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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  September 17, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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nova . you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. >> tonight we know all the students involved in a deadly crash this morning went to nevado high school. what we are hearing from students who knew them. >> pg and e knew there was a problem and tried to fix it. the new concern about other possible ticking time bombs around the bay area. >> you were trying to go rogue? >> vendors who knew they couldn't sale and a promoter who knew but still took their money. the food fair where nobody came with clean hands. and another problem in the clipper card transition. how many are getting free reids. i'm ken batista. one teen dead, four hurt after a crash in marin and all are
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students at nevado. their car collided a big rig just before noon. >> reporter: speed and maybe alcohol were factors in the crash that claimed one life, left two with major injuries and two more with minor injuries. two of the injured were taken to the hospital, two others to marin general. >> we determine that the bmw lost control, negotiating a curve in the roadway into the path of a big rig, was hit and ended up in the field. >> reporter: the driver of the big rig was not hurt. the long trail of skid marks a tire rim indicate the tire blew out. the skid marks start near what appears to be an older roadside memorial for a motorcycle siftist. >>
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>> reporter: everybody in the car was wearing seatbelts. it's amazing some of them survived with only minor injuries. >> all about the dynamics of the collision. even when everybody is wearing their seatbelts in a collision this violent it's hard it come out okay. >> reporter: some kids had heard of the crash but even after a late in the day special teacher's meeting there was nothing said to the students. so one thinks he may know one or more of the victims. >> knowing that somebody that i know, we had classes together, see each other every day, was involved in a horrible car accident, doesn't make me feel that well. >> reporter: after school parents said they were learning about the crash. >> i heard when one of the students was killed and we are just all very concerned for the families. >> reporter: parent's worst nightmare. >> absolutely. >> reporter: it's not been confirm that alcohol played a
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role. a parent said last year the school had a simulation of drunk driving and the consequences. >> they had the whole pen presentation and kids spent a night in jail and in the hospital and this is what happened. it's sad and my heart goes out to all the families. >> reporter: it's not clear why the school didn't make announcements to the students today. maybe they felt the students would better learn about it with their families. it does seem the students already know or will learn over the weekend and then most likely on monday the school will have to deal with it. >> thank you. two alarm house fire put a lot of people on edge. three local fire departments responded to the fire at a home on green avenue. authorities say the owners turned on the furnace for the first time since last winter
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and were worried about a strange smell. all utilities were shut off to avoid a larger fire from starting. nobody was hurt. there were about $25,000 in damage to the house. firefighters are reminding people to inspect their furnaces and heaters before lighting up for the first time this year. memorial services for three victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion. friends and family gathered to remember jessica morales. she was at her boyfriend's house when the blast hit. joseph gomez escaped but was badly hurt. at last word he was in critical condition. the funeral for morales is set for tomorrow. it was standing room only today at the funeral for 13- year-old janessa greg and her mother jacqueline. both were killed in the same blast. the 8th grader was student body president, a piano player, dancer and actor in school
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plays. her mother worked for the state puc for 20 years. they were survived by two others, father and husband james and sister gaby. while we don't know what triggered the blast we know of a concern that pg and e addressed before the disaster. they are now admitting that it knew as long as a year ago about the presence of liquid in sections of its high pressure natural gas hype lines. experts say stands liquids like water and oil can foster the growth of microbes that can cause corrosion. >> i can't really speculate on how possible it is that it would have impacted line 132 but i can say we targeted the problem at the source which was at the regulator station. >> reporter: at the time they asked the puc to approve a $3.2
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million expenditure to get the liquid out but they are admitting the inside section of 132 was never cleaned, never internally inspected. this the head of the california puc said they followed federal guidelines but agrees that they still need to make public the complete list of the 100 highest risk pipe segments in the bay area. >> we have asked them for that information. they have no choice but to do what we tell them. at the end of the day we have the authority over them. >> they now warn people near the blast zone of a new danger. julia reports they say it needs to be addressed immediately. >> reporter: the debris from the pipeline explosion, a possible toxic hazard. crews have been busy cleaning soot from homes and wetting down mounds of ash sot wind doesn't scatter it into the
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air. another big concern, the upcoming rainy season. pushing contaminated runoff into the san francisco bay. >> if we get half of the rain we had last year with the el nino that will be a problem and it's going to be difficult to contain it. at this point we are not concerned about toxics unless we are able to get out there quickly. >> reporter: peterson said the county has removed ten 55- gallon drums of hazardous waste from the burn site and sandbags have been put around storm drains leading to the creek. an october 15th deadline has been set to clear all the waste before the heavy rains rolln. where are the toxic levels? >> we are worried about air quality, dust going off site and we are watering the site down. >> reporter: a fence has been put up to keep residents out of the fire zone and those allowed in can only stay for a few
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hours because of the possible health risk. >> we have been giving them all of the personal protective equipment. >> reporter: it costs about $1.5 million paid by homeowner's insurance and the state. while the race is onto remove the debris many residents trying to grasp what happened to their homes and lives and where they go from here. >> i'm trying to take it day by day. right now it's -- it's a sad time for us so we are trying to get this neighborhood back together. >> reporter: and for many of the residents here the clean up effort is a daunting task. the county said it'll do all it can to help residents get back on their feet and help them clean of or homes. in san bruno. >> and today pg and e has only released general maps of the pipelines that may be running in neighborhoods. you can go to the website.
