in san francisco and kcbs's radio tim ryan shows us why they believe cutting the program would be harmful to millions. >> reporter: tom rankin, the treasurer for the california alliance for retired americans has little faith in the commission the bipartisan commission put together by president obama to address the deficit. >> my daughter is having
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triplets this coming month and i want there to be social security for them on their 65th birthday, not their 75th birthday, and i want it to last for another 150 years. >> reporter: social security was born 75 years ago under fdr. that was about the time that people began debating how long it would last, will it be sustainable and the fear of the folks here today is the same. will privatization prevail and will they have to work years longer before drawing a monthly paycheck? >> co-chairs have already indicated that they would like to sutter social security by increasing the retirement age and cutting the cost of living allowances. >> reporter: tom rankin who is a treasurer for the california alliance for retired americans has little faith in a bipartisan deficit commission put together by president obama. >> and we want social security to be there for you and you and you. >> reporter: outside the federal building in san
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francisco tim ryan, cbs5. checking headlines around the bay area tonight, community members united in oakland today to put together a new tribute to oscar grant. he was killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer on new year's day, 2009. today organizers asked people to tie ribbons onto a mural in honor of grant and to find ways to be a positive influence on their communities. another road closure starting tonight for the doyle drive reconstruction project. just afew minutes ago crews shut down the southbound ramp from the golden gate bridge to the boulevard. that connector is scheduled to reopen tomorrow morning by 11 a.m. it will allow workers to shift the off ramp north. drivers are told to expect delays. a long time favorite at the san francisco zoo has decide andy, a female polar bear, was euthanized this week. this is video of andy playing in the zoo last year in manmade snow. andy was 27 years old which is
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actual libre a old for a polar bear in cap -- actually pretty old for a polar bear in captivity who suffered from cancer. getting a fresh start unanimous east bay city hit hard by -- in an east bay city hit hard by budget cuts. how neighbors spruced things up for the first day of school. they're unintended victims of the recession, what's being done to give these unwanted cats a good home. and why so many people were puckering up in the middle of times square. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow, low cloud and fog surging back onshore. will we see some summer heat any time soon? we'll talk about that coming up. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted, they were thrilled. she's a natural vibrato. oh.
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crisis have been forced to cut some non- essential public schools hit hard by the state's budgets crisis have been forced to cut some nonessential services. among those cuts are landscaping, but as julie watt shows us, at one oakland school businesses and community members are stepping up to keep the grounds well groomed. >> this is really sad. >> reporter: carl showland was shocked when he saw the landscaping in front of this elementary. he said it's nothing like the lush vegetation at his walnut creek middle school. >> i would be unhappy and i would talk to the school district, try and get people to help, just like we're doing here. >> reporter: carl is one of 50 volunteers from as far away as
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roseville who gave up their saturday to clean up one of 5 oakland schools. >> we have the whole family out here. >> reporter: carl's dad mark works for mccarthy management company which manages all the construction and modernization projects for oakland unified. >> we work in oakland. we do hospitals and schools out here and we want to contribute back to the community. >> reporter: as you might imagine in, a city like oakland that can't even afford to keep its police officers and teachers staffed, there's not a lot of extra money to upkeep landscaping at elementary schools like this and that can lead to some serious problems. >> it's potential for fire danger, but also say potential for the campus to start to back slide and really be an eyesore again. >> reporter: she says again because when principal carter first arrived at manzanita15 years ago, this hillside was discovered in trash. over time the school district and community members investigated in landscaping, but as funding dries up, so do
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the weeds and the consequences are wider reaching than simple curb appeal. >> because as the campus starts to look worse, people in the community unfortunately respect it less and less. we have more vandalism and more graffiti and ultimately we have less people choosing the school for their kids. >> reporter: and without students, there's less funding. without funding there's more deterioration and the cycle continues, a cycle the volunteers from mccarthy building are trying to break. they estimate this one clean-up day has saved as much as $15,000 for the district, but more importantly for carl, the kid can be proud of their campus when they come -- kids can be proud of their campus when they come back to school in just a couple of weeks. a back to school give-away drew hundreds of students and their parents to san francisco today. two local organizations gave away thousands of free backpacks. many kids say they wouldn't have been able to get a new backpack if it wasn't for free. today is spirit of 45 day in california, a day to honor world war ii vets and
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commemorate the 65th anniversary of the war's end. today's local commemoration was held at history park in san jose. veterans from the greatest generation marched through a victory parade and danced to supportive music. there was even a world war ii flyover. and in times square hundreds of people puckered up at a giant kiss-in. they were reenacting that iconic image from world war ii with a nurse and sailor kissing when they heard the war was over. a photo of them appeared on the cover of life magazine in 1945. always a good excuse to kiss. >> all right. here's lawrence with the forecast. i saw sunshine today. >> yeah. you need something to keep you warm, right? it has been very cool around the bay area, today no exception. low clouds and fog, you bet. fining breaking up as we headed towards -- finally breaking up as we headed towards afternoon, really socked in towards most of the coastline and guess, what fog and low clouds making
