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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  May 22, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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case of a giants fan beaten nearly to death. the tip that led authorities to the main suspect today -- and the new information we know about him tonight. d these guys a suspect arrested in the case of the bryan stow beating. the new information that we know about him tonight. >> they will get what they deserve. >> relief expressed by bryan stow's mother. a massive twister flattening a large area in missouri. a hospital takes a direct hit. not just for picking spinach out of your teeth. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." los angeles police tonight have identified the suspect arrested in the brutal beating of giants fan bryan stow. the suspect arrested this morning. don knapp is here with what we
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learned about the man. >> reporter: ann, parole agents hunch, eyewitnesses and weekend of surveillance led authorities to arrest the man believed to be the prime aggressor in the beating of bryan stow. l.a. swathe teams descended on two locations with weapons and search warrants. no arrests at a home but a second stop, an apartment building, the 31-year-old man is being held now on $1 million bond for the brutal beating of giants fan bryan stow. booked for assault with a deadly weapon. not his first brush with the law much previous convictions on weapons charges and robbery. the chief got the word from his chief of operations this morning. >> he said the words i have been waiting for for seven weeks because we had a suspect. >> reporter: the arrest comes 52 days after the santa cruz father of two was kicked unconscious in the parking lot
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of dodgers stadium while leaving the season opener. a reward eventually reached $200,000 and helped generate hundreds of tips that went nowhere. finally police acted on information developed from a tip from a parole agent. >> during that work surveillance was done, background investigation was done and more information was developed that led to enough information that we were able to obtain a search warrant for this individual. >> reporter: the l.a. times citing an unnamed source says his parole agent noticed he had several new tattoos that covered his nex. he was trying to conceal an older tattoo that were described by witnesses. they urge the other suspect and the woman that drove the car away from the screen to turn themselves in. >> we will not stop. we will continue working hard. we got the first suspect. and we will identify you and we
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will bring you in. >> reporter: the l.a. times source says three witnesses identified ramirez in a police lineup. he was tailed until 7 a.m. today when police moved in. >> and in the wake of this horrific tragedy, the dodger and giants organizations and the police department worked closely together it find this individual. to ramp up security. and to ensure the safety of all of our fans. >> reporter: as many as 20 l.a. detectives worked 6000 hours to develop 363 leads before the parole agent got onto one of his own paroleees. for now bryan's family can savor a sense of justice. tonight among those feeling relief and gratitude, his mom. every single day since the attack she has been her son's bedside first at the l.a. hospital and now at s.f. general. that's where linda yee continues our coverage with ann
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stow's reaction. >> reporter: ann, bryan stow remains in critical condition tonight but fans, friends and family are happy that there was an arrest. >> reporter: bryan stow's mother ann couldn't hold back her joy at hearing a suspect was arrested. she told kcbs radio she never gave up hope the l.a.p.d. would track down the suspect responsible for the vicious beating of her son. >> they were so compassionate with our family and reechoed to us and made us promise that they were not going to rest until they got these guys. so that's how i put it out of my mind. i didn't think about it. i knew it was going to be taken care of and obviously they did what they promised. >> reporter: couldn't hide the joy. >> they will get what they deserve. >> reporter: at the giants
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ballpark fans were relieved to hear the news. >> that's great. i'm glad that there is some consequence that they tracked him down because somebody had to have seen it. >> bring justice to the stow family. >> i was pleasedded they caught somebody. i hope they find the other person. i hope the stow family gets justice and i wish him a speedy recovery. >> reporter: the giants organization raised $75,000 for stow's medical expenses. tim lincecum pitched in $25,000 of his own money. the team was more reserved in their reaction to the news. >> this has been a cloud that has been hanging over in many ways the baseball season for a lot of us. since opening night. and to the extent that we have a little bit of i wouldn't say closure but a little bit of the recognition that the people that perpetrated this crime will not be perpetrating these crimes again.
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>> reporter: baseball fans say an arrest is comfortable but violence at games gives them pause. >> it is just an unfortunate situation all around. no real win, here. just a tragedy. >> reporter: doctors here say bryan stow has been opening his eyes and he has been taken off one of five seizure medications but still a long and uncertain road ahead for him. >> everybody wants to hear he is doing bob. linda yee at s.f. general. thank you. >> we posted more of the video and reaction to the suspect arrest in the beating of bryan stow at the search for a missing baby from contra costa county is being scaled down tonight much the mother of the 4-month- old says that she put her baby girl to sleep at 10 a.m. and when she checked on her this morning the baby was not in her bed. she is 14 pounds last seen
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wearing a one piece pink, green an blue zipup. anyone with information is asked to contact police. livermore police are focusing on drug activity as the cause of an explosion that critically injured three people. the blast inside an apartment on silver oaks way about 5 p.m. last night left two men and a woman critically burned. one man had a hand blown off. police say a search warrant will help pinpoint the source of the explosion but they say drug activity is common at that complex. >> a horse in marin county has been diagnosed with a herpes virus. it is the latest case among 14- state wide that originated at a cutting horse competition last month into utah and some are honoring a self-imposed quarantine to avoid spreading the virus.
