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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 26, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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more on the short life of a star athlete. "i was a little ed, justice for a 13-year-old shot and killed on the way home. more on the short life of a star athlete. >> i was frightened, i didn't know what was going on so i was confused. >> a little shake than but otherwise okay. more from passengers on that jetblue flight that made a very hard landing. officers investigating a cold case find a relatively fresh body. and a break for bart riders. how much longer you have before you have to pay more. the news starts now. athlete, about to start his freshman year of freshman year of high school... an good evening. he was a standout athlete, about to start his freshman year of high school and celebrate his 14th birthday. the future looked bright. instead, his life was ended by gun fire just a few blocks from
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his home. we are in oakland tonight where people are stunned by the death. >> reporter: he was active in his church group. he was a star athlete. he was a twin and his life was cut short for no apparent reason. 13-year-old jimon clark's friends held a vigil where he was killed. they are sad and they are mad. >> whoever did this, we going to find you. you better believe that. >> reporter: his friend and family describe him as a star athlete. he loved life and loved to do magic tricks. >> it's like -- he did like visitations with them. i think he's been out with us. he was a good kid. >> reporter: he was shot while walking a long bancroft
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anniversary around 9:30 last night. >> i heard intersection or -- i heard about six or seven shots then i heard people screaming. >> he was with his brother walking to a gas station. his brother ran for help. the gunman went through his pockets stealing $2. >> we don't have a motive for the crime yet. our investigators worked all through out the night. >> he was days away from starting high school. he and his identical twin brother graduated from the middle school earning more sports medical as -- >> it weakness you in the knees we are back on page 1 with the violence and the corruption in our community.
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laying off 80 police officers, they should be adding more police officers to help circum vent the crime that is still out there on our streets. >> reporter: the oakland police department is turning to the public for help. they are asking for anyone with information to come forward immediately. jimon was a trying. his brother's name javon. he did not want to talk in front of cameras. he is distraught understandably so. >> our heart goes out to the family. meanwhile in sacramento, passengers scramble down emergency cute after a jetblue flight made a hard landing. as the air bus landed, the tires under the right wring caught fire do to a severe brake problem. they decided to evacuate as a precaution. you can see a flight attendant
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making sure all the passengers got clear of the plane. people on board said they didn't know that anything was wrong until the crew began to tell them to get off the plane. >> the plane just abruptly stopped and then the announcement came on again, you need to evacuate. but it didn't sound like anything serious because -- >> i was a little bit frightened i thought the plane was going blow up so i was confused but i realize it was okay. when i got off. so i was a little bit scared but excited, it was kind of fun at the same time. >> jetblue says five people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. their customer care team took care of the rest of the passengers. tonight the sheriff's office confirms a decomposed body found today is linked to a cold case although they are not saying which one. investigators discovered the remains near -- the area is not
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easy to access. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's department tease made the discovery around noon thursday. it was no accident. this is not a well traveled area by foot. it certainly is by car but not by future. so unless you are in here looking for something you wouldn't just happen upon it. >> reporter: the body had been there for more than a month. it was so badly decomposed investigators could only say the victim was an adult male. it was found right here along the banks. an investigator had to cut away branches to get to the remains. this might be a homeless person that died of natural causes. but because investigators were working a cold case, that's why they are calling it a possible homicide. >> when you take in all the information and connect all the dots, it seems place i believe it could be the person they
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were looking for. however, i've been in this business long enough to know you can be fooled sometimes. >> they say it is connected to the cold case but didn't say how the man died whether he was killed here or dumped here. >> it's kind of shocking to hear it. >> reporter: he has lived nearby for 32 years. the vietnam vet says the discovery of a body is troubling but insists the creek area is still safe. >> i've lived here almost all my life and this has been a really good place for people to come and enjoy themselves and there hasn't been any violence whatsoever as far as i know. >> reporter: in alameda county. an apparent act of road rage sent a man to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. a driver nearly struck a man in the crosswalk. witnesses say the two men then
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began arguing and then the driver knocked the 52-year-old pedestrian to the ground. the driver left the scene in a car that witnesses say may have been a gio or an accura. the license plate might have read 5 xm or 5 sm. an overflow crowd turned out tonight for that public hearing. the currently empty warehouse is just a few blocks away from the ikea show room. it would be used for storage. but people who live near that site say they are worried about the increased traffic and noise. >> we are so close to this. i personally and all of the village are so close. go over there and look how close this is.
