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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  February 25, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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months or more. >> they started issuing the new cards in october. that's when the problem started. linda, thank you. now to the drum roll please for the snow everyone is waiting for. today it was mostly rain and even some sunshine. there was snow in the higher elevations. drivers had to be extra careful while some of them got to be carefree. roberta says there was snow as low as 500 feet. any lower? >> i spent my whole dinner break answering e-mails, twitter, and facebook saying where is the snow? and yes, we did have some snow down to 578 feet. right now, we have been picking up snowfall right there. mt. hamilton, it has been snowing there all night long. also 1800 feet at mt. madonna, which is in the morgan hill area. 18 00 feet at the summit.
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this could contain some pockets of snow. we will continue to monitor this and track where you will see some snow flakes overnight. dana, that's certainly coming up later in this newscast. >> all right, after many waited all day, it finally started snowing in the santa cruz mountains after 8:00 tonight. he was there the moment the flakes started. how was it? >> we have clear skies overhead and it's cold now, but it stopped snowing an hour and a half ago. but a much different story right around the 8:00 hour. all day long at the summit of highway 17, sat a lonely snowplow and disappointment. >> i'll be crazy bummed out by the end of the night if i have not experienced snow. >> stacey drove in 20 minutes from san jose, armed with her scarf and sweatshirt and waited and waited and waited.
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>> you know, there's a little place called lake tahoe. >> and you are totally the first person who brought that up to me today, or the fifth. what i thought was so cool is that i didn't have to go to tahoe. i could drive up the mountain and it would be there. >> and then at exactly 8:24 p.m., roberta, you were right. at 33 years old, this high school teacher has never seen snowfalling from the sky until now. >> do you see it? >> oh crap. sorry. oh my god. i was like, do i see white? one just went in my eye. >> stacey was able to fulfill a small dream. >> is this everything you thought it would be is this. >> not yet. >> come over here. >> oh, now it is. now it's amazing, like a winter wonderland. >> and so the snow only lasted
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about 30 minutes. it was very light. so it didn't even make the ground wet or stick at that point. so we're at about 1800 feet now. if you are hoping for snow at sea level, keep on waiting. dana. >> don't send stacey to sea level because she is going to be disappointed again. >> at least she got to see it. >> very cute. all right. thanks. also in the news tonight, libyans standing against their dictator are believed to be controlling at least two of that country's major oil ports. that victory came at a high price. mandy clark reports, as many as 250 people died fighting the soldiers loyal to the government. >> the biggest city in eastern libya, the people here call it free libya, this friday was a
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day of prayer. and sorrow. the streets that days ago were a battleground. today were filled with coffins as the residents counted the high cost of freedom. every town was filled with protesters. people hope that the momentum is on their side and gadhafi will be gone in days, if not hours. the crowd greeted militaries as heros. one street away, a site that would have been unthinkable just days ago. >> this is highly unusual. women in their hundreds have gathered here calling for gadhafi to step down. they have taken over a main street in the city of durna. >> until now, we have not seen any woman protesters. but today, this community leader had the microphone. and once they started talking, it seems that every woman had a
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story to tell us. this woman was holding a picture of her son killed during the demonstrations. >> he died at the starting of the revolution. >> we are ready. there's no way. >> people were rushing to get a look at an old government building with an underground bunker. expressing amazement that they are living in a part of libya where the once feared leader appears history. >> as we traveled from town to town today, we witnessed people launching into new celebrations as word came in of one gadhafi stronghold after another. cbs news, tabrook. handed out whistles tonight
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to help keep people safe after several women were attacked. the community group called lake neighbors also gave out some information to people passing by. they were accompanied by police on a march. members hope that by getting to know one another, they'll have a much better chance of protecting themselves. >> we had a lot of people coming by and a lot of people saying they were thankful that we were here. thankful to get the information and i think just seeing our presence on the street made people feel like they are part of something bigger. >> this week, police released surveillance video. the description of that man matches that of the suspect and the three other attacks dating back to september, all near lake meritt. >> a body found buried in the backyard of a home has been pulled out of the ground and taken away for identification. the body is believed to be that of 74-year-old dale smith. the husband of the woman who
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lives in the house. neighbors say that he hasn't been seen since last summer. this week with the permission of evelyn smith, investigators dug beneath a recently constructed barbecue patio. >> there will be an autopsy to determine the cause of death and while that's going on, we'll obviously be looking over all of our avenues we collected so far and making contact with the attorney representing mrs. smith. >> nevada police say evelyn smith is not considered a suspect, only a person of interest. dale smith had suffered from bladder and esophagus cancer. a steal at $10,000 a night. the famous bay area hotel on sale for certain guests. what they get for their bargain hunting. it is a commercial that is supposed to make you think about jeans, but the product ends up being an afterthought. what you can earn from having a hidden camera in your back pocket.
