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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  November 2, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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as election results unfold here in california there is already a very new real new reality in washington, dc. just two years ago barack obama led the democratic party to sizeable majorities in both houses of congress, the republican party grabbed control of the house of representatives and with that nancy pelosi will hand it over. replacing arnold schwarzenegger. "associated press" projecting democratic jerry brown the winner. we have 20% of the precincts reporting. and it is coming in 49% to 46% brown to whitman. >> race for u.s. senate, the other big one that everyone has been talking about.
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we are able to project barbara boxer the winner. the numbers looking the same there but boxer is edgeling her out slightly right now and that's the projection being made. governor's race as well. simon perez is with the brown campaign in oakland tonight. simon? >> reporter: we are here at the fox theater in downtown oakland. cheers coming up anytime a democrat winning comes up onto the board. harry reid in nevada to barbara boxer here in california. but the louder cheer reserved for jerry brown. projected to be the winner. take video of him arriving here at the fox theater in oakland. lots of warm welcome for him. if he does go on to win, if he is confirmed, what a political fete for him. now into the 21st century as
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the oldest person ever elected to the governorship in california. now, it was a tough campaign all summer long. pretty much tied with his republican rival meg whitman throughout the summer but in the last few days he was able to stretch out a lead but jerry brown admits he has got a lot of tough work to do up in california saying california has to tighten its belt and live within its means. here is what some of what jerry brown has to say as he walks in. >> i think we waited for the right time and i think it has been very good and i think the message of an insider's mind -- insider's knowledge that's what i said. >> i think people know. >> reporter: so once again jerry brown projected to be the winner. he is the one who says he has
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got the know how, he has got the experience. he has got the temperament to bring democrats and republicans together to try to essentially bring california back from the brink, ken, as you know and jerry brown recognizes that billion dollar deficit budgets won't work any more so he says he is mr. frugality and can get it done. the first time around he was mr. frugality, didn't live in the governor's mansion. he says he has done it before. that was his claim and he says do it again. >> see if they give him that parking space back. >> is it working 35 years later? >> we don't know. >> the office of governor. we will go back down to meg whitman's campaign in southern california where robert lyles is in universal city.
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>> dana, very different scene here with jerry brown virtually declaring victory in oakland. here meg whitman has remained on her campaign. cbs5 reached out to her campaign and they tell us she will not be available for comment at least in the next 30 minutes. in her place a string of republican candidates, even former candidates. gray davis is currently at the podium now. have been on the stage. effectively rallying the supporters that came here. the messages have all been thank you for the e-mails, for the phone calls. for the door knocking. it certainly seems to suggest that they are building up to something but no one is saying or even addressing the fact of concession at this hour. and while no one is talking about concession, what everyone is talking about the record spending. meg whitman spent 141 and a half million on this campaign.
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all of that came from her personal resources. the secretary of state just released today that yesterday meg whitman poured an additional $15 million into this campaign. all in an effort to win those undecided voters. the latinos and women. but it seems at this point that may not have -- or those voters may not have bought in. we are still waiting for the official word while the "los angeles times" and cbc news are calling this election in favor of jerry brown. there is no response from meg whitman's camp. we will continue to follow all of the information here. the crowd right now is chanting for meg whitman. they have in fact been chanting for the past 20 minutes. she still has not made her way to the ballroom. we are going to track the details and bring you much more when they become available. that's the latest from universal city. dana back to you. >> we are showing the election results at this point with 20%
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of the precincts voting. you talk about how meg whitman wanted to reach out to the general population. every day folk. but looking at the numbers up there. you had former governor pete wilson on stage. and if you look at the endorsements that she had. new york mayor michael bloomberg. former massachusetts governor mitt romney. rudy giuliani. former secretary of state george schultz. i mean, the cream of the crop endorsed this woman. and they are all sitting there waiting for her to come out tonight as well it would appear and we are not going to hear from her for a while. >> as her camp said at least for 30 minutes. and you are absolutely right. and i think that that's a very interesting point to address. she didn't just have the cream of the crop. she had the cream of the crop of republican candidates from across the country who all came in to throw their support behind this candidate. the belief was that she,
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despite being a political unknown, despite being very new to the entire california political scene, that she had the ability to win this race. and until late september it seemed that she just may have won. dead heat between she and jerry brown until late september and that is when her former made and undocumented worker came forward with allegations that the maid had been fired but fired only after meg whitman decided to run for governor. in fact, it seemed that the gap between the candidates widened just two weeks ago and two weeks ago co-incidentally that co-insides with when meg whitman made an appearance at the women's convention and a crowd booed her after she refused to pull ads from the air waves.