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lance armstrong's former teammate say he saw him take performance-enhancing drugs and he admitted to doping himself. >> what did you actually witness? >> i mean, i saw it in his refrigerator. i saw him inject it more than one time. >> you saw lance armstrong inject performance-enhancing drugs? >> yeah, like we all did. like i did many, many times. >> hamilton says team leaders encouraged and promoted doping. armstrong has long denied doping and has never tested positive. endeavour astronauts ran into trouble today on the nuts and bolts of their mission. the two objectives of this sec
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space walk lubricating the powersome. an astronaut lost a bolt and a washer got stuck in -- stuck. gas prices dropping a dime. 3.97 for a gallon of regular unleaded the average. here in the bay area 4.17. 4.20 in san francisco. 4.10 in san jose. 4.09 in oakland. prices might fall another dime before the memorial day weekend. so what's behind the drop? the high gas prices and southeast floods are curbing demand. president obama defending his position on the middle east. how he describes the united states commitment to israel. >> half a million dollars worth of jewelry. just days after announcing
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he is running for president he fumbles for words as he tries to explain his debt. a large swathe of the northwest torn apart. what came from a hospital 45 miles away. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cw weather center. still gusty winds. how about monday and week ahead? we will talk about that coming up.
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today about reports of his debt. appearing on c- b-s' "face the republican presidential candidate going on the
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defensive today about the the record of his debt. appearing on cbs5's face the nation he dismissed reports that he once owed tiffany's jewelry store half a million dollars. >> half a million dollars worth of jewelry on credit. >> go talk to tiffany's. it is a standard no interest account. >> how long did you owe it? >> i had no idea. it was paid off automatically. we paid no interest on it. there was no problem with it. was a normal way of doing business. >> he says he currentsly has no debt except for a mortgage on a rental property. whose side are you on anyway? that's a question many israelis are asking president obama. today the president defendedded his middle east peace plan to the israel. >> standing firm while providing reassurance to the
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crowd of proactivists. >> to the security of israel from the u.s. is well clad. >> reporter: a stunning proposal one no u.s. president has ever uttered publicly before. >> we believe the borders should be base on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps. >> reporter: those border lines which are a key palestinian demand were in place before the capture of the west bank. today the president insisted his position is no major shift in u.s. policy. >> this basic framework for negotiations has long been the basis for discussions among the parties including previous u.s. administrations. >> reporter: but peace talks between israelis an palestinians have stalled. >> the administration is looking for a way to square this unsquarable circle. have it delivered in 20 months. want to make sure they understand i haven't given up on the problem. >> reporter: israeli prime
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minister turning a white house photo op friday into a lecture sharply focused on president obama who silently absorbed it. >> it cannot go back to the 1967 lines because these lines are indefensible. >> reporter: in september palestinians plan to ask the united for recognition as a state. a move that could embarrass the u.s. by forcing it to use its veto in the security council. today the president said the international community is growing impatient and time is running out. >> it is the right and the responsibility of israeli government to make the hard choices that are necessary to protect a jewish and democratic state for which so many generations are sacrificed. >> the prime minister's response to the president's speech was certainly more muted than it was on friday saying he is determined to work together with president obama to find ways to resume the peace talks. cbs news, the white house. tonight president obama is going back to his roots in of
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all places ireland. the president's great, great, great grandfather on his mother's side is from a tiny village called moneygol. mr. obama plans to visit distant cousins there. ireland is the first stop on the president's six-day european trip including england, france and poland. midwest stunned with a series of deadly tornadoes. one person killed in minneapolis. the tornado there touched down in a largely residential area. dozens of homes were damaged. hundreds of trees were downed. another twister flattened out a large area and heavily damaged a hospital. one man found medical records and x-rays in his backyard 45 miles away from the hospital. missouri's governor called out the national guard and declared a state of emergency. meteorologist lawrence karnow keeping an eye on that and our weather. how does it look over there, lawrence? >> wicked out there still tonight. check out the thunderstorms that were just ripping through
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this line as you can see making its way just picking up heading towards nashville. some very strong thunderstorms and possibility of some more tornadoes coming down overnight tonight. all right. here in the bay area, though, it looks like we are in for some more blustery weather at least along the coastline, winds kicking up again. patchy fog already developing tonight. inland though fairly mild. a lot of 60s, even some mid- 70s in the warmer spots. numbers right now. still blowing outside. gusts over 40 miles per hour still in san francisco. that's pretty impressive for this hour. as a matter of fact, we have got wind warnings out there at the airport as well. it looks like though tomorrow we are expecting some partly cloudy skies around much of the state. still a chance of a few showers in the high country in the lake tahoe area. otherwise we are going to keep things fairly dry around much of california. yeah, kind of a dry trough sitting along the west coast but cool and windy will be the story and those temperatures running a good 5 to 7 degrees
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below the average. so with that in mind, bundle up. it will be cool and you'll see a couple patches of fog. temperatures working out like this. 50s coast side. 60s and 70s in the valley. as you head well inland tomorrow you could see mid-70s. 74 degrees in brent wood. 60s into berkeley and richmond and pretty good breeze there by the afternoon. friends in the north bay enjoying some sunshine and make sure you have a couple clouds on. as high as 74 degrees in santa rosa. out toward the coast plan on a cool 56. winds blowing pretty good. so as we look out over the next couple days, looks like high pressure going to try to sneak in here ever so briefly as we head in toward tuesday. a chance of showers returns to the bay area. can you believe that? mainly north of the golden gate bridge. on thursday looks like we will dry things out and warm things up by next weekend.