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web sites. a night at a san francisco hotel priced at up to $10,000 sold out on one of those half off websites. living social posted two deals at fairmont in san francisco. a night for four in the penthouse for $10,000 instead of $20,000, or a night for two in the presidential suite for $2,000. the penthouse option comes with dinner for four served on
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tiffany china that you get to keep and a full day access to a mas mazerotti. americans worry about getting alzheimer's almost as much as they do about getting cancer. that finding which says the fear of alzheimer's far outweighs the concerns of cancer or heart disease. one bay area man who watched alzheimer's ravage his family decided to do whatever he could to fight it. grace lee shows us, he found a scientist doing promising research and put his money where his mouth is. >> vibrant, focused and driven, that's how douglas remembers his father, claude. two years ago, his father died from alzheimer's disease. since then, douglas lost his stepmother and his stepfather to the same illness. >> there are a lot of terrible
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diseases. this happens to be, i think, one of the worst. >> so douglas went on a mission to find a new approach in treating alzheimer's. he found it at the buck institute for research on aging in nevada. he was so impressed, he decided to donate money, a significant chunk, $3.5 million. >> if we want to address and find a cure for diseases like alzheimer's, we have to think outside the box. >> you think that's what dale is doing? >> i know that's what he is doing. >> a neurologist who studied alzheimer's for three decades. right now is an exciting time for his work. >> i've never been so enthusiastic. i've never felt as i have recently that we are actually at the point where we have a new insight. >> the doctor says most alzheimer's treatments know cues on the aftermath when the
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toxin can act like an acid, killing cells. >> what we now believe is this disease is different and one of the reasons we believe that is because as you probably know, the drug trial over the last several years have failed. >> he wants to attack alzheimer's from the beginning. he believes he has discovered the protein that decides what you will remember and what you will forget. it's a normal part of brain function. >> you are actively forgetting the 7th song that played to work and you might be forgetting the 6th song, too. but you are actively remembering where your keys are and what your next assignment is. >> with alzheimer's patients, the brain is off balance, skewed toward forgetfulness. the peptide he has identified has two paths. if it is cut into four parts, the memory is lost. something that happens too often in sick patients. you can retain the information.
