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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  February 23, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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jestive heart failure. tonight at about 8:20, technicians who had been hard at work shoveling pile after pile of work suddenly stopped and took off their gloves. they had found a body. >> at this point, we don't know who it is, that will be the next part of the investigation, obviously to remove the remains and have the coroner do the autopsy to determine the identity of the person and hopefully determine a cause of death. >> reporter: ms. smith's attorney tells me that she signed an order allowing police to go back there and excavated heir backyard but they are not going to he elaborate on what happened to mr. smith. perhaps he died and she buried him back there. that is illegal if you don't notify the authorities. of course, the more serious
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crime is that she had something to do with his death. they are saying they will focus on the cause of death determined by the coroner to decide what to do next. >> there are a lot of questions left unanswered here, but how old is ms. smith, do you know? >> i do not know her age. they described her as an elderly woman. >> thank you. well, pretty cold outside tonight but that is not the whole story by a long shot. we're actually getting ready for some snow at sea level. roberta is tracking this latest storm. >> it's going to first begin as light rain in the north bay. according to our pinpoint forecast, it will be running in the north bay about lunch hour. here is your evening commute. everybody should be experiencing some light rain. there is your friday morning commute with a little light dusting as well. the buck of the -- bulk of the
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rain will arrive friday morning. then friday night, a shot of colder air filters in with the instability of the atmosphere we could see some of these snowflakes a you will the way down to see level. east of the bay, to the north, and around mount hamilton. there they are right there. a -- >> thanks. just within the last half hour, authorities this new zealand announced the death toll has risen to 98 people. it makes you wonder about the city's approach to building safety. grace lee found out it's very similar to the rules followed here in the bay area. >> reporter: survivors are still being pulled from the rubble in christchurch two days after the earthquake. there is so much damage in the city. what's scary is that christchurch has the same kind
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of building codes for the bay area. >> we could see the same type of damage for the the same class of buildings. >> reporter: she points out that the older buildings of brick and concrete were the ones that collapsed killing and trapping people. >> they have what is called brittle failures, very sudden failures that lead to collapse. >> reporter: barkley hall has two columns of concrete to keep the walls up and university hall has giant xs to keep its walls from crumbling. >> it's difficult to connect unless you're there. >> reporter: mark is a instructural engineer in new zealand. while you would think there wouldn't be damage to the modern buildings, he says not true. >> you have to keep in mind that the building code, even the codes here, are not intended to preserve or to stop damage to buildings, they are only intended to preserve life safety. >> it would be the same for
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buildings in the bay area, widespread damage to the newer buildings. for older structures like this, complete collapse. he says there is a lot more with he cannot see in the building left standing. he says that is nothing compared to the human suffering. >> new zealand is a very small country. it's only 4 million people. when they talk about the 6 degrees of separation thing, it's only 1 degree. >> let's go back to the 1989 quake, experts say that was more similar in power though this september 1 that shook new zealand. there was some building damage you might remember but no fatalities, so if we had a similar occurrence, experts predict that at least 3,000 people could die here in bay area. this is based on computer models. a scary thought. >> well, yeah, it goes to the fact that there are a lot of homes in a lot of neighborhoods that are not built to these
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standards that are literally going to come falling down. >> and they are all mixed in. >> yeah. thank you for that. after failed attempts to get them automatic of libya by -- out of libya by plane, hundreds of americans boarded a ferry today. protestors claimed to take control. protestors tore down a monument of his rule. people in the capitol are reportedly afraid to leave their homes fearing retribution. ama says his nati ecurity team is >> massacres are happening. people are dying. please help us. >> the you ever sing and bloodshed -- the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous. >> reporter: president obama says his national security team is preparing a full range of options to respond to this crisis. well, if you drive you've
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seen them going up, gas prices beginning to creep higher and higher. much of the blame is being pointed at libya. robert liles tells us about the reasons for the spike that the oil companies simply are not talking about. >> reporter: we have all heard of paying a premium, but the premium behind these did he serves a double take. 4.09. what's behind the hike? we went looking for answers and we found it's called "the fear premium." >> come on. >> it says 3.97 for gas. >> it was just two days ago that we reported the gas prices jumped nearly a dime in one week. we're at it again, prices have pulsed again. >> i took a picture.
