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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  December 4, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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a little girl shot answering the door... what police are learning about the attack. and the loser in this fight-- is california's salmon population. why lawmakers and fishermen held a summit to address what they the loser in this fight is california's salmon population. why lawmakers and fishermen held a summit to address what they call a catastrophe. and she has turned up again in the wrong place. the latest on the saga of the wandering sea lyon lion. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. let's get the latest weather from lawrence karnow in the weather center. >> scattered light showers
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showed up tonight. but really, the main event just sitting off the coastline. let's check out the high-def doppler right now and see how things are working out this evening. do have a couple of scatteredded light showers most located towards the east bay right now but things will be picking up especially as we head into the morning hours. more showers showing up in the bay area but won't be until the afternoon when things really get going and that's when we will see a whole lot of wind. wind advisories going into effect tomorrow afternoon expecting winds 25 to 35 miles per hour. sustained gusting to 45 miles per hour out along the coastline. pretty impressive storm system off the coast and we have got lots of rain coming our way. more coming up in a few minutes. ann, back to you. >> lawrence, see you in 15 minutes. well, lost in the wet cold wilderness for more than a week a bay area hiker has been found alive. a man and his son spotted debra collinses off an unmarked trail in santa cruz in the state park this morning. the guys don't know collins but they are neighbors of hers and
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based on a psychic's tips they went looking at her in the park and they found her 2 miles in. she was suffering from hypeothermia but was smiling to be found alive. brighton street in hercules. don knapp with the story where a girl is recovering from gunshot wounds. >> reporter: the 9-year-old girl was brought to children's hospital. the good news if there is any her condition has improved and she will survive. hercules police are examining the events that may have led up to shooting of a child. it happened here in the 100 block of brighton street. at about 10:30 p.m. last evening a 9-year-old girl answers a knock on the door and when she opens it she is shot. in the neck and back. by a gunman who continues to fire nine or 10 more shots into the house. >> she was immediately
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transported to children's hospital in oakland where at that time she was in critical but stable condition. i'm happy to say that this morning she was upgraded to stable condition. >> reporter: no one else was struck. the suspect fled on foot. did someone actually target a child or family member. police will only say. >> the information that we receive we are confident this was a targeted event for this residents. >> reporter: it isn't the first time there have been incidents at this residence. >> the police department has been out there the last several months on different types of calls. at this point the details on those calls i don't have. >> reporter: matthew says police have leads and are following them. >> hercules police officers did interview the residents and those that were in the home at the time of the shooting and the neighborhood as well, they canvassed the neighborhood. they do have some substantial leads that they are working on
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and they are hoping to make an arrest. >> reporter: one neighbor who declined to appear on camera did tell us she was very troubled that a girl had been shot in the neighborhood. very relieved to learn she will survive. another neighbor said he had just moved his family to hercules to get away from the violence in oakland. >> clearly the police know of this family, don. but were neighbors aware that there was so much unrest at this house? >> one man we spoke with this evening said he called it a hot spot down the street. he said he was very aware of what's been going on. he said and i could not confirm this there had been a shooting there if recent months. apparently everybody was keeping an eye on this house. there was something going on. >> all right. don knapp in oakland. thank you very much. >> well, police are investigating a sexual assault at the cal train station in south san francisco. she said she was attacked by a man who approached her then touched her inappropriately. when she struggled the suspect
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punched her in the face and took her purse. anyone with information is asked to call south san francisco police. well, three people who kept a tracy teen captive for more than a year will be sentenced monday. kyle ramirez escaped in 2008 and walked into a health club nearly naked with a chain around his ankle. michael shoemaker and his wife and his legal guardian at the time all pleaded guilty to more than a dozen felonies each facing at least 30 years in prison. a catastrophe for the second year in a row. once again the salmon season has been canceled because there are so few fish. more now on the salmon summit held today and what to do next. >> salmon is the life blood here. >> reporter: all along california's coast and in its rivers the natural resource is drying up in part because water is being deverted from the delta for use all over the state and overfishing. >> you lose salmon and the
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recreational fishery in northern california is gone. >> reporter: these guys are fishermen who came to the standing room only meeting in half moon bay where congress members locally wanted to put pressure on those working in water an fisheries. >> the salmon as a species is about to be obliterated. >> reporter: a 90% decrease in the salmon fall run. the commercial fishing season has been closed foreyears. >> so when i say this is code blue i mean it. i think we are at a tipping point here and i think it is important to raise everyone's awareness. >> reporter: but the plan of action hasn't been drawn. >> we are not in the position right now to be able to make a final decision. >> reporter: the bureau of reclamation and the department of water resources want to do more studies on how to best
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restore the salmon population. >> there is so much money behind water. the old saying whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting is so true. salt ponds along san francisco bay used for industrial purposes are being restored to wetlandses. this one was completed earlier this year. another one will be open on monday. the federal restoration project began in 2003 to convert salt ponds into tidal marshes for birds, fish and other wildlife. checking other bay headlines in san francisco a vigil for a city college student facing deportation. steve lee was supposed to be deported to his native peru last month but that's been put off while action is considered that would allow him to remain in the u.s. the family originally immigrated from