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he is hoping to find a switching drug that could make sure that is cut in three's so the balance can be restored. so far, his experiments on mice have been promising. brett is in hopes people can try this switching drug in a clinical trial in two to three years. >> he was vibrant and he was full of life. >> while the cure is farfetched. for douglas, that is the hope. that would mean his donation was not only well spent, but help people for generations. >> to think that we could have played a part, that we might play a part in solving the dilema of a disease like this, what greater legacy could you leave? >> if only that work had been completed a few years ago and it could have helped his own father dance a little longer. grace lee, cbs 5. >> believe it or not, a
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tornado touched down in sacramento county today, damaging cars and trees in its path. take a look at this. this was spotted near rancho cordova. the tornado touched down about 3:00 this afternoon. moved through a quarter mile in a minute's time. the force of that tornado uprootedded trees, smashed up car windows, no reports though of any injuries. >> i think that's where our snow went. that tornado just sucked it all up and took it out of here. i don't know. >> i was actually tracking that at 3:00 today. there was a severe thunderstorm warning that went into effect and then came back. tornado at first initially we were wondering, was it a down burst? they classified it a tornado. what we are classifying it. this is a big time rain event day. santa cruise. gilroy with over 2.25. over an inch. most of this occurred before
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7:00 in the morning. the radar was still picking up left over snow showers. it's been snowing there all evening long. a new rain band that has developed because of the colder air mass over the relatively warm waters. now clipping on shore. some of this could fall in the form of snow flurries. for the most part, let's take a look at the cold air. temperatures tonight, record lows. 29 in napa. 37 oakland. 36 san francisco, and nearly freezing across the santa clara valley. again we have that freeze warning in effect. where some temperatures would dip into the mid 20s pr several hours at a time. this is the cold front. in its wake, we are seeing the shot of colder air mass. when you get that colder air over the warm ocean waters, you see some of the south developing. so oh, midnight, we should see some snow flurries. everything is pretty much
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skimming the coast along the peninsula. there you have the santa cruz mountains that will o cor in the overnight hours as well. the winter weather advisory has allowed to expire in the east bay, but we have it for the santa cruz mountains. temperatures tomorrow, up to 49 degrees. boy, the seven-day forecast, we're going to be in the rain from sunday to next week. we'll talk more about that at 11:00 tonight. dana and ken. >> all right, thank you. the point is to get you to buy a specific brand of jeans. but we met the people who took a close look, can't tell you what it is. the under cover ad campaign to tell you who is really checking you out. ,,
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is ,,,,,,,,,,
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remember these levi's billboards that had people stopping and staring? they appeared in san francisco in september to promote a line of curve enhancing jeans. some parents found those ads
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weird. well tonight, levis is turning heads again. >> yup, it's latest jean ad has gone viral, getting more than 7 million hits in a week. melissa takes a look in the rear view. >> girls often know when people are checking us out. we feel it. >> you feel it, definitely. >> a grass roots viral campaign proved, you don't need eyes in the back of your head, but rather a hidden camera on your backside. >> it's as simple as that. >> two hot models from new zealand in form fitting jeans, do you need another reason to look? more than 7 million people have taken a peek so far on youtube. a new zealand based company created the edgy eye grabbing campaign for levi to promote young artists. the rare view girls hit the
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streets of los angeles to prove what happens behind our backs. women caught taking a peek, some subtle, some not so much. >> i have a girlfriend, so i'm good. >> some caught their man staring a bit too long. >> that's why i got the dark glasses on. >> oops, not many cared what brand of jean they were promoting, but rather what filled it. whether it's admiration or distraction, traditional ad campaigns have taken a backseat to one that engages people to stop and look. in santa monica, cbs news. >> the warriors look to hit the road with a big win over one of the best teams and timmy takes the mound in the giants exhibition opener.
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winter is officially over. at least by baseball's calendar. the giants took the field for the first time since that memorable night in texas. kristen, start the clock. tim lincecum gave up four straight hits, but ended the 1st inning with a strikeout. buster posey is in mid season form. a two hit day for the rookie of the year. the giants beat the dbacks 7-6. only 34 more days until opening night. sharks and flames went to a shootout. kipper will have to put the sharks on top and then the red
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hot sharks to win their 6th straight. martin is the only number one seed to advance to the semifinals. babba watson takes down ogelbee. he only had to play 43 holes. josh smith had his answers scored tonight. 26 points to leave with a win. the warriors will kick off a road trip in minnesota. >> yeah. >> the sharks just had an unbelievable one. >> the sharks are a first place shark. >> and that club was a beast tonight. >> he's a beast. i'm still trying to figure out that jean story. but anyway. >> iment to be called bubba. >> see you at 11:00. we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off when you spend twenty five on-the-spot,
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