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it cost me $99 at chevron. >> the hike is not because you're using more gas. >> the price inies has very little to do with our demand in the united states. the world demand for oil is quite strong. >> reporter: it's because of revolts in libya. world oil traders are running scared that supplies will stop. >> i don't believe it. i don't believe it. >> reporter: believe it. that's when prices rise based owned the fear an event will happen. >> it's just an excuse. >> reporter: perhaps when you consider libya produces just 2% of the world's oil supply and the u.s. buys very little of that. >> go up a whole quarter in like a week, that's crazy. >> reporter: what's really going on? oil companies and traders are insulated their pockets against fierce that revolts in libya will spread to other opec companies. that means you will continue to pay the fear premium. >> i'm going to stay on this
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motorcycle. >> but laughs aside, analysts fear that this will hurt consumer spending. that is not good news here in the bay area already dealing with a sluggish economy. >> speaking of consumers and fear and maybe anger when those quarterly reports come out, tens of billion of dollars in profits. >> yeah, there will be a lot of anger. >> robert liles in oakland. a direct order from the commander in chief to attorneys. stop defending one federal law. why the obama administration is stepping, not spending, anymore time defending marriage. a bus full of kids kidnapped and bauer read a live -- buried a live. the people who did it in jail for more than 30 years. do they deserve to be paroled? would you want to come face
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to face with a convicted killer? >> you guys murdered my child. >> coming up next.
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east bay to remember two teens wh hundreds of people gathered in the east bay to remember two teens who died on a rafting trip during last weekend's rain storm. a candlelight vigil and a walk was held at shell rink. it was organized by students where the teens attended. friends, neighbors, classmates, even people who never knew the teams were there.
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>> there were two students that we were very proud of. [ audio difficulty ] >> it was a nice -- he was a nice, fine, athletic guy. it's sad we lost him. >> reporter: the bodies of gavin powell and matthew miller were found a mile apart. gay rights are praising a decision by the obama administration. it has decided to stop defending a federal law that bans the recognition of same sex marriage. attorney general eric holder says the president decided that the administration just cannot defend it anymore. >> the president's position on the defensive marriage act has been consistent. he has long opposed it as unnecessary and unfair. >> house speaker john boehner says the white house should
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instead being focused on creating jobs and cutting spending. the head of the national gay and lesbian task force calls today's move a tremendous step toward recognizing our common humanity. we are getting a look at and video program. bay area women who have lost sons and husbands to violence. coming face to face with killers. the first public look at an unusual form of therapy for both the victims' families and the convicts. >> reporter: a mother's pain. >> i feel so cheated and robbed. my sons are cheated and robbed. >> reporter: a widow's loneliness and her children's heartbreak. they are the families who try to move past their loss and sadness. the healing circle supports
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them. it's not easy. they go to san quentin to find answers. >> when i went there the first time, i was so angry, i wanted to get in there and just literally choke somebody. i wanted to say you guys murdered my child. >> paulette brawn -- brown's 17- year-old son was gunned down trying to save someone else. >> things are not the same and they never will be. >> reporter: she wants these murderers to remember they hurt somebody's family. >> every time i think about him, i feel that in my stomach, stress kills. i might look okay on the outside but stress kills. i feel like i'm dying every day because i have an empty heart. i miss my baby. >> i'm sorry. the rest of my life will be spent making it up to whoever.
