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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  October 30, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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tonight as they cut the giants' series edge to 2-1. "people are crazy at raves." it's happened again. more than a dozen people hospitalized after overdosing at a rave party at the cow palace. a man in a wheelchair... hit by a bart train. what witnesses believe happened. the number of kids who say they don't feel safe at school is on the rise. the reason... and what's being done to solve the problem. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. after two convincing wins, game three did not swing the giants way. for the first time in this world series, the team battled in texas territory. that's where dennis o donnell joins us with today's disappointing loss. dennis. "..." (dennis hands off mic to bastida) thanks ann... the giants have been the team coming up with the
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you might take the san francisco out of wayne bascom of san angelo texas but you cannot take the giants out of him. i joined the military out of the bay area and i retired in west texas and i've been here ever since the last 17 yaers (ken) military give you a raise? haha no no no this is my giants this is what i want my giants yeah we found them, lots of giants fans who
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so it is now a 2-1 series, and it was interesting tonight, there were a couple of times a lot of giants fans came from the greater dallas/fort worth area and came from the bay area. there were definitely giants fans in the house. >> the exact minute the giants won their game, i got online and got my tickets. >> you might be able to take the san francisco out of san anglo texas, but you cannot take the giants out of him. >> i retired in west texas and have been here ever since, the last 17 years. >> did the military give you a razor, or what's going on here? >> no, no, no. this is my giants, what i want, my giants. >> we found them, lots of giants fans who made the track to the bay area, because this is the wind advisory.
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>> last chance for me at my wage to make it to the wind advisory and do it. >> ben baez and his daughter came here all the way from rancho cordova. they are not walking away from a chance to see the giants win it all. >> i was here at the steels stadium when they had their first games over there. >> yound awaited 50 years. we can -- >> for those who couldn't make it out to texas, a big thank you from cody ross. >> just want to thank you for all the support that you've given us throughout the year. inspires us. >> to his credit cody ross hit a home run. just didn't prove to be enough to swing it for the giants. ben baez of rancho cordova, i think you and i are going to have to wait a couple more nights to see the giant finish this out. >> it certainly is not.
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we have to have faith. we've live through a season of torture. we can wait through a for more games. >> you're absolutely right. the cow palace under fire ones again after yet another rave that landed teens in the hospital. some in critical condition tonight. ed mackkovich. >> reporter: last night crazy turned dangerous. sixteen. three considered critical, with systems of drug and alcohol overdose. >> we saw a lot of altered levels of consciousness, a lot of inability to maintain their own airway. >> the event called the sub- sonic spook fest a concert otherwise known as a rave. this is video we found on youtube from last night. >> you'll walk through the hallway, and they're like zombie eyes. >> we met nora bernard as she came to pick up her car.
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she also attended a rave here in may. this is youtube video of that party. nine people sent to the hospital for drug overdoses that night. two later died. she said it's easy for things to get out of control. >> just so many people at the rave, there's not much they can do. >> the palace is a state owned venue owned by the department of food and afghanistan culture. local politicians asking the state to shut it down, but hasn't happened yet. the senator said today he's planning to roll up his sleeves, and we need to bring accountabilitity to the cow palace, but this worker thinks it's being blown out of proportion. >> those things are part and parcel to a thing like this. there are always going to be some bad apples. >> reporter: we came here to the police department to get their take on last night's events, and we're told they won't be answering any questions or give updates until tomorrow at the earliest.
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ann mcavick, cbs 5. a shooting out a movie theater injured three people, including a pregnant woman. happened last night in daily city at the pacific plaza along sarah. police say she opened fire after being bumped by one of the victims. two other victims caught in the crossfire and a suspect got away. all the victims expected to survive. a woman's body found on chestnut street earlier this morning and police believed it was a homicide. they got home to do a welfare check on the woman and found her dead. investigators are not saying how the woman died or how long she may have been dead. no arrests yet, and no information on any suspects. a person in a wheelchair hit by a bart train today after he fell on to the ground. this happened just before three this afternoon at the hayward batter station. witnesses say the man appeared to be adjusting the position of his wheelchair as the train was arriving and lost control after
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a wheel rolled off the platform. he fell onto the tracks and was run over. among the man's belongings, police found a gun. he's hospitalized tonight in the critical care unit. both candidates for california governor are barn storming the state this weekend. jerry brown began his statewide swing in oakland this morning. meg whitman kicked off hers in orange county. tonight whitman stopped by a phone bank in coopertino and don knapp is there now. hi don. >> that's right. both candidates are -- this long marathon campaign is a mad dash, up and down the state looking for the last-minute votes, but here at the meg whitman headquarters there's a surprising amount of optimism for a candidate who hasn't been treated so well by the polls.
