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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  September 11, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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your watching cbs 5, eyewitness news on the cw, two nights after what could be the worst pipeline disaster in u.s. history, the growing tragedy and frustration. don't tell us people are not missing when we know they are missing. the explosion, the distance to where the pipe is sitting is about 100 feet. the demand for answers when you realize that some of this pipe was laid in 1948 it raises a lot of the questions. and appreciation for bay area heroes. >> good evening the death toll has climbed. investigate was recovered three more bodies that means 7 people
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are confirmed dead from the explosion. they will not contim all the identities. two of the victims were found in a home about 6 are still missing. now that crater that was left behind and the pipeline, investigators say the pipe blew 100 feet away from it's position. it made up of small pieces of piping and they do not know why. there's reasons to have pipe like this and we are exploring that. it's more expensive to have segmented pipe than not. so we will be looking into why that occurred. >> investigators are trying figure out when the pipe was
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inspected last. we saw what happened in a town hall meeting this afternoon. >> certainly the people that came to the meeting had sad stories to tell. they came to demand answers like when do they get back in their homes. the public officials that came had lots of answers for them and it seemed to go well. including pg and e which said that that they would stand by the residents. by noon tomorrow those whose homes are not damaged will be allowed into the area that is still considerd a crime scene by investigators. >> they will be escorted to their homes. they will have assistance in relighting pilot lots and making sure the utilities are functioning properly. they will not allowed into those properties that were red
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tagged. >> the round of clapping reaches the fire chief as he steps forward to answer a question. the victims hose lives were changed came to the meeting with serious issues but were quick to show appreciation for all those that came to help them. >> this was for the city workers. even pg and e received praise for it's promise to make victims whole from help with housing and house cleaning to cash cards. >> we are not -- we know what has happened here. and -- inaudible -- >> pg and e officials said that the pipeline was inspected on
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regular times. pg and e is turning over its phone records. the area was termed high risk because it was running through a densely populated area. to me it unacceptable to have that long to debt a report. lieutenant governor is asking for a review of pipelines statewide. representative spears said she will lean to ntsb for quicker reports. we can ask for and demand that we get regular informational briefings on what they have found to date. another news conference scheduled for 8 cloak tomorrow morning right here in the bay had hill shopping center. this is an area that acts as a media center and a place for people to come and get information. at noon we should learn whether
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they will get into their homes another noon and if they do how they will do it. those with green tags can stay about if they want to. others are have to go in and come back out. three streets were hit the hardestby the explosion. the red dots and yellow dots and blue dots represent how much damage was done. the safety board deposit a better look at the air math. investigators say the size of the crater measures 167 feet by 26 feet. they don't know how deepity yet because it's too unstable to put anyone inside. as for the pipe, a section was retrieved. the pipeline was ranked as high risk because it ran through a
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highly populated area. well dogs searching searching the san bruno neighborhood may have picked up the scent of nine more bodies. that could be unaccounted for people or dead animals. the search for three family members is still going on. when broke of the blast broke. members of a church were terrified with what we saw. a house that they were friends with up in flames. they have not been heard from since. >> they have been following odd leads trying to find them. they have been on the all the
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area hospitals. it's been really stressful for the family. they reported these three missing 80-year-old grandmother her son 50-year-old greg and his son, 16-year-old willie. we are told she had trouble walking quick excel walking and she walked with -- their names are will vone, william and greg. the anybody has any information please contact channel 5. just this is a stressful situation. >> yet in press briefings on friday. we have not had -- missing. so we will -- we are working to complete that search. >> like are they trying to string out hope for people?
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are they trying to make the situation seem less than it is? >> saturday morning finally some acknowledgment? >> my understanding is there's still a couple of people that are unaccounted for. a couple, is two right? this two. >> since it happened there's more rubble to go through, they brought out a cadav er dog today. as members of the church wait for word. in my gut i think there are more people missing than this family. give us a number or don't but don't tell us that people are not missing when we know people are missing. this church has not had a service since the blast happen earlier this week. they are looking forward to praying together. in san bruno, cbs 5. so far
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three victims have been identified. 20-year-old jessica morales. barbara boxer expected the government to help victims. she said the explosion brings up concern about the safety of other pipelines in bay area neighborhoods. she points out that some of them are more than a half century old. when you realize that some of these were laid long ago. there were maps kept by pg and e, and they will respond. they have the maps and they can tell you. how close you live next to one of these pipelines. >> meanwhile pg and e said that there are 3 of these pipelines. they are currently doing a
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special inspection of all 3 of them. the president took a grilling from reporters particularly on whether work crews had done any recent work to pipeline. >> i cannot confirm that we did that or not. >> you did put one in it would be pause there was problem in that place is the only reason you put a liner in there correct some. >> i don't know. >> they say they have not found any reports that neighbors smelled natural gas in the weeks leading up to the explosion. for the latest to pipeline explosion log on to cbs is this a body of a missing man or the second body in a murdering spree. beacons of light where the towers once stood. we have more sunshine in our sunday forecast but the temperatures, that is a different story.
