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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 17, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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the story that ends with the death a 20 year old man. a surprise for would be robbers. what happened after a store owner pulled out a gun. more than three thousand people in the bay area need "do overs" for their vaccines. why their shots might not have done the trick the first time around. and after 30 years on the radio -- doctor laura is going off the air. and she says it's not because of a racist rant. good evening i'm dana king. and i'm ken bastida. the news starts now. burlingame police say they they police say they they shot and killed a mentally ill young man because he threatened them with a knife. today, his grieving mother... who watched as police shot her only child... says he was not armed. robert lyles is here with the story. robert. why did police fire a taser and gun? did the diswhrampletsz roners lyle is here with that story.
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>> he came in here with many he is questions. first, why did police fire the guns in did he have a knife? two officers remain on paid leave. the mom of the victim said they had no reason to kill her son. [ speaking spanish ] >> i called police and told them that my son is sick. he did not take his meds. >> reporter: her 20-year-old son had been taking medication for depression but stopped. so the distraught mom dialed 911 monday night hoping that burlingame police would assist in committing him to a psychiatric hospital. but when two officers arrived and entered this narrow passage way to the single mom's apartment, she claims that officers attacked edgar. >> my son was walking here and here were the two men.
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they were coming this way. my son tried to walk right here and the two men grabbed him real close. my son fell this way from there to him holding on to his heart saying, i can't breathe. i was here behind them and they shoved me and they said like this, like this with a gun. that's where my son fell and they washed the blood last night. >> reporter: burlingame police declined an on-air camera but they claim that he came out with a steak knife shouting on sent. the officers were walking single file in the site space and started retreating but he kept coming, said police. so a cop with 14 years fired his taser. it's unclear if he missed or the voltage had no effect. so the 13 years veteran behind him fired. >> some people heard four shots. some heard three shots. >> reporter: but they are unsure what came first.
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>> people are saying this he was hit by the taser, scream, and shots. but others are saying there was a scream after the shot. >> now, the mother is 'em fattic that her son had no knife and no knife was fowfnltd police say they not only recovered the night but as they responded to the family's apartment for 13 years in the years before, they were told it was mental. sewed they had be there? >> that would generate the question, if they had been there before, they would know how to respond. >> sad story. thank you for that, robert fairfield police say three suspects are under arrest in an attempted robbery that ended with a store owner opening fire. the whole thing was recorded. check it out. twowo men confronted a clerk. the owner shoots, hitting one suspect in the shoulder.
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police say they have arrested a juvenile who was shot, an 18- year-old and a 22-year-old. the suspected getaway driver also taken into custody. a woman from richmond is accused of tempting a 14-year- old girl. they say she had -- they had just arrested a 14-year-old girl working as a prostitute when powell walked by several times looking at the girl. officer stopped powell and found text messages linking her to the girl. >> we were able to determine from the content of the messages that she was acting as the pimp. >> she and the girl are not related and powell may have been pimping another girl nearby thousands of people who thought they had the vaccination they needed may
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have to go back and get it again. thousands of officers across the area may have gotten the vaccine but it may not have been effective. >> this clinic on sutter street is one of the more than dozen care centers affected. most of them are up by santa rosa and beyond. >> curtis langhal of santa rosa already got his vaccination going into the second grade but now he has to do it again. >> people make mistakes but you don't want to do this kind of mistake >> reporter: the mistake is that the vaccines may not have been stored at the correct temperature. vaccines not stored at the right temperature may lose their effectiveness. so now sutter is asking people who got vaccinations to go back. >> people didn't log in the
