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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  December 20, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. a police pursuit ends with one suspect dead and an evening lifelong man hunt for another. now a brief break for storm cleanup. when the next one will roll in. from the outside, you would never guess what lies beyond the front door. you will see the special training technique that san jose police are using in pot houses. dana has the night off tonight. a young man is dead after police opened fire following a high-speed chase. officers killed a passenger in a car that crashed into a house near east 33rd street in oakland this afternoon. two other people were detained and a third person is still on the run. joe vasquez is in oakland tonight. he spoke to the mother of the suspect who was killed. >> reporter: you can see right here on the edge of this house,
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this is where the car crashed into it. it took out this entire fence line. and then the suspect ran around the corner. police shot him dead in an alley. from chopper 5, you can see the dramatic end. police say the red car led officers on a high-speed chase. the car crashed into a house at 33rd and 13th avenue. the four men inside all ran in different directions. >> the vehicle crashed in the 3300 block of 13th avenue. the occupants, there was four of them. they exited the vehicle and ran from officers. one of the outpatient -- occupants in the vehicle was shot by officers. we had would officers that did fire on that person. >> reporter: he died in the alley. police said they also found an assault rifle inside the red car. >> he's had his troubles don't
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get me wrong. >> reporter: she says the coroner showed her a picture and she positively identified him. she says her son had a previous run-in with police. >> he had just walked out the house. they accused him of doing something that he didn't do. nothing was ever found e was tased in the head, his back, his finger was cut off. they never pressed any charges against anything. >> reporter: in today's incident, police arrested two other men. they searched the neighborhood for hours. >> everybody makes mistakes. this time he was trying extra hard. i will know that because -- for a teenage young man to hang out with his mom, i know. i know, i know he was trying hard because he was hanging out with me. anytime you get a young man that hangs out with his mom, he's trying to change. >> reporter: as-is routine, the
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two officers have been placed on administrative leave. there have been six officer- involved shooting in oakland this year. four of them have been fatal. >> thank you, joe. also tonight, police say they have caught the killer behind the murder of a well known community leader. earlier they announced the arrest. they say that he shot and killed david lewis outside the mall back in june. the two had known each other since they were teenager and police say that -- had been helping them in the murder investigation. >> in fact, he not only had information but he was the one who did it, he was the money who murdered david lewis in cold blood in that sparking structure -- in that parking structure, an unarmed individual who has helped so many people about. >> police haven't given automotive for that murder. -- a motive for that murder.
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he was well-known for counseling drug -- friends last saw 62-year- old phyllis leaving a restaurant about 10:00 saturday night. she was following them to her hotel in herminey van. but they say that somewhere on highway 1, they lost sight of her behind them. her friends say she had not been drinking. a close call during yesterday's storm for an oakland woman who ended up with a tree in her living room. they were just hang has out when she heard a loud noise. she ran into the living room and found this huge pine tree come through her roof. branches had speed the couch missing her friends by inches. >> everything in there is
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completely trashed. so i mean just the fact that those two guys were able to escape with nothing on them is pretty amazing. >> reporter: she says she's pretty sure her landlord will be removing the he are -- remaining trees. let's check in and see if the wind has died down. just a bit. we're still seeing some scattered showers, but for the most part, the storm system winding down now. it's a much-needed break between some of that heavier rainfall we had over the weekend. some showers have started to dissipate somewhat. some scattered showers making their way across the peninsula. also seeing some scattered showers toward the south and toward the santa cruz mountains again. more scattered showers in that direction. north bay, you will in the some pink in the northern parts of the screen, that's actual eat
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wintery mix, so could be interesting. hey how about the high country. they have seen 6 to 8 feet of snow in the last 72 hours. looks like we're going to catch a brief break. but it's not going to be much of a break. we will tell you when you can expect that in just a couple of minutes. >> all right. see you if a few minutes. they could be in your neighborhood and you would never really know it. the city of san jose for one has seen a big rise in the number of marijuana grow houses recently. so the police department has come up with a brand-new way to take them out. we have the special training technique you will see only on cbs 5. >> reporter: from the outside, you would never guess the war on drugs had moved in next door. one of the top experts walks us through an officer training video on grow houses. >> reporter: it's something that we're concerned about.
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it's on the rise. it's something we didn't have several years ago, so we're concerned. >> reporter: this house has a typical layout. bedrooms lined with reflective mylar, expensive lights, filtration systems, cocktails of toxic chemicals and lots and lots of bad wiring: they off taken try to get power for free. >> in this case here they are surprised the individuals weren't killed. >> reporter: most grow houses are discovered because that wiring sparks fires. san jose went from virtually no grow houses to 17 this year. police need the public's help before they catch fire. >> get to know your neighbor, get to -- get involved in your community. >> reporter: getting to know the suspects who are growing marijuana here is easier said than done.
