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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  February 26, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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suddenly when the landing gear sank into the mud and flipped over. >> basically we saw the plane upside down and the pilot standing right outside of the plane. >> captain gordon moved their airboat at speeds up to 50 miles an hour to get to the upside down plane. >> he came in at stall speed, the marks that we found on the mud showed about 3 feet before the plane just flipped. flipped right over on to its wings. >> the firefighters from both sides of the bay responded. the swamp style airboat, one of three around the bay is the only way short of a helicopter to get to someone trapped in the bay mud. the uninjured pilot was happy to see the boat. also spoke with us by phone. >> the circumstances that he had to go down in the aircraft. he was not only very lucky, but i'm sure helped him walk awe
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way from the aircraft. >> today's crash recalls a horrific crash a year ago. a twin engine cessna 310 clipped a power transmission tower. airplane parts rained down. the main body crashed into a street. three employees on board were killed. no one on the ground was injured. >> we are sorry to hear we had another aircraft crash, the pilot was able to walk away and glad the aircraft did not veer into any type of residential area. i give the pilot a lot of credit for where he put the aircraft down. >> now that the pilot saved himself, he has to salvage his airport, and get it back in the air. in palo alto. taking to headlines around the bay area tonight. a $5,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest in the burglary and ransacking of the home of
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matthew miller. the 16-year-old was one of two teens who died last weekend in a rafting accident in wall numb creek. his family came home thursday after his funeral to find their home torn apart. an unanimous citizen offered the money for the reward. the water is back on tonight for an entire berkeley neighborhood after a water main break. the main ruptured on spruce street early this morning leaving 12 homes without water. crews say an 8-inch valve broke deep under ground. repair work began right away and customers had their water back on at 1:00 this afternoon. in san francisco, muney is doing track work. the work is being done at church. this is one of the areas that california public utilities commission found safety violations in muney's light rail system. they are adjusting the lines in that area and some streets and lanes around there will be
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closed through the weekend. >> they stand with us. >> a show for solidarity for wisconsin workers from hundreds of miles away. the demands of local demonstrators for all governments on this national day of action. and the u.s. gets tough on libya. its strongest words yet and the reason for the rare saturday session the united nations security council.
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country to ty rallies in san francisco and across the country today in solidarity with protesters fighting republican effort to
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weaken unions in wisconsin. today was the 12th day of protests in madison, wisconsin. it was also the largest crowd yet. more than 70,000 people. scott walker has introduced a bill that would strip public workers for the right to collective bargaining. >> as moammar gadhafi clings to power, they were showing their support to the people of libya. today, hundreds gathered in the united nations plaza on market street. they showed their solidarity with libya and other arab countries struggling against repressive government. the protesters called for the world to cut ties with gadhafi once anded for all. libya and its ruling family are facing punishment for the deadly response to antigovernment protests. goldberg with more on the u.n.'s decision to levy sanctions. >> onlookers reacted with surprise as the united nations
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security council voted to levy strong sanctions against libyament even china's representative agreed to the sanctions to place international travel bans on libyan leader, moammar gadhafi, his family, and members of his inner circle to freeze the family's assets and to refer the case to a war crimes tribunal for an investigation of possible crimes against humanity. >> this is a clear warning to the libyan government that it must stop the killing. >> the vote followed a day of meetings, interrupted as meetings of the council conferred with their governments about the language and scope of the sanctions. saturday, president obama made his strongest comments to date on the uprising, saying in a private phone call to germany's chancellor, that gadhafi should step down and leave the country. in libya, thousands of desperate travelers crowded tripoli's airport, also planes rescued more than 150 civilians from libya's desert. many of them oil workers. >> i wasn't scared, it was
