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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  September 7, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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. you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" on the cw. on the road to closure. tonight, possible plea granted a reprieve, how three richmond schools may be able to stay open. and the worst-case scenarios if they close. something you supposedly can't show at muni bus stops has reappeared. symptoms, for the time being, the agency is allowing guns. and a blank slate now, a possible attraction for the future. one man's vision for fremont. what we want to do is find out the condition of the ship, find out the condition of the oil. >> a lot of oil keep in a sunken tanker off california's coast, how scientists are able to know the threat is even there. good evening, i'm ken bastida, dana is off tonight. three east bay schools in danger of shutting down. looking to their city for help again tonight. the schools are grant, and
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orinda, elementaries, as well as kennedy high school in richmond. those campuses serve more than 1600 students, robert liles shows us, on the, the classmates warned closures to lead to violence. robert? >> reporter: well, ken, consider this. the west contra costa school district says there is no more money so the city of richmond stepped into the tune of 1 1/2 million dollars and saved three schools in this city from closing. well, now, the board wants the district to take, or wants the city to take that a step further, and save those schools for two years. now one councilman tells us that they are being financially bullied by the board but, about to see, pending elections just may sway tonight's vote. closing kennedy high school is more like a lecture in history. >> there's been generations passed through this school. >> reporter: a seminar on psychology. >> it's like a home wrecker, like tearing down schools, that's a home wrecker. >> reporter: and a term paper
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on how to encourage social unrest. >> gangs from this school don't like gangs from other schools. therefore, if you combine those two it would be like massive destructions in school. >> reporter: but for a school with lagging enrollment and me trick elation, it seems the kids school the school board. >> there could be other potential possibilities to be able to keep all three of the richmond schools open, not just kennedy high but grant and orinda. >> reporter: it was in january of 2009 they voted 4-1 to shutter three schools. but, now, the board's president is saying being countered forced that vote. >> and one of those standard recommendations is to make sure that you close your smallest schools and essentially that was the recommendation that was brought before the board. >> if this is not a matter to argue, this is a matter to agree. >> reporter: but it seems that the vote to get $1.5 million from the city tonight to keep the schools even through spring 2012 is less of a lesson in
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physics and more of a lesson on expediency, one city councilman is run to go replace the mayor. even though the council is angry at the school board for what they call fiscal mismanagement -- >> from that perspective i think we have been neglected. >> reporter: you can't be re- elected on a platform that you shut down schools. so what's that mean for the three richmond schools? >> yeah, it's gonna be passed unanimously. >> reporter: now the city council is still hearing comments from the public so officially there is no vote despite the fact that city council men believe this will be a unanimous decision. now i should also add there is only one other school in this school district that is actually paying to keep the doors open. now here in richmond, it is expected that a recent tax settlement of $140 million with chevron will actually fund the three schools here, but ken, as i mentioned there is still not a final vote.
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>> jumping in, private industry jumping in, right. robert liles. thank you robert. people waiting for the bus in san francisco could find themselves staring at a woman with a shotgun. she is on a poster, they promote a gun rights policy conference in burlingame. they went up after san francisco suspended its policy that bans firearms in ads on public transit. the municipal transportation agency is reviewing how a recent u.s. supreme court decision impacts the ban. the ruling said second amendment gun protections asupply on a state and local level. the man suspected of shooting a fremont police officer made his first court appearance in oakland this afternoon, police say that andrew barrientos confessed he opened fire on officer todd young last month. he was one of two plainclothes officers trying to arrest barrientos, a suspected gang member, on a warrant. tonight young is in serious but stable condition, barrientos did not enter a plea at today's
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arraignment. crews in pittsburgh combed a landfill for a fifth straight day but, still, no sign of a missing man. frederick sales has not been seen since his father ricardo was found murdered last month in a house in hercules. they rented that from cindy tran who was killed by efren valdemoro. he was killed by the police in rich monday. he had accused the salesmen of interfering with his relationship with tran. smart meters, and nothing to do with power bills. people are reporting that the smart meters are interfering with household gadgets, crib moptors, wireless headsets, they pop and crack will and give off static. the problem happens when the smart meter transmits information back to pg&e.