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we have posted them there. new kind of food event where you eat at your own risk and they are popping up all round the bay area. robett lyles shows us why the chefs at this latest underground market might be taking some risks to. >> reporter: you mentioned popping up. the movie line is something like this, if build it they will come this is if you tweet it you will come. they are coming to eat in a parking lot. it's grown quite popular in san francisco and now it's spread throughout the bay area. everything that you see here, is actually illegal. that has stopped nothing and no one. they call themselves the underground market. chefs and would be chefs driven underground they say by the high cost of brick and mortar restaurants so.
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for months they fired up in parking lots. the food waiting for organic barbecues, toco s and ice cream. >> and, sold out with in three hours. >> reporter: what really makes it underground? it's not legal so it's eat at your own risk. >> we had run ins before where in the city the cop says you can't be here but can you just move somewhere else. >> reporter: they hope to blend into a bigger street event but police weren't allowing them to dine and dash tonight calling it illegal so a county health inspector was called out so was the fire marshall. what a tangled web we weave. >> we didn't include this in the information we gave to the city or the county. we just gave an overall sessionsment of the activities, we didn't say this activity. >> kind of get around the law?
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>> yes. >> reporter: bruce is a producer of the bigger event 01. we got this e-mail from producers. it not only says no tents that violates the laws, chefs were charged $50 or 10% of total profits for tonight. shocking for an event producers say it illegal. >> we are told it's not allowed in santa clara but we knew it happens in other places on the underground so we thought try it out and see what happens. >> reporter: you were trying to go rogue. >> yes. >> reporter: if it's illegal why isn't all of this shut down? the producers have convinced both the fire marshall and health inspectors that this is a private members only event. what that means is they just have to wear a wrist band and sign a waiv er away any right to sue and . >> how was the food?
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>> reporter: i never tried it. >> live tonight. thank you. some are getting free rides on muni because of a glitch with the new clipper card gates. you can open the gates apparently at civic center station without using the fare card. people have found if they wave their hand over a particular sensor the gates open. muni said they knew about the problem but beware, right now they are dealing it by dispatching more fare inspectors. they say they are being short changed and forced to work in poor conditions. what workers from china town hope to accomplish by sharing their stories. and a suspect in custody but the mystery is not solved. a second wave of assaults in walnut creek. a dad storms a bus and starts yelling at students. when he said pushed him to it.