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there is no way it's not going to drastically reduce our quality of life. >> there will be no product sales out of this building. we won't sell anything out of this building. no food, no services, come pick up your stuff, load it in your car and you're on your way. >> the planning commission approved that project by a 4-3 vote. it was a narrow margin. crews are trying to repair a ruptured underground pipe tonight in red wood shores. that has spewed thousands of gallons of raw sewage into the area. it's believed to have ruptured wednesday afternoon. the sewage has buckled asphalt and flowed into six houses and the nearby lagoon. residents are being warmed not to come in contact with that water. it's bang are being taken to a nearby sewage plant. >> we called all the residents in the area so make them aware
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of the oversight flow into the lagoon. we have done some water quality testing and they are currently are high levels of e. coli in the water. >> they say they do not have an estimate for when it might be he are pared. they say they will keep residents updated with automated phone calls. three different fires in san jose responsible for destroying two homes and killing two dogs, also causing more than $1 million in damage to an asphalt plant. the first fire started just before 4:00 a.m., the resultful an electrical problem. a fire started at a nearby home about an hour later, not related. three people were able to escape when only minor injuries. and then a third fire broke out about a half hour after that one. the homeowner there was out on a walk when she heard an explosion she went to her neighbors for help.
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>> the doorbell started ringing in a crazy fashion. then the smoke, the fire was just coming like shooting out of the house. i was shocked, actually. >> apparently two dogs died in that fire along with about a dozen other pets. she was not hurt, the homeowner the fire is under investigation. a new way for guards to handle inmates without getting involved themselves. why the idea, though, has some human rights advocates hot. one year ago, a kidnap victim found alive living with her captor. and a temporary re-previous for bart riders. while the agency is delaying a fare increase. we've gone from sizzle to drizzle. the impact on your weekend. pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on the cw [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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chase through city streets. two suspected car thieves are under arrest after a high speed chase through city streets. they spotted a stolen truck just before noon. when they tried to stop the driver, he sped off. they then crashed into a car and plowed into a power pole and that's what happened to it. it ended upright on its nose. the will driver and passenger
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tried to run and the officers caught them and we caught those pictures. tantamount to torture. that's what they say about a machine. people blasted feel a burning sensation. the aclu says it can cause serious injuries. the tech manager says he stood in front of the beam more than 50 times and it never caused lasting damage. a department of justice grant paid for the 7 $50,000 custom device. getting busted may cost you less. state lawmakers have approved a bill that would reduce the base fine for turning right at a red light without making a full stop. if approved by the governor, the base fine would drop from $100 to $35. the dmc says a incomplete stop
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is the most common violation. one year ago jaycee dugard walked out a free woman. she was 11 years old when she was kidnapped. she and her two daughters were kept hidden in a backyard compound at a home near antioch for 18 years. although he was a registered sex offender parole officers never checked on reports that people were living in the yard. they are now training officers to have a greater sense of diligence. they are in the jail awaiting trial. this weekend marks the 5- year anniversary of hurricane katrina. many people have focused on the ---- on new orleans. but in mississippi, more than
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5,000 hurricane victim remain homeless today. only one in eight homes in the area has been rebuilt. many of people won't ever call that place home again. a slow economy is forcing him to permanently leave the area. let's check in on the weather. even my children didn't believe me when i told them it was going to be 30 degrees cooler. it's all because of that sea breeze. this is the same toward sunset tonight at 7:44. let me give you an example. concord, 106 degrees, today it was 81 degrees. 25 degrees cooler. check out santa rosa, today 73. that's 30 degrees cooler. you have other notable cooler. and we felt it. so what you can bank on now tomorrow, a little moderation.