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>> we have it all. we have the giants sgluf meg whitman was here rallying volunteers and showing a more personable side. >> thank you for everything you're doing for me tonight. >> you guys could be out partying, having a good time in stanford. >> she made a few phone calls herself. >> i'm here live in our coopertino headquarters with a whole group of very enthuse i can't say tick volunteers calling to get out the vote for tuesday's election, and i was hoping i could count on your support. >> reporter: though the poll out thursday joes whitman trailing brown by 13 points, she says her own polls tell a different story. >> you know, we are in good shape. the polls show this to be a dead heap, so in a dead heap, we win, because we have a
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bigger volunteer core and more enthusiasm. >> supporters are still full for her. >> i would like to tell you that california are in crisis and it's critical that you win. >> a big part of the final push for both candidates is getting those people to support them out to the polls. >> thank you. next it's considered evidence al-queda is improving its ability to strike on u.s. soil. one person arrested, and the search is on for more suspects in this failed cargo plane bombing attempt. and a former high-powered executive with a simple idea in order to clean the world, using what you leave behind in a hotel room. some showers in the forecast. he fi came clean. what did you lie about when you were governor? it's all a lie. what did you lie about? you run for office and the assumption is,
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oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. you say you are going to lower taxes. you're gonna put people to work. you're gonna improve the schools. you're gonna stop crime. crime is up. schools are worse. taxes are higher. i mean be real. i didn't have a plan for california. it's all a lie.
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powerful enough to take down airplanes. the arrest comes just a day after two bombs were found on cargo planes headed to the u-s. as kathryn brown reports, the sea n for *more suspects, with links to al-qaida. katherine brown reports the search is on for more suspects with lynx to al-queda. >> reporter: security forces in yemen have arrested a woman they believe tried to ship bombs to the u.s. information provided by the u.s. and the united arab emirates led to her capture. on friday the two explosive devices concealed in printer cartridges were discovered on
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cargo planes in england and done. the packages contained white powder syringes and wiring and bound for synagogues. officials believe the bomb they found may have been designed to go off on the plane. >> i can confirm that the device was viable and could have exploded and had it detonated, the aircraft could have been brought down. >> reporter: cbs news learned the devices contained significant amounts of the explosive pten more than the amount used in last year's failed bombing. officials suspect the arab indian peninsula branch was behind the attack and is responsible for the latest plot as well. while security at u.s. airports were beefed up after the bombs were found, many say that does nothing to correct a major security loophole. most packages arriving on cargo planes are not infected in any way. >> that's something that should be worked on. it should be uniform. >> just have to be careful,
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another way to find stuff to get into the country. >> for now the u.s. government has temporarily banned all mail and car comboe originating in yemen. katherine brown for cbs news, newark, new jersey. >> yet again the castro district will not have an official halloween party, so they don't want you to show up. this afternoon, officials promoted their safety campaign, home for halloween. they're encouraging people to stay in their own neighborhood to celebrate instead of crowding the castro. past years there were shootings and stabbings during block parties in the district. this is the fourth year in a row that there will be no official halloween party in the castro. of course, lawrence we know people will be out and about tomorrow night. what will it look like? >> lots of trick or treaters out there. it will work out okay. still showers outside tonight. a lot of clouds making their way across the skies. some light showers showing up in parts of the north bay right now. highdef doppler picking up on activity showing up here, light green for the most part.
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across the valley, heavier amounts of rainfall moving in that direction. these are scattered and moving on by. as they move on out, i think we'll dry things out tonight. so tomorrow is looking pretty good. a front is making its way on the coast right here bringing with it the scattered showers. that's starting to bake up a bit. high pressure south of it. by tomorrow talking about nice temperatures, 60s and low 70s inland. 70 degrees in some spots, in toward san jose, out toward the coast, 50s and a couple of 60s, and a bit on the breezy side. numbers into the 50s and 60s around the bay area. i think, as we head through the night we'll keep the temperatures up a bit as we have a lot of cloud cover out there. but i think, as far as the rain is concerned, that will be winding down. still scattered showers probably for the, for example, few hours, then taper off after midnight. then tomorrow the skies part a bit. should out to be a nice day outside. temperaturewise looking good. a high of about 69 degrees in livermore. should be 69 in san jose, 65 and partly sunny in bleon, 65 degrees in san rafael.
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looking toward the next few days, get ready for a heat wave coming our way. temperatures warming up around the bay area, getting to near 80 degrees and the hot spots toward tuesday and wednesday with the offshore winds thursday, and probably begin to see low clouds and fog creep back along the coastline, and then a chance of more rain coming our way. for tomorrow, how about this? the all important halloween forecast. a lot of trick or treaters are going to be getting out there, and i think it will be okay. temperatures are going to be a little bit cool, and then they'll be dropping as the week goes on. a couple of passing clouds going by, but nothing to cause a couple of raindrops, but just a spooky evening around the bay area. >> but you may need a jacket around the halloween costume. >> you may need something. >> some may need more than a jacket. let's be honest. >> let me ask you, so a year or so ago, we had a huge october storm. >> yes. >> we're getting off to a slow start, an average start. >> just about average, normal
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in parts of the bay area. we had the rain last week. but we have a long ways to go. >> got to keep you busy. well, the damage was so severe they didn't think it would open until well after christmas. now some people are gearing up to do their holiday shopping at a mall devastated by a fire less than two weeks ago. and a quarter of american school kids say they don't feel safe at school. their problem with bullying and who is most likely to be the target. you've never seen fast. you've never held it in your hand, then unleashed it with a fingertip.