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>> i know you have heard about this. we have rain in the weekend forecast but i will pinpoint the days it's expected and the amounts you should see. y happ? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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and police say this . police many oakland looking for the woman who robbed an east bay bank. they say this woman robbed the bank of america branch september 4th. police say she gave the teller
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a note demanding money and then left with cash. there is a reward of up to $2,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of this suspect. the san francisco man accused of threatening house speaker nancy peloi will go to jail. he pled guilty to a single felony charge. he admitted he made dozens of threatening phone calls to her home and office because he was upset with her support of health care reform legislation. prosecutes agreed to a 21 month sentence. he will be sentenced in september and could face six years in jail. people in china town say they have to deal with below minimum wage and dirty conditions on the job. they joined state health fishes and community leaders to release the finds of a new study today. the report found that workers mostly in restaurants face poor
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working conditions through translators. the workers said they work in unhealthy environments while earning below minimum wage. >> of course $900 a month, that's far below the minimum wage in san francisco. things like overtime, health benefits and other benefits, those are luxuries. >> employees say they brought attention to their problems hoping to end the labor violations. more than 400 were interviewed in thissed study. other headlines, tonight's pg and e has been ordered to pay 1 75,000 dollars in fines for the death of an employee last spring. the employee was electrocuted while intalling a transformer. they were faulted for a serious willful accident related violation. also the news a 4th woman has been assaulted at the park
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regency apartments near walnut creek. a woman said a man forced in to her apartment and raped her. he ran away. a berkeley man is in jail now accused of three other assaults at the same complex but police don't think last night's waske related. and a flight from phoenix headed to maui had to make an emergency landing. the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. the plane landed safely. nobody was hurt. not clear what caused the smoke. if you think that's a big deal it'll rain this weekend. >> it'll. good evening. today we had 65. san francisco, 84 in napa. yes we had dense fog as picked up by the helicopter. high in the sky, very visible. transamerica building in the city of san francisco with the patch of low clouds and fog. number wise in to the 50s up to
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about 60 degrees for overnight lows. very mild and muggy. here you have that deck of low clouds and fog extending inland. once the sun comes um tomorrow morning, nobody will see it. we will have the clouds retreat. on top of that another deck of clouds in the form of midand high level clouds. it's the leading edge of the frontal boundary as it banks up against the northern portion of the state. behind it the second impulse. we try to break it down. tomorrow afternoon we have a chance of rain in the north bay. it should be arriving by tomorrow evening. if the timing serves us correctly. sunday everybody has light rain. could see up to three quarters of an inch of rain in spots of the north bay. the temperatures will top off in the low 70s. southwest winds ten to 20 miles an hour. six degrees below normal. 78 san jose.
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this weekend, big doings. are you ready for football? raiders host the rams. 67 degrees. showers, there you have the unsettled weekend forecast. fall arrives on wednesday. when it does we will have some partly cloudy conditions. then the extended forecast calling for a dry weather pattern through friday. cue it. we have hawaii 50. yeah. premieres right here on cbs and i guess like -- cbs5 on monday. look for a chance of showers at 76 degrees. ever just want to jump around in your seat? >> you know what's sad? half the staff here doesn't know what it is. >> get out. >> you have to watch monday night. thank you. golden arches used as a symbol for poor health. the commercial turning a popular slogan against the giant. and fresh out of rehab.
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lilo may be going back to the big house. what could send the star back to jail. hmm, do i wear hats?
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conduct, after this was caught . a florida father is facing charms includes disorderly conduct after -- he was caught on tape, james jones is a accused of storming onto a school bus and threatening the kids who he said bullied his daughter. his 13-year-old who has cp was in the hospital for stress
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after the taunting. jones said the boys smacked her, teased her, put a condom on her head. he said he was mad but plans to apologize to the kids. health group is targeting mcdonalds in a campaign warning fast food can kill. so that's part of the commercial that shows a woman at a morgue crying over a man's body. in his hand, there it is, a half eaten hamburger. as the camera pan away golden arches saying i was loving it. the spot was produced by a nonprofit group. lindsey lohan could be facing more jail time. sources say she failed a court ordered drug and alcohol test.
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a violation could send her back to jail for another 30 days. >> the giants have a chance to add to their lead in the west and the bears star in their own version of friday night lights. member minute is next. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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bloops a single to left. ryan braun scores, randy wolf throws a shut out for his first complete game of the season. the padres struggles continue. mat laitos gives up eight runs. the cardinals pound san diego 14-4 so the giants remain in first place. the a's got back to 500 with a 3-1 win over the twins. big jack cusp hit his 12th homer of the season. bailey picks up his 25th save. joe won't return as the dodgers manager. dan mattingly will take over next season. jeff and the bears had no answer for the nation's top offense tonight in reno. two touchdowns and runs for two more. the wolfpack have wrapped up close to 500-yards and roll the bears. >> wow. >> you can believe that.
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>> cal knows how it feels. >> yeah. >> that does for us. remember the news is always on stay dry.
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