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we talked to neighbors who said they tried. >> how could you not know they were growing marijuana next door? >> i never smelled it. they never talked to us. i tried to say hi to them and they never replied. >> reporter: he was shocked when he saw the video because he didn't see or smell anything unusual. >> is that enough for you to call the cops? >> no. >> reporter: nowadays, just finding the bad guys is half the battle. their mind about letting a new big box store move into san rafael. 100 people turned out tonight to speak their mind about letting a new store move in. the city council is supposed to vote tonight on this issue. the proposal for the new target store has sparked a pretty lively debate lately. opponents feel it would put small business owners on economic life support. they areless worried about -- are also worried about traffic.
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proponents say it will bring hundreds of jobs to the area. if you have spent anytime in san francisco's mission district, you've noticed that the streets are littered with chewing gum. they see it as an opportunity to make a few bucks. >> reporter: hetter knows as a small restaurant owner you have to work your fingers to the bone. but she says this is ridiculous. >> very difficult. my knuckles were bleeding earlier. >> she spent all night are spying and scrubbing the sidewalk. >> wd 40. a scraper, a degreeser, i've tried glue off, hair spray, everything. >> trying to get chewing gum baked into the sidewalks from in front of her restaurant. >> i don't know what to do. >> reporter: the city of san
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francisco does. they just fine her. >> when we do have to get to the point where we issue a citation, the sidewalks start at $150 and can go as high as $500. >> reporter: public works says their maintenance and cleanup starts at the street and ends at the curb. so now after what the city says is 3 years of educating business owners that the sidewalk is their responsibility, it's cleanup or pay up. >> it's a policy? that's a new one for me. i guess i didn't know this is a policy. we've been here 13 years and this is the first citation we've received for something that i've seen the gum here for that long of time. >> we have city staff filling pot holes, painting crosswalks. they have received a lot of services from the city. >> reporter: so she is tired of scraping and says she's tired of being nickeled and dimed by the city, so instead of paying this ticket. >> i would rather go to jail
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for a day. >> literally? >> yeah. i would rather payout the fine. i can't a ford it. if my employees get a check and i can go to jail, so be it. wire wheel on the end of a drill. that will take it off. newsom today signed an executive directive to implement short-term and long- term plans for safety measures. san francisco is one of the most dangerous cities in california for pedestrians. at least two people are hit by vehicles every day in the city. researchers say the streets are especially dangerous in december with less daylight, holiday traffic and more people drinking. >> there are -- enforcement of the current laws on pedestrian safety. >> we have a lot of work to do to redesign our streets for
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more visibility, for pedestrians so that drivers and pedestrians can see each other. >> they say the most dangerous neighborhoods in san francisco include the financial district. south of market and the terrorism doctor line. >> -- tenderloin. a look inside. garcia may not agree why a collection is being called a big waste of money. remember this, the woman who took a whack at a gunman? you can bid to own that famous purse.
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it's 14-hun et. it's a loft. that's where the governor and his wife will be living in sacramento, just 1400 square feet. rent starts at about $1,700 a month. the chp has already signed off on the location.
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it has a pf chains and a sue she place below it. the browns also plan to keep their home in oakland. when he was governor the last time, he chose an apartment. it's and -- republican senator calls the archive a prime example of wasteful spending. a federal government gave $16,000 to the archive to ding advertise photographs and of the grateful dead. that's a drop in the bucket of other recipients of tax dollars. waste book 2010 lists projects that he considers a waste of taxpayer money. there is a total lunar eclipse going on tonight, and with a little luck, there it is, there's the moon, a live
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look of it. the eclipse started at about 95:00. you can just barely see there is a little bit of shading going on there but we will see more as it continues. it willing again on until about -- it will be going on until about 2:00 in the morning. right now we have a camera shot on it. as we know, clouds have been all over the bay area, if it does clear up, look up to see the moon completely fall into the earth's shadow. remember it's a lunar eclipse. a meetingior shower is also expected during the height of the eclipse. you might think they were raindrops the way it's been going something. we had a lot of rain around the bay area. things are settling down just a bit outside. we've got a lot of clouds in san francisco right now, a few more raindrops to be had out there as well. rain is starting to taper off.
