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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 18, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." hey, parents. the pressure is off. now strangers will decide. should your son be circumsized. describing arnold schwarzenegger's secret son. getting a huge bill for an ambulance she didn't ask for and didn't use. >> i wasn't hurt. i wasn't transported. >> even if you refuse the service you can still get charged. tonight hear how the ambulance company justifies this. >> that's the unfortunate truth. they say an all-male clergy had nothing to do it. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. it could become punishable with the potential for jail time. a decision by parents to have
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their male child circumsized. linda yee on the issue facing the government, medicine and personal choice. >> reporter: voters get to decide. should circumcision be banned? >> no. >> reporter: but all laughing aside it is serious enough for more than 12,000 voters who signed a petition to get it on the november ballot in san francisco. >> it is genital mutilation. >> the man's body and it is his personal decision. >> reporter: it is a cultural and religious tradition for muslim and jewish families. >> we would have to do them in oakland i guess. >> reporter: the rabbi performs circumcisions.
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he isn't taking the proposed ban seriously. >> the times of the ancient greeks. they made a run for that. they tried to make it illegal to have jews use circumcision. egyptians gave it a shot. more recent history others gave it a shot. hitler also tried too. these are some pretty big shoes to stand in and if this guy thinks he can accomplish what history has not been able to accomplish, then, you know, all the power to them. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics doesn't recommend routine circumcision but a pediatrician at st. luke's hospital says it shouldn't be illegal either. there are at times medical reasons to perform them. >> legislators making sweeping prohibitions probably not a great thing when it comes to medical procedures. >> doctors say there are reasons to perform circumcisions. men can easily spread bacterial
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infections if they don't do a circumcision. >> made it onto the ballot. we will see. westbound highway 37 will be closed for another hour because of a bus fire at mare island. mechanical problems for a bus this evening and the problems caused the fire. we received this pictures from a driver passing by. everyone on the bus was able to get out safely. the bus itself has been taken off the highway but crews are cleaning debris. doctors have taken a giants fan who was beaten into a coma off of one of the antiseizure medications. but bryan stow's family said every day is still a struggle. >> it hurts to see him lying there and not responsive to a lot of things. but we still have a lot of care
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for him. we love him. and we talk to him. but it can be heartbreaking to see him there. >> doctors at san francisco general hospital said today that stow is still in critical condition. he is still on 4 antiseizure medications though they say his brain has not showed any seizure activity during 30 hours of continuous monitoring. meanwhile the l.a.p.d. is at the giants game tonight handing out sketches of the two men who attacked stow. they have received a new tip about the woman that they think was driving the get away vehicle. they say that she may have been wearing a dodgers' jersey with a player name ethier on the back. and the dodgers said today they have doubled the reward in that case to $200,000. reporters have descended on the city of bakersfield where arnold schwarzenegger's youngest son and the child's mother live. a real estate agent who sold
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the home that they live in said that she was told the former governor helped with the down payment. elizabeth cook shows us the photographic history. >> reporter: this picture from 1994 shows arnold schwarzenegger dancing with mildred baena, his house keeper who three years later would become the mother of his son. today the woman and her son live in this bakersfield neighborhood. their home has turned into a media circus. >> really, really nice kid. it is a kid you want to have. you know. my husband has taught high school for over 35 years and there are not too many kids like this. >> reporter: the boy was reportedly born in october of 1997. a week after maria shriver gave birth to the couple's youngest son christopher. arnold schwarzenegger was supporting his secret child and has been ever since. he supposedly told maria about the boy earlier this year. >> if people insist on calling
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him a bastard or a love child i think that will cement his relationship to the world. >> reporter: doctor laura da davies says he needs a support network. >> does he have a family network around him that says you are awesome. we like you. we think you are cute. athletic. you are a great soccer player. little things like that can really shape your self-esteem. >> reporter: arnold schwarzenegger has been shadowed by cameras ever since the news broke. while news crews are camped outside his child's home and schools. doctor davies thinks it is in the best interest of the child to have attention shift from the 14-year-old to the former governor. >> the best thing that can possibly be done is to have less attention on him and more attention on the man that caused the mess. you know. it is his dad's problem, not his. >> people magazine has just reported that maria shriver has hired a divorce attorney.