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proper temperature. we determined, better safe than sorry. >> the problem affects nearly 20 vaccines, including polio, hepatitis, whooping cough, even h1n1. 13 medical care centers are affected, three in san francisco, one in marin and ten in lake epps ensonoma. >> we are apologetic that people had to come back and fleet these vaccinations. >> reporter: did it hurt? >> no. >> reporter: there is no charge for dot over. >> revaccination is a precautionary measure. these are communicable diseases so be safe >> reporter: sutter says there will be no harmful effects whatsoever, not from the first vaccine or the revaccination, even though it's so soon after the first one. and they do have protocols in
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place to make sure this does not happen again. >> a little pain for some folks. >> check your bridge because hundreds of californians who aid potentially tainted eggs may get sick. the eggs were sold under at berthson's, lucerne, farm fresh. they sickened at least 266 californians. if the cart ton in your fridge has a plants number, 10261413 or 1946 and is followed by numbers ranging from 136 to 225, take the eggs back to the store. treasure island now a step close tore getting a major linkover. nancy pelosi joined gavin newsom and secretary of the navy ray mavis that will give
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the island to the city of san francisco for redevelopment. >> another 300 acres for open space, no wet land, new ferry terminal. the transfer of treasure island is a win for san francisco. it is a win for the state of california, a win for the united states navy and a win for the american taxpayers. >> there was plenty of wind out it there, too. city agreed pay up to 105 million-dollars of landdepending upon the success of that development. the same technology used to monitor sex offenders used to monitor kids. how parents are reacting. and storm medicine that will allow some people to eat what they want and avoid the after math and en introduction to the income--and an independent ducks
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introduction to the class of 1914 and weather or not. eyewitness news continues right here on the c w. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong
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and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. richmond school want to know why teachers are using tracking devices on their kids. ellie kordooni emailed us when she found out her daughter would be wearing law enforcement uses them on sex offenders, but, now,
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some parents in richmond want to know why the school is using them on her children. >> reporter: there is no doubt the kid at the george r. miller center are, a computer tracks their every move. >> this is the tag number. >> reporter: transponders hanging ever few feet follows the children's movement. the system cost $50,000. that has some children scratching their head. >> they have a receptionist at the door, security guard outside the door. if a kid wanders out, they would always know where that kid is. >> reporter: she also wonders why the money was not spent to clean up the trash out back or create better parking for parents and teachers.
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the answer, the federal grant that paid for the system had to be spent solely on technology, technology that kim says will save money. >> we, too, comply with the state and federal mandated federal system. >> reporter: they must report on attendance and what the kids are reading and whether the required one adult to 8 children ratio is being met at all time. >> reporter: would you say that 2,000 man hours per month, how many is that. >> the computer is $27 per hour plus times 2,000 hours. it's like 54,000 a month. >> reporter: cardouli is not buying it. >> they can't count their whole of 7 kids and say, they are in there, they should not be in there. keeping track of the children from the play area to the class is not that difficult. >> reporter: a federal grant
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will pay to set up this system here and three other head start centers. the problem is that there are 17 others without the system. kim hopes that, by proving that he can actually save money, he can get the grant to outfit the rest. radio host dr. laura is calling it quits from her long running radio program. this comes after she took heat for using the n word repeatedly. she was talking to a caller, a black woman ma she says was too sensitive about the race. she told larry king that she wants to get her first amendment right back. she says she will finish out her contract which lasts through the end of the year. she says she is not retiring but didn't talk about future plans. the federal jury today found rod blagojevicguilty of one count of lying to federal agents so why is the former governor of illinois declaring
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victory? the jury could not reach a verdict in the remaining 23 counts. they were deadlocked 11-1 in favor of the charges, including the more serious one of selling president barack obama seat. the charge of lying to federal agents carries a sentence of up to five years in prison. prosecutors say they will retry the case. a hearing will be held august 26th to decide the timing of the retrial. >> that man has almost as much harass -- hair as roberta. >> but i do not know as much about politics than he does. >> or does he do.