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just not knowing when we could get out or not was the biggest thing. >> back in the country they fled, libya's embattled government handed out guns to supporters and handed out gunned patrols. >> gadhafi's son says libya remains calm, but signs of clashes and violence is everywhere, even in the capital city where gadhafi is still in control. at the united nations, scott goldberg for cbs news. a popular san jose market shut its doors tonight after more than six decades. the market developed a loyal following over the past 63 years. the family owned grocery store has been sold to the supermarket chain. the brothers are all in their 70s and 80s and thought it was time to retire. they promise a new store with italian roots. so far, an opening date has not been set. lawrence is back to talk about this cold weather. >> yup, the big chill is on
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now and that arctic air sitting overhead right no i and your skies nice and clear. that air pretty dry, too. the temperatures going down in a hurry. we have a freeze warning. for north and east bay, folks, this time you take care of those plants, bring the pets inside and of course watch out for the pets and for the people. the arctic air is going to continue to slide on by. i think tonight the real cold night after this will start to moderate somewhat. you can see the area of low pressure spinning around, bringing snow in that direction. for us tomorrow, we will have a god day of it. it should be mostly sunny skies. temperatures on the cool side, maybe in the mid to low 50s by the afternoon, but pretty comfortable compared to what we've had. numbers outside right now, it's 36 already in napa. 37, and getting colder in livermore. even 40 degrees in redwood city. these temperatures are heading down in a hurry. so, it looks like we'll catch a
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break from the stormy weather, and then a return to wet weather pattern as it looks like a couple systems will roll on in. that cold arctic air continues to circulate. we have chilly temperatures on tap for you and after that, it looks like things are going to warm up just a bit. overnight lows could get down to record levels. i have a couple for you. could see a record about 30 degrees. if it hits 28 in napa. 36 degrees in san francisco. that could also be a record. still some freezing numbers around the bay. maybe even in san jose. we have cold temperatures headed our way. and looks like we head through the day tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. numbers up into the mid 50s and toward the coastline, probably just jaunt l breeze. expecting numbers mainly into the 50s and our friends in the north bay are expect sunshine. running below normal, we have more stormy weather to talk
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about. yule, that's right. it's coming our way again. could see showers on monday. it doesn't look like a big deal, but it could get wet. tuesday we catch a break. we have to watch out for the storm on wednesday. this one like is going pack a punch with some wind and some heavy rain and of course the ground is pretty saturated right now. flooding will become a concern as we head in towards wednesday. showers likely to continue through thursday and another storm next week. they are lining up right now. okay. lawrence, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> rain or shine, hollywood's biggest night goes on tomorrow. the oscars are unpredictable. the race for best actor seems to be a log for the king's speech. it's a close race for best ac trees, between natalie port manned and the kids are all right. the king's speech and the social network are the favorites for best picture.
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fans are already camping out. >> the street outside the kodak theater has been transformed with red carpets. menus and jewelry have been chosen and sunday night all eyes will focus on hollywood for the biggest night in hollywood. >> to bring in a younger audience to watch the oscars and make the show a little more fun and not too stuffy. i think that was the agenda behind anne hathaway and james franco. >> insiders are posing a bet. >> i think supporting england. >> fans closer to home know the drill. >> your miniature oscar there for what category did you win? >> biggest -- >> this kansas woman boasts bragging rights for picking the winners every year. >> you have a pretty good
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track record when it comes to choosing winners. what do you think? >> it's the king's speech. >> this classic tent covers the tent right now. heavy rain and possibly some snow are forecast for this weekend. oscar statues are wrapped up tight. the temperature will be in the 50s at show time. will it damper the fun? >> still go down the roadway. >> fans say despite the cold, they are preparing for a hot night on the red carpet. cbs news, hollywood. the night before hollywood honors its best. it hands out the golden raze berry awards. the last air bender took the worst picture. the fourth stars of sex and the
