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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  September 23, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. california running out of toilet paper. no joke. where you're soon going to have to bring your on. trapped in iran for over a year now, how sarah video is describing her time behind bars. and the tip of this appears to be a tooth brush and its used as a spear. >> weapons from everything, even bones. what inmates are piecing together behind bars. we're going to take you inside. by biobaseing, your online videos load instantly. it would be funny if it weren't so pa threatic.
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no more money for toilet paper. where the supply is running thin. >> reporter: well, i have to offer you a rid dell. is the state so broke that it can't aford toilet paper. well, the answer, does aware go in the woods? i'm not offering bad bathroom humor. i am offering a warning saying if the state does not reach a budget soon, the next time you visit a state park, it's you who will be going bare in the woods. >> reporter: you never miss your flewy softness until it runs empty. they are trying to keep up with an explosion in vice tores and all they leave behind. >> we are using our materials. the stock pile is going down. >> reporter: the basics, but
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the chief of maintenance may find his cub -- >> reporter: consider this, credit cards allow state workers to buy toilet paper and other supplies without going all the way to sacramento. the bank is cancelling the card. >> this is another consequence of not having a budget in place. these could be shut off starting next week. >> reporter: there is no wiping away the public's anger. >> its hard to believe it's the 7th largest economy in the world. >> reporter: governor schwarzenegger's office is saying the two-ply may roll again. it does not mean an agreement on the deficit. >> it will be more money to
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clean up the waste than it would be to buy the toilet paper. >> does this mean you start rationing out the rolls? do you make a recommendation to the public to bring their own rolls? >> that would be an interesting concept. >> reporter: well, the governor and the so-called big five are said to be working on this new deal through the weekend. now, will that be enough for u.s. bank to stop the cancellation of the credit cards. the finance department is holding it's breath, but so will park visitors if the toilet paper runs out. >> byop. >> bring your own paper. well a south san francisco man accused of pitching his mentally disabled girlfriend has turned him self in. nicholas advertised his
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autistic girlfriend on the internet. she has the capacity of a 12- year-old. he faces several charges. a man attacked a female student in the parking lot at san jose city college yesterday afternoon. he grabbed her from behind and swung her against the wall. the woman told police she was able to free herself and get into a car. campus police say she was lucky to get away. >> there is always potential for an attack anywhere where there is a structured parking garage because of the knocks and cannies around the garage. >> reporter: they say the victim is going to have to provide a description. there are no surveillance cameras. the public utilities commission voted unanimously today to name an independent panel. that group will look into whapping and state agencies
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could have done to avoid that disaster. state leaders are pushing to make sharping pays the cost of the pan necessarily. -- pan necessarilies. heavy demolition and cleanup began. the 35 homes that were burned to the ground will be removed. crews are working on three homes a day. at the same time, street sweepers and water trucks work to keep the area clean by reducing the threat of toxic dust. >> we want to make sure we are fully protect. so we know there is going to be some levels of asbestos in there. there is going to be other items and we want to make sure we are handling it in a way that will cause absolutely no concern or problem. >> this will continue six days a week. it is expected to last at least a month. a uc berkeley grad released
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from a prison, she hopes to meet with iran's president. she says she wants iran's leader to know she doesn't hold any and monthsty toward him. she also talks about it. >> were you tortured or mistreated. >> well, solitaire confinement is severe miss treatment. there is good guards and bad guards. there are some guards that just hated me because -- for whatever reason. >> i rannian leaders say they arrested video and their friend after they crossed the iraq border. a 16-year-old nevada boy is facing manslaughter and felony dui charges in connection with a crash that killed his 15-year-
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old friend. he hit a tractor-trailer last friday killing his friend. there was a visitation service this evening. and his funeral is tomorrow morning. the name of the driver is not being released because he's tried -- he will be tried as a juvenile. now, if convicted, he could be locked up until he is 19. well, the cocktail waitress behind that bar at a restaurant tonight may have looked a little familiar, not because she usually works there but because she's the mayor. we explain why the city's leader was working for tips. >> all right. we have an order for a -- >> reporter: the mayor was behind the bar serving up vodka cocktails. >> it cost $10 for the drink and all $10 of it is donated. >> she is moonlighting for a cause. >> reporter: anybody that wise that, it's $10 and it goes into
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the jar. if i can do it right, then maybe i will get a tip and the tips go into the jar, which benefits the -- >> it's a program to help disabled g i's reenter civilian life. the veteran of both the wars any rook and afghanistan, he suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder. >> it's a financial commitment to make sure they have a job, a home, automobile, the fame is taken care of -- family is taken care of. >> reporter: they expect to spend as much as $60,000 to get each one through college, into a job and to get all the other things he or she needs to reenter civilian life. well, it's the beginning of
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the end of that beforing circle of your online videos. the no, ma'am has been from all -- the technology has been there all along. a little too racy for the street. the elmo video that's been pulled. i'm going to get out of the way to you scan look at the -- can look at the clear skies. the heat weave, the -- heat wave. we will pinpoint your forecast as eyewitness news continues on the cw.