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their way back onshore as we speak clouding things up over the city of san francisco. it's going to filter way to the interior valleys again, a deep marine layer and probably more drizzle tonight along the coastline and a little damp when you get up tomorrow morning. some of the that fog shooting down to the salinas valley around into the santa cruz now making its way to the mountain gaps and filling into the bay and some local valleys as well. going to see that pretty thick tomorrow morning and a slow burnoff throughout the day, but we'll sneak in some sunshine. temperatures well below the average but still comfortable in most spots, 70s and some mid- 80s in the warmer spots inland under mostly sunny skies by afternoon. inside the bay you'll find some 60s in oakland and alameda, 70s in toward the santa clara valley and toward the coastline struggling for sunshine, temperatures 50s and 60s, low clouds and fog and more drizzle. around the bay area, 58 degrees in livermore, 60 degrees in concord, 60 degrees in redwood city and 55 degrees and breezy
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in san francisco. statewide hotter temperatures toward the central valley, 97 degrees in fresno, 81 degrees in lake tahoe, sunny skies there and a fairly mild 89 degrees in sacramento. well, this trough has been sitting off the coastline, a couple of areas of low pressure sitting off the coast and each one of them helping to amplify the cool air which means low clouds and fog, more drizzle and much cooler temperatures in the middle of the week. with that in mind bundle up. it's going to stay cool toward the coastline at least the next few days. starting out with plenty of low clouds and fog early tomorrow morning, burning back slowly into the bay, camping out back toward the coastline eventually. we'll find those cooler temperatures there mainly in the 50s and 60s. get inside the bay and those temperatures running up to the 70s and 80s toward morgan hill. east bay numbers up to the 70s and some 80s well inland by tomorrow afternoon and i think the north bay is expecting mostly sunny skies, have some patchy morning fog,
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temperatures in the 60s and also the 70s. so as we look toward the next few days, maybe a little more sunshine over the next couple, not much, though. then we start to head the other direction. wouldn't you know it? i think we'll struggle to get into the 80s by wednesday and thursday again. most parts of the bay area probably only in the 60s and 70s. out toward the coastline, you see people out there in their earmuffs. you see umbrellas. it has been one of those amazing years. it would be nice to see some of that fall-like sunshine return to the bay area. >> maybe september will feel like summer. >> figure it's got to come at some point. >> white puffs or jackets, thank you. well, a crisis at one bay area animal shelter. incentive to giv a good h why so many cats are being put up for adoption and the incentive to give one of them a good home. and zebras on the loose near sacramento. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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knows what to do with. the reas conomy, one bay area animal shelter has more cats than it knows what to do with. the reason? the bad economy and a fertile spring. as juliette goodrich shows us, the shelter says it's come up with a perfect way to find them a good home. >> reporter: the san francisco spca, a growing catastrophe is now underway. >> we're experiencing still tough economic times when people have either had to give up their cats or can no longer care for them because it's just too expensive. >> reporter: nonprofit shelter is overflowing with furry felines.
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>> what you'll see here in addition to kittens is many senior cats still looking for homes. >> reporter: to encourage adoptions for a limited time the spca is offering a sweet deal. >> we're offering all kinds of incentives to get as many cats adopted as we possibly can. >> reporter: for as little as $20 you can bring home a kitten or cat. it may be just what the doctor ordered. >> lower your blood pressure. they give you something to sort of look forward to. they just are so great to be around. it's that whole thing about unconditional love. >> reporter: the hope to find these animals a permanent loving home. >> adorable and they added to my life, so i would definitely get one if i could. >> reporter: this special offer also includes an exam, shots, spaying or neutering as well as microchipping all for free. kittens available for adoption. juliette goodrich, cbs5. and you can go to the spca and visit with the cats and consistents available for adoption or check them out by going to and
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clicking on pets and animals. you want to check this out. a bizarre sight near sacramento tonight, zebras running wild in the streets. the two domesticated zebras belong to the michael mastegny mule company. the owner says they pull wagons and carts. the zebras were spooked by a dog and jumped the fence and took off on the streets of carmichael. one was hit by a car but got up, kept running. sheriff's deputies and fish and game authorities were able to corral one of the zebras, but the other still is on the loose. that is a pretty amazing story. dave, bet you can't stop that in sports, zebras. >> a tough act to follow. >> our producer was so excited when she saw that story. coming up a northern california golfer has their sights set on the wann amaker. sports is next.
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all right. we got dave back again with a look at sports. big giants win today. >> it was huge. it was a game they had to have. the last two starts against the giants padres ace allowed no runs in 16 innings, got both wins, poised to do the same thing today at at&t. please start the clock. jose guillen in uniform, he grounded out in the 9th. in the 7th pablo sandoval finally breaks through with a shot, cut the padres lead 2-1 and later can't believe the panda hit such a high pitch. into shallow right bringing home buster posey with the winning tied at two in the 11th. juan uribe come through, a
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little blooper to shallow right. buster posey comes home with the winning run, giants 3-2. trevor cahill didn't give up a run last week in two starts, pitched great. only blemish the sacrifice fly in the 3rd. omplete game shut out. 4 strikeouts for dwen-sing, twins w the gain of the career for him, a complete game shutout, four strikeouts, twins winning 2- 0. bogeyed the 5th after the wild shot out of the bunker. he's ten tiger woods up and down the bag championship bogeying the fifth after this wild shot from the bunker 10 strokes back. the sacramento native nick watney who had three straight birdies finished with a 6-under 56. com. done. >> that's good. you play golf, right? >> yeah. not like, that but i play. >> you play. >> with a windmill and a clown's mouth. i do my best. >> i'm pretty good at miniature golf actually. does that mean i'll be good at regular golf? >> no.
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>> not at all. >> eyewitness news at 10:00, remember, the news is always on have a great night. >> good night. ♪ [ horns honking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before. ♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included.
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