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>> how do we move forward. >> ronnie is serving a life sentence for killing a police officer. he organized the inmates' side known as "no more tears." >> the thing was i knew i was the person that caused a family that kind of pain. >> when it first happened, oh, lord, please forgive me. >> reporter: twice a month inmates and families hash it out. >> i have the attitude of i didn't care. >> reporter: prisoners talk about what led them to rob and kill. and they listen to the families who at first have nothing but contempt. garcia lost two sons in five years to gun violence. >> reporter: what made you go. >> what made me go? i wanted to confront them. i wanted to confront, i wanted answers. >> so at what point did evilness come in? did you feel that you guys were
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evil? if you did feel that, at what point did you get out of that. >> do you feel anger ? >> yes. >> hospital tillty. >> yes. >> for some their heartbreak is still too raw. >> do you think you can find peace by doing this? >> maybe a little, but not completely. because they still get to talk to their loved ones and their kids. and we don't. >> reporter: christina was conflicted about going to san quentin. it would have been her first time. for family reasons, she stayed home. every month, elsa brings sketches of her sons' killers
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hoping one inmate may recognize them. >> reporter: do you think you can forgive in. >> no. i won't be able to forgive. >> reporter: anguished families working to ease their pain. >> i kind of feel it's my fault because i've been here the longest. >> reporter: cold hearted killers searching for redemption. in san quentin state prison, cbs 5. >> so how well does this program work? one of the cofounders say a few of the inmates have continued to work with the families of murdered children in their support group. we will be right back. an unexpected twist today in th,
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they highjacked a school bus with 26 children and buried them with the driver underground in a moving van. the men were trying to get a ransom but the victims escaped and the kidnappers quickly arrested. today, some of the judges and prosecutors who put them in jail said they deserve parole. >> what's arthritis right. how much time do you want out of these guys? 35 years is ample time. >> i still stay a wake at night because i am waiting for something to come out of the shadows. these things don't go away. why should the kidnappers stop paying for a crime that is continuing to affect me even today. >> none of the kidnapped children or bus driver were hurt. all three kidnappers have been denied parole several times. switching gears right now, it is cold outside and roberta says it's going to get colder.
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>> not only do we have the snow and the rain and the wind coming, but we have some record low temperatures over the weekend anticipated as well as record low maximums over the weekend. looking at the city by the bay where today's high was 53. tonight overnight tumbling into this 30ss and 40s with mostly cloudy skies. we have a ways to go. bundle up out the door tomorrow morning, plus grab an umbrella. we've got rain coming. this is the major player. this has a lot of cold air associated with it. that's what will cause the records over the weekend. this is how we're playing out your opinion point forecast. -- pinpoint forecast. when the rain and snow begin to fall, your morning commute on friday, i think, that will be the worst. then when we get that dry slot, the colder air filters in, that's what would cause some snowflakes down at see level.
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in a nutshell, by friday, that snow level drops everywhere across the bay area, 500 feet to 1,000. the possibility of a few flakes at sea level by friday night. that was for the north bay. meanwhile, we have a winter storm watch in effect for the east bay and santa cruz mountains. a little fast on the trigger here. temperatures tomorrow, everybody is going to be chilling out into the 40s and 50s. this is what we want to get to. the rain develops, the snow falls, then also over friday, that's when we could see those snowflakes at sea left. -- see level. over the weekend, a raw -- >> i had a coat like that. >> thanks, keep those pictures coming. >> that and a few other things.
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thanks. tiger woods troubles continues. we're up next. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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the sharks played at the consol energy center in pittsburgh tonight where the lights went out for the second straight light. one man seemed to have enough volts to light the entire city. you get on it. patrick marleau's second of the game. the sharks win their 5th in the a row. they are red holt. have you heard about this one. carmelo anthony made his new york knicks debut. he did make a statement of sorts. scores 27, ten rebounds and 114- 108 over the bulk -- bucs.
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the -- utah gets devin harris. san jose state taking on new mexico state. send the game to overtime. the spartans just won that basketball game. opening round of the match play championship, tiger forces sudden death, but his tee shot. that's like you, in the desert, for the second time in history, woods is upset in the first round. >> he takes chances. >> no, he's learning a new swing and golf is no longer his number one focus. those two together, that's what you get. >> what is? ♪
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