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became a huge landslide. 10 digit lead jerry brown had tonight coming in tonight and judging from the results of the precinct he may very well take this race. >> robert lyles, thank you. we will check back with you when meg whitman takes the stage if not sooner. >> let's get hank plante's take on all this. >> meg whitman is a nonpolitician, an outsider, business expert, ceo. unions didn't get their support. do people want to see a little more experience politically from her. is that what is going on here if. >> that's a good question, ken. because they talk about exit polls talking to voters after they vote today. today the sacramento b commissioned exit polls just among california voters and what those voters told the poll takers was that they want people with more experience at least in california rather than people from outside who are going to shake things up. so it really does buck the national trend. you kept hearing about how
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nationally the voters wanted change. they wanted the experience. at least according to the sacramento bee and exit polls there, ken. >> jerry brown -- other side of the coin. you've got a situation where here is a guy that has been there twice and now maybe three times. if these projections holds up. people wanted to see old blood but that experience he brings in is something they want to see. >> yes, absolutely. he is new blood for a lot of people. ken, not everyone is as old as you and i they don't remember jerry brown the first time he was governor. so he is new blood to lots of people. let me change gears on you, ken, and talk about just how fickle voters are. remember this, two years ago. "time magazine" two years ago. democrats were in complete command of washington, dc, two
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years ago. they were handed a devastating defeat. the so-called experts were writing obituaries. time magazine chose the phrase "endangered." how quickly the tide turned. the party has recaptured a sizeable majority in the u.s. house of representatives. the woman you see here nancy pelosi must hand over her gavel as speaker. she has stuck behind obama. never lost a vote on the single issues she cared about but she is paying a price for the unpopularity of some of those programs. she became a lightning rod for republicans and democrats who used her as a political foil. real question for people in the bay area what happens to our power? when nancy pelosi leaves the speakership will she even remain in congress. at age 70 she might decide to
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spend more time with her eight grandchildren and husband back here in the bay area. it shows you how quickly things change, ken and dana. >> two years ago. hank, thank you very much. we want to check in with some things coming in. the biggest one that garned the most attention. prop 19 going down to defeat. 56-44%. that's a business no. and we are going to look at prop 23. that measure would suspends part of california's tough greenhouse gas law until the economy recovers. going down to defeat 57% to 43%. 57% to 43%. and prop 20 would prohibit elected representatives from establishing congressional districts. that power would be transferred to a 14 memory districting commission. and that is going -- that is coming in 65% to 35% with 20%
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of the precincts in. prop 27 would call for the elimination of the citizens redistricting commission which was passed in 2008. it goes back to the legislature. the responsibility for all. defeat 61% to 39% so far. >> another big race here in the bay area is the u.s. senate race and we are able to project three term senator barbara boxer as the winner even though it looks tied to you there. the numbers have to be updated. it is about 22% of the precincts reporting in now and she leaves her republican challenger just slightly in the polling right now. the boxer campaign celebrating that news right now. again, "associated press" in los angeles specifically projected this one so we are going with that. they are in l.a. and that's where thuy vu is as well. hi, thuy. >> reporter: at the renaissance
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hotel in hollywood to be exact. you bring up a good point with all those numbers. this crowd went wild about an hour ago when the a.p. called the race in favor of boxer but the latest numbers with carrly in with carley in a virtual tie quietened down the crowd quite a bit. it has been a tight tough race. boxer has taken nothing for granted even though the polls show her up as much as 8 points in the most recent polls leading up to the election. she was even doing last minute campaigning in oakland this morning before flying to hollywood. this is a politician who spent 28 years in washington. 18 years in the senate. and before that, 10 in the house. her opponent painted her as a career politician, symbolic of the mess. but if the projections are
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right voters may not being buying it. a reliable supporter of silicon valley's needs. tonight it appears if the projections are right that voters are willing to give her a fourth term. this is not only her headquarters for tonight it is also the democratic party's headquarters. the crowd went wild half an hour ago when the nevada race was called for senator harry reid. as for this race, every time the latest numbers have shown up for these two a little bit less gleeful, a little more quiet than an hour ago. it was thought boxer might come down at 10:30 p.m. and give a victory speech but it seems now she may wait it out a little longer until there is more solid news. >> looks very tight and dead heat and people asked us about exit polling and telephone polling. a lot of services like they use.
