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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  February 8, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. would you open up a business or a shop in a neighborhood where this is going on? a mugging caught on tape just as san francisco is trying to lure one of the most famous companies in the world to a rough part of town. what has neighbors fighting neighbors? plus, we all know about second-hand smoke, but tonight third-hand smoke. result frs a first of its kind study. >> it was oozing out of the walls. >> what happens to nonsmokers who move into houses and apartments where smokers used to live? >> good evening. >> i'm dana king. it is not good publicity, but video of a violent mugging surfaced as san francisco is trying to lure a major tech company to that same neighborhood. it happened on stevenson and 6th street in san francisco's
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mid market area. joe vazquez has tape of the attack. >> a blogger named blue oz captured it on camera. this man and woman met early sunday, spent some time strolling through union square together, suddenly he turned on her. he ran away with her money. police are still looking for him. it happened on stevenson street just behind market and 6th. the mid market area. a man named og told me tonight he saw the whole thing, then he lit up his crack pipe and demanded money. when i told him i couldn't pay for an interview, he changed his mind and said he saw nothing. for years, this area has struggled. shoppers mingle with sidewalk ramblers. empty store fronts abound. others close early because they are worried for their safety. city leaders are hoping for
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resite liization. twitter has 300 employees, but expects to grow to 3,000 over the next three years. the city is offering twitter tax breaks to move into the san francisco furniture mart, which has been empty for years. >> this is our opportunity, i think, to really bring an anchor in that will change that mid market area. >> the mayor hopes to make similar offers to other companies. just around the corner from the scene of this crime. >> there's a will the of drugs over here. there's a lot of things happening over here that people get involved in, it's criminal. >> and the mayor's policy would incorporate a stretch of market street from 6th street to van, right near city hall. it would exempt businesses from payroll taxes on all new hires for six years. we tried to ask twitter what they thought of this new policy. they told us, we need to take some time and sit down and figure out whether we want to
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do an interview with you and set something up. >> we'll have to wait and see on that. it is interesting how much the dynamic of a street can make. one street at one block over, it's completely different. >> it is. financial district, and then a few blocks over, it's been like that for years. the theater district, a lot of tourists see it. it is sad. that's why they are making an effort to change it. >> hopefully they will. okay, maybe we'll hear from twitter soon. keep an eye out. meanwhile, in egypt, a message of solidarity from the google executive who was jailed there for 12 days. he told demonstrators that this is a time for all of us. he spent 12 days in an egyptian jail blindfolded for coordinating the online revolt against mubarak. they call him a hero and want
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him to lead the movement. >> he is selfless. he's the man we all want to be. >> meanwhile, u.s. relations with egypt took a step backward today when egypt's vice president said his country is not ready for democracy. the white house called that statement, quote, unhelpful. there have been a string of sex assaults against women in the last three months. the latest one happened around 10:00 last night. grace has what makes these unusual. >> reporter: the victims did not know their attackers. that's actually very unusual. some sort of date rape or the victim knows their attacker. women in this area of lake merritt should watch their back. oakland police say a man followed a lady in her 50s to
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her apartment building. once inside the common area, the suspect attacked, sexually assaulting and beating her. >> she did suffer injuries and thankfully those injuries are nonlife threatening. the investigators were checking on her well being today. >> police called it a brutal assault and that has separated this case from earlier ones because nothing was taken. in the previous three, officers say that robbery on september 19, two women were robbed and sexually assaulted. a third victim emerged, caught up in a similar situation. in the most recent cases, the description of the suspect is very vague, but oakland police hope that will change. they hope the victim in this case gave that vague description, probably because she was so traumatized and hoping that will change so they can catch this guy. dana. >> grace lee at lake merritt, thank you. firsthand look at california's new death chamber. by a bay area judge deciding
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whether to bring back state executions. u.s. district judge, jeremy fogul went to san quinton prison to tour the chamber. he checked on improvements made. a lawsuit claimed cruel and unusual punishment. the judge did not allow tv cameras at the tour, but print reporters were able to follow along. >> it's kind of hard to tell from a quick tour like this whether it's going to address the concerns the judge had about the inadd question si of the old chamber, which he found to have all kinds of problems. >> prison officials say the new chamber is bigger, better lit, and staff training is improved. the judge expects to make a decision on whether to reinstate executions sometime later this year. the east palo alto city council is expected to vote tonight on creating a playing
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field after an officer. rich may was killed by a suspect in 2006 has offered to develop a rug by and soccer field on a vacant lot in his memory. but a neighbor who lives near the proposed fields objected to the plan, saying it will cause traffic problems. we're going to bring you the results of that vote at 11:00 on cbs 5. right now in the east bay, parents are battling one another in a heated struggle over which of their children's schools will close. lyles is at the meeting where a final decision is expected tonight. robert. >> reporter: that's right, dana. as many as 500 parents and kids started filing into the high school gym behind me around 7:30 tonight. they all had a single worry. will my neighborhood school be shut down? there are no answers, but everyone inside has a single
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thought. anger. for parents in the school district, sitting here waiting to hear if their kids school will be permanently shut down. >> it's a concern that we are now on the chopping block. >> has been like waiting on winter. >> we understand your position. needing to consolidate schools to save money, but ours is not the one to close. >> and that kind of freeze, none of them can stand. >> as much as i understand the parent's desire for us to make a decision. when we closed the school, we didn't reopen any of the schools. when we close them, history would tell us that likely this is it for those schools. >> the school board said they have no choice but to put three schools on ice by june because state cuts left them $1.5 million in the red. so an advisory committee filed if one middle school and one elementary were shatters, they stay in the black.