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the company has gotten some complaints. >> there are some things that we can do and again, that's why we encourage customers to reach out to ups, but yeah, it certainly could have to do with the location have the devices if there is a chance to move a device, age a device, there is a lot of factors that do come into this. >> pg&e says they want to hear from customers with these kind of problems and they'll do their best to help out. another mcdonalds, some in walnut creek, say not in my back yard. the fast food chain is looking to set up a drive through restaurant across the street from the nod hill plaza in an old bank building, the nearby shopping center already has a carl's jr., a quizno's, a panda express, mary's pizza shack and a gourmet burritos. but some are concerned about the meals that mcdonalds services, and that's not the only worry. >> it's just terrible food. it doesn't taste good, it's not very healthy, it's terrible for our children, who have some
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bees tee problems. >> it would be too congested of a neighborhood. the problem is is a problem here with ignatio, and treed citrus. >> they are commissioning a study to take a look at the impact of a new drive through. starting tomorrow foreign tourists will have to pay an extra $14 for the privilege of visiting the united states. that's the cost of a fee that visitors from 36 different countries will have to fill out to register through the electronic system for travel authorization. it is required for travelers using the visa waiver program. part of that money will pay for the program's operating cost but most of it will go to promoting the u.s. as a tourist destination. even the guy behind it knows it's a farfetched idea. >> i think i am certifiably crazy. >> but, if it works, he could be crazy like a fox. a plan that could bring tourists to fremont. land's airport. on the proposal is a . sounds efficient enough, a
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monorail to get passengers right to oklahoma's airport. why one group says the proposal is a colossal waste of money. and it was sunk in 1941, pose agriculture threat today. how scientists are measuring a threat from a sunken ship off california's coast. >> 24 degrees cooler today and surrounding many of our neighborhoods and, now, the neighborhoods that will cool off even more for your wednesday. as "eyewitness news" continues right here on the cw. ♪
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fremont. . subscription to prevention you build it they will come, that's one guy's thought behind an aerial tram proposed for fremont. it would take people on a 1 1/2 mile ride to a spot near mission peak. as kiet do shows us there is one man on a mission to make this a reality. kit. the tram, the proposed tram, would start about a thousand feet over that way. anyone you talk to out here has an immediate strongly action to this on both sides of this lively debate that is being called anything from insane to intriguing. >> i sit around and i think a lot. >> reporter: doug pen see the first to admit he is a retiree with a lot of time. how do we know that you're not crazy? >> i think i am certifiably crazy. >> reporter: now know the trams that take you up the mountain at squaw valley? well he has an idea. build one that would start in
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them happen tee field a at the base of mission peak and would go up the mountain. >> if you give them something totally unique and no one else in the bay area has it there is a possibility they will come. >> this red line shows the path of the proposed mission peak tram t summit station would be a low 1-storey building. they even made a logue oh called the peak experience. at $15 a ride it would boost local tourism, bring in $20 million a year, and put fremont on the map. >> think about what we could do that would aid fremont in being something more than just a bedroom community in the bay area. >> reporter: he has already made his sales pitch to the east bay regional park district. they own most of the land out there. their answer was a month light but firm "not in your lifetime." in the midst of a recession the city council was open to at least talking about it. >> i think there are some
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merits to it and anything we do to attract tourism is an interesting thing. >> maybe it's a matter of crazy isn't as crazy as it used to be. >> reporter: the biggest problem with hikers is what to do about parking. thousands of people try to clam into this lot. >> it could be positive, if i may put it that way. >> i'm sensing a cautious yes in support of the tram. >> a cautious yes if they solve all the problems, yes. and no taxpayer money. >> and the park district says that building a tram just doesn't fit within their mission of protecting open space. by the way, the proposed price tag is guesstimated to be in the neighborhood of $40 million. fremont's mayor says they just don't, just simply don't have that kind of cash. >> you know, kit, fremont is a beautiful town, beautiful community, beautiful part of the valley. squaw valley is the sierra nevada, you're going over peaks and pine trees.