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china and has been denied political acylium. allegations tonight that a worker at the police crime lab in san francisco tried to cover up evidence in an evidence mixup two years ago. the chronicle is reporting that auditors were told that the d.n.a. lab director destroyed records that documented the mistake. the lab director is no longer with the department. and it is no deal in google's attempt to buy the online coupon site. group on has decided to stay independent and may push into an initial public offering of stock. an unusual rescue at an east bay school involving a sea lion with a habit of stranding itself. now it ended up at an elementary school today after waddling on a nearby delta road. the campus in east contra costa county is miles from water. the sheriff's helped corner the
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170-pound sea lion at school and then the marine mammals center caught her. volume unteaches will take her back to the center for a medical checkup. >> i think it looks healthy. probably just tired from the traveling from however far away from water to this point here. >> we find them up about sacramento and throughout the delta. it is not unusual. >> but this sea lion has been rescued three times now. in may volunteers in santa cruz county. same thing happened two months later. suffered from toxic algae poisoning in the past and that could be why she is stranding herself. the final salute to a bay area soldier killed in afghanistan. tentative war over tax cuts. what lawmakers did and didn't do today on capitol hill. >> they have been here for a long time and i'm sure they will be here a lot longer. >> one of the greatest
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archaeological finds in history is threatened. what's being done to save the ruins of pompie. ,,,,,,
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thanksgiving.. was laid to rest today. "nats taps" the funeral for 19-year-old lance corporal arden beunagua the soldier killed the day before thanksgiving was laid to rest today. it was held for the 19-year-old this morning. the combat engineer was killed during his first combat deployment fewer than two months after arriving in afghanistan. no word on how he died. another bay area soldier died this week in afghanistan. 26 years old. from piedmont. killed in action thursday. grew up in piedmont with his father and stepmother and went to school there. he was married and had a 2-year- old son. digging in their heels over
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tax cuts. republicans rejected two proposals to extend them for the middle class. terrell brown on how the clock continues ticking towards a tax hike for everyone. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: senate republicans blocked legislation that would have allowed taxes to rise for americans in upper income brackets. they say now isn't the time to raise anyone's taxes. >> people are struggling. there is a role for the government but this is not a time for our government to raise taxes on anybody. >> reporter: if congress can't compromise taxes will increase for all americans january 1st. president obama says he is disappointed. >> most high income tax cuts would cost an additional $700 billion that we don't have and would add to our deficit. >> the nays are 36. >> reporter: senators voted twice saturday. the first proposal was to extend tax cuts for individuals making under $200,000 a year and married couples making less than 250,000. the other would have allowed
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taxes to rise for americans making more than $1 million a year. republicans struck down both proposals. they failed by seven votes. >> those votes were an affront to the millions of americans who are struggling to find work and clear signal the democrats in congress still haven't gotten the message of the november election. >> reporter: president obama said he is ready to cut a deal with republicans. it will also include some democratic priorities such as renewing jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed that just expired. >> we need to get this resolved. >> reporter: the president says he is confident that a deal can be reached by the end of the year. congress woman jackie spears says it would increase the deficit too much but she is in favor of extending unemployment benefits. >> if we don't renew unemployment benefits that's $1200 a month. a month. that many of these people are
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not going to see. so we have got to weigh what's critical. and then move forward that way. >> spears says if the senate does not reach a compromised agreement the tax cuts would then expire without any group getting an extension of tax cuts. bikers, balloons and bands spreading holiday cheer in the east bay today. the oakland holiday parade this afternoon traveled from 199 and broadway to harrison street near lake merit. thousands of parade growers gathered to watch the annual christmas celebration. this is the 11th year of the oakland holiday parade. oh boy. more than 1000 santas gathered at san francisco's civic center today to start their annual santa-con pub control. imbiding in the spirit of christmas. among their rules, pay with
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cash, tip well and walk or take public transportation. if they held this tomorrow they would need an umbrella, huh, lawrence? >> it would be quite the mess around the bay area, folks. pretty good conditions developing off our coast listen. some moisture. not bothering too many folks out there but still a chance of some scattered light showers overnight tonight. we are going to see a pretty good storm headed our way as we look toward tomorrow. gusty winds 25 to 35 miles per hour. sustained. gusting to 45 over some of the peaks. the rain becoming heavy at times late tomorrow. i think tomorrow morning not too bad. we will see plenty of snow on the mountains. moisture off the coastline. temperatures running in the 50s right now under mostly cloudy skies. i think as we head through the night tonight we will see showers kind of on and off but the main event right off the coast and here it is. you can see all these clouds
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sitting out here originating in a southerly spot bringing with it rain and wind and rain will become heavy at times especially as we look towards tomorrow afternoon. let's check outs the latest computer models. widely scattered showers as we take you through the night tonight. hit and miss on and off. not a real rain out overnight and really the better part of tomorrow morning not too bad. occasional showers but as we start to look toward the afternoon. that's when the storm system begins to bear down on the bay area. winds will be ramping up throughout the middle of the morning and the afternoon and then here comes rain becoming heavy at times all tomorrow afternoon. gusty winds. some heavy rains. that will continue well into the evening. temperature going to be fairly mild though. we will keep temperatures mainly in the 50s and a few 60s. showers continuing into monday morning. dry on tuesday. a chance of more rain come mid- week. >> but kind of a warm storm so we are not going to see the snow. >> the snow will be very high but they could see 3 feet of snow across the higher peaks.