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now neighbors are fighting neighbors. >> she pointed at my shirt and she said, you're going down. we're taking you down. how sad is that? >> after 20 days of nail biting, the board has yet to decide. will it be renne or silverwood elementary? everyone seems to think glenbrook will get the acts. so unlike shakespeare, nothing here is glorious summer by the sun. instead, this is an angry winter. >> i find this entire situation devicive -- >> now the folks who have symboled here tonight are at the microphone. prior to the start of tonight's meeting, there was speculation that the district and the board would be thrown a pass, if you will, that some additional financial option that would have allowed them to make up that $1.5 million gap and not shut down those schools.
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that has not not been thrown to them. at this point, the weight continues after which schools will be closed. >> robert lyles in concorde rings thank you. coming up, sometimes less may be more. the common procedure for breast caissonser that some medical experts say patients really don't need. don't mess with grandma or else you'll get the senior smack down. a gang of thieves feel the power of the purse. and the wind is now relaxing. we will have less wind tomorrow. we'll have more sunshine. the weather feature you need to know about between now and then, as eyewitness news continues on the cw. ,,,,,,,,,,
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patients can skip a common surgery. su a new study suggesting that many breast cancer patients can skip a common surgery. surgeons remove cancerous lymph nodes. some new research published in the journal of american medical association indicates patients whose cancer was detected early are not likely to see a reduced rate of reoccurrence or a higher survival rate. that's 20% of patients. >> being able to identify which women will not benefit
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from this additional surgery will save many women the pain and suffering of having the additional grands removed. >> the researchers believe that for those who don't need the surgery, chemo and radiation will likely knock out the cancer in the lymph nodes. you heard of second-hand smoke, but scientists are calling third-hand smoke. bay area researchers are discovering that cigarette smoke intensifies with age. allen martin shows us how long it can stick around and the damage it can do. >> carolyn learned about it the hard way. >> i found an apartment to rent. >> freshly painted, scrubbed, carpets cleaned. what she didn't know is a heavy smoker just moved out. >> i woke up at night and i could see the tobacco smell getting worse. >> it can be a real problem.
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>> as a landlord and professional cleaner, his crew wears protective cleaning gear. >> very long, slow process and it has to be clone or else it's going to bleed through the smoke. >> the stale hotel room, now scientists are beginning to study it. here at lawrence berkeley, they collect residue from smoke to see how it interacts with other materials. chemists say nicotine is the gift that keeps on giving. >> it is the smog that is impregnated in the surfaces. >> nick teen hangeds around for weeks and months. long after the smoker has gone. but that's not all. >> what we have found that res deuce of tobacco smoke will get more toxic with time. >> more toxic as nicotine
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reacts with other comb cams or gets taken into the lungs as dust. >> those particles are teeny particles and they are irritating. >> we find these compounds in some apartments six months, maybe a year or longer. dust will come out of the carpet here. >> san diego state university professor tested apartments after smokers moved out and nonsmoking families moved in. >> lots -- >> even after the apartments were cleaned and painted, he found nicotine all over, including the hands of nonsmoking adults. he also found signs of nicotine in the world of children. >> smoke in the department months ago. >> scientists say children's
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exposure can be ten times greater than adults because of their small size. >> our concern about children is that they can be exposed to these carcinogens. >> what are the health effects from third-hand smoke? no one knows. but researchers say they do know this. >> you can't just op the window. you live in an environment like this, you can't escape it. >> we asked tobacco leader about third-hand smoke and the company declined comment. >> tonight estimate the power of a woman with a purse. bystanders with a camera captured the action as six men in helmets tried to smash into a jewelry store. watch the right of your screen.