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they feel confident in calling the race for barbara boxer. we will have the numbers to update throughout the night. thuy vu, thank you very much. >> thank you. because of those numbers being so close and not changing much over the last hour or so, we called a.p. cbc called a.p. to ask them if they were confident if making this projection and, in fact, they were. so we are continuing to repeat this race has been called for barbara boxer. the candidates really are not willing to either concede or accept at this point. so we are going to go now to carley's camp. she is not coming downstairs and not conceding the race. the campaign says she will only
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speak when this race is decided. >> reporter: that's right. it may be sometime tomorrow morning before she comes down the way things are headed right now. something really funny is going on. we have been touching on it in the last couple minutes here. all the major news organizations including the fox news which is on the big screen here at the republican party is showing that boxer is the winner. however, there has been a change in the numbers and it is very slight and probably not going to stay that close but the numbers have changed over and carly is ahead by a slight margin. a speaker came to the microphone and told people that according to their numbers internal polling, or whatever it may be, that carly was one point ahead. didn't give us a basis for that number and that of course brought out a large cheer here. so at any rate this thing is razor thin at the moment so we will just have to continue to watch it very, very closely as
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this is going on. carly is upstairs here at the high at regency in irvine watching the returns. she is obviously watching the latest numbers showing her catching up and even passing barbara box. we don't know how it will turn out. we still see boxer is still projected as the winner. hard to put your finger on it but dana one way that i can tell that this party is not slowing down is after awhile if you have been doing this for a while you look at what is happening at the bar. you're in the ballroom. bartenders are very busy right now. this party is not winding down. >> they are going to continue to have cocktails until they wait for their champion to arrive. >> exactly. >> okay. phil, we were talking about something now that has been going on for a number of years in california. so many people now vote absentee. vote by mail and sometimes it
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is hard for these different districts to get all that stuff counted. what's going on? >> that's acute this election. the vote by mail is a phenomenon. it has grown in recent elections. half of the voters actually sit at home. fill out their ballots and mail them in. problem is only about half of those people that fill out those ballots mail them in. the other half take them down to the precinct today and drop them off. and that is the combination, some of the smaller counts have a backlog of votes that need to be counted and plus these dropped off today. it could take days. they won't get to those votes until -- i was speaking with head of the county clerk's association today saying they wouldn't get to them until wednesday. >> i'm assuming the phone polling is pretty good. i'm not saying who are you going to vote for but who did you vote for today? >> exit polling. >> that's what they are doing tonight. >> that's what they are trying to do. basing it on past polling, basing it on democratic turn out and exit poll. all these factors. but again, those are
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projections and we are reporting what the "associated press" is reporting. here is the thing. the candidates however are going to wait because literally with them the only poll that matters is the one that is the final count and they will wait for that. they have got lots invested in it. >> really tight races we have seen in the past can take a couple days. >> it can go back and forth as we have seen as well. >> in fact, you were talking the video we were seeing live actually were votes coming in and getting ready to be counted. and there it is. i don't know where this is a polling place down in the south bay in san jose. so there are those votes coming right in. >> we are going to take a look now at the numbers for the state's lieutenant-governor race. the city of san francisco has a horse in that race. these are the numbers. gavin newsom is showing a lead. 44-46. over his republican challenger. >> this is an interesting one
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as well because i know we have been following one's political career for years. >> it is interesting. if gavin had his way he would be running for governor instead running for lieutenant- governor. he couldn't mount a campaign against jerry brown. able is a republican that voted for tax increases. he is fighting for his political life. both guys are fighting for their lives. if they win they go on, if not it will be real tough for gavin to come back. is this north versus south? >> yes, it is. two guys that want to be the next governor or next senator in california. has got it all. >> able being a former farmer. he probably took the central valley or had a lot of attention from them. >> it will be interesting to
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see how this race breaks down. he was able to get latino voter. did it go democratic? like i said two rising stars. two full heads of hair he said as gavin walked on. it is a very close race. and one that may not be decided tonight. >> you're looking at live pictures of san francisco mayor gavin newsom who could be lieutenant-governor by tomorrow morning. >> thank you. we decided as only we can in san francisco and can appreciate we learned what the word torture meant these past few weeks. you guys all thought the world series was over but we want to extend this to game 6. and continue this very close race. look, things are looking good. we are going to pull this thing out. i believe that. and i'm here not to give you a
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long winded stump speech because god knows you listened to me for the past six months give those. but i'm here most importantly and it is not good for late night t.v. so i apologize. but really it is about thanking you, each and every one of you, for all your hard work, for your sacrifice, for your energy, for that extra effort. so thank you. each and every one of you out there. >> the most important person to thank of course is with me up on stage and that is my wife jennifer. thank you, jen. that wasn't one of those outdoor kisses but it was close. she has to suffer through those late nights on southwest airlines up and down the state. love virgin though.
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home based team. and she had to deal with my day job as well. >> you're looking at the san francisco mayor. sounded like a victory speech but he is sort of hedging just a little bit there saying it is looking good. and he is leading right now over his challenger for the position of lieutenant- governor. we will keep you updated on on that one. >> we are going to check now on the race for attorney general. again, we have another horse in that race. it is a north/south thing. but it would appear that republican steve cooley is currently in the lead. the south is winning. he is leading 49% to 42%. l.a.'s district attorney. of course his opponent san francisco district attorney. we will keep an eye on that race as well. >> and we will be right back. attorney kamala harris, we'll keep an eye on that as well. >> we'll be right back. can a smartphone be its own guardian angel ?
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dollars >> ah, welcome back to our election coverage, want to give some results on local propositions. prop 19 looks as if california will not be the first state in the nation to to have this one. most talked about in this election. mike sugerman is in oakland where he heard from prop 19 supporters tonight. mike? >> reporter: i did. but i've got to tell you something. this party is dead. i guess that's what happens when you lose early. and many of the people who were here smoking pot outside in
10:27 pm
oakland. they are not here any more. the smell of what would have been california's newest legal crop kind of stopped about a half an hour ago. we don't smell much any more. i have with me, though, dan rush, who is a labor leader and you would have been the man in charge of the workers for marijuana should this have passed. what happened? >> well, let me say that we are standing here in the parking lot where we represent the medical cannabis workers wall- to-wall and we represent hundreds of work, in the medical cannabis industry. this issue is not dead. you have seen private industry and labor and social causes come together before like you've never seen.
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