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fremont you are going over dry hills. what's going to drive people down there, that's the question. >> reporter: that's the question. the fremont mayor said you have to put something up there so within that they are proposing a possible restaurant or some kind of natural history museum to have something to do up there once you get up there. >> reporter: all there. >> all right. we'll see what happens. thanks kit. a multimillion-dollar waste, that's what bay area people are calling the connector. they want to build a monorail system to get travelers from the stadium to oakland international airport. the estimated cost is about a half a billion dollars. a public transit advocacy group claims that abus would be just as fast as it would save, well, it would be about $350 million cheaper. >> there's so much space on haegerberger you can actually narrow the lanes to within save, you know, distances, save amounts, and make an exclusive lane that only the bus can travel on in the median. this is a project that is going
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to be worth so much more, it's going to be priceless, years from now. you don't look back and say "man, thank god we did that." >> well the monorail idea is not adonal deal. bart's still lining up the money to figure out how to pay for it. we have had a couple of interesting changes in the weather, roberta. 24 degrees cooler today, two dozen, 24 degrees cooler in san francisco, down from 84 yesterday to 60 degrees today. tonight we're sitting in the 50s, but boy the wind has been really kicking up to 20 and 30 miles per hour. it's a very robust onshore flow. tomorrow we're all socked in with the fog and even experiencing a little bit of light drizzle due to the very deep nature of this marine layer. this trough to the north is sagging to the south, as it does so, it is enhancing that marine layer. then you have this pool of cooler air rushing on shore as well. tomorrow morning, sun up is at 6:43, nobody is going to see it. clouds gradually retreat back
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to the coast. hang out all day, is no sunshine at the beaches. temperatures unseasonably cool for the september day tomorrow. anywhere by 10 to 16 degrees below average. in fact we're going to go ahead and pinpoint your neighborhood forecast. san jose 68, average high is 84 degrees. 50s, 60s, line the sea shore, 60s, good as it gets around the peninsula. 57 in richmond and only 68 degrees in livermore. outside number will be 74 degrees in brentwood, otherwise you can count on temperatures in the 50s, at the beaches, and again dillon beach with some drizzle. 72 degrees, with partly sunny skies, in sonoma. there is the extent of the forecast. once the trough passes through thursday, the temperature gradually rebounds but you notice from friday all the way through tuesday it's a pretty stagnant weather pattern. this is interesting kim. you know, i love social media, i went on twitter, soon as you see the marine layer, send me pictures, the people livingston
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coast are my eyes, they give me good heads up. sure enough he sent me this picture and there it was. soon as we saw that we knew the numbers were coming down. >> fog watches. >> fog watches. i love 'em all. >> fog watchers. >> i call them my tweet hearts. >> thanks roberta. day 7 of a hunger strike for about 120 prisoners at the monterey county jail. they are pretty angry on the new limits on soap. that's right. authorities say that inmates housed in the area for nor ten i don't gang members went on strike wednesday. they are respond to go a new rule that restricts inmates to 1 bar of soap per week instead of the usual four. now soap in prison is like money. it can be traded, they can use it to make weapons, make the floor slippery for the guards and also to hide things inside. they have found candy wrappers though in the unit where inmates are refusing meals. a tanker sunk off the california coast during world war ii right now threatening marine life.