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however, she has not decided whether she will officially end her marriage with arnold schwarzenegger. dana? >> sad and troubling. all right, elizabeth, thank you. in the meantime the head of the international monetary fund has resigned tonight. that after the woman who says he sexually assaulted her had her day in court. the woman is a 32-year-old widow from west africa. today she gave a grand jury graphic details about the alleged assault. meanwhile police have collected d.n.a. samples from both the accused dominique strauses-kahn and from the carpet of the hotel room. they are pushing for his resignation. >> of course i can't comment on the case but he is obviously not in a position to do that. >> he has the personality and credibility to forge agreements, to persuade people to do some things they won't naturally be inclined to do. >> there was nothing about any
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aspect of this encounter remotely consensual. >> strauss-kahn made a second attempt for bail today saying he would surrender his passport and wear an ankle bracelet. a decision on that request is expected tomorrow. well, a woman in vallejo is pleading for the safe return of her missing son. andrea johnson says her son james has not been seen since last saturday when he left to go to work. james johnson has a condition that requires him to take medication three times a day. and he has been without that medication since he has been gone. his mother says it is not like him to be gone so long. anyone who sees james johnson is being asked to contact the vallejo police. the sexual revolution that began 50 years ago is partially to blame for the priest sex abuse scandal in the catholic church. that's what a new report commissioned by u.s. bishops has determined. >> reporter: the increased frequency of abuse in the 1960s
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and 1970s is consistent with patterns of increased dev eviance. >> in addition to social influences researchers with john j. college of criminal justice cite poor seminary training and isolation of priests. but the report concludes homosexuality and an all male priesthood were not part of the problem. priests were labeled paedophiles if they molested children if they were 10 years or younger. if you believe the hype that started in the east bay this will be a big, big weekend. and most of us will still be around when it is all said and done. who is throwing the post rapture party and why they say predicting the end of the world sends the wrong message. it is a simple question. you've probably never asked. luckily we know the people who
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know how to get the answer. how heavy is a house? that's coming up in tonight's good question. she was in a car accident. someone calls an ambulance. >> i wasn't hurt. i wasn't transported. >> a bill for thousands. why refusing service may not protect you. coming up next.
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burst into flames in southern california today. this happened at point mugu a military jet skidded off the runway during takeoff then burst into flames in southern california today. this all happened at the naval air station in ventura county. all three people on board
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escaped with just minor injuries. the tanker was a boeing 707. not clear what caused that crash. imagine you're in an accident and a witness calls 911. an ambulance shows up but you don't need any medical help. still, you end up with a bill. and it is a big one. on the consumer watch julie watts found charging for an ambulance you never called or needed can be perfectly legal. >> i just heard sirens. >> reporter: she remembers it clearly the day a red light runner hit her car. >> the police came. ambulance came. >> reporter: two other drivers suffered minor injuries but she was fine and so was her son. yet a few days later -- >> i get a bill in the mail. >> reporter: two bills actually for her and her son. $1500 each from the ambulance company king american. >> it was $3000 for the both of us. my first reaction was that there must be some sort of a mistake because on that day i wasn't hurt. i wasn't transported. i did not call the ambulance company.
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>> reporter: but the company insisted -- >> it wasn't a billing error. >> reporter: after weeks of complaints king american said as a courtesy it would drop her son's charges but she still owed $1500. >> they were not going to back out. >> reporter: they tried to convince her to simply bill her insurance company and when she refused out of principle they sent her to collections. >> please don't try the hiding game. it is not going to work. >> reporter: that's when the fourth grade teacher received calls at her school threatening wage garnishment. >> with a 911 call you are responsible for this portion of the bill. >> reporter: it turns out technically that message from the debt collector is correct. by simply signing a refusal of service form like this one releasing the ambulance of liability, you can be held liable for the bill. you might be even if you don't sign it. >> sure, they can send a bill. >> reporter: overseeing emergency services for the city and county of san francisco says -- >> they provided a response. they arrived. so it is usually in their best interests to attempt to recoup
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the costs. >> reporter: but how much you get billed depends on who responds. we compiled this consumerwatch data base which shows nationwide minimum fees without transport ranges from $140 to $5000 and some of the highest fees are in cities like san francisco that have an open 911 system. >> san francisco fire department communications center. >> reporter: meaning the fire department shares duties with private companies but they can't regulate how much they charge. >> we do not get into regulating the facility's billing practices. >> we are going to sunnydale. >> reporter: it is the luck of the draw. if the fire department paramedics respond they charge a base rate of $365 but will usually not bill you if you're not injured and didn't call. however, if one of the private providers shows up everyone on the scene may get build and for a lot more. >> it is cost recovery. >> reporter: king american chief paramedic says that as a private company they have to
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charge more because unlike the fire department they don't get public subsidies. >> and we actually have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to have the privilege of operating in san francisco. >> reporter: and due to the high number of homeless and uninsured -- >> about 50% of the calls we go on we don't get any reimbursement for. >> how do you make up for that money? who pays? >> the sured. >> how so? >> well, unfortunately the insurance companies get build at higher rates to make up for the people that didn't have the insurance. that's the unfortunate truth. >> reporter: but she says that is not right. >> this is how premiums go up. it is just not fair. in fact, it is consumer fraud. >> reporter: because she claims she never even spoke to a paramedic. >> no interaction whatsoever. they were busy tending the other person. >> reporter: but by simply being there she did receive a service. >> somebody called 911 and we went there because of that