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you can see some of that moisture sliding on buy now. that was moving on earlier in the evening. a lot of that moisture is ending up in nevada. how about los angeles? they are getting pounded by some serious stormy weather. another storm on the hor roy son -- hor right son. things are going to shift once again. the storm almost is slide -- storm system is sliding into southern california. that cold front starts to encroach on the bay area as early as tomorrow afternoon. a chance of scattered showers. look inside the bay area, looking pretty good. temperature mainly in the 50s.
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you will see plenty of clouds. make sure of some sunshine, too. some rain starts moving in. temperatures right now cool in spots. 45 degrees -- 46 degrees in napa valley and 49 in san francisco. well, we are looking at some snowy conditions across the high country, too. be careful in you're headed there. the storm watch is up through wednesday now. expect another dumping of snow, maybe a couple more feet. we should catch a break but that won't last that long. here's the one moving on by. here's your to-day storm. you got plans for the evening tomorrow? plan on some rain. more showers overnight tonight, then some rain as we head into tomorrow evening or tomorrow night. then toward the midnight hour, not a big washout. tomorrow morning, it will be wet on the roadways just
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because of the moisture but it's not going to be real rainy, just a couple of scattered showers. then through the day, not too bad. then here comes that storm system and by tomorrow evening and we're talking about another storm. that will bring with it brief periods of heavy rain. temperatures will be remaining in the 50s all around the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. the good news is we're not seeing any major flooding out of this. it's just enough break in between the storm system that's allowing us to break things up just a bit. tuesday's storm not a real heavy rain maker. on wednesday, some left over showers. then come thursday and friday, we will catch a much-needed break. christmas day, we've got a pretty good storm coming up. that's going to be a big soaker, too. >> speaking of catching, i will catch some e-mail from this but i like the rain.
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>> so do i. >> there hasn't been major flooding, a few spots here and there, but outside of that, it's been good. >> that will be the thing. if we keep seeing the gusty winds come along, we will see more of those trees coming down with the ground saturated. the handbag used by that woman to hit a gunman at the florida school board meeting last week is going on ebay. she used the bag to whack the gunman's arm. she wasn't exactly able to disarm him, but the purse became a hit. the the auction ends wednesday. proceeds will go to charity. so, which is more eco friendly? a fake tree or a real one?
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the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again.
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oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. year. >> well, if you stood in line at the post office today, you know that you weren't the only one. it is busiest mailing day of the year. that's because today is the recommended deadline for sending cards and packages that will arrive in time for
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christmas. after that, it's priority mail and express mail. more than 800 million pieces of mail are expected to enter the system today. that's a 40 percent increase from what they normally handle. many people want to shrink their carbon footprint while still enjoying the holiday season. which is more eco friendly, buying a live cut christmas tree or an artificial one purchased only once? >> reporter: it's one of the most visible signs of the holiday season, whether you're a stickler for the real thing or you get yours out of a box, what you do with your christmas tree after christmas determines how green it is. >> i believe the best thing to do is to get a live tree. there are several ways to do it. you can have a live tree in a pot in your home and then that tree will be planted after the
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holidays. we will have another tree in the city or the bay area. >> reporter: robert read says if you can't go potted, go reusable. >> you can get ones that are made out of plastic that can look authentic. you can reuse them every year. bring it out and set it up again and again. it's even better than recycling. >> reporter: potted and reusable trees seem to be gaining in popularity all over the area where the old- fashioned cut live trees are not. >> interestingly, the number of cut trees is going down year after year in san francisco. it went down 11 percent last year from the year before. >> reporter: he says the trees are collected and recycled into everything from cover for fish habitat or being burned as fuel to produce electricity. go to and click on the icon to send me your good
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question. >> which is harder to play on for football, frozen fake turf or frozen -- >> which is more eco friendly? >> brett favre found out the hard way.
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next few weeks. the rocket oracle tonight with the warriors schedule was expected to get easier over the next few weeks, the rockets -- with a 4-11 record on the road. 4th quarter, steals a pass, golden state led by 4. -- then tied at 96, martin nails the 3 to give houston the 3-point lead. they win 121-112. lebron james and the heat
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riding a streak -- the mavericks win by 2. monday night football in minnesota where crews were around the clock to make the field playable for the vikings. brett favre was able to start the game but did not finish. he gets slammed down to the frozen fake grass. he would come out, take a good look. his career likely ended on that play. lefter takes a -- takes a punt. so the chicago bears look for real. >> i thought john brodie played his last game at candle stick and sacked four times. >> that wasn't against dallas, was it? >> no. >> that would have been like
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'73. >> he eclipse is -- the eclipse is continuing. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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