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the ss monta belo lies north of morrow bay off came pre, a alex montano shows us the new 3d images from the ship that could help scientists determine the extent of the threat. >> reporter: in 1921 the ss monta belo stretched 1 1/2 football fields long. she is an oil tanker. this is the latest video of the ss monta belo taken in 2003. this ship was discovered about 15 years ago, 900 feet deep, and just 6 miles off the california coast near came bree a. >> this is the torpedo impact zone. >> reporter: japanese submarines torpedoed and sank the monta bell oh on december 23rd 23rd, 1941. >> most people don't realize there was actually military activity going on along the california coastline during world war ii. >> reporter: the good news is the crew made it out safely. the pad news, sea life to this day is threatened by it. scientists believe its cargo macon sift of over 3 million
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gallons of crude oil and it has been there for the entire 70 years. >> as of right now we're comforted by the fact that the ship doesn't look like it has changed much in the last 10 years. >> reporter: experts say it's not really a question of if oil will leak from the ss monta belo, actually it's when. >> eventually the ship will rust through so what we want to do is find out the condition of the ship. >> reporter: structure. >> find out the condition of the oil. >> reporter: where it was torpedoed was the bow. >> this is the latest image taken weeks ago using high-tech sonar imaging device. >> it uses sounds and reflects off the sea bed or the wreck and comes back to receivers that process the images in a different way. >> reporter: it's hard to see the entire ship through these dark murky waters but with these latest images scientists can see everything. >> this is the monta belo, the stern and the bow.
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this is the wheelhouse and the mast. >> reporter: the idea? the sonar images will help them navigate in future dives. >> you hope though, in the fall, to go and actually drill into the tank and take a sample of that oil and replug it up. if it's a thick crude that's just going to sit like asphalt that will be fine. if it's a liabilitier crude that will then get to the surface and oil the organisms that's not good. >> reporter: in they discover the oil is an urgent threat? >> then we have to investigate ways of recovering the oil. >> the oil company uni cal owned the ship however because of acts during the war they are not responsible for any clean up fund. that would come from a federal fund designated to oil spills. alex montano. cbs5.
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in lion. last we . there is a pea morale that has been setup on a street in berkeley near where police shot and killed a mountain lion. last week police spotted the lion wandering around a residential area of the city around 2:00 in the morning. they shot it in the driveway of a home saying that the public was in danger. but in politically correct berkeley some of the notes at the memorial called the animal innocent and helpless and said it was slain. that mountain lion was just one of a few that have been reported in the bay area over the last few months. tonight's good question, how rare are mountain lions in this part of california?
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[ growling ] >> they are known by many names, cougar, pan that, puma. the fact is that california mountain lions are more closely related to leadership arizona than lions and they are thriving in california these days but just how many are really out there. >> there are a few night number i think based on the number of dear and the size of the habitat. >> what a good girl. >> you see the state of california is huge and roughly half of the state is prime mountain lion habitat. but it wasn't always that way. in 1971, after more than 100 years of uncontrolled hunting -- [ sound of shot ] -- the population fell to as few as 600 animals. as a result then governor ronald reagan posed a moratorium on hunting mountain lions and in 1970 they passed 117. which declared the big cats a
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specifically protected mammal. since then the population has exploded. you never know where you're going to find them. they can be just about anywhere and if you have dear inyour neighborhood chances are they are not far away. i need your good questions. accepted them to me at guess which football team contracted the top 25. they muscle up in arizona, how that affects the standings, next. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown.
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he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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the year. that was plenty for tim lincecum. he is 43-3 when they score 3 or more runs, struck out 11, pitched into the seventh. san francisco wins to stay a game back in the west. another stockton man, dallas braden, got roughed up by seattle, mariners scored five times in the second inning, ichiro makes it 4-0 with an r.b.i. bloop base hit. they remain 7 back of the rangers who can't win a game. tiger woods was named to the u.s. ryder team by the captain cory paven, he was not one of the automatic entries on the team but was selected along with stewart sink, zack johnson, ricky fowler, next week in south as well as. how about the stanford cardinals. they move into the slot, the cardinals whacked sack straight at home. an true luft through four touchdowns against the hornets. the next play u cl a on the road. tie a good look at andrew luck.
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