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the woman attacking them. two of them fell off. >> we were really scared and then we looked outside and running down the road with her handbag in the air, banging them on top of the helmet. >> thanks to that, little old lady, witnesses were able to subdue the suspects until policearrived. the handbag heroin, who appeared to be in his 70s did not want to be identified and no one prezzed her on it. and in illinois, a clean sweep. watch as this tractor trailer went down the interstate. the driver knows his truck will fit under the overpass, but the snow on top of the semi will not. it smacks into the overpass.
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and nobody was injured, thankfully. i'm more worried about the guy who has the camera who is driving at the same time. >> that's what we call snow blind. tonight we had temperatures anywhere from 59 degrees to 65 degrees in santa rosa. the same thing with the gusty winds. now that has subsided more to a small craft advisory. now, the chill. the ire mass is really coned. low scattered now, 39 degrees. clear skies and wall nothing further creek. overnight tonight, temperatures wirily above freezing, and also the trivalley to the east. mid 30s around the santa clara valley. 43 degrees in oakland. for your morning commute, we will have at least a couple patches of fast.
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otherwise, lots of sunshine, but very chilly temperatures. area of high pressure right about here where the inside slider of low pressure moving inland. now this is kicking in at an easterly direction. thus we will have less wind. we will have slightly warmer temperatures and it will be a seasonal winter day. low 60s to the south and to the north. the older the jupe per and bird trees, if you are sneezing and wheezing tomorrow, that cat will be on the medium day. temperatures where they should be for the 57 degrees in san ray fell, lee 60s in fee monte through union city. warmer on thursday. the warmest day will be on friday and side. a slim chance of a rain drop or two sunday night, but a better chance of rain showers on
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monday and tuesday. let's see if happen happens. thank you for for vetting that picture in and. >> that's a nice looking state beach. >> rain on valentine's day? >> yeah. >> you got plans? >> maybe. >> speaking of that, it's just in time for valentine's day, which is monday in case you forget. which flowers last longer in the ones from the supermarket or from an expensive florist? >> what about vacuum cleaners? which one lasts longer? not all engineering standards are created equal. which is why not all luxury vehicles are created equal. the hard way means never taking short cuts. the hard way is how lexus inspires absolute confidence. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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see what it takes at
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so which will last longer, the well they are beautiful, but they never seem to last long enough. so which will last longer? the flowers you buy in the supermarket or the ones you buy at the florist? that's tonight's good question. they become as much a part of valentine's day as the candy. we are talking flowers, of course, and florists all over come here. >> they are looking for shape. they are looking for texture and color. >> the flowers you find in your local supermarket are fine, but chances are, your florist is going to have a better quality product and part of the reason is this thing
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called bloomcount. >> you'll see this. this is the three stem bloom and some of these are five stem bloom. typically in a supermarket, you'll get a two stem bloom, so you get a bigger bang for your buck if you get a bow way with stems. >> they get to market quicker, they are fresher, and usually last longer. part of why they cost a little more. a local florist says you are paying for the arraignment. >> we specially design it. >> somebody once said television the thought that counts. besides, they'll all be dead in about ten days. go to click on connect to send me your good questions. the red hot sharks had a good test in the nation's capital tonight. next.
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their only visit to the nation's capital... wayne, start the the sharks continue their seven game road trip tonight with their only visit to the nation's capital. wayne start the clock please. taking on alexander the great and the caps, ovechkin couldn't get one past him. remember he was the goat? remember that? he is the hero. back to back shutouts. third period, sets him up, team leading 24, sharks beat the caps 2-0. climbing up in the
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western conference standing. basketball, durel will represent the warriors. one of six players selected for the three point shooting contest. while the rest of the pga is down at pebble beach, he and mark omara came to win today's challenge match. and finally, opening round, the sat, lucas knocked off third seeped in straight sets and his first win against a player ranked in the top 20. but tiger woods doesn't like to play here because the greens. they get a little bumpty and also he doesn't like the six hour rounds. >> i think crowds freak him out a little. >> he doesn't like the greens because they don't read true. >> when did that start? >> everybody else thinks it's the same deny. if you are saying the same greens, what difference does it make? >> he doesn't like the way the
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greens are. > we'll be back at 11:00. ,,,,,,
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