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we're going to go up a couple of degrees but that's after we get rid of this marine layer that is already working its way over the dubling -- making an impact on that morning sunup at 6:33. nobody is going to see it but notice you who it clears out along the coast. that's because of this cold front and as it takes a nose dive it's going to mix up that marine layer a little bit sooner. we're going to up those temperatures gradually. tonight, numbers pretty much in the 50s. a little bit more comfortable for sleeping. meanwhile, your temperatures tomorrow will be topping off right around the 60s at the beaches. 79 degrees in san jose. east bay numbers looking like this. 73 degrees in oakland. 2 -- 86 degrees in please
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antawn where this weekend it's -- meanwhile your north bay numbers stacking up in the 50s. 82 in sonoma. we do reveal for you -- cooler weekend due to that trough. then temperatures begin to climb back up again this time next week. a little bit of a roller coaster. >> interesting. i'm liking it. >> i know thank you. bart is rewarding it's loyal riders by delaying the next fare hike by six months. they schedule them every two years to counter the rate of inflation. it won't go into effect, though until july of two 12. -- 2012. it's all part of a appreciation package that includes replacing seats and installing retile
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departure signs. their crash will be collected tomorrow. more than 500 waste collectors went on strike with a dozen or so fellow workers at a landfill. the company says that pickups will be running two days behind schedule as they handle the overflow of all that trash. american airlines is gearing up to -- a record fine. the agency says back in 2008 about half of the carriers fleet had improperly harnessed wires that could have triggered fires. american flew more than 14,000 flights with equipment that has this problem. 3,000 flights were cancelled while american dealt with the issues. the concerns are over blown and safety was never in jeopardy. let's say you decide to run for office, you get money from
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your friends and from their friends. then you tonight get elected. coming up in tonight's good question. what happens to all that money? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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succes ith in well virtually all political campaigns are funded by donations but not all bids for office are successful, of course. jim smith in san jose wants to know, what happens to the extra money if political candidates withdraw or don't get elected. that's tonight's good question. october 2009, san francisco
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mayor new so many announces that he's bailing out in his bid as the democratic nominee for governor. with the help of political heavy weights like bill clinton, he raised a lot of money for that campaign. so where does all that money goes now. >> there is no law to prohibit -- >> the political consultant says in this case, by law, he is free to use that money now to run for lieutenant governor. >> regardless of what office they run for, just got to be careful of the donation limits, other than that it's easily transferable. >> it's monitored by a commission and he says candidates know it's got to be used on campaign activity, not personal expenses. >> like palin had a whole wardrobe from the campaign
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competence and obviously that was scrutinized and criticized. >> he says a lot of candidates will use extra money to throw a party at the end of the campaign for their workers. >> if he this have a little bit left over, no debts to repay, that gets political favor, too -- they throw huge parties. a couple of retired entertainers are hanging out at the oakland zoo. 16-year-old bernie and 20-year- old eddie have been in movies and commercials. now they have booked their last gig at the monkey exhibit. they share their space with about a half dozen others. if you know anybody give them a call. the a's get another quality start. how was tiger's first round? it may surprise you. next. [ female announcer ] jcp cash is on the spot savings.
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clara tomorrow and finally sign his one year... seven million 49ers nose tackle franklin will take a physical in santa clara tomorrow. sign his tender. it was a dog day. kouzmanoff gets a shots into the gap. davis scores. cleveland came right back in the bottom of the 6th, two-run jackoff. tiger woods appears to be handling his divorce just fine. he shot a 6 under 65 in the opening round. that's his lowest round of the year. he's tied with the lead with vaughn taylor. >> is this the best 18 holes you've played in 2010.
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>> absolutely. not even close. i had that one stretch of nine holes at the u.s. open but today i did 18. >> we are less than 48 hours away from the battle of the bay. what channel is it on again? >> 44 cable 12. that is joe. the game did not sell out in oakland so it will be broadcast on the cw. and he was making a good point, why is it that tiger woods is playing better golf. >> go ahead and answer that. i think i have an idea. >> the bottom line is there's a major distraction that's off his plate right now. >> i'm surprised that he has responded this well this quickly. >> you're right. it's one round of four. >> it's only thursday. >> we will see.
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>> i will just -- i think he had and --
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