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the unofficial kickoff to summer. >> yes, and look at that. >> we have got a chance at showers in the forecast next week. >> feel free to change that at any time. >> i will do my best. >> thank you, lawrence. the harvey milk call center opened today near 19th and san francisco on castro. the 24-hour suicide prevention line helps teens from across the nation who are having trouble dealing with or questioning their sexuality. >> what we are really trying to do is to encourage young people to use the help line before they are in crisis so that they actually don't have to be in a situation where it is so dire that they want to take their life. >> the call center is operated by a group that says it gets about 3000 calls a month. today would have been the assassinated supervisor's 81 birthday. they are described as
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amazing to many of those who see them. the art created by the smallest slivers of wood. the bay area city made out of tooth picks and you will not believe how long it took the artist to make it. our planes start flying when it's dark.
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and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ]
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office for the fourth installment of the "pirates of >> things along the way. firstly mermaids. >> fourth installment of the pirates of the caribbean. took in a phenomenal $266 million overseas. the pirate's treasure was smaller in the u.s. more than $90 million. bride the tooth pick can hold a sandwich together. spear an olive. spin ash out of your teeth. but john blackstone shows us an
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entire bay area city can rise out of that simple slivers of wood. >> reporter: those that see are amazed at what scott weaver has built with just glue and toot picks, a vision of san francisco from its cable cars to its rows of victorian houses. >> this is art. this is art. >> why tooth picks? why not? >> weaver says he has used at least 100,000 toot picks to recreate virtually every landmark in the city. >> i mean, the amount of time and detail in this people are going to say this guy is crazy. >> who would spend thousands of hours making this? that's me. >> reporter: working on it for 36 years. >> my mom always said scotty get that thing done, get it out of your wife's living room now on display at the science museum where he is giving guided tours.
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just follow the ping-pong ball. >> transamerica building. paintedded ladies. go into chinatown under the bridge. goes into the palace of fine arts dropping down into that building. world series trophy for the giants. shoot the tube underneath this guy's surfboard then come down here across the golden gate bridge. >> it is a piece of art no. question. it is absolutely art and it is beautiful. >> that's the way art should be. there is no rules. >> reporter: and with no rules scott weaver has turned the humble tooth pick into a building block of wonder. >> it is pretty fantastic. >> unbelievable. i mean unbelievably beautiful. >> reporter: jack blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> go from that to the hat. the hat warn to the royal wedding by princees beatrice sold on ebay today. the has caused a bit of a stir at last month's wedding. she is the one on the right in this video. the hat has been compared to
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deer antlers. the 22-year-old daughter much sarah ferguson raised money for unicef and children in crisis. >> a fellow elks member right there. hats were flying off heads at the wild finish at the at&t park in the bay bridge series. i'm dennis o'donnell. while they were throwing elbows. critical game 4 for the sharks next.
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their series with vancouver. they had plenty o well, the sharks power play was nearly automatic at the start of their season with vancouver. they had plenty of chances today to even the series to two games a piece. canucks taking five early penalties but the sharks did
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not capitalize on any of them. scoreless in the second period. hooking. that gave vancouver a two-man advantage. the canucks made the sharks pay. 5-3 goal by ryan kesler. three goals in under 2 minutes all with a two-man advantage. 4-2 and lead the series 3 games to 1. game 5 friday in vancouver. as leading the giants 4-2 in the 8th. but then nate schierholtz in a pinch. two-run jack into the right field. the game is tied. sending it into extra innings. it was still tied. in the 11th inning. burress singles to right field. darren ford trying to score. ryan sweeney flowing on the money. tag. drops the ball. giants whip the as 5-4. tour of california. winning the stage. but chris horner holds on to claim the title. 38 seconds better than santa rosa's levi lightmeier.
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oldest rider to complete the race. >> no steroid reports in that story. >> oh, gosh. see you at 11 p.m. good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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