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because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. the u-s education department
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says schools could be held liable for violating anti- discrimination l s, after high- profile stud schools could be held liable for violating antidiscrimination laws. this after several high profile student suicides. bill whitaker shows us how some counselors are the ones getting educated. >> reporter: samantha gerston said the bullying when she came out as a lesbian her freshman year as a high school. >> i never let it show, but inside it was getting to me. >> reporter: youtube full of bullying and fights. according to a new study high school bullying is much more widespread than previous thought. 47% of high school students say they have been bullied. 52% admit to hitting someone in anger and 24% said they don't feel safe at school. >> there's a willingness to say things that people would just think before, and young people are suffering serious psychological harm. >> reporter: it was national news when three students took
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their lives over the past month after painful often relentless bullying. kids say it's a sorry fact of school life. >> people getting picked on, jumped, beat. it's a sad situation. >> i guess you could say it's talk or be talked about. >> reporter: the u.s. department of education say that schools who don't address bullying could be violating antifederal discrimination laws. >> we know that cyber bullying and sexting is huge. >> reporter: schools are trying to give counselors tools to deal with it. >> i would say it's gotten worse in that students have found new ways to bully each other. >> reporter: as for samantha she transferred to a new school with zero tolerance for bullying. >> i told my students you don't have to be friend with everyone. you have to respect them. >> reporter: so schools are places to learn and not to fear. cbs news, los angeles. nine days after the mall fire in roseville a dozen more stores are back in business. a fire broke out thursday at the west and field gallery yes. a quarter of the mall was
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damaged. alexander t.j. told reporters he needed help and started the firety get attention. the mall hosted a big party today to celebrate the official reopening, but there are reminders of what happened. sections are blocked off, and some stores are still closed. with the christmas season around the corner, the goal is to have most of the mall reopened by thanksgiving. it's a little thing, but makes a big difference, leftover barely used bars of hotel soap are changing the lives of earthquake victims in haiti. the man what's creating a hygiene revolution. >> reporter: shawn sip lower used to be a high-powered e- commerce executive. today he's something even more powerful. >> the pied piper of soap. >> absolutely. >> reporter: two years ago, before the earthquake, before the come remarks sipler had a simple idea: collect the bars
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of hotel so many, clean them with restaurant steementers and ship them off to places like haiti where diseases kill millions of children every year. >> we believe that in these developing countries if we can bring the same type of sanitation and preventive maintenance in terms of cleaning one's body the same way we do in the united states, we think we can change countries. >> reporter: cbs news met sipler on one of their very first missions to haiti. conditions here, even before the earthquake, were appalling, and the people so desperate, the distributions often descended into chaos. diarrheal diseases are the number two killer of children worldwide, claiming 9 million young lives every year, but studies show that simple hand washing could cut the deaths by up to 60%. incidence the earthquake, clean the world has delivered 1 and a half million bars of soap to needy haitians. the epidemic has spurred an
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even greater response, 47,000 bars arrived last week. >> here you see this, the need though it gets tense, the need so incredible, this is the fulfilling part of what we're doing. there is so much need around here. lights the fire out there to get more soap and get it into their hands. >> reporter: dr. john labook, cbs news port-au-prince haiti. game one in the wind advisory. they answer the call. the shot heard around texas when we come back. our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats
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but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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a win tonight would've had giants fans feeling awfu dennis o'donnell in arlington texas. a disappointing game, but we
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have to have faith, huh? >> reporter: they're still up 2 games to 1 in the wind advisory. i don't think many people expected a sweep in san francisco. i think it's still in the driver's seat; but as i said before the break it is game on. only one team had ever come back from a three-team deficit to win the wind advisory. texas knew what they were up against tonight. nolan ryan throws out the first pitch in the ryan express, delgad the, sanchez running into trouble in the 2nd, 2 on, 2 out. rich moreland ends a 9-pitch at bat with a 3-run shot to right his first of the post-season. louis threw 6 innings, pat beryl goes down swinging. he struck out 4 times, 0-9 with 8 strikeouts in the series. the top of the, cody ross gets the giants on the board with a solo shot to left. the of the playoff for the nlcs mvp 4-1 rangers.
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then a solo shot, the 1st of the postseason for or theez. the giants within 2 runs, but they would get no closer. the rangers beat the giant for their first win in franchise history. they have two more and in texas. tomorrow, madison balm gartner the richer for the giants will beion i think on the spot in their biggest game of the season. >> let me ask you about the designated hitter. your thoughts about pablo sandoval tonight. he struck out, grounded it on the double play. that's sort of been their story, but they felt it made sense because he was a left- handed hitter and thought it would make sense in this ballpark, but didn't work out for them tonight. they may make a change there and might change the position in left field with beryl's four strikeouts. >> all right. dennis. thanks good to see you.
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>> that's it for eyewitness news at ten. good night. no longer governor, schools are worse. taxes are higher. i mean be real. i didn't have a plan for california. it's all a lie.
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