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they are cooling down a bit. we will take a look at sunday's cooler highs in just a few moments. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thursday night's pipeline explosion that leveled a san bruno neighborhood. recapping our stop story tonight. thursday night's pipeline explosion that leveled a neighborhood. investigators say seven people are confirmed dead that is up from four and six people are missing. before the blast federal
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regulators designated that section high risk. federal inspectors examining that piece of pipe say they have questions about why it was made up of segments of smaller pipes. it appears that all the victims traced to a east bay killing spree are accounted for. a body was conif i con-- confirmed from yesterday. they have been searching a a landfill for his body. the suspect was shot and killed. today is the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. after a day filled with memorial. tonight, blue beams are shining into the sky. they have become annual tradition reminding people around the world of what was
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lost. >> bagpipes escorted the american flag to the site of the world trade center the names of the 2752 people died were there. >> president took part in a event that paid tribute to the 184 people that died there. he said that we should refuse to let terrorists destroy american ideas. we will not let the acts of some small band of murder that slaughter the innocent, distort who we are. mean time misch he'll michelle
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obama and former first lady. laura bush were at the pennsylvania site. >> julyy how the arts and wine festival honored the day and some local heroes. it's the toast of the town. it's typically a time of fun, wine and fun. but this time it falls on a somber anniversary. they called on local heroes of their own. members of the service with fire and police wound their way through festival booths ending their journey with a event at city hall. each of these men and women this 9 year anniversary means something difference. it's more special because i used to be stationed at the
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pentagon, i'm standing here and talking to you today because i decided not to be in that building that day. for him and many others it is also a reason they risk their lives for the country. it revalidates why we need to protect our country. it shows that our spirit is a live and we have not forgotten. >> major sparks and his group returned from afghanistan, something many consider heroic. don't call them heroes, at least not today. the true heroes are those that have fallen. those are the people that we should not forget, and those are the people that we should remember here today. >> the flag was still there. while art wine and the military
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may not seem like things that go together but it made for a day they will never forget. men and women that have put their lives to line for us, same time we can celebrate and enlife and our freed freedom out of respect. >> to mark the day, 343 firefighters huffed and puffed up 110 flights of stairs. they did it in honor of the new york city firefighters that lost their lives in the terrorist attacks. the climb raised money for a firefighters association in new york that helps widows and children of those that died 9 years ago today. tracy in tonight. driving away i saw a lot of american flags flying. >> it was a really nice day.
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plenty of sunshine. we look at it now and look at that fog moving in toward the bridge there. fog expected long the coast line and around the bay. inlands that had inland when conditions will be clear. for tomorrow, sunday, a sunny sunday, with high in the 90s and temperatures in the bay 60s and 70s. mostly sunny conditions by early afternoon. and expecting morning fog along the coast line. but day time highs ranging from 58-63 degrees. today a nice day but tomorrow not as warm. i have a a couple examples for you. livermore, -- you cannot complain with those temperatures. you cannot complain about tomorrow's either. got something for everybody. if you like the warm or hot
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weather. today was your day. tomorrow not so hot. 83 in san jose. locations from 4 to 6 to 7 degrees cooler. not as warm as yesterday. here is a look at more temperatures across the bay area. 80 in fremont and 80 in sunny vale, and lower to the mid eightys in san jose. the mid to upper 80s so temperatures going down 4-5 degrees. 86 in pleasant ton. north bay locations for tomorrow the 80s. 86 in fairfield and upper 70s
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in san raphel, 7 day forecast is a great job of showing tomorrow. that looks good. breaking it down by all 3 locations. by the time you get to mid week temperatures will come down slightly more sunshine expected by the end of the week and as we move to the beginning of next weekend. not so bad. this sunday, we have the 49ers taking to seattle seahawks. chance of rain. conditions in the mid 60s and we have another big game going on. i'm coming. we have the raiders taking to tennessee titans. mostly sunny and 91 degrees. it's nice to be here and i know it's not sports coming up now but my alabama played penn state today. it's my time to talk about alabama. >> i like that. thank you.
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20, -- the giants had a chance today to move into sole possession of first for the first time. baumgartner gave you up a hit
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and one was a homer. san diego wins 1-0, they are up one game. the a's win 4-3 to get the backs to over 500. cal dropped 50 on somebody. schiano scores twice and riley throws 4 touch down passes and wisconsin carved up the san jose defense. the badgers win. pac10. andrew luck finds a wide open ryan and they are up 34-0 in the 4th. clijsters won back to to back u.s. open titles.
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