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>> thank you, lawrence. heavy rains creating problems in the ancient city of pompei. one of most famous archaeological sites. but mother nature and government neglect are contributing to its ruin it is reported. >> reporter: the ancient city of pompei is in danger again. 2000 years after it was buried by volcanic ash, this popular historic site is being threatened again by water. in the last month, four structures have collapsed in torrentialal rain. it served as a school for gladiators is now a pile of rubble. officials blame the rain but many others blame the italian government saying it hasn't done enough to protect its vast culture. a piece of the coliseum fell to the ground and a roof crumbled. the mayor of modern day pompei says this government has placed a low priority on culture and
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preservation. workers have been reduced and maintenance as well. some of the structures are propped up by beams or protected by a roof but most of pompei is exposed to the elements. >> they have been here for a long time and i'm sure they will be here a lot longer. >> reporter: but italians are worried without quick action this valuable artifact of the ancient world may soon be gone. cbs news, pompei, italy. $228,000 lottery ticket. the ticket was sold at the shell station at 5515 automall parkway. it matched five numbers. only missed the mega number. no ticket matched all six numbers. a terrible case of animal
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cruelty. the unusual place where rescuers found a young cat. foln
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a four year old cat was found in a dryer that had been turned on a disturbing felony case of animal cruelty is unfolding tonight. a four-year-old cat was found in a drier that had been turned on with her face and body duct taped. snuggles as she is now called survived with scratches and a chipped tooth and is well enough to resume nursing her kittens. >> it is really rare for them. i'm pretty sure there are other kittens out there. hopefully they found them and bring them into the shelter. >> managers at the highlander parks apartment say this isn't the first time something like this has happened. they have had four other incidents with cats found in the drier though nothing this severe. no one has been arrested. well, it is that time of year when many holiday wish lists includes a new pet. for one chicago pet shop owner
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it used to mean designer dogs but cynthiabauer said it is giving more. >> reporter: the price of dogs used to be a small fortune. >> that dog sold for $1800 to $2000. >> reporter: sales of so-called designer dogs made up 30 to 40% of owner dave's business. >> it has always been a gold mine to not need to sell puppies, to end the puppy sales. >> reporter: it took three years to figure out a way to stay afloat without designer dog sales but with the help of a local group adopt a pet, dave did it. he now uses his shop to find homes for only shelter dogs and cats. >> that's when we first announced it. it was such a huge relief off of my shoulders that i can now help instead of add to the problem. >> reporter: it is a problem on heartbreaking display at the nation's dog pound.
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20,000 cats and dogs are shuttled through this one giant facility in chicago each year. >> i don't think people realize that in general animal control facilities across the country euthanize at least 50% of the animals that walk in the door. >> reporter: that's seven of every 10 cats that are picked up and five of every 10 dogs. three to 4 million cats and dogs each year. getting these animals out in front of families, whether it is shelter, foster homes or shops can mean the difference between life and death. dave's biggest surprise is the shelter homes are finding homes faster than the purebreds did on average four every year. lucas was adopted after just a day. >> every time a dog gets a home we feel good at the end of the day. >> reporter: and one more homeless animal gets to become the doggy or kitty in this window where with any luck they will find a new home. auburn and oregon each one win away from the national
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title game. tiger woods doing well at his own tournament. did he stay on top in round 3? stick around to find out. le do you have to save? share minutes for free when you add a smartphone to a family shareplan. and now, buy an lg vortex and get one free.
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37-20 in the civil war to clinch their spot in the national title game.. the ducks will will take on top ranked auburn.. cam newton throws for four ducks will take on top ranked auburn. >> they line up to the right side. >> there she goes. oh, my gosh. adams. touchdown on the hail
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mary. >> cam newton throws for four touchdowns and runs for two morris. tigers blow out south carolina 56-17 to win the sec championship. third round of the chevron world challenge. only thing not going tiger's way was that ridiculous goatee. not too bad. what do you think? not bad. no. check out that approach on number 7. within 5 feet. has a four stroke lead over graeme mcdowell. sharks taking on montreal canadiens for game 2 of their five-game road trip. montreal scored once in each period. montreal wins 3-1. and finally cal and iowa state tied in the final seconds. gutierrez gets it inside. hoop. foul. the bears hang on 76-73 for the big road victory. stanford with either play in the fiesta or orange against virginia tech or oklahoma. >> when might we know? >> tomorrow. announcements all coming out tomorrow. >> then we can all sleep
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tomorrow night. >> gary has got more sports at 11:00 p.m. on cbs5. we will see you there. good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,, ,,,,,,
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