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city 2, they -- well, up next, the space shuttle discovery docked at the international space station for the last time and see what happens when an escalator full of people suddenly goes out of control. back in less than 2 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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space station. the ship the space shuttle discovery has successfully docked for the international space station. the ship will spend at least a week there. it's carrying a chamber full of supplies and the first human robot to fly in space. all together there will be 12 people aboard the space station representing the u.s., russia, and italy. it's the last mission for the discovery, nasa's most traveled spaceship. once it lands on earth, it will be retired to a museum. surveillance video shows what happened when a crowded escalator speeds up out of control. the incident happened last october in washington, d.c. during the rally to restore
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sanity. now first people are getting off the escalator as usual, but it malfunctioned telling people tumbling down. many people were on top of each other. several people were hurt, but none seriously. washington transit officials say the brakes on the escalator failed. well back here in the bay area, it may not have been very cold to snow much, but who would go swimming in the bay? that's what happens when hundreds of brave souls jump into the san francisco bay. it was a polar bear plunge. participates raised thousands of dollars for the cause today. it may only be february, but the giants get their first look at the dodgers and how many people can fit on one basketball court? we'll hit the hardwood next in sports. ♪
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christian, start the clock... the stanford women clinched their 11th straight pack ten title. there's a little more snow in lawrence than the bay area this weekend. 49-32 in the second half and won by 11. allen crab led all four with 26 points. watching his alma mater, virginia tech take on his son in duke. down 3 in the final second seth currie turns it over and the hokies pull off the upset. and the match play championship, it took them only 27 holes to beat ryan moore. donald never trailed in his matches this week. he will take on martin, the pga
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champion. with the win, he becomes the world's new number one ranked player. and the giants may never lose again. they make it two in a row, beating the dodgers 8-3. the much slimmer pablo rips an rbi single and a two-run homer. there are only 33 more days until opening night. st. mary's, congratulations to them. wcc cochampions with a win over portland. >> great. >> did you see that snow in oregon? >> it snows a lot in portland. ,,,,,,,,
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what is that? (pam) oh, i don't know. (michael) is that a bird? i don't think it's a bird. oh, god, how could that happen? how could-- right in the middle of the carpet. what's going on? uh, somebody vomited right in the middle of the carpet in my office. i don't think that's vomit. (michael) check it out. (kevin) me? check it out. don't be a wuss. just get-- no, i'm not holding your coffee. tell me what it is. oh, that's a real bitch. what is it? michael. what is it? no, just tell me what it is. michael, i gotta get outta here. i can't hold my breath that long. (pam) open the door up. it smelled terrible. [inhales] (all) oh! phew! oh, no. mmm-mmm. [clears throat] i cannot believe a pipe burst and left that there. that's no burst pipe. well, how do you know that? (michael) what is it then? hey, guys. somebody making soup?
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10:28 pm wasn't me. it was not me. oh. wow. [chuckles] hey, jim, i thought that we would be desk buddies while they change my carpet. that might be a little difficult with the one computer. oh. there's definitely a desk open in the back. yeah... which i guess i'll be taking. no, no, no, seriously. i don't mind sharing. no, no, no. seriously, i'll be in the back. hey, kelly. are you moving back here? um, just for the day while michael's at my desk. because toby used to sit there. but then he had to move over there because of an allergy. allergy to...the desk? weird. yeah, yeah, yeah. ol' bullpen. [sighs]
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ha, ha, ha. the ol' bullpen. don't ape me. okay. this is great. yeah. the pressures of my office are insane. mmm. i just--you couldn't understand. but, man, you guys have it easy out here. you know, i used to sit right here? no way. yeah. and who had your office? ed truck. yuck. ed truck was the manager before me. horrible. he hated fun. it was like, oh, ed truck is walking toward us. stop having fun. start pretending to do work. what a jerk. he's-- you know what? i swore to myself, that if i ever got to walk around the room as manager, people would laugh when they saw me coming. and would applaud as i walked away. i'm serious, my closet doors will not shut. i mean, it only takes so long to measure to make sure that clothes will hang up. 'cause aren't all hangers, like, that big? so i don't understand why the closet engineer didn't think of that. so now i'm doing this new thing
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where i just leave piles of clothes on the floor. and i walk around the piles to get an outfit... you know who used to sit at that desk? that guy miles who quit to form his own company? un-uh. todd packer. no. i thought he was out on the road. he was, but, uh... that desk was empty. he'd come in and sit there sometimes. ah. (michael) when i was in training, many years ago, not so long ago, i worked side by side with a fellow named todd packer. and together we rocked the office.


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