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this convicted killer from san jose is accused of fatally stabbing another inmate, in july, using a "bonecrusher." this convicted killer is accused of fatally stabbing another inmate in july using what they call a bone crusher. its just one of several kinds of handmade weapons san quinn ton has cons fist indicated from inmates. how do they get them? they use everything from toiletries to actual bones. >> we have an assortment of
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handmade weapons. >> reporter: these days they are referred to as heat. the larger ones are called bone crushers. we are shown some examples of confiscated every day objects inmates have fashioned into wents. they have managed to make everything from sling shots to -- here's one from a sir ring, toilet paper roller. here's a spear. >> the tip of this appears to be a toot brush that has been melted, sharp ended down to a tip and it's utilized as a spear. >> reporter: someone even fashioned an actual bone into a weapon. >> they are called many things. >> reporter: he's free and clean now but construction worker harold brown jr. spent a dozen years behind bars. in arizona, louisiana, california. >> i was in a holding tank before i was inside the walls i
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saw a guy cut and bleeding all over the place. >> reporter: he says bone crushers are extremely come on. >> is power, protection, all the reason people have weapons on the street, they have them in jail. >> reporter: this year's incident was the first murder since 1997 in the prison. they will show that weapon and these other past examples to prison guards in an effort to crush future attempts at murder behind bars. also, in the news tonight, the city of concord is taking legal action now to try to shut down it's only medical marijuana shop. it's called herb alessence. they got a lot of attention because they would deliver to your home or office. concord filed an injunction today claiming they are operating illegal. they say that concord also
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wants to fine them $1,000 for each day it's been open and violating city code. it is the -- of mod other than living. -- modern living. if you're tired of internet videos that constantly start and stotter, a decision in washington brings some good news. get ready for wi-fi on steroids. >> reporter: well buckle up, a faster wireless internet service is just down the highway. >> it will be like a new turbo charged wi-fi. >> it will be an internet on steroids coming through white spaces. they are all the unused air waves between channels. they are used as a busch fer -- buffer zone. now with digital tv, less space
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is needed. so that space is being licensed for a new internet service. current internet speeds maximums at 54 meg bites. the new stuff is at least theoretically going to be in the white space running at 80 to 800 -- it's many times faster. it's being opened up for these new services. it's very good at going through walls. it's like television because it's in the same radio frequency area. so television gets through walls and things pretty well. gets through trees, you will have the same kind of good, very flexible coverage. >> smart phones and internet radio are taxing the current wireless net works. how we will get this new service is still not known. but companies are bidding to be
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the developers. it will generate billion of dollars in economic activity. this will no longer be your parents' internet. finding the -- two bay area hospitals is as easy as sending a text message. good samaritan hospital and -- say they are the first hospitals to give patients er wait time. >> you text, interior zip code and you get a text back with wait times. >> the average patients, bumps, bruises, colds, this will be a very nice tool for them to figure out what is the fastest facility that can relief their pain and roughing. >> the weighting room times are updated every half hour and your texted response comes with a toll free number to talk to a
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nurse. of course, if you need immediate assistance, do not text, just call 9-1-1. it's going to heat up. >> yes, we increased our temperatures by 10 degrees in half-moon bay to 85 degrees in livermore. check this out. it's a -- moon. we are all able to see it because of the collarty outside. we have clear skies from the coast. our inland areas officially for tomorrow morning's commute -- we have the storminess to the north of us. it's expanding into the eastern pacific. we're going to go from warm conditions
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haven't seen this kind of heat since august 25th. 83 in sunny -- 93 degrees, the hottest -- otherwise, temperatures upper 60s and you have some sunshine there. upper 80s near 90 in santa rosa when the average high is 82 degrees and 90 in sonoma. in the north bay, it's the floating homes tour which sounds refreshing and the temperature at 75 degrees. hottest day will be on monday. some record shattering temperatures then. this is a prolonged heat wave
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with temperatures above normal until thursday. keep the photos coming. take it away. a little too racy for elmo. the show decided not to air this segment. take a look. some parents in the blogosphere complain perry's the show says that it pulled it because of some feedback it received. some parents complained that the top is too reveal. she came prepared to play dress up she says. she even injured her time and elmo was a perfect gentleman. the clip is still available online. not a bird, but a small plane pulling a flying ad how they both managed to stay up
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message, though. >> this high tech engineer has pulled everything from birthday greetings to marriage proposals to political sat tires. >> this is so much more fun. i need your good questions. the warriors open training camp on tuesday. they will do it without nelson. they woke up tonight in chicago, the minute is next. [ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools.
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases 50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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total tonight at wrigley field in one inning the giants e giants offense scored four runs in it's previous five games. they double would that tonight.
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they erupted for nine runs in the 2nd inning. finished it off with a gland slam. madison bumgarner. the giants beat the cubs 13-0. they got some help from the dodgers. the dodgers beat the padres 3- 1. so the giants are in first place. braden snapped the losing streak tonight. first place, rangers 5-0. keep hope alive despite having one year left on his contract, don nelson is being let go. official word is expected on monday's media day. opening round tour championship, paul casey, jeff owing i will have i--- 0 --
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>> nice. >> see you at 11:00. instrumental music ]
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