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>> we do have a stack of clouds moving across the bay, moving slowly. you wake up with overcast skies and we will have penetration of that marine layer. that's not that deep because the area of trough has been hanging around along the coast. it's finally beginning to move east. right behind it, it has this trough that will slip in and keep it still below average as far as our temperatures are concerned. tonight, overnight, 50 degrees in santa rosa. daytime high temperatures after the sun finally pokes through the cloud deck, 75 degrees in palo alto. 76 again in san jose. when we should be at 84. we jump up to the mid-80s. warmer temperatures, tracy, oakley, back into the delta, discovery bay. otherwise, 17 in alameda. should be at 83 in santa rosa. a good 10 degrees below
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average. plenty of sunshine in sonoma. there you have the extended forecast, warmest day of this workweek will be on thursday proceeded by the coolest on saturday. then it looks like things will return to the bay area on sat did i and sunday. this is jimmy patrick who swam the distance of lake tahoe twice which is 44 miles. he is the first man to ever do that. he did it for three charities, one of them my favorite, best buddy. >> he had a wet suit on, i hope. >> he did. >> thanks, roberta. how about a cholesterol- lowering drug with that burger and fries? that's an idea that british scientists are toying with now. taking one when you eat a cheese burger and a shake could neutralize the increased risk
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of increased president bush. it would cost just 7 cents per dose per customer to hand out the statin with meals, just a big more than a pack of ketchup. the u.k. has an over-the-counsel the statin drug but the united states still does not the bell tolls for tale. the history of el camino bell explained.
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they mean? alan throop in livermore want to know: "what's the history behind the el camino real "historic" bells?" that's tonight s good question.
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alan throop in livermore wants to know what is the history behind the el kamino real will bell. to understand the bell, you have to go back to 1769. >> the beginning of the real in california was 1769, first mission in san diego. the date of the first well was 1906, august 15th, 1906. >> a group of citizens earned about losing the route took action. >> they decided to put the marker along the original route. what they chose was a bell. every mile from san diego to son mo, for the route taken by
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the father. >> john colstad current owner of the california bells knows the history. there are two on the streets of san francisco, one in the corner of ma market and kearey and one in front here. >> this one lost its clapper but here is what it sounded like in 1909. >> originally, they had clappers. people were climbing up and ringing them so we didn't put clappers in all those but they were actually bells and they did ring. if you have any questions, accepted them to me you know that today's incoming freshman grew up in a different world than ours. most don't know how to write in cursive, and snail mail, what's that? they don't have watches because they have cell phones. they know what a vente half caf
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vanilla latte is. we took our own survey of 17 and 18-year-olds. >> >> i don't think i have ever heard that name before. >> how about the name dan quayle? >> no. >> jack kervokian? >> i know nothing about jack kervokian. >> do you know lionel wrecker? >> lionel rec wrecker? >> what about the beatles? >> who is that. >> and this guy is trying his hand at cursive writing. i don't know that we can read it but he knows how to do it. >> how do you not know how do
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it it. >> this is faster people hoping to compete on american idol, check it out. ♪ send me away with the words of a song ♪ >> wow. >> nice. >> thousands hoping to become stars have been funneling through at&t park to get registered for tryouts set for thursday. idol reps will be signing people up until about 8:00 a.m. on audition day. >> e, f, come on. g. >> isn't that amazing, they know -- they don't know what to do about cursive but they know all about american idol. what do you have for us, dennis? >> they may not win the division but they are getting ready for the wild card. ,,
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all right. san diego is out of town. clean slate. giants ready to go, pick the wild card, maybe moving into first place. we need a good start. what happened? >> pennant race, we are all fired up. >> it is? >> giants lose two. they open up a key three-game series in philadelphia tonight. it was also homecoming for pat burrell who spent nine seasons with the phillies. >> i have good memories here. obviously, winning the world series. nothing bad to say. i had a great time here. >> looks like a young will
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clark. >> fans stopped cheering burrell the moment he hit one out. that did not last. giants are now 1 behind the phillies for the wild card. >> the giants win the pen nat. the giant win the pennant. the giants win the pennant. >> the shot herald around the world, he passed away last night. thompson was 86. aaron hill throws it what should have been a double- winningplay -- inning-sending double play and brett favre is now in minnesota getting ready to start. >> who cares? >> at this point, it's such a roller coaster. i'm going to play, i'm not going to play. >> he is a little indecisive, that's all, you know.
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>> yeah. >> remediate. >> we are happy. >> that does it for us. see you at 11. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month
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