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person. they got the response. >> reporter: but why bill her for nontreatment when two others were build who did receive treatment? >> that is pretty much standard practice. >> i was liable just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: in san francisco, julie watts, cbs55. >> king american has since removed the collection notice from her account and as a result of her case they say that they have changed their billing practices lowering the fee from $1500 to $385. they say that is more in line with what the fire department charges. and the sun came out today and a lot of people were happy, roberta? >> yes, they were. and because the ceiling was able to rise with the lack of some cloud cover we were able to get chopper 5 high up in the sky this evening. usually when the clouds go down to 600 feet we have to land the chopper but notice it is up and around. highs today from 60 in half moon bay to 70 at the airport
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in concord. tonight a little bit of a chill in the air dipping down between 43 in santa rosa to the low 50s across the central bay. upper 40s around the santa clara valley. mid-40s to the east. 48 in redwood city. waking up tomorrow, yes, there will be some sunshine. official sunup at 5:36. you will be able to see it because that area of low pressure that brought us rain the past couple of days due east of the bay area. in fact, as we widen out this picture you'll be able to see that circular movement around the rotation of that area of low pressure. partly cloudy skies on tap tomorrow as high pressure builds in. numbers stack up like this. 58. partly cloudy conditions. to some sunshine and 74 degrees in santa rosa. now, eastern district will have northwest winds 10 to 20 miles per hour from the 60s to the mid-70s. outside number will be 75 towards the delta. otherwise 50s, 60s common across the immediate sea shore to 70. around the peninsula swinging into the santa clara valley. 75 degrees in morgan hill and
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gilroy. a couple of good days. we will begin to see increasing clouds late on friday. but the temperatures hold steady. partly to mostly cloudy skies on saturday. sunday a chance of an isolated shower at dana's house. then partial clearing on monday all the way through thursday. rebounding to season levels. that's your pinpoint forecast. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. you never have to know but somebody does. how to know how much weight your house is carrying around. in tonight's good question. our planes start flying when it's dark.
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and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one.
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[ ding ] judgem you may have seen the billboards and other signs plastered all over the bay area. apparently judgment day is this saturday. do you have a dress to wear? and as the so-called end nears donations to the nonprofit family radio station have soared. bible scholar and radio station president harold camping says may 21st is the day true believers will be taken to heaven. those left behind will experience a worldwide earthquake and mayhem. >> my feeling is what they are doing is they are focusing on the fear and a sense of defeatism that people have in this country right now because of all the problems we have. and instead of trying to work with and make changes in those issues, they are saying forget
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about it. life's going to end anyway. >> harold camping refused to talk to cbs5 today. he said that the campaign is not about the money. more than $100 million raised over the last seven years. camping says it is about saving as many people as possible. well, speaking of the end of the world it is something the wicked witch of the west found out the hard way. and now 8-year-old wyatt thomas sent me an e-mail and he wants to know how much does my house weigh? that's tonight's good question. >> this is the first time that somebody has actually said how much the house weighs. >> reporter: as a civil engineer he has been figuring out how much houses weigh for more than 20 years. >> and we figure out the total load of the roof, the walls, the floor. and we carry all those loads down from the top down to the foundation. >> reporter: his pleasanton
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office is filled with architectural plans that he has to double check for what's called the dead load. >> basically it is a standstill weight of something that is always there in the building. you can't take it out without tearing something apart. >> reporter: plumbing, windows, electrical, air conditioning. every house is different. take floors, for instance. >> carpeting, hardwood floors. tile floors. there's concrete. inlay heating. >> reporter: he has calculations for everything. shake singles. 12 to 15 pounds a square foot. density of douglas fir framing. concrete foundation. 150 pounds a square foot. >> 2000 square foot house, three bedroom, two-bath house, two car garage is going to get you about 190,000 pounds for the total weight of the structure. >> reporter: that's an estimate wyatt. your house may vary. go to click on "connect" to send me
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your good questions. well, the sharks returned to their house with a win. i'm dennis o'donnell. went extras at the coliseum. could the as bluster up some magic. the minute is next.
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when losing the first two here is one that you can impress your friends with at work tomorrow. sharks have never won a series in losing the first two games. start the clock. nothing gutless about patrick marleau. he dropped a glove. unfortunately he is not manny pacquiao. dany heatley sets up logan for the power play goal. it was 2-2 after the first period but after that it was all canucks. breakaway goals. vancouver wins 7-3. they lead the series two games to none. game 3 friday at the tank. as and twins.
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daric barton made an error that led to a go ahead run. came up short. twins beat the as 4-3. meanwhile brian wilson blew a 5-2 lead against the dodgeers. but cody ross got it back in the 9th with a three-run homer. the giants lead the dodgers 8- 5. that game is in the 9th inning. and finally, lebron james and the heat close game 2 on a 12-2 run and even up the eastern conference finals with an 85-75 win over the bulls. that's one game a piece right now. don't write the heat's obituary yet. everybody has them in trouble. >> go sharks. >> i have been jamming. just got his book so jamming to get it done. bring a baseball. have him sign it for you. he had a famous game pitch. went 16 innings. >> greatest game ever pitched.
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>> yes, indeed. >> you are so odd. must be that grey hair. amazing. >> we will talk about it at 11 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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